Happy New Year, 2018!

This year is going to be momentous for a lot of reasons, but for me personally… well …I’ll be doing as many YouTube videos as the Lord allows.

Yes, Lord willing…

…The ShockCast is back:

Welcome to 2018 – An Interesting Year – The ShockCast

YouTube Shortlink: https://youtu.be/rv7zDzsQHZs

This is waaaaaaaaaaaay out of my comfort zone. WAAAAAY OUT!

But, if the message is important – and it is – I gotta do this. So, pray that the Lord guides me and directs me, as I try to do more and more this year, to help people wake up to what is coming.

May God bless you in this most interesting of New Years!

Yours in Christ,

John Little
Omega Shock

14 thoughts on “Happy New Year, 2018!”

  1. ROFL!! To say the least. Interesting year!! What did 17 teach us?? So far we have Pedos being purged, criminals in high places pointed out. DHS wanting permission to poison people, drones, autonomous robot killing machines, rogue agencies, surveillance, rise of the Gestapo, white genocide, weather control, what am I forgetting????? Flu, vaccines, zika Ebola, hmmm. How did we live through 17,. 18 we can only imagine!! Come Quickly LORD JESUS!!
    We have not been anointed with the spirit of fear!! I still always have to keep telling myself this. We did 50s and 60s all through December in Hoosierland, to save up record cold for the new year. There were grid down exercises all over a couple months back. Put em together and whaddya get?? Bippety boppety boo?? Yeah yeah, tinfoil cowboy hat. I know you weren’t around to see how the barrier walls went up on the interstate in Indy, but I found it peculiar. You and I both know if nefarious is involved the reasons would be priceless.
    Video suggestions: smile, relax, you are doing the LORD’S WORK!! Just because it may be the end of the world, “I bring you good tidings”!! Rejoice!
    GODSPEED MR. and Mrs. Little

  2. Was so nice to “see” you and hear the tone of your voice. So much better than watching a “Poster”. Thank you for your devotion ………..


  3. Excellent move, Brother John.

    Please continue to do vids.

    You’re an excellent writer. No doubt you will be an excellent YouTube celebrity as well.

    If I’m being honest, most people would rather listen than read. For example, on way to work and on way home from work, i listen in the car on YouTube to my favorite channels.

    I will continue to read your posts. And I certainly looking forward to listening to you.

    God Bless.

    I would normally say Happy New Year. But we both know this year will be worse than last. Hahaha.

    So I will say have a Blessed New Year.

  4. Looking good John!
    Happy New Year!
    I think you are right, this will be an interesting year. There is still some saber rattling in North Korea, but I am still not convinced anything will happen there. But, as I learned a looooooooooooong time ago (longer than I care to admit 😉 ) prepare for the worst, hope for the best.
    The real action I think will be against the cabal, satanists, demon worshipers, the bad guys, not sure what to call them. We saw it in Arabia, bad actors arrested, money confiscated. Now it appears the same thing is about to start in the US. (pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase be true!)
    Guess we have to do what I HATE doing the most, waiting. Plus some waiting and between the waiting we should wait a little, to see what happens.

    Hope this finds you and yours well!

  5. Hi John!

    Looking forward to checking it out :).

    This song has been stuck in my head since last night and want to share the awesomeness. Must need to hear and be reminded of our freedom Christ died for.

    Austin French “Freedom Hymn”:



  6. John,

    I’m very happy to see you are bringing the Shockcast back! While I love the written entries, sometimes I like to listen to things while working around the house and garden.


  7. Shalom john,
    long time no comment, but I felt compelled to question the December 25th timeline for the birthdate of Jesus. As described in Luke 8:2 – 20, the only time the shepherds stayed in the fields was during lambing season, which was in springtime, usually around the time of the Passover. I know that there are many who believe that Succot was the time of his birth, but again this does not quite fit with Lukes account, and Dec 25th certainly does not, as this is the birthdate of so many heathen deities. First day of succot as birth, with Shemini Atseret as Brit date fits neatly, but again doesn’t quite jive with Lukes account. Shalom and all the best. Ray

    • Hi Ray,

      This thing about shepherds not being out in the fields with their flocks in the winter, is a common objection to the December 25th celebration, but you need to ask yourself where the shepherds would put their sheep, if they weren’t out in the fields.

      Yes, there would have been barns, but not for sheep. But, maybe you are thinking of a ‘sheepfold’. But, those aren’t used to protect against the weather. If you’ve ever been out in the hills around Jerusalem after midnight, you’ll hear the jackals howl. The cubs start first, and then the adults follow around 1 or 2 a.m. That’s why there are sheepfolds. And, they would have been used, year round.

      A better indicator would be the clouds in the skies. How are the wise men going to follow a star, if they can’t see it? How are the angels going to appear in the sky, if the clouds are in the way?

      It’s not the strongest argument against December, but it would be stronger than one about sheep being out by night.

      Here’s a statistical evaluation of cloudiness by month for the Jerusalem area. (Bethlehem is just a four hour walk from the old city of Jerusalem.)

      Ultimately, we are given no command by God over the observance of the birth of Jesus, so I believe that we have freedom to observe, or to not observe.

      Thanks for that contribution, Ray.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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