SPECIAL REPORT – UPDATE – Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann

Since my special report on Viji Varghese, I have received new and disturbing information. I have received evidence of deliberate lies and obfuscations.

Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann have been engaged in deliberate deception against their listeners. Steve attempted to blackmail a sister in Christ, and it is now more clear that Steve also attempted blackmail against myself.

Furthermore, it is clear that they knew that V, W and Dr. S were frauds. Either that, or their claims to vet such pseudonyms are a lie – or both. The worst part, is that this appears to be just the tip of the iceberg.


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SPECIAL REPORT – UPDATE – Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann

After last week’s SPECIAL REPORT, I received a deluge of questions and information. Such things are normal in a case like this, and I expected that. But, as I was going through the new information, my heart sank. I also became outraged.

Men who claimed to be Godly, where showing themselves to be far less than they appeared to be. Deliberate deception was being used. As I write this, the feeling of betrayal are almost overwhelming. While I did not agree with all that these men were saying, I at least thought that they were honest.

To my grief, I have discovered that these men are NOT honest.

On Tuesday, I was forced to spend four hours away from my computer and any connection to the Internet. My wife was dragging me to the doctor, and it gave me time to pray and reflect on the devastating information that I had been given.

I wrestled with myself, hoping to find some way to avoid saying what I have said below. But the more that I prayed and thought, the more I became convicted of the need to show you what I have seen.

I cannot – and do not wish to – understand how men can praise God and behave with such deceit. I am horrified by this. I am shaken. These men have traded eternal glory for the praise of men and women. How anyone could do this is beyond me.

But, you haven’t seen the evidence of why I am saying this, so I would get to that.

Doug Hagmann Responds To John Little

But first, let’s see Doug Hagmann’s response to my SPECIAL REPORT:

The Tactic of Lawfare to Silence Truth Seekers 1/11/17

YouTube shortlink: https://youtu.be/-iTF8_MWnwo

Of course, you will not hear one mention of my name, or the name of the woman at the center of much of what I will say below.

But, did you notice the timing?

You might not be suspicious of this timing, now. I would not expect you to be, but you haven’t seen what I have seen. But, I did applaud – quite literally – the cleverness of what Doug did here.

Well done, Doug.

It was an exceptionally well-executed bit of manipulation to paint himself as the victim, instead of the victimizer. And Doug, you did it with that signature gravitas that you use so capably. But, it’s too bad that you have left a trail of deceit by which we can discover your true nature.

In the video, Doug asked us all to double down and expose the ‘deeds of darkness’. Well Doug, I will take that encouragement and do just that.

So, let me turn the hands of time back, and start from the beginning.

Someone Named Barbara

People send me email from time to time, and the name of one of those people is Barbara. She lets me know when she disagrees with me on something, and I always tell her why she’s wrong. Of course, I always believe that she was the one who was wrong. Just like she thinks that I am the one who’s wrong. But, I don’t mind if people think that I’m wrong about this, that or the other thing.

I respect people of conviction and integrity, so I respect Barbara.

Then, a couple weeks ago, she sent me a link. No text. No message. Just a link. People do that, and I tend to click such links, if they are from people that I have some knowledge of.

It was about Viji Varghese.

I had been searching for info on this character – off and on – for a long time, and she gave the one thing that I had been looking for… a name. Then, she sent another one. Then, I did my own searching. From that, came last week’s SPECIAL REPORT: Viji Varghese (aka, V the Guerilla Economist).

I Contacted Steve And Doug In Advance

Now, when I do such a ‘report’, I contact the people involved, in advance. And, I did that. I mentioned that some of what I was seeing was rather unflattering to them, to put it mildly. And, I told them that I wanted their side of the story, so that my readers could judge for themselves. I did not contact Viji, but I did contact Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann.

Here is what I sent, on 07:35 a.m. (est), Monday Morning, Jan 2:


Viji Varghese – Your side of the story would be appreciated


Hi Doug, Joe and Steve,

I’ve been handed a bunch of information on Viji Varghese (aka, V the Guerilla Economist). From the first moment that I heard him on the Hagmann Report, I felt that he was a lying liar. But, I had no proof.

Now, there’s proof.

Unfortunately, quite a bit about what is said in these documents is rather uncomplimentary to you. My hope is that what is said is incorrect. So, I would like your side of the story and will do my best to make sure that your side is told.

Lord willing I plan to produce what I have on Friday, January 6th, 2017. I know that this isn’t a lot of time, so I apologize for that. However, I will certainly provide space and opportunity for you to respond to what is in these documents, after they are published.

Hopefully, this will be an opportunity for Omega Shock readers to realize that many people profess to be righteous and holy (as V did) will being evil at heart. These kinds of things will get worse, in the future, and the Body of Christ needs to know what they face.

I hope that this email finds all of you well, and that you will be blessed in the coming year.

Yours in Christ,

John Little

PS. Since my website and email has been under attack, I will be sending this under a couple of different email addresses, to make sure that it gets to you. I apologize for the duplication.

Just about 45 minutes later (about 5:18 a.m., his time), Steve responded:


RE: Viji Varghese – Your side of the story would be appreciated



(BTW, Steve has told me several times, that he writes in all caps
because his eyes are bad.

Then, less than ten minutes later, Steve sent this message:


RE: Viji Varghese – Your side of the story would be appreciated



This wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I was expecting a response that I would have made, under certain circumstances, indicating that they felt bad about how Viji used them and that they would love to set the record straight.

I certainly would have felt guilty about what Viji had done, and my part in it – if I had been used to further his fraudulent activities.

I thought about it a bit and then sent out this email, the next day, Tuesday, 4:40 a.m. (est):


RE: Viji Varghese – Your side of the story would be appreciated


Hi Steve,

I am still grateful for all that you have done for my ministry, in posting my articles. Thank you.

Here are the two documents that were emailed to me:



It is my understanding that the person who emailed them to me was a disgruntled investor who had to take out a mortgage on her house because her precious metal investments were ‘under water’.

That second link above was the most painful. I have subsequently started to do more of a search, and have come up with these:




Then, as I pulled on that string, another name popped up:

Wayne Willot (aka, ‘W’)

That’s all that I have, for now. I will keep doing research.

I am hoping that the record can be set straight on all of this. Having been in the investment field, I understand that investments don’t always work out, and the finger always seems to get pointed at the person who sold them the investment. I’ve been there, so I understand that a lot of this is unrealistic expectations of disgruntled investors.

My concern is for the Body of Christ. I hope to use this as an opportunity for them to understand that there are many – such as Viji Varghese – who claim to be Christian, but are not.

Yours in Christ,

John Little

I wince at calling Barbara a ‘disgruntled investor’. I had dimly remembered that someone had bought silver from Steve Quayle and had to take out a mortgage on her house, since the resale value of her silver had collapsed. I thought that Barbara was the one, and that she was just unhappy with how her investment had turned out.

As you will see later, I found out that I was horribly wrong. And, that I should NOT have called Barbara a ‘disgruntled investor’. I’m embarrassed that I said that.

Sorry, Barbara. I should not have described you like that.

And yes, I really am an idiot. Just ask anyone who knows me well.

Steve’s Attempt At Blackmail Upon Myself

Then, out of the blue, I receive this, 16 hours later, via Steve Quayle’s account:




John, you only are seeing what the individuals behind a massive, meritless legal campaign to harass us, to bankrupt us and to ultimately silence us want you to see, for the real evidence (not documentation, but evidence) about the subject matter you reference cannot be revealed until the suit is litigated. You’re a smart guy – think about it – don’t you find the timing rather odd that they “give you” this published documentation at a time when Doug and I cannot legally respond during our suit in progress? Convenient. Clever. But far from original.

Our attorneys have the documentation in their hands, and subpoenas drafted (several, including a few to be served on ex-pats in foreign countries) in the event their suit advances through the court system. Now you could potentially be added to this list – being dragged into this not by us, but BECAUSE of them, as you are being unwittingly duped as their proxy acting outside of the legal system.

Speaking as a friend who has already invested a lot of money in legal fees to this madness, I would hate to see you being named when it is so needless, but only you can make that decision. Write what you want, but understand that you are not seeing the truth – just what they want you to see – and your location will not serve as a buffer, but a big inconvenience. Steve

(Did you notice that it is no longer in all caps,
and in a different color? In a different style?
Yeah, I noticed too.

The definition of blackmail is useful here, so let’s go to Merriam-Webster:

extortion or coercion by threats especially of public exposure or criminal prosecution


Steve Shows Me Doug’s Filing Against Barbara

The rest of the message was a copy of Doug Hagmann’s submission to the Department of Attorney General, for Michigan, attempting to have her complaint against Steve thrown out.

What was Doug claiming about Barb?

That (1) she was crazy (2) her family thought that she was crazy (3) she was essentially acting to help Steve’s competitors (4) she was ‘acting in concert with’ unspecified parties.

The date?

This is important, so pay attention to it:

11 September 2015

You’ll find out, later, why this is important.

Now, I had been conversing by email, with Barbara since at least 2014, over a wide range of issues. I disagreed with her on issues. But, she wasn’t stupid, and she wasn’t crazy.

Back To Steve’s Blackmail Attempt

Of course, what really got me – in Steve’s email to me – was this paragraph, in the above email:

Speaking as a friend who has already invested a lot of money in legal fees to this madness, I would hate to see you being named when it is so needless, but only you can make that decision. Write what you want, but understand that you are not seeing the truth – just what they want you to see – and your location will not serve as a buffer, but a big inconvenience. Steve

Wait. I think that I was just threatened!

I responded this way:

Steve, you just threatened me with a law suit. You shouldn’t have done that. – JL

His response:


(The bold in the above was mine.)

And yeah, Steve just confirmed it. That was a threat of a lawsuit.

Steve, you threatened me with a lawsuit, if I didn’t shut up.

THAT is blackmail.

Back To Doug Hagmann’s Video

Now, think about that for a minute. Barbara filed a complaint. Steve and Doug are talking about suing… EVERYBODY.

Did you get that?

Doug talked in the video about ‘lawfare’ being used against him. But, he says NOTHING about the lawfare that they are planning against us.

Very convenient, Doug. Very.

But, I only found out about the video, an hour (or so) ago. So, let’s continue with my story…

Back To The Story: A Mutual Friend Intervenes

A mutual friend intervened. So, I calmed down a bit before sitting down to write about Viji Varghese. As you can tell, I tried to give as much benefit of the doubt to Steve. I bent over backwards to make sure that the criticism in the documents were as deflected as much as possible.

Sixty Six Pages Of Evidence From Barbara

Some time later, after my Special Report, Barbara chose to offer me everything, all the records, the emails, the conversations. She said that it was a lot and even embarrassing for her. But, she said that she was willing to take the embarrassment, for me to see the truth.

By then, I was deep into answering comments and email. But, I told her to go ahead, and she did. It was 66 pages! (She DID say that it was a lot.) I sighed and left myself a mental note to go through it, first thing, Monday.

By the time that I was done, I was hopping mad. And, Mrs. Little was NOT happy with my emotional outrage. She knew that her husband was a barbarian at the best of times, but this was a little much.

What got me so mad?

The First Thing That Got Me Mad

First of all, it was that knowledge that Steve Quayle, by his own admission, knew that Viji Varghese was a fraud since 2014. For two and a half years, Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann had said NOTHING about this lying liar. And, they were the ones to give him his entry into the big time.

How dare they do NOTHING!

They unleashed this villain into the Body of Christ. They had given him their stamp of approval. Doug Hagmann, private investigator, with more than thirty years of experience… had verified the authenticity of Viji Varghese.

In fact, to quote Doug Hagmann…

It is relevant to note here that it is our policy, when dealing with individuals using false names or pseudonyms on air and in published reports, is contingent on two-(2) conditions. The first is that they have legitimate reasons for doing so (e.g. whistleblower status), we are informed that the name is a pseudonym, and most importantly, we know their true identity. In the case of Kirk McLeod, we failed to exercise due diligence.

(emphasis mine)

Those are HIS words, taken from this document:

Setting the Record Straight: Joint Response Addressing the Character Assassinations Underway

(If that document should ‘disappear’, you’ll know why.)

And, the date on the document, February 10, 2015.

So Doug, what about V – aka, Viji Varghese?

What about the fraudulent Dr. S?

What about W – aka, Wayne Willot?

You claim, with pomp and circumstance, that you fulfill ALL of your responsibilities. ALL OF THEM. Those of you who read the whole thing will be impressed by the gravitas with which they act.

But, it’s a sham. All of it.

Marinka Peschmann

They went after Michael Erevna and Marinka Peschmann for trying to tell the truth as they saw it. Viji, Dr. S, and Waye Willot were lying through their teeth.

In fact, now is a good time to show some of the things that investigative reporter, Marinka Peschmann uncovered. Here they are, in chronological order:

Did Doug Hagmann make up his NSA allegation he asked me to report? … Updated and updated – 8 October 2014

Steve Quayle Exposes Doug Hagmann’s NSA Targeting Allegation is Fake … Updated – 19 November 2014

Poison Fruits: “Christian” alternative media stars Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann’s SWAT allegation also fake – 9 February 2015

Trust me, I’m lying: “Christian” truth tellers Quayle and Hagmann strike back with veiled threats, character assassinations, provide nothing to refute my NSA and SWAT corrective reporting – 24 February 2015

Marinka is a Christian, but they went after her with hammer and tongs. Doug and Steve did everything that they could – short of a lawsuit – to shut her up. They dare not sue her, because she knows how to uncover facts. When you look over the work that she has done, you’ll be impressed.

Should ANYONE try to sue me, I would certainly seek her help. She knows how to find stuff. And, she’s a sister in Christ. But, that was about two years ago. I wasn’t really paying attention to all of that. In fact, when it blew up, I might have been in Jerusalem at the time, for a couple of months, visiting family.

Nathan Leal

Then last year, when Nathan Leal withdrew from a certain conference and told his readers why, they attempted to assassinate Nathan’s character. Nathan told the truth, and they tried to destroy him for it.

Does this sound Christian to you?

Not to me, and just writing all that has my blood boiling again. But, there’s still more.

The Second Thing That Had Me Hooting And Hollering Mad

Secondly, Steve Quail tried to use blackmail to try to shut Barbara up. Here is what he said to her:


The email was factually incorrect. Barbara NEVER threatened anyone. Her ‘kid’ is prepared to testify in court that he never said that she was crazy.

But that blackmail threat…

Sorry Steve, but that was evil. Straight up, no excuses. To use the threat of ‘exposing her mental condition’ to get her to stop her complaints about his conduct. THAT is the very definition of blackmail.

Is this how a Christian acts?

Barbara’s Complaint

But, it gets worse.

What was she complaining about?

The fact that he knew that Viji Varghese was a fraud, since 2014, and did nothing. She was not asking for money. She wasn’t suing him – although, she might need to. She was demanding that he be accountable for his actions.

Think about that for a moment. Blessed accountability. Something that we Christians should be known for. That’s what she asked Steve for, and he refused to give it. THAT was when she went to her congressman. THAT is when she made her complaint.

Barbara’s Biggest Failure

For more than 35 years, Barbara worked as a coordinator for Intensive Care Units for some of the best hospitals in the Detroit area. She’s not crazy. She’s not incompetent. She’s not stupid.

Her biggest failure?

She believed Steve Quayle and Viji Varghese – V the Guerrilla Economist. And, it was Steve Quayle who introduced ‘V the Guerrilla Economist’ to the world. When Steve read the emails that V was sending him, she became terrified.

She trusted Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann. They were ‘annointed men of God’. Doug was an experienced private investigator. So, V – Viji Varghese – must have been what he said that he was.

Barbara was NOT a financial expert. Barbara was retired. She was out of her depth. She was terrified. So, she took all of her money and threw it at Steve, only to see the value of her investment fall off of a cliff.

I Remember Some Of This

I remember listening to Steve read some of that garbage, and I knew that it was garbage. And, when this ‘V the Guerilla Economist’ showed up, I knew that he was a liar – but, I had no proof. But, even I fell for the aura of righteousness that Steve had, and the sense of competence radiating from Doug.

Did Steve and Doug know that Viji was a fraud from the beginning?

I don’t know. But, if they didn’t know, then they are liars. I showed you Doug’s claim that they check EVERYONE. So, either they are incompetent, or they are liars.

I leave that for you to choose.

The Facts – Verified By Steve Quayle Himself

Now, do you remember that date that I asked you to remember?

The date in question is:

11 September 2015

It comes from the email that Steve sent me.

By 2015, Barbara had realized that there was something wrong. So, after doing her own homework, Barbara called Steve on July 17th, 2015. Steve told her that he knew that Viji Varghese was a fraud, and had known it for a year. When I saw that in Barbara’s records, I howled in outrage.

How DARE Steve do nothing!!

(I know. I keep saying that, but I can’t help myself.)

But, even though Barbara had not received a satisfactory response from Steve, she still waited. Even then, she gave him space to repent. It was only on August the 24th, that she submitted her complaint to the Attorney General of the State of Michigan.

Doug Hagmann, in his response 18 days later, then tried to defame and slander her reputation, while claiming to be an experienced authority on the matters in question. However, that’s not the main reason why I wanted you to remember that date.

Little did Steve Quayle know, that when he sought to threaten me with a lawsuit and convince me that Barbara was nuts, that he was confirming what Barbara would later show me. The dates match up with what she said, and she had no idea that Steve Quayle had given me the corroborating information.

I’m sorry Steve, but you were caught by your own words.

The same goes for you, Doug.

Your own words and actions condemn you both.

Unfortunately, that is not the end of this sorry tale. And, this addition is important, because it shows the character of those that surround Steve and Doug.

David Lankford

I used to have a lot of respect for David Lankford. In fact, if you do a search on Omega Shock, you’ll see the good things that I had to say about him. But, when he proceeded to join Steve Quayle in beating up Nathan Leal, I was shocked.

I didn’t know Nathan. I didn’t follow his work. But, the little that I did know, told me that he did NOT deserve being verbally beaten up and slandered for three hours on the Hagmann Report.

So, I started investigating. The result was this:

My Report on Nathan Leal

Well, I mentioned that report in last week’s ‘Special Report’, and I also mentioned David Lankford’s name.

Well, David was so pleased by this, that he chose to bless me with some emails. Here’s the first one:

Dear John chicken Little: I just wanted to thank you today for blessing me by reviling me. Matthew 5:11–12. You were so gracious to condemn yourself according to the word of God. Matthew 12:36-37. Thank you also in describing yourself as an apostate and reprobate in that you said you were an unreasonable and wicked man. 2nd Thessalonians 3:2. That scripture is very clear you do not have saving faith according to the word of God because you are an unreasonable or injurious man. I rejoice in the sovereignty of our God and that he put it in your own heart to expose yourself for the vile creature you are. You are an apostate, a reprobate, and a castaway. By the way Jesus did not send a text or an email people. Christ engaged them personally which you never do because you are an apostate and hypocrite.Pastor Lankford Sent from my iPhone

But, he was only getting started. Here’s number two:

You are so self righteous you stink to high heaven. You are a viper just like Jesus said. You attacked me for no reason whatsoever. You hid behind a key board for you are cowardice. You are just like Alexander the copper smith. You do nothing to edify the body of Christ.Neither do you bring people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Your own words condemned you when you fulfilled 2nd Thes. 3:2 in its totality. You make yourself the jury,judge,and executor in everything that you do. The fact you concealed this matter from your wife demonstrates your hypocrisy. That in itself demonstration you’r not one in your marriage. you knew she would tell you to not do what you did but you’re arrogant and bigoted and self righteous therefore you do what you want without the leadership of the Holy Ghost. you harm the body of Christ profusely. I’ve even had some people ask me what in the world is going on with this man and say they are on unsubscribing from your sewage letter. The Bible is clear if you have ought with your brother you go to them you don’t text them nor email them but again you hide behind a keyboard. You will without doubt pay for your sins because you seek to deceive so many people. I don’t even know V, never spoke to him would not know him if I saw him. but you associate me with that vile person. If you can make it into heaven no debased individual will ever have a problem getting there. You are a disgrace to the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have been a minister for 40 years and have witnessed many aberrations but you are one of the worst I have ever witnessed in my life. Every name I called you is scriptural and biblical. you believe without a doubt you’re absolutely correct in what you do but that is exactly what proud and deceived people do. You are truly a man that is ship wrecked in his faith and destroying many lives along the way. You seek to build yourself on the notoriety and backs of others also. I pray God turn your flesh over to Satan that your spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord! Again thank you for your admission and that you cannot be reasoned with. You fulfilled Revelation 17:17. God did put it in your heart to fulfill his will and exposing yourself with you’re hypocrisy. You were so biblically illiterate because there will be lying and death during the millennial reign of Christ. If you understood the 65th chapter of the book of Isaiah you would know that. Even Revelation chapter 28 after the devil is released out of hell he goes up on the earth and the seas the nations to bring a rebellion against God. What a buffoon you truly your scripturally Sent from my iPhone

And, there are two more. But, I’ll stop here.

Does this sound like a ‘man of God’ to you?

Well, I was so overcome with gratitude for his messages of love and peace, that I only responded to the fourth one:

Hi David,

Again, you participated in an unprovoked and unChristian attack upon Nathan Leal. For three hours. He did nothing to deserve that.

And, I now see your personal attacks on me.

This does not speak well of your walk with the Lord.

You need to repent, David. And, you need to publicly apologize to Nathan Leal for what you did to him and Donna. The pain that you caused and the damage that you did to his ministry was huge.

Repent, David, before it is too late.

Yours in Christ,

John Little

Please pray that David Lankford repents of the evil that he has done. No, don’t worry about me. I expect these kinds of things. I’ve heard worse, by people who are more talented in the art of slander and insult.

I am truly thankful that I don’t do phone calls, and that I did not honor his request to call him a year ago. Since this appears to be a sample of his discourse, my eardrums are grateful for sticking to my no-phone rule.

A certain verse seems applicable here:

If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain.

 – James 1:26


Upon reflection, it is clear that there is wickedness in high places. Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann have sinned against God. And, they have surrounded themselves with people of like mind.

How deep this goes, and how far it goes… is hard to say. But, sin has clearly happened. I can speculate, and I was going to. But, I’m a bit worn out, and all of you can think for yourselves.

Steve, Doug, David… all of you need to repent. If you do not, there is only one answer for you, and I shiver at the thought of it. Those of you who are close to them, need to get away from the blast zone.

God help us all.

Yours in Christ,

John Little


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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15 thoughts on “SPECIAL REPORT – UPDATE – Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann”

    • I never got to read your entire comment. Tech is great, when it works :/ Your comment did spark my interest, as I have nothing nice to say about Mr. Quayle. A lady posted a video on you tube outlining why she disagreed with Mr. Quayle’s logic and teachings, and Steve threatened to sue her for slander. The super laughable part was that that video had less than 200 views, when the threat was made. That FRAGILE EGO. I’ll leave my email if you want me to. Take care, I pray Mr. Quayle’s days of spewing venom are coming to an end!

  1. I am not sure why this came up as an update nevertheless I read a few comments and all I can say is that many sound like a bunch of Pharisees. I realized that V was a fraud before anyone exposed him. The Spirt of the Lord gives discernment. That said, many ‘Christians’ attend the big box churches and do not realize they there is a deluding spirit among them. We must always be diligent to serve the Lord unencumbered by the world.

    Concerning the Leal’s, I asked sincere, provocative questions attempting to find truth and they blocked me; isn’t that special.

    Many need to remember to watch, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.
    Phil. 1:15 Some, to be sure, are preaching Christ even from envy and strife, but some also from good will;

    But reading many in this article reminded me of Mark 9 (an adaptation): we saw, heard, read someone did something in Your name, and we tried to prevent him because he is in our group. Jesus said, “Do not hinder him, for there is no one who will perform a miracle in My name, and be able soon afterward to speak evil of Me. For he who is not against us is for us. For whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because of your name as followers of Christ, truly I say to you, he will not lose his reward.

    Two of my favorite quotes these days are: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” (Sun Tsu?)and “Can’t we all just get along?” (Rodney King).

    We must all come together and defeat the enemy and today, April 10, 2020, our enemy is Bill Gates.

    • Hi Donna,

      I wish that I could agree with you that we all need to put aside our differences to fight the enemy. What you might not realize is that you are merely repeating the message proclaimed by The Enemy for thousands upon thousands of years. “After all, we all worship the same God”, they say. But, I’m afraid that this just isn’t so. And, the Bible proclaims this, from Genesis to Revelation.

      Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann have sinned against God. There can be no question about this. Worse, they continue to infect the Body of Christ with garbage trucks full of false teaching – even after they were warned by faithful brothers in Christ. They are spreading lies, and it’s wrong.

      We are to be people of The Truth, not people of The Lie.

      Furthermore, you might have asked Nathan and Donna Leal sincere questions, but it is doubtful that you did so in love and kindness. I know, because I DID ask such questions in love and kindness and got a response. I was not a follower of theirs, and still am not. So, the fact that you were ‘blocked’ tells me that you did not approach them properly. They were under assault by those who claimed to be Christian, and you were not helpful.

      Do you love your brothers and sisters in Christ?

      That’s an important question, Donna, and God knows the answer. What you will face in the life to come, will – in large part – be based on that answer.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. I am not interested in the saga of Leal and Broer. It seems to me it is just the miry personal mess of two lost men that need the fear of God before it is too late for them. The entire series of events is just a war between two crime families, it’s a private war, and true Christians should not be involved. There is a tremendous amount of money in the god business, small g. Easy money, and that is the bottom line. Christians should be in their Bibles, praying without ceasing and keeping their eyes focused on Jesus. In these Last Days they should not be looking to any man, there is only One to look to and that is Lord Jesus. God provided His Holy Bible for us, He blessed us with His Holy Spirit to guide us, and that is all we need. With that we can lead others to Jesus while there is still time….and that is all that matters, leading others to repentance and Lord Jesus while there is still time…time is running out.

    I am here because I want to expose the havoc and pain Nathan Leal has caused me; he has personally affected my life and it has been devastating.

    I know what I know, and that is Mr. Leal is a wicked man. He is a pathological liar and a thief. Plagiarizing is stealing and lying and Mr. Leal is a common long time plagiarist of many. He is also a narcissist who craves attention. I say a narcissist because Leal often speaks in the third person; Nathan this, Nathan that, what about this Nathan,…that is a trait of a narcissist. He loves the sound of his own name….perhaps he wants to be known by his first name, such as Cher, Madonna.

    I challenge all to research him, this is not slander, it is the truth. See what people who actually knew him, those who had had personal experience with him, have to say. I for one know him. I could have sued Mr. Leal in Court for his massive plagiarism of me that had gone on for a period of six years, without my knowledge or consent. Even worse, he is guilty of blasphemy because in Hagmann and Hagmann radio interviews, he quoted me word for word and then claimed my words that he plagiarized came from god….that god (small g) whispered them in his ear. Moreover, he did the same in his ‘Watchman cry” videos, claiming god told him….as he parroted me word for word. To lie about the Holy Spirit! That is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Where is the fear of God?

    When I learned what Leal was doing, I was shocked and mortified. Totally shocked to hear myself being parroted word for word on a Hagmann and Hagmann show by Nathan Leal. One time Doug Hagmann said to Leal, I admire your zeal, and Leal answered, It’s my passion! My words he steals, my analogies he steals, and calls them his passion. Some of what Leal plagiarized went viral, it made him famous. I contacted him. Leal called me a Judas, he was furious, but he never denied what he did, because he could not….and he still arrogantly continued to plagiarize me! He actually made an audio saying anyone who comes against a man of god is a Judas, and I knew it was targeted to me. He took the audio was taken down within 24 hours. I guess his rage had calmed down. Is it normal to be in a rage because you were exposed? There is no repentance in this man, no excuse, no apology, just arrogance.
    So than I sent him a copy from his website of something that he had plagiarized from me and I threatened to sue him. I showed him I had evidence. His response…He took down his website! Went totally silent. After some time Leal came back with another new website and his massive FAKE dreams from god (small g) had vanished, like they never existed. All his fake illnesses vanished. A great deal of his plagiarism also completely vanished, although, he still plagiarizes me but not to a great extent. I know he has a file on me, because his plagiarizing was so extensive. Leal cannot get by without plagiarizing, he’s dead in the water.

    Besides Mr. Leal’s massive amounts of FAKE dreams from god (small g) are you also aware of all Leal’s FAKE illnesses, his deathbed illnesses and his requesting funds because he has no medical insurance or money for doctors? That in 2008 at the start of his website he claimed to have a leg injury and was in desperate condition but too poor to afford a doctor, had no medical coverage, and he was suffering because god wanted to humble him? That he was further humiliated and mentally tortured because he had to shop in second hand stores.

    (Years later I learned he really had a farm with goats, chickens, etc., as well as an arsenal of high tech weapons, and that he was a survivalist, and certainly not poor.) A former friend of Leal had put up a youtube video about Leal, however, is no longer available, it was quite old, around 2009/2010. This former friend wanted to exposed Leal as a fraud. His multitudes of illnesses are lies all to generate money, because after I discovered his massive plagiarism I researched him. It is shocking and it is an abomination.

    Did you know that at one point Leal finally landed his covetous position as Steve Quayle’s survivalist guru on Quayle’s radio show? Leal was the hard core survivalist host and the Quayle radio fans loved him….no mention of God, no mention of God ever, at all, from the hard core survivalist Leal. Then suddenly Leal’s sheep from his website called him out for turning his back on God and they abandoned him. They publicly criticized him. Leal quickly resigned as Quayle’s radio survival guru and went back to his “god” business, to try to salvage it, after all that is where the money is and got to keep that bread buttered. Spend an hour each week making an audio and thousands pour in…only a fool would lose that gig.

    Do you know that when Leal CLAIMED to be on his deathbed, dying of lupus with a note pad at his bed to record his dreams from god (small g) he was actually stalking another website host online, while trying to hide his identity, because said website host had exposed him as a fraud….and furthermore, that at the very same time that he was on his “deathbed,” he was actually giving interviews on Hagmann and Hagmann radio boasting he was running errands, chopping wood while he was praying….and he forgot he was supposed to be dying of lupus…on his deathbed! He is deranged…His lies are endless and of course those lying sagas have been taken down from his website, although I did copy one of his Lupus deathbed sagas. The first one he made was so absurd that he took it down and followed up with a watered down version, and that is the one I have….it proves he is a fraud, because the exact time frame of his “dying” he was actually on Hagmann and Hagmann radio doing interviews, at the same time frame!…. full of vim and vigor. Imagine someone claiming to be on their deathbed, dying of Lupus and without medical care, without a physician, without meds and in the same time frame doing interviews about working on his farm and talking to god.
    I contacted Leal, (since I had two relatives die from Lupus) exposing his story as a shameful fraud, and his then wife, Donna, responded….that Leal really did have Lupus because she had diagnosed him with Lupus herself! So no doctor, no meds, no hospitalization…but dying….and your wife diagnosed you with the deadly disease.….who could believe this. Oh, how I wish I had a copy of his original announcement of his Lupus deathbed saga. Deranged, that is the only description for it.

    Nathan Leal is a Biblical illiterate. The only time he gets it right is when he plagiarizes someone and he often does that, as it turns out he is a commonly known plagiarist.
    When Leal is not plagiarizing others and opens his mouth he gets in deep trouble, this is the result and it is disgraceful. The following is Nathan Leal’s knowledge of the Holy Scriptures:

    On the Hagmann and Hagmann Report Show on BlogTalk Radio, Audio at 2:32:15, dated July 10, 2015, Mr. Nathan Leal gives FALSE BIBLICAL TEACHING:
    Mr. Leal asks, “After Jesus rose from the dead, what did John find neatly folded in the corner?” (of the tomb) He goes on to say, “His (Jesus) old garments folded neatly in the corner.” Mr. Leal goes on to say, “Jesus was showing us that even He, from the way of man, the regular human body, had to take off the regular garments and put on the new garments of righteousness—Even Jesus did it. He goes on to say, “The old garments are the work of the flesh.”

    So Leal is saying Lord Jesus had to take off the flesh to become righteous! LIAR! More lies from Leal: One, the Lord Jesus garments WERE NOT in the tomb. Two, the burial linen that Jesus’ body was wrapped in was found collapsed, not folded in a corner. Three, the Lord Jesus garments were gambled for by the Roman soldiers as HE hung on the cross, the fulfillment of Psalms 22:18 prophesied. Four, Mr. Leal implies that Son of God, Lord Jesus, who came into the world as the perfect Sacrificial Lamb of God to die for sinners to save them from their rightful judgment of hellfire, was guilty of the sin of the flesh. That Jesus had to remove his earthly garments (his flesh) to be rid of the work of the flesh. That is Blasphemy! Mr. Leal is a bungling Bible illiterate. Actually I believe he is worse than a bungling Bible illiterate. If one looks into his actions and clearly notices the physical manifestations that Mr. Leal sometimes displays, they will understand.

    Mr. Leal also stole the work of DAHBOO777 and publishes it as his own over and over again, year after year, on his website since President Trump was elected. Since I exposed Mr. Leal plagiarism he stopped referring to himself as a prophet, (yes he was plagiarizing me and calling himself a prophet), he now refers to himself as a “researcher,” as he continues to plagiarize the works of others, the research of others, their prophecies and their words. This is DAHBOO777 work that Leal plagiarized and posts as his own over and over again on his website. Donald Trump’s 66th Floor Penthouse Exposes His Idol ‘Sun God’ Apollo, Son of Zeus – YouTube by DAHBOO777. You will see it on Leal’s website over and over again.

    He also plagiarized Jonathan Cahn and Jonathan Kleck.

    He plagiarized Jonathan Cahn’s work of The Shemitah. The best part of this saga was before Jonathan Cahn’s, The Shemitah, had gone viral, Leal was quite anti Hebrew roots…He published an article that was negative about Hebrew roots. (Of course it has been deleted that is how Leal works) I should have saved it…but when Jonathan Cahn’s, The Shemitah, went viral, Leal immediately went on board and plagiarized Cahn…the funny part was Leal could not pronounce the word Shemitah. Too funny.

    He plagiarized Jonathan Kleck about the U.S. currency.

    This is only a tip of the iceberg, there are more victims of Mr. Leal. Mr. Leal is a wicked man; he has no fear of the Lord God Almighty because he is a pathological liar and a thief. I warned him to repent because liars cannot enter the Kingdom of heaven.


    The above video link of Leal was taken down shortly after the below comment was posted on it. Exactly how Leal operates. Like it never existed, but I had copied the below post in 2017 or 2018, just before video and entire link was deleted.

    /user/AnnieO100 /user/AnnieO100
    •AnnieO1006 months ago
    Nathan Leal is a false prophet. He and his wife tricked me out of $700
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    /user/AnnieO100 /user/AnnieO100
    AnnieO1006 months ago
    He stole $700 from me. He is a false prophet!
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    /channel/UCtL8r5eO8pzYGwqszrauIzQ /channel/UCtL8r5eO8pzYGwqszrauIzQ
    Stacey Copley2 months ago
    He’s not a good man… Sorry jmo

    How could Nathan Leal rob a woman of $700 dollars? Where is the conscious? So cruel. It is so heartbreaking, so tragic.

    The following is a testimony of a former member of Mr. Leal’s “ministry:”
    I was a forum member at Watchman’s Cry, joining in 2008. At first, I was delighted, thinking I’d found a place to belong. There were times a red flag went up, but I ignored it. Daily I checked in over there, chatting with others and reading the countless “dreams and visions” that Nathan posted. I found myself reading the Bible less, depending solely on the constant ramblings and revelations of Nathan.
    Then in the Spring of 2009, after nearly a year of reading and listening to all of the conspiracy theories and fear mongering, I convinced my husband that we needed to heed all the warnings, sell whatever we couldn’t carry, and leave the state. My husband quit his job, our children were uprooted, separated from family and friends, and we left.
    What followed was almost 3 years unemployment and extreme financial, marital and physical hardship. Spiritually, I can’t even put into words the effect.
    A very difficult time!
    I’ve since been shown how wrong that so-called ministry is, and how wrong I was to give it any place in our lives.

    On a Trunews interview Leal stated that, QUOTE: “I have 30 to 50 dreams from god, you can see them on my website.” END OF QUOTE. The following month, I believe it was on A Minute to Midnight show, Leal claimed that he had 50 to 100 dreams from god! He is so incredibly reckless with his lies that he takes no interest in keeping them straight,,,who keeps score. Is this normal? I think both these interviews have since been deleted. Shortly after these claims were made by Leal, I contacted him and threatened to sue him for his plagiarizing of me that had gone on for six years without my knowledge or consent and he was absolutely furious and called me a Judas. He arrogantly continued to plagiarize me! So then I emailed him the evidence that I had copied his plagiarism of me from his website and proved I had the evidence to sue him. His response was to TAKE DOWN HIS WEBSITE! His fake dreams from god (small g) abruptly vanished as well. Someone please explain to me if someone claimed over and over again to have heard from god….how could they then have all those dreams from “god” suddenly evaporate like they never had existed. He still plagiarizes me to an extent.

    The man is totally deranged out of control. I have been told from a very reputable source, someone that was close to Mr. Leal, that Mr. Leal is on record telling a website scheduler, that he was the only real prophet hiding out there waiting for his announcement to the world. Does this not sound like delusions of grandeur. It is derangement. It is scary, truly derangment.

    I am not a dreamer, I just don’t remember my dreams, maybe a couple in my entire life, but generally I do not have dreams. However, I did have a nightmare and it was about Nathan Leal. I know it happened because I have been traumatized by what Nathan Leal has done to me. The dream was, I had just arrived home, got out of my car and was about to enter my home when I turned and realized that I had been followed. I went inside but then went out again to look to see what was going on, and this man, it was Nathan Leal, had opened my car door and was going through notes and papers that I had in my car and when I said, what are you doing, he answered, I am a Christian. Then he started my engine and drove away with my car. I ran out into the parking lot calling for help… help, help, he took my car, my license plates, my license plates, help, help, he stole my license plates. In the dream I did not care about my car being stolen with my notes and papers. I was crying for my license plates/tags. Years ago by random, by chance, I was issued vehicle license plates that turned out to be my two initials, then the letter G (I believe for God) and my birth year. I have been told that it is surreal….not a coincidence. It is more precious to me than gold because I believe that it is a sign from God. My initials, G for God, and my birth year on my license plates. That is why I was crying help,,,, my license plate! In the dream/nightmare it was Nathan Leal. He stole my car because it contained my notes and papers…

    I was given a prophetic word by the Holy Spirit in April 1993 and I have NEVER forgotten it! It was the most profound event in my life. Everything in it has come to pass except the last thing and that is the judgment of America as Sodom and Gomorrah. Again by God’s mercy I was given a word of knowledge in 2003 and again in 2009. God is astonishing, he is all awesome, it is wisdom to fear the Lord, He is full of mercy….We must repent and follow Him.

    Mr. Leal knows who I am…I am elderly, and Mr. Leal, if you read this, you will know, unfortunately for you, I am not dead yet. Lord Jesus said we must bless our enemies, we must forgive our enemies. I do forgive you Nathan Leal, but you must be exposed….the sheep must be protected from the wolves.

    It is unfortunate that this website gives Mr. Leal credibility and has gotten involved in the miry mess between two lost men…they both need God.

    The people who follow Leal, or any of this miry mess, should instead go to their Bible, read it out loud, or listen to it audibly because Jesus said, faith comes by hearing, pray, talk to our heavenly Father, talk to Lord Jesus, focus on the Lord the Jesus. Keep eyes on Jesus. The deceivers are everywhere but you will be protected. We must be ready to endure until the End, and the End is soon. But then glorious eternity with Lord God Almighty in all HIS glory forever. Beware of the wolves in sheep clothing; you can be led astray and you will be led astray! There is a heaven and a hell; Jesus warned many would be lost because of ignorance! Heed Jesus’ warning! Keep your eyes on Jesus!

    If you want to call this bitterness, angry, or whatever, feel free. In these Last Days, persecution is what I expect, nothing less, the blind shall remain blind, but they have been warned and blood is not on my hands.

    “And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.” Revelation 22:12

  3. John Little, thank you for your response, however, you mentioned that you know very little about Nathan Leal, and yet I recently read another article by you saying that Nathan Leal is, and I quote, A person of honesty, humility, and integrity. That description of Nathan Leal is absolutely the farthest from the truth.

    Mr. Leal plagiarized me on Hagmann and Hagmann radio shows as well as in his ‘ministry’ audios for six years without my knowledge or consent. That is stealing and lying. But that is not all. Mr. Leal claimed over and over again, that ‘god’ whispered in his ear, (as he plagiarized my words.) That is BLASPHEMY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! Lying of God’s Holy Spirit!…the unforgivable sin!

    You speak of Mr. Leal’s honesty and integrity. Do you consider tricking a woman / deceiving her, to rob her, of Seven Hundred Dollars honest? That is exactly what a woman had posted in comments on one of his yt videos…but, of course, that video was taken down along with all its comments, like it never existed. Mr. Leal has a long history of deleting, totally wiping out, over and over again, when he is exposed of his FRAUD AND LIES.

    Do you consider it humble of Mr. Leal when he was confronted with his plagiarism of me that he became ugly, vicious, and called me a Judas. And then when I confronted him with the EVIDENCE and threatened to sue in a court of law, he did not respond, instead, he IMMEDIATELY TOOK DOWN HIS WEBSITE, totally GONE WITH NO EXPLANATION! And approximately a month or so later, it was replaced by an entirely new website with tons of his audios/articles GONE FOREVER. You call that honest, you call that humble? I call it criminal. BTW, Mr. Leal still plagiarizes me. He is one very bad man; he is a pathological liar and has no fear of God.

    Are you aware of Mr. Leal’s numerous deathly illnesses, one after another, his death bed saga…ALL FAKE TO GENERATE MONEY? That he is desperate for medical care but has no medical coverage and is in great suffering, his Lupus Saga he claimed to be dying, to be on his deathbed, with a notebook at his side to write his dreams from “god?” Yes, they all disappeared too. Some were so bizarre only a lunatic would write. The man is a pathological liar and suffers from delusions of grandeur.

    I know more, a lot more. As far as the people involved in this miry pit, there are still others that have not been named, however, they are connected to those in this foul saga. I know most of them…they are deceivers, they are lovers of themselves, they are lovers of money, they are FALSE and they are FRAUDS. They are WOLVES IN SHEEP CLOTHING. I will not go into what I know, it is sickening. As I said, they have not been named in this chronicle, but they are closely connected and have each other’s back. It’s a business, a money generating business. Lord Jesus gave warning….In the Last Days there would be many False prophets…and here we are in the midst of it.

    I do not mean to insult or offend, but, just think how the taking sides of wicked lost men pleases Satan…on top of that, Mr. Leal wins again…he is so smug, he got another dummy to defend himself. But it is not for long. I may be wrong, but I do wonder, did God have His Hand in this, because the outcome was, Leal lost several platforms, lost monthly radio shows, lost opportunities to deceive God’s sheep and to rob them further of their finances. Perhaps it was not God, perhaps it was Satan, as Satan, the great deceiver, sucks people in to do his bidding, and then he destroys them. Satan is a deceiver and a destroyer.

    If you check out Mr. Leal’s yt video about a month ago, (he must have gotten a ‘ping’ when I made my post on your website) Mr. Leal said anyone that comments anything negative will be kicked off….then he says anyone that comments something negative on his website is like someone coming into his home and SHI..ING ON HIS COFFEE TABLE! Does that sound like a Christian to you? Does it? It is disgusting and foul, and gives a glimpse of Mr. Leal’s vile character.

    I have peace now because I have put this in God’s Hand. The infighting between Christians is Satan’s glory, especially when they are deceived. In these Last Days it is DISTRACTION AWAY FROM THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, JUST WHEN WE SHOULD BE DRAWING CLOSER. Stop looking at these lost men, look to God, stop focusing on these lost men, focus on Lord Jesus. WE ARE OUT OF TIME. We must be ready. Time is OVER. Do not be distracted, we must all repent, we must all be ready, for the Time of the End is soon upon us. The time of Judgment is soon upon us. Those who believe and follow Lord Jesus shall be with Lord God Almighty in all His Glory forever and ever.

    • It has been years since I mentioned Nathan Leal. And, I have a lot of disagreement with him on a number of subjects. I also acknowledge that your claims seem authentic. When my current book project is complete, I hope to do a review of my own material. I have mistakes that need to be examined. Thanks for that input, Annette. – JL

  4. Been 4+ years, doubt if u will ever read this but investment in silver or gold is never foolish. So long as you don’t store it in a bank. I have some readily available in my house and some buried nearby. Pray for guidance each morning, most important ingredient of preparedness is learning to trust in our Almighty Creator and absolutely believing He will direct our steps.
    Shalom, Sugar

    • PS Silver may stay at $15-30 dollar range till I die but I think it will hit one thousand before I die, 500 for sure, may not though. Will come a time when no amount of federal reserve notes will get you an ounce of silver.

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