The Road Ahead – 2018

I am so bad at prognostication, that I won’t really try to tell you what WILL happen. The best that I can do is describe the threats. These threats have been looming larger and larger with each passing year. And, some of them are new.

Please treat these seriously.

My hope is that we will have another year where we successfully dodge the bullets being fired at us. But, there is a limit to how often we can do that.

Will we run out of ‘luck’ in 2018?


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The Road Ahead – 2018

The Road Ahead – 2018

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Welcome to 2018. I hope that you enjoy your stay and arrive at the doorstep of 2019 without difficulty. But, allow me, as your tour guide, to point out the places to avoid over the next 12 months.


Egypt is a disaster waiting to happen. There are too many people, too little education and not enough water. The corruption is truly amazing and has always been ‘truly amazing’.

Once upon a time, you did commerce using ‘Letters of Credit’. I won’t get into how they work, except that they are just like cash. And, they are backed by the ‘full faith and credit’ of the bank that issues it. For a very long time, you could trust the Letters of Credit issued by the banks of every country, except two: Egypt and Nigeria.

That should give you an idea of the level of corruption in Egypt. And, you can bet that things have not changed. Corruption is a way of life in Egypt, and it will kill them, when everything falls apart. I see you wondering why this is important, so let me explain.

Egypt has the second most powerful military in the Middle East, behind Turkey. But, that doesn’t give all of the picture, since the military controls a vast swath of economic, financial, social and political life in Egypt. When things fall apart, the military step in.

The problem is that all their firepower will not be able to solve the water crisis that will begin to hit in late 2018. Isaiah 19 speaks about this crisis, and it is predicted to hit, at the worst possible time.

Did you know that only about 10% of the Nile actually reaches the Mediterranean Sea?

It is almost completely used up in irrigation and drinking water, before it reaches the sea. Here is a quote on how devastating the situation is:

Water availability issues in Egypt are rapidly assuming alarming proportions. By the year 2020, Egypt will be consuming 20 percent more water than it has. With its loosening grip on the Nile, water scarcity could endanger the country’s stability and regional dominance. It is imperative on the Egyptian government  and the entire population of to act swiftly and decisively to mitigate water scarcity, implement water conservation techniques and control water pollution develop plans that would install more efficient irrigation techniques, and control water pollution in order to avoid a disaster.


That’s two years from now, and almost no one is talking about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. The GERD will probably cut in half the flow of the Nile for two to three years.

The GERD can hold more than a year’s worth Nile flow, in its reservoir. That’s right, more than a year’s worth of water. And, the Ethiopians claim that they want to fill this reservoir in less than three years. And, they are claiming that three years is the maximum.

They actually want to fill this reservoir in less than three years. Egypt has more than 95 million people.

How many of those will die, over the next three years?

What will the military do to try and stop the chaos that will happen as the people suffer and die?

Ethiopia claims that the GERD will be complete by October.

What will happen after that?


Bitcoin has captured the imagination of everyone. Or, almost everyone. Pole-dancing instructors and taxi drivers are all becoming ‘gurus’ in how to invest in this cryptocurrency phenomenon.

That’s a bubble, kids.

But, the Internet was in a bubble, once upon a time, and we’re still using it. So, just because it’s in a bubble, doesn’t mean that the future isn’t in cryptos.

Just understand that, like the dotcom bubble of the ’90s, almost all the cryptocurrencies that we see right now, will go to zero. They might not ‘go to zero’ in 2018, but they’re going to zero sometime in the near future.

Those that survive will be the ones that set the standard for financial transactions in the future. If you are lucky, you will make a fortune putting your money in them. If you aren’t, you’ll lose everything.

The number one rule for investing is:

Do not lose [everything].

I don’t care what anyone says about the art of investment management, THAT rule is THE RULE.

Does that mean that you shouldn’t dabble in cryptos?

No. But, only put in what you can afford to lose. And, if you can’t sleep at night, worrying about your investments, you’ve put in too much.

If I were going to get into this space, there would be one thing that I would focus on:



If you can’t buy a candy bar with it, it’s not usable. Of course, the candy bar ‘use case’ might be too narrow in cases where the crypto is designed to meet a very narrow need, such as interbank settlement.

2018 will be an interesting year for cryptos, and it will lead the way for the final financial instrument that will rule the Beast System. And, I believe that you will eventually need a scannable tattoo to participate in this system.


I have been cynical of government since my teenage years, but even I am surprised at how much corruption has been revealed over the past two years. It has come out into the open, and there are too few people who seem to care about how bad it is.

It’s as if people don’t care anymore about the honesty of their leaders, the safety of their country and the dependability of their government. It doesn’t even seem like anyone is ashamed of voting for people so obviously corrupt.

This mean that the corruption will only get worse in 2018. The corrupt see that no one is being punished for their corruption, so they will increase what they are doing.

The only thing that will stop the corruption, is a financial collapse. When THAT happens, there will be a military coup, because only the military could arrest the leadership of the Department of Justice, The FBI, the Congress and The Senate.

A financial collapse will reveal the true state of the US government’s finances, and the truth about those who have been stealing from the government. Someone will need to be the ‘scapegoat’, and people will remember what was said and done over the past two years.

Will this collapse happen in 2018?

Don’t know. We’ve been hearing rumors for years, but nothing substantial. The collapse WILL happen. Of that, there can be no doubt. The only question is when.

The only question in my mind is whether America will receive a Kerensky Revolution or a Weimar Republic. Both ended badly, but Kerensky lasted only a few months. At least, with Weimar, we had a few years.

Gog and Magog

No, Gog will not launch an invasion of Israel in 2018, but the players in this invasion will become more clear – just as they became more clear in 2017.

Khalifa Haftar will consolidate his hold on Libya, and his alliance with Russia will grow ever stronger. And, it wasn’t until December of 2016 that I saw Haftar rise high enough to see his significance. Haftar did a lot in 2017, and I’m betting that he will rule all of Libya, before 2018 is over.

Russia, Iran and Turkey will continue to increase their efforts to gain influence in Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan – all areas where Cush is present. This encirclement of the Sunni Arab Middle East will continue to terrify Sunni leadership.

With the collapse of ISIS and a unified rebel movement in Syria, Iran will now have free access to Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea. The Iranians will try and mop up any opposition that remains in Syria, while sending as much support as they can, to Hezbollah.

Will Hezbollah launch its second attempt to bloody Israel’s nose, in 2018?

I doubt it, but Israel might pre-empt an attack by Hezbollah, by starting the war first. It is rarely a good idea to wait until your enemy is strong, to fight him. The best time is when he is preoccupied.

Right now, Hezbollah has been preoccupied with defeating the rebels in Syria, and they might be called in to ‘settle’ the riots that have broken out in Iran. And yes, Iran would definitely use Hezbollah fighters to shoot Iranians. It is a time-honored tradition.

So, if Hezbollah is preoccupied, Israel might attack. Or, might not. But, if it happens, the blowback could be incredible. It might be the moment when Damascus is destroyed, as spoken of by Isaiah 17. But, it will also be the moment when these two verses are fulfilled:

The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the Lord of hosts.

And in that day it shall come to pass, that the glory of Jacob shall be made thin, and the fatness of his flesh shall wax lean.

 – Isaiah 17:3-4

This could happen this year. It might wait until Gog and Magog comes in 2019 or 2020 (more likely, 2020).

My hope is that you will understand the significance of Gog and Magog to your safety. Unless someone can prove that I’m wrong, a solar flare of unimaginable proportions will strike Earth and destroy most – if not all – of the world’s ability to produce electricity.

The world will eventually climb out of this catastrophe, but not before a billion people have died. I do not want to believe that this is possible, but I don’t see any other conclusion.

You can see what I mean, here:

Ezekiel’s Fire

If I am right, then you will die, when the lights go out – unless you can survive without electricity.

All The Rest

They have a saying that it is ‘darkest before the dawn’. Well, I believe that there’s a corollary to that:

It is brightest before the sun sets.

I made that up, but it’s pure truth, when it comes to investing. So, when everyone says that ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’, run for cover. And, I hear the band tuning up to play that song.

If we are entering a Grand Solar Minimum, we’ll see more and more evidence that this is the case. In fact, it looks like we might be seeing some of that already.

Immigrants will continue to flood into Europe, since the morons in charge still don’t have a clue. It’s the fulfillment of Matthew 24:7, and it’s one of the dumbest things that I have ever seen.

I’m willing to bet that there won’t be a war with the Norks (North Korea), but I’m not willing to bet TOO much. There are too many unknown factors involved, and I’m not sure if the Chubby Kid in Pyongyang can avoid doing something stupid.

Putin will win reelection in 2018 and continue to be the Bugaboo of NATO, the EU and Democrats. The fact that we pushed him into this position means nothing. Nor does it matter that he’s innocent of all the accusations.

Morons will always be morons.

The ShockCast Is Back!

I’m a writer. Anything else, in terms of communication, is decidedly secondary. But, I know that many are more visual or auditory. I also know that people want to know who that ‘masked man is’ hiding behind all that text. And, there’s something about our body language that betray our true feelings.

So, even though I am not the most able presenter in the world, I am bringing back The ShockCast. I stopped doing those over a year ago, to finish the book, Ezekiel’s Fire. And, I’ve known, for the past year, that I need to get back onto YouTube.

Lord willing, every Friday, I will be recording a ShockCast and sending it along with the Shock Letter, to hit your email inbox, Friday morning (EST).

I have a lot of adjusting to do, and I need to keep my stress level low enough, so that my autoimmune disease doesn’t flare up. Hopefully, I’ll be starting out with one broadcast a week, with special broadcasts on certain topics of interest.

We’ll see what happens. Pray for me, for wisdom. Dark days are ahead for all of us, and the message needs to get out to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

May the Lord bless you, in this year!


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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