Destroyed by the Well Crafted Story

They lied to us. But, they weren’t just simple lies spoken against simple truths. They wrapped themselves in the flag and told us well-crafted stories that lured us away from our ideals, inch by precious inch.

They told us about suffering and woe. They cried out against imagined evils. They enticed us with visions of peace and prosperity. They promoted themselves as honest, benevolent and humane. And, within their beautiful tales they carefully insinuated their lies.

With the power of words, they slipped past our defenses and destroyed us. They sapped our strength and stole our will, until there was no one left to guard the gates of freedom.


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Destroyed by the Well Crafted Story

Destroyed by the Well Crafted Story – The ShockCast

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For the past few years, a certain quote has nagged at me. I couldn’t quite place it. When I searched for it, I couldn’t find it, because I didn’t have the words quite right. There was something about ‘night’ and ‘guarding’ and ‘singing songs of liberty’. Oh, and a ‘road’.

But, I never quite found that quote.

Then, I watched this video, that you will also see in the research section:

We’re Not Ready for the Attack That’s Coming

YouTube shortlink:

It’s a ‘members only’ Right Angle from Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott. And, Bill started out by describing how Britain fortified Singapore so that she could not be conquered by the Japanese Navy. So, she wasn’t – which is why she was conquered by the Japanese Army that came through the jungle on bicycles. And, Bill said that America is Singapore.


Because we are so fortified against the enemy invading our homes and taking our liberty by force, that we forgot that there are other ways that they could steal our freedom. And, he pointed to what the Democrats did to Judge (now, Justice) Brett Kavanaugh.

They didn’t steal our freedom with guns. They stole it with stories. Well-crafted, precisely-engineered stories. And, that made me think of that quote.

In Search Of A Quote

So, I determined that THIS TIME, I would find it. So, I searched again, this time for “singing songs of freedom” – instead of liberty. Nope. Didn’t see it. Then, I just searched for “singing songs”. Too many results. Then, I did this search

“singing songs” night

Hmmm…. nope. Too many results.

Okay, how about this:

“singing songs” night freedom

Scroll down…

…scrollllll down…


I found it, and yeah. I had the words wrong. It wasn’t “singing songs of liberty” or “singing songs of freedom”. It was “singing songs to freedom”. What a difference a ‘to‘ makes.

The Quote

So, here’s the quote:

There are those who still think they are holding the pass against a revolution that may be coming up the road. But they are gazing in the wrong direction. The revolution is behind them. It went by in the Night of Depression, singing songs to freedom.

That is the first paragraph of an article called:

The Revolution Was

And, it was a monograph (aka, article) written in 1938 by Garet Garrett. But, I didn’t read that paragraph in the article, I saw it in a book, and not just any book. This book:

People’s Pottage

That book was published in 1958, by Garet and contained three of his articles, with ‘The Revolution Was’ the first of those three. And, I think that I read that book just a little over twenty years after it was published. I was just a teenager, so I didn’t really grasp the entirety and significance of what Garet said.

Now that I am in my fifties, I get it.

In fact, it wouldn’t be hard to rewrite that article and describe each president of the United States, as he lied his way into power and trampled the US Constitution. But, the one who did it best, was ol’ Eff Dee Arr.

The New Deal

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) lied to us. He said one thing that we wanted to hear, and then did the exact opposite – once he got into power. And, all throughout his reign, he told one well-crafted story after another and captured our freedoms. And, we let him do it.

His uncle, Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt, helped lay the ground work with his left wing ‘progressive’ policies and his ushering in of Woodrow Wilson by splitting the Republican Party. Teddy must have been a BIG influence on young FDR. And, when FDR walked into the White House, the foundations laid by Teddy and Woodrow, were ready for Franklin to build upon. And, they all used well-crafted stories to pull us in and capture America.

The Left is STILL using the artfully-created story to pull us this way or that. They are still taking what remains of our freedom and individuality by carefully creating each story to do more and more damage. It’s a kind of death-by-a-thousand-cuts.

The Left’s fellow travelers in the media readily and enthusiastically pass on the carefully-crafted stories, giving them the gloss of ‘truth’. These lies from the pits of Hell have done more damage than any military could do – because they destroyed us from within.

Oh, and you need to read that article, The Revolution Was. Yes, 1938 was 80 years ago. But, we find ourselves on the doorstep of similar events.

We are about to suffer an economic catastrophe even WORSE than the Great Depression that allowed FDR to sneak in and take power. And, you can expect the next president – or even Donald Trump – to follow the same outline provided in that article.

Read the article for yourself. The language is 1930s American, so it can be a little tough to read in places. But, it shows us where the future lies. You might even want to download that free PDF copy of People’s Pottage.

Quotes From The Article

In fact, let me share some quotes to lure you into reading that article and even the book:

It took off from a revolutionary base. The design was European. Regarded from the point of view of revolutionary technique, it made perfect sense. Its meaning was revolutionary and it had no other. For what it meant to do, it was from the beginning consistent in principle, resourceful, intelligent, masterly in workmanship, and it made not one mistake.


The end held constantly in view was power.


In the naive American mind the word “revolution” had never grown up. The meaning of it had not changed since horse-and-buggy days, when Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Revolutions are not made by men in spectacles.” It called up scenes from Carlyle and Victor Hugo, or it meant killing the Czar with a bomb, as he may have deserved for oppressing his people. Definitely, it meant the overthrow of government by force; and nothing like that could happen here. We had passed a law against it.


Revolution in the modern case is no longer an uncouth business. The ancient demagogic art, like every other art, has, as we say, advanced. It has become in fact a science — the science of political dynamics. And your scientific revolutionary in spectacles regards force in a cold, impartial manner. It may or may not be necessary. If not, so much the better; to employ it wantonly, or for the love of it, when it is not necessary, is vulgar, unintelligent, and wasteful. Destruction is not the aim. The more you destroy the less there is to take over. Always the single end in view is a transfer of power.


The scientific study of revolution included, of course, analysis of opportunity. First and always, the master of revolutionary technique is an opportunist. He must know opportunity when he sees it in the becoming; he must know how to stalk it, how to let it ripen, how to adapt his means to the realities. The basic ingredients of opportunity are few; nearly always it is how they are mixed that matters. But the one indispensable ingredient is economic distress, and, if there is enough of that, the mixture will take care of itself.

And then, Garet Garrett lays out the process, one that should be familiar to you:

They set themselves down in sequence as follows:

The first, naturally, would be to capture the seat of government.

The second would be to seize economic power.

The third would be to mobilize by propaganda the forces of hatred.

The fourth would be to reconcile and then attach to the revolution the two great classes whose adherence is indispensable but whose interests are economically antagonistic, namely, the industrial wage earners and the farmers, called in Europe workers and peasants.

The fifth would be what to do with business — whether to liquidate or shackle it.

The sixth, in Burckhardt’s devastating phrase, would be “the domestication of individuality” — by any means that would make the individual more dependent upon government.

The seventh would be the systematic reduction of all forms of rival authority.

The eighth would be to sustain popular faith in an unlimited public debt, for if that faith should break the government would be unable to borrow; if it could not borrow it could not spend; and the revolution must be able to borrow and spend the wealth of the rich or else it will be bankrupt.

The ninth would be to make the government itself the great capitalist and enterpriser, so that the ultimate power in initiative would pass from the hands of private enterprise to the all-powerful state.

Each one of these problems would have two sides, one the obverse and one the reverse, like a coin. One side only would represent the revolutionary intention. The other side in each case would represent Recovery — and that was the side the New Deal constantly held up to view. Nearly everything it did was in the name of Recovery. But in no case was it true…

Okay, I’ve probably quoted too much of that article. But, I hope that this helps you see how closely this resembles where we are now. FDR did not complete his ‘revolution’. But, he accomplished so much of it, that we find ourselves unable to roll back what that foul fiend from Hell accomplished. And, I believe that the coming Greatest Depression will finish the job.

Will you be ready for this?


A Note About Last Week’s Article

Chris wrote to update us on that shipment of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system to Syria. I had said that it was Russia’s most recent version of that system, the S-300V4, and several authoritative reports at that time indicated that it was that version.

It now appears that it is a lesser version. Or, maybe not. We’re not sure.

Here is an interesting article laying out some interesting observations:

Moscow’s S-300 Double Bluff in Syria

Russia also might not have delivered 24 launchers to Syria. So, it sounds like a game is being played. Figuring out that game, is going to be hard – even dangerous.

As a part of his comment, Chris mentioned ‘maskirovka’ (маскировка), which is Russian for ‘disguise’, but is also the word used to describe Russian Military Deception. It even has its own Wikipedia page:

Russian military deception

Over the coming weeks and months, I think that we’re going to find out what Russia was up to, in that delivery/not-delivery of the S-300. By then, it will probably be too late for any of us to do anything about it.

Thanks, Chris!


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My research sources are pretty wide ranging, and their number keep growing. So, instead of listing all of my sources, let me list the ones that deserve special mention:

A big thank you to all who sent me articles. I appreciate all of it.



Yup, more than just special, these links appear to be the most important of all. Seriously, start with these.

And yes, these are pretty serious.

U.S. Childbirth: Almost Half of U.S. Births Happen Outside Marriage, Signaling Cultural Shift

As an American, born to a family that helped found the United States. We fought in the Revelution. My family paid its price, in blood, on every battlefield, in every war. And, we fought for an ideal called ‘America’. Truth. Honesty. Opportunity. Sacrifice. Integrity. Laying a foundation for future generations.

And now, I find that all of this was created so that we could churn out children born out of wedlock.

Forty percent of all babies today, are ‘persons of uncertain parentage’. That is my euphemism for the word bastard. And, I refrain from using the term ‘bastard’, even though it is the most accurate word for those born to mothers who are not married.

Please understand that the word ‘bastard’ wasn’t just a derisive term for those born to women who were having sex outside of marriage. In fact, we identify someone as a ‘bastard’ because they BEHAVE like bastards.

Children learn honor, respect and integrity from their fathers. Yes, there are mothers who often teach this, but they are not the best teachers for this vital part of character. Men understand these things far more naturally. This is why, without fatherhood, a nation cannot stand.

Yes, we love our mothers, even if they are awful to us. Mothers have their own place in our lives, and they can build as well as destroy. A good mother is priceless. And, I know this from my own efforts to help those whose mothers destroyed them.

When the family is destroyed, the nation falls. Think about that when you see headlines like the one that we are looking at here. Think also about the fact that more than half of all marriages will end in divorce.

This means that many of the kids born into households with fathers, will lose those fathers. Hopefully, the reality of all that will sink in and help you realize that all the violence, dishonesty and corruption has its roots in part, due to the lack of fatherhood.

America is a nation without a father.

Armed looters target homes devastated by Hurricane Michael in Florida |

And, here we go with an example of what I’m talking about.

In Japan, after the big Tsunami, you didn’t have looting.

Here in Taiwan, after a typhoon as big as this hurricane, we don’t worry about looters. And, there are still places in both Taiwan and Japan where people have never locked their doors and don’t know where their keys are, to do that.

Unfortunately, that has been changing, far too quickly.

China Trying to ‘Rewrite the Bible,’ Force Churches to Sing Communist Anthems

Mrs. Little told me something on Monday that made me do a search for the information in English. What her source told was unbelievable. But, it’s horrifyingly true.

Here’s a quote of what I found:

One way in which they plan to Sinicize Christianity, Fu said, is by “retranslating” the Old Testament and providing new commentary to the New Testament to make socialist ideals and Chinese culture seem more divine.

“The plan made it clear that ‘Sinicization of Christianity’ means to change ‘Christianity in China’ into ‘Chinese Christianity,'” he explained. [The plan] emphasized that ‘the heart and soul of Christianity’s Sinicization is to Sincize the Christian theology,’ and even proposing to ‘re-translate the Bible or re-write biblical commentaries.'”

According to its latest outline, Fu said, a retranslation would be a summary of the Old Testament with some Buddhist scripture and Confucian teachings and new commentary for the New Testament.

“There are outlines that the new Bible should not look westernized and [should look] Chinese and reflect Chinese ethics of Confucianism and socialism,” Fu told The Christian Post after the hearing. “The Old Testament will be messed up. The New Testament will have new commentaries to interpret it.”

Fu added that the five-year plan advocates for “incorporating the Chinese elements into church worship services, hymns and songs, clergy attire, and the architectural style of church buildings.”

“This includes ‘editing and publishing worship songs with Chinese characteristics and promoting the Sinicization of worship music,’ using uniquely Chinese art forms, such as Chinese painting, calligraphy, inscription, and paper-cutting to express the Christian faith,'” he said. “[It’s also] encouraging churches to blend in style with Chinese architecture to local architectural style.”

It bothers me that this quote was buried in the middle of this article. This should be right at the top. The very first line. Yes, I know that it was in the title, but this any real Christian would be so outraged by this, that it would be front and center.

Also, Mrs. Little knows the person, Bob Fu, who made this quote.

Unfortunately, we Christians have already allowed foul and evil people to ‘retranslate’ the Bible. And, too few Christians are outraged by this.

No good man EVER changes the meaning of a word to fit his own ideas. Yet, even the King James Version did this. And no, I’m not kidding. And, it makes me furious, every time I run into those deliberate mistakes. They knew what they were doing, and did it anyway.

One example was to not translate ‘baptizo’ and anglicize the Greek word into ‘baptize’.


Because the Anglicans sprinkled, and new that they would be in trouble if they correctly translated the word into ‘immerse’, ‘submerge’, ‘dip’, or ‘dunk’. And yes, there are other errors, but that one should be obvious to anyone and everyone.

A more recent effort was to create this idea that there would be a pretribulation rapture. It is nowhere in the Bible, but people inserted it and taught it in their seminaries. And now, it is widespread. Almost everywhere.

And, most of those who don’t believe THAT lie, believe another lie, that we have replaced the children of Jacob, claiming that all the promises to the physical children of Israel are for us, and us alone – that the Children of Jacob will never again receive the eternal promises given to them. Such a vile and evil ‘Replacement Theology’ is just as bad and just as awful.

All of that should tell you that the Chinese government will get away with this. For some Christians in China. Hopefully, most Christians will reject these things, and house churches in China have been publicly condemning the move by the Chinese government.

I say all of this for two reasons:

Pray for our Chinese brothers and sisters. This is only the beginning of the persecution that they are about to suffer. It will be a truly awful thing that is going to happen to them. And there will be nothing for them to do, except endure.

This persecution is coming for us. As I have said before, the Antichrist system is being designed, built and perfected in China. What is happening in China, will be OUR future. WE will suffer as they are going to suffer. And, I’m afraid that many of us deserve the suffering that we will need to endure.

We did this to ourselves by adding our own corruption to the Bible. We built seminaries and staffed them with corrupt teachers. We allowed corrupt commenters write commentaries. We allowed preachers to preach ideas that were not in the Bible. We did all these things and laid the groundwork for our own destruction and persecution.

We dared to do this, and too few of us objected to it. How the Bible is translated matters deeply. It MATTERS that the Bible was deliberately mistranslated.

IT MATTERS, but we don’t seem to care.

God help us all.

China rewrite Bible at DuckDuckGo

Here is a DuckDuckGo search that will help you find more information on what China is about to do – and is doing now.

And, I would NOT have found out about this, if Mrs. Little hadn’t have been corresponding with someone in Chinese, here in Taiwan.

Oprah’s New Age ‘Christianity’ Exposed: Dangerous Heresy – YouTube

Karl shared this via email, and it was horribly painful to watch. And no, this is NOT a bad video. It’s excellent.

The painful part is to listen to all the sincere heresy that will send you to everlasting torment. Steven Bancarz exposes the evil of this heresy and demonstrates the many facets of it. And, if you believe even one part of this, you cannot go to heaven.

For those of you who have been around a while, this will not be news to you. We’ve seen this before, and we’ve even seen this heresy being described by God in the Bible. It is not unique. It is depressingly normal and familiar.

Why must we always do this?

Why must we be so stupid as to redefine God in our own foolish image?

And yes, we Christians do this all the time, by claiming God wouldn’t do this or that… when the Bible clearly states that he HAS and WILL.

At our best, we are all fools. All of us. Myself, included.

Remember that Jesus called us sheep. And, it wasn’t because we were so intelligent. But, He loves us, anyway.

May God preserve us from this foul and evil heresy described in this video.

Thank you for sharing this with me Karl, and thank you Steven Bancarz for making this video. This was the right time for it.

China’s Digital Revolution – VisualPolitik EN – YouTube

Did you remember me saying that China is the future?

And that China will develop the technology for the Antichrist system?

That it’s ALREADY developing it?

Well, this video helps put that into perspective, with numbers and data.

China is the future, and you do NOT want the future that they are going to bring to us.

Alibaba, the New Chinese Empire? – VisualPolitik EN – YouTube

Here is yet another aspect of this Chinese future. It’s the natural growth of the Internet. In China. In Asia. And yes, all of it natural.

People want to point to the rise of the Antichrist as somehow the result of dark conspiracies. And, while I’m sure that there WILL be conspiracies involved, the reality of The Beast System will be one of a natural process of billions of people making logical choices. As they are doing right now.

Remember that the Beast System will be financial and commercial. And, it will probably start out that way, before turning religious. The changes in just five years have been utterly fantastic.


He’s ‘One of Us’: The Undying Bond Between the Bible Belt and Trump – The New York Times

This is depressing.

So, let me make something clear – very, very clear:


Is that clear enough for you?

He might be a better president than anyone since Reagan. He might even be BETTER than Reagan, since he did the one thing that Reagan refused to do – move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

But, does that make him good?

Does that make him a Christian?

Let me clue you in on a little secret:

Good men rarely become billionares. I know one – personally – who is a billionare and a good man. So, I’m willing to admit that there might be others.

Oh, and here’s another little secret:

Good politicians are just as rare as good billionares.

If you aren’t suspicious of Donald Trump, you are very, very foolish. A wise man is ALWAYS cynical about people with wealth or power. ALWAYS.

Again, Donald Trump is not a Christian. If you disagree, then I doubt that you know what a Christian is.

In fact, now that I think about it… I find it hard to believe that you can be a Christian and be so foolish as to believe that Donald Trump is a Christian. I guess that it’s possible to be that stupid and be saved, but the amount of ignorance and stupidity would need to be immense.

So please, stop it with the ‘Donald is a Christian’ stuff. He isn’t. End of story.

US budget deficit expands to $779 billion in fiscal 2018 as spending surges

I’m sorry, but if you think that Donald Trump is doing a great job, think again. Of course, he’s not the one who sets the spending. That’d Congress, but you don’t hear The Donald criticizing the amount of money that Congress is spending.

This is a horrendous nightmare. It’s evil. It’s theft of the future. And, we Americans are too stupid and greedy to stop it.

Remember that both the House and the Senate are in Republican hands.


I honestly don’t care who wins, with this kind of corruption. Both sides are evil.

Sneaky subscriptions are plaguing the App Store | TechCrunch

I’ve been involved in the computer industry – in one way or another – for almost 40 years. Sometimes IN the industry. Sometimes merely a user. And, always watching what it’s doing.

I have seen a very disturbing trend of trying to ‘milk’ people of their money. Some very revolting programmers are attempting to drain your bank account of as much money as they can, using psychological tricks.

This ‘subscription’ system is one of those tricks.

There are situations where a ‘subscription’ is a good idea, where there are many updates to the application that you are purchasing. But, there are very few of those. Most of the time, it’s an attempt to manipulate you into paying more for something that you just do not need.

This is a foul and revolting development, and it needs to stop. And eventually, it WILL stop, when people find other ways to do what they need to do, for less than what these psychopaths are charging.

When honesty, integrity and honor are no longer found in a society, that society falls apart.

Welcome to the Last Days.

Amateur Hour in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia to admit killing Jamal Khashoggi

This is interesting. The writer of this article has met the current king of Saudi Arabia and the Crown Prince, MBS. Neither of these men are stupid – by his account. And the writer, a retired military intelligence officer, is mystified by how badly this situation has been managed and why Saudi Arabia would want Kashoggi dead.

Did Khashoggi know too much?

Was it just bungling on the part of Saudi Intelligence?

It’s hard to know, but one thing is clear. This was a badly run operation, from start to finish.

Heads will roll. Literally.

Jamal Khashoggi’s killing took seven minutes, Turkish source tells MEE | Middle East Eye

I am amazed at how badly run this operation was. For those who are shocked that Saudi Arabia would murder someone in such cold blood, you need to learn a bit more about how Muslim countries MUST be run. I don’t approve of this in any way, but Islamic societies cannot be managed in any other way than murderous repression.

It’s Islam. And, Islamic societies are used to their governments torturing and murdering their people. But, let me get back to my astonishment.

This was a horribly managed operation. I thought that the Saudi Mukhabarat was better than this. It shows that these people do not understand how to run and manage covert operations. It shows that the people in command of the Mukhabarat don’t know their jobs, and are keeping talented personnel from rising in the ranks.

It’s also a sign that Saudi Arabia is in trouble – the kind of trouble that Iran wants to take advantage of. And, you can bet that the Muslim Brotherhood is sharpening their knives, too.

Suspects in Khashoggi Case Had Ties to Saudi Crown Prince

This points to one of the reasons why this operation was so inept. This may have been run by people who were not professional, who were merely personal body guards, or just ‘groupies’ for prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS).

Because of the nature of Saudi society and Islam, Saudi leaders need to value loyalty over ability. And, that always means that Arab kingdoms are badly run – even those who profess to be ‘democracies’.

US sanctions on Riyadh would mean Washington is stabbing itself – Al Arabiya English

And then, there’s this bit of chest-beating braggadocio. The writer of this article is an empty-headed fool.

Yes, America will be deeply hurt if sanctions are imposed upon Saudi Arabia, but Saudi Arabia risks a whole lot more than America risks. Without American support the king of Saudi Arabia will be overthrown rather quickly.

Of course, this article came out on the 14th. Since then, there has been a show of ‘looking into this’ and a bit of an apology from the kingdom. So, things look like they are being ‘patched up’. But, the fool who managed the assassination of Khashoggi needs to be put in prison for the crime of being a moron and a threat to Saudi Arabia – in addition to being a murderer.

You can bet that the Saudis will be more careful not to do something like this in the future.


Trump and Pompeo defend Saudi rulers as White House strategy shifts in Khashoggi case – Los Angeles Times

Yup. Not a surprise.

Did you honestly think that Trump would attack the Saudis and demand justice?


Jeff Bezos has been quiet on WaPo’s Jamal Khashoggi

And Kashoggi’s boss isn’t going to complain about his murder, either. Ol’ Jeff knows where his money comes from. And, he likes his money.

Saudi in Turkey day of Khashoggi ‘murder’ dies in ‘traffic accident’

So, since dead people can’t claim that they’ve been falsely accused, these will be the people who will be falsely accused. Expect a couple more to die, followed by a report that they killed Khashoggi.

We’re Not Ready for the Attack That’s Coming – YouTube

When Nazi Germany wanted to defeat France, he went around the gigantic defenses of the Maginot Line. When Japan wanted to defeat Britain at Singapore, they went around the coastal defenses and went through the jungle. So, this is how our enemies have taken over America.

They went around our defenses.

There’s a quote that I have always remembered imperfectly. But, I did a new search and found it. It’s from a monograph writen by Garet Garrett, titled:

The Revolution Was

It was written in 1938, and it’s just as relevant now, as it was then. And, the first paragraph has been ringing in my ears for years:

There are those who still think they are holding the pass against a revolution that may be coming up the road. But they are gazing in the wrong direction. The revolution is behind them. It went by in the Night of Depression, singing songs to freedom.

The battle was lost long ago. What we’re doing now is a ‘fighting retreat’.

The Woman Who Wrote A Powerful Obituary About Her Sister’s Opioid Addiction Says The System Failed Her

And this… THIS …is another reason why we are being destroyed. This foolish woman is blaming the system.

I’m sorry, but it’s NOT the system. This fool of a woman believes that we all need a SYSTEM that doesn’t fail. Well darling, there is no SYSTEM that is failure-proof. And, only fools put their faith in SYSTEMS.

This is an example of how we are being destroyed by stories. People throw up all these stories all over us, trying to get us to focus on SYSTEMS instead of CHOICES.

When you make bad CHOICES you suffere consequences. That’s not a failure of the SYSTEM. That’s a failure of YOU. This ‘obituary’ was referred to as ‘brutally honest’.

Sorry darling, but brutal honesty would be to accuse the sister who died of making bad choices. And, her parents have a share in this, because THEY did not teach their daughter to make good choices.

I truly feel sorry for the suffering that addicts go through. If you are struggling with an addiction, you have my sympathy. But, I’m not helping you, if I claim that it is the SYSTEM that failed you. YOU faild YOU.

We all suffer an addiction to sin. All of us. As Christians, God gave us power over this addiction, but it still calls to us. It’s still entices us. And, when we cave in to this addiction to sin, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Stop telling stories.

Stop the lies that we are telling ourselves.

We chose, and now we pay.

Conservative site’s hidden camera prompts McCaskill outrage

How ironic that instead of going after the corruption, this Democrat is going after the person who discovered the corruption.

This is just one more example of why only a moron would vote Democrat.

Unfortunately, I can say the same thing about many Republicans, too. The Republicans are only LESS corrupt.

But, with all the evidence of outright corruption on the part of Democrats, how can any vote for a Democrat?

Dem operative for Soros-funded group arrested for ‘battery’ against Nevada GOP candidate’s campaign manager | Fox News

Not only do you need to be a moron to vote for a Democrat, but you also need to be pretty violent.

Nevada’s famous pimp expected to win election despite death

And, just to make it clear that I am also disgusted with the Republicans, this pimp… this foul and evil man who is burning in Hell at this moment …was a Republican.

And, Joe Arpaio was there, with him, at his last party.

So, Arpaio is a dirtbag. ‘Sheriff’ Joe Arpaio didn’t need to go to that party, a party that was also attended by Ron Jeremy and Heidi Fleiss.

How can you vote for people who are merely ‘less corrupt’. Less corrupt is still foul and evil.

Gosnell: A story media wouldn’t tell, a movie everyone MUST see | Ben Davies – YouTube

Okay, this looks like a life-changing movie. This is a review, by a Christian, who is in the movie industry – although, I’m not sure where he is in that industry. But, this really sounds like something that you should watch, and something that all your neighbors, friends and family should watch.

And, the best part?

The mainstream media do NOT want you to watch it. And, this reviewer says that it’s one of the best ‘low-budget’ movies that he’s ever seen.

So, watch it, and tell me what you think. And, if I get a chance to, I’ll watch it too. Of course, I don’t watch movies, and I’m not sure that it’ll make it to Taiwan.

Economy Signaling Warning, Illegal Alien Caravan, 2018 Midterm Update | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

I don’t always remember to put this in, but I always find Greg Hunter’s Weekend Wrapup to be worth listening to. Greg is a good guy with a lot to say.



Horrifically wounded in Iraq, Brian Kolfage should not be alive. But, he survived and dedicated his life to helping veterans. He’s missing both legs and his right arm, but he managed to start a business that gives ten percent of its profits to veterans and veteran families.

He based his business on Facebook, selling coffee. He also took over a Facebook page calle Right Wing News. You can find the links to thos pages, here: [[[

Of course, those links won’t work, because Facebook took them down – destroying his business and his effort to inform all of us about the truth.

This is a foul and evil thing, and I have collected the details about this case, below.

It’s a sign of the evil in our midst, so you need to pay attention. This isn’t just about Brian. It’s about US.

Facebook accused of censorship after hundreds of US political pages purged | Technology | The Guardian

I find it utterly ironic that this left wing piece of garbage is posting this article. ‘The Guardian’ is run by socialist morons, who are crying over how a token number of leftists were purged by Facebook.

Here’s a quote:

Metcalf says he has no problem with Facebook taking down pages peddling disinformation and conspiracy theories, but that his don’t fit that description.

“I was happy to see Alex Jones go,” he says. “But this isn’t about enforcing violations of Facebook’s terms. This is about Facebook repeatedly moving the goalposts with vaguely worded standards and then arbitrarily enforcing the rules because they’re fearful of congressional oversight.”

This dirtbag was happy to see a right wing figure get censored, but when it was his turn, he squawked.

Leftists are stupid. I feel sorry for stupid people, but being stupid has consequences.

Facebook Has Crossed The Line – YouTube

This is sickening. Facebook destroyed the business of a wounded veteran who spent $300 thousand dollars on Facebook ads to promote his business. And then, they just tossed his business in the garbage.

And, this guy really isn’t all that ‘right wing’.

The callous and evil willingness to destroy the lives of others is the hallmark of the Left. America has ‘bought’ the leftist story. It’s now time to share true stories about those that the Left are persecuting and deeply harming.

RIGHT WING NEWS Responds to Facebook Purge With EXPLOSIVE FACTS

The man so deeply harmed by Facebook and their foul attacks, is Brian Kolfage. And, he has written this letter explaining what happened. This man is a hero who was treated like dirt.

He’s been harassed and vilified by Facebook employees. Facebook employees have sabtaged his account and Facebook page. It’s an outrage that Facebook would seek to destroy the life a man who gave so much for his country.

And, this guy isn’t the ‘classic conservative’. He has supported Democrats, not just Republicans. If anyone should have been given a break, Facebook should have given this man, one – a man that paid so much money to Facebook for advertisements that THEY encouraged him to buy.

Facebook should be ashamed of themselves for their foul and evil actions. May the Lord give them no rest, until they fix what they have broken.

Brian Kolfage Motivational Veteran Speaker

Here is Brian’s personal page that has his story about the price that he paid. And, it’s an example of the honor that he deserves. I might disagree with the wars that America fights in, but heroes like this deserve better than what he received.

Military Grade Coffee Facebook Page

This was where Brian pretty much did all of this business. It took some real digging to find the regular web page. I can hardly believe that Facebook would do such a thing, after accepting his money for ads.

Will they even give him his money back?

Facebook is run by scum. I don’t like using that word, but when people openly, blatantly – with malice aforethought – destroy a man’s life because they don’t like what he says… they deserve the title of scum.

They’ve gone so far beyond dirtbags, right into scum. Dirty, filthy, lying scum.

Right Wing News Facebook Page

This is the first of Brian’s Facebook pages that was taken down without warning.

Military Grade Coffee (@MilitaryGradeCoffee) – Facebook Page – FBayzer

Here’s a description of the company, and it sounds like something that ANY American would be proud to get behind and support.


This is the company website. They give ten percent of their profits to veterans and veteran families. That’s awesome. But, as good as this webpage is… It’s just a simple page. You can tell by the link title.

All lower case.

No frills.

No description.

This guy’s business was Facebook and Facebook only, and they destroyed him – or, at least tried to.



These articles have a more individual importance. They cross categories, and are often in their own category. And, I think that these should be your first stop in your reading.

The Greek Dark Age & Climate Change | Armstrong Economics

Martin Armstrong describes the impact that a Grand Solar Minimum had on civilizations in the past. This cooling of the Sun is a civilization destroying event, and we aren’t prepared for it.

Newspaper says Turkey has audio of Saudi writer’s slaying

So, Turkey got recordings of Khashoggi’s killing via his Apple watch. And, it’s possible, since his Apple watch might still have been connected to the phone that he left behind with his fiance.

Although, that might be an excuse used by Turkey to keep from having to reveal how they found all this out.

Twitter, Facebook, Netflix Imploding – Stocks Down 30 – 40 % – YouTube

Interesting point. These companies are badly managed and driven by ideology. They have very little experience dealing with economic downturns. They’re also suffering an upswell of discontent from their product – you.

YOU are their product. YOU have become aware of this. And YOU are starting to push back and seek alternatives.


Mob Violence: The New Democrat Dialogue – YouTube

This ‘Right Angle’ from Bill Whittle presents a point that Americans need to remember. The US Constitution was specifically created to STOP rule by mobs of majorities intent on dominating small states. The purpose of the Electoral College and the Senate was to protect those of us who were in the minority.

And, for most of past 2000 years, we Christians have been in the minority.

German Press Reveals Saudi Spook Saga Behind Khashoggi Disappearance | Spengler

Here’s a bit of insight into this Kashoggi guy who was murdered. He was NOT a good guy. In fact, the world is probably a better place because he’s no longer around to support the Muslim Brotherhood. And no, being a journalist was only a cover for his activities.

Unfortunately, in the Muslim world I don’t know if there are ANY ‘good guys’. There seem to be only bad guys and worse guys. If there are ‘good guys’ in Islam, they are the lowly people without any power whatsoever.

Oh, and this brings up another thought… how many ‘good guys’ do ANY of us know, who are in power?

Seriously, no one gets into any kind of power – or at least, RARELY gets into power – who is a ‘good guy’. So, maybe I should say that OUR ‘bad guys’ just aren’t as awful as THEIR ‘bad guys’.

And, THAT is a depressing thing to think.

Nepal blocks 25,000 websites in porn ban – Washington Times

Well done, Nepal!

The Nazi prison still in Warsaw | Jack Buckby – YouTube

A snapshot of WHY some people are willing to do so much for their country, while others… not so much. The suffering of Poland is recent. The suffering of countries that lived under the boot of the USSR, are recent. The suffering of a country like Israel, is current. But, America, Britain, France and Germany have forgotten the suffering of World War II, and they seem willing to recreate the suffering of that time.

It’s madness, but it’s also all too human.

‘Hyperalarming’ study shows massive insect loss – Laredo Morning Times

This article is all over the place – partly because it seems to want to put the blame on ‘climate change’. However, the fact remains that we have a problem with the insect population, globally. We need insects. Without them we can’t grow certain crops.

Having said that, there needs to be better studies than the ones described here. There are cycles in nature, and some of these studies might not be doing their observations at the right time and place.

However, there is plenty of evidence out there that we have a serious problem in developed areas.

We’re staying silent out of fear – The Washington Post

I utterly despise this newspaper – the blog of Jeff Bezos. As a part of its masthead, it says, “Democracy Dies in Darkness”. Yeah, and they are the ones spreading the darkness.

And, the moron writing this piece seems to be unable to see that his own newspaper plays a key role in the reason why people are afraid to express their own opinions – because of the backlash they will get for those opinions. Yeah. Democracy dies in darkness, you drooling idiot!

Why is it so hard to see the reason for a problem when it is staring you in the face?

Hoaxed: Everything They Told You is a Lie! – YouTube

This could be interesting. It’s a trailer. And, it’s coming at the right time.

Will this movie be enough?


But, it’s something.

Flash – Outrageous new TV dating shows cut straight to chase – France 24

This is sick. Here’s the quote that says everything that you really didn’t want to know:

“Making Love” has jaws dropping at MIPCOM, the world’s biggest TV market in Cannes, by having contestants have sex first before deciding if they like each other.

Its French producers WeMake said it has brought together “scientifically-matched singles” to ask the essential question, “Could making love make you fall in love?”

They billed the show — which is being sold at MIPCOM — as “a ground-breaking experiment into how humans fall in love.

“Behind the (bedroom) door cameras have captured the new couple’s every move, every awkward moment,” the producers said, before pulling away at the last minute only to reappear in the post-coital glow — or gloom.

Contestants can then hurry into the bathroom to debrief the audience on just how their new partner performed.

I’m sorry, but claiming that there’s some ‘science’ involved is just a lie. They aren’t doing this for science. They’re doing this because our society wants sex and lots of it.

We are rip for being completely and utterly destroyed.

Hungary gender studies ban draws university anger

YES! Finally, a country that’s ready to do something intelligent. Only a moron would allow something so stupid in their country. And, Hungary finally said, “ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE!”

Here’s a quote:

Orban’s deputy Zsolt Semjen said later gender studies “has no business (being taught) in universities,” because it is “an ideology not a science”.

Labour market demand for gender studies graduates was also “close to zero,” as “no-one wants to employ a gender-ologist,” Semjen said.

This moronic ‘gender studies’ needs to be banned everywhere. If you don’t know what gender you are, you need a doctor, not a degree.

The truth about Polish-Jewish solidarity | Jack Buckby – YouTube

Another good video from Jack Buckby, and his reporting in Poland.

Japan plans to flush Fukushima water ‘containing radioactive material above permitted levels’ into the ocean

It has been more than seven years, and Japan STILL can’t fix this problem.

‘Anarchists,’ middle-class avengers are attacking Minnesota GOP candidates | City Pages

This is what you call journalism?

The moron who wrote this should be fired. He was supposed to be doing news coverage, not injecting his own foul views. And, I was going to use this piece to talk about the growing violence against those who are conservative. But then, this dirtbag reporter – Pete Kotz – said this:

There is no recurring motif among the victims here. Anderson could perhaps be described as a moderate, if said species is not yet extinct. She’s well-considered among Republicans, with a track record of occasionally working on behalf of things like paid family leave, suggesting she may possess some decency.

“suggesting she may possess some decency?”

A reporter actually said that in a news report?

And, I’m betting that if you challenged this moron over his insertion of opinion, that he won’t understand that it’s an opinion. Not a fact.

America is so lost. You can’t rescue a nation when the average member of that nation is stupid. The only thing going for America is that other countries are worse.

Why the media are furious over Facebook’s bad video metrics

Wait. You mean that writing is important again?

And yes, that’s EXACTLY what this article is saying.

Hacked, scammed and on your own: navigating cryptocurrency ‘wild west’

This why there will be a mark that you will be tattooed into your skin that identifies you, where you will be unable to make any financial transaction without that tattoo. A chip, inserted under the skin, WILL NOT WORK.

Just like what happened to this couple, passwords can be cracked. Firewalls can be pierced. Information can be hacked. And that means your implant.

This is why Revelation referred to a MARK.

In fact, you will probably be unable to even access the Internet without this MARK identifying you – because annonymity is part of the problem. You will not be annonymous when the Beast system rises and takes over. And far too many will rejoice at this, because annonymous criminals have been doing so much damage.

And, far too many of those criminals are politicians.

But, I repeat myself.

ISIS: Islamic State terrorists 700 hostage in US-backed Syria – Putin issues warning | World | News |

Just remember that ISIS is just following the Qur’an.

Convicted rapist says he’s ‘easy-going’ in new Tinder profile

If you know of ANYONE who uses Tinder, show them this.

This guy is a psychopath, and people should not be using Tinder, anyway.



I hope that you will forgive me for wanting these people dead. With a thorough trial, first to establish the facts… then, a swift execution.

God help us all.

Pope at Mass: watch out against friendly, “well-mannered demons” – Vatican News

But, wait… Pope Franky IS a ‘friendly, well-mannered demon’.

Clergy (Kler) – premiering in Bíó Paradís 12th october 2018 – YouTube

Chris shared this link in the comment section. He also said this:

Three weeks ago, in Poland, a new movie (I saw it) entered the theaters. “Clergy”. All characters are Catholic priests, ranging from small village church to the top of the hierarchy. It became a blockbuster, with over 1 million audience during the first weekend. Now it’s on the way to break all-time Polish audience record set up by an old epic historical movie in… 1974. It’s impact is off the scale.

The movie is fictional, but I recommend the trailer, for a reason. What you will see in the movie/trailer, in every second of it, happened in real world, somewhere in Poland. For example, people already discovered, that what the key evil character (an archbishop) says in the movie, are in fact exact citations from four real Polish bishops. 80% of what he speaks, it goes that far. And so goes the rest.

Take a look, and make no mistake, this is not a fiction or “black comedy” of some kind. This is extremely sad, and real.

After sharing the link, Chris went on to write:

You may have a thought about brave director of this movie, who dared to expose the truth and made it to clear the swamp. I saw multiple interviews with him. And, it’s not the case. He is “offended by a Cross in public places”, “oppressed when his children see other children praying” etc. Seeing trailer, you may also ask, is it necessary to mock the Last Supper to expose the sins of RCC.

When Chris shared that link, I watched it, and I can tell you that the production values are impressive. And, it’s full of dark comedy and bitterness. And, I can also see the ‘anti-Christian’ signature of those who made it. It certainly makes sense that the producers and director of this film were not just anti-Catholic, but anti-Christ.

Unfortunately, the foul behavior of the RCC has given fuel to the Hellish fiends who wish to blacken the name of Christ. By claiming to be Christian, the RCC does more damage to Christians than any Satanist could ever do.

Therefore, I say that the Roman Catholic Church has fulfilled its duty to the Devil by profaning the name of Christ. That was its job, and it has done its job well. Very few minions of Satan have been as thorough or as efficient as the RCC.

By the way, after learning that the Vatican wants us to drop the ‘Roman’ from Roman Catholic Church, I have been careful to always include Rome in their name. They want to think of their church as ‘catholic’ (i.e., universal). It isn’t, and I shall never give them that honor. The RCC has the blood of millions upon millions of true Christians on its hands – along with many millions who were not.

It is the blackest of dark comedies that the RCC has been a tool in the hands of Atheists to attack our Lord and Savior.

Thank you for sharing that, Chris. It’s a snapshot of our world that we all needed to see.



What is going on with Hillary and the corruption being revealed in Washington, is so huge… that I doubt that it is possible to emphasize enough, the seriousness of this situation. I believe that these revelations will eventually take down the Republic and replace the current government with one ruled by the generals. And please, do not discount this. Corruption is ALWAYS how republics and kingdoms fall – and how the military takes over.

Remember the generals that surround Trump.

This was not an accident.

However, please take note that public pressure for a military takeover never happens until people suffer economic and financial stress. So, don’t expect this ‘takeover’ to happen until the economy turns sharply downward. The military will not want to see a repeat of the French Revolution.

Entire Federal Budget Now National Security Secret – Dr. Mark Skidmore | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Someone (or, someones) has stolen and spent an additional $21 Trillion, over and above the National Debt. And, the government will not talk about where that money went.

Here’s the first paragraph in the write-up:

Michigan State Economics Professor Mark Skidmore made a stunning discovery late last year. Using publicly available government accounting reports, he revealed there was $21 trillion in what he calls “missing money” from the Department of Defense (DOD) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The data he used has been scrubbed, all accounting records are heavily redacted and now the federal government has declared its accounting falls under “national security.” Dr. Skidmore can no longer get the government to respond. Dr. Skidmore explains, “At this point, they are no longer responding to any of my inquiries. They are just not answering, and that is very astounding . . . and you can go on and look at the report yourself and see all of it blacked out. I actually lost sleep over that. That really bothered me. . . . Now, they are not even using standard accounting financial reporting rules. They are just moving things around and not telling anybody. So, first, all of this stuff is hidden because it is a national security issue, and now they are just changing the accounting standards. I would ask is that constitutional? I don’t think so. Does it match any of our financial reporting laws? I don’t think so. I am not sure what gives the government the authority to make that decision, and, yet, it’s happening.”


Did you get that?

They won’t talk about it. It’s a National Security Secret.


I know that lots of people are making fanciful claims about where this money went, but I’m sorry to tell you that the fantasies about ‘secret projects’ are just that. Fantasies.

The money was stolen. Period.

Don’t tell me that there’s a secret space force or that we have secret weapons projects. The money was stolen. And spent. Over a period of decades.

This is utterly and completely revolting.

The Republic has fallen.

Dr. Mark Skidmore – $21 Trillion “Missing” Money Huge Implications for Dollar – YouTube

This is the video for the previous link.

You can tell that Greg was having some difficulty with this interview, which is understandable. Dr. Skidmore isn’t in the business of making conclusions. His job is to find the information. And, Greg wanted conclusions.

Well, I think that it’s clear that we CAN make conclusions, and we SHOULD make conclusions – unless the government comes up with better answers than… “It’s classified.”

Air Force Chief Lauds Trump, 2411 – YouTube

This is the something that you probably need to hear. It’s a personal viewpoint, but from someone who has seen far too many presidents do serious damage. Unfortunately, his view of Trump is a bit optimistic.

Body Language: Senator Claire McCaskill Response to Project Veritas Footage – YouTube

So Project Veritas dropped a new bombshell, but I – SOMEHOW – didn’t get a notice of the release. It’s SOOOOOOOO interesting how this happens on YouTube.

I now need to go hunting for the Veritas video.

Oh, and McCaskill?

Classic liar. She’s so bad at it, that you can learn a few things by looking at this video.

Project Veritas Action – YouTube

Here’s where you can find the McCaskill videos. It seems that O’Keefe needs to do a bit of ducking and weaving with his channels, to keep them from being taken down.

So, check here for McCaskill’s corruption, in all of it’s foul glory.

As of this note, there are seven videos on McCaskill, and counting. There’s also an interesting video on Oregon Governor Kate Brown and three videos on US Senate candidate Phil Bredeson.

You gotta move fast to keep up with all the corruption. It’s utterly sick and vile. These people should be in prison.

Greg Abbott on Twitter: “A complaint says the Texas Democratic Party asked noncitizens to register to vote, sending applications with citizenship box pre-checked. This is being investigated. If true there will be serious consequences. #txlege #tcot #PJNET”

Unfortunately, since they are Democrats, nothing will happen to them.

Texas Democrats ask noncitizens to register to vote – Washington Times

And, the people who will be hurt the most, will be the non-citizens who voted – and then were blocked from becoming citizens because of that. It’s happened. And, they will be able to thank the corrupt Democrats for doing that.



It’s hard to believe that I need to actually make this a category, but I guess that I need to.

I am truly horrified by this concerted attempt by the mainstream media and social media to shut down anyone that disagrees with them. This is sick and twisted, and it’s an attempt to limit your ability to obtain the kinds of facts that you need to see the future clearly.

And yes, they really do want to control what and how you think.

Google CEO Tells Senators That Censored Chinese Search Engine Could Provide “Broad Benefits”

This should let EVERYONE know that Google is completely and absolutely comfortable with censorship. If you are a brutal, repressive regime that is murdering people and selling their organs on the black market, you are going to love Google.

Google LOVES suppressing the kind of information that makes blood-thirsty tyrants blush.

Exclusive: Facebook to ban misinformation on voting in upcoming U.S. elections | Reuters

Oh, wait. Let me rephrase that title:

Facebook to ban information that they don’t like.

There. Fixed it.

China likely laid out how Google could help persecute Uighur minority – Business Insider

But, Google doesn’t care about the freedom of speech.

Facebook inflated ad metrics up to 900 percent: lawsuit

So… Facebook lied AGAIN?

Why are we not surprised?

Advertisers Allege Facebook Failed to Disclose Key Metric Error for More Than a Year – WSJ

Why are they allowing Facebook to claim that it was an error?

I doubt very much that this was an ‘error’. It wasn’t a bug. It was a ‘feature’. We should assume that they did it on purpose, until proven otherwise.

Louis Farrakhan: ‘I’m Not An Anti-Semite. I’m Anti-Termite.’ | Breitbart

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube will ban Alex Jones for being conservative, but when Louis Farrakhan calls Jews Termites – inferring the need to exterminate them… nothing.


This is how Hitler rose to power in Germany. Remember that Hitler wasn’t a Rebublican. He was a Democrat. He was a socialist.

Twitter Won’t Suspend Louis Farrakhan For His Tweet Comparing Jews To Insects

Notice that Buzzfeed doesn’t get the point.

You exterminate termites because they are undermining the foundations of your house – in this case, your nation. It would be a completely different thing if he called Jews ants, or crickets. But no, he said termites.

Former Facebook engineer who railed against liberal culture explains why he quit | Fox News

Do you know how you deal with employees that attack other employees for their personal points of view?

Lean in close and listen carefully. ‘Cuz I only wanna say this once:


There. That wasn’t so hard. And, the management of Facebook understands this sophisticated principle. So, they actually agree with the employees that are causing so much trouble.

Silence is consent.

Facebook’s election ‘war room’ takes aim at fake information

This article was pretty much a lie from start to finish. The ‘war room’ is a joke, and all that Facebook is really doing is stealing your ability to learn and to speak.

Fauxbook is run by leftist, lying, liars who lie.



We’ve been talking about the collapse of the economy and financial system for a very long time, and every day that collapse is delayed… well …the collapse just gets worse and worse. Eventually, it will be an explosion that will devastate the world and lead to chaos, confusion, death, destruction and war. Lots and lots of war.

In fact, it has begun already.

By the time that you see it, it will be too late to do anything about it.

Thousands line up for zero-down-payment, subprime mortgages

There is nothing like repeating previous mistakes. It gives you that sense of having been here before.


As Trump slams Fed, its policymakers are tuning him out — and moving ahead with rate hikes – Los Angeles Times

Interesting. Trump is setting himself up so that he can blame the Federal Reserve for the crash of the economy.

Alan Greenspan: This is the tightest labor market I’ve ever seen

This is why the Fed will ‘tighten’ again, and it will probably kill the economy. They always do this. Having said that, the ‘death of the economy’ won’t be just because of rising interest rates.



What the UK did to Tommy Robinson is sick and twisted. He did NOT break the law in any way, and his summary imprisonment is a vile and evil act of psychopathic judge and a psychopathic government.

Recently, after a horrific two months in prison, where he suffered brutal treatment, Tommy was released. We praised God and thought that the worst was over. But, such was not to be. They are now hauling him back in front of a judge, attempting to put him back in prison, to finish the job. They want him dead.

Remember, they put Tommy in a prison that had the most violent Muslim gangs. They put him in a prison where the most violent offenders were. They deliberately put him in a place where he was guaranteed to be killed. And, they are attempting to do it again.

If they are successful, Tommy will probably be murdered in jail, and that murder will be on the hands of the British government.

More importantly, it’s a symbol and a symptom of what is happening. First in the UK, and then elsewhere.

Welcome to the pathological, psychopathic, diabolical Islamisation of your country – wherever you are.

I’m afraid that we are all Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson trial CONFIRMED for Oct 23: Ezra Levant – YouTube

So, his trial is on Tuesday. Pray that he is acquitted. Pray that the government of Britain is chastized for the evil that they have done.

I recently received an email from J, a longtime reader. He’d seen something by Richie Allen, and he wanted my view. And, here’s what I said:

Hi J,

Richie Allen is a lying liar and an apoloogist for Islam and Muslims. He’s also an anti-Semite of the worst kind – by sounding reasonable, when he is nothing of the kind.

This was character assassination. Richie makes insinuations without facts. The only facts that he offers is that he was caught kicking his girlfriend and then attacking the police officer that intervened. But, the ‘facts’ that Richie tries to get you to swallow afterwards are lies – claiming that Tommy had never done any investigative work, ever. And, I had to stop at that point.

There’s a reason why I never share ANYTHING from the ‘Richie Allen Show’. It’s because he lies, all the time. Constantly. The truth is NOT important to him.

Attacking Jews are important to him. Attacking Israel are important to him, and there’s no lie too big, in an attempt to make that attack successful.

And, I know these things from personal observation. This isn’t conjecture on my part.

Anyway, thanks for sharing that with me, J.

Yours in Christ,

John Little
Omega Shock

Many of you will be hearing more and more attacks on Tommy’s character. I don’t know if he’s guilty of any of those accusations. And yes, I know that Tommy isn’t his real name.

Remember that Tommy Robinson isn’t the issue, here. Even his character is not the issue, and I don’t believe the accusations against him. But, even if I did, it would not change my point.

This is about Great Britain. Their future. And, our future. Even though I’m not British, what happens to Tommy on Tuesday will still have an effect on you and me.

Tommy Robinson: Why I started the English Defence League – YouTube

This is Tommy Robinson, in his own words, about why he started the EDL. They call him a racist for that, but they won’t tell you that the LEFT THE EDL because racists were taking over.

Tommy is ANTI-racist. He is the OPPOSITE of racism.

And, at the beginning of this video, you hear about him being threatened with a return to prison if he said what he had been planning to say. He was put in prison on what we Americans call ‘trumped up charges’ – false charges that should not have landed him in jail. And, what they did to him in prison was evil.

If I remember correctly, this is from a couple of years ago.



These are at least worth a chuckle. And, it might save you from going nuts.

I had a bit of a laugh at these, and I hope that you will too.

Who is the favorite? – Album on Imgur

I’VE BEEN BETRAYED!!!! (dog, probably)

Post title (required) – Album on Imgur

That’s a barking… barking… whatsit. Yeah. A whatsit.

“Scotty” lost his middle finger in WWII and hid the fact the entire time he was on Star Trek. – Imgur

This is for those of us who were around for the original series. Apparently, ‘Scotty’ lost his finger while hitting the beach in the first wave on D-Day.


You never know how much courage you have, until they’re shooting at YOU. And, Scotty apparently kept fighting for several days, before getting the hand treated.

That is a special kind of toughness.

Calvin and Hobbes Mini Dump (my first post ever) – Album on Imgur

I miss Calvin and Hobbes.

Office Staff Works In a Pool – Mini Mocks – YouTube

Okay, it SOUNDS crazy…

The fluffiest fluff – Album on Imgur

This was specifically approved by Mrs. Little.

Baby bunnies! – Album on Imgur

This also was passed by the Missus. You can’t be too careful when you are dealing with such dangerous animals. Those of you who don’t know how dangerous rabbits can be, might need to look up a fascinating reference to:

The Rabbit of Caerbannog

It even has its own Wikipedia entry.

interesting – Album on Imgur

Okay, this is Dad level is turned up to eleven.

Cute kids – Album on Imgur

Yes, this is what happens, when a cat gets a human of her very own.

Badger Collie – Album on Imgur

Yes, this… um …collie is extra special. Perfect for keeping kids out of the yard and messing with your neighbors.

Photographer Tricks: Sand, Rain, Smoke, and Snow – Album on Imgur

Yup. These are the kinds of tricks that make all those fantastic photos seem so… awesome.

Of course, there’s also a bit of photoshop involved, too.

I cant go on anymore. – Album on Imgur

I’m mostly Scottish, and I don’t. But, go ahead and be Irish. See if I care.

An’ don’ go tellin’ me tha’ Drambui wasn’ tha’ best tha’ ever was.



I’m sorry, but I can’t stand it anymore. There are just too many morons, so it needs its own category. And, I do this to maintain my own sanity. They’re driving me THAT crazy.

Now, here’s my rule for who appears in this section:

A person or organization who is EVIL ANNNND STUPID.

People who are just stupid, deserve our compassion. My heart goes out to them, because their life is going to be painful until they stop being stupid.

But, those who are evil?

Well, I want them to repent. I really do. I do NOT want ANYONE who is evil to suffer an eternity in Hell. But, if they refuse to repent, I want them destroyed.

May the wrath of God be upon all who refuse to repent. May the blessings of God be upon those who turn from their wicked ways and acknowledge God.

YouTube Demonetizes 4 year old Video, 2404 – YouTube

YouTube is just plain stupid. They’re not just socialist thugs. They’re morons.

Brexit Deal Hangs in the Balance as Monday Deadline in Doubt

Theresa May is a moron. She thought that she could betray her own people and get away with it.

Gore: Jet Stream ‘Getting Loopier and Wavier,’ a ‘Global Emergency’

Part of the reason we have a ‘global emergency’ is because we have morons like AlGore who have been making billions off of scare tactics for imaginary threats.

Never listen to morons. You’ll only hurt yourself, if you do.

Judge Dismisses Stormy Daniels’ Lawsuit Against Donald Trump

Stormy the moron Daniels is a sign of a new low in American society, where a prostitute-stripper can get national air time. Thankfully, a judge dropped her case and made her pay Trump’s legal fees.

Why the NPC Meme FREAKS OUT the Left – YouTube

Okay, it’s PJW, and the F-bomb is dropped a couple of times. But… he’s right.

There are too many NPCs out there. It needs to stop.

Kleenex to rebrand ‘mansize’ tissues after gender complaints – ABC News

So, the morons ‘got to’ Kleenex. No manly, mansize Kleenex for you!

We don’t do ‘manly’ in America, anymore.

Plug pulled on Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter website

Poor Lena. She’s a moron. And, when you are a moron, and all your friends are morons, then you suffer the consequences of being a moron.

Her reality check, bounced.



We are seeing the fulfillment of the words of Jesus, right now. And, it seems that Islam is leading the way. What insanity!

What is wrong with North America and Europe?

Have they – and we – gone insane?

Ted Wheeler, Portland mayor, stands by decision to allow Antifa to block traffic – Washington Times

This moron mayor is giving Antifa a place to grow and flourish. He’s allowing these thugs to assault people on the street. He’s allowing Communist thugs to block traffic, just because they want to. In fact, it sounds like the WANTS this to happen. And, the police are following his orders to stand down.

3 Arrested After Violence Erupts Outside NYC Republican Club Event « CBS New York

The ‘Proud Boys’ are fascists? Neo-fascists? Seriously?

Gavin McInnes is a COMEDIAN with CONSERVATIVE views, who doesn’t like being beaten up or blocked by morons.

Merkel’s Bavarian allies suffer historic election losses |

What did they expect to happen?

Unfortunately, the only way for Germany to survive now, is to engage in a civil war against their own Muslim population. It would be nice to think that Germany could remove the Islamic influence from their political system peacefully, but the Muslims would never allow that.

So, there will be violence.

An Ice-Cream Truck Slaying, Party Drugs and Real-Estate Kings: Ethnic Clans Clash in Berlin’s Underworld – WSJ


Kurds? Arabs? In Germany? Check.

Muslims. Check.

Gangs. Check.

Foolish Germans without a clue?

Yeah, it’s yet another stupid circus run by ‘Mutter Merkel’. And, it’s the king thing that always happens when you think that everyone is the same, and Islam is a peace-loving religion.



I’ve been writing about the coming of Gog and Magog for a while. You can find a lot of that, here:

– –

And, the articles below point to that coming. I really, Really, REALLY hope that you’ll be ready for this. Please read Ezekiel’s Fire to make sure. (And yes, it’s free.)

Putin says former Soviet Republics regret end of USSR

And THIS will be yet another reason why the Gog and Magog alliance will come together. It will be to band together for prosperity and conquest.

Russians ‘will go to heaven’ in event of nuclear war: Putin

Um… a rather unsettling view of thngs. I don’t believe him when he says that Russia would never use a ‘first strike’, but his statement makes for good PR.

The question is… why is he talking about all this, now?

Iran Sends Record Amount Of Oil To China |

Nice lifeline that you sent to Iran, China.



There has been a sickening rise in anti-Semitism among those who call themselves christian. And yes, I used a lower case ‘c’ on purpose. I have little hope that I can turn these minions of Satan from their evil path. Salvation and repentance are the work of God, although I will do my best to serve God in that work.

I’m more interested in keeping my brothers and sisters from being tainted by this Satanic hatred of the Jews. If you are caught by this hatred, you will suffer. If you are convinced to oppose Israel, you will suffer. If you are turned away from supporting God’s work in the Land of Israel, you will suffer.

So, think of this category as my attempt to help you avoid the traps of Satan, that he has laid in your path. God is at work among the Jewish people and with the Jewish people. He is at work in the Land of Israel, turning the Jewish people from their idols and towards the true God of Abraham.

My goal is that you would be greatly blessed. But, you cannot be blessed, if you oppose God.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.

– Psalm 122:6

May you prosper. And, may you understand how important the Land of Israel is, in these Last Days.

Netanyahu: Hamas should expect a ‘very painful’ response from Israel – Israel News – Jerusalem Post

And, Bibi doesn’t have a choice, since Hamas will not stop being violent. And, the reason why Hamas will not stop, is because they take the Qur’an literally. Anyone who does that, will be violent.

Unfortunately, most of ‘The West’ hasn’t figured this out.

Jerusalem Light Rail – YouTube

Okay, I have some personal history with this. This thing was being talked about, planned and developed for something like 15 years before it was finished. They spent lots of money on it, and it went nowhere. And, that ‘flyover bridge’… we used to call it the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’.

When I left Israel in 2006, I felt bad that this light rail would be completed soon, and I wouldn’t get a chance to ride it. When I came back in 2010, with Mrs. Little… IT WASN’T DONE YET!!


Eventually, Jerusalem got a mayor who wasn’t corrupt, and he made sure that it was completed. Nir Barkat is an awesome dude.

Unfortunately, the guy who started this boondoggle, Ehud Olmert, is a crook, and Israel put him in jail. And, they should have kept him in jail. Ol’ Ehud screwed up more than just the light rail.

I generally don’t criticize Israel. But this… THIS made me mad.

How many Jews and Arabs are there in the Middle East? – YouTube

Do you also know that Israel is the only country in the Middle East where the Christian population is growing? Where it lives in peace and safety?

Yeah. They don’t talk about that.

God bless Israel.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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12 thoughts on “Destroyed by the Well Crafted Story”

  1. Last week (October 15) interesting thoughts on… blood! Michael says: What do I have wrong?

    IMO nothing in the verses is wrong.
    Michael’s conclusion points at worship. (Quote: Worship of the demonic realm REQUIRES human blood, you must bleed for them.)
    It results in enslavement. The blood (the soul, emotions) becomes in these rituals a seat for demonic POWERS.

    With John Little I agree that in some religions there is no human sacrifice. But nevertheless all the same, worshippers there get possessed by the demonic realm. More on them in Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this darkness, against evil, spiritual forces in the heavens. See also KJV.

    John says Quote: As for the blood, itself, there is no spiritual quality to it.
    Allow me to disagree. After the purification, the cleansing of our blood by Jesus Christ, blood gets empowered by the Holy Spirit, in what is called ‘The Word’. Fantasies come alive, we create and dream dreams, sing songs of praise and glory.

    In our sins sad but true the devil knows how to “copy” that. Why?

    My final statement is in tune with the comments and the above. But, I am not so shy about the demonic realm, because I have been fighting crime during all my adult life and am fed up with it.
    So, my conclusion: Satan not just wishes to steal, kill and destroy. It is not necessarily about blood sacrifice. He wants POWER. TO RULE THE PEOPLES OF THIS EARTH. PERIOD.

  2. Dear John
    I cannot take it to Furthermore reading about the TechniquesbGosnnell used how utterly barbaric :
    Sucking the content of a babyhead out of the baby in the womb he did it outside the womb some indicates there is a difference between them it’s both murder if you are depressed i would not go to watch this utterly evil things life is already worse enough without it
    That are the babies who will sing constant praise to the Lord in heaven
    a few days ago i asked the Lord how many adults Will reach heaven that you have to say babies Will give you praise in heaven ?
    Now i have my answer
    Can you Tell me also how you avoid evil People to follow you or hack your gsm you are a computerexpert i am not can you give us some advice except throwing our gsm outside the Building ?
    Is John Little your real name don’t need to be offended i am just wondering Taiwan is better Then Europe ? Europese which is in some cases more dangerous Then even america i dont want to give examples to give bad People some ideas or just one : identitycards we have for some centuries now americans complain it Will be mandatory soon in 2018 i suppose America was in a way the land of freedom although
    it gave more possibility to do crime in America by changing your name all the time
    Blessings from Nadine

    • Hi Nadine,

      Yup. John Little is my honest-to-goodness real name. And, it has a centuries-long history to back it up.

      As for the abortions. Yeah. Horrifying doesn’t begin to describe it. This is genocide of the worst kind.

      How do I keep from being hacked and tracked?

      I NEVER use wifi. I don’t watch pornography. I do not have Internet on my cell phone. It’s just a phone. I am careful about the software that I install on my computer. AND, I don’t click links in email, unless I really know what those links are.

      The biggest threat is pornography. If you have any friends or family that are watching porn, they will probably infect your phone and computer with a virus.

      Oh, and Taiwan is DEFINITELY better than Europe. Unfortunately, you need to be married to a local, get a work permit or start a business, to live here.

      I hope that helps, Nadine!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Donald is not a Christian i agree totally with your reasoning for all gouvernement (exceptions allowed)
    He said some weeks ago he was in love with Kim Jong
    North Korea is number one on the list of ranking the heaviness of persecution of christians per country He never talks about them or negotiate about them he is only happy his live is saved from north Korea uh uh

  4. Hi Everyone,

    To those of you who are trying to leave comments and now need to do some arithmetic, I apologize. Omega Shock is under attack, so much so that the server is crashing several times a day.

    I’m hoping that instituting a ‘captcha’ will reduce the number and severity of the attacks.

    Yours in Christ,

    John Little


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