Appointments from God

We get them. All of us.

In fact, you might even say that the founding of America was one of them.

The problem is that they are often not what we want them to be, or what we expected. And, that’s a problem because we often try to skip those appointments because they don’t fit our idea of what a ‘proper appointment’ should be.

You’ve probably had lots of those if you are a follower of Christ.

If you AREN’T a follower of Christ, there’s one truly awful appointment that you will not avoid, unless you become one.


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Appointments from God

I meet lots of people who like to think that they’re smarter than God. In fact, I stare at one in the mirror at least once a day. I meet once a week with a bunch of such people on Sundays.

No matter how good a Christian you are, you always – in some way – think that you are smarter than God. I know this because I suffer the same problem. I’ve spent a lot of my life telling God that He needed to do this or that in a different way. And, when He asks ME to do something, I have a million excuses.

And, having been a follower of Christ for 43 years… I have more experience at resisting – or attempting to resist – what God wants me to do. Thankfully, I’m a little better at agreeing with what God wants me to do, but… only better.

So, I have a question.

Are you skipping your appointments from God?

I can’t tell you what those are, only God can. But, I can tell you that I’ve skipped a few – more than a few. And, I’ve had to watch others pick up the responsibilities that were mine, and be blessed by those opportunities to serve. More important, we will all stand before God one day, and be asked about those appointments that we skipped.

Of course, some appointments don’t make a lot of sense. Some even seem dangerous. To you. To those that you love. To what you love.

They might even seem foolish. Unwise. Stupid.

I have a regular appointment like that. I doesn’t seem like I’m getting anywhere, and I’m spending a lot of time on it. And, I will probably never know whether anything that I’m doing at that ‘appointment’ is making a difference. And no, I am not talking about these articles.

However, I know that it doesn’t matter what the results are, or whether my time is being used wisely. I know that the job must be done, and that I’m the one to do it. Until someone comes along, with their own appointment from God, I am required to fulfill that appointment.

I have to keep reminding myself that God is smarter than I am, and that He cares about me, as well as all of His other sheep. If I’ve shown up to the ‘wrong appointment’, He will let me know.

The Bible often uses a different metaphor than mine. It talks about doors that are open, and doors that are closed. Lots of crazy things have happened because I walked through doors that were open – doors that didn’t make sense, but do now.

The only thing that I can tell you, is that walking through an open door is a good idea – as long as you have permission from God to do so.

Here I am, an Indiana boy who can speak Hebrew and has lived in Asia for 21 years. I’m married to the most beautiful woman on the planet, and… well …I hardly know what to say. I often need to pinch myself, wondering if I’m living in some extended dream.

For some of you, a door is open, an appointment has been made. You have the urge to put up artificial roadblocks to keep you from meeting that appointment. I know how that works. I’ve done it too many times myself, and the price for that was high. Always.

But, when I’ve been on time for my appointments, when I’ve walked through the doors that God opened for me… I’ve been blessed.

So, let me encourage you to be on time for the appointments that God has given you. You’ll be okay, and you’ll look back on this moment and be glad that you did.

Now, I’ve got an appointment to keep, so I must be off…


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
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A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


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