We Chose Optimism Over Honesty

Without an honest look at what is real, there can never be a hope for the future. Never. Yes, there might be moments of accidental prosperity. From time-to-time, you might experience something above average, but you can never hold off reality.

In fact, one of the reasons why I continue to commit all of my life to Christ, is that the Bible is the clearest reflection of reality that we have. Yet, we prefer the momentary pleasures of fantasy, instead the gritty truth residing within those pages bound together and sent around the world.

We are facing the most horrific moment in a thousand years precisely because we chose optimism over honesty.


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We Chose Optimism Over Honesty

We Chose Optimism Over Honesty – The ShockCast

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I just read something a couple of hours ago that seems to connect all the articles that I’ve been reading and the videos that I’ve been watching – over the past few days:

We need to value honesty above optimism. Once we can speak honestly, there is a foundation for optimism.

 – Charles Hugh Smith, America’s Social Depression Is Accelerating

That is the truth. It’s also an indictment of humanity and the country that I once called home, the United States. And, since we dispensed with honesty a long time ago, we have lost any foundation for the optimism that seems to rule our lives.

Think about the threats that lie in our future, and then look at our leadership.

Did you notice anyone doing anything realistic about those threats?

Of course not. Nothing substantial is being done about the horrifying deficit, the migrant invasion, the collapse of morality and decency, the opioid abuse epidemic, the rise in STDs, the collapse in educational standards, the rise in government corruption and Peak Oil. And, that last one just makes me madder than… well …I’m not sure if there’s anything that I can adequately compare my anger to, in my angst over the dumbfounding ignorance of our future without enough energy. And, when I talk about ANY of these subjects, with anyone, the classic ‘glazed look’ comes over them as they seek for an easy escape from the conversation.

Having said that, I don’t often have those conversations here, perched in my aerie, in Taipei. And, I’m blessed to be going to a church where some of these subjects are at least recognized. Well, except for Peak Oil. People here still don’t get that.

To really see that PEAK OIL is in our midst, you need to look at the fine print buried deep within the balance sheets of companies doing all this fracking. They’re losing money. Lots and lots of it. And, there’s no hope that they will ever turn a profit. Ever.

I know. I know. It can make your head hurt, thinking about balance sheets. Those are just numbers, and the people producing those numbers are lying to all of us and attempting to use artful misdirection to keep us from seeing how bad off they are, and we are.

There’s that honesty thing again.

Why are we so reluctant to devote ourselves to being real?

After all, honesty is just the willingness to apply what is real to yourself, and yourself to what is real. Yes, I know that honesty means telling the truth, but you can’t tell the truth, if you don’t know what that is.

I know that honesty is hard, but it will preserve your life. Without it, you just do not have any hope of navigating our difficult future. Yet, people have chosen differently.

Remember how Hitler murdered eleven million people. Andy Andrews wrote a book about that, and you can summarize that book with just two words:

You lie.

That’s all that Hitler needed to do. And, we are going to see far more than eleven million die over the next months and years. But, the biggest lies will have been told by ourselves.

Never choose optimism over honesty.




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Yup, more than just special, these links appear to be the most important of all. Seriously, start with these.

And yes, these are pretty serious.

[MUST WATCH!!] The Conspiracy Libel: Documentary about anti-semitic conspiracy theories (Part One) – YouTube

I try to only claim that a movie is a ‘MUST WATCH’ as rarely as possible. And, this one certainly fits that description eloquently. This is more than just a discussion of the history of anti-semitism. It’s also a discussion of why we create conspiracy theories to explain our own failings.

There ARE conspiracies, but they are far more mundane than many theorists like to claim. Grand conspiracies are notoriously hard to make successful, but that doesn’t keep the theorists from concocting stories about vast plots.

A lot of what we like to label ‘conspiracy’ is merely greed, dishonesty, psychopathy and the historical process of humanity making its rendezvous with a depressing destiny. Again, I am NOT claiming that there aren’t conspiracies attempting to promote the self-interest of elites.

The evidence of such conspiracies are everywhere.

But, a Jewish conspiracy?

Are they out of their minds?

In a word, “YES!”

But, back to this film. Very few videos have put together such an interesting and thoughtful view of history. When we think of The Enlightenment and the revolutions that swept through Europe, we often interpret these events through our own ‘modern’ views of democracy and republicanism – not realizing that this was a titanic shift in thinking.

We have also forgotten the great persecution suffered by the Jews for thousands of years. But, it was that same persecution that forced them into a way of living that made them able to benefit so greatly from these new developments. If the Jews had NOT been persecuted, they would not be doing as well today, as they are.

What incredible irony that the Jews have done so well because they suffered so much. And, that irony is made even more delicious because their enemies have fallen so low. Unfortunately, the enemies of the Jews never learn, and the foulest comments in the comment section of this video are proof of that.

At this moment, most of the YouTube comments there (at 262) are horrifying. They represent exactly what this video is talking about. The hatred is obscene. The stupidity repellent. The language ridiculous. It’s as if the worst of humanity decided to trot through that comment section and seek to prove that we are all morons – and that there must be something good about the Jews, if people like this hate them so much.

What an abomination. What a foul, stinking example of the worst of humanity.

May the Lord God give them no rest until they repent and seek to undo the damage that they have done.

I guess that you are not only known by your friends, but also by your enemies. With enemies like these, the Jews must be pretty awesome.

And, I’m as Jewish as a ham sandwich.

The Conspiracy Libel – Home

This is the Facebook Page for the above video. Hopefully, we will all be able to catch part two, when it comes out.

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A truly excellent video, even for those – like me – who thought that they knew all that they needed to know. Even I found out a few things that I hadn’t heard before.

Very, very well done.

U.S. SHALE OIL INDUSTRY: Catastrophic Failure Ahead – SRSrocco Report

I keep running into people who refuse to face the facts. The obvious, impossible-to-ignore facts.

The shale oil industry is lying to you. And, they manipulate their ‘numbers’ so that you do not see the truth. But, there is one truth that is hard for them to hide – their balance sheets.

There is a reason why Shale Oil companies are losing and losing and losing and losing money. And, for those of you with a finance background, you should understand the significance of issuing bonds and shares to fund operating costs.

Unfortunately, the average person does NOT have a background in finance, so they are vulnerable to the lies being told by the Shale oil liars. The average person has bought into the lie that the ‘shale oil miracle’ is real. The average person has bought into the lie that shale is the future.

Please, until the shale-oil salesmen can come up with better balance sheets than the horrific losses that they’ve been suffering, you need to stop believing them. You are only hurting yourself, when you believe the lying liars.

We used to call such lying liars, ‘snake oil salesmen’. One day, we’ll call them, ‘shale oil salesmen’. And yes, it’s really that bad.

U.S. Shale Has A Glaring Problem | OilPrice.com

Here is absolute, damning proof that the previous article was absolutely and completely correct in all of its horrifying detail. In fact, I will quote the first four paragraphs:

Oil prices are down a bit, but are still close to multi-year highs. That should leave the shale industry flush with cash. However, a long list of U.S. shale companies are still struggling to turn a profit.

A new report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and the Sightline Institute detail the “alarming volumes of red ink” within the shale industry.

“Even after two and a half years of rising oil prices and growing expectations for improved financial results, a review of 33 publicly traded oil and gas fracking companies shows the companies posting negative free cash flows through June,” the report’s authors write. The 33 small and medium-sized drillers posted a combined $3.9 billion in negative cash flow in the first half of 2018.

The glaring problem with the poor financial results is that 2018 was supposed to be the year that the shale industry finally turned a corner. Earlier this year, the International Energy Agency painted a rosy portrait of U.S. shale, arguing in a report that “higher prices and operational improvements are putting the US shale sector on track to achieve positive free cash flow in 2018 for the first time ever.”

Yet, with all of that, you still find companies claiming that they’ll be making money soon. And, the IEA is passing these statements on without any real comment. I can’t believe that we are still living this lie.

Kids, I know that it is far more pleasant to live in a fantasy world of make-believe. After all, I love to read a good novel, when I have a little extra time. But, you aren’t supposed to believe that these novels are REALITY.

To those of you who refuse to see the obvious about the PEAK OIL disaster bearing down upon us, STOP LIVING IN YOUR FANTASY WORLD!!!

Ignoring reality is a really messy way to die.

Rates Of STDs Rise Sharply: “We Are Sliding Backward” | Zero Hedge

This is maddening, and it’s yet another sign of utter stupidity. There comes a point at which the patient becomes too stupid to save.

We are past that point.

Of Two Minds – China’s Next Revolution Is on the Horizon

China is a fascinating place. It’s chock-full of contradiction, foolishness and history. It has wisdom, geopolitics and utter stupidity – all mixed together. And, there are times when I wonder if my close range view of all this will be all that safe when it falls apart.

But, I’m beginning to think that I need to be here so that you can see what China is doing.

I doubt that I would be talking about China as much as I have, were it not for the fact that China is just a hundred miles from my apartment, here in Taipei. In fact, were it not for the curvature of the Earth, I could see China from my balcony – on a really, really clear day. And, we get lots of Chinese air pollution drifting through our windows.

There’s another aspect to all this that Charles Hugh Smith has illustrated. And, it’s all about the true nature of power. And he talks about it this way:

Power is people choosing of their own accord to comply, for reasons they find sound and that serves their self-interest; there is little need for the application of force.

Power is highly leveraged; a relatively small police/military and judiciary is all that’s needed. Force, in contrast, doesn’t scale: it’s enormously costly in capital and labor to monitor an entire populace and impose control and obedience.

True power lies not with force, but with persuasion. And, this is something that I’ve been pounding on for quite some time. And, few seem to really understand this.

Lots of people love to toss around stories of conspiracy this and conspiracy that. But, these ‘conspiracies’ would have little impact without our direct and voluntary participation.

That why I keep saying:


(And yes, we really did.)

That’s a big part of the reason why. We voluntarily chose to participate in our own enslavement. We did this to ourselves. But, Charles doesn’t end there.

The rise of broadly distributed prosperity (Deng’s “to get rich is glorious”) replaced the failed power of Communist ideology with a new social contract: obey the party and the state and you’ll become prosperous.

If this new contract was rock-solid, why would China’s government need the vast surveillance system they’re putting in place for fine-grained control of the populace? Clearly, the leadership (Xi and his cabal) are aware that the prosperity is not permanent, nor is it being distributed evenly enough to harmonize Heaven and Earth.

This demonstrates that cracks are forming in power structure of Communist China. Then, Charles goes on to say this:

Force is not a substitute for power. For this reason, the “Social Credit Score” system smacks of desperation. Xi et al. see the storm clouds on the horizon and are moving quickly to install an autocratic system of Total Information Awareness and Control.

And THAT is the lesson that you need to understand, as you look for evidence of the rise of the Antichrist system. FORCE is NOT a substitute for POWER.

The Antichrist will need your voluntary participation in his foul and evil system. And, his system will be so compelling that you will WANT to join it. Only the Holy Spirit and the knowledge of what the Bible says about this system will keep you from making that eternally fatal step of joining.

Remember what Jesus said:

…insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

– Matthew 24:24b

Therefore, as these days approach, you MUST focus on the truth. You MUST read your Bible. You MUST know all of it. You MUST seek to serve and obey God in every way possible. Your life must be centered on Jesus.

For Jesus to say, “…if it were possible… ,” it means that the deception that will spring upon us will be so incredible, so great, that you will be shaken to your very foundations. And, if the foundation of your life is not Christ, you will fall.

The bottom line is that the Antichrist won’t need to use force because his power will be in the voluntary acceptance of him and his foul system.

Jim Kunstler: Welcome To The Long Emergency | Zero Hedge

This is a truly excellent article from Jim Kunstler. In fact, it’s so good that I’m going to quote a big chunk of it. And, he’s explicitly attacking the Democrats and taking a smaller whack at the Republicans. After all, they are BOTH responsible, even though the Repubs have been a lesser cause.

Again, as I keep saying, WE DID THIS. You and me and your neighbor. We did this, and we’re going to pay for it in blood. Worse, it will be our children who will suffer the most. And, as we watch them suffer, we will need to remind ourselves that we are the villain in this catastrophe. And, that catastrophe isn’t far away.

Here is that first quote, from Jim:

Rather, the whole industrialized, wired-up world is rolling over into the greatest contraction ever witnessed. The only thing that’s postponed the recognition of this reality is the profligate borrowing of money, or shall we say “money” – data entries that pretend to represent secure wealth.

If you thought that the Great Depression was bad, just wait. This one will shake the world. But, Kunstler doesn’t end on that note. It’s just the beginning of his description of this self-inflicted farce:

Thus, the US has decided to get through the approaching winter by setting its house on fire. The two political parties alternately in charge of things are driving around the burning house, stopping at intervals to run Chinese Fire Drills. We call these “elections.” Both parties pretend that the burning house is not a problem. Mr. Trump, aka the Golden Golem of Greatness, has taken “ownership” of the rising temperature in the burning house. “Hey, at least you’re not freezing now.” He and his party have been piling all the furniture inside the house on the fire, to keep the heat up, rather heedless that flames are starting to shoot out of the attic.

And yes, that is EXACTLY what we have chosen to do. We have chosen to burn down our house, to keep ourselves warm. What a fitting analogy to our complete and utter stupidity. And, the Republicans have their own share of blame for this.

If it happens that the Democrats lose the midterm elections a few weeks ahead, they will jump up and down and holler that the elections were stolen from them, that somebody meddled and colluded to deprive them of victory, and that will amount to throwing just enough gasoline on the still-burning house for one final glorious burst of heat and flame before the rafters crash through the floor.

Welcome to the Long Emergency.

I don’t know how long this ’emergency’ will be, but history shows us that they can last for decades – even centuries. But, at the moment, I can’t see this ‘long emergency’ lasting less than thirty years.

Yes, you heard that right. Thirty years. Three oh. If I’m right – and I hope that I’m not – it will take decades to get back to where we are now, if that will even be possible. And, I might be way too optimistic in this assessment.

We ignored the signs, and now we pay the price.

Will you be ready for this?

Ben Stein: Mitch McConnell restaurant hecklers ‘exactly how the Nazis started out’ – Washington Times

Ben Stein makes an excellent point:

“I am a big student of World War II and the rise of the Nazi Party, and this is exactly how the Nazis started out,” he added.

The only difference is that there’s no one figure who has captured the allegiance of these brown shirts. When that happens, there will literally be Hell to pay – because people will die in the thousands, then tens of thousands, before ramping up to millions.

Broadcast TV Hits Record Percentage of LGBTQ Regulars | Hollywood Reporter

Here is another reason why America is lost.

If Americans refused to watch shows that portray homosexuality in a positive light, they wouldn’t run these shows. If Americans refused to watch shows that glorify fornication, they wouldn’t run these shows on TV.

IF CHRISTIANS refused to watch these shows, they might not be running on air. And yes, that would probably happen.

If every Christian in America acted together to say no to these evils, these evils would be forced to retreat. The same goes for politicians of every kind. Universities, too.

If every Christian said that they would NOT participate in ANYTHING foul or evil, they would be a ‘monolithic’ bloc that would be listened to. It wouldn’t stop the evil, but it would force it back into the shadows.

And, that’s just a secular analysis.

In areas of the spirit, evil would be soundly defeated if Christians behaved according to what the Bible commanded them to behave. There is power and safety in obeying God. But, the Christians of America chose to vicariously enjoy the sins of the flesh.

They had pleasure in those that do them.

Here is what Paul said in Romans:

Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

– Romans 1:32

Romans 1 isn’t talking about the unsaved people of the world. No, Romans 1 is talking about CHRISTIANS! Paul was talking about those who KNOW GOD!

And, we are seeing Christians fall into the sins described in that first chapter of Romans.


Why did we do this?

I ask that question, but I know the answer. In the 1800s proud men rose up and laid the foundations of our fall. They built the seminaries that would preach a permissive christ. And yes, I use the lower case, because the christ that they taught was a false-christ. An antichrist.

Worse, we sent our precious children to these schools, and as the foul institutions of unlearning descended further and further into disobedience, the churches that hired these young men to preach for them descended also. And, it was our pride that started this.

We wanted doctors of theology to lead our churches. We demanded ORDINATIONS. If you weren’t ordained by this or that ‘seminary’, you were anathema.

My favorite pastor was ostracized because he never went to seminary. Because he was never ‘ordained’. But, he’s my favorite pastor because he’s led by the spirit and not by some moron who gave him a cap and a gown.

And, I know of one cowardly pastor who has neglected his flock to pursue his Th.D.

I liked that pastor. I had respect for him. But, instead of submitting to God, he has chosen to submit to men. And John N, if you are listening, I’m talking to you.

Bill Warner PhD: Muslim Candidates – YouTube

This is a depressing video.


Because Dr. Warner lays out all the things that Americans MUST DO, if America is to survive the Islamic invasion of US politics.

But John, (you might say) that doesn’t sound depressing!

No, the depressing part is the realization that the average American will not and does not care enough to follow these suggestions. I doubt that ANYONE – except for a tiny, insufficient handful – will even try to do these things.

Defending America from these enemies from within isn’t that hard. It really isn’t. But, Americans are too lazy and uncaring.

America is lost.

Apple boss takes aim at ‘weaponization’ of customer data

I am surprised at how ethical Steve Jobs was. When people wanted him to allow pornography on the iPhone, he angrily told them that if people want pornography, they can buy an Android phone. And, it looks like Apple has worked hard to keep data private on iPhones and elsewhere.

And, when Steve was dying, he made sure to set a course for Apple, that they should follow. Whether they do that, is hard to say.

I have always admired Steve’s absolute brilliance. He knew was he was doing, and he was the reason for Apple’s success. When they replaced him, Apple began to fail. When they brought him back, it took off.

It was towards the end of my finance career, when I heard that Steve was negotiating a return to Apple. At the time, Apple was in so much trouble that there were rumors that it was going to be bought by IBM.

Well, when I heard that Steve was coming back, I told the partners in the investment firm to put all their money, and all the money of their clients into Apple. They refused.

I eventually left the company and became a professional writer. But, I still remember that moment in time when I made my ‘Big Call’. No one listened, but that’s okay. That wasn’t the only good call that I made.

Of course, I made my share of bad calls, so don’t think of me as some kind of genius. I’m not. But, I was at the right time and place to see how significant Steve Jobs was.

I’m just sorry that he was still a Buddhist when he died. Being in Christ cannot compare to ANY of the accomplishments of Steve. Yes, he was hugely successful. He was an amazing man. He was brilliant. He even had some ethics – at least, towards the end of his life.

But, I would never, ever trade all that he had for the one thing that I have – life in Christ.

They say that everyone has his price. And, I have mine. And, there’s only One who can offer eternal life. And, He is the truest love that there is.

Okay, I wasn’t expecting to say all that, but I’m glad that I did.

Apple’s Tim Cook makes blistering attack on the ‘data industrial complex’ | TechCrunch

Here’s more on what inspired me to write the above.

Phelim McAleer – The Gosnell Movie #4084 – YouTube

I mentioned the Gosnell movie last week, and you will find more information on this movie from the writer and producer of this film. Kermit Gosnell is a psychopath who murdered a minimum of 100 women and children over the course of thirty years. And, it’s probable that he murdered far, far more. And, the government knew what he was doing – and did nothing.

But, he was caught because he was busted for selling opioids illegally. When the police saw all the dead bodies, they couldn’t ignore the obvious.

Yet, no one in the mainstream media will cover this. No one.

This is America kids. It is a blood-soaked nation awaiting the judgment of God.

Do you want to stick around for God’s punishment of the United States?


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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