So Many Distractions, So Little Time

A lot has been happening this week, and I’ve had an unusual number of distractions. And, I normally like a good distraction, but there is sometimes too much of a good thing.

However, this means that you will find a lot of interesting stuff in the research. So, please pay attention, and no… I didn’t even have time to look at ZeroHedge.

Yeah. It was that big.


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So Many Distractions, So Little Time

Okay, I’m outta time. The class that Mrs. Little and I teach is going to begin shortly, so I gotta run.

But, don’t let that keep you from delving into the research section. There’s LOTS of ranting there. Some of ’em are articles, all by themselves.

With this much going on, be careful. Danger is in the air.



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My research sources are pretty wide ranging, and their number keep growing. So, instead of listing all of my sources, let me list the ones that deserve special mention:

A big thank you to all who sent me articles. I appreciate all of it.



Yup, more than just special, these links appear to be the most important of all. Seriously, start with these.

And yes, these are pretty serious.

Ex Professional Astrologer now warns against Astrology – Marcia Montenegro – YouTube

I really liked this interview. Very informative. Very engaging. The woman being interviewed really got down to the ‘nuts and bolts’ of Astrology and its dangers. I really appreciate these kinds of interviews where someone has come in from the deepest dark and sheds light on what is really going on.

If you know of ANY Christian who is interested or curious about Astrology, send this to them. Astrology is a DEADLY gateway into the realm of Satan.

Also, if you have some extra cash, think about giving to the ministry at A Minute To Midnite. Tony and the team do good work, and a laborer is worthy of his hire (Luke 10:7).

Trump talks of ‘calm before the storm’ after military meeting – POLITICO

By the time that you see this, that ‘storm’ might already have broken over the world’s headlines.

We’ll see.

Trump plans to declare that Iran nuclear deal is not in the national interest – The Washington Post

Is this the ‘storm’ that Trump is talking about?

That wouldn’t be much of a storm, in my book. It’s not like anything would really change. Although, there might be more yelling. Incomprehensible yelling, since it would be in Farsi.

Just sayin’.

Federal Government Jobs Down 13,000 Under Trump

You might cheer this headline, until you look at the graph contained in this article. It’s horrifying. It represents the death of America.

There are close to DOUBLE the number of government jobs, to manufacturing jobs.

Utterly and absolutely horrifying. It is a betrayal of the American people. It is an obscenity.


On Sunday, I listened to this interview of Rick Wiles, and I was deeply saddened that Rick has not changed and repented of his great sins.

At best, Rick Wiles is a proud, arrogant rebel against God. And, I’ve been hearing reports about him for years, about those Christians who speak to him about his errors. His response has always been outrage, condemnation and to ostracize ANY who object to his heresy.

He believes, right now, that we are in the Millennium, that we rule and reign with Christ. He believes that it is our job to conquer the world for Christ. To be fair, he believes in doing it with the Gospel, which makes him less of a danger than the NAR people. But, he’s an ally of the NAR.

Unfortunately, believing that we are in the Millennium is a horrifying sin, since it tears out Revelation 20. And, God said that all who do that, will be taken out of the Book of Life. If you think that I’m wrong, read what Christ said, here:

18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

– Revelation 22:18-19

This tells me that Rick is destined for eternal suffering. I hope that I am wrong, but God explicitly said that ripping out ANY PART of the book of Revelation will earn you a place outside of Heaven.

Rick is also a man of great pride. I’ve tangled with him in the past, and I came to him in brotherly love. When I was excoriated by him, I told him that he was in rebellion against God.

And, he is.

He stands against the prophecies that God will bring Israel back to Himself. He is against the prophecies of Israel returning to The Land. And, if you speak of these things to him, he will berate you.

I gave him financial support, when I couldn’t really afford it, and I am embarrassed that I did so.

My honest prayer, is that God will shut his mouth and stop his ministry. I pray that God will humble him, so that he will one day see God, as God truly is.

Rick is a heretic of the worst kind, since he beguiles people with his ‘pious’ words and appearance. But, he is a rebel, and he teaches rebellion.

God hates rebellion.

Jesus is the Cornerstone – YouTube

After watching the depressing interview with Rick Wiles, I watched this.

This is directed to those who are Muslim, but it could have easily have been directed to Rick Wiles. And, I’m sorry to say that Rick Wiles has rejected The Cornerstone that has been laid in Zion.

It is a very sad thing to contemplate Rick’s rejection of the Cornerstone.

(BTW, the name of God is Yehovah, not Yahweh. Other than that, this video is awesome.)

The Rise of Eugenics – Why Big Oil Conquered The World – YouTube

In this short clip, you will hear the voice of George Bernard Shaw – yes, THAT George Bernard Shaw – say that you should be forced to go before a board and demonstrate your worth to society. If you cannot demonstrate that worth – every five or seven yeart – they would kill you.

Can you prove that you are a benefit to society?


Then, you should die.

And, his ideas were universal among the ‘Elite’. As they are, today.

The Central Banks Are Transitioning The World Away From The Dollar:James Rickards – YouTube

This is a rather ominous interview. It’s the fall of the American Empire, and it’s all the war with North Korea.

He says war in six months or less. And, you’ll know when it is about to begin, when Americans are urged to leave South Korea.

North Korea is China’s “Good Neighbor” | China Uncensored – YouTube

Okay, a little more on the rather rocky relationship between China and Korea.

You can bet that China will allow the US to invade North Korea, if the right promises are made. And, it looks like some of those promises might have been made.

North Korea says ‘terrorist’ CIA tried to assassinate Kim Jong-un with chemical weapon | The Independent

And, the war drum just received a beat from the other side.

Mattis to Army: ‘Stand ready’ if North Korea diplomacy fails

There is a tempo to the rhetoric, when the government prepares for war. Look at the wars that America has fought in the past – the ones with a major commitment of ground forces. There’s always a line of rhetoric that pulls the average American towards the decision to go to war.

Since I’m not on the ground in the US, it’s a little harder for me to analyze this ‘tempo’. But, there’s way too many international headlines. Way too many.

Britain draws up battle plan in case of North Korea war | Daily Mail Online



Why would BRITAIN be involved?

Trump May Visit Demilitarized Zone During Trip to South Korea – Bloomberg

And, this is ANOTHER beat of the war drum.

Experts: North Korea Targeted U.S. Electric Power Companies – NBC News

Their attempts to attack the US power grid aren’t all that important. What’s more important is that they know that the US power grid is the Achilles Heel of the US.

Destroy the power grid, and the US dies. It’s that simple.

Why China Fears Japan’s Military | China Uncensored – YouTube

Hmmm… this could be the one thing that convinces China to let North Korea fall.

With the Norks threatening Japan, the Japanese finally have the excuse that they’ve been looking for, to rebuild their military. And, that’s a serious problem for China.

We’ll see how this plays out. But, I’m betting that lots of people in Beijing are cringing at this unanticipated reaction to their pet Norks. And, it might be too late to do anything about it.

The problem is that putting a Nork on a leash has proven to be impossible, so China might be about to let the US shoot their pet Nork. Norks make bad pets, and you eventually hafta shoot ’em.

Day 355.1. Pay To Play Super Summary – From Imran’s Server To Anthony’s Laptop – YouTube

This is George Webb’s high level overview of what has gone on from day 1 to day 355. The amount of dirt is absolutely extreme, and I’ve been paying attention to this for a long time. And, a bit thank you to Karl for encouraging me to continue.

I cannot stress enough how important this is. It strikes right at the heart of the evil that is in Washington D.C. It isn’t ALL the evil. But, it touches the very heart of it.

In fact, it is so bad, that I truly pray that the Wrath of God would be poured out upon that city, and that it would be completely destroyed. Yes, I know that this is harsh, but I know what I am hearing, when George speaks. This is absolutely mindblowing.

Unfortunately, to cure America, the wrath of God would need to also be poured out upon our churches. The reason why Washington gets away with the truly horrific evil that they have been inflicting upon the world, is because the American Church is preaching an American Christianity.

Remember that Jesus is not an American. And, I have some poor moron who has been sending me email, claiming that Jesus is. So let me repeat that again.


Las Vegas Shooting – An Illuminati Master-minded Agenda – (Extended article) | aminutetomidnite

I’m putting this link in two differen’t places. Here and under the Las Vegas Shooting category.

I’m putting this here, because Tony brings up something that we often dismiss. There really are people out there, who are as passionate about Lucifer, as we are about God. They act in secret and are more numerous than they appear to be.

Remember that conspiracies always fail, if there are too many people involved – unless there is a religion to tie them together. Of course, deciphering the actions of this ‘religion’ is difficult. There are too many who claim to know, when they do not. And, there are also disinformation agents that ‘muddy’ the waters.

So, read this and contemplate the enemy. There’s no need to fear these minions of Satan. But, there are too many Christians who have spent too much time in ignorance of The Enemy.

However, if you are unconvinced, come to Taiwan. The Enemy is alive and well here and holds dominion in the hearts and minds of too many on this island – especially, outside of Taipei.

How Facebook Outs Sex Workers

Okay, this is pretty important, and it demonstrates the complexity of our interactions, the complexity of life, the complexity that ‘The Enemy’ needs to deal with.

Facebook is mining its data for patterns and connections between isolated bits of data. When it sees patterns and connections, it uses that information to introduce you to other people and sell advertising. Those ‘introductions’ are highly disturbing to some very evil people – in this case, prostitutes.

Part of the problem that these prostitutes are having, is that they do not realize that they are sharing a truly gigantic amount of information with Google and Facebook. And, Evil people tend to be a bit sloppy about these kinds of things. Not all Evil people are sloppy, but most.

This is one of the reasons why grand conspiracies have so much difficulty. They need to control EVERY DETAIL.


Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, tried to plan ‘the perfect crime’, but that ‘perfect crime’ required that he control all the details of that crime. And, he missed some vital elements. Because of that, his plan failed.

Americans have a saying that ‘The Devil Is In The Details’. Well, God is too. And, God regularly sticks a thumb in the eye of Satan because Satan’s minions can’t possibly control all the details of their horrifying plans.

The good thing, is that we – as Christians – do not need to control any details. We just need to obey God. We just need to submit to God and let Him handle the details.

Also, did you notice how casual the writer describes prostitution?

It’s almost as if being a whore isn’t as bad a thing, anymore. It’s a symbol of how far American society has fallen. Morality has eroded so much that there seems to be very little left.

So, my question to the patriotic Americans, is this:

Why do you want to preserve The Empire?

The “Anti-Hate” Group That Is a Hate Group – YouTube

The Southern Poverty Law Center. Send this link to ANYONE who thinks that they are a legitimate organization. They wish to destroy ANYTHING and ANYONE that advocates moral values and smaller government. And, they DON’T want to destroy the KKK. After all, without the KKK, they couldn’t make false claims that this person or that person was a member, or affiliated.



These articles have a more individual importance. They cross categories, and are often in their own category. And, I think that these should be your first stop in your reading.

Media Give Trump Most Negative Presidential Coverage in 25 Years | Donald Trump | media | The Epoch Times

I don’t trust the Epoch Times – a Falun Gung newspaper – any more than I trust the New York Times.

Okay… maybe it’s not quite as bad as the NYT, but they’re incredibly biased. And, many of their sources are deeply flawed. In short, they do sloppy journalism.

But, this pieces looks and sounds accurate.

The media hasn’t had this much hate for a president, since… um …since… uh …Hoover? Andrew Jackson?

I mean the hatred for Trump is beyond compare. No time in modern history have we seen so much character attack with no reason whatsoever.

Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin accused of racketeering

In the ‘Not News’ department, we’ve discovered – yet again – that Google is evil.

It’s good that they decided to take down that motto, Don’t Be Evil. Otherwise, we’d hafta call ’em hypocrites.

China is living the future of mobile pay right now

New systems are always rolled out and tested in the third world. And, places like China that have a voracious appetite for the new and exciting… well, they are perfect testing grounds.

However, in the hinterlands of China, I’m wondering if this ‘cashless society’ is as prevalent.

SNL’s Lorne Michaels reveals why he didn’t roast Weinstein | Daily Mail Online

Wait. Liberals are hypocrites?

Shocked! SHOCKED, I tell you!

‘Harvey Weinstein’s Media Enablers’? The New York Times Is One of Them

And, the NYT is also a hypocrite?

Oh dear. I’m not sure that I can take it. The shock is too much.


I can hardly breathe.

I need some air.


Solar Storm Vulnerability & the Magnetic Pole Shift | S0 News Oct.8.2017 – YouTube

I don’t often hear Geomagnetic Induced Current (GIC) used, but it was used here. GICs will be the main reason why the electricity will go out and your computer will be fried, when a Solar Flare happens.

Of course, when Ezekiel’s Fire happens…. It will be so bad that I’m not sure that GICs will have a chance to blow out the electricity.

Just be ready for the worst.

Oh, and this video indicates that the effects of Solar Flares are worst in the Southern Hemisphere.

Solar Wind Intensifies – Magnetic Perturbations – YouTube

Okay, this is an interesting analysis of the what happens when solar storm hits Earth. I watched this with rather more intent than I normally do, since it gives something of an indication of how Ezekiel’s Fire will affect the Earth.

I’m still uncertain about what to say about the best place to be in the even of Ezekiel’s Fire – other than to be able to live without electricity for… well, possibly for years.

Haters will say this is fake – GIF on Imgur

Of course, it IS fake, and it demonstrates how easy it is to create a video that looks real, but isn’t.

Do not believe everything that you see on YouTube. Please.

YouTube Censored Me AGAIN – Deleted My Video – And You Won’t Believe Which One! – YouTube

The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

As Mark Dice says, Liberalism really is a disease. It’s almost as if these people are attempting to prove that there is a God, by demonstrating what happens to you, when you don’t believe in Him.

Only God can cure the diseased mind.

Apple pushes gay marriage on Australian customers – YouTube

So, not only is the US government pushing homosexuality, but so are American companies. Of course, you probably knew this, but you can see it in action… right there …in Australia.

Again, as I said last week, America has become the most evil nation on Earth. No one produces more filth and then sells it to the world. No one. America is the Queen of entertainment, pornography and every obscenity on the planet.

Yes, you can point to other countries with lax morality, but when was the last time you saw a Dutch movie? Beligian pornography? A Danish ad for gay marriage?

With America, you get all three. And, remember that English is THE language of the world – which is why there are many Omega Shock readers who read and speak English as a second language.

The first step to solving a problem – if it can be solved – is to admit that there’s a problem. You need to see how evil America is. You really do. You will not be able avert the wrath of God upon America, unless you see America as God sees America.

Unfortunately, I believe that it is too late. There’s always a time limit for repentance. Just read your Bible, if you don’t believe me. America’s cup is full. Her evils are obscene.

Get out, while you can, if you can and if God is leading you to do so.

The Mainstream Media Loves the Alt-Right – YouTube

An interesting argument from Paul Joseph Watson.

The neo-Nazi alt-Right wouldn’t EXIST, if it weren’t for the mainstream media getting hysterical every time the white-nationalist morons had a tiki torch parade.

I guess that the great thing about these neo-Nazis is that the mosquitos will stay away – since they’re carrying… you know …tiki torches.

I would LOVE to know when the morons in the mainstream media will wake up, but I already know the answer.

REBUTTAL: Vox Tries To Cover ANTIFA’s Tracks | Louder With Crowder – YouTube

I almost want to put this in the humor section, but the topic is serious – even though VOX is being COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS.

What morons – which is the OTHER category that I wanted to put this in. It’s as if they have no idea how stupid they look. (Which is part of the problem.)

So, be careful when watching this video. You might ‘face palm’ yourself so hard, that you might need stitches.

Stupid Pronoun Laws Are There for a Reason: To Habituate You to Tyranny – YouTube

The word ‘habituation’.

Now THAT is an interesting word.

Here’s the Wikipedia entry:

Habituation is a form of learning in which an organism decreases or ceases its responses to a stimulus after repeated presentations. Essentially, the organism learns to stop responding to a stimulus which is no longer biologically relevant. For example, organisms may habituate to repeated sudden loud noises when they learn these have no consequences. Habituation usually refers to a reduction in innate behaviours, rather than behaviours developed during conditioning (in which case the process is termed “extinction”). A progressive decline of a behavior in a habituation procedure may also reflect nonspecific effects such as fatigue, which must be ruled out when the interest is in habituation as a learning process.

The habituation process is a form of adaptive behavior (or neuroplasticity) that is classified as non-associative learning. Non-associative learning is a change in a response to a stimulus that does not involve associating the presented stimulus with another stimulus or event such as a reward or punishment. (Examples of associative learning include classical conditioning and operant conditioning). Habituation is the decrease of a response to a repeated eliciting stimulus that is not due to sensory adaptation or motor fatigue. Sensory adaptation (or neural adaptation) occurs when an organism can no longer detect the stimulus as efficiently as when first presented and motor fatigue occurs when an organism is able to detect the stimulus but can no longer respond efficiently. In contrast, habituation is a learned adaptation to the repeated presentation of a stimulus, not a reduction in sensory or motor ability.

Some related phenomena to habituation include sensitization and stimulus generalization/discrimination. Sensitization is the opposite process to habituation, i.e. an increase in the elicited behavior from repeated presentation of a stimulus. There may also be an initial increase in response immediately prior to the decline (a sensitization process followed by a habituation process). Another related phenomenon is stimulus generalization, when habituation occurs in response to other stimuli that are similar to the original stimulus. The opposing process, stimulus discrimination, is when habituation does not occur to other stimuli that are dissimilar to the original stimulus.

Yes, yes, I know. It’s Wikipedia. However, it’s also accurate. And, you need to internalize this.

In fact, the analogy of the ‘boiling frog’ is all about ‘habituation’. The frog considers warmth as a part of its natural habitat, so it ignores the heat. Eventually, the heat gets too much and the frog gets cooked. But, it was habituated, first.

Well, this is happening to us. Especially, to Americans. Everyone that I know, who is a Christian, who returned to America after a long time away, was shocked at how immoral America had become. But, the average Christian in America that had not been living abroad, did not see the change.

They had become ‘habituated’ to the evil around them. That’s why I get so much pushback from American Christians, when I talk about how evil the US has become. They have no idea how horrifying the US has become. They became used to the evil.

But, I refuse to do that, and many of you feel the same way.


It’s important. It might save your life. It might even keep you from losing your eternal life.

American Pravda – NY Times I

Project Veritas has again demonstrated their ability and courage. Most of us have known that the New York Times is ‘Dirtbag Central’. They have been the bastion of immoral liberal morons for… well …for a long time. A VERY long time.

I was tempted to put this in the Israel section, because I have seen the NYT deliberately lie about Israel. They KNOW what the situation is, but the deliberately put Israel in as bad a light as possible.

As a result, Islam was ‘beatified’.

If we took the time to unravel the history of how we got to this place and time, we could see the NYT’s part in how Islam has risen. But, it was a group effort. And no, I don’t believe that there was any collusion – other than reporters at the bar, sharing their views.

Satan hates Israel. Reporters at the level of the New York Times, are minions of Satan. CNN is a breeding ground for minions of Satan. The same goes for other ‘big name’ news organizations. So, this means that there will always be a ‘consensus’ over Israel, without having to get together and talk about it.

So, no collusion.

It’s just Satan and his kids.

Remember that the ‘rehabilitation’ of Islam, in the eyes of liberals did not happen until AFTER Israel captured Jerusalem. Until then, Israel was the underdog and the Arabs the oppressor. In 1967, the sides switched. And, the PLO – which had begun a couple years before – now became… interesting.

Oh, and the Palestinians were the ’cause celebre’ of the socialist darlings. With the capture of Jerusalem, the PLO rocketed into first place. Every communist rebel group wanted a handshake from ol’ Yasser Arafat.

Project Veritus [sic] Goes Inside the New York Times, 1828 – YouTube

Here is Bill Still’s own look at what Project Veritas has reported. Unfortunately, I must report that the New York Times has ALWAYS been corrupt. ALWAYS.

There might have been times when truth was important to the New York Times, but I can only say that as a theory. But, truth is NOT important to the NYT. Only paychecks. The fatter, the better.

If you don’t believe me, ask John Swinton:

There is no such a thing in America as an independent press, unless it is out in country towns. You are all slaves. You know it, and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to express an honest opinion. If you expressed it, you would know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid $150 for keeping honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for doing similar things. If I should allow honest opinions to be printed in one issue of my paper, I would be like Othello before twenty-four hours: my occupation would be gone. The man who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the street hunting for another job. The business of a New York journalist is to distort the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to villify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread, or for what is about the same — his salary. You know this, and I know it; and what foolery to be toasting an “Independent Press”! We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping-jacks. They pull the string and we dance. Our time, our talents, our lives, our possibilities, are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.

– John Swinton, 1883

Unfortunately, it is difficult for Godly men to really understand the evil in men’s hearts. We naturally do not organizations like the NYT as being evil. We don’t naturally suspect ANYONE. It is only with hard experience that we realize the evil of those around us.

The media is not free and never has been free. It has been the tool for evil men and women for far too long.

Having said that, there are smaller newspapers that aren’t as evil as the NYT. There are even journalists who still hold the ideals that drove them to journalism in the first place. I haven’t met very many of them, but they are out there.

It is the great tragedy of mankind, that we are so evil. We are all despicable, dishonest cowards and deserve an eternity in Hell.

How dare we claim to be so righteous, when we are so evil.

To those of you who seek to take me to task for not being patriotic, I have one answer for all of you:

Do not place your nation between you and God.

We are not of this world. We were bought with a price. To place anything between us and God, is idolatry.

We are not patriots. We are Christians. If you don’t know the difference, then I wonder whether you know God.

(I wasn’t expecting to write all that, when I began this comment.)

American Pravda, NYT Part II – Exploiting Social Media & Manipulating the News – YouTube

This is part II of the Project Veritas series on The New York Times. And, if I had not already gone on a full rant (above), I would certainly be ranting now.

Part of the process of mind control, is to limit the information that your mind feeds on. And, that’s what the NYT and YouTube are doing here. They are saying look over here and not over there.


Please. Stop being a target of their machinations. You need to wake up and realize that we are standing at the end of the world, and it only gets worse from here.

Gatekeepers Exposed | James O’Keefe and Stefan Molyneux – YouTube

Listening to this interview reminds me that evil people think that they are good. And yes, you really need to understand that. Evil people believe that they are good. The evidence about this fact is overwhelming.

So, let me repeat this:

Evil people do not believe that they are evil.

Evil people believe that they are good.

And, when you expose their evil, they launch into self-righteous outrage and try to destroy you. My hope is that you will understand this.

My wife and I have been involved in exposing several wolves that have attempted to break up and destroy our church, here in Taiwan. They. Were. (and still are) Wolves. And they do not – and did not – consider themselves to be wolves.

So, as Project Veritas exposes the evil… they will try to destroy James O’Keefe. And, he has now begun to have concern that they will kill him.

Oh, and that reminds me. Evil people will ALWAYS consider the Good to be Evil. Even Paul the Apostle wrote on this:

15 For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish:

16 To the one we are the savour of death unto death; and to the other the savour of life unto life. And who is sufficient for these things?

2 Corinthians 2:15-16

Please. Have a Savour (odor or fragrence) of Life. Those who are Dead will think that you smell bad, but you’ll smell good to The One who counts.

The “Official” Story Will be the ONLY Story We Get to Hear – YouTube

This is where the world is going, and you need to prepare yourself for it. Truth is the enemy, and it has always been the enemy – even to the makers of this video. Truth lays bare the soul and leaves no room for pride, power and arrogance.

No one wants the truth. It destroys everything that man creates.

And, that’s why you need to consume as much of the truth as you can, while you can.

Seed Giants See Fresh Start in Gene Editing – WSJ

Great. MonSATANo is looking for a way to ‘rehabilitate’ its image and get back to doing more GMO.

Hey kids!

Let’s poison your food with more gene editing. We promise that it will taste fine.

Bannon putting Senate majority at risk in 2018, Republicans warn | TheHill

You mean that cleaning out the dirtbags from the Republican Party is a threat to their power in Congress?

Well yes, it IS a threat to the power of the dirtbags in Congress. And, since most Senators and Congressmen are dirtbags… it’s a serious problem.

I say, “Go get ’em, Bannon!”

They’ll kill him, if there’s any chance that he’ll succeed, so don’t expect him to. But, I like the idea of bringing down dirtbags.

I want the dirtbags in government tried for treason.

Call Bannon’s bluff: The only way he’ll beat GOP incumbents is if they fold | New York Post

Oh, and this gives me another thought.

Please remember that I was on the inside of the Republican Party in Indiana, in the late 80s. I was at the lowest rung of the ladder. In fact, I was so low, that I dare not say a word. But, it allowed me to see how corrupt the Republicans and Democrats were. Even in Indiana – a state that you would not think of as being corrupt.

If there is anyone good in either party, I don’t know who it is. They are full of the most foul beings on planet earth. They are Satanic to the core. Absolutely, completely, given over to Lucifer their god and leader.

Remember, that you cannot beat Lucifer by playing Lucifer’s game.

Only in Jesus Christ, can this ‘game’ be won.

A Surprise From the Supervolcano Under Yellowstone – The New York Times

I don’t know how much of a threat Yellowstone is. But, it IS a threat.

To my mind, there is no way that America can escape judgment. None. The only question is how.

Will God use Yellowstone? An EMP attack? Something else?

I really don’t know, but God’s Wrath is coming for America. Anyone who is reading their Bible, knows that there is no other possibility.

Hollywood is a Satanic Cesspool – YouTube

Yeah. Cesspool describes it.

Remember all that I’ve said about how I want God to destroy Los Angeles – or, at least all the areas that produce movies and pornography (same thing)?

Well, every day reinforces that desire.

‘Lost an election?’ Russian news outlet to remove D.C. ads that seem to reference Clinton’s defeat. – The Washington Post


RT mocks WaPo and the rest of the msm.


Pharmacy hand-delivers drugs to Congress, a perk for the powerful

This quote, from the article, should make ANYONE nervous:

Mike Kim, the reserved pharmacist-turned-owner of the pharmacy, said he has gotten used to knowing the most sensitive details about some of the most famous people in Washington.

“At first it’s cool, and then you realize, I’m filling some drugs that are for some pretty serious health problems as well. And these are the people that are running the country,” Kim said, listing treatments for conditions like diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

“It makes you kind of sit back and say, ‘Wow, they’re making the highest laws of the land and they might not even remember what happened yesterday.’”

Unfortunately, since this is an issue of national security… assuming that I would want to keep the American Empire going …I would want/need the names of those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

However, I am not concerned with US national security, and I want the American Empire to fall as quickly as possible. I love Americans, but I detest the empire.

I hope that you understand the difference.

Well, it didn’t LOOK like wet concret…

I should probably put this in the moron section, but since it’s not about anything with evil in it… it doesn’t really qualify.

But, it is a snapshot of humanity.

We. Just. Never. Learn.

Plague is Starting in Africa | Armstrong Economics

Is Pestilence riding through Africa again?



This is just a temporary category, but there’s something about this that requires some attention. Hopefully, enough of the facts will come out, that I’ll be able to delete this category, soon.

Las Vegas Shooting – An Illuminati Master-minded Agenda – (Extended article) | aminutetomidnite

Tony’s analysis is important, since he is a professional in sound and sounds. He has a wealth of experience in how big music events work, so he provides an input that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

The only thing that I can really add is a bit of physics, and my own observations about real combat. Remember that bullets break the sound barrier. That’s why you always hear two types of sound, when a gun is fired from far enough away. Depending on your position, the first sound is the explosion of the gunpowder in the bullet casing. The second is the sonic boom that is made, for as long as the bullet exceeds the speed of sound.

Of course, there’s also the issue of echoes, and that would require an analysis of the kinds of materials that the sounds are bouncing off of.

The only other thing that I can add is my experience in 2001, when my neighborhood in southern Jerusalem was being shot at, by the Tanzim in Beit Jallah. My memories of that time are fading, so I don’t know if I should put myself foward as any kind of ‘expert’. All that I can say, is that what I heard in the videos, conforms to what I heard, at night, in my bedroom – as I was trying to sleep.

There is something unmistakable to the sound of automatic rifle fire. It’s different from the sound made by a belt-fed machine gun. Also, the AK-74 and AK-47 have a slower, heavier sound than the M-16 and M-4.

I say all that to reiterate that those were real bullets, and I have personal experience with being shot at, from that far away. But, I was in no danger, since there was at least one big building between me and the fightng. More like two.

Okay, ’nuff said.

Great article, Tony!

Rebel Planet Dispatch: Why Investigators Will Never Learn Stephen Paddocks Motive For Mass Murder

This is the thing that most people do not realize. Evil is its own excuse.

Those of us who are in Taiwan and/or watch what has been happening in China, know that there are those who commit murder, for the sake of murder.

Yes, I know that this is difficult for most of you to comprehend, but most ‘westerners’ that come to Taiwan routinely deny that there is such a thing as a ‘demon’. I was shocked when I first heard of this, but it’s true.

Someone here, was having a Bible study in English. And, he asked the group if there was anyone who did not believe that demons existed. The only ones to raise their hands were the westerners. All the mainland Chinese and the Taiwanese KNEW that there were demons.

And, we’ve seen the murderousness of these demonic possessions.

Demons ALWAYS want to kill. ALWAYS. The only thing resisting them, is a healty Body of Christ.

Unfortunately, the Body of Christ is dying in America, so the demonic are being given ‘free rein’.

Vegas Shooting – Follow the Money Trail ! – Censorship and Secret Societies – YouTube

This is a 17 minute video where Tony of A Minute To Midnite goes into more detail on the Las Vegas shooting. There are some very suspicious events that occurred before the shooting, and they are definitely worth noting.

We need to be careful in how we speculate, and make sure that people understand that this is what we are doing. Since Tony is a man of integrity, that is exactly what Tony does. He knows the difference between fact and speculation.

Do you?

Make sure.

Use restraint as you consider these things. Coincedence does not indicate correlation. There might be a connection. There might not be. Do not let speculation twist your mind. Too many people have gone off, chasing rabbits. Don’t do that.

Stay steady.

Reserve judgment, while at the same time, keeping your eyes open.

And yes, the Earth is still a globe.

(Great work, Tony)

Explosive possessed by Stephen Paddock may have been used in NYC bombing – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Interesting. It’s a correlation, but it doesn’t mean that both events are connected.

However, it’s worth pursuing the possiblity that there’s a connection.

Former Trump Campaign Official Claims Las Vegas Shooter Made ISIS Tape » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

So, there is evidence that Paddock had become a Muslim.

Very, very interesting. And, he might have turned to Islam, because of the demonic torment that he was experiencing, as he slept.

The Las Vegas Shooter Story Changes Once Again – YouTube

A rather good summary of what we know – from seven days ago – about the Las Vegas shooter.

2nd Gunman? Revisited, 1819 – YouTube

So far, this is the best analysis that I’ve seen so far.

There aren’t enough ‘spent cartridges’ in the room of Stephen Paddock, to accound for all of the bullets fired. Nor are the magazines big enough to shoot off as many rounds as he did.

Where are the drum magazines?

And, the windows on the fourth floor were removable. The other question is about ballistics.

Are we going to get a chance to see where these bullets came from?

It should be clear to everyone that there was more than one shooter. It’s flatly not possible for Stephen Paddock to have done more than a small part of the shooting.

And, God bless the cop who leaked the photos. At least someone in that department isn’t corrupt.

Police, FBI seek public’s help in finding motive behind Las Vegas massacre

Wait. They want the public’s ‘help’ in finding a motive?


So, start providing us with more information. I get tired of the games that governments play.

And, let’s not forget that Andy McCabe was involved. When you see Andy ANYWHERE, you know that the most horrifying evil is nearby. If that man isn’t a Satanist, he’s the next-best thing.

So, if no one can find a motive, then maybe someone ELSE was the shooter.

Just remember that they want our ‘help’, so they won’t tell us of that possibility.

Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama Rule on Birth-Control Coverage – WSJ

Trump want’s to eliminate subsidies for ‘sex without consequences’?

You mean that, if I was living in the US, I would have been paying money to young women who wanted to have as much sex as they wanted, without having to bear the consequences?

Yeah. Sorry. But, ‘sex-without-consequences’ is part of the problem that America has made for itself.

What a Prosecutor Looks for at a Murder Scene: Forensic Pathology, ME Reports, Toxicology and Data – YouTube

An interesting bit of information on the importance of analyzing the body.

Will we see the forensic report for this incident?

I doubt it, ‘cuz there’s sumthin’ fishy about this.

Who’s Afraid of YoBot?, 1820 – YouTube

Wait. Paddock shot himself in the HEART AND IN THE MOUTH?

Look, guys, when you are constructing a ‘false flag’, please murder your ‘patsy’ in a way that makes sense.

I am struggling to understand how the Deep State could be this stupid.

10 Characteristics of False Flags – YouTube

I just can’t get over the FACT that the official story about this ‘Las Vegas Shooter’ just doesn’t fit.

I don’t get it. I don’t see it. The details don’t make sense.

And, it means that they aren’t telling us something.

Seven Incredible, Unanswered Questions?, 1821 – YouTube

Again, more questions that need to be answered, questions that will probably cause this video to be scrubbed, by Youtube.

I am sickened by this, and I’m betting that you are too. This does not make sense. Period.

After Las Vegas Shooting, a Tight-Lipped Sheriff Faces a Maddening Case – The New York Times

How is it possible for Sheriff Lombardo be a ‘good guy’, when his jurisdiction is so vile and evil?

How is it possible that such an evil population would elect a ‘good guy’?

But, he might indeed… be a good guy. He might. I’m even willing to make this my operating theory.

So, let’s assume that he’s handling this the way that a sheriff should, that he’s not being obstructed in his investigation.

Why did Stephen Paddock not leave a ‘suicide not’ or angry ‘manifesto’, that others like him have done?

Well, it sounds like he thought that he would be pulling off the ‘perfect crime’, that it would be a ‘perfect mass murder’. It sounds like he believed that he would escape and be able to evade capture.

That is the ONLY REASON why he would not have left a ‘manifesto’ behind. He expected to survive and not be captured.

And, that’s the ONLY REASON that you can contemplate, if Sheriff Lombardo is a ‘good guy’.

This does not leave out the need to look for accomplices. And, it sounds to me like he had one, one that betrayed him.

The other possibilty is that someone else was the shooter, and that Paddock was just the ‘patsy’ – a victim, instead of a villain.

And, if I was Sheriff Lombardo, and wanted to find this accomplice/shooter, I would try to make sure that this shooter felt like he ‘got away with it’. If I was the sheriff, that’s what I would do.

Remember that psychopaths walk among us, who look for opportunities to ‘commit the perfect crime’. They enjoy the challenge. There’s a thrill that they get out of taking these calculated risks.

I am just curious that YouTube is taking down videos that talk about this.

Las Vegas gunman seemed like ‘a rational man,’ Steve Wynn tells ‘Fox News Sunday’ | Fox News

This is an excellent ‘summary’ of the problem.

Stephen Paddock was a completely rational man. He was calculated and calculating in his risks. He always knew what he was doing, and he had perfect self-control.

There was literally NOTHING in his character that could have pointed to him as being someone who could do this. NOTHING.

So, there’s something wrong, something missing, something that we aren’t seeing.

Vegas prostitute says Stephen Paddock enjoyed violent sex | Daily Mail Online

Okay, this lends itself to the theory that Paddock was planning ‘the perfect crime’.

Las Vegas gunman shot security guard a full six minutes before opening fire on concertgoers, police reveal – LA Times

Okay, this is a good sign. It means that the police are handling this case with honesty. Otherwise, they would not have changed the ‘timeline’ this way. Those of you who are wanting to turn this into a ‘false flag’ need to think before you leap.

If this were a ‘false flag’, they would not have changed the timeline like this.

If the security guard was shot six minutes BEFORE the shooting began, it raises even MORE questions. In a ‘false flag’ operation that has moved into ‘damage control’ mode, you don’t change the timeline. You just don’t.

Okay, ’nuff said about that.

It looks to me like this guy really was attempting the ‘perfect crime’. I’ve heard of people planning such things. I even know someone who got away with one, but I didn’t have enough evidence to go to the police. He eventually was caught attempting a second ‘perfect crime’.

Remember that about two percent of all men and one percent of all women are psychopaths. Until now, they’ve been resisted by those who aren’t.

Not any longer.

Insider Stock Trading Before Attack, 1824 – YouTube

Except for Tony’s article at the top of this category, you’ll notice that these links are in the order that I saw them. In fact, that’s how I try to list articles, unless I group them together, as a subcategory. Even then, I try to let you see them in the order that I saw them.

So, this dovetails with the Satanic conspiracy element to this. If there WAS such a conspiracy, you can see that someone was reaping some ‘cui bono’, before it all went down.

The other possibility is that Satan and his minions were offering a bit of protection. This stock trading might have been demonically encouraged, rather than directly.

We’ll see, but there’s a stink about this, in ways that are hard to ignore.

Body Language: Las Vegas Briefing 10/09/17 – YouTube

Okay, it really does sound like the sheriff really does believe that there is only one shooter, and that no one was helping him. It does not appear that he’s hiding anything.

So, until we have new and better information, I’m prepared to stick with the solitary shooter that had planned ‘the perfect crime’. As the sheriff said, we have not seen ANY evidence of ANYONE near him or with him. The only thing that we have, is a receipt for meals for two people – which could have been one of the prostitutes that he spent time with.

And, in the end, it doesn’t matter – at least in terms of who did it and why.

What matters is that God’s hand of protection has been lifted, and evil is being given ‘free rein’.

Body Language: Steve Wynn – YouTube

This one ends on an ominous note:

We’ll be seeing more like this.

Unfortunately, with the evil in the world, as it is now… the answer is yes.

Here in Taiwan, we’ve had similar situations like this Paddock guy, but with knives – and a sword, in one case. In fact, one of the people that helped us during our Vacation Bible School event, was a victim of ‘mass casualty’ event where a young man deliberately trained for and planned a knife attack on the Taipei Metro Rapid Transit. He chose the longest stretch between stations, and then started stabbing to death, as many people as he could.

This happened in 2014, and you can see the details of the attack, here:

There was no motive, other than the irrational desire to kill as many people as possible. Since guns are illegal here, he was unable to acquire one and do more damage than he already had done.

The point is that senseless, mindless, insane violence is alive and well. Expect more of this. It’s coming.

Worker warned hotel before Las Vegas shooter opened fire on crowd – CBS News

Another piece of the puzzle.

It looks like the shooter did not account for the security being so careful about checking when doors stay open too long – or, are open at all. He didn’t think it through, and it messed up his plans.

He was expecting that no one would realize where he was, until after he had escaped through the ‘jammed fire escape’. Unfortunately, for him, he ‘messed up’.

The thing is about evil people, is that they always mess up.

Body Language: Las Vegas Maintenance Man – YouTube

Okay, this is the ‘worker’. And, it looks like he’s being coached through the earpiece.

Sorry, bad sign. Very bad. We’ll see what else comes up. Hopefully, I won’t need to ditch my ‘non-psyop’ theory.



Right now, Trump is a distraction. Some call him savior. Others call him devil. And YOU are probably being distracted by all this.

Please don’t be. Trump is just a guy who wanted political power, and got it. He likes winning, and he won. He still likes winning, and he will try to keep doing so. He’s also smart, which means that he will probably succeed – at least, some of the time. But, he isn’t going to save America. He isn’t going to chart a new course. He isn’t going to make America great again. And, it’s becoming more and more clear that he has been lying to us.

The best that he will do, is not be as bad as the alternative. But, I’m afraid that he will be AS BAD as the alternative. He certainly looks like he’s selling Israel out.

Please get this into your head:


The sooner that you get this point, the better.

Those of you living outside of America already see this, and YOUR concern is the fallout from America’s fall. The only thing that I can point to, for you… is the Bible and Ezekiel’s Fire.

Scoop: CIA director Pompeo considered to replace Tillerson – Axios

Great. They’re going to push in another ex-military guy into Trump’s inner circle. Yeah, Pompeo only served for four or five years, but he’s a West Point grad. He’s also Harvard. He’s also a Dominionist.

Sorry, but this is bad news, if it’s true.

John Kelly’s personal cellphone was compromised, White House believes – POLITICO

I’m not sure what to make of this.

Was this a part of the Awan, Pakistani spy ring?

Or, was this just the CIA trying to monitor ‘The Generals’ that surround Trump.

Traveling in style: Trump’s White House wrestles with Cabinet costs – The Washington Post

Now THIS is absolute and disgusting hypocrisy from one of the most disgusting newpapers in the country.

…which means that we expect this kind of reporting.

Was there so much as a ‘peep’ from the press over Obama’s luxurious and expensive travels?

Of course not.

This is the prostitute press at it’s most obvious.



I hope that you will forgive me for wanting these people dead. With a thorough trial, first to establish the facts… then, a swift execution.

God help us all.

Up to 50 witnesses for Cardinal Pell sex abuse hearing – The Local

I’m sorry, but the Roman Catholic (Satanist) Church is the single largest group of child rapists in the world. No one is more organized. No one protects its child rapists more effectively. No one is better at raping children and getting away with it.

If you want to rape children, become a priest – especially a Jesuit.



This category has expanded significantly. It’s as if the flood gates on this issue have opened. It’s an indication of the seriousness of the situation. And, it’s very serious, indeed.

Ethiopia is an extremely corrupt government and has made worthless promises that they will carefully fill the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. I believe that they will fill that dam as fast as possible, drying up the Nile, just as chapter 19 of Isaiah said that they would.

It is said that they will begin filling the dam, next year.

This is going to be traumatic for Egypt – just as Isaiah said.

Death of the Nile – BBC News

Okay, this is the BBC, so you can see a bit of propaganda in this one. But, it is a physically beautiful analysis of a river that is dying. There really is no hope for this river, and it already doesn’t quite reach the Mediterranean. It’s already being used up, and the GERD will dry it up. Completely.

Existing only from the Nile, Egypt fears disaster from Ethiopian dam | The Japan Times

Some very interesting analysis on what is happening on the Nile and with the Nile. And, it all spells defeat for Egypt and death on a wide scale.

Here’s a quote:

Once the fill is completed, the flow would in theory return to its previous levels, but the fear in Egypt is that the damage from the fill years could be long-lasting or that Ethiopia could build more dams and hold Egypt hostage by continuing to reduce the flow.

One study by a Cairo University agriculture professor estimated Egypt would lose a staggering 51 percent of its farmland if the fill is done in three years. A somewhat slower fill over six years would cost Egypt 17 percent of its cultivated land, the study claimed — still a catastrophic scenario that would hit the food supply and put tens of thousands out of work in a country where a quarter of the work force is employed in agriculture.

Internal government studies estimate that for every reduction of 1 billion cubic meters of water in Egypt’s supply, 200,000 acres of farmland will be lost and livelihoods of 1 million people would be affected, given that an average of five people live off each acre, a senior Irrigation Ministry official said. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the figures.

Other experts say the impact will be far smaller, even minimal.

It is obvious that the writer of this piece does not understand that Egypt is very close to starvation, right now. When you start removing farm land from cultivation, Egyptians will start dying. They’re already malnourished.

The only thing that tells me that the situation isn’t as bad – yet – as it could be, is that we aren’t seeing the kinds of epidemics that accompany starvation. At the moment, were just seeing the fall of cognitive abilities among children that aren’t getting enough food, or the right kind of nutrition for physcial development.

And, when the GERD comes online…



We’ve been talking about the collapse of the economy and financial system for a very long time, and every day that collapse is delayed… well …the collapse just gets worse and worse. Eventually, it will be an explosion that will devastate the world and lead to chaos, confusion, death, destruction and war. Lots and lots of war.

In fact, it has begun already.

By the time that you see it, it will be too late to do anything about it.

Danielle Park–Nothing Makes Sense! #3722 – YouTube

This is an excellent summation of why I would never invest in the stock market, unless I was following a strategy like that of Gregory Mannarino.

Oh, and the title of Ms. Park’s website:

Yeah. That is EXACTLY what we are doing. In spades. With fuses lit.

Michael Pento – Crazy Stock Market Will Crash – YouTube

As I have said before, I will trust Martin Armstrong over ANYONE, in terms of making predictions. Armstrong says that the market will double. Armstrong has been right in his earlier predictions, so I’m not prepared to disagree with him.

On the other hand, I’m pretty jumpy over the stock market. I don’t see how it can continue like this. And, it looks like Michael Pento can make money for your portfolio even if the market doesn’t crash.

Gregory Mannarino seems to have the best system, but that requires a lot of work on YOUR part. If you want someone ELSE to manage your money… Pento might be good.

Having said that, I am not giving you financial advice, and I am no longer a financial advisor. In the issue of finance, win or lose, you are on your own on this one.


This is a big crack – a VERY big crack – in the financial system. Or, maybe I should say that this is an ADMISSION of a very big crack in the financial system. And, this is the reason why Gregory Mannarino is so alarmed.

For the IMF to admit this is big. Very big.

More Americans are living alone after recession | TheHill

This is another interesting indicator that I had not considered – people not getting married, because they can’t afford it.

Which tells me that the title is wrong. Maybe we should stop calling this a recession, and stop using the word ‘after’.



When economic and financial collapse comes your way, you need something tangible to weather the storm. Right now, I cannot think of anything tangilble that is so fiercely undervalued and universally recognized as gold and silver.

There might be other things that are better. I just can’t see ’em. If you can think of something better, share it with us.

And, while I am a bit cynical about cryptocurrencies, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t an alternative worth looking into.

John Rubino–Beware of Mega-Hackers! #3720 – YouTube

Some sobering thoughts on a lot of different topics, but the conclusion is preparation. In this case, gold and silver.

The hackers are getting REALLY good. Have something of valuable that is portable and not hackable.

Andrew Hoffman–Bitcoin Blows Away The Competition #3726 – YouTube

This highlights what will be the driving force behind ‘cryptocurrencies’. But, let me put it to you this way:

When was the last time that you wrote a check?

Some of you will say:

What’s a check?

Well, credit cards will follow checks into the dust bin of history. The reason is that they are less secure than cryptocurrency, take longer for stores to receive their money (28 days), and are horribly expensive (3%).

Of course, banks have been making A LOT of money on credit cards, and they won’t want to give up on this ‘cash cow’. So, what will they do?

Simple. Fight back. And, they will enlist the government for help. And, the government will WANT to help, since they will see these cryptocurrencies as a threat.

Can the banks and the government get in on this quickly enough, to keep bitcoin from taking over?

Yes, if they use violence.

Which they will – since they always have.



These are at least worth a chuckle. And, it might save you from going nuts.

I had a bit of a laugh at these, and I hope that you will too.


How would you like to listen to a 24 hour – actually 23 hours, 59 minutes and 48 seconds – lecture that completely describes socialism in every way. It is probably the most comprehensive description ever.

And, you’ll understand what I’m talking about, if you just listen to the first minute or so.

Really, it’s the best 24 hour explanation that I have ever heard.

Just some doctor/patient stories I found funny – Album on Imgur

Who has patience for patients?

Where Bushido meets Kawaii – Album on Imgur

Now this is cute.

And, this is A LOT like Mrs. Little. Deadly. Beautiful. And, that little dance…

I’ve seen her do that one.

She even looks a bit like the woman in the picture – except that Mrs. Little is MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL!!!

( Mr. Little is afraid of no one on this planet, except for Mrs. Little. )

“oh I can’t come with? think again.” -Dog probably – GIF on Imgur

There are some dogs that you just can’t say “No” to and get away with it.

Whoa – Album on Imgur


This should get all the Flat-Earth-Living-In-A-Matrix morons all in a tizzy.

WHOA, indeed!

He didn’t even realize he was taking a bath – Album on Imgur

Usefull. I had no idea that you could do this.

Next time, this is what you do.

You’re gonna regret that…

Problem solving at its finest.

Things are not always what they seem… – Album on Imgur

Not humor, but cool.

Seen in France – Album on Imgur

France is Bacon?

Who knew?

The Hedgehog’s Dilemma – Album on Imgur

Okay, this guy knows how dogs think.

It’s a talent.

How hedgehogs think… that’s a different problem.

Accurate analogy of my first semester of grad school – Album on Imgur

Sorry, I almost busted a gut with this one.

And yes, I’ve been to ‘grad school’. It wasn’t like this, but it’s still funny.

Play Play Play – GIF on Imgur

Okay, this is an example of dark humor, if you need one.

‘It’s a cross walk, you stupid bikers!’ – GIF on Imgur

Not humor.

Just rodents of unusual size.

Good boy of the day – GIF on Imgur

Goldens are always ‘good boys’ – even if they’re girls.

Mr. Marty Blue on Instagram: “Part 2 of 2 – 6 months old #goldenretriever #goldenretrievers #goldenretrieverdog #goldenretrieverpuppy #cute #cutie #cutedog #cutedogs…” • Instagram

And, goldens even love to sing.

I used to have a dog like that.



I’m sorry, but I can’t stand it anymore. There are just too many morons, so it needs its own category. And, I do this to maintain my own sanity. They’re driving me THAT crazy.

Now, here’s my rule for who appears in this section:

A person or organization who is EVIL ANNNND STUPID.

People who are just stupid, deserve our compassion. My heart goes out to them, because their life is going to be painful until they stop being stupid.

But, those who are evil?

Well, I want them to repent. I really do. I do NOT want ANYONE who is evil to suffer an eternity in Hell. But, if they refuse to repent, I want them destroyed.

May the wrath of God be upon all who refuse to repent. May the blessings of God be upon those who turn from their wicked ways and acknowledge God.

Dr. Seuss museum to replace mural after complaints of racism

Well, it didn’t take long to find our first entry to the moron section.

People were racist. It’s a part of history. You need to learn about that history, so that you won’t repeat it. But, since most people are morons, we never learn.

I get so tired of these things.

I’d heard that ‘Dr. Seuss’ wasn’t the most wonderful person on the planet, but that didn’t keep us from enjoying his books.

After Harvey Weinstein Scandal, Late Night Hosts Come up Dry :: Grabien News

Whoops! A little hypocrisy shows up on the Left.

This is why Left-wingers are all dirtbags. And, if they aren’t dirtbags, they’re drooling idiots who believe the lies of lying liars.

And, I’ve met far too many people that I care about, who are drooling idiots.

What do you do, when you love a drooling idiot?

(And no, Mrs. Little is not a drooling idiot. I’m not talking about THAT kind of love.)

Harvey Weinstein Flying to Europe Tonight for Sex Addiction Rehab |

Have you noticed that when a liberal dirtbag gets caught being a dirtbag, that they always go to some dirtbag rehab?

It’s the ‘act of contrition’, to demonstrate that they aren’t really bad.

That’s why it’s so easy to be a liberal. You don’t need to account for your crimes. You just need ‘rehab’.

Now, I’m not saying that there isn’t a need for people with addictions to go through ‘rehab’. But, I’m hearing that most of those ‘rehabs’ are a just a warehouse for miscreants.

Frightening clowns continue to spook Israel – Israel News – Jerusalem Post

Another one for the moron section.

Yes, there are morons in Israel. After all, wherever you see humans, there will be morons. The good thing is that morons in Israel tend to have rather ‘Darwinian’ endings.

Pulling a weapon out, is often a good way to have chlorine poured into your gene pool.

Chinese woman blinded in one eye after playing game likened to electronic heroin


I don’t understand why people would allow themselves to be consumed by something like this. Only a weak-willed moron would do this.

I genuinely feel sorry for people who are this weak and this stupid and this consumed by the world. And, it makes sense that the Chinese would be vulnerable to this, since any concept of personal morality has been stripped away from them by the Communists.

Donna Karan defends Harvey Weinstein and blames victims | Daily Mail Online

I didn’t even read this. It’s so incredibly hypocritical. This lying liar of a woman is protecting a dirtbag, while attacking those who do the same, but don’t agree with her foul beliefs.

Double standards?


New California law allows jail time for using wrong gender pronoun, sponsor denies that would happen | Fox News

Wow. More proof that morons live in California.

I think that I face-palmed myself too hard. I left a bruise.

Why Stanford Researchers Tried to Create a ‘Gaydar’ Machine – The New York Times

Great. More hysterical morons.

If someone created an algorithm that could tell if I was a Christian, I’d be like… SO?

But, there’s a hullabaloo over the fact that they were able to teach a machine to tell if someone was gay, or not.

Morons. Morons. Morons.

Clueless Christopher Columbus Coerced Collective Cathexis Cacophony – YouTube

It’s THE Lionel of Lionel Nation, who has decided to go sideways on Christopher Columbus. No. Really. Sideways.

You hafta see it to believe it.

And, those morons that he’s talking about…. Wow.

Detroit firefighter fired for bringing watermelon to station – Story | WJBK

Okay, I didn’t need to even read this, but I did anyway.

When word ‘Detroit’ is in the headline, you know that it belongs in the moron section.

Justin Trudeau on Raising His Kids as Feminist – International Day of the Girl

Don’t read this. I couldn’t, although I tried.

It’s pure moron, at the very start, and it went downhill from there. I don’t know how far down it goes, and I don’t want to find out. I have a weak stomach, when it comes to drooling idiots like this.

Come on, Canada. You did not need to sink this low. You really didn’t.

Collective consciousness to replace God – author Dan Brown

Dan Brown is a moron, and I can’t believe that he’s still ‘kicking around’. They guy needs to be in a mental institution.

People need to believe in god. Yes, I used the lower case specifically. Our Creator – God – created us with a need to worship a higher power than ourselves. It’s built inside of us, and I believe that it is more than our DNA.

It’s in the soul.

And, this poor moron doesn’t get it.



Islam is the most vile and Satanic religion on the planet. It is violent, repressive, racist and supremacist. It isn’t just a religion. It’s an ideology that seeks to destroy any nation, country and government that it comes in contact with.

These are the articles that demonstrate what Islam REALLY is.

Nabeel Qureshi, Muhammad, and Aisha – YouTube

This is an interesting discussion of how Nabeel Qureshi left Islam, and became a Christian. And, it’s an example of how you can and should challenge someone’s beliefs – when they make no sense, whatsoever.

Warning. Adult sexuality is discussed. Not for sensitive ears, if you have any.



We are seeing the fulfillment of the words of Jesus, right now. And, it seems that Islam is leading the way. What insanity!

What is wrong with North America and Europe?

Have they – and we – gone insane?

EXCLUSIVE – Gay Porn Kingpin Michael Lucas: Muslim Homophobia Becoming ‘Very Inconvenient’ for Liberals – Breitbart

This was painful to read. The guy being reported on is vile. He’s a foul fiend from Hell. He is truly evil. But, he’s pointing out something that all of us have been saying for a long time.

Muslims hate gays.

But, the liberals, the Elites and the homosexuals will not acknowledge this. And, he points this out. And, since he has ‘pointed this out’, he is being shunned by the gay community.

This man is completely repulsive.

But, at least, he’s being honest.

Rebel Planet Dispatch: The Decadent West Falls into a Coma as Islam Jihads for World Domination

I just don’t undertand this coma.

Why is the West allowing this to happen?

I’ve been ranting about this for a while, and the only answer is the stupidity and stupor that comes with wickedness. And, it’s just so stupid.



When I first realized that Russia was backing Khalifa Haftar in Eastern Libya, I realized that this helped me identify a big piece that I was missing in the Gog and Magog puzzle. All the other members of the Gog and Magog alliance had identified themselves and were moving into place – except for Cush.

Cush is a part of the Gog and Magog alliance, and I’m not sure whether that is Ethiopia, Sudan or another country in sub-Saharan Africa. We’ll see how Cush falls into place. But, for now, we look at Libya.

And, looking at Libya means looking at the fortunes of Khalifa Haftar.

First tanker docks at Benghazi port since 2014 closure | Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

This is an extremely big deal, and it seals the fate of Libya. Khalifa Haftar is going to conquer Libya. All that’s left is to calculate when he finally takes over.

Why do I say this?

Because Haftar now has oil revenues to fund his military. And, his opponents are divided and without significant funds.

Fairly soon, Libya will be able and willing to heed the call of Russia to join the Gog and Magog alliance.

‘Working Together’: Russia and Italy Could End Libyan War – Sputnik International

It looks like Italy has chosen to work with Russia, in support of Haftar. And, I believe that it is a sign of desperation. There have been so many ‘refugees’ (economic migrants) flooding into Italy, that they’ve been forced to make a ‘deal with the devil’ – Russia and Haftar.

The US is undoubtedly unhappy with this outcome, but there’s little that they can do about it. Russia is winning in North Africa, and America did it to itself.

Salafists loyal to Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar control Sabratha, declare war on Tripoli – Libyan Express – Libya News, Opinion, Analysis and Latest Updates from Libya

And, Haftar takes another step closer to Tripoli and control of all Libya.



I’ve been writing about the coming of Gog and Magog for a while. You can find a lot of that, here:

And, the articles below point to that coming. I really, Really, REALLY hope that you’ll be ready for this. Please read Ezekiel’s Fire to make sure. (And yes, it’s free.)

Rebel Planet Dispatch: Russia & Iran The Nature of Negative Consequences

Marcel is correct to concentrate on Russia and Iran, instead of the hysteria over the Norks. Yes, there will probably be a war with North Korea. And yes, America will probably be damaged by it.

But, Gog and Magog will do even greater damage. Much greater, and the US is driving them into an even closer alliance than they would normally have been in, if they had been left alone.

Body Language: Russia and Saudia Arabia Meeting – YouTube

Hmmmm… Russia bored. Saudis depressed.

Yup. Terms of surrender.

Thousands demand Putin quit as birthday protests turn violent

So, the heat has been turned up a bit, on Putin. He’ll shrug it off, for now. But, he can’t do that forever.

At some point, he’ll need to do something. I believe that ‘Gog and Magog’ will be that ‘something’.

Russia accuses U.S. of pretending to fight Islamic State in Syria, Iraq

Anyone who has been paying attention to the conflict in Syria knows that the US has been supporting ISIS, whether by omission or comission.

I suspect that it’s more of an ‘omission’, since members of the US armed forces would rebel if they were asked to do support missions for ISIS. So, the US can’t depend upon her own military to do the job.

Turkey, on the other hand, was CLEARLY supporting ISIS. You could see it with your own eyes, just by looking at the map of the conflict a year ago. But, the Kurds cut the Turkish supply line to ISIS and terrified the Turks.

Turkey’s response demonstrated how poorly trained the Turkish military was.

And, the US – if it was actively supporting ISIS – could no longer use Turkey for that purpose.

It’s a tangled web. My suspicion is that the CIA supported ISIS, but the US Army did not. Whether that’s true, or not, is hard to say.

How Far Does Putin’s Power Go? – VisualPolitik EN – YouTube

Okay, this is an interesting – if simplistic – view of Russia and Vlad Putin.

For instance, he says that when Putin came to power, he pushed for an expansion of the military. Not true. He only did this AFTER the 2008 war in Georgia, that was started by the US. That war showed that the US wanted Russia destroyed, and that Russia’s military was hopelessly outdated, under-trained and lacking in morale.

And, the American hubris on display in this video is breathtaking. But, empires always do this, before they fall.

However, many of the points in this video are good. Russia is a thin and overstretched country. It is fragile, in far too many ways. There’s very little depth to their economy, so they will need to act aggressively to protect what they consider to be breakable.

Which is why there will be a war that includes Gog and Magog.

Oh, and please, if you have a disagreement with my analysis, or information that would show a different perspective. Do not hesitate to mention this in the comment section. Omega Shock readers are awesome, and many of you have provided perspectives that I could not have acquired on my own.

The bear steps in when the eagle flies away | Arab News

This is a surprisingly good analysis of how Russia has been able to act as a ‘unifier’ in the Middle East. It is proving itself as a dependable ally, and that means that it will be able to create the kind of alliance that will eventually attack Israel and murder 66% of Israelis.

I cannot tell you in just words, how painful it is to say something like that, but the Bible says that two thirds of everyone who lives in the Land of Israel will die. Maybe a large part of that will be the Arabs that hate Israel, and that thought is somewhat mollifying to me. But, only somewhat.

Just because I care about the Jews in Israel, does not mean that I do not care about the Arabs.

But, I rely on the fact that God is good, just and merciful. He knows what He is doing, and He takes no pleasure in the death of even the unrighteous.



The Land of Israel and the People of Israel are at the heart of what is happening in these Last Days. God is at work IN Israel and WITH Israel.

If you are against Israel, then you are a supporter of Islam and Satan.

If you are FOR Israel, then you support the work of God and the victory that God will have over Lucifer.

Please join me in that battle.

US Launches Military Base in Israel – Latest American News Today

This is something that has never happened before. And yes, the appropriate word is NEVER.

Israel’s alliance with the US has been with the American people, and never with the US government or the US military. Israel does not trust the US government, since the US has done much to damage Israel’s national security.

However, support for Israel among the average US citizen has kept the worst of America’s government from acting against Israel. Unfortunately, that support for Israel is dying, as Christianity dies in America. And yes, you heard me right.

Christianity is dying in America.

Therefore, I believe that Israel has had to make a deal with the ‘lesser of two evils’: the US Military. Since the CIA has been Israel’s enemy from day one, there was no hope in that direction. With the military, there was some hope of rapprochemont.

And, the US military is having some problems in the Persian Gulf.

Unfortunately, none of this is a good development.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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43 thoughts on “So Many Distractions, So Little Time”

  1. John…and readers,

    This week, I think on Thursday (yesterday), over the radio news (Moody Station for Chattanooga, TN), state that the Americans in South Korea are holding emergency evacuation drills for US military and officials there and their families. A big heads up that soon they will be evacuated (goes with the 6 month time period frame you gave above).

  2. Whew!! That was a lot of ranting. I just read the wounded security guard in the hall, was an accomplice according to CNN. I was still contemplating more yakking on last Friday’s topic. There was footage of US, and British planes dropping supplies to ISIS in Syria. I think it was about the time RUSSIA made the Saudi’s back up over there. Different footage showed infrastructure being bombed by US planes. I saw a post that showed the same woman at 4 different terrorist type events.
    Imagine in 82 or 4 I am pretty sure, if the UN set about pushing global warming knowing it was false, what do you think all those billions were spent on. Global depopulation?? Haarp?

  3. “America is the Queen of entertainment, pornography and every obscenity on the planet.”


    “In the measure that she glorified herself and lived luxuriously, in the same measure give her torment and sorrow; for she says in her heart, ‘I sit as queen, and am no widow, and will not see sorrow.’ ” Rev. 18:7

    Be sure to read it all in context–Rev. 17-18. Not sayin’ America is Babylon the Great, but wow.

    Oh–the downplaying of prostitution as evil…now they’re called “sex workers”. I’ve been seeing that line in the local media for a few years now. You know, they’re just working gals–just doing the 8 to 5. 8pm to 5am, that is.

    Thanks, John.

  4. Brother little sometimes when we look beyond the wall we have built we can widen our perspective. Here is a link to an article” I am an amillennialist because of Revelation 20”


    • Hi Tom morgan,

      Look beyond the wall?

      The only ‘wall’ that I have, is the boundary set by the words of God, in the Bible. Truth is defined by this wall. Within is the truth of God. Without is the realm of Satan.

      Here is a pretty good definition of Amillennialism from Wikipedia:

      Amillennialism (Greek: a- “no” + millennialism), in Christian eschatology, involves the rejection of the belief that Jesus will have a literal, thousand-year-long, physical reign on the earth. This rejection contrasts with premillennial and some postmillennial interpretations of chapter 20 of the Book of Revelation.

      The amillennial view regards the “thousand years” mentioned in Revelation 20 as a symbolic number, not as a literal description; amillennialists hold that the millennium has already begun and is identical with the current church age. Amillennialism holds that while Christ’s reign during the millennium is spiritual in nature, at the end of the church age, Christ will return in final judgment and establish a permanent reign in the new heaven and new earth.

      THAT is heresy, and it condemns you. My hope is that God will not erase your name from the Book of Life. But, God doesn’t consult with me on who enters the New Jerusalem.

      Tom, I fear for your eternal place, in the life to come. For your own safety, you must repent of this heresy.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • John, amillennism is a view held by a multitude of Christians throughout the ages. Many whom have stood and given their lives for the sake of the cross of Christ. You seem very quick to throw out this word heresy. I personally was just sharing a link to others that see esscetology different than you. I was schooled in premillennialism , and like you have seen the fallacy of the rapture teaching. But of late I have been giving amillennilism a hard look through the living Word of God, as have multitudes of Christians who love their Lord and savior and His Word. Being of a a Beraen mind set, willing to search the scripture to see if these things are true is what the Word teaches, willing to look over the wall that we have been taught or created . John I have read your website for many years and some of the things you have shared have be very helpful and I have looked forward to each weeks post, but the Rick Wiles comment on heresy left a bad taste inside and felt the need to say a multitude of believer see the word of God in that light, in that way and they came to those conclusions through much searching of the scriptures. Praise be to our God and savior Jesus the Christ

        • Hi Tom morgan,

          I wish that I could agree with you. I really do. And, I don’t like to ‘throw around’ that word, heresy. But, the Bible is very, very clear about the Millennium and when it happens. It is also clear about what happens to you when you take away from the book of Revelation.

          Are we ruling and reigning with Jesus Christ?

          Has Satan been bound in the Bottomless Pit?

          Has the First Resurrection already occurred?

          If you can’t see that you are tearing chapter 20 out of the Book of Revelation, then I would need to wonder if you have the Holy Spirit.

          Here is what will happen to you, if you persist with this idea of ripping out chapter 20 of Revelation:

          And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

          – Revelation 22:19

          Are you willing to suffer that outcome?

          Furthermore, all of that ‘vast multitude’ that you refer to, persecuted and murdered other Christians. Lutherans, Anglicans, Catholics and a host of other ‘Amillennials’, murdered our spiritual forebears in faith, because we refused to follow them or attend their churches.

          The militant, muscular and murderous ‘christianity’ of those who espouse Amillennialism should warn you that this is a heresy.

          Again, Jesus is clear on this subject. Ripping out chapter 20 will get you sent to Hell. I know that eschatology is difficult, and it’s difficult on purpose. Think of it as a test of your willingness to submit to God, or not.

          I am warning you, Tom, that if you go down this road, in the face of all the evidence, you will suffer for eternity.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  5. “We are not of this world. We were bought with a price. To place anything between us and God, is idolatry.

    We are not patriots. We are Christians. If you don’t know the difference, then I wonder whether you know God.”

    Wow. Well put, Brother John. (Standing ovation.)

    I consider myself a Christian Anarchist, meaning I am a political atheist. I withdrew all support for gubmint long ago because it is beyond evil.

    Christian statists, however, keep shoving Romans 13 in my face.

    If I’m being honest, on Judgment Day I would rather be asked “Why didn’t you support the empire” instead of “What did you do to stop the evil empire from killing millions of innocent people worldwide?”

    No King But Christ!!

  6. John,
    Just had to get back to you on this one. I’m visiting my dad and other relatives now, and the stuff they watch on tv is sometimes so putrid I can’t stay in the room. There’s reruns from one sitcom–from the 90s for heaven’s sake–that’s so gross it’s embarrassing. Shows you how long I haven’t been watching tv!

    I don’t get it, John. We’ve got everything needed to be “healthy, wealthy, and wise–and we run after crud. We’ve got a death wish. Just following up on your “Queen of entertainment, pornography, and obscenity” comment. How true.

    • Hi PrepperGal,

      This is an interesting article that got me a little annoyed. Of course, I’m rather easily ‘annoyed’ at times, so this is no big deal. However, my annoyance derives from the writer of the article making rather large claims about a controversial subject without establishing proof that he’s right.

      It doesn’t mean that he’s wrong. But, a nice, big, red flag starts waving in my mind, when someone takes on a controversial topic like this, and makes such claims without providing any evidence that his claims are true.

      What I’m referring to is his identification of the members of the Gog and Magog alliance.

      Is he right?

      I didn’t think so, at first. But, I did some digging and found some basis for why he says this. However, I’m left with an interesting thought.

      When God gave this prophecy to Ezekiel, God KNEW that it would be difficult to identify most of the members of this Horrible Horde. The only ones that we can identify without reservation are Iran and Libya. Outside of those two, we have limited information. And, being dogmatic over the sources that we DO have… is a bit of a problem.

      To put it another way, interpreting scripture by reading the writings of ungodly men, is something that we shouldn’t do very often. However, I also know that we are forced to look at the ‘times and seasons’ through the words of those reporting on current events, and those men and women are very rarely Christian. And, those few who ARE Christian, often have a twisted view of the Bible.

      Ultimately, we are left with the observation that we might not know WHO Magog is, until we see this alliance attack Israel. Of course, I’m using the word ‘might’, to say that we should do our best to identify these people.

      By the way, he’s wrong about Sudan. Of course, Sudan MIGHT be in the coalition, but they aren’t Cush. Yes, there is a small enclave of ‘Cush’ inside Sudan, but the Cushite language group is far, far more than that little group. You’ll find the biggest ‘Cushite Language Group’ encompassing all of Ethiopia and Somalia.

      Anyway, your comment has gotten me thinking and searching. And, I now have a nice big bookmark folder with a growing list of links. Hopefully, I will be able to shed more light on this subject in the near future.

      So, I thank you for pointing out something that I needed to do more work on, PG. Of course it also means that I shall be doing more wailing, flailing and gnashing of teeth!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. Let’s see, amillenialism believes CHRIST is already here?? I have re-read the definition almost a half dozen times now, and all I can say is BIZARRE!! SERIOUSLY?? After reading Revelation the first half dozen times I could only make sense of parts of it. After abandoning pre trib it started making a lot more sense. To believe that we are in the millennium now, should mean that Christ is here?Weelll, he is here but he is not? Is this just silly ole me, but does this boil down to, is the BIBLE true or not? Either you believe what it says, or not. Doesn’t adding to or taking away from THIS book have serious consequences? It sounds like someone wants to put things where they are not, to believe what is not written. Every jot and tittle, all will be fulfilled. How hard is that to understand. If JESUS were already here he would be destroying the Evil, anybody see that happening!! How does onecontinue to rationalize things untrue, after the first untruth it gets more bizarre for the next one. That boat has too many holes to float.

    • Hi Stephen Stone,

      As always, nothing in geopolitics occurs in a vacuum. I’m sure that China has a plan to invade Taiwan, but China’s neighbors have plans to keep China from doing these kinds of things. Japan, for instance, has a growing Navy. And, China has already provoked Japan to increase their military budget and change their constitution to allow for external military intervention.

      We’ll see how this plays out, but I believe that the most important quote from the article is here:

      But the big story in energy, internationally, is the projected peaking of Chinese coal production in 2020 before it starts falling away due to resource exhaustion. Chinese coal production of over four billion tons per annum is about four times the U.S. production level. Coal is the source of two thirds of power generation in China, about the same for chemical feedstocks and is the source of all the nitrogenous fertiliser they use. The energy content of Chinese coal production is equivalent to 58 million barrels of oil per day. The production cost of coal, and thus the cost of doing everything in China, will start rising once production has peaked. It is unlikely that China’s nuclear power sector will expand fast enough to compensate. Thus China’s competitiveness relative to countries that have plenty of coal remaining will fall. This will factor into President Xi’s timing of his war.

      THAT is far more serious than anything else. It’s a demonstration of peak resources that very few people are willing to contemplate. And, this kind of ignorance is deadly.

      Thank you, Stephen. I believe that to be an important link. Lord willing, this link goes in on Friday’s post.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. I have listened to Rick Wiles for over a year. It is obvious to me he is dedicated to the Lord Jesus and endeavoring to do His will. It is wrong to declare someone an unbeliever destined for hell because they don’t believe the same way you do regarding the Millennium or rapture. His belief regarding the Millennium disturbs me but I understand this is a difference in theories, not a basic world view difference.

    In the Creator/Creation world view history is a cycle of man’s failures and God’s revelation through a series of Covenants culminating in the restoration of all things. We have the Scriptures as an objective revelation from God about Himself, His plans and expectations which we could get in no other way. From this we get our world view perspective and values on which Christians must be united. We go on to build theories as to how things work, harmonizing all the various means for acquiring knowledge. This is doctrine for which there is less shared agreement among Christians.

    The Covenant of Grace (what we call the New Covenant) is the one for determining who is a Christian (is faithful to the Covenant). God’s Covenants consist of a seal made in blood, a historical act of God on which faith is based, a promise by God that must be believed, a reference to the Deliverer, and a consequence of failure impacting history. The seal of our Covenant is the crucifixion of Christ. The historical act of God that inspires faith is the resurrection of Jesus. The promise we must believe in is the return of Jesus to earth to set up His Kingdom. Jesus is the promised Deliverer. The consequence of failure is the Apostasy that brings the rule of the anti-Christ.

    Rick interprets Revelation differently than you and I but I don’t see anything in his beliefs that would lead him to accepting the anti-Christ deception. Romans 10:9 “If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved”.

    • Hi Marie,

      I’m sorry, but heresy is heresy. This is not just a ‘difference in interpretation’. This is a very, very serious assault on the Bible, and the words of Jesus Himself are clear:

      And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

      Revelation 22:19

      Rick Wiles has ripped out chapter 20 from the Book of Revelation. That can only mean that Rick Wiles is destined for Hell. To say otherwise would be to speak against the words of Jesus.

      Furthermore, he has spoken against the work of God in Israel, a work that was prophesied in the Bible, by many prophets in the Bible. And, he uses his platform to lead other Christians away from what the Bible says. And, when I gently told him that he was incorrect, I was blasted by him and then banned from his website.

      His attitude has all the hallmarks of a wolf and not a Christian.

      He may ‘believe’ that Jesus is God. But, so do demons.

      In the final analysis, Rick has ripped out Revelation 20. And Jesus told us what would happen to anyone who did that. They aren’t my words. They are the words of Jesus.

      I’m sorry, Marie, but I must follow Jesus.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • John, would you say the Reformation leaders, Luther and Calvin, also ripped out Revelation 20? They dealt very little with Revelation because it is a difficult book to understand and interpret. It may be a lot more relevant to us in these last days, but Wiles seems to be more influenced by those older denominational beliefs. And regarding Israel, I also was disturbed by his saying God had nothing to do with it becoming a nation again. However, I would guess as many as 50% of Christians have no understanding of Israel’s role in the end days (and its establishment was part of Lucifer’s plan to rule from Jerusalem). I don’t recall being taught about it in Bible school but I saw it for myself in Romans.
        I am more disturbed by Christians bad-mouthing and condemning other Christians when we are supposed to be coming into a unity on the most important things as per Ephesians 4. In your head the amillennial view is removing part of the Bible. If he printed a Bible version that eliminated it, that would apply, not simply misinterpreting or failing to interpret it. I was a Christian for years before I attempted it.

        • Hi Marie,

          I’m sorry, but it is important to call out that which is corrupt.

          Did Paul ‘bad mouth’ Peter, when he openly criticized him in Galatians 2?

          Did Christ ‘bad mouth’ the Pharisees when He called them snakes and vipers?

          Did John ‘bad mouth’ Diotrephes in 3rd John?

          When Paul was writing to Timothy, he said this:

          19 Against an elder receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses.

          20 Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.

          – 1 Timothy 5:19-20

          When an elder sins, he is to be rebuked before everyone – if there are at a minimum, two or three witnesses.

          I have a MULTITUDE of witnesses to the sins of Rick Wiles, and I did not need to dig very hard.

          This unBiblical ‘Code of Silence’ needs to stop. It is a sin, and it is how corruption entered the church. We need to start following the Bible, and not protect the sins of those in leadership.

          And, this brings us to your first point.

          I do not follow Luther or Calvin. I follow God. If the Bible says that a certain thing is true, then it is true. If a million Christians denounced me for it, then the fault is their own.

          Let God be true, and every man a liar. (Romans 3:4)

          Marie, we MUST hold the Bible closer than we have ever have before. Satan wants to destroy you, and he will succeed, if you aren’t careful.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • Paul didn’t say Peter was going to hell for what he did and the Pharisees were unbelievers. Definitely call out what is wrong, just don’t put yourself in the position to judge a servant of the Lord. I am calling it wrong to publicly judge a person liable to hell if they don’t believe everything exactly right. What you believe about raptures and millenniums is not what determines salvation or damnation. Confront what is wrong with the teaching but leave judgment of the person to God.

          • Hi Marie,

            I’m only reporting to you, what the Bible says. If you have a disagreement with this, then you have a disagreement with the Bible.

            Again, here is what Revelation says:

            And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

            Revelation 22:19

            If you have a problem with that verse, then you need to take it up with God. I am only reporting to you that the verse exists. The fact that Rick Wiles and others have ripped out Revelation 20, tells me where they will be, when eternity comes for them.

            Of course, I am not the one who is The Judge. I do not seek to convince Him. I can only report what I believe He will decide.

            Remember, Marie, that you can argue against reality all that you want, but it doesn’t change what is real.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

          • I should clarify it is wrong to publicly declare someone damned by wrong eschatology because this is giving people who hear it the wrong idea of God’s salvation. What you believe about raptures and millenniums is not what determines salvation or damnation.

          • Again, this isn’t about ‘eschatology’. That’s a man-made word. This is about what God says – in the Bible. If you choose to speak against God, Marie, then you should prepare to suffer the consequences of that. – JL

  9. Lazy article this week. “Danger in in the air???? What does that mean biblically. Have you forgotten this verse?
    Ephesians 2:2
    “Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:”

  10. What Went Wrong September 23rd 2017?
    The Rev 12 sign of September 23rd 2017 consist of many events. The only part fulfilled was verse 1. That was an easy one. Every so-called expert on this sign ignored versus 2,3,4 and focus only on verse 1 and 5. This was the crucial mistake. The result never gives God the glory. The Revelation 12 sign is still ongoing and if as suspected a start of Jacobs trouble near or in the last days before the Lord’s return. The next events to be fulfilled are versus 3, 4, and 5. The following events expected after Sept 23rd.


    See You Somewhere or In the Air! Written By: Markiss Renne

    • Markiss, a sign is something pointing towards something coming up. Nothing was supposed to happen that day. It merely tells us we are the generation that will see the fulfillment of what the sign depicts. My interpretation of the sign is the conversion of the 144,000 Jews which will rule with Jesus 1000 yrs.

        • I know we all rule with Him. The important part is the conversion of the Jews to recognizing their Messiah. I think you have an idea of where this conversion comes in. Before something else happens. Don’t recall what you wrote about this.

  11. In context of oil destroying America is very possible and very soon as countries move out of the petro dollar will cause economic collapse but not due to lack of oil. Venezuela sits on the largest oil reserves in the world yet at this point in time the poorest and just opted out of the petro dollar for gold backed yuan. Again which side of the fence do you prefer? Good luck spreading the gospel of truth in China yet it must be done and there will be martyrdom for sure. Are you willing to die like a martyr? We are are living in the time of the 5th seal. It has been opened. Evident now ecspecially in Africa and Middle east.

    • Hi Markiss,

      Oil doesn’t destroy America. Dependence on oil, and then the impossible cost of it, destroys America. Also, Venezuelan oil is virtually unusable. It’s expensive to pump out of the ground. And, refineries have trouble refining it into transportation fuel, because it’s so heavy.

      Nor am I saying that oil is running out. As I keep repeating and repeating and repeating, it is the cost of oil that matters. When the cost outweighs the benefits, they will stop pumping the oil.

      It’s that simple. Why people can’t see this, is incomprehensible to me.

      As for the seals, I do not disagree that many of them have been opened. The timing of those will be hard to see until we are in the midst of them.

      Please try to see what I’m saying, Markiss. I may not be the best communicator in the world, but I am far from the worst.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  12. Does, I know thee not!”. Come to mind?? How about, “you have your reward. Rather than take down the teacher, what happened to studying the textbook to find proof for or against the argument. If every word in the book is true, there will only be one outcome. I have listened to a lot of preachers, and gotten some good from most. If everything in the BIBLE is going to be fulfilled, right down to the dotting of I’s and crossing of T’s, it will be fulfilled. If someone tells us the truth all day today, and tells a little lie tomorrow, what does that make them?? Jesus said do not be deceived. Satan even starts off using the truth. What if the preacher tells us the truth to the point up to where he has been deceived. We are to search the scriptures daily, rightly dividing the word of truth. We are to be observing the signs waiting for his return. If JESUS were already here, nobody sees him, because he heals people, and casts out demons. There would be a mass exodus his direction once word got out. He obviously is coming next time bringing a sword to purge this world of evil, look around and show me where this is happening. If JESUS is sposed to be here, who will be listening for the trump, shout, or looking. I don’t get it. I know when it happens I will look and see POWER and GLORY!!! What will the deceived see?? Dadgummit!! I almost forgot if JESUS is already here, when did Satan show his self. Oh he left already uhmmm that don’t fit. Are we supposed to follow GOD, or the preacher.
    I was not planning on ranting this topic again.

  13. Oops that was sposed to be yea yea or nay nay.
    You peeps keep talking about peak energy, and I can’t disagree with you on it. There is the nagging ? That doubt that thingy, that Deception thing that has been at work for so long. It’s like every dime we make half of it goes for lies deception bribes and cover-up. I have a friend that has some ground, with 140;000 tons of high sulphur content bituminous coal under it. He told me this decades ago. First it was pollution then it became global warming that De-industrialized our nation. Do we think for one minute that research to cleanburn this coal has never been done? Do we think these evil so and sos aren’t hiding things until after we are supposed to be gone. “o” gave away 9 oil rich islands in the Bering strait to Russia. Oil fields here remain untouchable for environmental reasons. Our nation couldn’t be bankrupted if we were sitting on a goldmine. The petrodollar was created for a reason. Nefarious as it was. How many battles were fought over resources. Almost bankrupt, scrambling for resources, we must set off so steal from someone. We are the eternal bad guys, Satan has to get Israel grouped in there with us. Half of South America hates, most of the middle east. Our society has corrupted most of our friends. I would not be surprised if after Satan’s purge of everything GODLY, that there will be resources aplenty. You know, false alarm, we lied. Just a thought

    • Hi mangledman,

      When I talk about Peak Energy, I’m speaking from a ‘macro’ point of view. There will always be small details that you miss, when you speak from that point of view.

      When you delve into the details – i.e., the ‘micro’ point of view – you see that there are places where energy resources have been overlooked. Those small patches of energy might be viable. They might not be. But, even if they ARE viable, they will not change the equation.

      I personally believe that this whole ‘global warming’ foolishness is an attempt to reduce energy consumption, so that what’s left is used more economically. But, when you base a strategy on a lie, it will always backfire, since people begin to distrust everything that you say, when you attempt to gain their cooperation.

      As for war, history shows that they are almost always fought over natural resources of one kind or another. But, we begin these wars with a lie – to ourselves – that this or that war is for just reasons.

      Good input, MM. I appreciate it.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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