Nuts and 9/11

Nine eleven represents a turning point in American and world history. The events that followed that terrible event could not have happened without 9/11 – or, something like it. The problem with 9/11 isn’t the numbers of people killed, or the horror of that event. No, the problem is with the deception surrounding it, and the events that followed.

It has been 17 years, as of this past week. Seventeen, and we still haven’t learned the truth. And, this deception is amazing for its depth, and the inability of intelligent people to perceive that there ever was a deception.

Unfortunately, we have nuts who are muddying the waters.


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Nuts and 9/11

Nuts and 9/11 – The ShockCast

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I have to keep reminding myself that crazy people mean well, when they try to get you to join in their madness. I get that, since I’m pretty crazy myself.

The problem is that there are some conspiracy nuts out there that are muddying the waters, keeping you from seeing what’s really happening, as they ply you with their outraged rhetoric. They mean well, and some of what they say is useful. But, they aren’t thinking properly about the events that they talk about.

I’m talking about 9/11 here, but I could be talking about any other conspiracy fact. And no, I did not make a mistake in my wording. The events of 9/11 are a conspiracy fact, not conspiracy theory. The challenge is in separating fact from fiction.

James Corbett

This was brought home to me when I watched this video:

9/11 War Games

James Corbett means well. He’s good at uncovering facts. And, he’s good at weaving facts together to create an interesting story. But, he’s not very good at getting to the core of that story.

Worse, he’s an anti-Semite who has worked with one of the worst anti-Semites on the Internet:

Michel Chossudovsky

That foul human being runs a website called Global Research, and it’s a cleverly packaged pack of lies. The best lies are created by mixing in truth before adding poisonous dishonesty. And, Prof. Chossudovsky is a master at the art of deceit. If you read and believe what he produces on Global Research, you WILL be deceived. And yes, James Corbett was deceived, and is a deceiver.

How so?

Well, in that ‘9/11 War Games’, notice the story line that James weaves. Listen to the detail that he throws in, and how the throws it in. And, as you reach the end of the video, you will be left with only one conclusion – that the conspiracy behind 9/11 was vast.

The Unit

Well, I can tell you that it wasn’t. In fact, I have a personal name for the conspirators at the center of the 9/11 events. I call them:

The Unit

They weren’t a ‘unit’ for very long, but they were together for long enough to launch America and the world on the path of horrifying devastation.

How To Run A Cover Operation

Now, I have spent a little time studying covert operations. I have a formal education in how good organizations work. And, it doesn’t take a lot of reading to figure out what I’m about to tell you.

For covert operations to be successful:

KISS – remember that ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ works as well for covert operations, as it does for anything else in life. This means that any operation must have as few ‘moving parts’ as possible. Never have more than the fewest number of people. Never.

Always use ‘tried and true’ methods for achieving your goals. New technologies and new methods should never be used, unless absolutely necessary.

For high-risk, high-reward targets, most of your operations personnel must be eliminated, during and after the event if detection MUST BE AVOIDED – no matter how many people you have to kill.

Always provide plausible deniability. Absolute deniability is unnecessary – as long as there are people willing and able to run interference for you.

Need to Know – No one, except two or three people should ever be allowed to know everything about the operation. Everything should operate on a ‘need-to-know’ basis. And, those who know too much should be eliminated, or be vulnerable to extreme blackmail.

I suspect that I’m missing a few rules of covert operations, but that’s good enough for now. The challenge then, is finding the covert teams that successfully operate by those rules.

Detecting The Unit

How do you do that?

Well, you start with the facts. The obvious ones. In the case of 9/11, the most obvious fact is WTC building number seven. WTC 7 could not have fallen for the reasons that they claimed. That’s all that you need to start looking.

Now, we can start looking for The Unit. There were probably two or three people running the operation, and at least one of them was Dick Cheney. But, the leader was probably George Bush, Sr. The other leader of the operation was definitely King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.

King Fahd provided the teams that could be killed to cover up the operation. Those that weren’t killed could be ignored because they either didn’t speak English, or could be ‘disbelieved’ for other reasons. Americans could never be trusted to efficiently kill other Americans. And, trust is essential in a situation like this.

Who were the teams that King Fahd provided?

Remember that the buildings had to be wired for demolition before hand. So, that’s team one. Team two were the hijackers.

Hold The Hysteria, Please

And please, stop it with the hysterical stories of nuclear weapons, nano-thermite, scalar waves, remote controlled planes and aliens. Remember that the simplest explanation is probably the most likely. Pre-wired buildings hit by hijacked airplanes is the best explanation there is.

Remember that all these theories add complexity to an operation, and complexity leads to failure.

The Watchers

Now, some of the confusion comes from those who were watching this operation come together. And, I believe that some of those people might have chosen to take advantage of their inside knowledge. For instance, the guy who bought the World Trade Center towers, probably was not in on the operation. But, he probably knew enough to make a lot of money.

The same goes for the guys who shorted American Airlines the day before the operation. They knew that something was ‘going down’, and they took advantage of that knowledge. This does NOT mean that they were a part of the operation. Only a fool would allow key operatives to do something like that.

Or, maybe I should say that anyone who compromised operational security by engaging in such activities, wouldn’t live very long, if I was running the op.

A lot of intelligence agencies would have seen signs that something was happening. And, they would have been able to deduce the target. Beyond that, I’m not sure what they could have known.

The people running The Unit were real pros. And, you have to respect that kind of ability – even as you do your very best to stop and kill those kinds of people.

Now, For My Point

My point is that James Corbett and others have muddied the waters by not looking at this issue through the lens of covert operations. They mean well, but ultimately they aren’t helping.

Oh, and my main point in all of this…

Your job is to communicate truth, and that is a different thing than facts. Yes, facts are included in Truth. But, Truth is a whole lot more than that. And, if you want people to accept the Truth, you need provide them facts that are unassailable.

That’s why I focus on WTC Building Number Seven, and only WTC 7. If you talk about anything else, you will be seen as nuts. And THAT, is the point.

Don’t go nuts over 9/11.

Just stick to the obvious.



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A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


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26 thoughts on “Nuts and 9/11”

  1. Hi Brother John,

    Thank you as always.

    Wow. So many things to talk about. But off the top of my head is the subject of transgenderism. Filipinos, as you know, are musically talented. I’m sure you’ve heard of Charice Pempengco. She is my favorite singer. Ever.

    Hollywood, which of course is the Sodom and Gonorrhea on steroids, ‘discovered’ Charice and made her famous.

    Unfortunately, she decided to become a boy. Charice became Jake Zyrus. It broke my heart. God gave her this amazing talent. And now it’s gone.

    If you listen to Jake, he sounds nothing like the old Charice. Jake now sounds like a mediocre karaoke singer.

  2. When I ride on a bus and young girls start offering me their seat… I know that something in my life has changed completely.
    Embarrassed I accept the offer, grateful and almost out of breath; I promise the Lord that I will be praying for them gratefully till kingdom comes, while inevitably the verbal attacks around us arise.
    Where I live we don’t like smooth talking guys and polite preteens.
    It is a harsh reality.
    Preaching the Gospel will always be in vain here – one must be strong in these circumstances, stronger than death.
    That reminds me of John when in Revelation he meets the risen Lord Jesus, who says: Don’t be afraid. I am the First and the Last, and the Living One. I was dead, but look–I am alive forever and ever, and I hold the keys of death and Hades. He, the Lord, died a terrible death to obtain those keys.
    Is it possible to follow Him and receive a Victory over ‘death and Hades’?
    Logic says no, impossible, death is a protection around the Tree of Life. In some Comments I wrote deliriously about this death sentence, the efforts to overcome death, starting in Los Angeles in witch craft, all the way into this heart attack 🙂 And Yes, it is possible to overcome. In Christ, of course.
    I am sorry for the many mistakes I made during the fight.
    Why write about something big like this in a foreign language on the internet in the first place? I lost track, found myself discussing something (the antichrist) that I know nothing about, while telling the readers what to do? Sexuality is death, that is why Satan rules it and people without Laws struggle with gender issues. The facts are terrible. Jesus is king, but… I am not so sure about us. What is ‘Knowledge’ when eventually it will fade away? I need His truth to lead others into the House of the Father. I praise His Name, the way ahead is for ever endless and eternal and the only solution for the situation that we are in.

    • Hi Peter Schilperoord,

      They have these priority seats here in Taiwan, where the elderly are supposed to be given ‘priority’. And, I’m just at that age, where I get to sit in those seats. Age creeps up on all of us, and we often don’t notice until it’s too late.

      The thing about serving God, wherever you are, is to submit to His direction. I’m not very good at this, so I’m preaching to myself here. And, I ache at all the missed opportunities and my own inability to serve in the way that I think that I should serve. But, I know that God is in control of these things, so I rest in that.

      This verse comforts me greatly in times like this:

      And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

      Romans 8:28

      In fact, that whole chapter is comforting:

      I am so sorry about your heart attack, Peter. I will pray for you. But, even with this great challenge, your heart is eternally greater than those who do not love the Lord.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. I can testify! When I talk with people about 9/11 they always make fun of the ‘truther’ movement. BUT every single time I ask about Building 7 they either hadn’t ever heard of it, can’t explain it, or say they wonder about that too. In other words that’s the part of the narrative they want to know more about. The only thing they won’t tune out.
    Building 7 is THE ticket to truth, or at least questioning the accepted, government sponsored narrative.

  4. I’m shocked how many Christians came out swinging at poor Mike from On Point Preparedness (and Tony Koretz from A Minute to Midnite for having him on his show). Your response is the same response I always have (Have they not read Galatians??), but Torah observers haven’t, apparently, observed that particular Bible book (just a little joke!). I think this is the same spirit that shows up around November telling everyone who will hear that Christmas is pagan. For both groups of people, I would remind them that Colossians 2:21-23 warns us not to get too caught up in the “don’ts,” 1 Corinthians 10:29-31 tells us that our conscience should be our guide (not another man’s conscience), and Romans 14:5-6 reminds us that we have liberty to choose as long as we follow our conscience and give the glory to God. The Bible really does have the answers we all need. It’s just a matter of reading and re-reading it in its entirety and asking the Holy Spirit for help instead of getting our theology from social media and persuasive YouTube videos. God bless you, John Little. I appreciate that you are always on the Bible’s side!

  5. Hello John,

    imagine the following scenario: Ezekiel’s Fire has played out (in the early 20’s – there is no way Turkey/Iran/Russia and their cohorts would dare have a go at Israel with Trump and Netanyahu in power, they need to vacate their seats for a Clinton-Corbyn equivalent (my opinion is that the US/UK won’t support Israel at all – Ezekiel 38:13 – and they will suffer in Ezekiel’s Fire because of that). That will (probably) leave China as the last man standing from a financial, military and infrastructure point of view. See this link

    – this is the ideal model that the EU and their like-minded cohorts in the US would love to adopt, and in my view, adopt it they will once the right crisis hits. We know where this will lead – control of everyone on our planet – people will have no choice but to embrace it after the devastation of Ezekiel’s Fire.

    Just an interesting and rather gloomy thought when I read the article.

  6. Greetings from Babylon,

    John, I appreciate your shock cast and listen to it at work on Mondays.
    Keep up the good work and don’t let the enemy get you down, there are still 7000 of us who have not bent the knee to Baal. It is very encouraging to listen to someone else who sees the increasing darkness and mourns over it. Pray for us, there is always a faithful remnant.

    Your Brother in Christ,
    Eric Smith (Ezekiel 9:4)

  7. Say, nice digs! Imagine my surprise to see the new look.

    There was a Liberal MP who recently crossed floors to the Conservatives in the House of Commons. Normally I don’t like it when politicians do this kind of thing. However I am willing to give the MP the shadow of a doubt. She crossed because of among other issues, the increasingly polarization of our own politics and it is having a negative effect on the economy. A house divided will not stand. She said she is not completely loyal to any party, but the country and will choose the party she feels is best for Canada. Will be interesting to see what will happen over the next year and a bit re elections.

    I was upset that we could not find a teacher willing or able to work with our son in our area. So we are being forced to homeschool. Which is not a bad thing by any stretch, but he has a learning disability that is hard to address on my own. I could not figure out why we were having so much trouble with this, on top of everything else. But the answer came to me. Part of his education must be spiritual growth. The homeschool board we are with has it as part of education. Anyway, I chose to study the Wisdom books. And guess which book was up first for study? You guessed right if you said Job. Fresh eyes are staring at the screen typing this comment. I see Job in an entirely new light. I did not understand he felt the depth of sorrow, grief and despair as he did. I totally identify with that kind of depth. What caught my attention were the sheep. The sheep were the only animals to be burnt up. I saw it that as a type of sacrifice. If the book of Job was truly about a man who lived, and not allegory, I am caused to wonder if Job caught that, about the sheep, and what they may have represented? His old ways of life, the good, bad and ugly were stripped away. All that remained was from and about Abba.

    I do not see myself as courageous by any stretch. I have had my words with Abba. Not always faith-filled to be brutally honest. But I do see myself, as does my husband sees himself, as one hanging on to the hand (perhaps even His tzit-tzits?) of our Master, Yeshua Messiah while walking in what appears to be thick darkness (guiding us through asking us to trust Him). In which is how YHVH often appeared…. 🌩💨

    • Hi TL2,

      Yeah. Those ‘new digs’ have been painfully rebuilt. It needed to happen, but I’ve been avoiding it. What inspired this was a change in the latest version of Firefox. It has destroyed my workflow, destroying my efficiency. I am rather upset by this, but I’ll get over it.

      The good thing is that Omega Shock has been redone from pretty much top-to-bottom. I’ve switched out a lot of code, and fiddled with the engine that runs this website. Praise God, nothing broke while I was fiddling.

      There are more changes to come, but what you see now is just the tip of the iceberg of what has been changed.

      I’m sorry about your son. However, I’ve watched home-schoolers start down this path with the same kind of trepidation, and I can tell you that they have found themselves greatly blessed by the experience. You will learn a lot, teaching your son. So, I think that this is a good thing, although I deeply regret the difficulty that this puts you in.

      As for Job, I DO believe that he was real. I’m just uncertain about the symbolism. It’s a painful book to read, and I see a lot of Christians being a lot like ‘The Friends of Job’. That’s not a good thing.

      I think that the main takeaway is that we play a crucial role in the war between God and Satan. The fact that we still embrace God, no matter what, means that God has won – at the expense of Satan. So, even though I often do not understand the purpose of suffering, I know that God gets the victory when we do – if we do it in submission to Him.

      Keep up the good work, TL2. All of these challenges are so hard, but you have a cheering section rooting for you on the other side of the planet!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. Ok, am in need of a bit of enlightenment here. Maybe I can blame this on memory thing, but I guess I didn’t get quite educated on the building 7 thing, as far as significance over the other buildings. I remember reading about and watching different airplanes that didn’t match, molten metal pouring out before collapse, and auto pilot being responsible for fancy flying. I guess I remain uneducated on the significance of building 7. (Facepalm). Enlighten me please.

    • Hi mangledman,

      NOW, you’ve done it! You’ve just pushed the button that you were not supposed to push.

      Didn’t they tell you not to do that?

      Okay, kidding aside, here are the key points:

      Only two World Trade Center (WTC) buildings were hit by airplanes: WTC 1 and WTC 2

      WTC 7 was NOT hit by an airplane, but had one floor with burning furniture and carpet.

      The fire in WTC 7 was insignificant.

      Five hours after WTC 1 and 2 fell, WTC 7 falls – in the exact same way that a controlled demolition would have destroyed that building.

      Here’s a video:

      Except for those who KNOW that there’s something wrong with the story of 9/11 – no one talks about WTC 7. They either don’t know about it, or won’t talk about it.

      The bottom line: burning furniture and carpet cannot bring down a building in the same way that a controlled demolition brings down a building. It’s impossible.

      Once you eliminate the impossible, what is left is the truth – even if it doesn’t make sense.

      Okay, that’s my summary. You can see more, here:

      And, you will notice that YouTube has been blocking their videos. And, Google has been downranking their site.

      It’s all very, very sick.

      I hope that helps, MM.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  9. A few questions and thoughts.

    I get how we would slide into chaos very quickly in a severe gas shortage – delivery trucks and food transportation stop, nobody can get to work – but what are the connecting dots in Mannarino’s statement that if a bunch of debt evaporates, 1/2 the population will die in short order?

    Also, it was very sobering to read about special ops and the fact that they recruit people to help them with every intention of killing them afterward. I suppose I should not be surprised, I am just appalled that people can think that way, and it becomes ever more clear that the people in positions of authority in the military and intelligence services are sociopaths, and those around them are at best so authoritarian (in the Stanley Milgram sense) that they might as well be sociopaths themselves. Horrible.

    I’ve been watching a lot of Jordan Peterson videos, he’s very interesting. And he stumbled upon an interesting cure for his depression, and for his daughter’s autoimmune disease, that you may want to consider:

    And, per usual the more I hear about human corruption the more I appreciate the innocence and purity of God’s other creatures, and it restores my orientation to the universe when I meditate on that:

    Bear peek-a-boo

    Note how it evolves into Tag!-you’re it!!

    These are Syrian brown bears. They’ve been completely slaughtered out of existence in Syria and survive only in captive breeding programs. Alas.

    • Hi DRG,

      Why would the collapse of the debt bubble cause death on a wide scale?

      Here’s just one aspect:

      Alice is annoying in her antipathy towards Christians, but she’s right about this. And this is only one part. The other parts entail the collapse of food production because farmers can’t buy seed. Then there’s the wars that would break out. And, on and on.

      We live in a fragile society, because it is so complex. Take out one piece, and the system collapses. Less fragile systems, in other countries, will do better. We’ll see how Greg’s predictions turn out.

      As for special operations and covert operations, the willingness to kill without remorse has always been highly prized, as long as the psychopath/sociopath remains controllable – which they often aren’t. And, intelligence agencies, are by definition, relentlessly cold-blooded.

      I once cautioned a young woman who had an opportunity to join Mossad, to never ever do so. Intelligence work is not healthy for the mind or soul.

      As for my assertion about ‘hiring people and killing them’, this is rather common knowledge. And, there are many references to this in history. For instance, I know of one person who survived this attempt to kill him in Vietnam, because he knew too much. He was a helicopter pilot for the CIA/SOG. And, I’ve run across similar stories.

      When the stakes are high and the price is right, dead men tell no tales.

      This is why, by the way, that some people engaged in special operations – like the aforementioned helicopter pilot – take out ‘insurance’ by recording incriminating evidence that would be released upon their death or disappearance.

      Oh, and that pilot’s name was Chip Tatum. I had to dig around in my files. He even faked his own death a few years ago, to drop off the CIA’s radar for a while. Then he resurfaced.

      I will watch the Peterson video with interest, and those Syrian brown bears are adorable. I once did the website for the Jerusalem Zoo. And, they had a Syrian Brown Bear. More than one, I think. The references to bears in the Bible are those bears.

      Unfortunately, there really isn’t any room for them in the Middle East. All the available land, with water in it, has been occupied by human beings.

      Okay, I must get to writing.

      Great comment, DRG!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  10. Jordan Peterson ROCKS! My son, who is a member of the libertarian organization Young Americans for Liberty, got me listening to JP. I wish there were more level headed thinkers like him. Hopefully he will encourage the 21+ generation as he seems to have quite a following with that age group.

  11. JL you are so correct. I am not making this up > that’s what I say to my son. Truth is no political party can be successful without a Christ centered core. Our Republicans claim to be the answer for the Christian community. Yeah RIGHT, how’s that working for us? As I speak we’ve got the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings going on with so much of the questioning re: abortion on demand. This only proving after all these years, much of it with Republicans in the majority, babies continue to be mass exterminated, legally.

    While I’m falling down this political rabbit hole I just have to mention Babs Bush, you know the main Mama Bush. The media (& Republicans & Conservatives!) mourning her passing, oddly gushing over her as though she lived in Kensington Palace. I realized why > she’s the openly pro-abortion Republican. Even though the Bush legacy is connected to Margaret Sanger, the men who ran for office kept silent as their Christian base would be offended, or at least pretend to be offended. But Babs was safe I guess, her pearls were ‘t even real.

    But back to my original point (whatever that was 😣) JL I don’t remember your country of origin (sorry) but in the US we have such pathetic options when it comes to political parties. Many of these young adults see through the grandstanding, corruption & lies. My son goes to D.C. for conferences & there’s lots of engaged YOUNG people who seem to hold politicians feet to the fire.

    Another problem with Libertarians is they have no consensus > like herding cats. The nature of libertarianism is independence . . . well there you go.

    Oh BTW just got a letter from Rick Wiles (we’ve moved to THREE different States since I stopped listening to him and he still finds us!). Well he wants money, of course. Evidently Trunews has been invited to the White House. Heavy sigh.

    Love you my brother!

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