Stop the Self-Deception

It’s hard to see the truth, with all the lies swirling about. And, there seem to be fewer and fewer people that you can trust.

So, how do you get to the truth?

That’s a tough one, especially since your first opponent on the road to truth is yourself. You – yes you – are an incredible obstacle to seeing the truth. This is true for all of us.

The question is…

…Are you willing to let go of yourself, to find something as precious as the truth?

I have to keep telling myself this, which is why I’m telling you.

You will never see the truth, if you keep standing in the way of it.


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Stop the Self-Deception

Stop the Self-Deception – The #ShockCast

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Last week, I talked about that little lie that leads to genocide. It’s also a lie that we keep telling ourselves. And, it seems to be one of those lies that always leads to more and more trouble.

We keep saying…

“It’s not our fault.”

…when it really is ‘our fault’.

We may stand at the pinnacle of God’s creation, but history shows that we are dumber than a box of rocks AND a bag of hammers. We never learn, and we always blame someone else for why we never learn. Every time God sets us upon the right track we jump right off again.

It doesn’t matter how many miracles God demonstrates…

It doesn’t matter that we have countless examples in history of people doing the same stupid thing that we’re doing…

It doesn’t matter that we have a book with the words of God in it…

…we’ll still act like morons and go off on our own stupid course.

I’m surprised that God hasn’t killed us all off and started over. And, I really don’t know why He hasn’t, other than the fact that He loves us. And no, I don’t understand THAT either.

But, I’m not complaining.

Well, Karen J set me on this course of thinking, when she sent me an email last week. In it was this link:

Always be careful about someone who gives their website the title of ‘Forbidden Knowledge’. Far too many people ‘go there’, and you don’t want to. Of course, there’s knowledge forbidden by the elites and there’s knowledge forbidden by God. Knowing the difference is important.

And no, the author of this website doesn’t.

And then, there’s the guy who did the video that the link talks about.

Mouthy Buddha?


And, that’s why I originally wasn’t going to listen to it. But, I had some extra time on my hands over the weekend, and Karen is pretty good with the links that she shares. So, I listened.

And here, you can listen to:

QAnon | A Mouthy Buddha Project

YouTube shortlink:

I know. You might hafta hold your nose to get past the title of the channel. I know that I did. But, the video DOES provide some interesting points about our willingness to believe things that we WANT to believe.

We WANT to believe that QAnon really is Donald Trump, or someone close to him.

We WANT to believe that Donald Trump is going to save America.

We WANT to believe that the future is bright, and there is no need for worry.

We WANT to believe that we are smart and intelligent and can handle the threats that we face.

Of course, none of that is true. Although, the first one MIGHT be true. I could add a lot to that list, but I don’t want to get distracted from the main point of the video:


The video doesn’t use that phrase, but it’s still the main point. What the video DOES do is give names and titles to a couple different kinds of self-deception. And, here’s a list of a few:

Baader Meinhof phenomenon

Cognitive Bias

Confirmation Bias

Frequency Illusion

That’s just what the video talks about. You’ll find a lot more in this Wikipedia article:

Yes, yes I know that Wikipedia is a flawed website. But, every website is flawed, including mine. And, Wikipedia is a good jumping off point in your study of delusion. And, when you go down the list of cognitive biases in this article, you’ll find a lot that will help you describe the insanity around us.

If you want to know why the people working for Twitter and Facebook really believe that they are doing the right thing to suppress your freedom to speak, it’s there.

If you want to know why the Democrats are so hysterical over Donald Trump, it’s there.

If you want to know why this or that delusion is present at this or that location, it’s there.

Of course, the origin of all of this is sin, and Wikipedia doesn’t like to talk about that. So, if you REALLY want to learn about self-delusion, please make sure that you are reading your Bible. The Bible – with the aid of the Holy Spirit – is the best antidote to self-delusion there is. And, I’ve found myself caught in a few of those delusions.

Seriously, that’s one of the reasons why I talk about delusions so much. I’ve been caught, and I don’t want you to be caught. And, I must warn you that I might STILL be caught.

Really, some things aren’t as bad as we think. And, THAT is another side of our propensity to self-delusion. We sometimes go too far the other way.

I just saw this article from Martin Armstrong, and it presents an excellent example of what I’m talking about:

Attributing All-Powerful Ability to CIA is not Warranted

Does the CIA do some pretty awful things?

Yeah. But, they have limits. Lots of them.

I’ve made countless observations about Mossad and the time that I spent observing the CFR. Both of those organizations are extremely limited, but that thought doesn’t stop the hysteria that surrounds them.

Please remember my obsession with the Flat Earthers. I always talk about them because they represent a kind of delusion that we all are in danger of falling into. I call it the Flat Earth Mentality, and I see it everywhere.

No, not everyone is a Flat Earther. I’m not saying that. What I’m saying is that there are people who have picked up an idea, wrapped a conspiracy theory around it, and then turned it into a movement.

The latest example of this comes from an Omega Shock reader who claims that black Africans are the true Israelites of the Old Testament. And, he wrote to me recently talking about having moved his family to Angola of all places – claiming that they are the tribe of Ephraim. And no, don’t laugh at him.

He got caught in a lie that was specifically tailored for those like him. And, I can tell you that there are lies with YOUR name on them, just waiting for you to claim them for your own.

Please, stop the self-deception.

Death lies at that door.



Read my book, Ezekiel’s Fire.

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Yup, more than just special, these links appear to be the most important of all. Seriously, start with these.

And yes, these are pretty serious.

Iran on Edge: An Insider’s Prophetic Perspective | The Underground #99 – YouTube

There are two reasons why you need to pay attention to this video. The most important is that the gospel is reaching millions of people in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tadjikistan. People are coming to Christ in massive numbers, and that is beyond awesome. It’s incredible.

If that was the only thing that you heard from this video, that would be enough. But unfortunately, there’s a really dark tone to this that you need to pay attention to, because it could mean your life.

Iran is very, very close to revolution and civil war. Very close. And, this is the second reason why this video is so important.

A nation with this much internal strife, is also a nation that is close to starting a war elsewhere, and when talking about Iran, I’m concerned that this will be Gog and Magog.

Is Gog and Magog ready to happen?

Certainly not 2018. And, I doubt that it wold happen in even 2019, since we don’t have the allies of Russia in a strong enough alignment. But, the problems in Iran are going to push Iran HARD. So, please be watchful.

Libya still hasn’t been ‘pacified’, yet. And, Libya MUST be a part of this. We also don’t have one of the Cush language groups such as Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia – and parts of Sudan. So, until we see THAT we can breathe more easily. But, a lot can happen in a short amount of time.

And, please remember that Gog and Magog brings Ezekiel’s Fire. For you, it will be a horrifying level of destruction and your death, if you are prepared. For Israel, it will be the ingathering of the Jews to Christ, and I’m really excited by that thought.

The world will truly shake, in more ways than one.

[MUST-WATCH, AND I MEAN IT – JL] The Creepy Line Trailer – YouTube


You need to share this video with everyone that you know. Everyone.

And, when the video comes out, watch it.

The evil needs to be exposed. Only sunlight (and Son light) can disinfect the corruption.

CENSORED! How Online Media Companies Are Suppressing Conservative Speech

This is an excellent article, and I want to quote the high points of it:

War is being declared on the conservative movement in this space and conservatives are losing — badly. If the right is silenced, billions of people will be cut off from conservative ideas and conservative media.

It’s the new battleground of media bias. But it’s worse. That bias is not a war of ideas. It’s a war against ideas. It’s a clear effort to censor the conservative worldview from the public conversation.

The Media Research Center has undertaken an extensive study of the problem at major tech companies — Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube — and the results are far more troubling than most conservatives realize. Here are some of the key findings:

(I have included only the title of each of their findings)

Twitter Leads in Censorship

Facebook’s Trending Feed Has Been Hiding Conservative Topics

Google Search Aids Democrats

YouTube Is Shutting Down Conservative Videos

Tech Firms Are Relying on Groups That Hate Conservatives

Liberal Twitter Advisors Outnumber Conservatives 12-to-1

Tech Companies Rely on Anti-Conservative Fact-Checkers

And, this is just the excerpt from the executive summary of their report.

The only way that I can understand this, is to reflect upon the bubble that these fiends from Hell live in. And, knowing the awful immorality of their situation, the attitudes that make up their environment… the sheer scale of the brainwashing that everyone at these companies has gone through, to even get in the door …I guess that I need to give them something of a break because they don’t know any better. But, that works only up to a certain point.

Even though I’m willing to give leftwing morons a bit of a break over their foolish ideas that they’ve been brainwashed into believing… one thing that they cannot be given a ‘break’ over, is their dishonesty.

Everyone, EVERYONE knows what a lie is. And, these people are lying and lying and lying and lying and lying. They are lying liars and there is NO excuse for that.

And, you will find MORE reports on the suppression of your ability to speak in the new category that I have created for Omega Shock:


You are the target, kids. Be careful out there.

CENSORSHIP EXAMPLE: The Truth About Israel – 2018 Edition

I can’t believe it. After talking about being shadow-banned in Google search results, I did a quick test to see if this article popped up in their search results. And, this was the search term:

“The Truth About Israel”

You will not find my article ANYWHERE in Google’s search results. Not when you narrow the search to 12 months. Not when you narrow the search to a four month time frame. Even when I limited the search to just April and May… then to just May… I still didn’t find the article.

In fact, there was no time frame in which I could find this article. Even when I searched for THE DAY IN WHICH THE ARTICLE WAS PUBLISHED!!!

I found references to the article… even on Omega Shock. But, Google refused to return search results. AT ALL.

Now, some of my articles get through, but only when the number of possible results is small. Here’s an example of a result that did not go through:

Secret Deals

I did a search for “Secret Deals” and did not find it anywhere – no matter what time frame I used. But, when I did a search for “Why Israel Matters”, this article DID show up:

Why Israel Matters – Dr. Randall Smith

Sure, I had to dig deep into the search results that few would reach, but it was there – so I don’t claim ‘censorship’ on this article.

And, there are other articles of mine that you cannot and will not find via Google, unless you add the word ‘omegashock’. But, when you use other search engines like Bing, DuckDuckGo and others… the results pop up just fine.

This is absolute proof that they are deliberately censoring content that they do not want you to see.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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27 thoughts on “Stop the Self-Deception”

  1. Funny how you have accused me of spreading lies on my website but the brother you recommend has posted my link on the truth of the rapture along with a link of the site:


    Sure some of the commenters were a little perplexed by the “the year of wrath” being a distinct year immediately after the tribulation but the scriptures clearly reveal this :o)

    • Hi Rob,

      Just because Greg Hunter allowed you to post your comment, doesn’t mean that he understands that you are denying Christ.

      Greg does not know that you are not a Christian, and that you will spend an eternity in Hell until you accept the following:

      Christ is without beginning or end.

      Christ is equal to the Father.

      Christ is the CREATOR!

      I told you that before, and I will not allow any of your links through until you accept ALL OF THAT.

      I feel so sorry for you, Rob. You have an eternity of suffering awaiting you, unless you repent.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. Hi John,
    just started reading and listening, but your excellent links about Grand Solar Minimum somehow reminded me remark, I made here a year (or more) ago. And, I just felt I could repeat it… In the Book oj Job 38, God speaks about the greatness and complexity of His creation, but there is one point which seems “out of narrative” (at least, in my eyes). In verse 22 huge amounts of snow and hail are associated with “trouble, battle and war” in verse 23. So far in history winter war was not preferred by anyone (with possible exception of one big country we all know). It looks like a strange timestamp, and that, with the GSM in perspective, gives me shivers…
    Extreme snow means huge (global?) winter, and, as far as I remember, hail in the Bible always tends to fall on the heads of the enemies of Israel – Egypt, Canaanites, and… Gog’s army. Just fast-checked that last one, indeed, there is extreme rain (winter conditions in Middle East?) and hail falling, among other curses, on Gog.
    And… At this very moment I also see something too weird to interpret (at least for me, I was NEVER into “Bible numerology”) – the moment hail falls upon Gog is… once again, chapter 38, verse 22 (I really hesitated if I should share such a strange observation).
    I’m back to reading
    Yours in Christ

  3. Hi John,
    I have been writing about repentance on my website for the last two years and your post on self deception is at the heart of it.

    In Re: Repentance
    To say our hearts are turned to God is to lie to God and ourselves.  We are turned to God •only• as we incline our ears to Him, to hear as if to follow.  We don’t initiate or arrive under our own impetus or understanding, we are drawn.  As we follow the Holy Spirit’s leading into repentance we receive our daily dose of medication and healing for what truly ails us, us.  This is the will of God and we resist.  Thinking, ‘we’re doing it’, ‘nailing it down’, ‘getting it right’ or ‘gaining knowledge’ when in fact the gift is given as we lay down our lives.  No wonder that word makes our skin crawl.

    Thanks for pointing this out.

  4. Hi John,
    On the Q-anon stuff, I listen to some who try to decipher it. I am reminded of what Winston Churchill said about truth, that in time of war (which we are in) truth is so valuable that she must be accompanied by a battalion of lies. I listen some to the Q stuff, and hope, but too much energy needs to be spent on it.

    Now, some Vatican stuff, stumbled across this today:
    Very interesting break down

    Also on the South Africa front, something from Laura Southern:
    Thought it very informative, maybe you have seen it?

    Keeping watch!

  5. ps.
    if anyone is interested in the source of some of the charts from the “Grand Solar Minimum Easily to Understand Extreme Weather Timeline to 2021” video and more other details, it is here (with pdf):
    -with my personal nomination for the “most scary chart” being Figure 5.
    Another (newer, 2016) publication of the same author:
    (title and abstract tell all)
    Note his affiliation: Pulkovo Observatory, St. Petersburg – a.k.a The Central Astronomical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which, in turn, is nothing else than department of Russian Ministry of Science (i.e. not some private university). That publication is from 2013. They know, and their government will be prepared, in any imaginable way (geopolitics included). I just realized, when exactly I started seeing news like this (note the date):
    and others, about all these Russian conventional and nuclear icebreakers under construction, armed with cruise missiles, special equipment for Arctic troops etc. Arctic is, of course, important, but one day, soon, we may see the Arctic much bigger than Arctic. And most actors will be unprepared (but with CO2 tax duly paid). As for my own government (Polish), I’m pretty sure: I’m on my own, and they don’t care. That only confirms, in just another way, why the Bible pictures the coming times as so extremely perilous. Feel free evaluating your governments:)
    Yours in Christ

  6. South Africa calls for 300,000 to turn in guns. Does anyone besides me see serious ramifications to this?? If I were in SA, there is not going to be rational way to sell this. If you are white, that won’t make sense, after whites, who are the next ones on the list. I think this this will give publicity to the horrors of gun confiscation. Will this be good, or bad timing.
    Here we are once again on lies, deception self deception, lies, and how not to be deceived. I guess my only defense, is if it ain’t in my BIBLE. I can’t swear to it. We have all this money being spent to insure everything I understand is liable to be false. Or should be! We have studies, and studies about studies that point us in some new direction about doom and gloom. I guess solar minimums and maximums could be right on schedule about now, but why now. With all the squirreled away technology on weather control, wouldn’t you think it could be fixed either way??.. How about Volcanoes, and that ring of fire. They bragged about creating volcanic eruptions years ago. I mean seriously, can’t a Tsunami be created for every occasion??
    I read the other day, we are ripe for an epidemic!! Aids, and Ebola couldn’t get enough traction, I guess. How many IT, FAN scenarios do we need to hear about before we start saying OOOKKAAYY, now we wait and see.
    We know that all those technological breakthroughs are going to surface. We also know they will not be used for the good of the people. What I would hope to see, is when GOD finally says, you showed off your stuff, now check out my disasters..

  7. Hi again. A few observations.

    I have noticed, on a certain “prophetic” website that posts all kinds of stuff I find suspect, (and I rarely go there anymore, except out of curiosity) some statements from South African “prophets” that immediately gave me an uneasy feeling in my gut and reminded me of the Everything Is Hunky Dory movement in the US. There is always a market for ear-tickling, however preposterous the assertions. I’ve always been a realist so I don’t understand that – if I think I see a semi bearing down on me I am going to hurry up and finish crossing the street instead of taking the view that it’s just a mirage, everything is fine. To me that is more anxiety-producing than the realistic view, which at least presents a solution. I have heard that the type of defense mechanisms people use is an indicator of their level of emotional maturity, and that denial is one of the earliest, as in age 3. But the point I am trying to make here is that South Africans should take this with many grains of salt, they must get out in any way possible even if it means walking away from everything. It’s better than getting tortured, then slaughtered, and losing everything anyway. I have not had any particular inspiration from the Lord on this, that I know of – and I’m not sure of the source of that uneasy feeling in my gut – it may be the Holy Spirit, it may not – but I really have the feeling that this is going to be very ugly. I don’t know where or whether SA appears in Bible prophecy but we are told without qualification that the enemy has been given authority for a time to wear out the saints, and that he is doing. Conditions in the US are comparatively safe and pleasant at the moment, but I do not expect that to last forever. Not even here.

    All of which is a commentary on the theme of this week’s post, namely to stop deceiving ourselves. The most effective way to deceive is to appeal to what people want to hear, because they will then do most of the work themselves.

    Now, here are a couple videos of people dying of rabies:

    Your swallowing and breathing muscles go into spasms and you lose control of them, and before losing consciousness entirely you are choking and gasping and suffer terribly from thirst because you can’t swallow. And you’re in a constant panic because you can’t breathe adequately, and you can’t sleep because you are fighting to breathe.

    Yes there are bad additives in some vaccines, do your research and try to avoid them where possible. I avoid preservatives by getting what I need from a single-dose vial. The adjuvants are something else; they are still doing research on them, still have not got a complete understanding of them, yet alum and AS04 are approved for use in vaccines. I do not agree with that but I consider it human stupidity rather than conspiracy. And yes, if you get sick from it it doesn’t really matter what the motive was.

    But do not underestimate human stupidity. In an increasingly complex world, the effects of stupidity rise exponentially. The WHO meant well when they went on a mission to drill hundreds (thousands?) of wells for 3rd world people who lacked drinking water, but they went about it stupidly and did not do their homework. Here is what they overlooked: in dry areas, where groundwater levels are decreasing, obviously you have to drill deeper to get water. But arsenic, lead, cadmium, etc are terribly poisonous substances which are heavy and lie at the bottom of aquifers, etc. Did anyone have the basic common sense to test the water they were getting this way? Apparently not, because now they have many people dying slow, miserable deaths from arsenic poisoning in these areas and many of them don’t know the water is what’s causing it. Others who may know have no other water to drink. Hundreds of millions of $ were spent doing this.

    And, there is currently a debacle going on with the diabetic drug Invokana, which a nurse practitioner wanted to put me on several years ago. I researched it and saw that it works by making the kidneys allow sugar into the urine as they filter blood. Sugar was never meant to be in urine, and when I researched online forums where people taking the drug were comparing notes, many of them said they were always getting infections. Well of course, bacteria and yeast love sugar. And the groin area is of course a place where bacteria abound. There were other undesirable side effects indicative of something being very wrong also. So I refused to go on the drug and what did I see recently but class action lawsuits taking form because people have gotten infections with “flesh-eating bacteria” – can you imagine the consequences of that? There??? To me this was a completely stupid concept to begin with and yet another example of releasing something without knowing enough about it, which is standard procedure in the pharm industry. The doctors I respect the most are fully aware of this and do not prescribe brand new drugs, they prefer the old tried-and-true, where the side effects are known and can be monitored.

    On the other hand, I am aware of the horrible experiments our own government did (and probably still does, although it will be classified for 50 years) on us without anyone’s permission, with radiation in particular. There were many of these but one of the most jaw-dropping was putting radioactive material in iron supplements given to pregnant women without their knowledge. And of course, the resulting birth defects would never be connected to the government and compensation or support given to those adversely affected.

    There will be huge numbers of US government employees burning in hell, but that does not help us now. What we need to do now to protect ourselves is to make reasoned, educated decisions. Since we are living in a far from perfect world, many of these will involve choosing the lesser of two (or more) evils. In terms of vaccines, unless you are able to make your own you’ll have to choose between a vaccine, trying to find a version without preservatives or if possible adjuvants, and the disease itself. I have no problem with going home sooner rather than later, I just don’t like suffering. There are some diseases that kill you quickly, others that give you such a high fever that you get delirious, then pass out and hopefully never wake up; and others that are absolutely miserable torture for days and days and days. Sometimes weeks. For those, my choice is the vaccine, for rabies and tetanus especially. Many of the things most of us have already been vaccinated for are lifetime immunities – polio, smallpox, measles/mumps/rubella, hepatitis A and B. Others need boosters. You can always have a titer done to check your immunity and see if you even need a booster. I’ve done this many times for my employment – all they care about is that you are immune, not that you’ve had another shot. This works for dogs and rabies vaccinations too – the yearly rabies shot is often not necessary and some vets are finally coming forward and saying this is true, it was just a moneymaker to get that custom established. Yes, pets need to be vaccinated but not necessarily every year. Bear in mind that the originator of Mothers Day was a florist.

    Speaking of pets, time for another glimpse of Eden after all this doom and gloom.

    Always brush your bear:

    ….. and give good scratches/belly rubs.

    • Hi DRG,

      Those are awesome points. Lord willing one of the videos about rabies will definitely go up. Horrifying.

      And, your comment reminds me of Hanlon’s Razor:

      Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

      It’s a lot like Occam’s Razor, except about our infinite capacity for being stupid.

      And, I loved the bear video. I actually watched all of it.

      Who knew that bears could be so adorable?

      Just don’t try that at home!

      And yes, I look forward to the time, when all animals will be huggable! (and brushable.)

      Thanks, DRG.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. The BIG ONES that are coming!! Yes, I have mentioned this before. We need to keep reminding ourselves that Lucifer is going to ride in and try to convince everyone. We are just beginning to grasp how many catastrophies that humans are already capable of. We have already figured out that Satan and his minions are bragging and showing off squirreled away technology. Watch new movie trailers. They are showing just what they can do. These are supposed to be Sci-fi movies, but in most of them we have all the EVIL players being named. It is predictive programming at its finest. So if and when they finally get ready to turn loose all this stuff on us, they want to make sure Lucy will be here to take credit for it. The movie industry is a barrage of pandemics, epidemics, drought, flood, tsunami, tidal waves pick a big coastal city, there is probably a movie. Ice storms, ice Tornadoes, dams breaking, earthquakes, volcanoes, forest fires.
    Sooo once we figure out that the minions have been putting this together under our noses, with our money they are still going to need to keep track of everyone. We know from our BIBLE that Satan gets a good long run at us. When GOD turns up the Magnus Opus, they will be begging the mountains to fall on them. I imagine the difference will be yeeuuuggggee. What you think??

    • We’ll hafta see. There’s a limit to how much technology can be developed in secret. Right now, they don’t need to develop new technology. They just need more and better programmers. I’ve been around hi-tech for a very, very long time. Thanks, MM. – JL

  9. In warfare deception is common.

    Deception is a tool, it’s here by design, to deceive.
    Even the Lord Himself will use it, against us if… we don’t need the truth.

    2 Thessalonians 2:11 For this reason (they did not accept the love of the truth and so be saved) God sends them a strong delusion so that they will believe the lie. 12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. So, it’s not always an error in our thinking, or a glitch in the brain.

  10. John,

    Hell-O from beautiful Angola. Or should i say good morning (morning for the dead). Excuse my spelling (spelling is the act of casting spells). The English language and it’s origin was derived from demonic and satanic words used in wichcraft to cast spells. Hate this language. But any way…. hmmmm. Let me get to what I wanted to write about this post…

    Only few will see and accept the truth. The whole world followed after the beast saying who is like the beast. Another verse says all will follow the beast except those who’s names are written in the book of life. The truth has always been and will continue to be rejected. The devils number one job is to hide the truth. Another verse says the entire world lies under the sway of the wicked one and that the wicked one has blinded the world.

    Now then, you Christians, who profess that Jesus Christ is messiah and savior, did you know that there are 2.2 billion of you who have placed your hope in this man and that together you are the largest group of believers of the same messiah in the world?

    They say the truth hurts and that’s why it is always rejected. But that’s ok. I am going to state the truth anyway. The truth is that Jesus Christ is a greek diety or principality. Jesus Christ is the beast if Revelation 13. Jesus Christ is the son of perdition of 2 Thessalonians 2 and Christianity is that lie quoted in this sane verse. Jesus Christ is none other than Tammuz of Babylon and Egypt who was renamed after Europe adopted the worship of these Egyptian deities.

    John and all you Christians, you are praying to and placing the hope of the salvation of your souls on a fraud that cannot save you. This is the truth. I know you will reject all this…. But at least your eyes have seen the truth in this writing.

      • John, thanks for your note. I will gladly show proof that the Africans and so called African Americans, black central and South Americans are the original Ibirym or Hebrews of the bible. At the same time I will show conclusive proof that the Sephardic and Ashekenazi are gentiles and not the people of the book. And the only source of proof I will use is the bible. I just don’t want to put the effort into creating a post if I know you will not post it. If you promise me that you will post my proof, which will be bible verses only and me expounding on it, I will put in the 3 hrs required to pull it together. If you give me that assurance with a promise, I will do it.

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