The System is Dying III – Fall of the Republic

Take the time to analyze history, and you will find remarkable similarities to our current age. So many countries have followed the same path and suffered the same, painful conclusions.

Unfortunately, this means that the freedom, democracy and the rule of law will disappear and be replaced by slavery, dictatorship and injustice. Every country in the world has experienced this, and now it’s time for the United States of America.

I hate the thought of this, but history shows us that there are few options when corruption reaches a certain level. Just look at Rome, if you think otherwise.


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The System is Dying III – Fall of the Republic

Very few Americans understand that before Rome was an empire, it was a republic. Even fewer Americans realize that the United States was directly modeled after the Roman Republic. The language of America was English, but it might as well have been Latin. And, when you look closely at the Roman Republic, you see remarkable similarities.

I don’t want to get into all of those similarities, since my purpose isn’t to focus on the past. The past is an interesting place, full of interesting events, but a dark and dreadful future awaits. So, let’s try to predict the future by looking at the past.

All Systems Die

As I said last week, “Systems grow until they die.” I should have added, “If left unchecked,” but that’s okay. We were focusing on ‘human systems’, and there isn’t much that can ‘check’ a human system, except God.

Last week was about the fundamental resources that a political system is built upon. With Rome, it was gold and silver. When the gold and silver ran out… the empire began to falter.

The Fall Of The Roman Republic

But, what about the Roman Republic that gave birth to the empire?

What caused it to falter?

In a word, corruption.

If the rich had not been so greedy, there would have been no uprisings. If the Senate had not been so corrupt and power-hungry, they would not have forced Gaius Julius Caesar to rebel against the government and take power. And Caesar (pronounced ‘kae sar’) would not have succeeded if the average Roman did not welcome his response to corruption. And, it was Julius Caesar that marked the beginning of the end of the Roman Republic.

I bring this up, because I see America running down the same path as the Roman Republic. Just as the Roman Senate was obscenely corrupt, so is the House of Representatives and the Senate. As with Rome then, the rich in America are using their wealth and influence to gather even more wealth and influence. And, those dispossessed from their farms in the countryside, flooded into the city, where they were handed promise after promise, just as politicians are doing, right now – everywhere.

But, there’s always a limit to corruption, and the Roman Republic reached theirs in January, 49 BC.

The Roman Senate had demanded that Caesar disband his army and return to Rome. Caesar knew that obeying this demand would have been a death sentence. Yet, staying in Gaul in open rebellion to the Senate, would have also led to his death. His only option, in his mind, was to overthrow the government, which is why he marched his 13th Legion across the Rubicon.

This ‘Crossing The Rubicon’ caused the Roman Republic to be replaced with a military dictatorship. The corruption of the government was cleaned out, and new rulers were put in their place. And, I believe that we are working towards the same thing happening in the US.

The Fall Of The American Republic

Over the past week, we have seen revelation upon revelation of some of the most insane corruption imaginable. The evidence of outright treason is almost too much to watch. And, I am betting that the majority of Americans feel the same way. If they don’t, they will – soon.

When will the average American reach their breaking point?

When the corruption seems to impact their bank account. I’ve been talking about an economic/financial collapse for a while. And, it should have happened, but the central banks stepped in and pumped up the system and kept institutions alive, that should have died. As a result, the next collapse will be far worse. And, the American public will be looking for someone to blame.

Who do you think that the average American will point their finger at?

They certainly won’t blame themselves, so they’ll be looking for those that they CAN blame. Right now, Congress has an approval rating of just 13% (according to Gallup). And, that’s incredibly low, even though consumer confidence seems so high. Normally, good economic conditions lead to strongly favorable views about Congress.

Why not now?

In a word, Corruption. And, when the economy tanks and the financial system crashes, the American people will blame Congress and ask someone to do something about the incurable evils of the US government in Washington DC. And, I believe that the military will feel like they need to answer this call of duty.

For myself, I don’t see how Washington D.C. can be cleaned up without some kind of military intervention. The evil in Washington is so deep, so large, so huge… that there’s no other entity big enough and organized enough to handle the job – assuming that the military would want to. And, throughout history, the military has always been called in, when corruption reaches levels like this.

A Military Takeover

Oh, and what is the approval rating, among Americans, for the US military?

About 80% (according to Pew Research)

When you think about that figure, then you KNOW what is going to happen. Unless something comes along to tarnish the image of the US military, there will eventually be a military takeover of the US. And, the average American will demand that it happens.

Oh, and who has Donald Trump surrounded himself with?



Of course, North Korea could ‘rescue’ us from this question by launching an EMP attack upon North America. That would also put the military in control of the US, but for entirely different reasons, and under cataclysmic conditions.

I just don’t know how much more corruption that America can take. And, I don’t know how much corruption God will tolerate, before He pours out His wrath upon the US. Since I am neither the average American, or God, I can only wonder at when we hit the limit that results in disaster.

We are hitting Peak Corruption, and that’s NEVER a good thing.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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