Double Trouble

What a week. We had the memorial for 9/11. Hillary went from deplorable to… almost on the floor. The Saudis are increasingly desperate to keep 9/11 out of the US legal system. Desperation is increasingly seen in the mainstream media, political parties and the financial system. We are seeing signs of a coming government ownership of stocks that will morph into outright ownership of companies. And then, I saw signs that Russia and Ethiopia are getting cozy.


Annnnnd… Taiwan gets two typhoons in one week.


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Double Trouble

I’ve got to get this out pretty quick because Typhoon Malakas is about run over those of us who live Taipei. I need a few things, so I hafta be quick. The good thing is that this week’s research pretty much speaks for itself.

Hillary’s Parkinson’s Disease

Yes, after watching Dr. Noell’s videos, I am convinced that Hillary has at least Stage Three Parkinson’s. At least. She could have something worse. But, for now, I’m willing to stick with Parkinson’s.

If it’s NOT Parkinson’s, then those blood clots are about to destroy what’s left of her brain. So, the Democrats had better hope that she just has Parkinson’s.

The 13

Who in their right mind would name a hotel, ‘The 13’?

Well, a hotel that’s pandering to the Satanist Elites who love prime numbers and the number 13. That’s who.

I was so shocked by this, that I gave it it’s own category in the research.

Seriously incredible.

(and ugly)

Screaming Saudis

The Saudis are afraid. Very afraid. The passage of this 9/11 bill has them shivering in their… not-boots.

I have always maintained that Israel had nothing to do with 9/11. There’s no evidence. It’s not even remotely logical.

Israel warned America that it was coming and were ignored. Then Israel did what any sane country under threat would do, maneuver itself to make sure that they weren’t harmed by it.

Some Israelis may even have maneuvered themselves to benefit from what the CIA and the Saudis were doing. And, I don’t blame them.

If I wasn’t a Christian, I would have done the very same thing. Seriously.

In fact, if there WERE any dancing Israelis, they might have been joyful over their ‘stock portfolios’. Remember that we only have the word of a mean-spirited old woman.

What would YOU do, if you gave a warning, and were rebuffed and insulted?

Thought so.

9/11 Memorial

I don’t write much about 9/11. I was in Jerusalem, at the time, and I remember where I was and what I was doing. I was with Israelis, in a software company that was set up by a unit straight out of Israeli military intelligence.

No. There was nothing spooky going on. They were a software team that had developed software for Shin Bet (at least the military side), and took their skills into the private sector.

The thing is that as shocked as we all were, none of us were surprised. What we lived with every day had come to America. We were all sick at heart, because Israelis looked at America as something that they could one day become, when peace arrived.

But, instead of peace, there was war.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, in Israel were broken-hearted over the events of that day. Israel is one of the few countries outside of the US with a memorial to 9/11.

National Socialism Incoming

Central banks are buying stocks. I hope that you understand what that means, because it means socialism – more accurately fascism – is coming in the biggest way possible. As central banks buy up stocks, they begin to have a bigger and bigger say in what companies do.

Eventually, they will OWN those companies.

Are you ready for this?

Ethiopia And Russia Draw Closer Together

I’ve been talking about what Ethiopia was doing with their Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. It was the fulfillment of Isaiah 19. But, I’d been wondering how the reference to Cush in Ezekiel 38 would be fulfilled.

I’d been reluctant to say that Cush was Ethiopia, even though that is how the King James Version calls it. Cush could have been ANYWHERE in sub-Saharan Africa. But, today I am FAR more comfortable with calling Ezekiel’s reference to Cush as… Ethiopia.

You’ll see what I mean, below.

(Thank you, Chris, for pointing me towards Katehon!)

Meranti And Malakas

I thought that I would have had more time to write today. The Taiwanese celebrated their mid-Autumn Festival, and our Friday night class wasn’t going to be held. But, Typhoon Malakas had other ideas.

As I write this, the weather is peaceful, but that will change soon. This is not to say that this Typhoon will be any trouble. We are used to them, and I actually enjoy the blustery weather when they come roaring overhead.

This one won’t hit us directly, but it might tear off a light roof or two and knock down some signs. That’s generally all that Typhoons do to us.

Having said that, there are those Taiwanese with too much money and too little sense, who build houses on mud-slide zones and flood plains. You can’t fix stupid, but you can help them clean up afterwards.

We’ll see what happens after Malakas goes by.

My bigger question is…

…why do Taiwanese celebrate a ‘mid-Autumn Festival’ when Autumn hasn’t even begun?


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


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