It Takes an Epiphany

I’ve seen a few things, just recently, that impress upon me that the hour is late. The signposts for the Last Days are flying by as our civilization races down this Highway to Hell.

And yes, that’s an awful song for an awful civilization.

The problem is that far too few have woken up. And, of those who are awake, too few have put all the pieces together.

I am puzzled by this ‘putting pieces together’ business. When I look back on my own eureka moments, I realize that ‘putting all the pieces together’…

… well …

…It takes an epiphany.


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It Takes an Epiphany

[EDIT: Pray for those in the path of Irma. This one is bad. – JL]

An Epiphany is a lot like a lightening bolt out of nowhere… or, maybe know-where. I’ve had a few of them, and one of them resulted Ezekiel’s Fire. An even earlier one resulted in Omega Shock.

In fact, I’ve had more than just a few. I’d have to sit down think through those epiphanies. Some of them might be like that time when I told the investment group that I worked for to throw all their client money into Apple, in 1997. But, people don’t listen, and that investment house folded not long after.

My advice to buy Apple in 1997 wasn’t an epiphany. It was just a smart investment choice.

But, Ezekiel’s Fire?

Now THAT was an epiphany!

By the way, before I go on with that word, here’s a definition:

An epiphany (from the ancient Greek ἐπιφάνεια, epiphaneia, “manifestation, striking appearance”) is an experience of sudden and striking realisation. Generally the term is used to describe scientific breakthrough, religious or philosophical discoveries, but it can apply in any situation in which an enlightening realization allows a problem or situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective. Epiphanies are studied by psychologists and other scholars, particularly those attempting to study the process of innovation.

Epiphanies are relatively rare occurrences and generally follow a process of significant thought about a problem. Often they are triggered by a new and key piece of information, but importantly, a depth of prior knowledge is required to allow the leap of understanding. Famous epiphanies include Archimedes’s discovery of a method to determine the density of an object (“Eureka!”) and Isaac Newton’s realization that a falling apple and the orbiting moon are both pulled by the same force.

Yes, that’s a Wikipedia article, but it’s the best ‘general description’ that I could find on short notice. But, let me go back to that Ezekiel’s Fire epiphany.

I had been reading my Bible through, for decades, puzzling over how the pieces of the Bible fit together. I knew with absolute confidence that certain things were true. But, there were other things that didn’t seem to fit with what I knew.

Then I read Isaiah 30.

I knew why Israel MUST be saved BEFORE the Great Tribulation.

(And yes, you read that right. Israel. Must. Before. Tribulation.)

And, I could see that Isaiah 30 was a salvation-of-Israel chapter. I could see it… but …that sun. YEOW!

For decades I had been reading that chapter and having the implications bounce off of my skull, each and every time that I would read it. I just couldn’t get my head around an idea, that included a sun that was seven times brighter. I just couldn’t. But again, I’d been reading my Bible.

For some reason, as I was reading Isaiah 30, I was also puzzling over what that fire was, in Ezekiel 39. And, at the same time, I was also struggling with Zechariah’s horses, Zechariah 12. And, I knew that an EMP would keep cars from dri…


And THAT, was my epiphany.

I’m sure that there was more to it than that, but I hope that you get the point, because it’s important.


Because if the Body of Christ doesn’t get off its butt and do something, lots of brothers and sisters in Christ are going to suffer and die. And, the Body of Christ is sitting on its butt because it doesn’t understand the danger that it’s in. And, we have been sitting on our butts for so long, that it will take an epiphany to get us off of them.

I really don’t know what else it will take.

I’m wracking my mind for some way to communicate the seriousness of our situation and the need to take appropriate action. And, we may only have a year to do something about it.

That’s right.

Just a year.

It could be longer, and I’m bad on making calls on timing. But, the probability of Ezekiel’s Fire begins to increase dramatically in 2019. It COULD happen in 2018, but 2019 is more likely. And, the probability increases higher and higher as we hit 2020, 2021 and 2022.

I’m on the verge of hysteria over this, because of a few things that happened this week. And, you’ll see some of it in the research section, but I’ll also talk about it here.

Oil Production Flatlined

We are at the same production level of crude oil now, as in 2005. And, if you are a longtime reader, you know that the only reason why we have kept production as high as it has been is debt, more debt and lotsa lotsa debt.

But, do you understand the significance of this information?

It means, that for all of our effort, we cannot produce more oil than we are producing now. And, our wells are failing.

If you were a student of finance and geopolitics, you would understand what a disaster this is, and how quickly it is rolling down on top of us.

Our decline in oil production won’t be the same gradual slope, like we’ve seen in years past. No. It will be a cliff. And, that cliff will lead to wars and wars and wars and wars and…

This is so far beyond serious, that I don’t have words to express it properly. And, most people just don’t get it.

Please. Peak Oil happened in 2005, right on schedule. Get an epiphany, and see this. Or die.

Gog and Magog

Just a few of hours ago, I finished reading through an article sent to me by BigJon. The article was written by Caroline Glick, and it’s this one:

The strategic case for Kurdistan

You have no idea of the explosion that this will set off. It’s beyond mind-blowing. I don’t know if Caroline knows how big this is, but I know. I’ve spent too much time in Turkey. I’ve read too much on how the Turks think.

This will blow up the Middle East and set the stage for Gog and Magog.

It’s a signpost.

It just whizzed by.

Did you see it?

If you didn’t, you need an epiphany. Fast. Ezekiel’s Fire is coming, and you are not ready.

The Deadly Wound

Kim Jong Un just set off the biggest atomic bomb that he has ever set off. And, for the first time, his government has published their intentions to blast the US with an EMP weapon. And, they don’t need a bomb as big as the one he just demonstrated. And, Krazy Kim has the desire, ability and motivation to do this.

Does Krazy Kim inflict this wound?

Or, will it be a Mad Mullah?

Does it matter who?

The point is that the ‘developed world’ is horrifyingly vulnerable to an atomic EMP weapon. It is the one weapon that could inflict the ‘Deadly Wound’ described in Revelation 13. And, inflicting that ‘deadly wound’ would pave the way for Gog and Magog, and Ezekiel’s Fire.

This ‘deadly wound’ could happen tomorrow.

Are you ready for this?

Service Not Survival

Our job, in this world, is not to survive, but to serve. Survival helps us serve longer, but it’s a secondary goal. And, I sense that God is turning me away from this ministry of warning. I’ve been yelling at the top of my lungs, that danger is coming. Some have listened. Some have not.

My time of yelling is almost over. The time for a call to service is about to begin. I’m not exactly sure about what that means, but I know that two thirds of those in Israel will be cut off and die.

Those Israelis will need our help.

God has laid Israel on my heart for almost forty years. That tiny country lies at the center of the Last Days. And, as I said here…

God is a Zionist

If God has laid a different place upon your heart, then you need to seek to prepare for Ezekiel’s Fire, there. But, Ezekiel’s Fire is coming. There is no other way to see this, and time is running out.

If you need an epiphany, make it fast.



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My research sources are pretty wide ranging, and their number keep growing. So, instead of listing all of my sources, let me list the ones that deserve special mention:

A big thank you to all who sent me articles. I appreciate all of it.



Yup, more than just special, these links appear to be the most important of all. Seriously, start with these.

And yes, these are pretty serious.

The strategic case for Kurdistan –

BigJon sent this in, and it’s a fantastic piece that points to the ‘shortness of the hour’. Anyone who understands the geopolitics of the Middle East, will understand that Kurdish independence will tear the Middle East apart.

Let me try to set the stage for you, so that you’ll see it with ‘geopolitical eyes’.

The Kurds represent 20% of Turkey, and the the Turks are so terrified of the Turkish Kurds breaking away from Turkey, that they banned the very use of the word ‘Kurd’, in Turkey. And, a huge part of their military has the job of suppressing the Kurds. But now, the Turkish military has been dramatically weakened.

Furthermore, Sadam Hussein also weakened and subjugated the Kurds, as did Assad in Syria. But, the power of Syria and Iraq has been broken – courtesy of the morons in Washington and Saudi Arabia.

The result?

The emergance of an independant Kurdistan. It will take a gigantic chunk out of Turkey and fairly large chunks out of Syria and Iraq. And, it will threaten to take a large chunk out of Iran, because yes, the Kurds are there too.

Who supports the Kurds?


And, Israel has supported the Kurds for decades. And, as ISIS continues to collapse, the Saudis and other Gulf Arabs will also begin to support the Kurds.


Because the Gulf Arabs are terrified of Iran.

This is why the Gulf Arabs are beggining to cosy up to Israel. Israel is the only power that they can trust in the Middle East. Without Israel guarding their left flank, they are in serious danger as Iran gains power along the Shiite crescent.

What is this ‘Shiite Crescent’?

The areas where the Shiites are concentrated, from Iran, through Iraq, into Syria and Lebanon. The Kurds threaten that arc, since their area of control lies along this ‘crescent’, to the north. And, the gulf Arabs will want to counter Iranian power, by supporting the Kurds as a threat to this crescent.

The question is… how does Russia view these Kurds?

My suspicion is that the Russians will not like this Kurdish renaissance. The Russians want a more secure route to the Mediterranean, and the Kurds threaten that route.

The point is that this threat by the Kurds will cause the major players in the Gog and Magog alliance to be drawn into this area. And then… those players will attack Israel.

Please… the hour is shorter than you think. If you are not ready for this, you need to start getting ready.

Ezekiel’s Fire is coming.

(Huge thanks to BigJon for this one. Well done, brother!)

FEMA Chief, Miami Beach Mayor Warn: “Get Out Now, This Is A Devastating, Nuclear Hurricane” | Zero Hedge

People are saying that this one is worse than Andrew, and I know someone who lost everything in Andrew.

May God preserve all who are in the path of this monster, especially our brothers and sisters in Christ. Especially them.

This is a curious One-Two Punch, dontcha’ think?

Rebel Planet Dispatch: False Prophets, Money Changers and Swamp Man Trump

Marcel is in and around the target area of Irma.

Of course, Marcel isn’t stupid, so I trust that he will be fine. I’ve been through a few of these here in Taiwan, and I’m not exactly stupid, either.

But, pray for our more dim-witted brethren, that they would be fine.

Oh, and more importantly, that they would be freed from the False Prophets and Swamp Creatures.

(Be well, Marcel!)

How Muslims Are Becoming Disciples of Jesus | The Underground with Joel Richardson #77 – YouTube

This is an opportunity to make a distinction that I probably do not make enough.

First, we are about service, not survival.

Our goal is not to live long, comfortable lives in safety and security. Our goal is to serve God. All of our survival preparations should be focused on surviving SO THAT WE CAN SERVE!!! If that isn’t your priority, then you need to go somewhere else.

Seriously, Omega Shock is ONLY for those whose number one goal… greater than all other goals …is to serve God.

Second, Muslims are not the enemy.

I rant and rave about the evils of the mass migration of Muslims into Europe and the rest of the Western World. It is going to destroy Western Civilization and prepare the world for a global, totalitarian government. But, the Muslims flooding into our countries are mere pawns in the hands of the Elites.

Yes, they are violent.

Yes, they are barbaric.

Yes, they have a horrifying world view.

But, in the eyes of God, were you any better than these Muslim invaders, before Christ pulled you out of the mire?

I can tell you that you WERE NOT better than these Muslims, before God saved you from an eternity in Hell.

To put it in the way that Joel Richardson puts it… We couldn’t reach the Muslim world with the gospel of Jesus Christ, so the Muslim world came to us.

Are you up for this challenge?

Now, notice that Joel was forced to disable comments on this video. What a commentary on our spiritual condition.

The Most Dangerous Job in China | China Uncensored – YouTube

This is heartbreaking. A human rights lawyer, who became a Christian, has chosen to stay in China and be tortured, because there’s no one else to stand for the oppressed.

This is an incredible man.


May God bless and keep Gao Zhisheng. And, if anyone knows Trump, or someone close to him… let him know that Christians are being tortured in China.

More than half in UK are non-religious, suggests survey – BBC News

So, not only are Muslims invading Britain, but the British have discarded what little Christianity that they had.

The way for the Antichrist is prepared.

Interview With Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, Weapons Supplies To Militants In Syria – YouTube

An excellent interview on how the CIA and Saudi Arabia have been supplying weapons to ISIS. Dilyana is an exceptional woman with a big heart. And, it proves that the morons who have been trying to pin the blame on Israel… are wrong.

Anyone with half a brain, knows that Israel isn’t involved, but the morons always want to include Israel in this game.

For those of you in the CIA and the US Dept. of State, it’s time to stop the evil. It’s time to stop the madness. You stopped Israel from completely defeating Syria, in 1967. Now, you compound your error by aiding blood-thirsty fanatics.

The only criticism that I have of Dilyana, is that she doesn’t understand that these Muslim fanatics do not require any brainwashing. All that they need to do is read their Qur’an.

True fundamentalist Christianity is pacifist.

True Jewish fundamentalism is pacifist – which Israel is, even though she has been forced to militarize.

True Buddhist fundamentalism is pacifist.

True Hindu fundamentalism is pacifist.

But, true Islamic fundamentalism is insanely warlike.

Get the picture?

Ex-House IT aide Imran Awan pleads not guilty to federal bank fraud charges | Jamie Dupree – PBP

It looks like George Webb has made an impact.

And, it looks like the Pakistani spy ring is about to come into the light. Maybe?

‘RepDWS’ Laptop Placed For Cops To | The Daily Caller

Hmmmmm… now THAT is an interesting theory.

Very interesting.

Just keep track of George Webb and what he’s finding out.

Google – Most Powerful Monopoly in History, 1776 – YouTube

Here is an interesting question:

Is there ANY corporation in the world that has more power than Google?

Other companies might have more direct power, but Google can destroy anyone and anything by manipulating their search results. They can bring down governments or prop them up. Their power is incredible.

Interesting, dontcha’ think?

Political Backlash Grows Over Google’s Pressure To Censor “Independent” Think Tank | Zero Hedge

Hmmmm… Backlash.

I like that word.

Bookmark This: Over 400 Links Google Doesn’t Want You To Visit

There is a lie sweeping the alt-media, and it’s due to this article. I don’t know if the writer of this piece intended it to be the way that it seems, but the result is still a lie.

When you read this, look carefully. At no point in this article, does the writer claim that he has obtained a list of sites that ‘Google Doesn’t Want You To See’. The writer’s source is NOT Google. There is no GOOGLE in this, except a video from Truth Stream Media and a handbook from Google that describes how they intend to suppress information.

Those ‘over 400 links’ ARE NOT FROM GOOGLE!!!


Nor did the writer claim that they were from Google. So, PLEASE PLEASE stop this insanity. This article is only an information piece, describing a list of sites that Google PROBABLY doesn’t like. PROBABLY.

I get so tired of these hysterical rumors and the hysterical hoaxes and the hysterical everything.


Now, there definitely IS a dark side to this article. Very dark. Very evil.

Notice the number of anti-Semites on that list. Rense. Whatreallyhappened. Robert David Steele. Globalresearch. Veteranstoday. Sgtreport. Mintpressnews (FROM IRAN!). Paulcraigroberts. Informationclearinghouse. Davidicke. Realzionistnews. PressTV (ALSO FROM IRAN).

And, those are the sites that I know personally. I’m sure than a ton of other sites on that list are also horrifying.

The site of this article, and a host of others, is owned and run by Mike Adams of ‘Natural News’. And, he has demonstrated his hatred of the Jews, Israel and the Truth. And yes, he’s a liar.

I called him out on it, so I’ve been blocked on his sites. And, his lies about the Color Party disaster, on June 27th 2015, still ring in my ears. It was NOT a ‘gay pride party’, not in any way. But, he claimed that it was. When the Taiwanese demanded a retraction, he doubled down and claimed that we were all hateful of gay people.

I was just a mile away from the disaster, and a past church member was doing triage at the disaster. This was not a gay pride event. Not in any way. But, the truth doesn’t matter to Mike Adams.

Furthermore, Mike Adams supports the homosexual movement. And, if he lies about what we can see with our own eyes, what ELSE is he lying about?

Mike Adams is without integrity. And, if you point that out, he will demonstrate that by banning you from his websites.

Julian Assange – I Have The Clinton Emails, 1778 – YouTube

Now THAT would get heads to roll!

Go get ’em Assange!

Public School Teachers Lead Antifa Group | The Daily Caller

Finally, we have names. Hitler’s New Brown Shirts. Goebbels would be proud.

And, they are public school teachers.

Why am I not surprised?

A Beating in Berkeley | The Weekly Standard

Wait. The Antifa morons were fighting against THIS?

A half-Japanese guy and a Samoan?

Who were into peace, love and happiness?

I want to put this in the moron section, but this is too stupid for even THAT section. Antifa aren’t just morons, they’re Satanic imbeciles, drooling all over themselves.

They need to be deported to Sweden.

Talk of Assange pardon worries intelligence community | TheHill

Lots of quotes in here by a dirtbag who is trying to protect his corrupt cronies. Here’s one:

Why on Earth would you believe Julian Assange before the intelligence community?

Do you wanna list?

The CIA is the biggest drug dealer IN THE WORLD! No one transports and sells more heroin than the CIA or their pals in the Pentagon.


Survey: White Christians are now a minority of US population

And, of those who claim to be ‘Christian’, I’m betting that most aren’t.

God said that He values obedience over sacrifice, and American Christians have NOT been obedient. Not even close.

Alert! 40 Percent Of Americans Now ‘Prefer Socialism To Capitalism’ – The American Dream

The Moron Section is growing longer and longer by the day, and I would put this one there – except that it is far too serious.

This is the destruction of The West.

When will we realize that America is finished?

Dating app Tinder finds gold at Apple’s App Store

Long before Mrs. Little grabbed a hold of my life, I was shocked to discover that ‘just a date’, didn’t mean dinner and casual conversation. It was like a bucket of water being dumped over me.

This isn’t a ‘dating app’. This is a ‘casual sex app’.

Of course, you know this, but I am repulsed by this attempt to make casual sex seem okay. This app helps you ‘sleep around’. It helps you spread sexually transmitted disease. It helps you destroy your own morals and the morals of others.

It is a sick and twisted sign of the evil in our civilization – which is NOT civilized.

Tinder is Number One in Apple’s App Store?

May God’s wrath destroy our civilization for how evil that we are.

Twitter Bans Activist Mommy for Tweeting Her Dislike of Teen Vogue’s Anal Sex Guide | Parenting

This is beyond sick. Parents are buying these magazines for their children. And, if they aren’t buying them for their teen monsters, they’re letting them buy these revolting magazines.

America is doomed.

You might want to think about going to a place that is less doomed.

Jeffrey J. Brown: Hurricanes & US Oil Production – YouTube


Please understand that crude oil production has essentially been flat since 2005. Worse, China and India are taking a bigger and bigger chunk of that production.

SINCE 2005!!!


This is a disaster of unimaginable proportions, and people are asleep at the wheel. We need to stop daydreaming about unlimited supplies of energy. It’s not going to happen. It won’t happen. And you do NOT want to be stuck in the middle of a bunch of people, when they finally go berserk over what should be obvious.

Please. If I need to beg, I will. In fact, I’ve been begging for years. On my hands and knees.


Korea Nuclear Test Furthers EMP Bomb

Here is the first part of this article:

North Korea for the first time this week revealed plans for using its nuclear arms for space-based electronics-disrupting EMP attacks, in addition to direct warhead ground blasts.

The official communist party newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, published a report Monday on “the EMP might of nuclear weapons,” outlining an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack produced by detonating a nuclear warhead in space.

“In general, the strong electromagnetic pulse generated from nuclear bomb explosions between 30 kilometers and 100 kilometers [18.6 miles and 62 miles] above the ground can severely impair electronic devices, electric machines, and electromagnetic grids, or destroy electric cables and safety devices,” said the article authored by Kim Songwon, dean of Kim Chaek University of Technology in Pyongyang.

“The discovery of the electromagnetic pulse as a source of high yield in the high-altitude nuclear explosion test process has given it recognition as an important strike method,” he stated.

North Korea is putting the US on notice that it really CAN destroy America, and that it is planning on doing so.

Are the morons in the US doing anything about this threat?

No, of course not.

So, this leads me to an important question:

Is the ‘deadly wound’ of Revelation 13, an EMP attack?

To my mind, an EMP attack fits the parameters of Revelation 13 best. We’ll see what happens.

For now, I’m just suffering an insane level of disgust at the drooling idiots in Washington who continue to ignore this threat.


Green Beret Warns: “Skepticism Will Vanish When The Power Suddenly Fails Across the United States”

Here is another voice that knows the threat of an EMP. And, I’m so tired of watching people ignore this threat.

Please. Wake up.

The deadly wound is coming.

Jim Rickards: The North Korean Endgame is Playing Out Now – The Daily Reckoning

So, America blinked, and North Korea won.

An interesting analysis from a very smart cookie.

Japan Prepares to Evacuate 60k from South Korea, 1779 – YouTube

And, Japan is treating this VERY carefully.

The question is how will the US handle this. Will they give ‘false’ information to the Japanese and provoke an attack from the Norks, so that the US can ‘respond’?

Will the Norks launch another ‘satellite’, that will just happen to explode over the US, at the right altitude?

Will the Russians do it?



These articles have a more individual importance. They cross categories, and are often in their own category. And, I think that these should be your first stop in your reading.

Chaffetz – FBI & Justice Are Above the Law, 1773 – YouTube

What incredible irony. The FBI and the Department of Justice are immune from Congress.

Will the insanity never end?

It’s as if the ‘rule of law’ no longer exists, and no one cares. And, they KNOW that no one cares. It’s as if a malignant tumor has taken over the government, and no one sees it.

Is this some horrible remake of ‘Invasion The Body Snatchers’?

Nurse dragged screaming to police car after refusing to give patient’s blood to cops | TheHill

The video is sickening. And, you can tell that the nurse was assaulted and traumatized. It was a wrongful arrest, and the cops involved will NOT be punished.

This is sick and disgusting. How dare they do this.

This is the kind of thing that starts revolutions, and the morons running police departments are acting like monkeys, with lit matches, over a powder keg.

This is one of many reasons why I am glad that I am not in the United States. Stick around if you want, but I cannot watch the country that I once knew, destroyed by its own government.

I just can’t do it.

REAL HEROES do what is right. – Album on Imgur

Ouch. More context on the nurse that was manhandled (nursehandled?) by the moron cop.

It’s probably not right to feel like beating up that cop, but that’s how I feel. And, I’m sure that a lot of people feel the same way.

Stop hiring morons to be police officers.

Tracking Military Weaponry and War Machines Flowing to America’s Local Police Departments

Couple military weapons with the stupidity and evil of the cop that hauled off that nurse…

It’s a recipe for uncivil war.

Putin: Leader in artificial intelligence will rule world – Houston Chronicle

He’s not saying that this will be a good thing. It’s just reality.

Smells like the Antichrist is on his way.

Remember that image that he creates?

En garde! Texas open carry sword law takes effect Friday

This is one of those things that you pass, to make morons’ heads explode.

I like it.

New York Times Looks to Philanthropy to Help Fund Journalism Projects – WSJ

Okay, if you need an example of why the ‘Grand Conspiracy’ isn’t quite as ‘grand’, this is one. If there was a massive, coordinated, global conspiracy, where every move and piece was tightly choreographed, this demonstrates that there isn’t one. At least… not like that.

I have better things to do than plot all the pieces of this conspiracy puzzle. But, what is clear to me, is that Satan’s minions aren’t united. Yes, there is SOME unity in their devotion to their dark master, but they kill each other off with great regularity.

And, there’s a limit to what you can do, in terms of ‘conspiracy’. If you get too many in your conspiracy, it falls apart. That’s why you need to use a more natural form, where you hire people who will do what you want, because they want it too.

I could go on and on with this idea, but I won’t. I have better things to do.

The bottom line is that the Grey Lady is failing. And, her fall will be music to my ears.

Nobel Laureate in Physics; “Global Warming is Pseudoscience” – YouTube

Sometimes, it takes a REAL physicist to show how stupid the morons are.

Professor Ivar Glaever is a real physicist, and Global Warming is for morons.

Comey Must Be Held to Account, 1774 – YouTube

Um… yeah. He really does. He’s a dirtbag, and he needs to go to jail.

They should actually try him for treason, and then shoot him if found guilty.

Your Brain On Porn | Gary Wilson and Stefan Molyneux – YouTube

This is a secular and frank discussion about the physiological results of pornography addiction. The two people discussing this issue ARE NOT CHRISTIAN IN ANY WAY!

So, when I say ‘frank’, I mean… F-R-A-N-K.

This is not for the timid or easily traumatized. This will be pretty hardcore for some of you. But, it also lays out some very profound points:

1. Porn has destroyed an entire generation.

2. Porn destroys your ability to experience life.

3. Porn destroys relationships and values

4. Porn rewires your brain.

I’m overcoming my reluctance to post something as horrifying as this, because I believe that it is a part of the programing and preparation for the Beast System.

Our society has raised a generation of kids that cannot feel or interact with the world in a natural way. And, I believe that these kids will be the footsoldiers of the Antichrist.

We’ll see what happens, but I am horrified by the ‘perfect storm’ that is rolling down upon us.

They Can’t Explain Why This is Happening! (2017-2018) – YouTube

This video is a good companion to the one about your brain on porn.

If you want to be depressed, chase your fleshly desires. And no one does it better than Americans. We are bombarded with fleshly desire, and we bombard others with fleshly desire. We push that dopamine button every day, all day. We push and push and push and push and push some more.

But, God did not make us for the purpose of pursuing our own carnal desire. That’s not our purpose, and when someone does not fulfill their purpose… they will be depressed.

Having said that, this is NOT the only reason why we are depressed, so please do not accuse people of following their ‘fleshly’ and ‘carnal’ desires, because they are depressed.

Furthermore, those of you who do NOT suffer depression, do NOT understand what you are talking about, when you give cheap advice and cold comfort to one who suffers depression. And, I call God to witness between you and me today, should you EVER harm those who suffer.

We are called to be broken and to heal those who are broken. We are called to weep with those who weep, and to not give cold-hearted indifference.

I have a member of our church who is going through a really hard time right now, and the idea of anyone abusing this friend is beyond my ability to comprehend.

Please. Everyone. Love one another as Christ loves YOU.

Record Heat in Taiwan, is it the Temperature Station Placement (447) – YouTube

Adapt 2030 is in Taipei, and he gives a report on why some of the temp readings can be so high.

Also, it’s about Taiwan, and I couldn’t resist.

The anti-monopoly ideas Google tried to suppress are growing influential

Google is shooting itself in the foot. This is VERY good to see.

Hopefully, they’ll shoot themselves in the head.

Who Won the China/India Border Standoff? | China Uncensored – YouTube

Wait, the war was called off?

And, they didn’t tell me?


Ohio deputy shoots news photographer during traffic stop |

The photographer was very forgiving of this officer, but we should not be.

This cop needs to be fired.

Tommy Robinson: Victory for “The Dinner Lady” (thanks to you!) – YouTube

A nice bit of good news.

Speaking up and speaking out, works.

The Southern Poverty Law Center Has $69 Million Parked Overseas | The Weekly Standard

How utterly appropriate for a left-wing ‘hate group’ to be hiding its money. Remember that these aren’t just ‘overseas’. This is in that highly secretive ‘tax havens’ that promise anonymity and security from ‘government oversight’.

The SPLC is a hate group.

And, they’re hiding their money.

Furthermore, you can bet that they are hiding their money sources.

Scum. Absolute scum. And, the left wing morons love ’em.

Southern Poverty Law Center Gets Creative to Label ‘Hate Groups’ – Bloomberg

Hey, I’m probably a hate group, all by myself.

I’m breathing, so it must be hate.


Exclusive: Navy ships have major training problems in the Pacific – CNNPolitics

First of all, remember that this is a CNN article, which means that they will do everything that they can to avoid accusing Obama’s administration of mishandling the military.

Second, the military always does everything that it can to avoid accusing ANY administration of mishandling the military – at least, officially.

But, I do not agree that the current ‘operational tempo’ is the cause of the poor training that the US Navy currently suffers – especially in Seventh Fleet area of operations. The most that the US Seventh Fleet does is ‘freedom of navigation’ operations, ‘show the flag’ at ports of call and threatening maneuvers off the coast of Korea.

That’s it.

Some have wanted to say that an ’emp device’ or a ‘hack’ caused these collisions. But, history indicates a different problem:

Poor leadership

bad morale

corruption in the ranks

horrifying inefficiency.

This has been going on for a very long time, but it got worse under Obama. Much worse. And, it will take a very long time to undo the damage, if they start now.

Unfortunately, it won’t happen. Everyone at high levels of command are corrupt, because only those who are corrupt are allowed to be promoted to a high level of command.

I’m sure that there are exceptions, but I’ve heard and seen too much to believe that there are very many of them.

The next challenge for facial recognition is identifying people whose faces are covered – The Verge

This adds a little extra to that saying…

…You can run, but you can’t hide.

So, think about running.

Polish Foreign Minister Demands Germany Pay $1 Trillion In Reparations | Zero Hedge


Poland Uber Alles!

This is one way to fight the Morons in Berlin. Make ’em pay.

Photos: As Hurricanes Slam the South, the Western US Is Literally on Fire

This is bad, and I’m so sorry for those damaged by these fires.

The real BRICS bombshell | Asia Times

Even though India and China hate each other, they will cooperate in the destruction of the American Empire, which is based on the petrodollar.

I just find it ironic that this is happening, just as Peak Oil is becoming harder and harder to ignore.



Right now, Trump is a distraction. Some call him savior. Others call him devil. And YOU are probably being distracted by all this.

Please don’t be. Trump is just a guy who wanted political power, and got it. He likes winning, and he won. He still likes winning, and he will try to keep doing so. He’s also smart, which means that he will probably succeed – at least, some of the time. But, he isn’t going to save America. He isn’t going to chart a new course. He isn’t going to make America great again. And, it’s becoming more and more clear that he has been lying to us.

The best that he will do, is not be as bad as the alternative. But, I’m afraid that he will be AS BAD as the alternative. He certainly looks like he’s selling Israel out.

Please get this into your head:


The sooner that you get this point, the better.

Those of you living outside of America already see this, and YOUR concern is the fallout from America’s fall. The only thing that I can point to, for you… is the Bible and Ezekiel’s Fire.

Sen. Feinstein called for ‘patience’ with Trump. Now she faces a liberal backlash as she ponders reelection – LA Times

Feinstein is one of the most revolting politicians out there. But, she has just demonstrated that the Democrats are worse than she is.


Body Language: Sebastian Gorka on Leaving the White House – YouTube

Hmmmm… so, Gorka wasn’t fired. Good.

Trump, Schumer agree to pursue plan to repeal the debt ceiling – The Washington Post

Trump does a deal with Chucky?

That’s pretty disgusting. Chucky is one of the most revolting people in politics, and Trump did a deal like this?

The repeal of this ‘debt ceiling’ fiction is just being honest about how stupid the government is.

This is definitely good for gold.

Trump Wants To End The Debt Ceiling, Schumer Agrees | Zero Hedge

More from Zero Hedge on that Trump-Chucky affair.

Whenever I see Chucky Schumer, I feel a twinge of nausea. No, really.



This category has expanded significantly. It’s as if the flood gates on this issue have opened. It’s an indication of the seriousness of the situation. And, it’s very serious, indeed.

Ethiopia is an extremely corrupt government and has made worthless promises that they will carefully fill the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. I believe that they will fill that dam as fast as possible, drying up the Nile, just as chapter 19 of Isaiah said that they would.

It is said that they will begin filling the dam, next year.

This is going to be traumatic for Egypt – just as Isaiah said.

The strategic case for Kurdistan –

This is the second place where I am putting this article. It’s that important.

Here’s the key portion in Isaiah 19, that speaks about the area where the Kurds live today:

23 In that day shall there be a highway out of Egypt to Assyria, and the Assyrian shall come into Egypt, and the Egyptian into Assyria, and the Egyptians shall serve with the Assyrians.

24 In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria, even a blessing in the midst of the land:

25 Whom the Lord of hosts shall bless, saying, Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel mine inheritance.

– Isaiah 19:23-25

That’s right, where the Kurds live today, is where the Assyrians lived and began their empire. And, this is precisely where the Kurds are trying to create their own independant state.

We can argue all day long about who the Assyrians are, but we cannot argue about WHERE the Assyrians are. And yes, the blood of the Assyrians is mixed in among the Kurds.

Some will want to say that the Assyrian Christians are the true descendants of Assyria, which is fine. But, for the Assyrian Christians to rise in power and take over the area of Kurdistan… around the same time as the Nile dries up… a HUGE number of Kurds will need to die.

I can see this possibility since there are many in the Middle East who will want to commit genocide against the Kurds. We’ll need to ‘wait and see’ on this one.

But, whatever the case, this article points out a vital step in the direction of the fulfillment of Isaiah 19.

Are you watching?

(And, it’s clear to me that BigJon is watching, since he sent this to me. Well done!)

Water scarcity could hit food security in Arab countries – Khaleej Times

Water in Egypt is ALREADY scarce.

What will happen when the dam starts filling?

Nile Basin countries need a deal on the river and the water – World | ReliefWeb

Yeah, they need a deal.

But, the corrupt government of Ethiopia wants their money, so they won’t be giving anyone a ‘deal’. Power generation equals money, and they want their money. Fast.

Coastweek – The most from the coast

And, if they are ‘readying’ transmission lines, they are getting ready to fill that dam.

Get ready for serious trouble in Egypt.



The events that are descending upon us, will try our souls. How many of us survive those trials will depend upon your location and your preparations.

Please prepare for the worst period of time in human history. America will be ground zero, followed by Europe. Other places will be devastated, but those two areas will be hit the worst – at least, as I see it now.

No place will be safe, but there are some places that will be safer than others.

Please, prepare for the worst.

Arkema Texas Plant Explodes, “Black Smoke Fills The Air” | Zero Hedge

This is one of many things that happens when the power goes out.

Always be upwind of a chemical plant, when the power goes down.

And, since you can’t predict the wind, just stay as far from a chemical and nuclear facility as you can.

Trial that will decide fate of Kentucky’s last abortion clinic b – WDRB 41 Louisville News

A state without an abortion clinic?


I believe that a key part of preparation is moving away from the focus of God’s Wrath. It seems to me that Kentucky is far less of a focus than the rest of the US. Or, at least in the case of this abomination that we call abortion.

Well done, Kentucky!

Homemade Indoor Gel Fireplace Pot /SHTF emergency cooking – YouTube

DRG sent this in, and it’s a really nice idea, for when the lights go out during a snow storm.

Or, for when the lights go out rather more permanently.

Candle Powered Space Heater – DIY Air Heater 190F – “Table Top” Size – EASY Instructions! – YouTube

That flower pot thing that DRG shared, inspired me to look around a bit. And, I found this one. Very inexpensive space heater. And, you can do it yourself, very very easily.

NEW Flower Pot Heater – Costs Just 4 Cents An Hour To Run… – YouTube

This is an even better version of the ‘flower pot heater’. So cool, that Mrs. Little wanted to build one.

Unfortunately for the missus, we don’t need heaters here in lovely Taiwan.

Since the vast majority of you aren’t so lucky, think about this interesting idea.

Oh, and thanks for the inspiration, DRG!



We’ve been talking about the collapse of the economy and financial system for a very long time, and every day that collapse is delayed… well …the collapse just gets worse and worse. Eventually, it will be an explosion that will devastate the world and lead to chaos, confusion, death, destruction and war. Lots and lots of war.

In fact, it has begun already.

By the time that you see it, it will be too late to do anything about it.

Hartford Warns It Will File for Bankruptcy Unless State Provides a Bailout – WSJ

Hey, let’s bail out a city run by morons. I’m sure that the money will be used for really, really, really good projects.

Absolute morons. Being that stupid should be a crime.



When economic and financial collapse comes your way, you need something tangible to weather the storm. Right now, I cannot think of anything tangilble that is so fiercely undervalued and universally recognized as gold and silver.

There might be other things that are better. I just can’t see ’em. If you can think of something better, share it with us.

And, while I am a bit cynical about cryptocurrencies, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t an alternative worth looking into.

Chart: The Unparalleled Explosion in Cryptocurrencies

This is a big deal, so be careful out there. Not all cryptocurrencies are legit. In fact, most aren’t. But, this shows that there is serious interest in cryptos.

The Three Faces Of Bitcoin | Zero Hedge

Another interesting look at cryptos.

The Global Elites’ Secret Plan for Cryptocurrencies – The Daily Reckoning

I think that Jim understands the seriousness of cryptos.

The Antichrist will use cryptocurrency.



These are at least worth a chuckle. And, it might save you from going nuts.

I had a bit of a laugh at these, and I hope that you will too.

Crazy Fact

You know what?

He’s right.

Now, gimme those pizzas.

You thought other puns were bad…

…well, this one’s baaaaad.

A little furry payback – Imgur

That’s gotta hurt.

Payback, Moron Style – Imgur

Some morons suffer more immediately than others.



I’m sorry, but I can’t stand it anymore. There are just too many morons, so it needs its own category. And, I do this to maintain my own sanity. They’re driving me THAT crazy.

Now, here’s my rule for who appears in this section:

A person or organization who is EVIL ANNNND STUPID.

People who are just stupid, deserve our compassion. My heart goes out to them, because their life is going to be painful until they stop being stupid.

But, those who are evil?

Well, I want them to repent. I really do. I do NOT want ANYONE who is evil to suffer an eternity in Hell. But, if they refuse to repent, I want them destroyed.

May the wrath of God be upon all who refuse to repent. May the blessings of God be upon those who turn from their wicked ways and acknowledge God.

Judge Finds Colorado Sex Offender Registry Unconstitutional « CBS Denver


I assume that next, it will be ‘Unconstitutional’ to put people in jail?

Tell you what… You can get rid of the ‘sex offender registry’, if you promise to shoot everyone on it. THAT would be ‘Constitutional’.

Only In California: Sacramento To Pay Gang Bangers A Cash Stipend If They Stop Killing People

How can these morons be this stupid?

On second thought, I know want to know how. I just want them to go someplace else. Like Sweden.

Kid Rock drops new hint about 2018 ‘political revolution’ | Daily Mail Online

Wait. One moron goes up against another moron.

And, this is a good thing?

Sorry, Kid Rock, you are 100% moron. But, America deserves ya’, so go ahead.

Man enters MMA gym with loaded gun – leaves in ambulance | The Independent

A moron who almost won the Darwin Award.

A shame that he didn’t win.

Better luck next time.

Feel good Friday post; a troll pays a toll | PC Perspective

Whoops! A patent troll got his butt kicked.

I personally believe that patent trolls should be put in jail on the first offence and then shot on the second. But, that’s just me.

George Clooney Talks Running for President: ‘I’d Like Anybody to Be the Next President’

Great. ANOTHER moron running for president.

George is a great actor. Seriously.

But, he’s still a moron.

Reverend Jesse Jackson Now Speaks For God: “Trump Would Not Qualify To Get Into Jesus’ Kingdom”

Would the morons stop being drooling idiots for a moment?

The moron section is getting too big!

But no… Jesse ‘the morn’ Jackson just HAD to stick his foot in.

Angry Hillary Blames Everything From Bernie Sanders To “There’s Something About Mary” For 2016 Loss | Zero Hedge

Can you imagine this moron as president?


Discarded Banana Causes Racist Paranoia for Students at Ole Miss | Truth Revolt

Is there ANYTHING that says moron, more than hysteria over a discarded banana peel?


“Ole Miss Goes Bananas”: Dear Parents, How’s This For A $40K A Year Education? | Zero Hedge

Here’s more on the “Great Banana Massacre”. We even have a picture now of the vile and evil banana peel.

Warning, this picture of a banana peel, hanging off of a tree is NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN.

It’s almost too much.

Modi’s Demonetization Called “Colossal Failure That Ruined Economy” As India GDP Growth Slumps To 2-Year Lows | Zero Hedge

The Moron running India has done incredible damage to their economy, and the only good thing… so far …is that there wasn’t a famine. So far.

Do. Not. Invest. In. India.

Morons live there.

Student who mocked Isis in Facebook post is investigated for Islamophobia | The Independent

Add the University of Edinburgh to your list of morons.

Of course, the vast majority of Universities are utterly moronic, but U of E should be singled out for special recognition.

Is there any way for them to obtain a ‘Darwin Award’?

Once upon a time, morons around the world were regular recipients of the ‘Darwin Award’. Now, since we elect them to public office, morons receive less of this ‘award’.

So, here’s me… looking forward to a return of the ‘Darwin Award’ – the moron edition.

Zuckerberg “Admits” Facebook Conspired With Russians To Tank Hillary’s Campaign | Zero Hedge

And… the Zuck tries yet again, to out moron the morons.

He might have succeeded.

German Food Chain Faces Backlash After Airbrushing Crosses From Churches On Food Packaging | Zero Hedge

I can’t believe how large this section is growing.

And, the insanity in the EU is pouring gasoline on the fire.

When will the morons stop?

CNN’s Hurricane Insanity Goes Full Libtard! – YouTube

Be careful with this one.

The number of facepalms is so high, you might give yourself a concussion.

Senate Intel Chair Demands Crackdown On Russia’s Social-Media Ad Spend | Zero Hedge

And, we don’t get to know how much the CIA is spending on social media advertising?




Islam is the most vile and Satanic religion on the planet. It is violent, repressive, racist and supremacist. It isn’t just a religion. It’s an ideology that seeks to destroy any nation, country and government that it comes in contact with.

These are the articles that demonstrate what Islam REALLY is.

Countering Muslim Claims, Episode 3: Contradictions in the Quran – YouTube

When you want to prove that a certain ‘paradigm’ is valid, you start looking at ‘internal validity’. Internal validity means that all the parts of the idea fit together – that there’s no inconsistancy within the structure. After that, you look at external validity, meaning that those outside the paradigm can see and experience the validity of the system or structure.

In the case of Islam, you can’t even GET to the internal validity part, because it doesn’t even agree with itself.

Therefore, you need to be a moron, to believe in it.

Answering Islam 10: How Does the Quran View Women? – YouTube

Islam considers women to be fields for men to plow on. And yes, that is EXACTLY what the Qur’an says.

And, if a woman doesn’t like being plowed, she gets beaten.

Pretending to Be Muslims (Quran 9:56-57) – YouTube

So, Allah was off his meds and said “Kill them wherever you find them,” instead of “hug them wherever you find them.”

Man, if we’d only had the proper medication 1400 years ago…



We are seeing the fulfillment of the words of Jesus, right now. And, it seems that Islam is leading the way. What insanity!

What is wrong with North America and Europe?

Have they – and we – gone insane?

Has France Been Bought by a State Sponsor of Islamic Terrorism?

Here’s a short summary:

It is through these tax breaks that the Qataris are buying the “jewels” of France. The U.S. is not selling its defense companies to Qatar.

Thanks to its huge gas and oil reserves, Qatar has the highest per capita income in the world and huge reserves of cash to invest everywhere, whereas France, thanks to 40 years of socialism, is in dire need of cash.

Ultimately, not a surprise.

Coming To A Town Near You: Expert Warns That No-Go Zones Are Growing In America

Wait. No-go zones in America?

These are small, but Europe’s ‘no go zones’ also started small.

This is so stupid. It really is.

FBI, Homeland Security warn of more ‘antifa’ attacks – POLITICO

An interesting point is made here that the security services haven’t been paying attention to the Left.

Could the last eight years be the reason?

Anyone for another round of Obama?

FBI, DHS Officially Classify Antifa Activities As “Domestic Terrorist Violence” | Zero Hedge

Here’s more input on the above, from Zero Hedge.

Europe: Jihadists Posing as Migrants

Here’s the summary:

More than 50,000 jihadists are now living in Europe. — Gilles de Kerchove, EU Counterterrorism Coordinator.

Europol, the European police office, has identified at least 30,000 active jihadist websites, but EU legislation no longer requires internet service providers to collect and preserve metadata — including data on the location of jihadists — from their customers due to privacy concerns. De Kerchove said this was hindering the ability of police to identify and deter jihadists.

This is so beyond ‘not good’, that it’s moved right past catastrophic and into a direct threat to the survival of Europe and Europeans.

Malaria May Be Back in Italy After Decades Amid ‘Very Hot Summer’ – NBC News

I should put this in the moron section, because the doctors are DELIBERATELY ignoring the obvious:

The migrant invaders brought this disease.

Mosquitos do not travel far. The only way for malaria to arrive in Italy is for someone with malaria to travel TO Italy. Someone with malaria was bitten by a mosquito, and then that mosquito bit that girl.

But, since it is forbidden to attribute any negative outcome to a ‘migrant’, they remain ‘baffled’.


And a little girl died because they are morons.

Europe’s New Lie: Comparing Asylum Shelters to Nazi Concentration Camps

And now, they’ve turned the rhetoric up to eleven.

Eventually, they’ll destroy themselves. But… when?

I’m curious about the limits to insanity.

The Islamic Future of Europe

Here is a very sad summary:

European leaders accepted the transformation of parts of their countries into enemy territories. They see that a demographic disaster is taking place. They know that in two or three decades, Europe will be ruled by Islam.

Ten years ago, describing what he called “the last days of Europe,” the historian Walter Laqueur said that European civilization was dying and that only old monuments and museums would survive. His diagnosis was too optimistic. Old monuments and museums might well be blown up. Look nowhere else than what the black-hooded supporters of “Antifa” — an “anti-fascist” movement whose actions are totally fascistic — are doing to statues in the United States.

Europe is spending too much time in the AllahuAck Bar.

Europe Is Killing Itself – YouTube

Pat Condell does it again.

Every Muslim’s ears must be burning.

The insanity of our world is overwhelming, and Pat puts irony of it all into hard-hitting word.



I’ve been writing about the coming of Gog and Magog for a while. You can find a lot of that, here:

And, the articles below point to that coming. I really, Really, REALLY hope that you’ll be ready for this. Please read Ezekiel’s Fire to make sure. (And yes, it’s free.)

The strategic case for Kurdistan –

As I said before, this is a vastly important piece. This is, at its core, an issue about Gog and Magog. The Turks aspire to hegemony in the region and even a rebuilding of the Ottoman Empire. But, the moron in control of Turkey – Erdogan – has destroyed his military.

Morons do that, so let this be a lesson to all of us, to never let a moron rule your country. America has had recent experience with Obam… er …morons, in the past.

This means that Turkey, in its weakened state will be further weakened, when the Kurds create their own state, and when the Kurds – who are 20% of Turkey – rise up against the government of Turkey.

This Kurdish renaissance will be a threat to Iran, Turkey, Syria and Russia. They will want the Kurds destroyed and will gather a military to do so. However, that military might attack their key supporter – Israel – first.

This will get interesting and very, very awful.

Make no mistake, the latest US thuggery is a sign of weakness, not strength | The Vineyard of the Saker

I’m not a fan of ‘The Saker’. He’s an anti-Semite and myopic on key areas of geopolitics. But, he shares the following view from within the Kremlin:

“We beat them is Syria, we are beat them in the Ukraine, they lost Afghanistan, they lost Iraq, their Navy apparently does not know how to use a radar, their soldiers are terrified to fight somebody capable of resistance, they failed to impress not only China, but even the North Koreans who are openly laughing at them. Hezbollah laughs at them. Even Venezuela refuses to be scared! The Iranians openly threaten them with consequences if they back out of the deal they signed. Even Pakistan is openly expressing its disgust with the USA. Ditto for Turkey. Heck – the Americans are losing on all fronts and the very best they can do is try to feel good about illegally harassing our diplomatic personnel! Pathetic, lame, losers!”

When a country like Russia holds such contempt for an opponent like America, that country will feel more and more free to act as it pleases.

This contempt is a prelude for Gog and Magog, and The Saker will be on the wrong side of this one.



The Land of Israel and the People of Israel are at the heart of what is happening in these Last Days. God is at work IN Israel and WITH Israel.

If you are against Israel, then you are a supporter of Islam and Satan.

If you are FOR Israel, then you support the work of God and the victory that God will have over Lucifer.

Please join me in that battle.

Israel army to hold drill simulating war with Hezbollah

It has been a few years since I’ve been up on the Israel-Lebanon border, but even if I was up there, many of her defenses would be hard to see. What is NOT hard to see, is this drill.

This is pretty serious, and I’ve been through some of these drills. They don’t do them, unless they believe that war is close.

Combating the UN’s (illegal) anti-Jewish BDS campaign – YouTube

The fight against Israel continues in the UN, and there’s yet another effort to give fuel to the minions of Satan supporting BDS. Forget about all the evils happening in the world. The big target is Israel.

Well, there are ways for companies to push back.

Oh, and they mention Taiwan. I like that.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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47 thoughts on “It Takes an Epiphany”

  1. Just a heads up – Having trouble with the CAPTCHA, so you might get multiple comments from me.

    Hi, John.
    An excellent offering, as always. I have two bits I would like to add, for what they are worth.
    1st – I have a source and heard about this hours after it happened. Maybe it was too late for you to add to this post. I believe the Israeli attack on the Syrian chem/bio/nuke site was the most significant for about the last 20 yrs. Also shows why they held such a huge drill; they obviously expect a big response from someone, probably Iran.
    2nd – This is just a ‘thought’. When I look at a map of the US and consider just the geo’natural’, I see fire over ALL the west, earthquake and volcano concerns in the west and middle, hurricanes in the mid-south and southeast up to the mid-south. ( As a side note; only God knows exactly what is what as far as last warnings or the first drips from the cup of wrath and judgment. His call. But I see a certain sense of irony in all the heat, drought and fire over one half, and severe wind and flood over the other half.)
    Well, what about the eastern Northern Plains and New England? They seem to be left out for now. I would guess severe winter weather and ice storms in the near future. Maybe terrible hail storms? IF what we are seeing is actually what we think is happening.
    Anyway, I would love to read your take on these things.
    Blessings to you and Mrs. Little.
    YIC, Lee

    • Hi Lee,

      Hezbollah is a HUGE problem, and Israel has been very worried about them. Friends of mine who fought against them, have remarked on how well trained and motivated they are. They are not just some rag-tag bunch of terrorists, and Israel has failed to keep them from being properly equipped. War is coming.

      Oh, and there’s nothing like listening to outgoing artillery fire, while eating your cornflakes.

      As for the natural disasters… they may be the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of God’s wrath. We’ll see.

      Thank you for that contribution, Lee.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. How can anyone possibly prepare for Ezekiel fire? If electricity is out for the long term, lets say 2 years… You have to survive at home. If you have some sort of remote location with the ability to get through this (something very few can afford) then how can you even get there? Even if you have a vehicle that survives, you have to have gas to get there…
    Honestly, it seems that you either die fast, or die slow. Either way, you’re dead. The only way to survive seems to be to get there now, remove yourself from society and live it. And we’re not called to remove ourselves from society and wait for what may or may not come in our lifetime.

    • Hi Joe,

      I know the feeling of hopelessness well, but we do not need to give in to it. Giving in to hopelessness is a choice, and one that God is not pleased with.

      I’m assuming that you have invested your time and effort into drawing close to God. If you aren’t reading your Bible, cover-to-cover, every day, you need to start.

      After that, the main thing is community. No one can do this alone. Those who try, will fail – guaranteed.

      Are you honestly out there, looking for that community of believers?

      Are you really?

      If you are, and haven’t found a community, you either need to move to where there is one that has the same motivation that you do. Or, you need to form one.

      Everything else, is pretty much detail.

      Please, go out there and find/form a community of like-minded believers. You can do this.

      Never give up, Joe. Never.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Hi John,
    Wow, lots going on this week! 8.1 mag. earthquake in Mexico and Irma bearing down on Florida.
    Thanks for drawing my attention to Isaiah 30, I have a question concerning this passage, but first I would like to show you the results of my research into Gilgamesh.
    I kept Genesis 10:8-10 (nasb) close by for this project.

    Now Cush became the father of Nimrod; he became a mighty one on the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the Lord; therefore it is said, “Like Nimrod a mighty hunter before the Lord.” The beginning of his kingdom was Babel and Erech and Accad and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.

    I think that Gilgamesh is Nimrod, but ee also have to keep in mind that the Gilgamesh story is enemy propaganda. The amount of salt I had to take with the text was NOT good for my blood pressure! 😉

    Gilgamesh is the founder and first king of the city of Uruk. The Aramaic name for Uruk is Erech.

    Gilgamesh is the descendant of Utanapishtim, the man who built a boat outside the preflood city of Shuruppak to survive the great flood. A strong possible match for Noah.

    Gilgamesh is portrayed as a 25% human, 75% divine giant capable of wielding 600 lbs of weapons and armor in battle. Carvings of him have been found that depict Gilgamesh holding a lion that for the size of Gilgamesh looks like a kitten. Nimrod is said in Genesis 10:8 to have began to be a “gibbowr”. A mighty hunter before (against) the Lord.
    I don’t think Nimrod was a giant as some have theorized, remember enemy propaganda.
    Lets look at Mark 5:2-4, the story of the demoniac of the tombs.

    When He got out of the boat, immediately a man from the tombs with an unclean spirit met Him, and he had his dwelling among the tombs. And no one was able to bind him anymore, even with a chain; because he had often been bound with shackles and chains, and the chains had been torn apart by him and the shackles broken in pieces, and no one was strong enough to subdue him.

    Superhuman strength can be achieved by demonic possession. I am leaning towards the idea that Nimrod may have been demonically possessed like the demoniac of the tombs. That would explain the superhuman strength that Gilgamesh had.
    Gilgamesh is also credited with bringing back the secret religion of the preflood Shuruppak, mystery religion of Babylon. A demon would be more than capable of doing that.
    Also refer to Luke 17:26
    “And just as it happened in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man”

    Next I will see what I can dig up on Shuruppak.
    Now for that question I have for you about Isaiah 30:7

    Even Egypt, whose help is vain and empty.
    Therefore, I have called her
    “Rahab who has been exterminated.”

    Who is Rahab who has been exterminated?
    Maybe another research project there.

    • Hi Michael,

      Yeah, when dealing with ‘enemy propaganda’, the amount of salt that you need to take… not good for your blood pressure. It’s a wonder that I haven’t had a stroke, by now.

      But yes, your study into Gilgamesh is interesting, and he undoubtedly had tremendous, demonic power. And, I just had a thought about his being depicted as a giant…

      Could it have been a kind of ‘honor’ towards him?

      People – even today – tend to depict those that they wish to honor, as being larger than they really are. And, I have noticed that artists, ‘way-back-when’, tended to do this.

      As for Isaiah 30:7, either the NASB was using a corrupt manuscript, or just made a mistake in their translation. There is no ‘exterminated’ ANYWHERE in the Hebrew, for that verse. Nor is the verb agreement correct. Having said that, that final sentence has a very confusing grammar, with a mix of plural and singular that should not be mixed.

      The last three words of Isaiah 30:7 are either: [rahav] haughtiness [hem] they [shevet] sits, or [rahav] Rahab [hem] they [shevet] sits.

      Again, there is no ‘exterminated’ there. And, this is another reason to stay away from modern translations. I really hate to see this. I really do.

      Basically, in verse seven, Egypt appears to be powerful, and they have great pride in their appearance, but they are unable to help Israel. They are proud in their sitting.

      The question is, does verse 18, that describes God’s waiting… does that encompass a long period of time? I think that it does, about 2500 years. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem to fit the other verses of the Bible, that describe what goes on – at least, to my mind.

      I think that you should dump that NASB, Mike. If there is that big of a mistake in their translation, there must be others, elsewhere, that are just as bad, or worse.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Hi John!
        Your idea about “bigger than life” has merit!
        Wasn’t Humphrey Bogart only 5’4″?

        Thanks for that answer on Isaiah 30:7 but, that opens another two questions. How and why did this error happen?

        Shuruppak first though!

        • Hi Michael,

          Aside from errors, which do happen, and corrupt translators (which happens WAAAAAY too often), one big problem is corrupt manuscripts. Over the last century, the morons infesting our cemetar… er …seminaries have decided that Codex Vaticanus and Codex Sinaiticus were good sources.

          They were not and are not, and we have proven that they are not.

          Yet, corrupt men and women have chosen to ignore the evidence.

          This is one of the reasons why I have refused to read Bibles that have been translated over the past century – and even before.

          I hope that helps, Mike.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  4. We live in a world that looks like a large pot of nearly dead boiling frogs.
    The condition of normalcy bias keep most people from looking up. One of the conditions in the so called American church has been the infiltration of strange (false) doctrines like New Age ideas like staying positive. I am positive that hurricane Irma ( female Germanic for world) will change some lives in Florida permanently. Having been subjected to the greediness of the impartial to justice for all world system in 2008, I have been thinking outside of the box and have come up with several items that replace the junk that the world sells. In whatever amount of capacity you are able to do away with that which makes you a consumer, redirect to something that you get right from God’s own hand. Like growing your own food. Finding way’s to heat or cool your home without buying fuel. There are ways of doing that but you have to put time into it.
    The first thing is to call out to God the Father. Not unlike His servant Jehoshaphat.

    2 Chronicles 20 It came to pass after this also, that the children of Moab, and the children of Ammon, and with them other beside the Ammonites, came against Jehoshaphat to battle.

    2 Then there came some that told Jehoshaphat, saying, There cometh a great multitude against thee from beyond the sea on this side Syria; and, behold, they be in Hazazontamar, which is Engedi.

    3 And Jehoshaphat feared, and set himself to seek the Lord, and proclaimed a fast throughout all Judah.

    4 And Judah gathered themselves together, to ask help of the Lord: even out of all the cities of Judah they came to seek the Lord.

  5. Hi John,
    after reading a number of papers and articles about connection between Sun activity, Earth’s (weakening) magnetic shield, and earthquakes, I take it as a fact – there IS a connection. But I asked myself a question about atmospheric phenomena. Suspicious0bservers spared me research effort, few hours later:
    (last 2 mins. if you’re short of time)
    A year-two from now our planetary shield will be practically gone (or very weak). 8-9 years later it will repeat, in a more extreme way. Things much more lethal than Irma are going to happen. Everyone living in hurricane or volcanic zones please pay attention. There’s a reason Luke 21 says “the sea and the waves roaring”; the Bible is precise, I would say methematically precise. I had an opportunity to experience what extreme winds mean. And… May God protect us all.
    The Kurd’s referendum. Yes. It’s a tipping point, another. We knew there will be a day we will say “OK, it’s now”. Seems it’s now, or, very close to now.
    Yours in Christ

  6. I also look at from time to time, mostly out of curiosity because I rarely see anything I take seriously there. But I look anyway, in case someone has had a genuine experience from God and doesn’t know where else to put it to give it wide readership. Today I noted a post that said an x-10 solar flare had occurred recently, which I thought preposterous because isn’t that the amplitude you said would be The Big One? – then I looked at Ezekiel’s Fire, and then at the Wikipedia discussion of solar flares; and saw that there were flares estimated at x28 and x45 within the past 15 years, none of which were The Big One. So how big does it have to be to fry everything? If it comes from the sun and not an EMP?

    But, what is not yet fried will first be drowned in the hurricanes and flooding. 4 within a few weeks! Amazing. And Mexico getting the 8.3 or whatever earthquake and then Hurricane Katia right on top of it. Right near Mexico City, 21 million people there. Mexican organized crime and corruption is pretty darn bad, possibly having brought judgement down upon itself …. but I hesitate to frame it that way, because far more innocent people suffer from these things than criminals, and actually it gives the criminals unbridled opportunity to ply their trade without the inconvenience of the usual social structures getting in the way.

    Curiouser and curiouser.

    • P.S: the post on, while not anything that strikes me as a genuine Word from the Lord, at least directed me to Ez 21, which I read to see it in context, and in my ESV translation. It does say that when God gets mad enough he takes out the righteous along with the wicked. I guess I need to get my brain around that because a lot of it is going to be happening. Pre-tribbers need to read that and ponder it.

    • Hi DRG,

      I originally disparaged that X-10 account, until I caught up on my solar news. Apparently, it was an X-9.1, which is pretty high (although, NOT X-10).

      The one thing that I discovered, as I was finishing the 4th edition of Ezekiel’s Fire, was the ‘Superflare’. Astronomers have seen them on other stars like our own G-type star and have seen MASSIVE – beyond-anything-X – flares, where the star brightens by a multiple. So, we are looking for something truly unprecedented, beyond a mere ‘solar flare’.

      Unfortunately, people don’t understand ‘Superflare’ as much as Solar Flare. And, I’m not sure what X designation we could give to “Isaiah’s Sun”. X-100? X-1000?

      Remember that even the most powerful solar flares do not brighten the Sun enough to be seen easily by the naked eye. Were it not for Richard Carrington actually studying the Sun at that moment, when his eponymous flare happened, he/we would not have detected that somewhat brief flash of light.

      Isaiah’s Sun will be seven times brighter, and for a length of time long enough for everyone to understand what was happening. How long is hard to say. An hour? A day?

      As for God’s judgment… It always lands upon the innocent and the criminal. However, the ‘innocent’ might not be quite as innocent as we perceive. We all make choices. We all – or almost all – need to raise children. How children are raised, will lead to responsible adulthood or criminality. Also, our societies have a say in the lives of criminals, and Mexican society has given ‘tacit’ permission for organized crime to exist.

      Therefore, the ‘innocent’ aren’t so ‘innocent’.

      We used to ostracize those who ‘broke the rules’. Now, we don’t. And, because of that, we pay.

      Anthropology is both a fascinating and revolting subject.

      Thanks, DRG. Excellent points.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. Greetings!

    Was going to comment on the article, but the LORD highlighted the need to get back to our first love (Revelation 2) and this song by Ryan Stevenson has been in my heart and head:

    The Gospel

    “A restless generation, we’re turning over every stone
    Hoping to find salvation in a world that’s left us cold
    Can we get back to the altar, back to the arms of our first love?
    There’s only one way to the father and he’s calling out to us

    To the captive it looks like freedom
    To the orphan it feels like home
    To the skeptic it might sound crazy
    To believe in a God who loves
    In a world where our hearts are breaking
    And we’re lost in the mess we’ve made
    Like a blinding light in the dead of night
    It’s the Gospel, the Gospel that makes a way

    It’s the cure for our condition, it’s the good news for us all It’s greater than religion, it’s the power of the cross
    So can we get back to the altar, back to the arms of our first love?
    There’s only one way to the father and he’s calling out to us

    To the captive it looks like freedom
    To the orphan it feels like home
    To the skeptic it might sound crazy
    To believe in a God who loves
    In a world where our hearts are breaking
    And we’re lost in the mess we’ve made
    Like a blinding light in the dead of night
    It’s the Gospel, the Gospel that makes a way

    In my own life it means forgiveness, when I know I deserved the fall
    It called me out of my darkness, and carried me to the cross
    In a moment my eyes were opened, in that moment my heart was changed
    Like a blinding light in the dead of night it’s the gospel

    To the captive it looks like freedom
    To the orphan it feels like home
    To the skeptic it might sound crazy
    To believe in a God who loves
    In a world where our hearts are breaking
    And we’re lost in the mess we’ve made
    Like a blinding light in the dead of night
    It’s the Gospel, the gospel that makes a way”


  8. More random observations …… there is going to be a tremendous amount of expensive-to-clean-up mess after these hurricanes blow themselves out ….. and the US is already broke ….. are we going to see insurance companies going bankrupt and saying sorry, the $ is just not there ….. Wilkerson saw something to that effect, I forget whether it was in his main vision … I’ll have to reread that. But I thought he said he saw multiple natural disasters happening so fast that the insurance companies just imploded. Hmmmm.

  9. Hi Brother John,

    I thought I’d let you know that yesterday’s sermon at Church was about Ezekiel. And I thought about you and Ezekiel’s Fire.

    The next 7 services will be dedicated to Ezekiel. My pastor and Church are very much PRO-ISRAEL.

    Speaking of Israel, there is no need to remind anyone what today is.

    But throughout the media, I am seeing a lot of anti-Israel sentiments. I’m just shaking my head in disgust.

    This is how I see it, Brother John..

    Evil is not loyal to any religion, race, ethnicity, etc..

    Evil is only loyal to its evil self.

    So having said this, are there evil people in this world who have Jewish background? Absolutely! George Soros comes to mind.

    Are there evil people in this world who say they are Christians? Of course. George Dubya is an example.

    And the pope is perhaps the greatest deceiver of all.

    But here’s the thing. Once someone crosses the side of evil, that person no longer represents any race, nationality, religion, etc..

    What gets me is that those who blame Israel for everything, those people should stop saying Israel this or Jews that. They should identify the individual evil – like George Soros, Clinton, Bush, Gates, etc…

    Drives me nuts!!!

  10. Epiphanies galore!!! What better way to debunk that global warming truth showing up. Back to back hurricanes with record rainfall. If something is in store for the west coast there will be a lot of toasted empty land to cross with no wildlife or cover to hide. (Tightens tin foil hat). I need to figure out how to send links. Lots of madness in the news. Putting pieces together is sickening. Satan has been so busy, and has so much help everything is crumbling fast. Last time I remember back to back hurricanes the Philippines ticked off little o!! (The last puppet in WH)

    What better sales pitch for climate change making people that think it is bunk to look like flat earthers. When this stuff happens in GOD’S world it is all part of the plan, but who’s plan. Especially since we have been given over to Satan for awhile now. Indoctrination is like the plague, it’s everywhere. I bought a gallon of whole milk for .99 today. Farmers cannot produce it that cheap. If wal Mart sells all the milk, we drink what they put in it, right? Google is fighting monopolies legislation, I wonder why.
    Ezekiel’s fire is going to make the sun seven times hotter, I wonder if that heat alone could fry all the circuits, or if the pulse coming with a flare will be stronger than a nuclear pulse. What good would a tank be in a war zone when the first nuke got close. We supposedly built a nuclear nation, and didn’t even think to protect ourselves from nuke one. Sheep’s lives matter! Rofl. I think cloudseeding started in the 30s. I had two good rants before this one, and I get a text and poof! I start over. Great research this week, be sure to check out haarp, and geoengineering. First we had drought in Texas, then California, if someone controlled the weather, we could blame it on airbreathers.

  11. Still more random observations. I wonder if any of Osteen’s tens-of-thousands of followers are having an epiphany. I wonder if they are so cult-conditioned and brainwashed, like flat earthers, that they cannot connect the obvious dots. That even at the epicenter of the Preaching of Positive, all that positive thinking of all those believers in it ……. has somehow not delivered what was promised. That something is wrong with this picture, namely if God wants me to have my best life now, why is there 7 feet of water in my house and why have I watched everything I worked for all my life get destroyed? Why is my life and everyone around me in dire danger, and all I see around me is devastation, destruction, and loss?

    Boldea has some commentary on this situation as well:

    Apparently Osteen has responded very crassly to the catastrophe of his brethren and neighbors, first refusing to use his tremendous resources to shelter and assist, then when he realized how bad this made him look, he was apparently shamed into (grudgingly) doing a little, but – get this, if you can believe it – using this event as an opportunity to solicit DONATIONS – as if he does not have anything that he could contribute. Boldea made the great comparison with the Cajun Navy, who came from Louisiana in their own boats and “on their own dime”, as he put it, to help in any way they could. They gave, of time, energy, property, and RISKED THEIR LIVES to help. All Osteen can manage to do is ask for more money. Apparently some were shooting at the Cajun Navy but this did not faze them. Many of them stuck around anyway, which shames Osteen even more. My best friend’s 2 adult kids live in Houston and one has been RAVING about what an enormous help the Cajun Navy has been.

    So …. this begs the question, is anyone going to connect the dots that Osteen’s entire M.O is NOT CHRISTIAN?????

    • Hi DRG,

      It appears from your comment that you’ve been damaged by all this. I’m so sorry. That hurts. I hope that you continue to be okay, and that you can put your life back together.

      And, you are so right about ol’ Joel Osteen.

      I’ll try to listen to the Boldea message, if I can.

      God bless you, DRG. I’m so sorry that you’ve been damaged by the flooding.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • No, something got mangled in translation, I was not affected by the flooding. When I said —

        “namely if God wants me to have my best life now, why is there 7 feet of water in my house and why have I watched everything I worked for all my life get destroyed? Why is my life and everyone around me in dire danger, and all I see around me is devastation, destruction, and loss?”

        I should have put it in quotes in the original comment. I was trying to put myself in their shoes and imagine how it must look to them, those of Osteen’s congregation who swallowed his message and now, hopefully, see that it is not true. I was wondering if the extremity of the situation would enable them to connect the dots. To see that the emperor has no clothes, regardless of what he would have everyone believe. To experience cognitive dissonance of such a degree that they cannot rationalize it away.

        By the grace of God, and I thank Him for it multiple times a day – I am safe in the beautiful heartland where nature is usually benevolent except for the occasional tornado, and very cold winters. With the richest soil in the US, and a yard full of cherry trees, blackberry and raspberry bushes that grow and bear like crazy and I can’t even keep up with them. Not in a flood zone. Not in a known earthquake zone. A tiny town full of good-hearted salt-of-the-earth people, who shovel snow from my driveway without my even asking. Not just one but two of my neighbors have done that. I baked them each a gingerbread for thanks. I don’t lock my doors. I leave my purse in my car. I don’t think anyone has ever been murdered here, or robbed, or beaten up. None of us have ever seen a “resettled refugee”. Once when driving slowly out of town during an ice storm – as a nurse, I have to go to work no matter what – even driving slowly and carefully my car slid sideways, spun around, and went sideways into the ditch. It was dark, and there was oncoming traffic, also driving slowly and carefully, that saw this. All of it stopped, and at least 3 parties asked if I needed anything, and one got out and pulled me out of my car and drove me back to my house.

        The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful job which involves travel but currently I am working close to home. Funny, I was considering jobs on St. Simons Island, Georgia and others in N. Carolina a couple months ago and somehow they just didn’t work out. I wonder why. What I wound up with is both safer and pays better than they would have, and I am well aware of my responsibility to share this blessing with the efforts in Houston and Florida. I think I will do it through Samaritan’s Purse, they seem to be responsible with their finances. I don’t know why the Lord has been so good to me. But I know it is my duty to share it. And I am grateful every minute of every day.

  12. White Christians now a minority??? YAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!! John, should I expect evil to decrease as a result? More have died by the hands of Christians then all other groups combined. 100 million American Indians were killed by white Christians. 100 million Africans were killed by white Christians during colonial era. And that only scratches on he surface. To see white Christians disappearing means peace. YAAAAAAYYYYYYYY

    • Hey NET,

      I’m glad that you’re still around, and able to demonstrate just how evil you are. It’s an object lesson for everyone.

      A Black Nationalist. Who’da thought?

      Of course, every skin color is racist… and stupid.

      Did you know that there were only seven million American Indians in North America before Columbus came?

      This means that you are either a fool or a lying liar. I leave you to choose which.

      As for the black slaves, your own brothers sold you into slavery. Yeah, it was evil and worth fighting to stop. But, blacks have been enslaving blacks for thousands of years.

      And, a 100 million blacks killed by whites?

      Yeah. Another lie. Keep those lies comin’. It’s a demonstration to Omega Shock readers, of how stupid the lies are – and, the liars.

      Again, you are either a fool or a lying liar, NET. I leave it to you, to determine which – although, only a fool rejects God like you have. So, you might be both.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  13. Oh puddin.!! Look at that hurricane Jose is off andrunning, is Irma even over yet?? Have floodwaters from Harvey receded yet?? Holy Frijoles bat man is the Joker making hurricanesnow?? Is this an epiphany or is manglz tinfoil hat too tight?? Someone tell me this is not just the beginning.

  14. About Joe’s comment on the hopelessness of the situations (epiphanies) at hand, I have been hammered into a different perspective. I thought I had a handle on starting a small outpost, tools, knowledge, things like that. I was forced to drop it all and go. The only thing I found worth carrying is GOD’S WORD,and a few basic necessities. My ability to carry very much is gone. Which doomsday scenario to prepare for is maddening. What are the very most important items will be critical. If you know, understand and believe the LORD will provide, the next thing will be knowledge. If you can start a fire, what will you boil water in, if you find game, can you catch it, dispatch it and dress it for the fire. The hopelessness of our situations is what keeps us trusting GOD to get us through this. Morons are going to flock to whoever can keep their needs fulfilled. Survivors are going to be people hopeless enough to let GOD prove that he will provide for us. Faith is going to shine like Zeke’s fire for all to see.
    People say prepare, GOD says prepare your soul to be worthy to escape. I ask, which will it be?? 10# of shotgun, or rifle shells, or 10# of money when mad max arrives. If you have to leave stockpiles become irrelevant, don’t they. Jesus sent out his disciples with what?

  15. Hi Jon,
    I read Bill’s books many years ago, I see he has just updated his original tome
    His view in the final bullet point is very interesting
    “By the numbers
    ◦According to NOAA there have been 172 billion-dollar catastrophes/events since the ‘Madrid Land for Peace’ conference of October 1991.
    ◦Over 100 billion-dollar catastrophes/events corresponded to U.S. pressure on Israel to give up their covenant land.
    ◦Almost $1 trillion in catastrophes since the land for peace process began in October 1991.
    ◦The greater the pressure on Israel to comply the greater the corresponding disasters for the nation applying the pressure, mostly in the United States.
    ◦God’s anger and wrath is expressed atmospherically and directed at individuals and their nations when His land of Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem is being negotiated for an Arab State”

  16. Because I know how you “love” flat earth theory….

    A self-titled ‘realist’ has tried to prove the earth is flat by taking a spirit level on a plane to back his outdated theory. YouTuber video blogger D Marble attempted to discredit scientific fact by taking the DIY tool onto a flight from North Carolina to Seattle. He was expecting the pilot to tip the plane forwards to ‘compensate for the curvature’ but when the spirit bubble remained central, he claimed it proved the world was flat. But it didn’t take long for him to be brought up on his inaccuracies.

  17. John and big John, I have been contemplating those very facts. I read some things to that effect over the years. Looking at all the deceptions going on all these years, what better way to villainize the Jews than to point out weather warfare every time they were voted against. The UN drags a bunch of countries to war, and who gets the credit? Who is in the crosshairs? Jews And Christians.
    Somebody needs to tell net that more slaves in America were WHITE. POLITICAL VELCRAFT has a very good article in the archives to that effect. I think it is .org.


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