Half Baked and All Bad

We aren’t even halfway through the summer, and it’s already beyond comprehension. Black Lives Matter has gone full-on terrorist. Terrorism rises in France. Brexit has come and gone. Hillary is falling in the polls, and has a Green Party challenger. The financial system is just a twitch away from a nightmare collapse. The Petrodollar system is failing, and the American Empire with it. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is a done deal, and more dams are on the way – just like Isaiah said it would happen in chapter 19. Syria has all but captured Aleppo.

And, Boris Johnson is now the Foreign Minister of the UK. YES!


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Half Baked and All Bad

My lovely wife dragged me down to Tainan for the opening of a friends BnB. That’s why I won’t be able to write much today.

It was nice to get away, and contemplate what I need to do, in terms of editing Ezekiel’s Fire. Lots is the word, and now I have some motivation to do it. Thank you to all of you who have been prodding me along. I appreciate it.

And, with the introduction above burning in your ears, I suspect that you need to get to that…



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These are the articles that hit my desktop this week – and seemed important. In fact – depending on who you are – the research below might be more important than my words, above. My hope is that my research will be a springboard for your own. Start with my sources, and expand.

And then, tell me what you’ve found. (So many of you do!)

Most of my sources for this week are the same as last week’s. Most. Anyway, here are the sources for this week:




http://www.rebelplanetdispatch.com/ (Marcel’s New Home!)

























The following weren’t in here last week, but made it in this week:

https://www.youtube.com/user/TokyoAtomic/ (Black Pigeon Speaks)


Best of all, many of you provided me with valuable links that you will also find below.

Each of the above has their own foibles and biases, and that goes for Omega Shock. My hope is that YOUR bias will ALWAYS be Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


Wow. Only Eight Years?

It seems like BNI has been around for longer. I guess that it’s a testament to how powerful her work has been. Well done B. Very well done, indeed!

What Happens After Police Start Getting Shot?

This guy gets it. I mean… REALLY GETS IT.

Those that have been fueling the insurgency have already won. America is about to go down. It cannot be stopped. It will not be stopped. We have gone too far down this road.

If you think that America can be saved, you are living a dangerous fantasy.

When the writer said this:

It is extremely important to note that in all of recorded history, an insurgency that matured through the phases and reached this stage has never been quelled through force. Ever.

The writer is entirely correct.

What you must do is avoide this insurrection, while you still can.


This is notable by bringing in the idea of generational cycles – in this case, ‘The Fourth Turning’. And, he makes the point that Fourth Turning conflicts NEVER de-escalate.

End of an Era: The Rise and Fall of the Petrodollar system

A good overview of what – until now – has been the foundation of the American Empire. Aside from my own more detailed account, this is a good one to share with others.

Panic as huge plumes of smoke billow from Eiffel Tower as Nice terror attack unfolds – Mirror Online

By now, you’ve heard of the attack in Nice, so there’s really not much that I can add here except a snapshot of insanity, from the article:

The truck driver was shooting from the window of the cab as he smashed through the throngs of people – many still in beachwear – at 40mph.

He then emerged shooting from the vehicle before being gunned down by police.

But then, there’s this little gem:

Guns and grenades were found in the back of the truck “suggesting a premeditated attack”.

Wait… ‘suggesting’. That’s like someone yelling ‘Allahu Ackbar’ (Allah is a mouse), mowing down civilians with a machine gun, throwing hand grenades and blowing himself up – and this idiot ‘suggesting’ that it was a terrorist attack.

Just reading that has caused brain cells to die.

In fact, I consider writing like this to be an atrocity. Verbal terrorism against my brain. Brain cells have exploded in outrage. (But, they didn’t call Allah a mouse.)

People like the idiot writer of this idiot piece should be sent to some deserted island in Indonesia, surrounded by sharks – where they can’t peddle their stupidity anymore. (Although, I would feel sorry for the sharks.)


With the low level of intelligence exhibited by the French government, I suspect that banning trucks is an idea whose time has come.

SuperStation95 – This Friday: Violent Rallies Planned for 37 US Cities – being promoted on the Dark Web! (We have the list)

Check this list later on, to see if all of that actually happened.



These articles often cross categories. They have their own importance, so you might want to consider them a bit more carefully than the others. But, I leave that to your determination.

PE News – Religious Freedom at Risk in Russia

Terri shared this from last week’s comment section. OUCH.

I have very good friends who were Missionaries to Russia. They have many stories to tell, and nothing good to say about the ‘Russian Orthodox Church’.

Unfortunately, this is not unexpected.

Thank you, Terri!


All the stuff that this guy is ‘tired of’… I’m tired of too. Real tired.

Unfortunately, the fecal matter is about to hit the oscillating air-flow management device. He’ll go from being tired to red-hot angry.

Minnesota and Texas… Worse is to Come

You’ll need to hold your nose a bit to get past the first three articles… but, I’m afraid that he’s right. Cops aren’t trained to protect you. They’re trained to protect themselves and collect a paycheck.

Unfortunately, it’s a reflection of how bad our society has gotten. Cops weren’t like this. We weren’t like this.

The Last Vacation | Rebel Planet Dispatch

An excellent point. For some, this summer will offer them their ‘last vacation’. They didn’t intend for it to be their last. It wasn’t their plan. But, they weren’t paying attention and made a fatal mistake.

But, as Marcel says:

Living a life of ‘SELF’ without God is a death wish

So true.

Are you ready for eternity?

Does God Ever Get Angry? Are We Expressing A Balanced View Of God’s Love? – Let’s Get It Right!

Paul Benson comes forward with another interesting discussion of what appear to be polar opposites – but are really just two sides of the same coin: love and vengeance.

Remember that God in the Old Testament is spoken of as Yehovah Tseva’ot or Elohim Tseva’ot. The King James those names as Lord of Hosts or God of Hosts. But, Tseva’ot actually means ‘armies’. The Israeli military is called Tseva ha-Hagganah le-Yisrael, or literally: Army of the Defense for Israel. Tseva is singular. Plural is Tseva’ot, or armies.

I won’t go into all of the proofs, but I can tell you with complete confidence that every reference to Yehovah is a reference to the pre-incarnate Christ. My favorite pastor wrote a book called ‘Jesus in the Old Testament’. I helped him with the first version of that book, although the second version is different than the first. But, the point remains.

Jesus is the God of Armies. Yes, He humbled Himself and took upon Himself the body and form of a man. But, He is still the God who will return with vast armies that will destroy the evil of this world.

Why will Jesus exact such justifiable vengeance?

Because He loves us and the rest of His creation.

Do Demons Exist? Watch A Demon-Possessed Model Manifest A Spirit During A Live Television Interview

If you are a Christian long enough, you will run into them. I believe that I have, and our church has had to do at least one exorcism while we’ve been here in Taiwan. I have felt them, and they are alive and well on planet Earth.

Never forget that our authority over them is ONLY through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

The 2015.75 Crisis Moving into 2020.05 | Armstrong Economics

The next crisis that Martin is talking about is…

This time, we are looking at the demise of governments.

Isn’t that what the Antichrist is all about?

28 pages on alleged Saudi ties to 9/11 to be released as soon as Friday – CNNPolitics.com

Ah, it’s the Clinton News Network, talking about the release of ‘The 28 Pages’.

What Britain’s New Foreign Minister Really Thinks Of The World

Boris Johnson for PRESIDENT! I like this guy already.

Police Release Dramatic Footage Of Deadly Shooting Of Unarmed White Man

Two of the shots MIGHT have been warranted. MIGHT. The rest… I leave for you to decide.

Too many cops trained for the battlefield, when they should be trained to be cops.



I truly wish that America was a good country, that – at heart – we were on the side of the angels. I was born there. I lived the first half of my life there.

But, the country that I grew up in… is no more. Evil has taken up residence.

We have been conquered from within.


If you want to control how people think, just control what they see, hear and read.

‘nuf said.

How George Soros Singlehandedly Created the European Refugee Crisis—and Why

Good ol’ George. What a guy.

Evil and vile beyond belief. At the heart of the insurrection that is rising in Europe and the US.

I’m sure that there are worse people, but we don’t have their names.

FBI Leak: Hillary Clinton Foundation Guilty Of Treason

The Clintons. Treason is actually too nice of a word for what they have been doing through that… that ‘foundation’ of theirs.

Treason. I’m not sure that the average American knows what that is.

Congress: “Too Big to Jail: Inside the Obama Justice Department’s Decision Not to Hold Wall Street Accountable”

Your tax dollars at work, allowing Wall Street to get away with murder.


“The conclusion drawn by most of our élites is that the population constitutes a deep and dangerous well of ignorance and irrationality; if our civilization is in crisis the fault must lie with the populace which is not rising to the inescapable challenges. And yet civilizations do not collapse because the citizenry are corrupt or lazy or anti-intellectual. Civilizations collapse when those who have power fail to do their jobs.”

John Ralston Saul

“I wonder why it is that the countries with the most nobles also have the most misery?”

Francis Bacon



As the fulfillment of Isaiah 19 draws closer, you’ll be seeing more and more articles in this category.

They are saying that the GERD will begin to fill up in 2017, and Egypt is ALREADY suffering dought conditions.

I will continue to watch this closely, and I hope that you will be paying attention.

Ah, Those Ethiopians: They Went And Did A Funding Hack With The Grand Renaissance Dam | Rogue Chiefs

Interesting. Somebody in Ethiopia was clever in how they were able to borrow money to build this dam. A lot of people thought that it wouldn’t happen, that the money would dry up. But, the money hasn’t dried up.

Egypt is on a collision course with prophecy.

US-Arab cold war in the Horn of Africa

Interesting. Egypt is attempting to fight the Ethiopian dam by supporting Ethiopia’s enemies. I’m afraid that this will backfire badly.

Myth of a stable Ethiopia under a Minority Regime:OPINION Part I

If this is true, then it adds a something to the topic. The disgusting scum that run Ethiopia are going to fill the ‘Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam’ as fast as possible. And, they will start filling it as soon as possible – to generate electricity and money, as soon as possible. And, they won’t care about how this will affect Egypt and the Egyptians.

And then, Ethiopia will consume itself in civil war.

Life in Ethiopia: the Grand Renaissance Dam | TRT World

I was just talking to my wife about this, and I realized that the news about this dam is now coming fast and heavy. Just a few weeks ago, I could talk about this dam maybe once a month. Now? Every week, I have loads of news to report.

But, now that I’ve seen the corruption at the heart of the Ethiopian government, I’m willing to bet that all those deals signed by Ethiopia… to fill the dam carefully over a five or eight year period… will be worthless. I bet you that they will fill that dam as fast as they possibly can.

That, my friends, will be the fulfillment of Isaiah 19.

Africas largest hydro-power plant being built – YouTube

This is the video imbedded in the previous article. That is a HUGE dam.

Controlling Nile Waters: Egypt Wants Lion’s Share

Ooops. Expect even MORE dams on the Nile.



Our grandparents did it. Our great grandparents CERTAINLY did it. And now, it’s your turn.

Please prepare. And that means considering the need to relocate.

Do not wait for evil to knock on your door.

How America Could Go Dark – WSJ

Everyone, you MUST be ready for the lights to go out for a very long time. With stuff like this going on, America is a decision away from going dark.

God’s judgment is coming. Turning the lights out could be a big part of it.

Those That Wanted To Get Prepared Have Already Gotten Prepared By Now

I’m afraid that he’s right, which means that God will loose the dogs of war. There’s no more reason to hold ’em back. If you aren’t ready now, you never will be.

Some disturbing figures about the upcoming banking crisis – Sovereign Man

If I need to, I’ll get on my knees and beg, even though my knees aren’t doing so great. In fact, consider this an on-my-knees-and-begging moment…

Please, Please, PLEEEEZE get as much money out of the banks as you can. Buy gold. Silver. Cow manure… ANYTHING. But, get all the money that you won’t need for day-to-day, weeke-to-week, or month-to-month expenses.

The banks ARE going down, and I do NOT want you to go down with them.


Hardtack: A Simple DIY Survival Food From History – PrepperFortress

This is a prep that ANYONE can do!

Why Should You Build Your Own Power Generator? – PrepperFortress

And this one is interesting.



There is a sickness that has reached every corner of our modern, civilized world. We have luxuries undreamt, but along with it came a society so corrupt that… well, it would have been unimaginable just 50 years ago.

And yes, I know what life was like, almost fifty years ago.

In fact, I’m seeing articles that show an American society so obsessed with sex, drugs and entertainment, that nothing – and I mean NOTHING – is shocking anymore.


Utterly passe. Everybody’s doing them.

We truly live in a society where abomination is now normal.

Drink Up ! | Rebel Planet Dispatch

This piece led me to think of this verse:

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

– 2 Chronicles 7:14

If there is to be ANY hope for America, it is in that. And, I’m talking about our CHURCHES, hopefully filled with those who are called according to HIS name.

Marcel has a good ‘follow-on’ piece, here:



Yup. A good summary. In one picture.

Far more than a thousand words here. Far more.

What if Whites Strike Back?

If I said this, I would be called a racist. But, because a black guy said this, he’s not.

Thank God a black guy is saying this.

There is literally no skin color on this planet that I do not like, except green. I draw the line at green.

But, there are plenty of cultures and attitudes that I detest. I like Taiwanese and Israeli culture. I like some parts of British culture. Also some of American culture. (But, only some.) I like some parts of Arabic culture. (But again, only some.)

But, gangster rap? Thugs? Pimps? Drug dealers? (And no, skin color plays no part in that)

It’s true that Blacks were given a raw deal. I’m upset over that raw deal myself. It was wrong. But, lots of people get raw deals. In fact, truth-be-told, most people are given a ‘raw deal’ at least once in their lives. If you dwell on the ‘unfairness’ of the deal that you’ve been given, you’re a loser.

Life isn’t fair. God isn’t fair. In fact, you should be happy that God isn’t fair, ‘cuz being ‘fair’ would get us all sent to Hell.

Chart Of The Day: America’s Strongest Growth Sector——-Laws And Prisoners

The Prison Industrial Complex runs into the collapse of Morality in Society.

A partnership made in Hell.

The MetroSpiritual: Kinky sex that’s literally out of this world

Liasons with the demonic. How much lower will we go?



I can hardly believe what is happening. Who would have thought that the most corrupt politician in American history would actually be in the running for president of the United States?

Trump, I can believe. But Hillary? Really?

And, at this moment in time?

Yeah. Political Armageddon. A mountain in Israel has come for a visit.

AIPAC’s Moment of Decision

This piece really isn’t about the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee. It’s about the Democrats.

If you hate Israel… you should vote Democrat.

If you love Israel – and you should – vote Republican.

Apple ‘1984’ ad — NEW Hillary Clinton version, updated for 2016! – YouTube


If you are going to vote… you at least need to know what a vote for Hillary really is…

MYSTERY: CNN loses feed as reporter critiques Hillary Clinton

Fascinating how the Clinton News Network keeps losing their ‘feed’, whenever anyone criticizes Hillary. Really mind-blowing ‘coincedences’. Six sigma.

Paul Nehlen at Paul Ryan’s Mansion: ‘Tear Down Your Wall’

I really, Really – did I say ‘really’? – REALLY want Paul Nehlen to defeat Private Ryan. Ryan is the slimiest piece of garbage that I’ve seen in a very long time.

Unfortunately, Private Ryan is protected by the Establishment, so I doubt that Nehlen will defeat Ryan. But, if you are in Wisconsin, do your best.

When Persuasion Turns Deadly | Scott Adams’ Blog

Who knew that the Dilbert Cartoonist was such a gifted writer?

But, the fact that he’s an expert on the art of persuasion is why I read his writing. And, he said this:

Unless Trump finds a way to counter Clinton’s racial persuasion, he will lose in November.

I find that chilling. I also find Clinton’s willingness to throw the country into a race war, equally chilling. Of course, we knew that she was a psychopath, but to have confirmation of that knowledge…

This is What Hillary Clinton’s Advisors Really Think of the American Public

Yup. They think that you’re stupid. Gullible. A schlub. You voted for them, so in their mind, it’s true.

Okay, so you didn’t vote for them, but your neighbors did. When you’re the only one in your neighborhood that isn’t a gullible schlub… doesn’t it mean that maybe you should find another neighborhood?

Christians Unite With Sodomites to Save Sodom-land America | Rebel Planet Dispatch

I’ve never been a supporter of Trump, except as a candidate maybe less bad than Hillary. But, it’s getting harder and harder to say ‘less bad than Hillary’ when he pulls stuff like this.

As Christians, we are to be lead by the Holy Spirit and the knowledge of God’s word. So ask yourself whether you can vote for ‘The Donald’ in the face of stuff like this.

Then, if you can’t… ask yourself why you are where you are, and if there is anything that you can do about it.

Republican platform under Donald Trump will call for an “undivided Jerusalem”

Okay, this is a positive for Mr. Trump.

Is it enough?

Trump to Pick Mike Pence, Says Source

Okay, if Trump picks Mike Pence for his VP, then that’s another point in Trump’s favor. Mike goes to a church that doesn’t pull its punches and doesn’t respect politicians. And, I know someone who goes to that church. The fact that Mike goes to that church tells me that Mike is ‘the real deal’.

Of course, Mike Pence might be just ‘assassination insurance’ for Trump. VPs aren’t necessarily valuable. But, still… it’s something.

Is this enough to vote for Trump?

Trump’s Glide Path | Scott Adams’ Blog

Another interesting and well-written analysis from the creator of Dilbert. Wouldn’t it be nice to have Scott Adams as a neighbor?

Paul Nehlen Calls For Populist Revolt Against Paul Ryan

Here’s more on Nehlen’s attempt unseat Private Ryan. I truly and devoutly hope that he succeeds. In fact, I consider this a campaign that I can get behind.

Donations to Jill Stein’s Campaign Jump 1000% Following the Bernie Betrayal

Ooops. Hillary has a problem.

Swing-State Stunner: Donald Trump Passes Crooked Hillary In Key Swing States

More bad news for Hillary. Really, I’m crying inside.

Exclusive preview: Dinesh’s ‘Hillary’s America’

On the front cover of Dinesh’s book: ‘Utterly terrifying.’

I think that sums Hillary up quite nicely.



The US Administration declares Hillary innocent.

And that means the Rule of Law in America is dead.

Obama Calls For Turret-Mounted Video Cameras On All Police Tanks

Well now, I feel so much safer. I’m sure that the police will keep those video cameras on when they run over me with their police tanks. I’m sure of it.

FBI Agents Were Told To Sign A “Very, Very Unusual” NDA In Hillary Email Case

Hey, nothing to see here. Hillary is fine. Just sign here, or your family ‘gets it’.

Trey Gowdy Isn’t Done: Tears Into Loretta Lynch For Protecting Hillary Clinton

It’s nice to see, but I don’t think that it will matter.

Inside the FBI: agents’ outrage at Hillary email decision

What these agents do will be interesting, in the coming days and months.

Witness who filmed Eric Garner’s arrest sentenced to prison

If you film cops breaking the law… you go to prison. Nice.

Articles: The Law Is Dying because Morality Is Dying

Unfortunately, nothing but the truth.



I am amazed that we have gotten this far.

Historians may one day be able to look back and see how they were able to keep the system going… but, I’m not interested in that. I’m more interested in Christians being responsible.

God gave you what you have. Your are required to place those assets where they will do the most good.

Allowing those assets to be destroyed is NOT responsible.

The Big Unravel: US Commercial Bankruptcies Skyrocket

Kids, this is going to hurt.

Great American Oil Bust Rages on; Defaults, Bankruptcies Soar

Um… actually, it’s going to hurt, really bad. As in… you’ll be in ICU and lucky to survive. Ouch.

Crazy – A Story of Debt, by Grant Williams – YouTube

All you need is a smidgin of financial knowledge, a sense of humor and thirty nine minutes of your time. Grant Williams is one of those rare financial types with a sense of humor, and he loves sharing it with you, while he teaches you something valuable.

Basically, it’s head for hills with your gold. But, maybe that’s just me.

The Euro on the Brink of Disaster | Armstrong Economics

A world currency as early as 2018?

And, between now and then… serious disaster. And then, even MORE disaster.

Could Italy Bring Down the Euro?

One way, or another, Italy will. The question is when?

Italy Nears Economic Collapse » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

And, even MORE on Italy.

Talk Of Oil “Death Spiral” Emerges

And there goes the American oil industry. Saudi Arabia has won.

Rating Agencies Downgrade 24 Counties | Armstrong Economics

Unfortunately, when Martin is right, everyone is sorry.

Corporate defaults reach 100 — a 50% jump from this time last year – MarketWatch

You do NOT want to see this, but since it has already been ‘seen’…

Stocks Will Crash – and Crush (California’s) Pension Funds & Taxpayers: Report

If you are in stocks… get out.



I’m not a ‘gold bug’. Never have been. Never will be. But, right now, I don’t know of anything safer than gold and silver.

If you know of something better, than share it with us. (Yes, God, location, water and food – in that order – is more important, but outside of that…)

Jim Rickards and Egon von Greyerz discuss $10,000 gold – YouTube

An interesting take on gold and silver. As I said last week, gold hit $13,070 an ounce in November 2015 prices, if we follow the legitimate way of calculating inflation – which we see at shadowstats.

This means that gold can EASILY reach $10,000 an ounce. The horrifying financial events that are barreling down upon us… they will eclipse ANYTHING that we’ve seen before.

Top Gold Miners Burned Record Amount Of Fuel To Produce Gold In 2015 : SRSrocco Report

A VERY interesting analysis of oil and the cost of gold production. This is important, because the rise in the price of oil – which will happen eventually – will signal the peak in gold production. We’ve gotten all the gold that is easy to get. What’s left is expensive in terms of energy. Eventually, we will be forced to stop mining for the ‘expensive’ gold.

The Fundamental Reason The Silver Price Will Explode Much Higher Than Gold : SRSrocco Report

Okay, he’s not saying that the PRICE of silver will be higher than gold, but that the percentage INCREASE will be greater than gold. And, I agree completely.



Laugh a little. Seriously. Fake it, if you have too.

Otherwise, you’ll go nuts.

Cat Reacts to Watching Horror Movie

DRG sent this in. When I watched it, I laughed. When I showed it to my wife, she said, “Send me that link!”

(Dutiful husband that I am, I did.)


Not exactly ‘humor’ but interesting. Those were the ‘good old days’, kids.


Um… yeah. That picture discribes us pretty well, I think.


…or, maybe not.


Yeah, why can’t you be more… wait.


Political thought, to the rhythm and rhyme of ‘Green Eggs and Ham’.

SUNDAY FUNNIES – The Burning Platform

The Sunday Funnies, via The Burning Platform. You’ll laugh until you cry. (Or, maybe the other way around.)

World’s Biggest Carnivorous Plant Catches Whole Sheep! – YouTube

Okay, also not humor, but very interesting. I caught this video because it popped up after the one about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. I hadn’t thought about brambles like this before. Also, it’s another look at the nature of sheep.

But, notice how the sheep react to the guy filming them. They love their shepherd!



Yup. I think that about sums it up.

How Not to Buy a Chevy Truck | Scott Adams’ Blog

Here’s a decidedly NON-political analysis. Now, tell me that you haven’t had this kind of experience before.


Yup. Nuffin. Dindu it. Nuffin ta see heer.


Oh dear. Truth.


Ouch. And, definitely worth a chuckle. A bit of encouragement to get my Cheeseburger tonight.

Trump’s Fault?

Irony. Brain-dead irony.

Saddest Bumper Sticker Of The Year

One thing about politics is that it’s a source of irony and black humor.



Nothing says ‘Satan’ like Islam. Islam stands against everything that is good and righteous. Whatever good can be found in Islam… well …it’s there by accident.

If Islam is growing in your community… you might want to look for a different community.

Understanding Islam in Under 60 Seconds (David Wood) – YouTube

Whoa. That really is Islam in under 60 seconds.

Arab Columnist: We Must Purge Our Sources Of Islamic Extremism Like Post-WWII Germany Purged Its Sources Of Nazism

Okay, did Hell freeze over?


Well then, we’ll just hafta wait. Islam will not be ‘purged’ of Islamic Extremism until icebergs float in the Lake of Fire.

CENSORED! Youtube fascists use anti-ISIS policy to take down counterjihad video

So, if you are trying to reform Islam… you can forget it. YouTube likes Islam just the way it is.

In Cartoons, Saudi Arabia, Iran Blame Each Other For Barring Iranians From Mecca Pilgrimage

Yes, it’s the ‘cartoon divide’ between Sunni and Shiite.

ISLAM, A DYING RELIGION | Rebel Planet Dispatch

Marcel points out one of the reasons why Islam cannot be the religion of the Antichrist: They spend too much time killing each other.

Now, about that tin can without AC…

But, but, but…I thought there was ‘no compulsion in Islam?’

Hmmmm… I guess not!

May God keep and preserve this guy, as he speaks out.

Saudis cultivate terrorists in peaceful countries

When Kissinger made his deal with Saudi Arabia, he invited the devil into our homes and our neighborhood. They still have a standing invitation, but you’ll notice that China isn’t participating. They’ve outlawed the open practice of Islam in the Uyghur areas of Xinjiang – pronounced like SHIN-jee-ang. The Chinese don’t have patience for violent uprisings, so they clamp down on the Uyghurs, and for good reason. The Muslims are a BIG source of trouble in China.

And, who is paying for that trouble?

The most authentic version of Islam in the world today: Wahhabism. And, you find its source among the oil-rich gulf Arabs.

Islamic Spain in Middle Ages no paradise for Christians, Jews, women

Blazing Cat Fur, I love it!

Anyway, this points out an important truth that has been lost to us in our attempt to romanticize Islam:

Islam in Spain was a horror show.

Wherever you find Islam, you will also find the rape, torture and murder of Christians, and this was especially true in Spain. What a benighted country.

Betrayal and Back-Stabbing: How Obama and Carter Empowered the Islamic Republic

Carter was a simple-minded fool, who betrayed the Iranian people and America. Some would argue that he was less simple-minded and that he intended that Iran would be taken over by the mullahs, but I disagree.

The Elites are far too dimwitted.

This is one of those Elite mistakes that happens every once in a while. They tend to do that, upsetting their carefully laid plans.

I consider Obama to be somewhat less dimwitted. His raprochement with Iran was on purpose. He wants Saudi Arabia to be afraid and cling more closely to the United States.

Was that Carter’s idea too?

It’s possible. Just remember that the Elites aren’t any smarter than you are.

There is Nothing More Ramadan-y Than Murder

I was Ramadan – that joyous month when Muslims run about, killing people.

Allahu Snackbar!

Black Slaves For Sale

I find it ironic that the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement was co-founded by a Muslim. What irony that the Muslims enslaved the blacks more than anyone else.



When Jesus spoke of Ethnos rising against Ethnos in the Last Days, He knew what He was talking about.

Now, WE know.

Swedish Women are to BLAME for Migrant Sex ATTACKS (say Police) – YouTube

This is so beyond horrendous, that I don’t know what to say. The Swedes are blaming their DAUGHTERS for this? REALLY?

UK: Muslim judge spares jail for imam convicted of sexual assault because of his long service to Muslim community

A Muslim judge giving a ‘slap-on-the-wrist’ sentence to another Muslim?

Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along. The rule of law doesn’t apply to Muslims. Move along.

France: Fearing jihad massacres, Catholic Church sells off statues of monks beheaded by Muslims

A French, Catholic church is so afraid of Muslims, that they cannot commemorate Monks that were killed by Muslims in Algeria.

Well done, France. You are now a Muslim country.

Germany’s New “No Means No” Rape Law

How utterly pathetic. This is right up there with the Swedish bracelets.

Come on Germany. What happened to you?

SWITZERLAND starts imposing $10,000 fines for newly-imposed law that bans Muslim women, both locals and tourists, from wearing burqas in public places

YES! We ALL need to be more Swiss!

Shweiz! Shweiz! Shweiz! Shweiz! Shweiz! Shweiz! Shweiz! Shweiz!

Did you know that the ‘Black Lives Matter’ co-founder is a MUSLIM?


Why am I not surprised?

Nothing says ‘racial supremacist’ like ‘Black Muslim’.

Hamas-linked CAIR’s Nihad Awad to Muslims: “Black Lives Matter is our campaign”

And here is CAIR… ADMITTING …IN THEIR OWN WORDS that ‘Black Lives Matter’ is THEIR effort. That’s right, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas-linked group, Council on American Islamic Relations, said that ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a front… That BLM is a front for CAIR.

Allahu Snackbar!

AUSTRALIA: Anti-Islamization journalist and new Senator-elect have been receiving serious death threats from Muslims

There is a reason why the Australian Navy and Coast Guard have been sending boats from Indonesia back to where they belong.

I love East Asians. I just don’t love East Asian Islam.

GERMAN couple prosecuted and fined for creating Facebook page critical of illegal alien Muslim invaders

All hail Facebook!

Heil Merkel! Allahu Snackbar!

We will fix the problem by not talking about it. It’s the new German way. Heil Merkel!

Leaked docs: Cologne sex assault scandal much bigger than police claimed

So, as horrible as the reported facts are, it’s really TWICE as bad.

“Gangster Islam” in Europe – YouTube

Wow. It is one thing to read a discussion about Muslim thugs and crimi… I mean migrants …taking over Europe. It’s quite another to actually hear someone talking about it. Someone with a Dutch accent.

I just can’t believe it. What is the matter with these people?

Europeans fear wave of refugees will mean more terrorism, fewer jobs

And, higher taxes. Don’t forget the taxes. SOMEBODY has to pay for all these refugees.

IDAHO: Mother of 5-year-old girl sexually assaulted/raped by Muslim migrants is the one getting treated like a criminal

And the reason why America is letting these Muslim barbarians in is… (deafening silence)

I hope that you are feeling a little betrayed, because I certainly do.

Robert Spencer in Epic Times: Theresa May Prime Minister: A Disaster for Brit­ain

Oh wow. I didn’t realize that SHE was the one who banned Robert Spencer from entering the UK. OUCH.

The UK is DOOMED. That woman is worse than an idiot. She’s a TREASONOUS idiot.

GERMANY: Muslim invader sets hair of 70-year-old German woman on fire

When will the Germans wake up to the filth that they have invited into their country?

Mounting public regret about Muslim refugees, but German migration boss thinks more migrants are needed

Wait. The dummkopf-shweinhund in charge of bringing in all those Muslim invaders wants MORE MUSLIM INVADERS?!?!?!

What’s wrong with the Chinese or Indians? You could get several million of those, and they would actually WORK for a living and not overthrow your country.

Why do they want Muslim barbarians?

Wretched, ignorant, slovenly, child-molesters are better than hard-working engineers and factory workers? Really?

UK: Muslims start campaign to ban dogs

And THIS is why you want a really big dog, if your neighbors are Muslim. And yes, quite a few Israelis owe their lives to the fact that they had really big dogs.

Islamic State reportedly preparing for loss of caliphate, group focusing on jihad abroad

Nothing brings more Muslims to their banner like nice, big terrorist attacks. We saw this when the Palestinians launched terrorist attacks against Israel. The bigger the attack, the more money and help came. So, expect big attacks.

I’m also wondering if they will move into Damascus. The PLO was able to hold on in Beirut for quite a while, because it was a built-up warren of tightly packed apartment blocks, just like Damascus.

France is on the verge of ‘civil war’, the country’s head of intelligence says

Unfortunately, my only real response to this is… FINALLY!

And, I’m sure that the Elites have the same response. After all, it’s the response that they are looking for.

French Intel Chief’s Stunning Warning: Europe Is “On Brink Of Civil War” Due To Migrant Sex Attacks

More on the previous. Lots of places on the verge.

France Revolution Spreads To Germany As Riot Police Deployed

And, Germany stands on the verge as well. Nicht wahr?


I can’t believe it. Sweden STILL doesn’t get it.

I guess that all those Swedish jokes that the Danes tell… are true.

Riveting Post By Black Police Officer Confronts BLM With Raw Honesty And EVERY American Needs To See It » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

It kills me to see that it will be the good cops who will suffer the most. I’m so sorry guys. I really am.



This is coming. As much as you would like to avoid it – and I would, if I could – you cannot. That train has already left the station. That boat has sailed.

What you now must do is survive it. And, the first step of survival is knowledge. The following links will give you that knowledge.

And, if you don’t know what I mean about the need for survival, you need to be reading Ezekiel’s Fire:


You will find what you need to know about Gog and Magog, there.

Vladimir Putin sacks EVERY commander in his Baltic fleet in Stalin-style purge

This comes from Gibby. Interesting. The Russian Navy was always going to be a bit low on the list of priorities, but it looks like Putin administered a ‘pop quiz’. And, these commanders failed.

PUTIN PURGE: Vladimir Putin leader sacks EVERY commander in his Baltic fleet

Here’s more, via The Sun.

Outnumbered, Outranged, and Outgunned: How Russia Defeats NATO

Chris shared three links with us, this one and the next two. Of course, what we think of as ‘interesting’ is life and death for someone like Chris, who is in Poland, and on the front lines of this issue.

Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chris makes an important point. This ‘aircraft carrier’ is actually a ‘missile cruiser’ that has some aircraft. It’s job is to destroy aircraft carriers. And, THAT is why it is being sent into the Mediterranean.

Trojan Horse: This Country Ruining NATO’s United Front on Russia

Another very smart move for Putin. Don’t play chess with a ‘grand master’ if all you know how to play is ‘checkers’.

Awesome links, Chris. Thank you! And, may that fruit tree harvest be plentiful!

Reports In Arab Media On Russian Draft Constitution For Syria – Analysis And Reactions

I’m not sure what to make of this. It could merely be rumors spun by those wanting to tear apart the allies of Syria, or it could be the truth. Iran would certainly want to de-emphasize the ‘Arabness’ of Syria.

But, allowing Sunnis and Kurds (also Sunnis) to have more of a voice?

Major Syria Developments Soon?

Things are moving in Syria. Which direction and how far is hard to say, but this is one analysis of the situation as it stands now.

Russian Cartoons About Turkey’s Apology To Russia For The Downing Of Russian Plane

Yes, the Russians… very cynical. Erdogan will need to do A LOT to make that apology stick.

Out today: Robert Spencer’s The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran

This might be a book worth reading. My ‘to read’ list is already horrendously long, so I’m not sure that I will be able to get to it. If any of you do actually read the book, let us know what you think.

Malzberg | Robert Spencer discusses his new book, ‘The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran’ – YouTube

Here’s a short interview with the writer of the book. Really worth a listen. It’s just a few seconds over six minutes.

Audio: Robert Spencer on Kevin McCullough Live on Black Lives Matter, the global jihad, and the Iran threat

Here’s another interview. Much longer. Much. I didn’t have time to listen to it, but I will – over the weekend. I only give you an interview that I haven’t heard, if I trust the interviewee. I trust Robert Spencer. He’s a great guy, and he REALLY knows what he’s talking about.

Obama admin brushes aside reports that Iran is buying key nuclear materials

“Yes, yes, yessssss,” said the snake. “Of COURSSSE we can trussst the Mullahssss to hold up their end of the bargain.”

Wait. Was that snake called Carter? Or, was it Obama?

The West Is Provoking A World War: ‘Russia Is Being Pushed To Its Limits’

Unfortunately, I think that Russia will use an EMP to take down the US. I have no proof other than the fact that this is what I would do, if I were Putin. The only challenge that Putin has, is to make it look like Iran, Pakistan, India or North Korea did it. That’s all.

Turkey wants to re-establish good relations with Syria

Why are they doing this?

We still haven’t gotten to the bottom of what Turkey is doing, and why.

And, are they going to continue to supply and arm ISIS?

War Is Coming And The Global Financial Situation Is A Lot Worse Than You May Think

Yeah. War is coming. And, if you aren’t ready for it… well, good luck.

“Russia will never again fight a war on its own territory!”

For this to be true – and there’s no reason to believe that it isn’t – it means that Russia must strike first. Strike hardest, and destroy the enemy’s ability to respond with nuclear weapons.

I hope that you understand what this means.

Syrian Army Completely Surrounds Aleppo

THAT is significant, and it means that ISIS and the rebels are doomed.

U.S. missile defense system is ‘simply unable to protect the public,’ report says – LA Times

Oh, and the missile shield doesn’t work. Great.



I am horrified by the evil that is descending upon Israel. I lived there for a decade and a half, and I consider it my home. My true home, on this planet.

Take a good hard look at Israel’s enemies… you will find that they are YOUR enemies, too. They are also the enemies of God.

Israel is a symbol. A focus. A locus, even. How you respond to that tells me something about who you are.

Do you stand with God?

Or, do you stand with Satan?

The Arabs’ Historic Mistakes in Their Interactions with Israel

Wow. An incredible ‘Mea Culpa’ from a left-leaning Arab Christian. Here’s the summary:

We Arabs managed our relationship with Israel atrociously, but the worst of all is the ongoing situation of the Palestinians. Our worst mistake was in not accepting the United Nations partition plan of 1947.

Perhaps one should not launch wars if one is not prepared for the results of possibly losing them.

The Jews are not keeping the Arabs in camps, we are.

Jordan integrated some refugees, but not all. We could have proven that we Arabs are a great and noble people, but instead we showed the world, as we continue to do, that our hatred towards each other and towards Jews is far greater than any concept of purported Arab solidarity.

Yes, the Arab writer really does speak for all Arabs here. Deep down, they all know it.

Iranian commander: Missiles ready for the ‘annihilation’ of Israel – Middle East – Jerusalem Post

It would take more than 100 thousand missiles to do the job. A lot more. But, it is true that Israel would be hurting after those missiles were launched.

PalFest Of Hate Emboldens Hamas | HonestReporting

This is the king of hate that I’ve been fighting for two decades. It’s everywhere, and it even infects YOU if you aren’t careful.

Please get this straight, if you haven’t already. Israelis want Arabs to…

…be happy and prosper.

…be healthy and well.

…stop trying to kill Israelis and themselves.

…be at peace with Israelis.

Why the rest of the world cannot see that, is a mystery to me.

Israel’s Enemy, the Philistines No Longer Exist, But ISRAEL Remains Forever ! | Rebel Planet Dispatch

Truth. Although, I find it interesting that the Arabs have taken upon themselves the name of the ancient enemy of Israel – the Philistines, or Plishtim in Hebrew (the i sounds like ‘ee’ like Pleeshteem.) Having said that, the Israelis use the word ‘Falestinayim’, which is an indication that the Israelis don’t really understand the conflict.

And yes, I can confirm that most Israelis do NOT understand the conflict that they are in. They think that it’s some kind of conflict between cultures, and that all they need to do is get to know each other better. You’ll find lots of Israelis who think like that in Tel Aviv. (Idiots!) But, the Israelis living in Jerusalem and the West Bank, etc… they know better.

The Arab-Israeli conflict is a religious war. It’s Jihad. Against the Jews. Against YOU.

Dallas and the Leftist/Islamic Alliance

There is one thing that the Left and Islam can get together on:

Hatred of Israel

Hatred of Christians

Hatred of Christian values

If you harbor any hatred for Israel – and some of you do – ask yourself where that came from.Facebook and Mark Schmuckerberg sued for $1 billion for alleged facilitation of Hamas attacks on Israeli-Americans

Facebook and terrorism. Facebook will delete your Christian content and facilitate the next Hamas rocket attack.

Click Like!

Robert Spencer in PJ Media: Why Iran Might WANT To Get Nuked After Nuking Israel

This was a part of the big wakeup call for me. The initial wakeup call. The Shiites actually WANT to bring about the coming of the Mahdi. They WANT THIS!

They have talked about this ad nauseum. LITERAL NAUSEUM. These guys are literal wackjobs, and Robert Spencer knows all about such people.

(I might hafta buy this book after all.)


Yup. He’s the Anti-Semite in Chief. Real nice.

But, I’m betting that this isn’t the first time. Or, the first president. In fact, I KNOW that it isn’t.

The Left’s ‘Grassroots’

Here’s even MORE on Obama’s funding of an anti-Netanyahu campaign in Israel – and the alliance of the Israeli Left with Obama. The Tel Aviv leftists are renowned for their complete insanity. I’m amazed that the city can even run… of course, if you call THAT ‘running’.

Insanity is everywhere. Even in Israel.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


Click the following link and SHOCK your inbox with The Shock Letter:



47 thoughts on “Half Baked and All Bad”

  1. Palestine derives from Philistine, but most Palestinians are half Samaritan, a name deriving from Samaria the Northern kingdom of Israel. Most Jews and Palestinians (Samaritans) are of mixed race, having as much ancestry (genetic origin) from the Sons of Esau (whom YHWH God rejected) as from Greek and Turkish ancestry. Only the priests of Israel (namely the Levi’s and Cohen’s) are relatively pure bred Israelites. So whatever your race, love your enemies and pray for them. They have just as much chance as anyone else of entering into the Eternal Covenant (if they so choose) and becoming part of the Commonwealth of Israel when King Yeshua appears. Jews or others, even Christians will be excluded from God’s Kingdom of they refuse to enter into the Eternal Covenant that God established as the rule and foundation for His Kingdom.

  2. There is Nothing More Ramadan-y Than Murder—What do you expect when you make angry Muslims hangry (hungry + angry)???

  3. Dear Brother John: I have a quick tale to relate . . . Apparently, the impersonation of IRS agents has become very lucrative as evidenced by the number of threatening calls made on a daily basis. I have accepted debunking these folks as my personal mission. TIGTA, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, has issued warnings and has a system for reporting phone calls and any financial losses someone may suffer from responding to these threatening calls. I report them, but sometimes I also call them back. A recent encounter with one of these individuals has just left me sad and shaking my head.

    When I called, a woman with a heavy accent answered. I asked for her name and badge number and the address where she was located. Being a CPA and working with the IRS regularly, I knew the info she gave was bogus. I asked if she had ever heard of TIGTA. When she replied “no”, I told her that if she really worked for the IRS, she would be very familiar with TIGTA. I then informed her that she was illegally impersonating a Federal officer which was a Felony offense punishable by fine and imprisonment. She became very sarcastic and asked, “how do you know, do you work for them?” to which I lied and said, “yes, I do.” At this point, she became belligerent and began insulting me. I said, “I guess you have no fear of prosecution since you are in India and it would be impossible for us to extradite you”. She really lost it then. She said, “F__k you, mother f__ker! America has been f__king us for years, now it’s our turn to f__k you over!” and hung up on me. It’s unfortunate she did because her words made me do a double take and I realized she was right . . .

    My husband and I have sponsored Dalit children in India for 10 years. Unfortunately, the small actions of a few are not enough to even begin to repair the damage our government has done in our names overseas. They all “get it” because they are not lulled to sleep as we are daily. God help us all.

  4. Hi John, thanks for another installment.
    I think it was just last week that some European army brass was telling us that just one more incident would cause a serious back lash. Possible civil war? Well they have had that incident, we will see what happens.
    The day of rage is supposed to happen today 4pm local time. I work for Bay Area Rapid Transit and will likely be in San Francisco or Oakland California today. My hope is that these demonstrations will fizzle, I’ll keep my eyes open and let you know.
    Hope this note finds you and yours well!

    • Thank you, Michael. I didn’t hear of anything in your neck of the woods, so I hope that you are alright. I traveled the BART in the late ’90s. Now, I’m running around on the MRT in Taipei. Keep up the good work, brother. – JL

  5. John,
    This is the guardian headline the day after the ISLAMIC attack in France with some correction on my end;

    ‘Nice massacre victims mourned as idiot, blind fool, insane French investigators search for motive’

    The idiots God has placed over the West for it’s judgment can’t be any more stupid then they are now.


    They will not identify the source of all this terrorism, ISLAM, they refuse to see the truth no matter how often the followers of allah tell us why they are doing these things.
    now that we know it was Mohammed from Tunisa, ABC radio here will not give his name, covering up for Islam once again.
    How fast they are identify and attack someone if they are thought to be connected to the Tea Party.
    These media people re EVIL!

    Even our most conservative leaders call it ‘radical Islam’ which is a cop-out.

    What mother was this radical Islam birthed from but Islam itself.
    if you don’t deal with the root, dig it up and kill it, you lose.

    The majority have been deceived by their lying leaders and the lying propaganda media, and as they’ve rejected the truth, they turn to the darkness and embrace the lies that lead to their destruction.
    We’ve only see the beginning of this, and how can anyone of us stand in this day without Jesus holding us up every day ?

    ‘ With him is strength and wisdom: the deceived and the deceiver are his.’

  6. Just saw on local news that Turkey had an unsuccessful military coup. Interesting considering their cozying up to Russia lately.

  7. John;
    Hey there Brother. Hope you are enjoying the get-away. We all need to take a bit to recharge once in a while.

    I am saddened and outraged by the attack in Nice. Compounded by the stupidity of the person responsible for the headline that a truck killed those people. Anything but Islam! Don’t say it! Don’t even think the word, or you are responsible for the madness,

    Your theory that the nature of Islam drives sinful Muslims to commit atrocities to obtain redemption once again plays out before our eyes. I waited but a short time before I heard the nonsense it probably isn’t the Islamic religion to blame because this guy was a lousy Muslim. With this thought broadcast over and over and over who could blame the religion of peace for the actions of someone who didn’t even follow his faith. Well, I think he did follow his faith, a little too closely!

    I wonder if he was a little surprised that his 72 virgins turned out to be 72 flames of tormenting fire?


  8. Hi again John,
    Well the demonstration in Oakland fizzled. Only about 50 showed up with almost as many cops watching them. I think Nice and Turkey sucked up all their energy.

  9. So, it looks like there was a military coup in Turkey today. Wonder if they’ll hang Erdogan from a lightpost. Or better yet, khazouk him. I wonder if Putin assisted. I wonder how this will change the turning of Russia and Turkey toward each other, and the forming of another unholy alliance …..

    I have a hard time seeing the line between righteous wrath and desire for justice, and unrighteous wrath and disobedient vengeance. I can’t seem to help relishing the thought of vast muslim armies converging upon Israel and getting themselves annihilated by God, never to bother anyone else again. Every time a musloid suicide bomber blows himself up, I relish the thought of where he is now and that Dr. Phil question, “How’s that workin’ for ya?”

    And I think, God’s justice is perfect. He created hell. People don’t wind up there for no reason, or for lame reasons. God is not lame. I don’t know what to think of all that.

  10. Nothing to see here….

    Read this, dated May 11, the day prior to Russia’s big press missile announcement.

    U.S. approves UN use of force to protect civilians in conflict

    UNITED NATIONS — The United States has announced its support for a set of principles that give a green light for U.N. peacekeeping troops and police to use force to protect civilians in armed conflicts.

    U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power told a high-level U.N. meeting Wednesday focusing on the responsibility to protect civilians that the United States was “proud” and “humbled” to join 28 other countries that have pledged to abide by the 18 pledges.

    U.N. peacekeepers from these 29 countries are now required to act in cases where civilians are in danger.

    “The Kigali Principles are designed to make sure that civilians are not abandoned by the international community again,” she said, recalling how U.N. peacekeepers left Rwanda before the 1994 genocide and Srebrenica before the 1995 massacre.

    Source – http://www.militarytimes.com/story/military/2016/05/11/us-approves-un-use-force-protect-civilians-conflict/84253768/

    July 01, 2016
    Executive Order — United States Policy on Pre- and Post-Strike Measures to Address Civilian Casualties in U.S. Operations Involving the Use of Force
    – – – – – – –

  11. Hi John,

    How do you interpret these verses?

    Eze 20:20 And hallow my sabbaths; and they shall be a sign between me and you, that ye may know that I am the LORD your God.

    Mat 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
    Mat 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. iniquity = without law

    Rev 22:14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

    Question, are you keeping the true Sabbath yet? Or are you still stuck in sun worship rituals like Christmas, Easter and Sunday service.

  12. Hi John,

    Came across this today:


    The article begins with this: “China, a pagan and Communist nation, is rapidly becoming one of the world’s largest economies and has the largest standing army on earth. The Bible talks about the “kings of the east” marching into Israel to fight the Jews at the Battle of Armageddon. So the fact that they have unveiled a 19 story high statue to the ‘god of war’ is perhaps something students of Bible prophecy might find interesting…to say the least.”

    Interesting, indeed.

    God bless you, John, and as always, thank you!


  13. Yeshua’s disciples have believed many different myths, notions, visions and prophets but obviously that doesn’t mean everyone and everything they believe is true. Many are convinced that their limited personal insights are true because their faith in their convictions and arguments is strong. Faith is not enough to turn convictions into knowledge of the truth. YHWH (God) gives His Word and our Savior gives the Key of Knowledge: “Thy Word is the Truth.” – Psalm 119:160 and John 17:17 “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” – John 14:6. These gifts enable us to test, check, correct and refine our insights, notions and arguments if we have the humility and courage for that. But believers reject the Key of Knowledge and therefore God’s Kingdom has not appeared. That’s because His Chosen Few are ignorant and confused, not ready to sacrifice everything in order to inherit the Kingdom. “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” This applies to Christians today. God’s Kingdom is near but still waiting for a remnant who will obey Israel’s Savior. Experiences of many generations of believers these past 2000 years proves that without a doubt.

  14. Hello John,

    As I read through your article and the comments, this scripture came to mind.

    Luke 12: 49-53: “I have come to cast fire upon the earth; and how I wish it were already kindled! “But I have a baptism to undergo, and how distressed I am until it is accomplished! “Do you suppose that I came to grant peace on earth? I tell you, no, but rather division; for from now on five members in one household will be divided, three against two and two against three. “They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.”

    Obviously Jesus was speaking about more than his own death. The fire began long ago but it’s growing and spreading and there is much more to come. It’s hard to be patient and calm right now as we see events unfolding daily.


  15. Hi again, John,

    Here is an excellent, in-depth article on Turkey:


    and here is the conclusion:


    “At this point in time, we can only watch and gauge the reactions of Turkey and the subsequent behavior of the Erdogan government. Will Turkey engage in punitive measures or will it double down against Syria, Russia, Iran, and political dissent within the country? Without being privy to inside information, Turkey’s behavior will tell us all we need to know in regards to who was behind this coup.

    “If Erdogan did indeed conspire with the United States to stage a coup and provide a pretext for a massive crackdown and purge of his political enemies, then the man known for narcissism and delusions of grandeur made one hell of a gutsy move that appears to be paying dividends in the form of solidifying his control over the country. If this is case, then Turkey is in for an even rougher ride and, unfortunately, so is Syria.”


  16. Not sure if you saw this, but thought it was interesting.


    Hiding within the most important prayer of Jewish liturgy, known as the Shemonah Esrei (Hebrew for “Eighteen blessings”), lies a once-concealed message that explicitly outlines the detailed process of the messianic era, said Israeli Rabbi Yaacov Haber during a recent lecture in the city of Ramat Beit Shemesh.

    What’s more, current events, particularly since the founding of the State of Israel, have highlighted the undeniable truth that humanity finds itself wedged in the very era for which it has endlessly prayed.

    The Shemonah Esrei is recited three times daily by Orthodox Jews around the world. During his lecture, Rabbi Haber demonstrated how different parts of the prayer relate to the messianic process.

    • Hi gibby62,

      Actually, Sh’monah Esrei JUST means 18. For instance, Sh’vah Esrei is 17. ‘Esrei’ means ‘teen’, from Eser – ten. But yes, I’ve heard about ‘The Eighteen’.

      BTW, I like the guy who does ‘Breaking Israel News’. He has a good heart.

      I certainly hope that this rabbi is beginning to see the M’shiach (ch as in Bach) – anointed one (often called Messiah). AND, I hope that this rabbi will also see Jesus as M’shiah – savior, (ALSO, Messiah). Jesus is both, but the Jews tend to look for the first.

      It is such an irony that they talk about a M’shiach ben Yoseph – Messiah son of Joseph. They call Him the ‘suffering messiah’. And, I keep wanting to yell out that He came 2,000 years ago! One day, they will realize that.

      They want the Melech M’shiach ben David – King Messiah, son of David. But, they won’t see the King, until they’ve seen His suffering.

      Okay, you didn’t realize that you were going to get all that from your comment! Sorry about the Hebrew lessons and the lessons on current Judaism.

      Thank you, Gibby!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • I don’t mind at all!! I am always learning more every day!! It’s unfortunate that Christianity has moved so far from its Jewish roots. People would understand more if they knew the traditions and significance of the feasts.

  17. Police officer shot yesterday, and a few hours later died in the hospital, in my area. Kansas City .. I live in a nice green suburb that (at least for now) has a negligible crime rate but that won’t last forever. The city itself is pretty rough even now. The police were responding to reports of a drive-by shooting and when they gave chase, the suspects shot at them. They don’t appear to be muslim, but I expect that kind of pushback to begin any day now.

    20,000 muslims in greater KC, according to a recent article. It really freaked me out to read what is happening in Minneapolis. Wonder how long it will take for them to start screaming at the locals, as they do in England, “This is our place now! Get out!!” I sure hope Americans don’t take that lying down as they mostly do in Europe.

    Not to mention, it has been WRETCHEDLY hot here for weeks, probably will be the entire summer, and if not for air conditioning and plenty of clean, cold water coming out of the faucets probably half of us would be dead from heat prostration alone, never mind people killing each other over various shortages. So, I suppose I should pray that when the inevitable happens and everything electrical is fried, it is neither midwinter NOR midsummer …..

  18. Signs in the Sun:

    This is interesting since just last week the sun was completely blank:

    NASA is monitoring an enormous dark region spreading across the surface of the sun


    “It’s a Frightening Possibility” –The Sun Could Generate a Devastating Superflare (Today’s Most Popular)


  19. Things just keep getting stranger and weirder…..


    But, authorities say, he didn’t come to the store to shop, but to build a chemical weapon.

    Once inside the store, police said the man assembled all of the ingredients from store shelves, which included some kind of electronic appliance.

    Police said he used a socket near the stationary section to plug in the appliance, which was then designed to set the chemical weapon off.


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