The Rooster Cometh

It’s Chinese New Year!

And, it’s the year of the rooster, and with it come many ominous portents. No, not the mystical shmystical kind. The more mundane, end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it kind. And yes, catastrophe will be the name of the game in this Chinese Year of the Rooster.

What can we expect?

Economic and financial devastation – or, at least more evidence that it is around the corner.

Libya falls farther into Russia’s grasp.

Gog and Magog will look more and more real with each passing week.

India will collapse and fall into the abyss of their own devising.

And, silver and gold will probably go up. Maybe.


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The Rooster Cometh

As I write this, the Year of the Rooster has come to this island outpost of Chinese tradition. Fire works are going off for some such arcane, mystical reason. Everyone has been wishing each other a Xin Nian Kuai Le (sounds more like Shin Nyan Kwai Luh). It’s usually several days long, and this Friday was New Years Eve.

After all the bombings that I had to spend time around in Israel, I’ve had an aversion to fireworks. I’m getting better, but I’m still a bit… jumpy, if that’s the right word.

I think that the Chinese fire those things off to scare away the demons, or something. Or, more accurately that Monster Nian, who goes around and eats people. Apparently, if you put blood-red banners on the doorposts and lintel and gather with your family inside and eat lamb… the monster wont come inside and eat you.

Sound familiar?

Yeah. Me too. Passover.

When I ask people where this tradition came from, no one knows. It’s just old. Real old.

Anyway, the reason why I am so late in getting this out, is that I’ve had a lot to say in the research section. So much so, that my right arm aches from all the writing. So, please pay attention to my comments below. A lot of important stuff is in there. A lot.

Nathan Leal Under Attack Again

One of the things that I would like to raise is yet more attacks on Nathan Leal. This time it was Ray Gano launching a barrage from his own muscular version of Christianity. It was a low blow, and it troubles me that Ray would do this.

Ray is showing himself to not be right with God.

He needs to repent, and you need to tell him this, should you communicate with him.

Peak Oil Is Being Felt

I am seeing more and more of this, and it’s getting harder and harder for the pollyannas to claim that Peak Oil doesn’t exist.

The evidence is in, and the outcome will be nothing less than catastrophe.

This catastrophe will be a part of the ride of the four horsemen. It will devastate the world with war, starvation and violence. And, it will also bring Gog and Magog.

Gog And Magog Forms

I’ve mentioned Khalifa Haftar before, and I will be talking about him more and more. This guy is being supported by the Russians, and he looks like he will succeed in taking over Libya.

This will leave American foreign polity in ruins and bring Libya into the Gog and Magog alliance, just as the Bible said would happen.

The pieces are falling into place, and that means Ezekiel’s Fire is closer. I truly hope that you’ll be ready for that.

India Continues To Collapse

Did you know that India is the tenth most densely populated country in the world?


Well it is. And, things have gotten worse, since that fool, Narendra Modi, instituted his nation destroying demonetization. The devastation over the coming months will be immense, and it will break my heart to see it.

The EU Crumbles

The cracks and fissures in European unity are everywhere. Italy is set to fall, and other countries in the EU are distinctly unhappy with the misguided fools running the show from Brussels. It’s insane, but Eurocrats can’t seem to see that they have destroyed what they worked so hard to create.

I don’t know why I am so easily offended by such sheer stupidity, but I am. It’s one of my many failings.

Another Homework Assignment

Many of you have completed the previous homework assignment, and you are appropriately shocked at what you saw. Well, there’s more to that story, but from a different sources this time. And, it lays out the reasons why these rich men were there in the first place – and why our world is in so much trouble.

It is a fascinating story and one that I highly recommend that you watch:

How Big Oil Conquered the World

YouTube shortlink:

The transcript with source links is here:

The video is a little over an hour, but you will greatly benefit from watching it. And, if you missed your previous ‘homework assignment’, it’s here:

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

YouTube shortlink:

It’s long, so just listen to the first hour, if that’s all the time that you have. But, it’s important. A lot of the evil that we experience today is explained there. In BOTH videos.

Okay, I’m really, really late in getting this out. Please pay attention to what is in the research.

It’s important.



Read my book, Ezekiel’s Fire.

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My research sources are pretty wide ranging, and their number keep growing. So, instead of listing all of my sources, let me list the ones that deserve special mention:

A big thank you to all who sent me articles. I appreciate all of it.



Yup, more than just special, these links appear to be the most important of all. Seriously, start with these.

And yes, these are pretty serious.

Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Expose Christian Witchcraft, Part 2: More on THE SPIRIT MAN – YouTube

This is part two, you can find part one and three on Loren Grace’s channel. And, I believe that there is far more to this than just what they have exposed. But, they can only talk about what they have seen. Look at the description of the video for those ministries that they believe are practicing ‘Christian Witchcraft’.

We will be seeing more and more of this, as time goes one.

Organisms created with synthetic DNA pave way for entirely new life forms | Science | The Guardian

Not good. Not good at all.

People who believe that humanity can be good and will be good because humanity just IS GOOD, will believe that this can only be a positive development.

Those of us who know history… know that it isn’t.

Trump and a New Gold-Backed Dollar | International Man

Ignore the title. It’s not going to happen. Trump will be assassinated if he tries. The only way that America would be allowed to have a gold-backed dollar, would be if America collapsed so hard that it didn’t matter that it went towards a gold standard.

But, the author of this piece lays out the only other possibility, the growth of the SDR and the growth of global government along with it. When the Petrodollar system falls – and it will – the SDR system will take its place.

That SDR system will give immense power to whoever controls the International Monetary Fund.

Now, you might say that the US controls the IMF, and you are right… for now. But, the centers of power are shifting. America will be forced to give up its hold on the IMF, or risk the IMF being marginalized.

It will be interesting to see how this struggle for power plays out. But, it will be painful, as well.

Just be careful to not let your desire for a more hopeful future cloud your view of that future.

The Epidemic of Bad Ideas – Garret/Galland Investment Research You Can Trust

When I was reading this, the thought occurred to me:

There is nothing so dangerous as a bad idea whose time has come.

I did a search for that, and came up empty. So, maybe I get to claim this one. Of course, it stands on Victor Hugo’s quote:

“There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

So, I can’t claim ALL of it. But, I’ll take ‘some’.

Now, before going on with this, I have to issue a teeny-tiny pothole warning. When someone says this:

Is it really “wrong” to question your elders? Or “right” to fall to your knees in prayer to an invisible superhuman at bedtime?

You know that you are dealing with an Atheist or an Agnostic. But, that’s the only real pothole in this article’s road to a reasonable argument. And, the writer points the finger of blame at a very interesting institution that is responsible for so much trouble:

The University

If you really want to know where it all went wrong with the education system, start there. But, even THAT isn’t the beginning.

The beginning starts with oil, and the wealth that some men accumulated, because of their discovery of how it could be used. And, what they did with that wealth.

What did they do with their wealth?

They gave it to Universities. And, they made sure that the Universities taught what they thought of as ‘the truth’. Or, at least the ‘truth’ that they wanted people to believe.

After all, what else is wealth good for, than to shape the mind and will of society?

For more on that, watch this video:

THAT should be an eye-opener for many of you.

How Big Oil Conquered the World – YouTube

That article, The Epidemic of Bad Ideas, prompted me to think of this video, that shows where those bad ideas came from. It came from the first billionares, the oiligarchs.

Jesus spoke of the ‘deceitfulness of riches’ in his parable of the sower.

Satan is the god of wealth, and he has captured the world with it. And, the rich men of this world have used their wealth to control our world.

So, if you did your homework assignment, watchiing this:

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

If you watched that, you will understand this video. You’ll see how diabolical these men were, and the evil that they did with their wealth.

But, the days of their wealth are coming to a close, and it will bring chaos.

RANT: I Just Can’t Let This One Fly By – Nathan Leal’s Irresponsible Articles | Prophezine

A few of you sent me this ‘hit piece’ from Ray Gano, and this grieved me, because it betrayed a profoundly un-Christian thinking by Ray. And yes, Steve Quayle ran with this one and gave it emphasis on his website.

Now, if I were to feel the urge to write an expose on Trump, I MIGHT have written it differently than Nathan Leal, or I might not have. I might have chosen different bits of evidence to back up my assertions, or I might not have.

But, for Ray Gano to go after Nathan Leal in such a shallow way… sorry, but that was very foolish. Attempting to shout down a fellow Christian for voicing concerns over an elected official is hard to believe.

Does Ray somehow believe that Trump is some religious figure?

I’m struggling to understand why Ray would berate Nathan like this. Nathan has certainly proven himself to be far more Biblical in his approach than Ray.

And then, as I read down the article I found what was probably eating him the most:

He’s a big supporter of ‘Hear the Watchmen Conference’, run by a known fraud, Mike Kerr.

Ray Gano seems to have forgotten that we live in the Last Days. He seems to think that we can get ‘reprieves’ via politicians, instead of repentance towards God.

I don’t see a movement towards repentance in America, Ray. What I see instead is pride and deceit.

Even though I rarely have any contact with Nathan or Donna Leal, I believe that I understand what they are doing. They are attempting to bring clarity of thought and vision to American Christians.

Far too many Christians think that Trump is the answer that they have been praying for. I can tell you that he is NOT. He is just a man holding a political office, running a government that has demonstrated questionable moral virtue.

We need to stay away from the ‘Neochristian Populism‘ that Ray Gano advocates here. Christ and politics do not mix. Trying to mix the two is the kind of thing that we would expect of the Antichrist. And yes, it is that serious.

If you wish a change in America, lead your church in repentance to God. Turn off the television and open your Bibles. Love the truth and preach it, no matter how much it hurts.

Here is the answer for those who wish to make America great again:

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

– 2 Chronicles 7:14

Ray Gano, I have to assume that you are a brother in Christ, because that is what you claim to be. But, since this article betrays an un-Christian mind, there is only one thing that I can say to you:

You need to repent, Ray Gano. Before it is too late. Judgment is coming.

Everyone, those of you who are my brother or sister in Christ, please step away from this corrupt way of thinking. We ALL must put God first and NOT raise up others to stand in the place of God.

Please pray for Ray Gano, that he would repent. There isn’t a lot of time left, for us to do that.

The Watchmen are Confused – A Call to Accountability – By Nathan Leal | Watchmans Cry

Just to emphasize how wrong Ray Gano is, here is Nathan Leal, emphasizing how you can tell when someone is telling you the truth. How you can know that someone actually bears a message from God.

And, he tells you how you can call him out if he is wrong. He gives you all the ammunition that you would need, if he turns out to be wrong.

THAT is integrity, folks. And, that’s the reason why I have felt the need to defend him, when he couldn’t.

If I tried hard enough, I could probably find something that I disagreed with Nathan Leal on. I’m good at being disagreeable. But, I respect humility and integrity above any agreement or disagreement that I might have with someone.

Well done, Nathan.

Senate Confirms Dangerous Christian Extremist as CIA Director | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

(KJ sent this to me by email, and I wouldn’t have seen it, otherwise.)

This is just one example of why you cannot trust an anti-Semite. And yes, the creator of this website, Michel Chossudovsky, is the smelliest kind of anti-Semite. And, by extension, he’s anti-Israel.

Never trust someone who is anti-Israel.

I sometimes DO provide information and analysis from sources that are anti-Israel, but I NEVER trust them. James Corbett is an example of just such a source. He does provide analysis and information that are worthwhile under certain circumstances. But, ONLY under certain circumstances.

An anti-Israel bias indicates a serious problem in perception and analysis.

Now, this new director of the CIA is interesting. This choice of someone who is so vocal in his faith in Christ, is a big surprise for me. In fact, huge. So big, that I find myself wondering if my concerns about Trump are wrong.

We’ll see.

Please also understand that Luciferians have infiltrated our churches, so you can never be completely sure about someone – a fact that grieves me deeply. You shouldn’t even be sure about ME. It really is that bad.

Secular writers are claiming that Pompeo is a Christian Extremist, advocating ‘Holy War’. So far, I haven’t heard him say that. So, I’ll wait to believe it, when I see it.

Again, as I tell everyone, we live in an age of deception and deceit, and Satan has his hooks in our churches. We MUST be on our guard, with the Bible as our guide.

The more someone in political power claims to be a Christian, the more you should hold his words and actions up, in comparison to what the Bible says those words and actions should be.

Pray for wisdom, that you would understand who is true, and who is not. And, when you sense that someone is true, pray for that person. Often. With intensity.

Remember also, that there are very few years left in these Last Days. If a generation is 70 years (Psalm 90), then we are almost 50 years into that generation.

If there are just 20 years left, there is a lot that must happen, before Jesus Returns. And, for the unprepared and unwatchful, it will be awful. Jesus said to watch and pray in Luke 21:36.

Please. Do that.

With intensity.

Doug Casey: Making the Chicken Run, Part I | International Man

I did not intend to quote so much of this article, but there was a lot that was just too important. I couldn’t help myself. Doug Casey’s grasp of history is profound, and we would do well to pay attention to it.

Here’s the first important quote:

“Making the chicken run” is what Rhodesians used to say about neighbors who packed up and got out during the ’60s and ’70s, before the place became Zimbabwe. It was considered “unpatriotic” to leave Rhodesia. But it was genuinely idiotic not to.

Well, God called me out of the American version of ‘Rhodesia’. And, I suspect that God might be calling you, too.

Here’s another quote:

It strikes most people as outrageous because the long-running post-WWII boom has been punctuated only by brief recessions. After 70 years, why should it ever end? The thought of a nasty end certainly runs counter to the experience of almost everyone now alive—including myself—and our personal experience is what we tend to trust most. But it seems to me we’re very close to a tipping point. Ice stays ice even while it’s being warmed—until the temperature goes over 32° F, where it changes very quickly into something very different.

You need to get that, so let me repeat the most important point, from above:

Ice stays ice even while it’s being warmed—until the temperature goes over 32° F, where it changes very quickly into something very different.

When ice turns into water, it’s a very quick change.

Here’s another quote:

Within the next 24 months, the dollar is likely to start losing value rapidly and noticeably. Foreigners, who own over 6 trillion of them (including T-bills and other IOUs), will start panicking to dump them. So will Americans. The dollar bond market, today worth $40 trillion, will be devastated by much higher interest rates, a rapidly depreciating dollar, and an epidemic of defaults.

Now, I’ve been saying that this would happen, and I’ve ALWAYS been wrong about when I thought that it would happen. The question is whether Doug Casey is wrong, too. I hope that we are both wrong. I would rather be called an idiot, than be right about the devastation that is coming.

It’s better to be right five years too early, than to be right five minutes too late.

This next one is for those of you who have investments in real estate:

And that will be just the start of the trouble. Since the U.S. property market floats on a sea of debt (and is easy to tax), it’s also going to be hit very hard, again, this time by stifling mortgage rates. The next step is up for interest rates. Forget about property owners paying their existing mortgages; many won’t be able to pay their taxes and utilities, and maintenance will be out of the question.

When mortgage rates go up, housing prices collapse. Period. End of story.

I have friends who have investments with life insurance companies, so this quote is painful:

Insurance companies are invested mostly in bonds and real estate; many will go bankrupt.


And, THIS quote is THE REASON why I am glad that God dragged me out of the United States:

This rough sequence of events has happened in many countries in recent decades, and they’ve survived the tough times. But it has the potential, at least in relative terms, to be more serious in the U.S. than it was in Argentina, Brazil, Serbia, Russia, Mozambique, or Zimbabwe for two main reasons.


Second, those societies [WHO SURVIVED COLLAPSE] were significantly more rural than the U.S. is today. As in the America of 100 years ago, much of the population lived quite close to the land and had practical skills and habits that helped them get through the tough times. For 21st-century Americans, it’s a different story. Shortages and disorder are going to hit commuters who live in suburbs, and urban dwellers who think milk appears in cartons magically, like a ton of bricks.

I hope that you understand that, because this ignorance by the average American is very, very worrying. When this reality hits the average American – like that ton of bricks – they will resort to violence. And, they will come after YOU.

And then, with all that, comes these last two paragraphs that should make you stop and think, if you haven’t already:

But that’s just over the short run. The long run is much more serious because the next chapter of the Greater Depression has every chance of radically, and at least semi-permanently, overturning the basic character of American life. Ice turned to water—suddenly and unexpectedly—in Russia in 1918, Germany in 1933, China in 1949, Vietnam in 1954, Cambodia in 1975, and Rwanda in 1995. Those are just the first examples that come to mind. There are scores more.

The economic events I’ve outlined are going to mean serious hardship and unpleasantness for many people. But that doesn’t concern me nearly as much as the social and political reaction.

You might not understand what he’s saying now. But eventually, you will. He’s talking about the rise of the Antichrist.

All of those moments in time that he lists, a proto-Antichrist rose to take the reins of power. But, they were limited by geography and the morality of those countries around them. But, this next conflagration will be global, and there will be few – if any – limits ‘by geography’. And, the morality of the world is at the lowest point, since The Flood.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this. I really, really do.

Doug Casey: Comparing the 1930s and Today | International Man

Another excellent article, from Doug Casey. About economic depressions.

And, he makes this cogent observation:

It’s hard to visualize something you don’t understand.

Doug makes the point in this article, that this depression will be different than the last one. If you plan to react to that depression in the same way that successful investors did in that last one, you’ll get burned. Badly.

After illustrating key differences between the current and growing Greater Depression, than the last one, he says this:

Everybody who invests in this depression thinking that it will turn out like the last one will be very unhappy with the results. Being aware of the differences between the last depression and this one makes it a lot easier to position yourself to minimize losses and maximize profits.

Then, he writes this:

So much for the differences. The crucial, obvious, and most important similarity, however, is that most people’s standard of living will fall dramatically.

The Greater Depression has started. Most people don’t know it because they can neither confront the thought nor understand the differences between this one and the last.

As a climax approaches, many of the things that you’ve built your life around in the past are going to change and change radically. The ability to adjust to new conditions is the sign of a psychologically healthy person.

Since Doug Casey isn’t a Christian, he doesn’t know what the Bible says about the Greater Depression that has already begun. If you don’t know, yourself, read about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

I believe that they ride the world, today. And we will see the results of their efforts more clearly, as we move ever deeper into the end of the Last Days.

But, let me offer one more point that Doug has forgotten.

One difference between the America of the Great Depression and the America of today, is the difference between a growing empire and a falling one. America’s global reach was growing in the 1920s. Today, it’s falling. In the 1920s, oil production and the invention of the tractor was revolutionizing agricultural production and freeing farm workers to work in the factories. Now, oil production is falling and provides less and less energy to power the economy. In the 1920s, the world was just over a billion people strong, and most of them were young. Today, the world has 7.4 billion people on it, and the average age is far higher than it was then – at least, in the developed world.

And no, I do not believe that the world will ever reach 8 billion. If it does, it won’t be for very long.

The collapse and starvation of India will be horrifying. What happens to the rest of the world, will be equally so.

The question is when.

When will the climax of this Greater Recession happen?

Will it be this year?


I’ve been surprised that it has taken this long for it to appear. The central bankers might have more rabbits to pull out of seemingly empty hats. But, with banking insiders selling their own stock at the highest level in five years…

Well, it’s better to brace for impact too early, than too late.

What is this ‘Crisis’ of Modernity? – The Automatic Earth

The article is from former British diplomat and MI6 ‘ranking figure’ Alastair Crooke. Even though I am suspicious of diplomats and intelligence agencies, he at least is in a position to know what he is talking about. And, what he says here should make your knees wobble a bit – if not knock together. Here are some quotes:

Well, the Hill’s Group, who are seasoned US oil industry engineers, led by B.W. Hill, tell us – following their last two years, or so, of research – that for purely thermodynamic reasons net energy delivered to the globalised industrial world (GIW) per barrel, by the oil industry (the IOCs) is rapidly trending to zero. Note that we are talking energy-cost of exploration, extraction and transport for the energy-return at final destination. We are not speaking of dollar costs, and we are speaking in aggregate. So why should this be important at all; and what has this to do with spiraling debt creation by the western Central Banks from around 2001?

The importance? Though we sometimes forget it, for we now are so habituated to it, is that energy is the economy. All of modernity, from industrial output and transportation, to how we live, derives from energy – and oil remains a key element to it. What we (the globalized industrial world) experienced in that golden era until the 70s, was economic growth fueled by an unprecedented 321% increase in net energy/head. The peak of 18GJ/head in around 1973 was actually of the order of some 40GJ/head for those who actually has access to oil at the time, which is to say, the industrialised fraction of the global population. The Hill’s Group research can be summarized visually as below (recall that these are costs expressed in energy, rather than dollars):

The graphic that follows those two paragraphs demonstrates that we hit rock-bottom, in terms of oil, within ten years. Maybe even less. And, to my mind, that means war and death on a global scale. And no, I do not think that it is possible to overemphasize the threat that this represents.

In fact, if you want to see an accurate depiction of how bad it will get, read the Book of Revelation. And no, I am not kidding. It’s that big of a disaster.

But, there’s more to talk about, to nail the point home. Here’s the next paragraph:

But as Steve St Angelo in the SRSrocco Reports states, the important thing to understand from these energy return on energy cost ratios or EROI, is that a minimum ratio value for a modern society is 20:1 (i.e. the net energy surplus available for GDP growth should be twenty times its cost of extraction). For citizens of an advanced society to enjoy a prosperous living, the EROI of energy needs to be much higher, closer to the 30:1 ratio. Well, if we look at the chart below, the U.S. oil and gas industry EROI fell below 30:1 some 46 years ago (after 1970):

That paragraph is followed by yet another horrifing graph. US EROI is at five-to-one. There is no way that America can maintain that ratio. Collapse, for America, is coming. The ‘shale oil revolution’ is over, and the ‘revolution’ failed.

And, the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf and even Russia cannot be all that far behind. And, like I said, death and destruction will result as those with weapons compete for what is left.

And, to provide financial proof that all is not right with American Oil, look here:

Briefly, what does this all mean? Well, the business model for the big three US IOCs does not look that great: Energy costs of course, are financial costs, too. In 2016, according to Yahoo Finance, the U.S. Energy Sector paid 86% of their operating income just to service the interest on the debt (i.e. to pay for those extraction costs). We have not run out of oil. This is not what the Hill’s Group is saying. Quite the reverse. What they are saying is the surplus energy (at a ratio of now less than 10:1) that derives from the oil that we have been using (after the energy-costs expended in retrieving it) – is now at a point that it can barely support our energy-driven ‘modernity’. Implicit in this analysis, is that our era of plenty was a one time, once off, event.

They are also saying that this implies that as modernity enters on a more severe energy ‘diet’, less surplus calories for their dollars – barely enough to keep the growth engine idling – then global demand for oil will decline, and the price will fall (quite the opposite of mainstream analysis which sees demand for oil growing. It is a vicious circle. If Hills are correct, a key balance has tipped. We may soon be spending more energy on getting the energy that is required to keep the cogs and wheels of modernity turning, than that same energy delivers in terms of calorie-equivalence. There is not much that either Mr Trump or the Europeans can do about this – other than seize the entire Persian Gulf. Transiting to renewables now, is perhaps too little, too late.

Unfortunately, ‘seizing the entire Persian Gulf’ will be EXACTLY what people will try to do. Whether the US, Russia or China, that is exactly what will be tried.

THAT will lead to Gog and Magog.

And, Gog and Magog brings Ezekiel’s Fire.

Are We Getting Dumber? | Armstrong Economics

There’s a reason why the next generation seems to be less intelligent than we are.

It’s because they ARE less intelligent than we are.

And, you just can’t fix stupid.

Lest We Forget — The USS Liberty – The Burning Platform

Paul Craig Roberts is a lying liar, and this is one of the reasons why I refuse to reference any of his work. He never misses a chance to attack Israel and provides ONLY those views that are as damaging to Israel as possible.

Here is what I’ve had to say on the incident, and you will see nothing like that in his article:

This one comes up a lot. You would think that people had never heard of a friendly fire incident before. Furthermore, the United States and Israel WERE NOT ALLIES AT THE TIME.

There were certainly moves by the US and Israel to come closer together to block moves by the Soviet Union to gain hegemony in the region. But, those moves were a far cry from the kind of alliance that we have today. Just eleven years before the USS Liberty event, in 1956, the United States had forced Israel to retreat from the Sinai.

Furthermore, when hostilities began, Israel contacted the United Nations and communicated to the world that Israel had created a naval exclusion zone. Any ships found in that ‘exclusion zone’ would be sunk. Period.

It was supremely foolish of the US Navy to send the USS Liberty into the naval exclusion zone. The problem is that there appears to be evidence that it was deliberate.

By Lyndon Baines Johnson, President of the United States.

When the USS Liberty was attacked, the President of the United States said to the Secretary of Defense McNamara:

“I want that goddamn ship going to the bottom.”

This was clearly a false flag setup, by the President of the United States of America to get an okay for an invasion of the Middle East.

But, Israel wasn’t a firm ally of the United States, so there was no way that the United States would have trusted Israel to participate in a ‘false flag attack’ on one of its own ships. But, there was one way that Israel could have been trusted to follow through:

Giving false intelligence

Remember that by June 8th, Israel had destroyed Egypt’s ability to command the battlefield in the Sinai by knocking out their communications. Egypt’s military high command would have been desperate to find out what was actually going on, and sending a ‘spy ship’ to the coast of the Sinai would have been one such way of doing that.

However, that would have also been a disaster for Israel, which was moving military resources to fight the Syrians that were attacking in the Golan.

Knowing that Israel had set a naval exclusion zone for the coast of Israel and the Sinai, I believe that the United States sent the USS Liberty towards/into that zone, while telling the Israelis that it was Egyptian.

And please, don’t tell me that there was an American Flag. The Israelis would have known that Egypt had a large supply of ‘American Flags’. There is no way that the Israelis would have trusted such an appearance, especially if the Americans were telling them that there were no American ships in the area.

Was Israel tricked into attacking an American ship?

I believe that they were, especially since Israel could have received no benefit from knowingly attacking an American ship. Nor would the Israelis have trusted America to fulfill any promises made by the American administration, in setting up a false flag. America had not been very friendly up to that point.

Israelis have always had a profound love for the United States. For them to knowingly attack the US would have been… unimaginable. There is just no way that Israel would have done that.

So, those that wish to attack Israel over the USS Liberty need to turn their anger on LBJ. After all, President Johnson was accessory to the murder of JFK. Tricking the Israelis to attacking the USS Liberty would have been child’s play, by comparison.

You can find more like the above here:

Never trust a lying liar. And Paul Craig Roberts is just such a foul fellow.

ISRAEL – The Truth |

On second thought, here’s that link that I mentioned above.

If you haven’t read this, you need to.

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Hopefully, when you click that link, Marcel will be back online.

Join me as I pray that the Rebel Planet Dispatch makes its way back to the land of the living.



These articles have a more individual importance. They cross categories, and are often in their own category. And, I think that these should be your first stop in your reading.

Does The Myth Of -‘An Unknown Day (Rapture) Versus A Known Day (Advent)’- Really Prove 2 Separate Comings? – Let’s Get It Right!

Paul Benson addresses yet ANOTHER bit of insanity that I’ve been appalled at.

When will pretribbers stop twisting the Bible with this heresy?

Andrews High student charged after throwing paper airplane at teacher | News |

I want the TEACHER to be FIRED. Because he’s a WUSS. And, a SNOWFLAKE.

Snowflakes should not be allowed to teach kids.

The kid should probably be given an F and be required to take the class over, or go to summer school – or something.

Insolence from students is wrong, but normal. We shouldn’t allow it, and it should be punished.

But, insanity in teachers should not be allowed. AT ALL. And, it should be vigorously rooted out. Insanity is contageous. Just look at the rest of America.

Brazilians Stunned By Death Of Supreme Court Justice Ahead Of “Explosive Testimony” | Zero Hedge

Okay, this article isn’t important, other than to point out that you’ll be seeing more of this, in the future.

This guy died in a ‘freak plane crash’. Anyone who gets too close to uncovering corruption in high places, is going to suffer the same fate.

This judge got too close to the truth, so he was taken out.

REALIST NEWS – Fake News – Miami Dude Who Threatened Trump 9/11 Ties – Can’t make this up! – YouTube

Okay, be a little careful with this one. He picks up on the inconsistancies of the stories. And, those inconsistancies are completely ridiculous. Totally implausable.

But, we don’t know the truth.

Suspicions, we have in abundance. A black operations unit within the CIA, in partnership a Saudi black ops unit is my best guess. And, the tie to Hillary is interesting.

oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: 25 Years of Neocon-Neoliberalism: Great for the Top 5%, A Disaster for Everyone Else

He’s not looking deeply enough in this article, but that’s okay. If you know about the depths that lie underneath all of this, the article is fine.

Now, he claims that the birth of Neocon-Neoliberalism – or at least its advent on the world stage – happened with the election of Billy Clinton. I disagree, and the author might also, if asked about this specificallly.

Neocon-Neoliberalism began with the formation of the CIA, and it grabbed power with the assassination of JFK, in 1963. Reagan – and even Carter – were something of an aberration.

Will Trump prove himself to be an enemy of Neocon-Neoliberalism?

Reagan was, until they tried to assassinate him.

The top 5% will NOT let go. They believe that they earned their wealth and power, and they will NOT give it up. They will kill as many people as possible, to keep what they have.

China Gov Promoting bitcoin! Coming Silver Shortage – Clif High’s Web Bot Revelations – YouTube

What people talk about seems to be a kind of predictor of the future. Some call it the ‘wisdom of crowds’. Others just shrug and move one.

Clif High seems to believe that there’s something psychic, but I’m not terribly interested in his explanaton for why his lingustic analysis seems to work. I’m just interested in the fact that it seems to have at least SOME predictive value.

Some of those predictions might lead to fulfillment of prophecies in the the Bible. And, some of those predictions could be hitting soon.

As always, we’ll just hafta see.

5 territorial disputes to watch out for in 2017 | Global Risk Insights

These are SOME of the hotspots. He’s also missing the coming conflict over access to the Nile River and the increased Russian influence in Libya. We also have the continued collapse of Mexico and the implosion of Venezuela.

Oh and the migrant crisis in Europe, along with Turkey’s pivot towards Russia.

Then there’s growing unrest in India because of that idiot Narendra Modi.

Let’s see… did I miss anything?

Obama’s biggest whoppers – The Washington Post

Stop the presses!

We’ve made an important discovery.

WaPo actually criticized Obama!

I did not realize that this was even possible. But, here it is.

You might want to get this article framed, because you won’t hear an unkind word about Obama from WaPo, ever again.

Bill Denying U.S. Aid to Nations that Won’t Repatriate Alien Criminals Could Have Saved Woman – The Burning Platform

Now THIS is a law whose time has come.

Indiana YMCA Bans CNN Over Complaints About Constant Barrage of “Fake News” | Zero Hedge

I enjoyed this one, since the little town of Valparaiso made such a big splash, and the fact that I was born and raised in Indiana. It’s stuff like this that give me some hope for the ‘flyover states’ in America – the real America.

Unfortunately, it’s a kind of misplaced hope, since the flyover states are infected by a version of the same mania that infects the rest of the country.

There can be no real hope, without repentance.

Turn off your television and open your Bible. Then, we can talk about real hope.

Europe: The Process of Change Continues | This Week in Geopolitics Investment Newsletter | Mauldin Economics

Whenever I see George Friedman on the masthead, I pay attention. But, I’m also careful, because he’s pro-establishment and something of a neocon. But, he’s a smart guy and an astute observer.

He knows history, and he understands many of the factors that drive history.

What is he saying here?

1. Italian banks are a SERIOUS problem.

2. The German economic foundation of the EU is weakening. A Lot.

3. Muslims Muslims Muslims.

Sorry kids, but the Europe that you see today, will not be the Europe that you will see tomorrow.

The Geopolitics of 2017 in 4 Maps | This Week in Geopolitics Investment Newsletter | Mauldin Economics

Another interesting article from Friedman an Shapiro. This time they focus Russia’s geographical weakness, China’s view of the Pacific, Middle East areas of dominance and areas of nationalistic tension in Europe.

The biggest part of his discussion is graphical: maps.

If you want to understand GOG, look at Russia. Keeping all of that together is going to be VERY hard. It’s an enormous land mass with islands of economic value in a sea of red. Holding all of that together… was always going to be hard. And, Russia must, at all costs. The alternative is unthinkable to them.

The orientation of the China map is less instructive, and Friedman glosses over China’s access to raw materials and markets for finished goods. The single most important reason for China to secure the shoals of the South China sea, is to preserve its trade routes. Yes, America’s allies could act as a threat to China, but only in their threat to trade routes.

China has always been a land power, and will retain that advantage. However, China is working hard to develop a naval edge.

The Map of the Middle East is where Gog and Magog come in. The blue part in Libya is allied with Russia. Khalifa Haftar is the general there, and you will see more of him, in the future.

As for Europe, the nationalisms in Europe will keep them from truly surrendering power to Brussels. Until someone can come in and unite them, the EU is stuck.

Europe has ALWAYS been a mess, and it will stay that way – at least, until someone with a stick too big to ignore, comes along. Or, a disaster so big and terrible that unity is better than independence.

Or, both.

Jack Ma Accuses The US Of Spending $14 Trillion On War Instead Of Its People | Zero Hedge

Actually, he’s right. It’s a little late for that, but he’s right.

$20,000/worker – the cost of US government regulations – Graphic

And, if you are a small business, the cost of regulations goes up to $30,000 per worker.

Is United Socialist States of Amerika. Is good, Comrade.

India – On a Downward Spiral |

Since I hadn’t heard anything in a while about what was going on in India, I had hoped that things weren’t as bad as we thought.

Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Over the next few months, we’ll start to see real starvation, with the poorest of the poor dying in the streets. This is going to be terrible.

Fight Club Author Slams ‘Modern Left’: “I Coined ‘Snowflake’ And I Stand By It” | Zero Hedge

Okay, I must admit that I did NOT know that the term ‘snowflake’ came from Fight Club. I grew up being told that each snowflake in a snow storm was unique. I assumed that the term was just a connection to that idea.

That’s what you get, when you spend more than twenty years outside of the US.

And, if you DIDN’T know that ‘Fight Club’was the origin of this derisive term, you’ll hafta make up your own excuse. I got mine, and I’m sticking to it.

America Is Suffering From A Very Real Water Crisis That Few Are Acknowledging | DeSmogBlog

It’s not like America NEEDED another problem, but here’s one, anyway:

Like most metals, lead will break down over time, especially when it is exposed to corrosive water throughout its existence. When you have close to 1.2 million miles of lead pipes for water delivery in America — pipes that only have a lifespan of about 75 years and many are reaching that age — you have a recipe for disaster that experts warn will cost close to $1 trillion to fix.

Um… you do NOT want your kids drinking lead. And, lead isn’t the only problem with America’s drinking water.

Now What for 2017 | Armstrong Economics

This is probably worth the $500 that Martin is charging. I just don’t have it. If you have the money, and sufficient wealth to protect, I suggest that you buy this.

I don’t have sufficient wealth to protect, so there’s no need for this, on my part.

Eliminating Currency = Communism | Armstrong Economics

And THAT is the truth.



I hope that you will forgive me for wanting these people dead. With a thorough trial, first to establish the facts… then, a swift execution.

God help us all.

The Bleeping Truth Rare Interview with Ted Gunderson – YouTube

Ted was murdered about four years after this interview. Poisoned. The guy was a hero. And, he was murdered by the government – a covert group within the government.

This interview was about 2007.

As bad as they were then, they are worse now. The evil is EVERYWHERE.

God help us all.

Meet The Kakistocracy – Tjeerd Andringa on The Corbett Report – YouTube

I posted a link to an article that contained this video. But, I think that it is worth visiting this again.

In one sense, Kakistocracy is a missuse of the word. But, it’s really the only word that we have. So, instead of a government by the least capable, we have government by most evil. And, the rape of children is used to select ‘the most evil’ – those raping children – and to create ‘the most subservient’ – those children being raped.

Our system has given these vile men – and they are mostly men – the ability to increase their numbers at the top, to the point where they have complete control at the top.

The professor goes on to think of ways of studying this phenominon, but the poor guy has his head in the clouds.

Only the Return of our Lord and Savior will stop this. And, I want these men stopped so badly.



This category has expanded significantly. It’s as if the flood gates on this issue have opened. It’s an indication of the seriousness of the situation. And, it’s very serious, indeed.

Ethiopia is an extremely corrupt government and has made worthless promises that they will carefully fill the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. I believe that they will fill that dam as fast as possible, drying up the Nile, just as chapter 19 of Isaiah said that they would.

It is said that they will begin filling the dam, THIS year.

This is going to be traumatic for Egypt – just as Isaiah said.

How The Saudi Rift With Egypt Is Spiraling Out Of Control |

It looks like this dam is being built right at a time when diplomatic relationships are being turned on their head. Everywhere in the Middle East.

Ethiopia And South Sudan Deny Diplomatic Row Over Mega-Dam – Finance News – London South East

Egypt has been trying to turn both Eritrea and South Sudan against Ethiopia, and has failed. And, Sudan actually WANTS the dam.

Ethiopia cuts diplomatic ties with South Sudan: Radio

So, South Sudan is willing to support a civil war in Ethiopia, using Egyptian money.



The events that are descending upon us, will try our souls. How many of us survive those trials will depend upon your location and your preparations.

Please prepare for the worst period of time in human history. America will be ground zero, followed by Europe. Other places will be devastated, but those two areas will be hit the worst – at least, as I see it now.

No place will be safe, but there are some places that will be safer than others.

Please, prepare for the worst.

Are You Ready For An Inflationary Depression? | project chesapeake

This is a ‘preparation-minded’ view of the Inflationary Depression that has already begun.

Surviving this depression will mean that you can continue to serve God while it is happening and when it is over. You can’t serve God if you are starving to death or dying of the cold.

Jesus said to watch and pray in Luke 21:36. That indicates judicious preparation for what you see on the horizon.

Johnson: Elites Eying the Exits Signals America’s Crisis

Think of this as a warning:

“Why do people who are envied for being so powerful appear to be so afraid?” Johnson said. “What does that really tell us about our system? It’s a very odd thing. You’re basically seeing that the people who’ve been the best at reading the tea leaves—the ones with the most resources, because that’s how they made their money—are now the ones most preparing to pull the rip cord and jump out of the plane.”

When the people ‘who really know’ are bailing out – or preparing to – you might want to think about doing the same.

Learning From The TV (Imagine That!) | Peak Prosperity

Second of all, this should clue you in, immediately, that you cannot survive on your own. You can’t, so don’t prepare to try.

Notice that I said ‘second’ first.


Because the author doesn’t understand the MOST important point:

You CANNOT survive without a firm commitment to your life in Christ.

If you cannot understand that your purpose on this earth is to serve God, you are finished before you even begin. That’s why ALL preparation should start with God, your church and the Bible.

That is where preparation begins. And, when you start there, you will have The Guide for the rest of your preparations.

Without God, you cannot survive.

With God, you cannot fail.



Okay, so Trump won.

This is good, because it means that Clinton lost.

This category speaks to the aftermath of the Trump win. My hope is that I’ll be able to close this category out, when the world realizes that Trump will not be as good as people hoped, or as bad as they feared.

Trump will be just one more president, in a long line of presidents, that compromized on the ideals that are the foundation of America. (Either that, or the Deep State will assassinate him.)

In Defense of Populism | Liberty Blitzkrieg

You don’t really need to read this. The key point is wrapped up in this statement:

Populism is not a bug, but is a key feature in any democratic society.

As someone who has written and contributed to countless computer manuals, I have often had to fight with programmers over some of their work. And, the classic statement that every programmer uses – and tech writers hear – is:

It’s not a bug.

It’s a feature.

Even though ‘populism’ is always used in a derogatory way, it’s still the essence of democracy. The Elites claim that they are for ‘democracy’, yet they always wail in anguish when democracy hands them an outcome that doesn’t conform to their personal desire.

47.9%: Obama Had Lower Average Approval Rating Than Nixon or Bush

So, Trump has a chance to overshadow Obama?

We’ll see.

Nigel Farage Joins Fox News | Zero Hedge

Nigel is an interesting guy. He also was a businessman who was dragged into politics by a concern for his country. The fact that he has a biting sense of humor and a love of irony, that fact has made him popular – as well as earning him LOTS of enemies.

The bureaucrats in Brussels HATE him.

Summing up 8 years of Barack Obama – Sovereign Man

I got halfway through this, and felt glad that I’m in Taiwan. If you choose to read this, you’ll hafta hold your nose through the first few lines, but the overwhelming destruction of the American way of life is described afterwards.

It is amazing that one man could do so much damage. Of course, he had help. Lots. An army of stupid people.

The question is whether Trump can fix it without destroying what’s left.

A lot of pain ahead, if there is to be ANY hope.

Trump’s Inauguration Surprise for ISIS, SR 1448 – YouTube


Go get ’em, Mr. Trump.

Oh, and this lays to rest the proper pronunciation of Qatar. It isn’t pronounced ‘kutter’. It’s ponounced ‘kah-TAR’.

You Can’t Resist Trump by Closing Your Eyes | Liberty BlitzkriegArtist’s Impression Of President Trump’s First Day | Zero Hedge

Ah… the Trump wrecking ball… I’m lovin’ it.

Man Who Filmed Hillary Collapse Video Hailed As A Hero: “Turned The Election Around”

How ironic. It was an immigrant who took down a pro-immigrant candidate.

Very impressive, and I sense the hand of God in this.

SNL Writer Suspended Indefinitely For Attacking Barron Trump | Zero Hedge

Good. Hopefully, the Left will realize that being disgusting and ugly has consequences.

Consequences are ALWAYS instructive. It’s called reality. And, we need more of it, not less.

Bannon Declares War On The Media: “You Are The Opposition; Keep Your Mouth Shut” | Zero Hedge

Okay, the Trump administrations claims about the ‘audience’ for Trump’s inauguration are puzzling. And, I’m wondering if it was deliberately set up to draw the media into a credibility battle that the media couldn’t back away from.

All of Trumps spokesmen have specifically avoided making any plausible responses to media accusations about that first Sean Spicer press conference.

I smell a setup, and the media seem to be falling for it.

And frankly, I cannot think of a more appropriate victim of such a ‘setup’. I’m waiting for that moment where I can say – for the umpteenth time – “Well played, Mr. Trump!”

And yes, I like this war on the press. I like it a lot.

Wave Of State Department Personnel Resign, Are Fired As Tillerson Takes Control | Zero Hedge

And here I am, hoping that even MORE resign.

Hey, I know, let’s set up a suggestion line for ways to encourage MORE State Dept. personnel run awa… er …retire or take heavily extended leaves of absence. Leave your own suggestions in the comment section.

I’m thinking that church services and gospel music played over the pa system would be a good first step.

Outrage Dilution | Scott Adams’ Blog

It is great to know that Trump is out there, working his magic.

Yes, the question of whether he’s on the side of the angels is still out there, but I’m still enjoying the show, anyway.



We’ve been talking about the collapse of the economy and financial system for a very long time, and every day that collapse is delayed… well …the collapse just gets worse and worse. Eventually, it will be an explosion that will devastate the world and lead to chaos, confusion, death, destruction and war. Lots and lots of war.

In fact, it has begun already.

By the time that you see it, it will be too late to do anything about it.

James Howard Kunstler: The World’s Greatest Misallocation Of Resources – YouTube

Kunstler is on his best behavior. No foul words. No need to wash out his mouth. And, what he says here is the truth.

America has a dismal future, economically and financially. There’s just no other way to look at it.

And yes, Peak Oil. It’s as real as James says that it is, and you should listen to him say it.

Morgan Stanley: “We Haven’t Seen A Shift This Severe In Over A Decade” | Zero Hedge

This sounds like an implosion in the flow of hot money, around the world. Since the credit ‘spigot’ has been dialed back, the amount of money searching for a home has slowed. And, individual investment decision makers are going to start being a little more careful.

It sounds like the global market is switching over from greed to fear. And, a market governed by fear has only one direction.


As Its Housing Bubble Pops, Chinese Real Estate Firms Halt Monthly Pricing Data | Zero Hedge

You know that it’s bad when they stop publishing the information.

Now, the writer of this piece DOES provide a bit of information to consider:

What do Chinese investors do, when the housing bubble pops?

They dive into the Chinese stock market.

Will they do that again, this time?

We shall see. Certainly, SOME of that money will go into Chinese stocks. But, we are seeing hints of hot money going elsewhere in China – like bitcoin and gold.

Trump Takes Over ‘Riskiest’ America Since World War II | Zero Hedge

This article compares Trump to Truman. However, there is a HUGE difference. For Truman:

America was manufacturing capital of the world. Manufacturing capacity, everywhere else, was destroyed by allied bombing.

The American peak in oil production was 26 years in the future.

The size of government was tiny compared to today.

The American Empire was on the rise, and still had some vestiges of morality.

Trump benefits from none of those circumstances, and is cursed by the opposites.

One Big, Fat, Ugly Bubble | Casey Research

Destroying the economy would be one way to keep Trump to one term. The question is whether they will stop at limiting him at just the four year term.

So, expect an economic collapse, if you agree with this article.

You’re Buying, They’re Selling: Big Bank Execs Dump $100 Million In Stock As Market Soared | Zero Hedge

It’s a bad sign when bank insiders are selling their own stock. When the leadership of a bank sell their stock in that bank, they are saying that they do NOT believe that the future is bright for their bank and/or for banks in general.

Lookout below!

2017’s Real Milestone (Or Why Interest Rates Can Never Go Back To Normal) –

Here’s an important quote from this article:

To put $20 trillion into perspective, it’s about $160,000 per US taxpayer, and exists in addition to the mortgage, credit card, auto, and student debt that our hypothetical taxpayer probably carries. It is in short, way too much for the average wage slave to manage without some kind of existential crisis.

He then provides a reason why interest rates CANNOT rise to their normal level of six percent:

$20 trillion x 6% = $1.2 trillion a year in interest expense. To put that in perspective…

It’s $15,000 a year per family of four, or about a fourth of what the typical American family earns.

It’s 31% of the federal budget, which would mean massive cuts in every other spending program.

Unfortunately, as John Rubino indicates, there are only three choices to the above:

Government spending cuts and/or tax increases that impose Greek-style austerity on Americans who won’t respond well to their sudden demotion to Third World status.

A new round of monetary experiments involving the “forgiveness” of the government’s debts, financed with newly-created dollars. This will work – as long as dollars remain universally accepted as a store of value. History offers no examples of such a thing.

An overt effort to devalue the dollar, with the goal of paying the interest in full, but (again) with newly- created, much-less-valuable currency.

Any one of those choices means the fall of the American Empire and a direct possibility of a decline to ‘Third World Status’.

The words ‘catastrophic’ and ‘traumatic’ do not begin to describe what will happen. And, I believe that the Ride of the Four Horsemen will be the best explanation of what the future holds.

Caterpillar Posts Record 49 Consecutive Months Of Declining Retail Sales | Zero Hedge

This is an extremely bad sign. Extremely bad.

Unless someone can claim that competitors of Caterpillar have picked up in sales and are making up for Caterpillar’s lost revenue, it means that the economy is headed down, and has BEEN headed down for the past four years.

Trump’s Expected Ambassador to EU Says “Short the Euro, Collapse May Come in 12 to18 Months” | MishTalk

Um, words to the wise.



When economic and financial collapse comes your way, you need something tangible to weather the storm. Right now, I cannot think of anything tangilble that is so fiercely undervalued and universally recognized as gold and silver.

There might be other things that are better. I just can’t see ’em. If you can think of something better, share it with us.

World Crisis to Spur Silver Shortage, Big Demand in Gold & Silver – Gregor Gregersen – YouTube

An important view on the silver shortage. And yes, there really is a silver shortage, and fear will drive that shortage higher, and the price.

And, this guy sounds interesting. And, his point about Singapore sounds interesting too. But, the cost of living is WAY too high for me, and Taiwan is fine. Really.

Oh, and a light language alert. He talks about SHTF, if you know what I mean. I’m betting that he doesn’t use the German version ‘sheisse’. Foreign ‘bad words’ just don’t have the cultural impact. So, we use them more freely because they don’t mean anything to us.

Ask an Israeli to say Hahra, and they won’t. But, they say the ‘S’ word.

So, when the Sheisse Hits The Fan, you know that you’re in trouble. (Apologies to my German-speaking readers.)

Future Silver Supply Will Be More Vulnerable Than Other Metals : SRSrocco Report

And, HERE is an argument for silver. It will certainly be the last thing that I sell. You can bet on that.

Stocks and Dollar Overpriced, Buy Gold and Silver says Marc Faber – The Burning Platform

Um… yeah. It’s not like there’s anything else that is a legitimate investment choice.

Historical Official Records Reveal Gold’s Value Should Be 20 Times Higher : SRSrocco Report

Interesting proof that gold could really take off, from the price at where it sits.



These are at least worth a chuckle. And, it might save you from going nuts.

I had a bit of a laugh at these, and I hope that you will too.

SUNDAY FUNNIES – The Burning Platform

Oh, the irony, the IRONY I tell you. (And the laughs.)

This is How You Know China’s Pollution is Bad | China Uncensored – YouTube

Yes, Comrade. The answer to bad news is to ban bad news.

Now, this is especially poignant for me and Mrs. Little, because we routinely suffer from this… um …’fog’ whenever the wind blows from China.

Yes. Seriously. We get lots of pollution from China. And, it’s annoying.

LOOK SON! – The Burning Platform

Okay, okay. This one contains that… um …V-word. But, it’s ironically appropriate.

Husbands, have your wives view this first.

Just sayin’.

Meanwhile In The Oval Office… | Zero Hedge

Yes, that pen and phone stopped working.

Very upsetting.

BLINDED BY THE DARK – The Burning Platform

Yes… THAT blinded.

Anti-Trump Protester Reacts As Donald Trump Is Sworn In | Zero Hedge

I think that this should be put on a loop, and play in the background.

Yes, yes, I know that it’s schadenfreud. But, it’s GOOD schadenfreud.

‘Women’s March’ Crashed By Crowder… IN DRAG! (Featuring Wendy Davis) – YouTube

Warning. This is ‘louder with Crowder’. You’ve been warned.

But, he DID make the ‘woman’s march’ look COMPLETELY ridiculous.

An Alternative Perspective On Today’s “Women’s March” | Zero Hedge


Lots of irony in this one!

The Six Stages Of Democrat Grief Are Complete | Zero Hedge

Oh no! More irony.

The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words – YouTube

Okay, I laughed at this one. Bigly. And, I clicked the link to this video because ZeroHedge printed these lines from the video:

“Our country was founded by William of Orange, who fought against the Spanish. The Spanish were total scumbags. They fought against us for 80 years but they could’t beat us… couldn’t do it. Total losers.”

“We’ve got this scandalous tradition of Black Pete. It’s the most offensive racist thing you’ve ever seen… you’ll love it.”

“And we also have a disabled politician for you to make fun of…”

“We speak Dutch. It’s the best language in Europe. It’s got all the best words. All the other languages failed. Danish… total disaster. German… it’t not even a real language, it’s fake..”

I can hear liberal heads exploding all the way over here in Taiwan.

I’m loving it.

(And yes, those Spanish were total scumbags.)

“INAUGURATION DAY” — A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump’s Inauguration – YouTube

Yup. THAT is truly BAD lip reading.

But funny.

I laughed.

More than once.

FEEL THE HATE – The Burning Platform

I do. Directed at me. It’s a badge of honor.

THIS MEANS WAR – The Burning Platform

Yeaaaaaah, I think that it does.



Islam is the most vile and Satanic religion on the planet. It is violent, repressive, racist and supremacist. It isn’t just a religion. It’s an ideology that seeks to destroy any nation, country and government that it comes in contact with.

These are the articles that demonstrate what Islam REALLY is.

Fatwa Against Watching Tom and Jerry (Ft. Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari) – YouTube

Ah… that sneaky anti-Islamic Tom and Jerry cartoon. Who would have thought that it was such a threat against Islam?

Give me two!

Unholy Prophet, Unholy Quran (Ft. Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari) – YouTube

This one even includes a point where you WILL laugh. I guarantee it. But, you have to be watching.



We are seeing the fulfillment of the words of Jesus, right now. And, it seems that Islam is leading the way. What insanity!

What is wrong with North America and Europe?

Have they – and we – gone insane?

Robert Spencer Moment: “The Hill” Bows to the Islamic War on Free Speech. – YouTube

Money and death threats. They make the world go ’round. If people stopped being greedy and so easily terrified, the world would be a better place.

Man in Sweden ‘live-streamed gang rape on Facebook’ – The Local

Notice that they said ‘man in Sweden’, instead of Muslim migrant.

When will Sweden wake up?

How many girls need to be raped by these vile Muslims?

Priest out after objecting to Muslim prayer in church – YouTube

Great. The Queen of England. The ‘Defender of the Faith’ has knocked down a ‘priest’ for doing just that.

Sorry, Queen. Bad call.

The Two “Islamophobias”

Here’s the summary:

While it is not surprising to find Muslims offended by certain words or images, it is distressing to find Western courts and other bodies only too willing to turn “Islamophobia” into a criminal offence in countries that otherwise value free speech and open expression.

When the Dutch politician Geert Wilders was brought to court on a hate speech charge, all he had done in fact was to ask a simple question about Moroccan immigrants — should the Netherlands take in more or fewer? That is a question with many potential answers based on political, social, or demographic grounds. It is a rational question that is, almost by definition, one that could be asked in the Home Office of any state that receives immigrants.

“Forty percent of Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands between the ages of 12 and 24 have been arrested, fined, charged or otherwise accused of committing a crime during the past five years, according to a new report commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Interior.” – Dutch-Moroccan Monitor 2011.

We, and not our opponents, must place ourselves in a position to define what is and what is not real “Islamophobia.” If we cannot do that, others will conflate criticism and hatred, and clamp down on both at once.

Frankly, it’s not a phobia, when the object of ‘fear’ or ‘revulsion’ is a genocidal maniac.



I’ve been writing about the coming of Gog and Magog for a while. You can find a lot of that, here:

And, the articles below point to that coming. I really, Really, REALLY hope that you’ll be ready for this. Please read Ezekiel’s Fire to make sure.

(And yes, it’s free.)

Can Saudi Arabia Survive With Oil Below $60? |

The answer is no – at least, not as it is currently organized.

The problem is that Saudi Arabia will be forced to change. And, for a medieval kingdom like Saudi Arabia, that will be a dangerous business. In fact, that danger is heightened by the enemies that Saudi Arabia has made over the decades and centuries.

Iran wants control of Mecca, and they have the population and will to do it. Other Arab countries that have been abused by Saudi Arabia – like Egypt and Jordan – will smell blood. And, should Syria get back on its feet… the Saudi monarchs will be in serious trouble.

All of this sets the stage for the coming of Gog and Magog. Just as in nature, geopolitics despises a vacuum. And, the retreat of Saudi Arabia will leave a very big one.

Why Russia May Win in Libya | The National Interest

I disagree with the title. The word ‘May’ should be changed to ‘WILL’.

Russia WILL win in Libya, just like the Bible described.

Libyan Islamists lose Benghazi district to Haftar’s forces – BBC News

And Haftar is going from victory to victory. He’s beginning to seem unstoppable.

Erdogan Seeks Powers to Stay in Office Until 2029: Expect Perpetual State of Emergency | MishTalk

And, one of those ’emergencies’ will be Israel, requiring him to join Gog and Magog.

Professor: Obama admin determined to cripple Trump – YouTube

Yup. That’s about right.

When Gog and Magog comes down, you will need to thank George Bush and Barack Obama. They are the fools who made it possible.

EXCLUSIVE: Russia’s secret plan to back Haftar in Libya | Middle East Eye

And, here is even MORE information on how much Russia is supporting Haftar.

Well played, Putin.

With a More Enterprising Russia, Cards are Reshuffled in the Arab World

The Russians are moving for a closer alliance with Libya, via Khalifa Haftar. Watch this guy. The final pieces of the Gog and Magog puzzle are falling into place.



The Land of Israel and the People of Israel are at the heart of what is happening in these Last Days. God is at work IN Israel and WITH Israel.

If you are against Israel, then you are a supporter of Islam and Satan.

If you are FOR Israel, then you support the work of God and the victory that God will have over Lucifer.

Please join me in that battle.

Obama’s #221M Palestinian Parting Gift Trumped by Prez, 1451 – YouTube


That’s gotta hurt, and I’m loving it!

Those kleptocrats in Nablus and Ramalah won’t be able to line their pockets with more stolen aid money.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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84 thoughts on “The Rooster Cometh”

  1. Thank you for your thoughts on Nathan Leal, I agree. This is a very sad article that Ray Gano wrote about him. I think Gano is totally off base. I defended Nathan Leal on FB, where I saw that article posted by someone.

  2. Oh, and this lays to rest the proper pronunciation of Qatar. It isn’t pronounced ‘kutter’. It’s ponounced ‘kah-TAR’.

    I thought so too (kah-TAR) until I heard a native speaker and it sounded like “kutter” to me!!

    • Hi gibby62,

      I think that it depends upon the Arabic speaker. Most people do not realize that Arabic is different from country to country and region to region. And the sound of the word, Qatar, is uniquely Arabic, so regional differences in pronunciation will come out pretty strongly.

      But, I have also heard how Arabic speakers say the name. To my ears, it seems to be somewhere in between ‘kutter’ and ‘kuhtar’ and even a bit of ‘gutar’.

      But, I don’t like saying ‘kutter’, so I’m sticking with ‘kah-TAR’ or ‘kuh-TAR’. Although, if I am forced back, I will start calling them ‘gutter’. ‘Cuz that’s what they are in, morally.

      Thanks, Gibby!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. To go along with the article you posted….

    Steve Huffman, the thirty-three-year-old co-founder and C.E.O. of Reddit, which is valued at six hundred million dollars, was nearsighted until November, 2015, when he arranged to have laser eye surgery. He underwent the procedure not for the sake of convenience or appearance but, rather, for a reason he doesn’t usually talk much about: he hopes that it will improve his odds of surviving a disaster, whether natural or man-made. “If the world ends—and not even if the world ends, but if we have trouble—getting contacts or glasses is going to be a huge pain in the ass,” he told me recently. “Without them, I’m f*&)ed.”

    He is less focused on a specific threat—a quake on the San Andreas, a pandemic, a dirty bomb—than he is on the aftermath, “the temporary collapse of our government and structures,” as he puts it. “I own a couple of motorcycles. I have a bunch of guns and ammo. Food. I figure that, with that, I can hole up in my house for some amount of time.”

  4. Hello John
    Do you have a contact email address? I would like to share something with you that’s not a comment on one of your articles.

  5. Brother John,

    This installment, in my opinion, is by far THE BEST one I’ve read.

    So many mixed-bag of emotions went through me: Fear and anger on one side; enlightenment and hope on the other.

    Every time I read your weekly post, everything in my head becomes clearer and clearer.

    You do a great job connecting the dots. Everything makes perfect sense. I am seeing the bigger picture.

    Praise the Lord! And thank you for doing His work!

    • Thank you, Joel. My head is now twice it’s size. But, I’m sure that It’ll go back to normal. I’m just glad that you’ve been blessed by what I wrote. It’s hard to take credit when you are only doing your job, but your words do my heart good. – JL

  6. Hi John. I’m new to your newsletter. Just signed up when I saw it was posted on Watchmans Cry by one of the forum members. You sure have a newsy letter. I am truly amazed and impressed by all your research and commentaries. There was one point you brought up about a generation being 70 years, which I certainly agree with, but I believe the date it began at is when Israel became a nation again on May 14, 1948. That would make 2018 the 70th year. I have heard it referred to as the Fig Tree Generation since Israel is referenced to as a Fig Tree in Jesus’ parables. I believe this is that generation that Jesus referred to when He said “now learn the parable of the fig tree.” Matthew 24:32-34, Mark 13:28-30, and Luke 21:29-32. All those who have been born since the rebirth of Israel are of that generation, the final generation, because I believe you can see the distinction between the Wheat and the tares now. The time for the harvest of both is at hand and the tares will be first. Matthew 13:24-30, with emphasis on verse 30. So, I would venture to say that time is even shorter than one might think. As Jesus says only His Father knows the hour, and I know a lot of prophecy will be unfolding between now and then. That’s all for now. Thank you for your time. Take care.

    God bless you and yours,
    Susan Morgan
    Medford, Oregon

    • Hi Susan Morgan,

      I hate to disagree with you, but I must.

      There have been far too many false teachers in seminaries preaching that ‘fig tree’ interpretation, so I know that it’s not your fault that you interpret Luke 21, Mark 13 and Matthew 24 in that way. But, Jesus never mentioned the return of Israel.

      What did He mention?


      Under the control of those who are not Gentiles.

      It is vital and important to stick to what the Bible actually says. And, I am appalled at the false teaching that the seminaries have been using to corrupt the minds of pastors. Whenever I hear that someone wants to go to seminary, I beg him not to. But, no one listens.

      My favorite pastor never went to seminary, which is probably why he is my favorite. But, even he has been infected with a few false interpretations of the Bible.

      Furthermore, when you read through the Bible, and look at it as a whole, you realize that Jerusalem is at the center of everything. Yes, the Land of Israel is important, but Jerusalem is the footstool of God. It is the one place on Earth that God has His attention on the most.

      Read my book, Ezekiel’s Fire, and you’ll see a lot more about what I’m talking about.

      Thank you, Susan. I’m glad to have you as a reader.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. Do not be so harsh in your judgment of Ray Gano. Those were pretty far out arguments Leal gave that Gano posted. It seems the discord in prophecies had reached a crescendo that week which affected more than one person. Someone on Z3News posted one sentence on how he was done with reading prophecies for good. On the 20th I went into a total meltdown feeling the same way.

    I believe Nathan Leal has a prophetic ministry and listen to what he has to say. But when he posted videos of people saying why they believed Trump is the antichrist, my first thought was unless the Lord has showed him Trump is the antichrist that is a really irresponsible thing for a prophet to do. But who am I to criticize a prophet of God? So I just proclaimed I am done with modern day prophecies and from now on all I am going by is the Bible and keeping informed on world events. Perhaps Ray had a similar meltdown and that is why he posted the criticism.

    And yes we got a reprieve, however short, from WW3 which I believe we would be in if Hillary had won. I believe it is a short reprieve for the Church to get ready to minister when the alternative judgment of economic catastrophe comes. In the last days our sons and daughters will prophesize, but they are not getting it all right. So the more important thing is for the remnant to repent and seek God for their place in such a time as this.

    • Hi Marie,

      If Ray had stuck to dealing directly with Nathan’s arguments, I would have had nothing to say. But, Ray did not do that.

      It is one thing to attack the message. But, to attack the messenger?

      I’m sorry, but that’s out of bounds and bad sign of his walk with Christ.

      Nathan has provided a valuable counterbalance to the hysteria surrounding Trump’s election. And yes, hysteria is a good word here. There are too many Christians lauding Trump as the answer to America’s troubles.

      He is not the answer, and he may even be a part of the problem.

      The biggest problem that America has right now, is sin in our churches. And, it would be an appropriate judgment upon our churches, for someone like Trump to proclaim Christianity, while being the opposite.

      So again, Ray Gano needs to repent of his personal attacks upon Nathan Leal. If he wishes to redo his article and answer Nathan’s points with his own, that’s fine. I’ll gladly publish and comment on Ray’s points.

      Remember what Jesus said:

      By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

      – John 13:35

      That verse condemns Ray, and he needs to repent and apologize to Nathan.

      Thank you for that comment, Marie. I appreciate the opportunity to clarify my point.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. Hi John,
    “And, the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf and even Russia cannot be all that far behind.”
    -by so-called accident, few days ago I saw this:
    (I don’t know much about this outlet -Superstation95- I only know they are often too sensational, hence I do not put much trust here. But, in this case, the words were spoken, and that’s very first time I see something like this).
    And, if I understand properly Isaiah, the Saudi territory is going to be a desolate wastelad, after intervention of Elam and Media, which is Iran (now backed by Russia). I don’t really see technical possibility of this AFTER Gog war, so it must be before, possibly along with drying Nile, destroyed Damascus etc.
    One more thing: India is apparently commiting suicide, but, in the context, I see something strange in Poland. Our highest banknote denominations are 100PLN (~25$) and 200PLN (50$). And you have to be VERY lucky to meet a 200PLN in everyday life, you just don’t need it (prices, and incomes, in Poland are a fraction of US/EU average).
    Now, our central bank decides to:,Central-bank-to-release-new-PLN-500-banknote
    -everyone were against it. Everyone. Government, corporations, economists. But the central bank didn’t care, new banknote (130$) comes into circulation within 2 weeks.
    Explanation about “demand” and “cost of maintaining cash reserve” is spooky, I can’t help seeing it as an ominous act of preparation for… something.
    Well, there’s one good thing – the guy on the banknote has utterly destroyed the army of Ottoman Empire in the Battle of Vienna, in 1683;)
    Yours in Christ

    • Hi Chris,

      Your comments are always excellent and you have outdone yourself with this one. Lord willing, I will be posting both links in my next post.

      Your comment about ‘superstation95’ is relevant, but when I saw the writer of the piece, ‘Raymond Ibrahim’ I tracked down the original location for the article, here:

      Here is what I plan my comment on the article to say:

      I remember sitting in Israel and thinking these very thoughts. So yes, I say invade Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Persian Gulf and stop the insanity.

      They won’t do it… or, they don’t seem ready now …but, we can dream.

      By the way, it has come to my attention that Nixon actually considered this option back in the seventies, and the Saudis realized that the alternative to creating the PetroDollar was invasion. So, King Faisal readily agreed to Kissinger’s proposal.

      Then, that second link – again, Lord willing – will give me the chance to quote you and say this:

      This is a very interesting development, and it seems to go against the current of ‘demonetization’ by central banks. But, I understand his point about that ‘spooky’ cost of maintaining a ‘cash reserve’. My hope is that it’s not spooky at all, but I see Chris’s point.

      The good thing is that the person on the this new Polish banknote, was the hero who rescued Europe from Islam, at a moment when all hope seemed lost.

      Those of you who do not know the great contribution made by King John III of Poland, need to do a bit of research.

      The fact that Poland put HIS profile on their money gives me some hope for Poland. The fact that we have someone who can report on events in Poland is an tremendous plus.

      Thank you, Chris. I believe that we are all blessed to have such an astute observer of events, able to report from Poland.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  9. Why John, just why? are you agreeing with the confused vindictive writings of Nathan Leal about Donald Trump? Just when I really began to think we think alike!

    1. Nathan provides no evidence or proof of his claims that he makes against DTrump. The thin proof he uses to prove he is a liar is Trump’s claims he made up Make America Great Again? That doesn’t prove the man a liar.

    Maybe her never saw that Reagan had also said that and really did come up with it on his own. This is just one small example of the wild unsubstantiated claims that Nathan hurls towards Donald.

    2. Even if everything Nathan thinks is true, why come out bashing our new president without waiting and sitting back to see if he is successful in what he plans to do?

    From what I have seen from President Trump this week, he is following thru on the important issues that his supporters were concerned about and doing amazing things to stir up the Globalists.
    Yes Nathan, Sure he is against the media! What a bunch of lying liars they are! However, he has opened up the press access to him by granting smaller news outlets such as Trunews and some other true news outlets. Moving the press conference room across the street to include 400 journalists weekly instead of the room that only held 49 of the exclusive MSM that had earned their way there by being an arm of the government propaganda machine.

    I ask you to rethink your opinion of, not Nathan, but his writings about Donald Trump. He is lending his voice to the many insane liberals and fear mongers that are trying to bring Trump down.
    Don’t ever ever side with them. They are indwelt with an evil deception and are nothing but liars.
    I still love you though, John. :0)

    Oh, and my family crest has a lion in it as most crests do. Proves NOTHING!

    • Hi Kimberly S.,

      I understand how you feel, and would have agreed with you, if I had not seen for myself, the inner workings of politics in America.

      Furthermore, I believe that Nathan is providing an important service to us all, in pointing out that Trump is doing and saying what any ‘wolf in sheep’s’ clothing would do. Too many Christians are embracing Trump without considering the possibility that Trump is not what he says that he is.

      We live in an age of great deception. ANYONE who points out the possibility of deception should be celebrated, instead of vilified.

      Far too many times, Christians in America were deceived by politicians claiming to be Christian. I worked on the campaign of one such lying politician, George Bush Sr. I bitterly regret doing that, to this very day.

      For our own good and safety, we must treat Trump with suspicion, while we celebrate the good decisions that he makes. We have been deceived far too many times in the past, to do anything else.

      So again, I applaud Nathan and Donna Leal for taking such an unpopular stand. A lot of people are upset with him for doing this, but his love for God and the Body of Christ compels Nathan to do what he feels that he must do. I know exactly how that feels.

      I understand how you feel, Kimberly. Hopefully, enough truth will come out, that we will all be able to agree with one another over what has really happened.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • might I help address this comment from Kimberly. I have been watching things unfold, with everyone else. I have been reading a long time and have not gotten to watch any videos until recent. Browsing on the phone was hit and miss.. Indiana dead zone! I have since seen pics of Presidents making the sign of satan like all the stars do clear back to reagan. Donald is shown with I think Jesse James both showing this finger sign like the rest of the evil stars on TV. I watched the Swearing in ceremony expecting to see a live-feed assassination. Didn’t happen! The Donald should know by now who is responsible for the riots and paid protesters. Where is Soros arrest warrant. Mama always said when something is too good to be true, it probably is. Now that Trump is here why have we not heard about the muslim influence in dhs being fired? The swamp is deep and wide, but there is much more that is beyond obvious.. Considering now D has been put in office, all these things that seem to good to be true what purpose will they serve. Divide and conquer is the plan. I stand in awe of many things He is doing on issues that congress refused to address for years. I gleaned a few new facts from Nathan’s article. You-tube Donald and Melania trump Occult and see what surfaces. I saw a couple things that have me scratching my head, and keeping Trump worship on the back burner awhile longer.

        • Hi mangledman,

          Good points. Your comment resonates with my own thoughts. And, it’s good to hear from someone from my own neck of the woods.

          If Kimberly is right – and I truly and utterly hope that she is (seriously, Kimberly, I’m rooting for you on this) – Donald Trump would need to move fairly slowly in his effort to ‘drain the swamp’ of Washington D.C. In fact, he would need to appoint to his cabinet some of the people that he is trying to get rid of – and then fire them, when they prove unwilling to follow his plans.

          As someone who has spent time unraveling the intricacies of political strategy, I can understand what Trump is doing… assuming that he’s a real Christian.

          The problem is… do we have the luxury of giving him the chance that many are asking us to give?

          When the Antichrist arrives on the scene, I expect him to do all the things that Trump is doing, and only show his true colors, when it is too late to do anything about it.

          Now, about that Satanic hand sign.

          I recently talked about this with my wife, who knows a little sign language. She says that most of those ‘hand signs’ that we call Satanic are a combination of the letters I and L and Y – for “I Love You”. You can look it up, and I encourage you to do so.

          To put it more simply, when the thumb is out, it’s “I Love You”. When the thumb is in, it’s “Hail Satan”.

          Okay, I know that this is an awfully flimsy explanation, but it might give us some room to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. I’m certainly doing my best to give him that benefit.

          Again, thank you for that comment, mangledman. May God bless you, wherever you are in the great state of Indiana!

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  10. Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Expose Christian Witchcraft, Part 2: More on THE SPIRIT MAN – YouTube
    Re this article, I would be very careful promoting all Charismatic churches as witchcraft. I would also be careful attributing the work of the Holy Spirit to satan as that is the unforgiveable sin. There may very well be some churches who have adopted the world and things not of God in their midst. Unless you have “true” discernment one should be careful. This article lists a lot of ministries not of God.

    • Hi livingstone,

      It is good for us to be careful to not accuse ALL Charismatic churches as being infiltrated by Luciferian practice. From what I heard Carolyn and Loren say, they are not doing that.

      What they ARE doing is pointing out what they saw and heard with their own eyes and ears.

      Furthermore, I have also seen Luciferian practice within Charismatic churches. What Kenneth Copeland did, by welcoming the Pope into a closer relationship with his church and the Charismatic movement… that was NOT of God, but of Satan.

      Also, the Bible lays out a very strict rule for what is of the Holy Spirit and what is of Satan. Far too many followers of the Charismatic Movement are not following these wise and important rules. If someone makes a prophecy, and it does not come true, then that prophecy is NOT of God.

      Please. Let’s make sure that we understand that.

      If a prophecy does not come to pass, it is not of God.

      And, when such a thing happens, we must consider the possibility that the purveyor of such false prophecies as being a ‘false prophet’.

      Do not – I repeat – DO NOT forget that valuable point. Much deception has come from the Charismatic movement. We must therefore follow what the Bible says closely so that we can root out the deception that is within our congregations.

      I cannot stress enough how important this is. Satan looks for those who are unwary, and I do not wish any of us to become a victim of Satan’s designs.

      Thank you livingstone for giving me the opportunity to speak further on this issue.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Speaking of false prophets, do you think Mena Lee Grebin’s falls into that camp? She’s been having dreams and visions since the age of 7. She’s been on RW a couple times. Said Obama would be last president. Recently said something big is about to happen. Are you familiar with her? She has quite a following. Was wondering your opinion.

        Also I asked you this in my last post. You had mentioned something happening in February. I was wondering what you were referring to? Thanks John!

        • Hi Karon,

          Unfortunately, I’m afraid that Mena Lee Grebin is a false prophet. She speaks highly of herself, giving herself the label of ‘prophetess’. And, the Bible is clear about those who prophesy in the name of God, when that prophecy doesn’t come true.

          Furthermore, anyone who can’t say the name of God, Yehovah, has something of a problem. ‘Ha Shem’ is the way that the Jews dodge the need to say the name of God. However, followers of Christ are able to say Yehovah. After all, Jesus IS Yehovah.

          As for what happened in February, I’m not at liberty to say too much. Mrs. Little and I were involved in defending our church from a wolf. We bear the scars of that battle, but we rejoice that our church is still standing.

          I’m glad to see that you are a part of a writer’s group. I enjoyed being a part of a group like that. They’re a lot of fun. Just remember that a successful book has conflict on every page. If your main character doesn’t suffer, no one will like the book.

          What a comment on the human condition!

          Thank you, Karon.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  11. Hi John!
    It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. You ignored my warning, but I have a a few things to cover before I get to your pun-ishment!

    First: Trump
    He is a man like you and me, nothing more. Master businessman, showman and salesman. God picked him to lead as He picks every leader. Overall, I like what I see so far, but it has only been a week. Patients seems to be in short supply these days, but that is what is needed now. One of the prayers that I KNOW God will answer is if you ask for patients, He will send you people to practice on! Guaranteed!
    Trump is NOT our savior, our Savior sits at the right hand of God. Hang on to that always.

    Second: Prophets
    I am NOT a prophet, just check my bank account. Jesus was our last prophet, God’s very word in the flesh! God also gave us the scripture. These are our guides. If anyone tells us that they had a dream or vision from God, listen only with the utmost caution. We are told to judge a tree by the fruit it bears. What fruit are we looking for? Research fruits of the spirit in your bible. If the alleged prophet asks for money in exchange for this vision, they have convinced me that it is a scam.
    A couple of examples of poor discernment in this capacity is Hagmann& Hagmann and Steve Quayle. I like both of them, they are great researchers but seem to have a discernment problem.

    How to protect yourself:
    If you are going to delve into what the enemy is up to in this world I would submit to you that one hour of prayer and bible study time on a daily basis is a must! The deception is so powerful that unless you are grounded in the truth you will be fooled, tricked and hoodwinked!

    You are now entering the humorous part of this post!
    Beware of low flying puns and tasteless jokes!

    And now comes the Pun-ishment!
    But first you must learn the ways of the pun!
    The pun is strong in my family! My father has it, I have it and my kids have it! (much to their horror! “I am your father says I, and they scream NOOOOO!)
    The pun surrounds us, penetrates us and holds the galaxy together!
    You must feel the pun flow through you!
    But beware the dark side of the pun!
    That way lies over-silliness and the land of Zaney!
    Signed the Pun-ishment KAH-NIG-IT!

    You are now leaving the humorous part of this post!

    Hope this finds you and yours well!

  12. As always enjoy the reading topics and insight. This my first day posting I seem to hit blocks when trying to post. Many thanks from indiana. west central.

  13. Thanks for this newsletter, John. I’m listening to the programs on YouTube with Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace about the witchcraft in the church. This is scary. We are being hit on all sides by many varieties of deception.

    It’s like Satan can’t fool everyone with the same type of deception – so he keeps inventing new ways to deceive people. He repackages the same old lies and puts a new label on them, trying to get us to take our focus off of the real Jesus. We need to keep studying the Bible and seeking the truth from the one true God.

    Part of the reason we are being deceived is because Christians don’t even read God’s word for themselves and they believe any self-proclaimed prophet or teacher who comes along. It is very frustrating to see this happen.

  14. Hi John,

    I must disagree with you, and agree with Marie and Kimberly’s comments regarding Nathan Leal and Ray Gano. While it would have been better for Ray to avoid personal statements about Nathan, I agree with his basic message.

    I was 100% behind Nathan last year, but it seems as if he is scrutinizing Trump, his family, businesses, friends, etc. with a seriously powerful microscope. Some of the words he has used, the phrases ie. antichrist, etc, are also a personal attack on Trump! So why does Nathan get a pass all these past months.?

    Trump says he’s a Christian…perhaps newly saved. If so, he is now a brother in Christ, and Nathan should not be making accusations that are based on his sinful past. We all have one!! Yes, a lot of Presidents have clained to be Christians who turned out to be lying (Obama comes to mind!!). But are we then to assume that Trump is also lying? No…we should be watching and evalutating as time progresses. I can’t name the Scripture, but God’s word says not to make a decision until we have all the facts.

    Another thing Nathan has been doing in this regard is accusing anyone and everyone who disagrees with him that they are worshipping Trump, as a golden calf. I know I do not, so Nathan’s statements about that are an accusation to people such as myself that he needs to repent of.

    Nothing personal, John…but I believe Nathan’s articles are causing serious division in the Church.

    God Bless.

    • Hi Angel,

      Having sat in the same kind of chair and walked in the same kind of shoes as Nathan and Donna, I understand the challenge of giving a warning to one group of people, hoping that message will be understood properly.

      From my perspective, it appears that Nathan is attempting to shake people awake and get them to see that they have become hysterical, that they’ve lost their minds. And, there certainly ARE Christians who have lost their minds over Trump. And, such adulation is wrong – completely wrong. In fact, it smacks of idolatry.

      Whether Trump is saved or not, is a separate issue. Completely separate.

      We are called by God to be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves. It is NOT wise to become emotionally entangled in support of a man who might not be what he says that he is. We all need to step back and look for evidence, with a calm mind. And, I believe that this is what Nathan is trying to do. And, I applaud him for this.

      Emotion clouds the mind, and I have been guilty of that quite often, so I speak from experience.

      Furthermore, asking Trump to prove himself to us, will not harm him in any way. When Paul became a Christian, he also needed to prove to his new brothers and sisters in Christ that he wasn’t the man that he was.

      I have decades of experience watching people claim one thing, when they were not. And, America’s situation is more precarious than I have ever seen. And, into this dangerous situation, a man claiming to be a Christian, steps in.

      Is it safe to believe what he says?

      No, it is not.

      But, I will applaud what he does.

      Never look at what a person says. Always look at what they do.

      As for this division in the church, such division will always happen. Wisdom always causes division at first. Such division is actually necessary as we seek the truth.

      I myself have been a source of division in my own church, by saying what needed to be said, for the safety of our church. If I had not said what I said, when I said it, I’m not sure that our church here in Taiwan would still be standing. It was necessary, but division was one of the results – and my heart aches over it, even now.

      My hope is that those who have been divided, will understand what Nathan is trying to do, and welcome the words that he writes. We need to keep what Nathan is saying in mind, as we watch what Trump is doing.

      Thank you, Angel. I really appreciate the good heart behind the words of your comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  15. John:

    I have nothing personal against Nathan Leal. I’ve read his articles in the past and thought he was a sincere person, I still do. I just happen to disagree with him in his latest articles about Trump. As I said before, I’m taking a “wait and see” stance.

    Today I read Nathan Leal’s latest post, and maybe it’s my “odd” sense of humor, but I had to smile when I read all the things that have to happen before Nathan Leal admits he’s wrong:

    But I must qualify what wrong means… – if it turns out that America goes into a spiritual renaissance.
    – And Donald Trump brings a revival to America,
    – abortion is repealed,
    – gay marriage is repealed,
    – the totalitarian police state of America goes away,
    – the Fed is audited,
    – the dollar is restored,
    – real employment returns,
    – the welfare rolls dwindle,
    – the inner cities are healed,
    – drug addiction goes away,
    – broken marriages are restored,
    – poverty is erased,
    – the pulpits reform to the old gospel message of repentance,
    – the NAR apostasy dies,
    – the NAR false prophets resign and get off the stage,
    – and Donald Trump repents of all his shenanigans and truly get saved with tears and a contrite heart, and apologizes for all of the things he’s done,…
    … Then yeah, I will admit that I was wrong. I will repent, and make a public announcement that I missed it. Write that down as well folks.

    It looks to me like the only things Nathan missed were: if world peace happens, if world hunger is eliminated and if all men get along with their mother-in-laws… 😉

    • Hi Deborah,


      Actually, I get along with my mother-in-law extremely well. She’s a tiny little woman with an adorable smile, who can’t speak a word of English – which is why we get along so well. (Oh, and the fact that she lives in Japan and rarely makes it to Taiwan.)

      When I was reading down that list, I was thinking… wow, that would be SOOOOOOO awesome! And, I can see your point that Nathan is setting a possibly unrealistic standard.

      Unfortunately, I believe that such a standard is necessary, just to keep ourselves from going nuts over the thought that Trump might… MIGHT …restore America. (Just the thought that it is even possible – in the slightest way – makes me want to jump up and down and run around our tiny apartment.)

      But, the Bible calls us to be sober, so I shall stay calm.

      Nathan’s job is to be a ‘party pooper’. No one likes such people, so it’s a lonely job. And, you’ll never be thanked for doing that job, until you are proven right – and, Nathan probably doesn’t want to be proven right.

      I certainly hope that all of the dire news that I’ve been forwarding to all of you is proven to be wrong. Like you, I will happily admit that I was wrong, and go back to writing computer manuals, in penance. (Have I ever told you how deadly boring that is?)

      Thank you, Deborah, your ‘odd sense of humor’ is truly welcome among us.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  16. We watched this today. This guy should be sent to the UN. But considering he is Canadian, and Canada no longer has Harper as PM, I won’t be holding my breath.

    Michael Wilson: hubby and I share your knack of (for?) doling out pun-ishments. When we started dating at the shul we were, the other congregants were in disbelief that he had finally met his “match”. Insert groan and eye-rolling here. So far the kids have not shown such astonishingly brilliant talent 😜, mind you, they are a little young yet…

    PS the kids excel in their own form of astonishing brilliant talent — laughing, almost as if on queue, when mom and dad put on the corniness…. it’s a family thing….

    • Hi T2L,

      Beware, you are raising children who will one day become dangerous writers!

      My own parents were terrible pun-ishers. Terrible. Both of them. And, I see a reflection of them and their sense of humor in my own writing. Word play was always a big part of the Little household, and we’ve all become good writers – some of us, even professional.

      In fact, now that I think of it, of all of us kids, two of us were technical writers. And, a third taught technical writing.

      The other brothers and sister are professionally dangerous in different ways.

      Okay, ’nuff said about that.

      I will certainly listen to that YouTube video. It looks interesting. As the days grow darker and darker, the hatred of Israel and the Jews will rise and rise. If we can shine the light of truth, those who seek such light will join us.

      But, there are so few, and our light seems so insufficient. But, we know that God has His plan, so we only need to do our best.

      Keep up the pun-ishment T2L. We shall groan, but we will enjoy our suffering as we do so.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • My husband just discovered officially he is Jewish. He had his suspicions for awhile. His parents were very young children during the war (both are German), so we were all wondering how on earth, except for divine protection were they not singled out, as Hitler went through records to find out who was and who wasn’t Jewish. Both suffered, as it was a terrible time for everyone. My father-in-law always had a love for Israel and the Jewish people, so now we know why. He even welded a beautiful wrought iron menorah.

        It’s a long story, but this fact was proven by a curator in Jerusalem who found the family of both parents. Now the war takes on a new meaning for them. And my also for my husband and his sibling, who did the digging. He (the bro-in-law) has been, and still is, the world’s most renown trumpet player for a few years, and has been playing in Israel by invitation for a couple of years and putting on master classes. So he went to the museum of the people, you know which one I mean, when time allowed.

        Have a blessed day.

          • Timing, it’s aaaaaalllllllllll about timing…….

            Ps. If you are able to do so, perhaps inhaling vaporized colloidal silver will help with the bronchitis. I contracted a very nasty salmonella infection which lasted over a week, and after taking only 1 oz of CS every 1/2 hr, for 2 hours, it was done, followed by plain unpasteurized yogurt. Potent stuff. Abba heal Mr. Little and protect the Mrs.

    • [UPDATE]

      I have just finished watching that video, T2L, and I am VERY impressed. I have not seen such a well-reasoned legal argument from the standpoint of international law. I could tell that he was skipping over a lot of supporting arguments, but he was limited in how time that he had. A lot of people won’t realize how significant his reasoning is, until you look more closely at what went on, and why – especially how international law has developed.

      You knocked this one out of the park, T2L. Lord willing, it goes into Friday’s post.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  17. Hi John,
    I went to Ray Gano’s website 1 time. when I saw all the merchandising and the Coffee mugs to use as a defensive weapon in the office for sale, thta told me everything I needed to know.

    ‘They shall make merchandise of you’

    A sincere and overdue Thank you for your prayers and most especially your prayers.


    • Hi Marcel,

      I’m glad that you are out there and still pushing forward.

      You must have hit the right button, since your site seems to be back up. Or, someone decided to look for another target.

      I’ve been noticing more and more attacks on Omega Shock. Eventually, they’ll take me down. We’ll see. I know that OS will keep running until it isn’t needed anymore. And, I seriously think that this year might be the last for Omega Shock, at least in its current form.

      Ultimately, we do our best each day to serve God. Eventually, someone else will come along to pick up, where our service leaves off. The more I see people like yourself, doing what you are doing, the more I am relieved that my own failings will not leave this duty unserved.

      Keep up the good work, Marcel. It is a seriously profound relief to see you doing what you are doing.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Hi John,

        Don’t know what to make of it (below) modified plugins ????

        At least with blogspot I have https now.

        This is what I just sent to noodles in Israel who let me know it was up again.
        I’d appreciate any words of wisdom brother.


        • Hi Marcel,

          Since you are sharing an IP address with other websites, it’s hard to know whether the security of the other websites are at fault. Or, if the administrator of the server screwed up the settings.

          I always operate under the following maxim:

          “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”

          – Hanlon’s Razor

          (Although, you can take that ‘razor’ too far.)

          Your server might have tried to update various scripts and failed to complete the update. That happens to Omega Shock every once in a while. Or, maybe I should say that it happens when I am fiddling with the settings and updating some of the server applications – causing the site to go down.

          I try to stay away from programming and understanding how it all works. I can do it, but it takes time – time that I would need to take away from more important issues.

          As an aside, remember also that you share an IP with other websites. If THOSE sites come under attack, yours will too.

          Oh, and having an SSL certificate – allowing you to do ‘https’ – that won’t protect you from intrusion. It just means that communications between your readers and your website will be encrypted.

          I’m sorry that you’re having this trouble. If you know someone who has the time and the ability, maybe they can help you with setting up your server.

          For myself, I’d probably do more damage than good, since I seem to be so adept at crashing Omega Shock.

          Keep up the good work, Marcel. I’m impressed with what you’re doing.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

      • May we all get an Omegashock coffee mug, you know, in the remotely outside event your site goes down by attack, or inevitable choice by you, so we have something to remember all the great info and conversation we had on your blog…?

  18. I was torqued off at Ray Gano also when I read his article attacking Nathan. The thread throughout society is consistently putting ‘faith’ and ‘hope’ on a human being.
    The USA NO LONGER EXISTS. and it isn’t coming back. That is not a fatalistic view point it is a fact. Whether we retain the name of United states of America is moot.
    At this point it is only a name. A delusion.
    If such is the preference of others so be it.
    Yet at this stage of the game, it is clearer then ever. One MUST choose. Either get with Christ and get right soon, or face a frightening, chaotic world “such has not been, since the beginning and not will be again,,,,”.
    It boggles me how many Christians WHOLE HEARTEDLY BELIEVE they are already saved and it can’t get worse. Continuing to modify the Word of God to fit the times we live in and indulge as they feel necessary. Because Jesus shed His blood so they can ‘automatically’ get into Heaven.
    Personally, knowing what I have done wrong and against the Lord in my life, I am scared sh-tless about having to face the Lord on Judgement Day.
    It is written plain as day. The end of days will be like nothing that has ever happened before. And the purpose of the life of Jesus was to begin the Purification towards Salvation. The Bible uses silver in the analogy of purifying. Know how that is done?
    By putting it through fire.
    There are only TWO times the “blood red moon” is used. Once in Joel, and once in Revelation to John. BOTH times refer to the same terrible day. When all that we know is turned inside out.
    And, IF, such and event as the “Rapture” occurs, well, if YOU SEE a blood red moon, you can bet you weren’t Raptured; as you expected to be.
    As John Little here constantly asks,,,,,Are you prepared?
    Few are the voices that try to turn people towards God/Jesus. And Nathan and John and Ann are among the top of the list as far as I’m concerned.
    If there is a selling aspect to a “Watchman” be wary.
    Fast. Pray. And Fast some more. As you turn to Jesus in prayer. Be open to Him.
    Don’t expect. Just be open to the Lord Jesus in prayer. You will be lead. It MAY be through ‘fire’,,, yet purified and true.
    And in the end,,,saved and in Heaven.

    • Hi Jim,

      Excellent comment, brother, and it should inspire those of us who understand what you are saying. We should all quake in fear at our sinfulness. I know that God will find much that is wrong with me, when I stand before Him.

      That is for the ‘natural man’ that we still have with us. The ‘natural man’ MUST fear God, since it cannot love Him. Our spirit is different.

      Our spirit cannot fear God and has no need to. This ‘New Man’ naturally loves God and rejoices at the opportunity to spend eternity in heaven with our Lord and Savior.

      Therefore, we must deny the flesh and feed the spirit. That means prayer, fellowship, service and time with the Bible.

      And, as you indicate, we must not place our trust in flesh and blood, but upon God. HE will see us through.

      Thank you, Jim. It is always a great relief to see someone who understands these things.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Good message Jim. Once upon a time I used to believe in the rapture but I was asleep. Then after awhile, in the process of time, I woke up and realized that it was a selfish thing to be raptured out of here when the going gets tough. God does not want His people to cut and run. We are not to be hot house lilies. We are to be mighty men and women of valor, and with His help and in His strength, we can get it done.

  19. Hi (again) John:

    I had to take some time and do some studying about this subject before I wrote again. I was troubled with Nathan Leal equating Donald Trump as the “mouth of the lion” in Revelation 13.
    BTW, I was blessed to have two excellent Bible teachers. They taught me the principles of Bible study: (I’m sure you know this, however, some out there may not) when studying, the Bible, if you come across a verse you don’t understand, look for clarification in the Chapter. If that doesn’t give you the answer, look in the Book. If there is still a question look in the Testament where the verse is (Old or New). If you still have problems, then look in the other Testament.)

    Rev 13: 1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

    2 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

    Where can we get clarification as to what a leopard, bear and lion means in Scripture? … In the Old Testament book of Daniel 7: 3-4:

    And four great beasts came up from the sea [the sea is the peoples and nations of the world, Rev 17:15] diverse one from another. The first was like a lion and had eagle’s wings. [The national emblem of Babylon was the winged lion] I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man [The Neo-Babylonian empire was begun under Nebopolasser, and his son Nebuchadnezzar became the most absolute monarch in history. The peak of Babylonian power was realized under Nebuchadnezzar] and a man’s heart was given to it.

    7:5 And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear [After Babylon fell in 536B, Medo-Persia became the dominant power] and it raised up itself on one side [the Persians raised up and ruled the Medean half of their empire] and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it [The Medo-Persians conquered three other empires: Lydia, Babylon and Egypt] and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh.

    7:6 After this I beheld, and lo another, like a leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl [Alexander the Great defeated the Medo-Persian empire] the beast had also four heads: and dominion was given to it. [Alexander had four great generals under him: Ptolemy, Selucius, Lycimicus and Cassander. Upon Alexander’s death, these four generals divided up his empire.]

    (Then in verse 7 a fourth beast is described, which is the Roman Empire.)

    What is critically important to note is that nowhere in the Bible have the identities of Lion=Babylon Empire, Bear=Medo-Persian Empire, Leopard=Grecian Empire changed. Therefore, when we go to the Book of Revelation and see those same names, it’s reasonable to believe that the Lord is referring to those same empires. If you read about the beast listed in Revelation 13:2, by its very description, all three different empires are wrapped up into one beast; one ugly beast, one ugly empire. The Lion beast is not a separate empire coexisting with the Bear and the Leopard. They are all unified into one empire, one hideous-looking beast empire.

    Now, Nathan Leal comes along and says, “At minimum, Trump is the new voice of Mystery Babylon.” Well, even if I subscribed to the theory that Mystery Babylon is the USA, there’s a slight problem. Since this beast arises out of the sea, and has three components (Lion, Leopard, Bear) and if Trump is the mouthpiece of the Lion, where are the other two components of the beast? The Bible doesn’t say, “A beast will rise up, but first the mouthpiece of the Lion will rise and then the Leopard and the Bear will rise up and they all will join together.” No, it says one beast will rise up, a big ugly beast empire with three components.

    So you can probably see why I am having great difficulty with Nathan Leal’s theory.

    Again, if we accept that nowhere in God’s Word do we find any instruction to change the identities of these beasts, and realize that they are no longer separate empires, but one unified empire (with three of Daniel’s four beasts made into one), we have to look at what unifies these three beasts. (For instance, we know that the 3-in-1 beast is controlled by the dragon and unified by a spiritual hatred of God’s people.)

    • Hi Deborah,

      First of all, ‘Mystery Babylon’ is not the Beast. She is the Beast Rider (my term). What Nathan is saying is that the US has been directing the Beast, but is not the Beast itself.

      For most of Christian history, Christians thought that Rome was the Beast Rider. It’s also my own ‘default position’. However, some have put forth some convincing evidence that the US is the Beast Rider. I’m not sure that I’m ready to accept the US as the Beast Rider. But, if she is, then we all need to leave the US – since God calls us to leave Mystery Babylon.

      In the final analysis, the US is either the whore who rides the Beast, or a part of the Beast, itself. The only other option is that she has been nuked back to the stone age. There’s no fourth option.

      I suspect that we will see more clearly when we get past the initial set of cataclysms. But, we need to survive long enough to get there.

      Thank you, Deborah for clarifying your point.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


    Are Earth’s magnetic poles about to flip? Experts warn change is ‘overdue’ and could cause chaos in everything from solar protection to animal’s internal GPS

    The Earth’s magnetic field protects life from harmful solar radiation
    Far from being constant, this field is continuously changing
    Geomagnetic reversals occur a few times every million years on average
    We are ‘overdue’ for a full reversal and Earth’s field is decreasing 5% per century
    The alteration in the magnetic field during a reversal will weaken its shield effect
    This would heightened levels of radiation on and above the Earth’s surface
    It could cause severe storms, satellite blackouts and affect the internal GPS that many animals have that assists in long-distance navigation during migration

    This would be interesting if combined with a really big solar flare.

  21. Hi John, greetings from the Church in MT.

    I just wanted to give my 2 cents regarding Mr. Leal. I have been visiting his website for years. His work consistently points to Jesus. Period. Those with the spirit of discernment already know that.

    Regarding the section of his article that presents a possibly unrealistic standard, it is not. It is the condition of this country that makes the standard seem unrealistic. The sin of this country is THAT BAD, and that is an understatement. If The Word of God was our moral compass, all things presented by Nathan would be reality.

    The “old” message of repentance and the Cross must be first in EVERYTHING.

    Thank you Mr. Little and fight on brother.

  22. Brother John,
    I voted for Trump. Doggone it, I like the guy- I can’t help it. It appears he is making the right moves- he is definitely enraging the known enemies- which is endearing. I get angry at the way he is being treated. I want to rally to his defense.

    I have a bad feeling about all this. The Trump supporters are, in essence, the last holdouts/resistance to the New World Order.
    Maybe he is the charismatic leader sent to disarm the last holdouts by deceit.

    We will find out soon. If he is genuine, he won’t be long with us. If he is another clever tool of the elites, we will know that soon too.

    Beware false prophets! and friendly politicians

    your brother in Christ,

  23. Greetings John!

    Thank you for another in depth article. Lots to chew on, think and pray about.

    I was asked recently what I thought of Trump as our president. I just told the person I am waiting to see what he does. There is what the man says, and there is what the man does. We will know by his “fruit.”

    Please, everyone, do not put your faith in man: you will be let down. Only God can keep His promises and His Word. We can be wrong: God never is. Isn’t that comforting and awesome?!

    We need to see our desperate need for Him and His Word. We are, by definition, fallible. We make mistakes. And God still uses us and can take our mistakes and turn them into something beautiful.

    The LORD keeps bringing up the reality of the spiritual war to me. He will not let me forget. I have spent too many years dealing with demons and their tricks. Before I accepted Christ, I was a neo-pagan and experimented with witchcraft. They delight in playing with our heads and hearts.

    Please take this spiritual war seriously. It is raging all around us, and some of us can feel it. We need to know how to fight and to fight together. Call on Jesus’s name, use God’s Word as the powerful weapon and double edged sword that it is! Learn how to fight from reading His Word! Pray in secret and pray together!

    Thank you, John, for encouraging us to read the Bible every day and spend time with Him and His Word. I took the plunge again and am amazed and convicted as I read. Thank God for His Word!!

    Here are some links I came across that it came to mind to share and would appreciate your thoughts: (this one I have mostly skimmed, so need to go through more thoroughly. Not completely sure about it)

    Thank you and the LORD bless you and keep you and your wife!


    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you for that. Our only hope is in God, and we learn about God from the Bible – and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, as we read it. Even though I’ve been a Christian for almost 44 years, I have needed time with the Bible so that the Holy Spirit could undo so much that was wrong with what I thought was true.

      It has been a long, hard struggle, and I’m afraid that I probably have more to struggle with. We all have something wrong in what we believe, and I hate the thought that my errors will cause trouble for others.

      On that thought about ‘errors’, I took the liberty of deleting one of your links. It points to something that I strongly consider to be heresy. It’s not ‘send-you-to-Hell-heresy’, but it IS a dangerous addition to what the Bible says. The Seventh Day Adventists are wonderful people, but they have a lot that is wrong. Shabbat observance is one of them.

      Ellen White came out the Millerites and was wrong to do what she did. The Adventists need to cast off her writings and stick with the Bible.

      Thank you, Jennifer. Praise God that He rescued you from neo-paganism!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Hi John!

        Thank you for replying and I appreciate the deletion of that link. Hadn’t had the time to read it more thoroughly and needed another brain to comb through. I do not want to perpetuate any heresy (what a horrifying thought!). Will look at it again more carefully to see what you are talking about.

        He has been undoing a lot I have misunderstood and gotten wrong too (praise His Holy Name!). I echo the long hard struggle, as I imagine as do us all, and the continued need for His WORD and His correction. Boy, have I needed a lot of correction!

        Am so grateful He saved me out of my former life!! It was soul sucking and soul damaging. It has taken Him years to undo and heal the damage I did to myself and others. From that standpoint and knowledge, I am horrified to see so many brothers and sisters dabbling in different aspects of it. Usually, it is astrology. It makes me want to scream “Don’t you have any idea what you are playing with?!” But many don’t understand or get it because they just don’t know and have not been through what I have, or have read where He clearly says to stay away from that crud. At least I hope and pray it is ignorance and not the other.

        Please, LORD, “Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.” ~Psalm 19:14



    For most of you reading this the thought of killer instinct and Christianity do not seem to go together. In our desire to “show the love of Jesus” we have permitted the Name of the Lord to be dragged through the mud.

    I believe in the very depths of my being that Almighty God has given us a temporary and final reprieve from the outpouring of His terrible wrath. Could it be that in His wrath he has remembered mercy?

    • Hi gibby62,

      [Um… unfortunately, you touched on a rather raw nerve, and what follows is… um …rather typical of me, when I am horrified. Sorry. – JL]

      Unfortunately, I was not surprised when Coach Dave wrote this:

      The political world no longer fears Christianity and as a result they have no fear of the Lord.


      Fear Christians?

      Is that the effect that we should have on others?


      I get so tired of ‘muscular Christianity’. Jesus said that we are lambs sent out before ravening wolves. We are called to be wise as serpents but HARMLESS AS DOVES! HARMLESS!

      Here is what Paul said:

      But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

      Galatians 5:22-23

      Coach Dave wants to take Christians to war, instead of on their knees – asking for forgiveness. He wants us to play on the Devil’s battlefield – the political arena.

      To paraphrase Sun Tzu, never fight where your enemy is strongest.

      We win when we are in humble submission to God. And Coach Dave isn’t, and he desperately needs to repent.

      Sorry about that rant, Gibby. You probably weren’t expecting to ‘touch a nerve’, but I am appalled by this heresy. And, I’m tearing my hair out, over it.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • You don’t have to post, but wanted to let you know where I was coming from. As always, your feedback is welcome.

        Oops!! Sorry to activate the sore spot. I think the reason the piece had some resonance with me is because I think we have become fearful of doing/saying the right things because we are fearful of offending people. We shut up and put up with things we know are wrong because speaking out “costs” too much. I am absolutely guilty of this.

        For example, how many of us have had to take “diversity training”? When I’m working, it doesn’t matter to me that the person I’m working with is a homosexual because what does that have to do with work performance?? I’m there to get a days wages for a days work, same as they are. Where my heartburn lies is having to “celebrate” their sexual preference as part of recognizing diversity. I’m not derogatory to my co-workers because of their life choices because they are humans just like me. But I am not going to condone their lifestyle choices that I know are sinful which is what companies try to influence employees to do.

        Jesus proved that His actions were offensive to those in “power” at that time so why would we expect any different now?

        When I read the piece, I of course, read through my own filter which would be that we can only defeat Satan on our knees. And when he said, “The political world no longer fears Christianity and as a result they have no fear of the Lord.”, I interpreted that to mean that for a long time we would not have normalized sins such as abortion and homosexuality and the government would not have passed such laws. Now that there is only silence from the Christians at the risk of offending everybody about everything, the government passes laws we find morally reprehensible. Were we not warned of a time when right would be wrong and everyone would do what was right in their own eyes?

        I would like to clarify what “fear” means to me. I think it depends on how you interpret “Fear God” because there are many, many references in the Bible using those words. For example, 1 Peter 2:17 “Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor.”

        Now maybe it’s one of those translation things that happens (fear maybe not being the best translation word). Or maybe we don’t think of fear of God the same way now as when it was originally used. I don’t think it’s totally unwarranted to have fear of spending an eternity in Hell. Is that the main reason to believe in God and accept Jesus as your Messiah. Uh…no. We have a God that should be feared, but who also loves us enough to sacrifice his Son and to have a Son who loves us so much that he was willing to be the sacrifice. Without the LOVE, all you would have is true, paralyzing, mind-numbing fear and the knowledge that you could never be good enough.

        As a parent, I have come to understand why we have a Heavenly FATHER. Does a child not fear a little what will happen if they do something wrong even though they know their parent loves them? I think every parent would agree that if you love your child, you set boundaries because there are severe consequences if you don’t. God has set boundaries for us and we should be fearful not to cross those boundaries not just because we fear punishment from God but because there are real negative consequences now if we do. I think much of what people perceive as God’s punishment is more of God letting the natural consequences of our decisions play out meaning it’s really just us punishing ourselves.

        Sorry to ramble!!

  25. yea look at all that new stuff. I missed the point about the bloodmoon and the rapture up there in the comments. My timeframe on The revelation is not quite understood. We are going to have a whole bunch of us that were beheaded saying how long Lord, and blood up to a horses bridle. I think it is Matthew 24 that we are going to be persecuted and such for his name. “My memory is still shot. We just had a run of them in the last several years. If we are going to suffer much and family members are going to turn against each other, these things are getting real close. I still cannot stomach we left out children. The last hundred the media kept telling us all was well. I read a lot of it here and have read revelation and ezekiel several more times. I think I reread his comment three or so times. I think most of us will be lucky to be here that long. “It won’t be Luck”
    In my humble somewhat bold opinion our lives are supposed to tell a story. HIS story. We are to speak boldly without fear of the truth that comes out of our mouth. The Truth reminds me everyday all day that the only thing that could ever save me from this life as Flesh is the Blood of his son. We are not the creatures we used to be but remnants still remain. When people of the world look at us they want to say you are not sinless anymore why do we want to be hypocrites like you. The truth is sharper than a two edged sword, and here is where the cutting begins. I learned when we tell someone the truth they can no longer say they didn’t know. I know it haunted me, my weakness is my strength and the truth is my power. We are to spend our lives seeking the truth and the light.
    As for Being warriors, I have felt like I have been preparing for a battle I know not why all my life. I searched out the subject quite a bit in the last few years. David said to train my my hands to fight and my fingers for war. We are to be watchers, If the enemy comes unawares blood will be on our hands if we knew. We are to protect the widows and the homeless, and a man that doesn’t take care of his family is worse than an infidel. I feel if the enemy is at the gate we are to defend. We are to expect to be persecuted and turn the other cheek. We are to be sheep for the slaughter, And Jesus told the diciples to buy a sword for their journey. The TRUTH is our first sword. My concern is when and where to be bold, and not be devoured. We are having an invasion here and I read where an ex marine whupped 7 of em for molesting someone else. Defending the innocent I like that.
    The list up there to MAGA looks like a third the size it needs to be, it is not up to Donald it will be up to the silent majority, and if that field doesn’t look ripe, we don’t want to miss the harvest.


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