A Big Hook in Gog and a Hoax Reminder

Russia did something this week, that I did not expect them to do. And, it represents a gigantic investment in both Syria and Iran. It might also be a battlefield test of the S-300V4 anti-aircraft system against America’s F-35 stealth fighter.

What the Russians gave Syria – and yes, it was a gift – is worth more than $4 billion. And, Russia doesn’t DO gifts like that, unless there’s a really big purpose behind it. And, that purpose is to shoot down Israeli jets and kill Israeli fighter pilots.

What Israel does in response, is uncertain.

Unfortunately, this story also brings a reminder that there are hoaxers out there, attempting to capitalize on this event, and events like it, by making up stories that just aren’t true.


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A Big Hook in Gog and a Hoax Reminder

A Big Hook in Gog and a Hoax Reminder – The ShockCast

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Have you ever given someone a gift?

A really big one?

How would you feel if someone destroyed that huge gift and hurt the person that you gave it to?

Well that is what just happened in Syria. The gift part. And, as of this writing, nothing has happened to that gift from Russia to Syria.

What was that gift?

The most advanced version of the S-300 anti-aircraft system currently in operation, the S-300V4. And, I remember the fear that Israel felt, when Syria attempted to buy a lesser and smaller version of that system.

Israel successfully blocked the sale of a lesser version of that system, probably the S-300PMU1 or PMU2. Also that sale was only worth a billion dollars. What Russia gave to Syria was worth four times more than that, and far, far more advanced.

Russia gave Syria 24 launchers and 300 missiles. Each launcher is worth about $150 million. Each missile is $1.5 million. That’s $3.6 billion for the launchers and $450 million for the missiles. There is no way that Syria paid more than four billion dollars for this. They can’t afford it. The most that Syria MIGHT have paid is the $1 billion that they had in Russian banks for the original deal – if that money hadn’t been paid out already.

Worse, this is the most advanced of Russia’s family of S-300 anti-aircraft systems. The S-300V4 is said to be twice as effective as the S-300V3. The ONLY jets that MIGHT be immune to this system is the F-22 and the F-35. And, Russia thinks that it can shoot down the F-35 with this system.

Can it?

I have a very bad feeling that it can shoot down the F-35, and I do not want to be proven right. But, I think that we are about to find out.

In eight days, Russia says that it will complete the training of Syrian operators for this missile system. This seems to mean that it will be Syrian personnel manning this system.

If Israel destroys this system, will any Russians be killed?

Of course, if this system is only used to protect Syria’s advance into Idlib, maybe Israel won’t feel the need to destroy those missiles and missile launchers. Maybe. Unfortunately, Syria seems intent on protecting the Iranian buildup of Iranian weapons depots in Syria. And, Israel cannot allow Iran to do that. Israel cannot allow Hezbollah to get more rockets than it already has.

So, those launchers will need to be destroyed.

Russia will not want those launchers destroyed, and a successful strike – taking out those missile batteries will make Russia look very, very bad. And, sales of the S-300V4 will dramatically decline.

But, what if those missiles are able to shoot down Israeli F-35 aircraft?

That would be a gigantic PR coup for Russia. Russia would be able to sell these anti-Aircraft systems to other countries, as a way to block the US and US allies. NATO would never have been able to bomb Libya and eventually murder Muammar Gaddafi, if Libya had received a sufficiently large installation of the S-300. And, what the Syrians just received could be considered ‘sufficiently large’.

Now, it is still possible to destroy the S-300 system with an overwhelming barrage of rockets and missiles. After all, Syria has been given only a few hundred missiles and 24 launchers. But, the kind of attack that would take out those missile batteries would also do significant damage to Syria itself. And, I’m not sure that Russia would stand by, doing nothing, while that attack happened.

Could Israel mount such an attack?

Would America or NATO do it?

Whatever DOES happen, the Russian delivery of the S-300V4 is a major step towards the eventual coming of Gog and Magog. And, when I say ‘major step’, the Bible refers to it a bit differently:

And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords:

 – Ezekiel 38:4


Remember that Russia was reluctant to enter into the Syrian conflict. Their base in Tartus was just a supply depot. When the Soviet Union fell, Russia’s involvement in Africa and the Middle East fell with it. But, that changed in September/October 2015.

Right about this time, three years ago, Russia was brought back into the Middle East. It is believed that Qassem Soleimani of Iran’s elite Jerusalem Force (aka, Quds Force) went to Moscow in the summer of that year and convinced Putin to get directly involved.

That involvement paid off well, with increased sales of Russian military equipment. You might think of that as yet another ‘hook’ in the jaws of Gog. And, I always find it interesting that Gog has more than one jaw. And, one jaw has clamped itself onto Eastern Libya.

Libya – General Haftar

Russia has been quietly supporting General Khalifa Haftar in Eastern Libya. Haftar has taken most of Libya while the corrupt morons in the Eastern part of Libya – in Tripoli – fight among themselves. Russia appears to have increased her involvement recently, but it’s hard to get reliable information.

A newspaper that I have utter disdain for, posted this:

PUTIN TROOPS IN LIBYA Russia sends troops and missiles into Libya in bid to enforce stranglehold on the West

Most of the articles on this subject are referring to this article in The Sun. And, I have disdain for The Sun, because they are a tabloid newspaper that loves producing pornography. And, I try very hard to never post links to any of their articles for precisely that reason.

The Sun newspaper was the originator of the ‘Page Three Girls’, and they still hold true to that ‘ideal’ in their pornographic articles on celebrities ‘baring all’. They might not do ‘Page Three Girls’ anymore, but their foul and pornographic depictions of foolish celebs aren’t an improvement.

A Hoax Reminder

This brings up an important point that everyone should be aware of:


When there’s only one source for a piece of information, and that source has had a reputation for unreliability, you need to be extra careful with that information. And, I had an additional reminder of that, just a few days ago.

A friend sent me a link to one of the most foul and evil publications that I know:


I’m going to quote myself, from October of 2015, exactly three years ago:

I started writing regularly about Israel in the 90s. I believed that it was important for people to get the truth about Israel, instead of the lies being told by the mainstream media. And, since I was living in Israel, I felt that my perspective was of some value.

Then, in the early 2000s, up popped this website called Debka. They almost immediately posted material that was either completely false, or could not be verified. The owners of the site did not give out their names or any other contact information, so it took some investigative work to track them down.

When I called them, Giora Shamis picked up the phone. I asked him where he got his material, and his only response was:

“Were just that good.”

Of course, he didn’t actually realize why I was asking that question. What I wanted to know was why there was so much material that was completely false. But, his answer told me everything that I needed to know.

Giora Shamis and Diane Shalem were making it all up.

The only part of their writing that is correct, is the material that they steal from others. Everything else is completely made up – out of thin air. To put it another way:

They are lying to you.

I detest lies of any and all kinds. And, it makes no difference if the lying liar is an Israeli, or someone else. I absolutely detest lying liars, wherever they are.

Why I’m mentioning this is due to a DEBKAfile report that has swept through the Internet, and it is completely and utterly false. It is yet another example of the lies that Giora Shamis tells.

It is about the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning. DEBKAfile claimed that the Liaoning was docked at Tartus, in Syria – to assist Russia in their fight against the Syrian rebels.

Anyone who knows ANYTHING about the PLAN Liaoning, knows that China would NEVER DO THAT. And, if they did, they could not have done it secretly.

Here is what you need to know:

The Liaoning…

…is a training ship and completely unsuited for such long range patrols.

…cannot launch planes with a full weapons load because it doesn’t have a catapult.

…cannot get past Taiwan, through the Malacca Straits or through the Suez Canal without EVERYONE knowing about it.

Of course Giora Shamis is betting that it would be so difficult for you to figure that out, that you’d just accept his ridiculous claims as fact.

But, don’t take my word for it. Here’s a retired US Navy intelligence officer to make it clear to you:

There’s no Chinese aircraft carrier in Syria

And, here’s one from a friend of mine, who is an accredited journalist:

Debkafile is a complete fraud

The bottom line is that you can never trust a liar. DEBKAfile is a complete fraud, and only a fool would trust them.

Don’t be a fool.

Okay, so back to me, in 2018. Do not, DO NOT, give Giora Shamis money. He is a predator, preying upon the good intentions and honesty of good-hearted Christians who love Israel. People like that are psychopathic liars without a shred of a conscience. They will steal your money, and use it to spread foul and evil lies.

Never trust a liar.




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My research sources are pretty wide ranging, and their number keep growing. So, instead of listing all of my sources, let me list the ones that deserve special mention:















A big thank you to all who sent me articles. I appreciate all of it.



Yup, more than just special, these links appear to be the most important of all. Seriously, start with these.

And yes, these are pretty serious.

Watch – Rand Paul’s Wife: I Sleep with a Loaded Gun Thanks to Leftists’ Threats

There was a time, in America, where the President of the United States of America could walk down the street without security and without fear of being attacked. Ever.

Even in my own time, in the ’60s and ’70s, you didn’t need to lock your doors, unless you lived in a big city.

This is what happens when morality declines to a point where there is nothing moral anymore. When sex has no consequences and means nothing… When values are so cheap that breaking moral codes is meaningless… When power and the love of money is everything…

…the nation dies.

America has become an obscene caricature of what once made her great.

Crazed leftist tweet about ruining Kavanaugh gives the left’s game away

This is the Left in all of its foul and evil glory. And, it comes in the form of a tweet from a writer for Colbert:

Ariel Dumas

Whatever happens, I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life.

That is the savagery and insanity of the Left, in just one sentence. If you want to know where the violence in American society is coming from, it’s from evil people like this. They want you dead. They want you destroyed. They want YOUR life ruined.

How utterly insane.

protect the vote – YouTube

Most people do NOT know that voting fraud is as prevalent in America as it is in Third World countries. As Stalin once said, “It doesn’t matter who votes. It matter who counts the votes.”

In America, the votes are ‘counted’ by those who are in charge. Only a massive, overwhelming vote will overturn the fraud.

America is a Third World country masquerading as a democracy.

Cooking in Antarctica – Album on Imgur

I’m only putting this here, since there’s always a couple of Flat Earthers reading Omega Shock.

And, since I have a cousin that is an Air Traffic Controler down there, I take this stupid Flat Earth business a little more personally.

Oh, and I have a thing for morons.

Bill Warner PhD: Forbidden to be Afraid – YouTube

Okay, Dr. Bill points out something ironic. The LEFT is allowed to fear and be ‘triggered’. But, we aren’t.

I’m not allowed to be ‘triggered’ by a mosque in my neighborhood?


Why is the LEFT allowed to be ‘afraid’, but I’m not?

Why am I not allowed to be afraid for the future of my children or grandchildren?

Why are THEY allowed to be afraid, and no me?

How Venezuela Became a NARCO-STATE – VisualPolitik EN – YouTube

This is Venezuela now. And, believe it or not, America is not that far behind.

Notice that they’re dealing in Cocain. Not heroin.

Where is the heroin coming from?

And, who is bringing that heroin in?

It’s the CIA bringing it in on US Air Force cargo planes. From Afghanistan. It’s also coming out of Pakistan, and the CIA might be involved in THAT, too.

The point is that America is a narco state as well, so what is happening in Venezuela will one cay happen to America.

Ban on same-sex couples roils small Christian college: ‘This isn’t something sinful, God’ | The Sacramento Bee

Another example of how awful American Christians have become.

Linda Sarsour event CRASHED by LED truck – YouTube

I LOVE this! Crashing an event where a dirtbag is running an event as evil as this.

Well done!

Freaked Out New World Order vs. We the People – Alex Newman | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

This is the writeup for the interview with Alex Newman, by Greg Hunter. Of all the paragraphs that you need to pay attention to, this is it:

Newman says “one of the most important and underreported stories of the last century” is how China is being incorporated into the New World Order plan to enslave and rule the planet. Newman says, “I did a cover story (about China) a few years ago, and people said I was just being conspiratorial. My article was about how the communist Chinese dictatorship was ‘Staking Claim in the New World Order.’ I wasn’t speculating and I wasn’t theorizing. You had people like George Soros saying that communist China needs to ‘own the New World Order.’ He said they have a better functioning government than the United States, and that, basically, China should run the New World Order that these people had been building for decades and generations now. . . . Communist China rose to power and prominence with deliberate assistance from key people in our State Department, in our Defense Department and almost all of them members in the Council on Foreign Relations or actual communist agents.”

China is the future of the New World Order. The Chinese model will be the model for the Antichrist system that is rising as we speak. The only question is WHEN that model goes global.

Please pay attention to China. China is the future.

(But no, the Antichrist WILL NOT COME FROM CHINA.)

TWISTED SYSTEM: Every Single World Leader Is In Bed With Their Central Bank. By Gregory Mannarino – YouTube

Greg gets this right in spades. EVERY WORLD LEADER INCLUDING TRUMP is in bed with the bankers. EVERY ONE.

If you think that Trump isn’t, you’ve lost your mind.

Tommy Robinson: UK Soldier discharged “to make Muslim community happy” – YouTube

This is disheartening that a once proud military could be brought so low. You’ll see more like this in the section that I have created for Tommy Robinson, and you’ll see the oportunity to sign the petition that he speaks of.

Please sign it. I did.

Stand With Our Lads – The Rebel

Here’s the petition that Tommy spoke about, to help these young men out. These soldiers signed up to serve their country, and now they’re being hounded by the British Army for having their picture taken with Tommy Robinson.

I signed this petition, and you should too. This is an absolute abomination. How dare they do this. These soldiers are underpaid, undersupplied and sent off to battlefields to serve their imperial masters. And now, this.

Sign this petition. Really. It’s important, and it will only take you a minute.

Tucker Carlson’s new book topples Woodward from #1 on New York Times best-seller list | TheHill

Tucker Carlson is an American hero. He is one of the few voices of reason and reality, and his show has done fantastic work in exposing the evil within the US government – and among the politicians running the country.

Without Tucker and those like him, America would be in far worse shape than it already is.

Facebook Purges Over 800 Accounts With Millions Of Followers; Prominent Conservatives Vanish | Zero Hedge

Now, has Facebook purged 800 leftist accounts with millions of followers?

No, but they did ‘purge’ a token amount. As in like… one.



These articles have a more individual importance. They cross categories, and are often in their own category. And, I think that these should be your first stop in your reading.

Love is a Mental Illness – YouTube

Okay, he’s talking about what the Greeks called Eros, not Agape or Philia. And, he’s right to go after the Erotic love that our culture is addicted to. It’s stupid, and it can kill you.

But, just to set the record straight, I have plenty of all three for Mrs. Little. Just sayin’.

Wireless voting machines may be vulnerable to hackers | Miami Herald

These voting machines are pathetically easy to hack. We’ve been reporting on this ability for a long time, but they are STILL hackable. And, the government is not putting in place the checks and balances that you’d want to have, to make sure that the vote was accurate.


Because they WANT to be able to flip the vote. They WANT to be able to steal the vote.

Remember that power will corrupt you. Always.

`Shadow Government Break Down – Part 1 – YouTube

An excellent introduction to the Shadow Government and The Deep State. There is a difference, even though there is an over-lap. Hopefully, there will be more parts that I can share with you soon.

Mormon leader: Nicknames for faith are ‘victory for Satan’

So, they don’t like being called Mormon?

Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon

Iran has ‘unclean hands’ in world court battle, US says

The International Court of Justice is a corrupt and foul smelling joke. I’m just sorry that America has taken so long to give that money to the victims of Iranian terrorism. THAT’s a joke, too.

2018 10 07 John Haller’s Prophecy Update “The Delusion is Strong” – YouTube

Another good example of why you should catch John Haller’s updates that go out on Sunday.

That Time Teddy Roosevelt Got Shot in the Chest But Gave a 90 Minute Speech Anyway – YouTube

Teddy was an idiot, but as real a man as we have ever seen. And, I don’t know which would have been worse, Teddy Roosevelt or Woodrow Wilson. But, this is an interesting story, all the same.

CNN Panel Mocks Kanye West as Trump’s ‘Token Negro’

Annnnnd, CNN hits a new low. Don Lemon is a moron – along with everyone else at CNN.

PAT CONDELL – The People’s Vote – YouTube

Hey, democracy is only useful if you vote THEIR way!

If you don’t vote their way, the vote isn’t legitimate.

Inside America’s Evangelical ‘purity movement’ where teen girls make pledges to their fathers to stay virgins until they get married at black-tie ceremonies

This is an AWESOME movement. If this catches on, there might hope for parts of America. I truly pray that this would continue and grow. May the Lord bless and grow this movement. In the name of Jesus Christ.

Secret deal with Turkey paves way for American pastor’s release

Well done, US government! And, if Donald Trump is behind this, then well done Donald.

Thousands of young U.S. children get no vaccines, survey finds

You know, when the pharmaceutical industry and the US government lies to you… and if they do it enough …you stop believing them.

Vaccines work. But, they don’t need to be administered that early with the toxic preservatives and ‘adjuvants’. Nor, do people need all of the vaccines that the US government demands that kids take.

It’s time for a smarter approach to disease prevention than ‘Big Brother knows best’.

Michael Savage: Left’s ‘Orchestrated Mass Hysteria’ Over Trump Must Be Stopped

This belongs in the Matthew 24:7 section. It belongs in the moron section. And, it’s a pretty serious message.

So, I’m putting it here.

Stop the madness.

Put those who won’t stop into padded rooms.

Witches to Hex Justice Kavanaugh in Occult Ritual in NYC

Oh great. Now we have witches getting into the act. Of course, they’ve already put a ‘hex’ on Trump, and that doesn’t seem to have worked very well. This might have the same effect.

Having said that, praying for Kavanaugh, might be a good idea.

Remember that God said for us to pray for our leaders. I don’t do that very often, because I’m not sure WHO my ‘leader’ is. Just remember that the Bible didn’t say anything about whether you agreed with this leader or not. Or, whether this leader was good, bad or evil.

Turks Had Saudi Consulate Bugged With Audio: Khashoggi Death Chronology Details Leaked | Zero Hedge

It looks like MBS is killing anyone and everyone – of any prominence – who said something bad about him. The problem is, this is business as usual for Arab governments.

Authorities Rescue 120+ Missing Children in Detroit, Michigan

Michael shared some good news with us, in the comment section. It’s good to see that these kids are back with their families.

A big WELL DONE, to all members of the police who were involved.

And, thanks for sharing that with us, Mike!



I hope that you will forgive me for wanting these people dead. With a thorough trial, first to establish the facts… then, a swift execution.

God help us all.

Pope blames devil for Church divisions, scandals, seeks angel’s help

The Pope blames Satan for the revelation that Roman Catholic priests have been raping boys?

He blames the Devil for those who reveal the fact that he and his foul minions have been covering all this up and promoting these rapists of young children?

Vatican takes off gloves, accuses papal critic of ‘calumny, defamation’

So, instead of humbly accepting the truth about their sins, they strike back at the truth.

How can anyone be a Catholic, after seeing this stuff?

Victims group in Poland maps 255 sex abuse cases by priests

Even a country as Catholic as Poland is outraged by the pedophile priests that are raping their children.



What is going on with Hillary and the corruption being revealed in Washington, is so huge… that I doubt that it is possible to emphasize enough, the seriousness of this situation. I believe that these revelations will eventually take down the Republic and replace the current government with one ruled by the generals. And please, do not discount this. Corruption is ALWAYS how republics and kingdoms fall – and how the military takes over.

Remember the generals that surround Trump.

This was not an accident.

However, please take note that public pressure for a military takeover never happens until people suffer economic and financial stress. So, don’t expect this ‘takeover’ to happen until the economy turns sharply downward. The military will not want to see a repeat of the French Revolution.

2400, Top FBI Lawyer Admits Clinton Involvement!, 2400 – YouTube

Will anything be done about this?

You would hope so, but I doubt it.

Democrat Leader Has Freudian Slip and Admits the Truth – YouTube

The Democrats are so disgusting it’s hard to breathe. They’re the worst prostitutes on television. In radio. In print. In person. Unfortunately, the Republicans are only a little better.

My disgust runneth over.

Study: Economic Boom Largely Ignored as TV’s Trump Coverage Hits 92% Negative

As I have said many times, and will continue to say:

I am not a Trump supporter.

I support no one in politics and consider all politicians to be dirty, until proven otherwise. Rand Paul seems to be clean. A few others might be. And, I’m uncertain about whether Donald Trump is clean, or not.

But, the media beatdown of Donald Trump is incredible.

I don’t know if I have ever seen such a huge level of vitriol, ever. The idea that ANY news organization would be 92% negative is outrageous, and those news organizations should be ashamed of themselves.

But, our society doesn’t know shame anymore.

Body Language: Rosenstein Flash Back (For the Non Believers) – YouTube

Rosenstein is so incredibly corrupt. He belongs in an orange jumpsuit.

Hillary Clinton: Kavanaugh shows time for civility with GOP is over

So, Clinton is calling for civil war and literally blood in the streets.



It’s hard to believe that I need to actually make this a category, but I guess that I need to.

I am truly horrified by this concerted attempt by the mainstream media and social media to shut down anyone that disagrees with them. This is sick and twisted, and it’s an attempt to limit your ability to obtain the kinds of facts that you need to see the future clearly.

And yes, they really do want to control what and how you think.

Facebook Stifles Ads For Film On Abortion Monster Kermit Gosnell

Facebook loves the murder of unborn children. And, if you speak against it, be ready to be silenced on Facebook. Those that aren’t silenced are too small to be noticed.

This is why, in the fight for the freedom to speak, it must be MANY small voices, instead of just one big one.

Google exec slams GOP over Kavanaugh nomination: ‘F–k. You. All. To. Hell’ | Fox News

Of course, this dirtbag would never do anything to silence Republicans, or anyone espousing a view that is contrary to this own….

…And, if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

THE GOOD CENSOR: Tech Companies Should ‘Police Tone’, Give Users ‘Positive Guidelines’ | Breitbart

It says that it wants to… “smooth the process from free speech to censorship”

Isn’t that just WONDERFUL?

Google is mapping out a path for destroying your ability to speak.

THE GOOD CENSOR: Google Document Suggests Web Must Be Controlled Because ‘Users Are Behaving Badly’ | Breitbart

Oh, and there’s more. They make this statement:

The fact that “everyone has a voice” on the net is presented as a problem.

No, it’s not ‘everyone’. It’s Christians and people with morals. People outraged at the evils being forced upon them.

Yes they address the trolls and neo-nazis, and those people need a padded room. But, those people aren’t the problem. Christians are the problem. The real ones.

Tucker – The Google Agenda, 2402 – YouTube

We need a new definition for Google:

Genocidal maniacs

Obstructing justice

Obviously leftist in every way imaginable

Greatly corrupt in every way possible

Lies about everything

Expects us to believe them.

Yeah. Google. Of course, I’m sure that some of you can do better than that weak effort. Feel free to share in the comments section below.

What accronym would fit for Google?

Gangrene On Our Great Limbs Elevating?

Great On Obvious Garbage Left Everywhere?

Graft Obstruction Obtuse Libelous and Erroneous?

Garrulous On Only Groups Leftwing Eloquent

Those were terrible. Sorry. It’s almost 2 a.m.

Tucker Carlson is a hero.


And, here’s more Google irony from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Mastercard and Discover card ban Robert Spencer. You could be next. – YouTube

It sounds like the Southern Poverty Law Center is in need of another law suit.

Remember what the Bible said about no one being able to buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast?

This is where it begins.



Africa is a continent whose history is full of genocide. Black tribes have been attempting to kill each other off for a very, very long time. And, there doesn’t seem to be any part of Africa that is untouched by genocide.

Of course, genocide isn’t just an African problem. The Chinese, the Arabs, the Russians, the Turks, the Scandinavians, the American Indians, the India Indians and on and on… But, when it comes to modern history, it seems that Africa has become the center of genocide.

And, I have become deeply concerned for the welfare of the white farmers in South Africa. What they have been experiencing is horrifying, and I see a parallel with Hitler’s genocide of the Jews. The rhetoric and the violence remind me of Hitler’s Sturmabteilung – or stormtroopers.

Just look look at the uniforms of Julius Malema. That foul fiend from Hell is setting himself up as a black version of Adolf Hitler. And, the government of South Africa has been cowed into going along with him.

So, the articles that follow are about the growing horror that is South Africa. And, do not think that Julius Malema will stop at the murder of the farmers.

South Africa’s Zulu Nation Joins White Farmers To Protest Government Land Seizures

This is good news. Very. It won’t be enough. But, I’m glad to see anything positive.



What the UK did to Tommy Robinson is sick and twisted. He did NOT break the law in any way, and his summary imprisonment is a vile and evil act of psychopathic judge and a psychopathic government.

Recently, after a horrific two months in prison, where he suffered brutal treatment, Tommy was released. We praised God and thought that the worst was over. But, such was not to be. They are now hauling him back in front of a judge, attempting to put him back in prison, to finish the job. They want him dead.

Remember, they put Tommy in a prison that had the most violent Muslim gangs. They put him in a prison where the most violent offenders were. They deliberately put him in a place where he was guaranteed to be killed. And, they are attempting to do it again.

If they are successful, Tommy will probably be murdered in jail, and that murder will be on the hands of the British government.

More importantly, it’s a symbol and a symptom of what is happening. First in the UK, and then elsewhere.

Welcome to the pathological, psychopathic, diabolical Islamisation of your country – wherever you are.

I’m afraid that we are all Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson Meets the British Army – YouTube

Good for the British Army. Good for them.

We will not let the army submit to Islam through political correctness – YouTube

This is horrifying. Someone took a picture of Tommy Robinson with some British soldiers. Then, the British Army then took away the cell phones of these soldiers and are now investigating them. These soldiers are in a lot of trouble for just a picture with a really good guy.

As bad as America is, Britain is worse.

Stand With Our Lads – The Rebel

Here’s the petition that Tommy spoke about, to help these young men out. These soldiers signed up to serve their country, and now they’re being hounded by the British Army for having their picture taken with Tommy Robinson.

I signed this petition, and you should too. This is an absolute abomination. How dare they do this. These soldiers are underpaid, undersupplied and sent off to battlefields to serve their imperial masters. And now, this.

Sign this petition. Really. It’s important, and it will only take you a minute.

Katie Hopkins: Help me stop the witch hunt against British troops – YouTube

Katie also weighs in on this, adding weight to this. The heads of the British armed services need to grow a spine. It’s time for them to stop being sniveling cowards.

I signed that petition.

Will you?

Tommy Robinson: UK soldier discharged for taking a photo with me – YouTube

I can’t believe that the British Army has done this. I don’t want to believe it, but I must. Because the morons in charge at Whitehall (the British version of the Pentagon) would do this kind of thing.

If I didn’t know history, I would be mystified at how anyone could be this stupid. But, the leaders of the British and American militaries have been complete idiots throughout history.

Imam has British soldier fired for standing with Tommy Robinson – YouTube

Here, Ezra Levant weighs in on this with an exceptionally reasonable and well-reasoned discussion about how absolutely irrational all of this is.

Britain should be ashamed that they’ve allowed such foul, evil and stupid people to make decisions for them. Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, the British armed forces and every other politician should hang their heads in shame over this.

They are the laughingstock of the world. A joke, and a bad one, at that.

To my British readers, it’s time for you to take back your country. Well past time.



We’ve been talking about the collapse of the economy and financial system for a very long time, and every day that collapse is delayed… well …the collapse just gets worse and worse. Eventually, it will be an explosion that will devastate the world and lead to chaos, confusion, death, destruction and war. Lots and lots of war.

In fact, it has begun already.

By the time that you see it, it will be too late to do anything about it.

Flash – Trillions in US net worth vulnerable to recession: IMF – France 24

Just five trillion is threatened?

Sorry, but it’s a LOT worse than that. But, I’m glad that they are talking about it. Finally.

Gas Prices Continue to Rise | Coosa Valley News

Annnnnnd, here we go again. When gas prices go high, the economy goes LOW. When I saw that in 2006 and ’07, I knew that we were in trouble.

I don’t think that we are quit at that level… yet. But, it looks like we are moving too fast in that direction.



These are at least worth a chuckle. And, it might save you from going nuts.

I had a bit of a laugh at these, and I hope that you will too.

8 year old girl pulls 1,500 year old sword from Swedish lake. – Album on Imgur

Guess who gets to be Queen!

Lions recognizes their human dad – Album on Imgur

Adorable, but do NOT try this at home.

No basis for a system of government – Album on Imgur

This sounds like a prediction.

Epic Stunts – skydiving with cars – YouTube

Do NOT try this at home. This is an easy way to get killed. But, it looks like a LOT of fun!

Say goodbye to 3AM feedings with this awesome robot! – Album on Imgur

This is for all of you who are new to this parenting thing.

You know you want it.

Awww yisss chinchilla is happy – Album on Imgur

Thankfully there will NEVER be a need for a coat made out of these adorable little critters, here in Taiwan.

Quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog – YouTube

No. Literally.

SO YOU WANT A PET FOX? – The Ultimate Guide / Animal Watch – YouTube

The answer?

No, you don’t.

But, they are completely adorable.

Wow! – GIF on Imgur

That. THAT is cool.

Relax by petting your dog – YouTube

Um… I think that I’ll stick with cats.

Life hack – Album on Imgur

THIS is how it’s DONE. This is a life hack that always works, and has saved me MASSIVE amounts of money around Christmas time.

Village in Switzerland looks like fantasy – Album on Imgur

What an idyllic place to live.

“Thank you for your collaboration.” – GIF on Imgur

Yes, the East Asians are adorable. I married one.

This good girl is my best friend. I got her after losing my son, and she has helped me heal. She is a lab x pit bull type with a heart of gold. – Album on Imgur

This is heartwarming. Dogs are just good people.

Beautiful & Terrifying – GIF on Imgur

Not smart – in fact, stupid – but very cool.

skips a generation – Imgur

Yup. Truth.

You died! – Album on Imgur

Yes. There are some cats like this. No, really.

Study buddy’s – Album on Imgur

This was approved by Mrs. Little.

Chili is the bomb – Album on Imgur

This is the kind of thing that I miss the most, here in Taiwan.

Generic – Album on Imgur

This is the kind of husband that I aspire to being. A true inspiration.

Whoa! That’s a big doggo…! – Album on Imgur

Only in Russia.



I’m sorry, but I can’t stand it anymore. There are just too many morons, so it needs its own category. And, I do this to maintain my own sanity. They’re driving me THAT crazy.

Now, here’s my rule for who appears in this section:

A person or organization who is EVIL ANNNND STUPID.

People who are just stupid, deserve our compassion. My heart goes out to them, because their life is going to be painful until they stop being stupid.

But, those who are evil?

Well, I want them to repent. I really do. I do NOT want ANYONE who is evil to suffer an eternity in Hell. But, if they refuse to repent, I want them destroyed.

May the wrath of God be upon all who refuse to repent. May the blessings of God be upon those who turn from their wicked ways and acknowledge God.

Ami Horowitz: Will People Believe Any Lie About Brett Kavanaugh? – YouTube

Behold the next generation.

America is so doomed.

A $240 Per Gallon Gas Tax To Fight Global Warming? New UN Report Suggests Carbon Pricing | The Daily Caller

Morons are in charge at the UN. The employees are morons. The officials are morons. The only people inside the UN building who might not be morons, probably clean the floors and fix the plumbing.

UN report on global warming carries life-or-death warning

The deadliest thing about ‘Global Warming’ is if you believe it. Of course, only a moron would actually do that, and being a moron is not healthy.


Soy boy assaults a woman because she thinks that abortion is murder.

CNN Goes Over the Edge – YouTube

The Clinton News Network is run by morons, staffed by morons and has talking-head morons. And, they are surprised when people speak of the violent Democrat Mobs.

Um, what is their definition of a violent mob?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Apologizes for Using the Phrase ‘Girlie Men’

I guess that we kinda knew that The Arnold was kind of a moron, when he went into politics. Now, we KNOW that he’s a moron.

Apologizing for the phrase, “Girlie Man”?




We are seeing the fulfillment of the words of Jesus, right now. And, it seems that Islam is leading the way. What insanity!

What is wrong with North America and Europe?

Have they – and we – gone insane?

German far-right AfD sparks outcry with new Jewish group

Well done, AfD. You can’t call them anti-Semites, if they have religious Jews in their membership.

Sanctuary City: Previously Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Raping Mother of Two

Just looking at the picture of this guy is enough to make you want him dead. He regrets NOTHING. And, the Democrats want this dirtbag and those like him, to rampage through the country.



I’ve been writing about the coming of Gog and Magog for a while. You can find a lot of that, here:

– ezekielsfire.com –

And, the articles below point to that coming. I really, Really, REALLY hope that you’ll be ready for this. Please read Ezekiel’s Fire to make sure. (And yes, it’s free.)

Syrian War Report – October 9, 2018: Syria Got 24 S-300 Launchers, Over 300 Missiles – YouTube

This is HUGE. Those missiles and launchers were given for FREE to the Syrians.

Russia NEVER does that.

Each launcher is worth about $150 million. Each missile is $1.5 million. That’s $3.6 billion for the launchers and $450 million for the missiles. There is no way that Syria paid more than four billion dollars for this. They can’t afford it. The most that Syria MIGHT have paid is the $1 billion that they had in Russian banks for the original deal.

Also understand that these are the most advanced of Russia’s family of S-300 anti-aircraft systems. It’s the S-300V4. It is twice as effective as the S-300V3.

Russian official: S-300 to Syria was free of charge – Israel National News

Here is confirmation that 24 launchers were delivered. Three battalions. They’re saying that this is the S-300PM, but it sounds like it’s the S-300V4. But, S-300PM (aka, S-300PMU1) was produced in 1995. The S-300V4 (aka, the S-300VM2) was produced in 2014 and is many more times capable than the PMU1 version.

This is very, very, very bad news. Hopefully, Israel has a plan for taking these launchers out.



There has been a sickening rise in anti-Semitism among those who call themselves christian. And yes, I used a lower case ‘c’ on purpose. I have little hope that I can turn these minions of Satan from their evil path. Salvation and repentance are the work of God, although I will do my best to serve God in that work.

I’m more interested in keeping my brothers and sisters from being tainted by this Satanic hatred of the Jews. If you are caught by this hatred, you will suffer. If you are convinced to oppose Israel, you will suffer. If you are turned away from supporting God’s work in the Land of Israel, you will suffer.

So, think of this category as my attempt to help you avoid the traps of Satan, that he has laid in your path. God is at work among the Jewish people and with the Jewish people. He is at work in the Land of Israel, turning the Jewish people from their idols and towards the true God of Abraham.

My goal is that you would be greatly blessed. But, you cannot be blessed, if you oppose God.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.

– Psalm 122:6

May you prosper. And, may you understand how important the Land of Israel is, in these Last Days.

Robert Spencer: How the “Palestinians” were invented – YouTube

So, Yassir Arafat was a KGB agent, and the PLO was a direct creation of the KGB. Yes, there are other details to add to this, but this is from people who were on the inside of the foul event. And, the anti-Jewish stories cooked up by the KGB still swirl around the globe.

Katie Hopkins: UN silent on murder of Israeli civilians – YouTube

This sick and depraved attack will never be condemned by the world at large. Murdering Israelis is a good thing in their eyes, and it’s an example of why the world WILL be destroyed. Must be destroyed.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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25 thoughts on “A Big Hook in Gog and a Hoax Reminder”

  1. I ran across DEBKA file some years back, I didn’t think much of the first article, but the second one gave me the urge to throw something. My truth meter about blew up. I still find it amazing that stupidity has an audience. I was wondering if you would find the UN gas tax article. The FUN vaccine is back in the news also. I didn’t realize it was being cooked up in 04.

  2. Hi John,
    two weeks ago I thought about sharing something, but I decided it’s too local and specific to Poland. Your link to “Victims group in Poland maps 255 sex abuse cases by priests” changed my mind. There’s something bigger behind it. Three weeks ago, in Poland, a new movie (I saw it) entered the theaters. “Clergy”. All characters are Catholic priests, ranging from small village church to the top of the hierarchy. It became a blockbuster, with over 1 million audience during the first weekend. Now it’s on the way to break all-time Polish audience record set up by an old epic historical movie in… 1974. It’s impact is off the scale.
    The movie is fictional, but I recommend the trailer, for a reason. What you will see in the
    movie/trailer, in every second of it, happened in real world, somewhere in Poland. For example, people already discovered, that what the key evil character (an archbishop) says in the movie, are in fact exact citations from four real Polish bishops. 80% of what he speaks, it goes that far. And so goes the rest.
    Take a look, and make no mistake, this is not a fiction or “black comedy” of some kind. This is extremely sad, and real:
    You may have a thought about brave director of this movie, who dared to expose the truth and made it to clear the swamp. I saw multiple interviews with him. And, it’s not the case. He is “offended by a Cross in public places”, “oppressed when his children see other children praying” etc. Seeing trailer, you may also ask, is it necessary to mock the Last Supper to expose the sins of RCC. If you will ever see the entire movie, let me just say, you will never find a Cross upside-down in Catholic church. You get the picture. Now to the “Victims group in Poland…” link. You may be interested who are these two women standing below the map. They are extreme leftists and organizers of so-called “Black Marches” demanding free abortions and gay marriages. An that’s why they are dressed black, it’s a trademark. Yes, there ARE Catholics protesting the state of the things in RCC, but you will never see them in Yahoo News, nor in the mainstream Polish media. They will never show you people standing with a banner citing Christ, or calling to repent. People who gathered 2 million signatures supporting total abortion ban (rejected). People (real Christians) calling RCC to confess and repent are silenced and ignored both by RCC and the government, which plays “conservative” but is “afraid of social conflict”.
    We remember what happened to ancient Israel, when they decided to detach themselves from God. They were handed to their enemies. This is exactly what I see now with RCC in Poland. It will happen to many other churches. And let’s remember “where the judgement begins”, and that it is a clear demonstration that without real, personal devotion to Christ – we are lost. It is not a church, any church, that can save us (although there are still good churches). It’s up to us.
    Yours in Christ

    • Hi Chris,

      I’m afraid that your comments have made me very interested in Poland, so always feel free to share anything that you wish to. Nothing is too local.

      Furthermore, I am deeply concerned about each and every Omega Shock reader. There are several thousand readers, and I am sorry that there isn’t enough time in each day to communicate personally with each of them. But, those who have communicated with me, have had a big impact. So, I always appreciate your input.

      That movie, Clergy, looks very interesting. And, I just watched the trailer that you shared. The production values are impressive. And, it’s full of dark comedy and bitterness. And, I can see the ‘anti-Christian’ signature of those who made it. It certainly makes sense.

      The Roman Catholic Church has fulfilled its duty by profaning the name of Christ. That was its job, and it has done its job well. Very few minions of Satan have been as thorough or as efficient as the RCC.

      By the way, after learning that the Vatican wants us to drop the ‘Roman’ from Roman Catholic Church, I have been careful to always include Rome in their name. They want to think of their church as ‘catholic’ (i.e., universal). It isn’t, and I shall never give them that honor. The RCC has the blood of millions upon millions of true Christians on its hands – along with many millions who were not.

      It is the blackest of dark comedies that the RCC has been a tool in the hands of Atheists to attack our Lord and Savior.

      Thank you for sharing that, Chris. It’s a snapshot of our world that we all needed to see.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Hi John,
        yes, that’s the ultimate irony, to see such a combination of two evils…
        Anyway, today I learned that the movie was sold to all Western Europe, US and Canada. So, some of us will be able to see in detail what I was trying to say above.
        Yours in Christ
        I’ve red about S-300V4 , but I’ve noticed that some people (on Polish forum devoted to Russian weaponry) recognized also S-300 PMU-2 launcher being unloaded from An-124 in Latakia (notice: I’m not that good to verify such a thing by myself). As far as I remember, that’s the version bought by Iran. Syrians have to be trained, Iranians already are, and the Russians (so far) preferred not to pull the trigger by themselves. I do hope that all of this doesn’t fit together. And, remembering the word ‘maskirovka’…

        • Hi Chris,

          I did some digging around, and TASS is claiming that they are S-300PM missiles. Of course, an ex-Soviet newspaper is a bit hard to believe, but this does seem a bit more plausible. But, you said that word, ‘maskirovka’. I had to look it up, and yes… this certainly smells of ‘Russian Military Deception’.

          Are these REALLY S-300PM missiles?

          Are they S-300V4 missiles made to look like a PM? or PMU-2?

          Russia plays a very deep game – partly, because they don’t have any other choice and partly… well, they aren’t stupid.

          Oh, and I did some MORE digging, and uncovered some more reasons why people are confused by what is exactly being delivered:


          What seems to have been unloaded was some kind of hybrid. Or not. Or… who knows?

          This all sounds VERY maskirovka.

          Thanks for that update, Chris. I will look into this more and see what update and clarification that I can make. Very interesting.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  3. Again I thank you for going deeper into the content.
    This is more than I could wish for, since I believe that America got stuck in lots of somethings that need to be understood.

    John! Credit for taking my message seriously.
    I know that you are a busy man – and I am not. My health is great again, thank you, I have much time on my hands and am resting, assured, so why bother? Psalm 118:18, 19 The LORD disciplined me severely but did not give me over to death. Open the gates of righteousness for me; I will enter through them and give thanks to the LORD.

    * October 9, 2018 – John Little says ’I know that any power and authority that we have comes through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.’
    Not true. We? This is wishful thinking. Many preach in evil powers AND THANK THE LORD JESUS CHRIST for it.
    If TRUE, these powers are Law, in a resurrection operating smoothly in the kingdom of God under Jesus’ Command (in His Laws).
    THEN authority is rooted in His will, His plans and the community of the saints in some way, shape and form. How to deal with imposters? First by exposing their evil works. That’s what you do, John.
    In the end of the day, however, somebody must be able to fight them in the spirit and destroy them. One needs knowledge for this too.
    * October 13, 2018 – We must be careful indeed, we don’t want to miss the point, our salvation in Christ.
    * We must stay rigidly true to the first principles that brought us to Christ. I agree. You don’t want to end up as a member of Peter Schilperoord, do you?
    * The throne. In Hebrews 9:24 it says: For Christ did not enter a sanctuary made with hands (only a model of the true one) but into heaven itself, so that he might now appear in the presence of God for us.
    We need to take a break, here. This happend while Christ was dying for our sins, on the cross.
    Christ entered heaven itself. And not a throne? Are you sure?

    ’Satan never had a throne’, is what you are saying. Indeed. I never said he did. He just obtained control over this planet.
    And would need a throne (a system of power!) to do so. It took the blood of Jesus to remove him from heaven. Oh wait! Revelation 4:2 Immediately I was in the Spirit, and there was a throne in heaven and someone was seated on it.
    Why is this so important?
    We’re in the middle of lots of confusion, some call it a war!
    And there is only one place good enough for children and loved ones, under the protection of Jesus Christ (in the House of the Father).
    My point is, this is not doctrine. Under doctrine they will be enslaved by false teachers nevertheless. This is our reality and some (all?) must fight in spirit and truth to get this right.
    If you like more on ‘exeusia’ and dunamis? Next time. These matters are my cup of tea!
    Finally before we can talk about sex, some other things should be clear, established in our faithful prayers. Words, names, only matter when there’s something we can agree upon. I am not picking on you, John Little. I am like running the United States of America, not for President, but for grandpa of what is her name? Eventually I shall be grateful for all the help that I can get.

  4. The fun vaccine the one that is supposed to destroy religious fundamentalism in people.. It targets areas of the brain where faith lives.

  5. hi John i sended you some comic books in one of them “the Four Hoursemen” one of them is communisme not islam i wonderen about that so the writer is indeed very prophetic and shows he is the real thing

  6. Hi John,
    Been doing a study into the power of the blood, animal, human and of course the blood of Christ. Here is what I have come up with:

    Power of the Blood

    Hebrews 9:13-14
    For if the blood of goats and bulls and the ashes of a heifer sprinkling those who have been defiled sanctify for the cleansing of the flesh, how much more will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without blemish to God, cleanse your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?

    Sufficient power in the blood of certain animals to cover sin for a limited time, but not forgive all sin permanently.

    Hebrews 10:19
    Therefore, brethren, since we have confidence to enter the holy place by the blood of Jesus,

    Ephesians 1:7
    In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace

    Ephesians 2:13
    But now in Christ Jesus you who formerly were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ.

    Genesis 4:9-10
    Then the Lord said to Cain, “Where is Abel your brother?” And he said, “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?” He said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to Me from the ground.

    Since we are created in His image, (Gen. 1:27), even in our fallen state, there is power in our blood.


    What is the power source of Angles? Answer, God

    What is the power source of the fallen angles and demons? Human sacrifice.

    Moleck required child sacrifice.
    310bc, after Carthage lost a battle to the Greek city state of Syracuse. The Carthaginians sacrificed 300 children to regain the good will of Moleck (Baal Hammon).
    Ancient American civilizations also had human sacrifices. Example Aztecs
    Today’s example? Abortion = sacrifice to Moleck and/or the demonic realm
    MS13 ritual killings, numerous shallow stab wounds, escalate adrenaline in the victim. After death they drink the blood of the victim and reportedly get a high from it.

    Purpose of this comparison?
    Worship of the demonic realm REQUIRES human blood, you must bleed for them.

    For Christianity? He bled for us!

    What do I have wrong?

    • Hi Michael,

      Remember that the worship of Satan didn’t always include human sacrifice. In fact, most pagan religions are against that sort of thing. For instance, here in Taiwan – an extremely pagan country – there is no human sacrifice. Nor is there a history of it, as far as we have been able to figure out.

      The same goes for the Hindu pagans, except for isolated cults that get stamped out pretty quickly. Also, the Romans and Greeks seemed to not do the human sacrifice thing. The Druids, on the other hand, were a different story.

      Here in Taiwan, they offer food, incense and burn paper money, when they worship their deities and ancestors. Living here is a lot like living during the time the Paul describes. I was even offered a chance to eat food that had been offered up to the most powerful entity, here in Taipei. (And no, I did NOT eat that!)

      Why does Satan ask for human sacrifice in some areas, but not in others?

      I don’t know.

      As for the blood, itself, there is no spiritual quality to it. I certainly wasn’t less spiritual when I gave blood. Those who received it weren’t spiritually invigorated when they received it.

      I believe that blood is a symbol. As the Bible says, life is in the blood. And, the Life of Jesus covers us, protecting us from the judgment of the Father.

      I don’t want to speculate too much, here, since so much of this is a mystery, and intended to be so. And yes, I do believe that Jesus really did take His blood and place it on the altar in heaven. I’m not disputing that.

      Also, there is some danger in looking at what Satan does. He certainly wants us to do that and be blinded by it. Ultimately, Satan wishes to steal, kill and destroy. And, there are many ways to do that.

      I hope that helps, Mike. This is not an easy subject to address.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Hi Chris,

      That’s an interesting bit of ‘chest beating’ in that article. And, the intervening two days has seen some cooling down of the situation. The murder of Jamal Khashoggi was stupid, and Saudi Arabia knows it. It was a poorly run assassination, and stupid from start to finish.

      Saudi Arabia talks a big game, and this foolish article was a lot of bluster. But, the Saudis are terrified of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, and they need America to protect them.

      Hopefully, the morons of Riyadh will play things a bit more carefully. They screwed up on this one.

      But, I’m betting that there’s a silver lining in this debacle. It will probably mean that the Saudi Mukhabarat will need to stop assassinating people for a while – if they were planning to do any of that.

      Of all that stupid things that I’ve seen the Saudis do, this was one of the dumbest. Usually, their stupidity is limited to gold-plated toys and quietly fomenting conflict abroad.

      Thanks for the article Chris. It looks worth posting.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. Brother John,
    A great discussion this week as always.
    I posted about Omega Shock today. I hope I didn’t violate any copyrights or sensibilities. I hope we can get a couple of people to look at Ezekiel’s Fire.
    Thanks for linking to the real deal. I hope people are able to get something from it.

    Ezekiel’s Fire is coming. Get ready!

  8. Hi John,
    Thanks for that response. If you take a closer look at budhism or hinduism they have something called the Chod, where you meditate on taking off your skull cap cutting off your limbs and serving them up to the spirit world for enlightenment . This is supposed to be a shortcut to wisdom. Many who do try this go insane. Care to guess why?
    The reason I am delving deep into this stuff is to be able spot what we are dealing with. I consider myself a soldier for Christ. As a christian, our business IS the supernatural; this stuff is REAL. We even have a group of witches “hexing” Kavanaugh, and this reported on by Tucker Carlson on FOX news!? There is a real enemy prowling around like a lion seeking to devour whomever he may. I think in the near future the “establishment” church, or churches under the “baal” system are going to experience exposure and judgement just like the Roman Catholics are right now. There will be a mass exodus from these organizations, these “christian” businesses and the body of Christ must be ready to receive and train these people. Are we not called to make disciples in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?

    As I reread this before posting, it seems a little rambling. I hope this makes some sense.

    • Hi Michael Wilson,

      I understand how you feel. Every time that I pass by a temple here, I pray that God would cast out the demons that infest those foul places of worship. And, I’m not alone in this, which may be why there is less demonic activity here in Taipei, than in the rest of Taiwan.

      I don’t need to know what they are doing, to pray that these poor souls be freed from their slavery. I just need to see that they are engaged in idolatry.

      Please note that there is nowhere in the Bible that describes a need to understand what the followers of Satan are doing. If anything, we are instructed to not even mention the names of their deities. (Exodus 23:13)

      Paul spoke of our weapons this way:

      3 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh:

      4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)

      5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

      6 And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.

      – 2 Corinthians 10:3-6


      Satan WANTS you to fight him on his ground. God calls us to stand our ground in Christ, where our strength is.

      Yes, I understand why you feel the need to understand what Satan is doing. I sometimes wonder at these things, myself. But, this information is not just useless, it is actually harmful if you allow yourself to be drawn into battle on Satan’s terms.

      WE do not battle Satan. It is not OUR fight.

      The battle is won through following Christ and submitting to the truth. It is humbleness of spirit and love for each other. It is through reflecting the Light of Christ into a dark and dying world. THAT is how the battle is won.

      If you handle this badly, in a way that God did not mean for you, God will withdraw His hedge of protection around you. It has happened. I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. Good brothers in Christ have described their own experiences. It is something that you do not want to fool with.

      Just please be careful, Mike. Satan has vast experience in luring Christians away from their strength in Christ.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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