A Barrier to Antichrist

Satan faces many barriers in his attempt to bring his counterfeit messiah into this world. The biggest of those barriers is the righteousness of the followers of Christ, but that barrier is collapsing with the massive corruption flooding into our churches, neutralizing the salt that was supposed to preserve the community and nation. And, I could go down the list of other barriers, but there is one that I am intimately familiar with – especially over the past few days:

Computer Technology

Yes, I now that you view computers as the pathway that the Antichrist will use to rule the world. But, there are LOTS of barriers along that path, and I had to deal with a couple of them this week.


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A Barrier to Antichrist

I’ve been involved with computers, in one form or another for almost 35 years. I’ve learned several programming languages and used a few of them professionally. I’ve built and fixed more computers than I can count. I’ve helped set up networks for businesses. I’ve written highly technical API guides for software engineers. And now, I find myself struggling with the job of VPS webmaster.

This has given me a view of the challenges facing Satan, as he attempts to bring about his one world order, with his faux messiah at the helm. Those challenges have reduced dramatically over the 35 years that I’ve been watching them, but there are far too many left, to make a true ‘one world system’ work in the way that the Bible describes.

Of course, we’re getting there, and we would already be there, were it not for annoying humans with their unwillingness to dump old hardware. Also, getting humanity to agree on just one network topology, and make that network universal and unbreakable…

…well, it’s worse than herding cats.

There are just too many ways to mess up a network, and there are too many morons willing to try. Yes, there are many, many – far too many – stupid people who do incredible damage to computer networks. Sometimes, I’m one of those stupid people, but there are people far worse than myself, causing insane amounts of trouble.

Computer Viruses

Just take viruses as an example.

How many of you have anti-virus software installed and up-to-date?

You would be surprised at how many people do not. And, I can’t really call them morons, since very few have an understanding of what it takes to maintain a computer. Although, quite a few really ARE morons of the first order, and I’ve pulled out quite a bit of my own hair, having to deal with them. But, just this fact alone, is enough to keep The Beast System from rising.


Because viruses are a barrier to communication, a barrier to commerce, a barrier to law enforcement, and – most of all – a barrier to the worship of the Beast. Please remember that The Beast System will have complete and total control of commerce and will require every person on Earth to worship the Beast, or not eat.

That just cannot happen with the computer systems and networks that we have today. Of course, we are moving in the direction of ironing out all those problems, but we aren’t there yet. And, if you don’t quite see what I mean, let me share a rather unknown tidbit with all of you:

Most viruses – in the early days – were written by anti-virus software companies.

Yes, you heard that right. In the early days – and in some cases, still today – the ones sending out the viruses, were the ones producing the protection against them. Now, criminal gangs have taken over the job, of their own free will, so anti-virus software companies no longer need to produce the viruses that they claim to try and protect you from.

Computer Bugs

As someone who has written software code and interacted with software developers of every kind, there is one thing that is universal:

Bugs will ALWAYS be created.

It doesn’t matter how good you are as a programmer. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have. It doesn’t matter how popular you are or how much money that you make. You, as a programmer, will create bugs.

In fact, you will create bugs, as you are attempting to eliminate them. In fact, one of the best programmers that I have ever worked with, joked that his job was to fix bugs and to create new ones. He tried very hard not to create bugs, but he knew that he couldn’t help it.

Think about the computer that you are using to read this. Whether it’s a Windows or Macintosh machine – or even a smartphone – the software that you are using is riddled with a fantastic number of bugs. And, most of them will never be fixed. Yes, I know that this sounds strange, but there’s a limit to how much time and effort a software company can invest in fixing bugs. All that companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google can do is fix the bugs that people complain about and hope that the rest won’t be a problem.


Programmers are human. They have a difficult job and under pressure to deliver software code within a strict timeline. This means that they give themselves easy access to the software that they are writing, so that they can test it and fix it.

We call that a backdoor, and backdoors are a huge threat to the security of any piece of software. But, without them, software is hard to maintain. And, there are several kinds of backdoors. There are official backdoors that software companies put into their applications, and then there are the unofficial backdoors that programmers put in, when their boss isn’t looking. And, let’s not forget the fact that we often forget to close backdoors.

And, if a programmer forgets to close a backdoor, do you think that he’s going to tell his boss?

Yeah. Me neither.

Computer To Computer Communication

Oh, and let’s not forget that computers don’t naturally talk very easily with each other. They do it more naturally than they used to, but it’s still a problem. And, as the number of computers proliferates, sharing information reliably is a bigger and bigger problem.

For instance, Omega Shock has its own, dedicated IP address:

That is the address according to IPv4. That stands for Internet Protocol Version 4, and it was designed in the late seventies and released in 1981. It took 15 years come out with a successor, and that successor looks like this:


(not assigned to anyone yet)

That second address is an IPv6 address, and it’s impossible to get your head around that one. I can remember my IPv4 address easily enough, if I try, but an IPv6… well …very few of us are going to be able to remember these addresses. And, that is why, more than 20 years after IPv6 came out, we aren’t using it for much. Unfortunately, we’re running out of IPv4 numbers. So, here comes IPv6.

Let’s also not forget that there are lots of manufacturers of computer hardware, and these manufacturers are run by human beings that don’t like to cooperate with their competitors. And, there’s always someone trying to come up with some unique way of doing something that no one else can use, unless you pay them lots of money.

  • Apple went this route, and made a lot of money doing it.
  • IBM accidentally did not go this route and lost control of the PC market. And, Microsoft made its own share of mistakes, which kept it from going the same route that Apple did.
  • Intel and AMD are fighting in the CPU arena, trying to kill each other off – while ARM is creeping up behind them both.
  • Nvidia and AMD compete in the graphics card market, and I now hear that Intel wants to jump in with their own graphics cards.
  • For a while, Windows and Macintosh had each other by the throat – except that Chrome, Android and Linux have become a serious threat.

And, that’s just the personal computer market. If you get me started on mainframes and supercomputers, we’d be here all day. But, we don’t need to be here ‘all day’, since the main point should be clear to you:

Chaos reigns in the computer industry

Unfortunately, chaos MUST reign in the computer industry, or individual manufacturers get fat and sloppy. I watched Intel do this, when AMD blew up in spectacular fashion, when a major cpu redesign failed and left Intel as the only major player. Now that AMD hit their ‘home run’ with Ryzen, Intel is now running scared again.

How Satan Gets Past This Barrier

Okay, I’m close to 1500 words, and your eyes are glazing over. So, let me get to the point:

How does Satan eliminate the chaos and create the unified, monolithic world order for his false messiah?

That’s a good question, and I think that the Bible gives us the answer. And, I’ve been talking about this answer for a while:

Global Catastrophe

Please understand that the chaos is what keeps things moving forward. If Intel did not have competition from AMD, Intel processors would stink – and they did, for the past few years. And, this is why Satan has been pitting his minions against each other for thousands of years. Minions get fat, lazy and careless, when they aren’t killing each other off.

Now, Satan would prefer to create his Antichrist system slowly. But, God isn’t going to give him the time that he wants. So, there will need to be a catastrophe. A big one. And, I believe that the person who helps resurrect the global computer network, will be the one who gets to create the single, global standard that eliminates the chaos.

There will be…

One Design

One Network

One Operating System

One Internet Protocol

It will be the most bulletproof computer system in the history of the world, and it will need to be bulletproof, to keep the morons of this world from messing it up.

“But wait,” I hear you say, “what about all the bugs, viruses and backdoors?”

Ah, so you were paying attention. Very good, grasshopper. And, I am glad that I have the answer:


That’s right, Artificial Intelligence. We are already at the point where AI is actually writing software code. It might not be ready to write operating systems from scratch, but we’ve made leaps and bounds in a very short time. And, we might already have reached the point where AI can take over the task of programming.

Remember what the Bible says about this AI:

And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

 – Revelation 13:15


I believe that this ‘life’ is Artificial Intelligence. And, I will continue to believe this, until I see evidence of some other possibility. I don’t lay these ideas in stone, and you shouldn’t, either. Think for yourself.

Someone with the ability to create an AI that could rule the world, would undoubtedly need the ability to create an AI that would create the software that would run the world. Otherwise – as I said before – all the bugs, backdoors and viruses would collapse the world order before it began.

That Global Catastrophe

I mentioned the need for a ‘global catastrophe’. And, there really will be what is needed to create a new system, by wiping out the old.

Remember that Satan’s minions never give up power willingly. They will ALWAYS fight hard to keep what they believe is their own. They will NEVER agree to hand over power willingly. NEVER.

Satan might get some, even most, of his minions to agree. But, all of them? Not a chance. Every single one of Satan’s minions is a greedy [person of uncertain parentage]. But, if there’s a global catastrophe that knocks out enough of the global network…

Enter Ezekiel’s Fire

Remember Ezekiel’s Fire?

That’s right, a solar EMP that big would knock down most of the Internet and most of the computer manufacturers and software makers.

There might be someone, somewhere, with a powerful enough AI that could help restart everything, but there wouldn’t be very many of those – if any. And, also take note that big players are already competing with each other, over who can create the biggest/baddest/strongest AI. In fact, some of you know about this, far better than myself.

A Lot Of Detail

I’m leaving a lot of details out of this article. And, I’m sure that there’s a lot that I haven’t figured out yet. And, I am certainly no prophet.

So please, work through the details yourself. Think about what I’ve said here and elsewhere and share your thoughts with us in the comment section. And, those of you who want to see all the comments that appear on Omega Shock, only need one link:


You miss out on a lot of great stuff, when you don’t read the comments.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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