3/11 – A Warning Ignored

Sunday was the seven year anniversary of 3/11.

Three eleven. That’s what we – in East Asia – call the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11th, 2011. The rest of you think of it as the time when the Fukushima nuclear reactors melted down and blew up.

However, it’s more than a disaster. It’s also an allegory of the future – an allegory that we need to pay attention to. Those who do not internalize this warning about the future, will be lucky to survive when that future arrives.

Why do I say this?

Most who died in the 3/11 Tsunami, did so because they ignored the warning – or didn’t hear it.


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3/11 – A Warning Ignored

3/11 – A Warning Ignored – The ShockCast

YouTube shortlink: https://youtu.be/hWNT6wIU_PM




In March of 2011, my wake-up call was still a month away. Mrs. Little and I were doing our best to serve the Lord by helping teach Bible classes at the universities here in Taipei. And, we were wondering about what the Lord would do with us here.

Then, on that fateful Friday of March 11th, word came of a gigantic earthquake and tsunami. I didn’t think much of it, other than to be appalled at the loss of life and massive destruction.

Then, we started hearing about the Fukushima reactor disaster. The Japanese government was trying to keep quiet about what REALLY happened, but eventually the truth came out.

When the truth DID come out, I checked the direction of the Pacific current, to make sure that the radiation was moving away from us. It was, and I was relieved.

Then, on April 5th, I had my wake-up call, and seven years of effort has brought us to this moment in time. It’s actually several books of effort, and one book in actual fact. Some of it a bit too hysterical. Some not enough.

The question is whether you are ready for what is about to happen.

Yes, I know that my warnings – along with warnings of others – don’t seem to make sense. After all, you don’t actually SEE any problem. But, as someone who has been watching ‘problems’ for years, I know a thing or two about them. And, there’s one thing that’s common to all of the big ones:

When you see them, it’s already too late to run.

That’s where 3/11 comes in. More accurately, that’s where some videos that I stumbled across five years ago come in. And, stumbling across those videos led me to writing this article in August of 2013:

Tsunami Warning

And, there was one video in particular that captured my imagination:

JAPAN TSUNAMI 3/11 in English: from START to END

YouTube shortlink: https://youtu.be/G_0rQ9hnP84

It took hours for me to find the person who made the original video. His name is Kenichi Murakami. And, I am disgusted with people who steal videos and don’t have the minimal decency of mentioning the original filmmaker. I have yet to figure out the guy who did the subtitles. And, you can bet that it’s a guy.

The subtitles notwithstanding, notice the lack of concern that people have, as they listen to the warnings and see the water receding from the river. The police and firemen are doing their best to impress upon the people, the danger that is approaching, but they are unconvinced.

They cannot imagine it, so they don’t believe it.

So, they died.

They had a half of an hour to do something, but they did nothing. The older people who had been through the Chilean Tsunami that hit Japan in 1960, went to higher ground. They knew what was coming.

The younger ones did not.

So they died.

One more thing about the above video. The person who did the subtitles in the first video claims that the earthquake was ‘man-made’, that it wasn’t a ‘natural disaster’. I’m sorry, but Jim Stone is a moron. He’s either an idiot, a liar or both. And, my bet is on ‘both’. He’s made lots and lots of stupid ‘mistakes’ and has fed lots of foolish hysteria over the years, and he refuses to acknowledge any of it.

The bottom line is this:

This could NOT have been a ‘man-made’ disaster. The shock-wave pattern is too long and too broad.

You’ll see what I mean in the third video below.

Now, here is where I found the original videographer for the above video:

Japan Tsunami Caught On Tape | BBC Natural Disasters vesves Weather Documentary 2016

YouTube shortlink: https://youtu.be/AIrffg2b5oM

The title of the piece is actually:

Japan’s Tsunami
Caught on Camera

Notice the guy who did the right thing and got everybody out, and up to high ground. His name was Kenji Saito, and he was basically just a baker. But, he KNEW what was coming. His warning saved the lives of all who paid attention to him.

Those who listened to Kenji Saito, lived.

Those who did not, died.

There were other stories and some of the footage in this piece is surprising. Shocking, even. And, there’s one man in this story that should NOT have survived. And, there is footage that shows how deafness caused them to die.

Notice something else. All of these people had profound regret over not doing more to warn those who weren’t listening. They feel guilt over not doing more.

They shouldn’t feel guilt. They did their best. Most who died, were ignoring the warnings, anyway. And, they only had a half of an hour to act.

We have more than half of an hour to act, so I hope that you are doing everything that you can to warn those around you. One day, if you survive, you will stand in the same shoes as these men and women, and wish that you had done more.

That’s one of the reasons why I’ve been doing this for seven years. I want to be able to say that I did my very best to get the warning out, to make sure that all who would listen, would have the opportunity to prepare.

Gog and Magog is very close, and with it comes Ezekiel’s Fire. I’ve been hoping that I’m wrong about Ezekiel’s Fire, but no one has been able to offer proof that I am. So, I need to ask you:

Are you able to live without electricity?

Gog and Magog might come as soon as next year. It could even come this year, but I seriously doubt it. But, a year is a very, very short time to be ready.

Are you ready?

Yes, what I’m talking about is unimaginable, but so was that Tsunami that took 24,000 lives and destroyed towns and cities up and down the northeast coast of Japan. Don’t let your lack of imagination keep you from being ready for a level of horror that will shake your soul.

Then, there’s another video that’s also well worth your time:

PBS: Nova – Surviving The Japanese Tsunami HD

YouTube shortlink: https://youtu.be/Ejmvjk-IM-Q

The original is here:


My tax dollars paid for it, but I couldn’t watch it here in Taiwan. Those of you outside of the US will need to watch the YouTube version. Those in the US will get to use the original link.

This video also deals with personal stories, but it also gets into some of the science around the quake.

What you’ll also see is the miraculous at work. Several people just happened to be in the right place, at the right time to save themselves and others. So there are miracles in this video that should give some hope to those of you who don’t have much.

One of those miracles happened when people were expecting the Tsunami to come sooner. When it didn’t, they went downstairs to the gym. Because they let their guard down, they almost died – except for one woman who just happened to be at the right place at the right time to give warning – saving them all at the very last minute.

Just because the catastrophe is taking a bit longer than expected, should not cause you to ignore the danger that you are in. What is coming will destroy our world as we know it. Thinking that it won’t come, because it’s taking longer than YOU thought… well, that’s a recipe for an early grave.

Those who couldn’t wait for the danger to pass…

…would have died, except for a miracle.

But, don’t expect the miraculous to save you, if you neglect the warnings that are ringing in your ears.

Then there’s this one:

天災系列:日本311海嘯——釜石市 Japan Tsunami 2011 Kamaishi

YouTube shortlink: https://youtu.be/tQANVH_80GM

There are no subtitles. There’s no English dialogue. But, there’s plenty of poignant video. And, there are those in this video who clearly didn’t make it, because they didn’t treat the warnings seriously.


Do not make the same mistake.

What is coming will shake your soul to the core. I’ve been yelling about this for a long time, and I know that many are tired of hearing it. I wasn’t expecting the ‘Tsunami’ to take this long, but I’m glad that it did.

Will the Tsunami hit us next year?

We’ll see. I will certainly be tracking it as faithfully as I can. But, Google, Microsoft and others are doing their best to take Omega Shock down. And, if their efforts keep escalating, as they have been, they will succeed.

Hopefully, by the time that this website is silenced, it won’t matter.

Will you be ready when the Tsunami hits?




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The good thing, is that you can still find me here.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


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