So Many Storms, So Little Time

What a shocking week. Obama destroys the Rule of Law by effectively pardoning Hillary. Turkey doubles down on her rapprochement with Russia. We learned that investment in conventional oil development has collapsed. News of economic collapse gathers steam. Gold takes a big leap higher, and still has much higher to go. China teeters on the brink of a 1929-style Great Depression. Ramadan ends with dead bodies strewn everywhere. Matthew 24:7 comes to Dallas, where black shooters kill five police officers. A Palestinian terrorist murders a 13 year old American-Israeli girl in her bed.

And Typhoon Nepartak visits southern Taiwan and ignores my open invitation here in Taipei.


What a week.


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So Many Storms, So Little Time

It was a Typhoon Day here in Taiwan, so everyone got a chance to stay home from work and enjoy some extra time with the kids. Normally, my wife and I teach an English Bible class on Fridays, but it was called off on account of the typhoon.

Since so much has been happening I took the extra time to finish out my research. You’ll see that it’s a bit larger than usual, so you can thank Typhoon Nepartak for a large part of the reason. But, the biggest reason is the deluge of terrible events.

I can’t go into detail here. I’m well past my normal Friday deadline, and it’s almost midnight (my time). So, I’ll try to keep this short, if I can. But, heartbreak and outrage doesn’t BEGIN to describe how I feel.

The Rule Of Law Dies

I can hardly believe it. In fact, I think that I’m in something of a state of shock.

How is it possible that the Rule of Law could have been assassinated so easily?

When Loretta Lynch passed the responsibility for recommending an indictment of Hillary Clinton, to FBI Director James Comey, she put the spotlight on him. When she did that, the Rule of Law was still a bit shaky, but intact.

When James Comey stood up and claimed that he could not recommend an indictment of Hillary… when Obama confirmed it… and when Loretta also confirmed it… the Rule of Law became Rule by Decree.

The Republic of the United States of America is dead.

What stands in its place is an imperium.

This has forever destroyed America’s ability to set laws and make them stick. There will forever be one decree for you and me, and one decree for the oligarchs of the Empire.

It is as if we have chosen the path that Rome chose.


Turkey Doubles Down

I do not understand what Turkey is doing. When Erdogan made motions to mend relations with Russia and Israel, I was surprised. But now, Turkey is offering airbases to Russia and making peace with Assad.

Why so suddenly?

This will mean that ISIS gets cut off from supply via Turkey and will need to quickly shift focus to the south of Syria. ISIS supply lines will need to go directly to Saudi Arabia through Iraq, otherwise the Islamic State dies.

I’m just puzzled by the suddenness of Turkey’s change. I think that it has to do with the EU’s rebuff of Turkey’s desire to become a member. Also, the US might have made Turkey an offer that it couldn’t refuse. Or Russia might have made a similar offer.

Only time will tell, but this is a very big change. You can be certain that I will be watching this.

Peak Oil

The current level of investment in oil infrastructure is horrendous. Existing oil reserves are not being developed at the levels that they need to be. This means that when fracked oil wells run dry – and they will, very quickly – we will not have enough conventional production to meet demand.

This will mean an explosion in the price of oil, sometime over the next five years. But, I’m betting that it will be far less than five years. FAR less.

I’ve already proven that Peak Oil is a fact, but you can’t see it yet. Too much debt has funded too many fracked wells, and the global economy is too depressed. But, when those fracked wells go dry… there will be Hell to pay at the gas pump.

It will destroy the world economy, if the German or Italian banks don’t do it first.

Economic And Financial Collapse

When you look at how bad the financial system is, you can hardly believe it. Deutsche Bank (DB) has such a huge exposure to derivatives, that it alone would consume five years of German GDP. In fact, just by itself, DB could take out the world’s economy. And then, there are the Italian banks that are ready to tip over. And, who knows what other banks are ready to fall and take the rest of us down.

This is beyond insane.

Kids, get as much money as you can OUT of financial institutions and IN something that won’t collapse when everything falls apart. Leave enough in to cover your bills, but squirrel away as much as you can into something that will survive a meltdown.

Gold Goes Up

All the bad news is freaking investors out, and they should be ‘freaked out’. And, when investors ‘freak out’ they buy gold – which is why it has taken off. Since there is even MORE bad news coming, expect gold to go ever higher, as investors keep their freak-out, freaking out.

Someone asked me today, how much gold would be worth if it wasn’t being suppressed, and I said about $5000. And, then I said… or, maybe $3000. I did some research to see whether I was right, and my first number is probably the right one. But, those numbers are only valid for calm and normal circumstances.

Did you know that the price of gold in 2015 dollars – using Shadowstats figures – was $13,070 in 1980?

Go here if you need verification:

This means that gold has a VERY long way to go. VERY LONG. Just do not buy gold via an ETF. Go and buy physical coins and keep ’em in your possession.

And Everything Else

You might not think that the fall of China is that serious, but you need to think again. China is a very big domino, and it could take out the financial system when it goes down.

Let’s also not forget that Ramadan has ended, for which I am relieved. The body count was high. Too high. Over 1300 dead. Ouch.

Then we have the police officers murdered in Dallas, and a 13 year-old American Israeli murdered in her bed.

There’s more that I could say on all that, but I need to stop here.

Typhoon Nepartak

Before sending you off to this week’s research, a short note on typhoons here in Taiwan. They’re like snow days in places that get snow. We don’t – or, at least not normally.

Anyway, Nepartak came for a visit, and we weren’t quite sure where it would hit us. It was originally supposed to run right over us here in Taipei, but it chose to go south. (Temperamental creatures, typhoons.)

So far, it looks like three died and 70-something people were injured. Usually, such deaths and injuries are due to foolishness. The Taiwanese tend to be… um …a bit casual about warnings – especially in the south. So, they’ll often get up and do stupid stuff when a typhoon hits. Also, most of the damage was to light construction. They use a lot of concrete here, and that doesn’t blow over easily.

The biggest danger in Taiwan is landslides. And driving.

In fact, driving is the only real danger here. And, I don’t. So, you only need to worry about me and the missus, if you hear that I’ve bought a scooter or a car.


Oh, and I almost forgot.

Ezekiel’s Fire comes in two more formats – Epub and Kindle!

A kind soul took pity on my disorganized ways and offered to convert Ezekiel’s Fire into formats that are easier to read on a tablet or smartphone. He asked me NOT to reveal his name, but I am very grateful.

So, for those of you who have been waiting for a version of Ezekiel’s Fire that is friendlier to read on your smartphone, it’s now here:

I’m not sure how to load the Kindle version into your Kindle, but I assume that there are ways that aren’t too difficult.

As always, please share these as far and wide as possible. The word needs to get out to as many people as will hear it. It really is a life-and-death issue.

Okay, let’s get to all the horrible news that I have for ya’.



Read my book, Ezekiel’s Fire.

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These are the articles that hit my desktop this week – and seemed important. In fact – depending on who you are – the research below might be more important than my words, above. My hope is that my research will be a springboard for your own. Start with my sources, and expand.

And then, tell me what you’ve found. (So many of you do!)

Most of my sources for this week are the same as last week’s. Most. Anyway, here are the sources for this week: (Marcel’s New Home!)

The following weren’t in here last week, but made it in this week:

Best of all, many of you provided me with valuable links that you will also find below.

Each of the above has their own foibles and biases, and that goes for Omega Shock. My hope is that YOUR bias will ALWAYS be Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


Taiwan ‘mistakenly’ fires supersonic missile towards China, kills 1 fisherman


I heard about this after I sent off last Friday’s article. Ouch.

Heads Up: Taiwan Mistakenly Fires Missile Toward China

Here’s a better view from ZeroHedge. My wife just told me that the fishing boat captain who was killed by this missile was apparently a really good guy. If anyone needed help, he would always drop his nets and go to the rescue. So, there’s an element of personal tragedy in this.

There’s also embarrassment on many different levels. Command and control in the Taiwan Navy must be pretty awful, for something like this to happen. The electronic control system must be equally lousy for the missile to fire, without the warhead being armed (otherwise, there would have been nothing left of the fishing boat). And, the fact that the fishing boat wasn’t sunk…

…well, is this missile as big a threat as the Taiwan Navy says?

Of course, Taiwan has already surrendered to China. I see the evidence of this everywhere, when I venture forth from our apartment, here in Taipei.

Art Berman: The Coming Moonshot In Oil Prices – YouTube

This is an interesting interview. We have a MASSIVE problem on our hands. Extremely low investment in future oil production, while current production is in MASSIVE decline.

And, as the declines continue to increase, we will hit the point where the price of oil will shoot to the Moon – a Moonshot. Only THEN will investment in future production increase, but by then, it will be too late. Oil prices will cripple the world economy for years. It will be devastating.

This is a perfect storm, and the result will be death and destruction.

Art Berman: The Coming Moonshot In Oil Prices

Here’s the write-up for the previous interview, and this write-up includes this quote:

Conventional oil is declining: it’s in terminal decline. Nobody is investing in conventional oil projects that move the needle in terms of global supply. Not reserves that really matter. All of the investment that is going on today is in expensive oil.

What we are going to have — and I don’t want to create any sort of sensationalistic fears or anything, but I’ve got to tell the truth — the truth is that we are going to see an absolute moon-shot in terms of oil prices sometime sooner than later, I think — let’s just say in the next five years. And I shudder to imagine the devastating impact that will have on the global economy. It’s going to be paralyzing.

He says ‘paralyzing’. I say destroy. THIS will DESTROY the global economy.

In the next five years… or less.

One Line in the Bible They Need You to Ignore

I wasn’t expecting to see this link on ‘The Burning Platform’, so I clicked it with some trepidation, thinking that this might be another character assassination of God and the Bible.

It wasn’t.

It isn’t.

And, it’s an incredibly valuable bit of writing.

It centers on Luke 16:15, and this line in particular

… what is exalted among men is an abomination in the sight of God.

And, he then goes on to emphasize that point.

God does not care about the election, the economy or how big your church is. He doesn’t care about the financial collapse that is rolling down upon us. He doesn’t care that America is so free – or even less free. He doesn’t care about socialists, communists, libertarians, Republicans, Democrats, independents. He doesn’t care that America is strong. Or weak.

He cares about NONE OF THAT.

What God cares about is His people being obedient to Him… being a reflection of Jesus Christ on this sorry Earth. He cares about your SOUL. He cares about the souls of those that you have failed to reach with the gospel of Christ. He cares about sin in the church. He cares about the fact that we spend most of our time ignoring Him.

He DOES care about THAT.

I also care about that, and I suspect that you do to. But, we have far too many brothers and sisters who do not. And, we will receive the wrath of God because we have not done even the most basic of our duties to Him. God gave us eternal life, through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The least that we could do is live like that matters.

Typhoon Taiwan – Words of Advice From an Expat! Pictures!

We just had a typhoon roar by, and I did a quick search on the subject. I can verify that everything that he says here is true. And yes, kids (and adults) look forward to these. Typhoon days are like being snowed out in the US – but with more crash and bang.

They can be fun and a relief from the heat in the summer – as long as no one is hurt.

Really. You should try it sometime.

The Man Who Set The World on Fire | Rebel Planet Dispatch

Now THIS is interesting. This war has been going on so long, that we have forgotten to ask where we would be if Bush hadn’t launched the war.

Marcel asks that question here and thinks about the possible connection to the Man on the White Horse. And no, the rider of the white horse is NOT the Antichrist! (And yes, Marcel understands that.)

As time goes on, we’ll see this more clearly, but it’s good to take such moments as this and ask ourselves where/what we would be, if certain events had not happened.

Iran’s next target could be our electrical grid

I have been talking about this since 2007. It is the reason why this site – Omega Shock – was launched. And, I also believe that this is the single greatest external national security threat that the United States faces.

Furthermore, I believe that God will ensure that this attack succeeds. We have sinned greatly, and we will pay greatly.

A Nation Run by Idiots – The Burning Platform

Oh dear. The irony in this one is out of the world. America truly is a nation founded by geniuses but run by idiots.


Well, the British peasants showed their overlords where they can put their precious EU.

It will be interesting to see the fallout from this.

Good for you, Britain!


If you want to know that the Elites are unhappy, just listen to this. The howls of outrage are music to my ears.

The Elites miscalculated, and they are now having to eat their miscalculation.

Czech President Calls For EU, NATO Referendums


And, from NATO, as well. Now THERE is an organization to get away from.

Amanpour interviews pro-Brexit MEP Daniel Hannnan – YouTube

When I sat in Israel and had to listen to the woman of uncertain pedigree preach at us, I was completely revolted. While my neighborhood was under fire that revolting woman ‘had the answers’. When buses were being blown up and innocent civilians being murdered, that revolting woman preached at us. When Gaza was shooting rockets at us, that revolting woman dared to preach her condescending view to us peasants.

Well, that revolting woman needs to go back to the brothel where they found her. And, I’m glad that Daniel Hannan taught her a lesson.

The Magic Number 7: Brexit Collapse Falls Exactly on Shemitah Date – YouTube

I’m not sure what to make of this. My inclination is to toss this aside, but I decided to include it, anyway.

Do you think that there is something to these ‘sevens’?


Bill Whittle ALWAYS lays it out and tells it like it is.

Britain had its own ‘Independence Day’.

How about America?


Not gonna happen.

So, how about you?



These articles often cross categories. They have their own importance, so you might want to consider them a bit more carefully than the others. But, I leave that to your determination.

As a psychiatrist, I diagnose mental illness. And, sometimes, demonic possession.

An interesting article, from the Washington Post, no less. It seems that verifiable demonic possession is on the rise. So much so, that even a psychiatrist can see it.

Federal Government Says a Farmer Broke the Law by Plowing His Land

I can hardly believe this kind of garbage. Pin-head bureaucrats – on a whim – choose to destroy the ability of a farmer to plow his land and provide for his family. And, they do not care how many lives that they destroy in the process.

It’s like being a psychopath, but as a government.

Brussels Looks to Expand Into Middle East and Africa – UKIP MP: ‘EU Wants an Empire’

Ouch. This is more than a bit chilling. Could this be the rise of the Antichrist empire?

(And yes, it will be an empire.)

Shouldn’t we first help the Christian victims of Mideast genocide?

Why are we doing nothing for the Christians?

Disabled St. Jude patient sues airport and TSA after bloody scuffle with Airport Police |

I want a baseball bat and permission to bash heads. They’re only suing for $100k. I would want to sue them for a million. And, I want people fired!

Disabled woman beaten bloody by TSA agents after becoming confused and afraid at security checkpoint

More on the poor girl beaten up by TSA.

Does The TSA Have an Evil Gestapo Like Nature ? | Rebel Planet Dispatch

Marcel weighs in on the story and makes a vital comparison.

Would this have happened if the girl was Muslim?

19-year old paralyzed cancer patient brutalized by TSA

And here is Simon Black’s take on the incident.

You should be able to see where all of this is going.

Do you think that maybe it’s time to look at your alternatives?

ISIS in America! Shocking! SEE the TRUTH! – YouTube

Okay, this is a very emotional video, but one that I agree with – in every way. This woman is a powerful representative of someone who came from Islam and embraced Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. If our churches were filled with people like her, America would not be in the trouble that she is now.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

– 2 Chronicles 7:14

That is her message, and that is mine.

God bless you, Isik Abla!

The Militarization Of The US Goes Beyond Police Departments”

Does this sound like a good idea to you?

Few things make me more… nervous …than a bureaucrat with a gun.

Austrian Court Orders Rerun Of Presidential Election After Finding “Widespread” Voting Fraud

Whoops! That wasn’t supposed to happen. Whoever was running the operation to steal the Austrian Election… messed up. This is what happens when the Elites win too often and get sloppy. I suspect that the body of the person who was managing the election theft will be discovered under a bridge, or something.

The Elites are a very ‘performance oriented’ bunch, if you know what I mean.

BREAKING: Austria court orders presidential election re-run, irregularities in counting postal votes « InvestmentWatch

Here’s more on the previous link

Bilderberg Documents Leaked! – Iraq War Plan Exposed! – YouTube

An interesting discussion on the Bilderbergers. What they talk about in these meetings becomes policy, afterwards.

But note that they are NOT united. This is important to keep in mind.

They WANT you to believe that they are invincible, but they are far from it.

Obamacare Enrollment Drops To 11.1 Million, Government Calls It “Sign Of Success”

It’s the Obama Legacy.

Support healthcare corruption. Support government corruption and waste. Charge all the costs to those few American people who still work for a living.

Watch the civil war and/or revolution on CNN.

What’s not to like?

Leaked Bilderberg Documents Reveal Globalist Plot For European Union – YouTube

Here is even MORE on that data dump of Bilderberg documents. It’s hard to know exactly where Bilderberg fits in the global scheme of things, but the fact that it plays a central role… well …it cannot be denied.

Are there organizations deeper, with a tighter grip?

I believe so, but their activities are hard to watch. Bilderberg appears to be easier to get information on.

Again, the operative words are ‘influence’, ‘manipulation’ and ‘persuasion’. Every time that they stray into direct coercion… they stub their toes. We are no longer a group of feudal soceities with an automatic deference to our masters.

They want that, but they are stuck with sneakier forms of control.

The Invisible Hand Of The Disogranized Masses

This article is interesting on two fronts.

In the first, the writer argues persuasively that the Elites are fomenting yet another revolution, and guiding that revolution towards their own ends. And, he compares this to the French Revolution that history shows was managed and controlled by the Elites. The Elites controlled BOTH sides of the conflict. They controlled the government AND they controlled the revolution.

This should not be a surprise to any of you who are long time readers of Omega Shock.

But, this goes far deeper than the writer realizes, and you can see it when you click the ‘submitted by’ link and look at the author’s web page.

You will notice quickly that he’s a kind of New Ager. He has been infused with the same philosophy and religion of the enemy that he claims to be against. To put it another way, he has been subborned by those he claims to oppose. And, I find that to be utterly fascinating.

What a cosmic irony.

Now, I didn’t spend much time delving into this writer’s beliefs. (I have more important things to do.) But, I’m betting that he’s a raging anti-Semite. People with his philosophy and religion bent seem to turn towards that. In fact, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are key elements of Satan’s group. Those who claim to support Israel and/or the Jews are merely posturing. Satan HATES Israel and the Jews, and is doing his very best to destroy them from without and within.

300 denominations meet for ecumenical gathering in Munich

Hey, let’s all get together and delete all the stuff in the Bible that we disagree on. Yeah. Let’s do that. And then, we’ll do it again with the Muslims. Then, the Buddhists. And, let’s not forget the Hindus.

After we’ve finally ripped everything disagreeable out of the Bible, we’ll all be ready for the Antichrist.

How revolting.

Possible Discovery Of Ancient Mother And Baby With Elongated Heads In Bolivia

Another indisputable mystery. These skulls are NOT human. They are elongated with 25% more brain volume than ours.

And, we do NOT know where they came from.

Government Changes 911 Call Transcript To Blame Christians For Orlando Attack – YouTube

Dontcha just love it when the government tries to pin Islamic Terrorism on Christians?

Um… do you really want to stay in a country like this?

Pastor Says Law Curbs His Right to Teach the Bible

We are going to see more and more of this. Churches will be forced underground as persecution rises.

Nazi Intention Through European Union Harry Beckhough – MRG – YouTube

This is almost two hours long and from about 2008 or 2009, so you might balk at attempting to listen to all of this. But, if you have something else to do… and can listen to something as you do it… you might find this worthwhile.


Because it gives some basis for a ‘rise of a Fourth Reich’. There is something dark at the heart of Germany, and it looks like this guy points out some of that darkness.

The speaker doesn’t go into this, but I ask:

Will Germany be the basis for the rise of the Antichrist System?

Europes New Fuhrer – by Harry Beckhough WW II Codebreaker – YouTube

He makes a very persuasive argument that Germany will/is trying to become a superpower. This one is about 49 minutes long, so it’s a bit long, also. But, if you enjoyed the video above, you will enjoy this one also.

Has he given you ‘food for thought’?

QUOTE OF THE DAY – The Burning Platform

“During the 1940s, when FDR was waging World War II, his White House staff numbered 100. Today, when Barack Obama is waging war on the US Constitution, his staff numbers 4,000.” – Burt Prelutsky.

Explaining Social Anger, Brexit, Donald Trump In One Chart

Modern civilization – i.e., civilization over the past 300 years – is based upon a ‘middle class’. When that ‘middle class’ is being destroyed, the people being destroyed rise up against their destroyers.

That’s why the American Revolution happened in the first place.

Yahoo Finance Editor-In-Chief Is Sad: “We’re Suffering The Consequences Of Too Much Democracy”

Okay, so the Elites dumb down the educational system, turning everyone into drooling idiots. They then use that ‘drooling idiocy’ as an excuse to take away the right to vote and give it to themselves. Of course, they don’t see it that way.

But wait, it’s actually worse. These people spend all their time in their tight little elite circles, congratulating themselves on how smart they are… not realizing that they are the droolingest of the drooling idiots. These smug imbeciles don’t have the intelligence of the average rat. And every rat one of them thinks that they’re the next Einstein.

Every systems expert, whether mechanical, political or electronic will tell you that a non-hierarchical, distributed system works more quickly, more powerfully and more efficiently than centralized systems. Yet these rodent kind think that they know best – better than us peasants.

These smug retards need to be put on some deserted island, where they can’t bother us.

Disintegration & Overthrow of Global Elite Regime-Michael Krieger | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

An excellent interview with Michael Krieger. He ‘gets it’. And, I think that you ‘get it’ too. So, read the write-up and listen to the interview.

However, he doesn’t have a Christian perspective, which is why he is so optimistic.

You’re Going To ALLOW This, Aren’t You?

The Elites HATE the US Constitution – which is why they promote a certain kind of logic at certain universities. They use their money, and money ALWAYS talks better than you and ever could. So, over time, universities began to speak for the Elites. With the voice of the Elites.

There are few things more worthless than a professor.

QUOTE OF THE DAY – The Burning Platform

YEOW, I can’t believe that he actually said THIS:

“The British have violated the rules. It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate.”

European Parliament Chief Martin Schultz

Love that ‘EU philosophy’. It makes me want to throw up!

The End of Global Warming — the New Ice Age — Bundle Up! | Armstrong Economics

Interesting. Martin Armstrong is telling everyone to move south. And, he’s following his own advice.

This global cooling is going to be catastrophic on so many levels.

Despite gun control rhetoric, Obama arms federal civilian agencies more than ever

Okay… so, we can trust a bureaucrat with a gun?

Some of the dumbest, most irresponsible people on the planet are bureaucrats. And, we want to give them guns, but deny them to smarter, more responsible. people.

Does that make sense to you?

Goats are as loving and clever as dogs, say smitten scientists

This is seriously off topic. But, it’s interesting and a bit of a reflection on why God chose us to be sheep – instead of goats. Sheep are NOT happy outside of a flock. Goats are fine without a flock. But, it’s also an interesting story, and you might like reading it.

It changes the meaning of, “You old goat!”

US Government Preparing for Massive Civil Unrest

An important warning from Martin Armstrong:

The police involved in Baton Rouge had four previous “use of force” complaints filed against them. As long as police are not prosecuted, then the bad ones will risk the lives of all because they will all be seen as the enemy. It is time to beginning prosecuting police who act abusively or we will risk civil war.

Everyone in uniform will be seen as the enemy, if the police aren’t forced to follow the law like everyone else. I’m afraid that they did it to themselves, and I’m very sorry to see it.

A Period Of Major Civil Unrest Looms – How To Win An Inevitable Confrontation With The Status Quo

This piece backs up Martin Armstrong and adds one more element:

If you engage in violence, in response… they have you.

That’s right, the Elites WANT you to be violent. It’s how they win. When you turn violent, you are defeated. And, it’s the truth.

And Jesus said it best:

Go your ways: behold, I send you forth as lambs among wolves.

– Luke 10:3

Violence is NOT the way of Christ.

THE LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD! – Let’s Get It Right!

After a powerful description of his own salvation, Paul Benson says this:

As a long time believer one of the saddest things to me is the way the preaching of the American Church has changed in the last 20 – 30 years. Rarely do you hear a message on the atoning power of the blood of Jesus, a warning of the danger of sin, or the call to repentance. The necessity of turning from your sin to embrace a life of faith in Christ is a fundamental of the true Gospel, but totally missing from most of today’s preaching.

I do not understand this willingness to talk about sin, repentance and the precious Blood of Christ. One part of me understands that the world around us is uncomfortable with such things, but we aren’t a part of the world, anymore. We have been bought and paid for by the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

Why are we so reluctant to speak of the Blood of Christ cleansing us from our sins?

The FBI, Credibility, and Government | Scott Adams’ Blog

Okay, Scott gets this mostly right. The core of the article is completely right. His conclusion about Jimmy Comey isn’t.

He’s completely and utterly correct about the need for credibility in government. Without it, no government can govern. It just isn’t possible. The alternative to ‘credibility’ is direct coercion, which is labor intensive and not practical. If a government is forced to resort to heavy-handed, brute force, that government’s days are numbered.

Notice how well communism has worked?

I prove my point.

But, James Comey is no hero. He could have chosen to indict Hillary long ago, and allowed Bernie Sanders to be the nominee. He didn’t, because he’s a corrupt Clintonite.


I’m very afraid that this is completely correct. The American Revolution started 15 years before Lexington, and it was won before the first shot was fired.

And, the US government does not understand this.


And, this chart goes with the previous link.

Does government understand what they’re doing?

Unfortunately, this is probably what the Elites want.

What Are You Going To Do About It? by Robert Gore

The calls for revolution are only going to increase. Eventually, more and more will answer that call.

Please do not be one of those. Revolution is what the Elite want. They WANT you to join the revolution. Please get this straight because it’s important. They want to wash the world in death and violence. And, they want your participation.

It’s Time to Stop Saying – “But Cops Have a Dangerous Job”

I’m afraid that he’s right. All of it.

The alternative is revolution.

IRONY – The Burning Platform

Yeah. That’s ironic, alright. Sick, too.

Our Future Is (Literally) Crumbling Before Our Eyes

This should be under the category of ‘You Learn Something New Every Day’.

I did not know that steel reinforcement of concrete shortens the lifespan of concrete. A LOT. And, a lot of the concrete that we made a hundred years ago needs to be replaced, and we don’t have the money to do it.



I truly wish that America was a good country, that – at heart – we were on the side of the angels. I was born there. I lived the first half of my life there.

But, the country that I grew up in… is no more. Evil has taken up residence.

We have been conquered from within.

Judge Gets Journalist Indicted For Literally Doing His Job and Seeking Public Records

How would you like to have a judge like this in your town or county?

How would you react, if you knew that your judicial system was unbelievably corrupt?

That justice was only for Just Us?

Georgia publisher jailed after filing open records request

More background on the previous link. Ouch. What a country.

Baton Rouge – The Bloody Stick Battering America’s Head | Rebel Planet Dispatch

Marcel is on a roll this week, and he makes an important connection with how we value human life.

When you murder the unborn with such abandon… you start down a road that leads to violence and mayhem. We did this, and now we pay for it.

The Rutherford Institute :: Programmed to Kill: The Growing Epidemic of Cops Shooting Dogs [SHORT]

Most of my interaction with cops has been good. In fact… ALL of my interaction with cops has been good. So, I have no personal reason to actually say anything negative about the police.

However, it is clear that my time in America must have been some kind of bubble, because it is clear that some police departments have lost control.

There’s a limit. Have we reached it, yet?

Minneapolis woman livestreams her dying boyfriend seconds after he is shot by a cop

I just don’t understand this. Are cops so badly trained that they panic over EVERYTHING?!

This is just plain stupid. IDIOTS. The cop who did this should be fired and tried for manslaughter.

Mass Protests Planned Following Castile Shooting, As Minnesota Governor Blasts Cops

More on the previous link. This is VERY bad.

Planned Parenthood Thanks Senate Dems For Choosing Abortion Over Anti-Zika Funding

Hey, you want to know yet one more reason why America should die?

Here ya’ go. Over a million babies murdered every year. And, we vote for these people.

Governments Change, the Corporatocracy Endures

When Jesus said that the root of many evils was the love of money… He wasn’t kidding. (And yes, the King James got it wrong. It’s not ‘all evil’. It’s ‘many evils’.)

If you want to know what this means, read this. It’s enough to make you scream.

Neofeudalism and Peasants with Pitchforks: Corporate Power Destroys Democracy

This is an excellent follow-on to the previous article. The corporatocracy. The only thing left for the Peasants is revolution. And, the people who were the chief cause will pick up the reins of power once the revolution is over. I would love to believe that the persons of uncertain parentage who caused all this would lose their heads over it, but no… Some other poor fool will have the job of losing his head.

It’s history kids. A lot like the future.



As the fulfillment of Isaiah 19 draws closer, you’ll be seeing more and more articles in this category.

They are saying that the GERD will begin to fill up in 2017, and Egypt is ALREADY suffering dought conditions.

I will continue to watch this closely, and I hope that you will be paying attention.

Ethiopia celebrates Grand Renaissance Dam construction – YouTube

If this dam begins generating electricity in 2017, it means that they will be filling the dam far too quickly. This is going to be very bad news for Egypt, and the fulfillment of Isaiah 19.

Unflinching Ethiopia Navigating Stormy Nile, Confident to Complete

Okay, this is a bit of Rah!-Rah!-Rah!, Sis!-Boom!-Bah!, written by someone who is not a native English speaker. However, it DOES give you the idea that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam WILL be completed.

This prophecy hits next year. Ouch.



Our grandparents did it. Our great grandparents CERTAINLY did it. And now, it’s your turn.

Please prepare. And that means considering the need to relocate.

Do not wait for evil to knock on your door.

New Zealand town with ‘too many jobs’ offering packages of land and homes for $165k

For those of you looking to get away from the blast zone, this is VERY tempting – if you have the money. If you don’t, there are other options. But, think about it.

New Zealand Visas | Immigration New Zealand

And, for those of you thinking about New Zealand… you could start here.

Seriously, don’t go down with the ship. America might be doomed, but you don’t need to be.


I’ve never heard Larry Nichols talk like this. Is he jumping at shadows?

Are you going to ignore this?

When the Trucks Stop Delivering, ‘The System’ Will Collapse

Hopefully, this will act to spur you on in your preparations.



There is a sickness that has reached every corner of our modern, civilized world. We have luxuries undreamt, but along with it came a society so corrupt that… well, it would have been unimaginable just 50 years ago.

And yes, I know what life was like, almost fifty years ago.

In fact, I’m seeing articles that show an American society so obsessed with sex, drugs and entertainment, that nothing – and I mean NOTHING – is shocking anymore.


Utterly passe. Everybody’s doing them.

We truly live in a society where abomination is now normal.

Police Called To Elementary School After 3rd Grader Makes ‘Racist’ Comment About A Brownie

I find it interesting that when you destroy morality, you also destroy your ability to think of things in proper proportion.

We were born with a ‘factory-installed’ morality. That morality requires proper maintenance, so that it will help govern the human being in which it was ‘installed’. But, it can be destroyed. And, when it is destroyed, the human being is unable to operate properly in a sophisticated society.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Encourages Abortion on Twitter – YouTube

David Wood is awesome. The opening line is worth the price of admission.

But, listen/watch all the way through, because he leaves us on an extremely somber note:

The value of human life is dying. We will soon start seeing the humor in the deaths of others.

Some already do.

Presbyterian Church USA offers prayers to Allah, acknowledges Muhammad as prophet

Wow. I’m speechless. How could ANYONE who considers himself (or herself) Christian… how could they pray to ALLAH?!

America Has Become A Lawless Nation – Hillary Clinton Magically Cleared By The FBI

And, this is the point. We Americans have become lawless.

Do YOU want to live in a country like that?

The Thin Veneer Of Civilization That We All Take For Granted Is Evaporating All Over The Globe

And, Michael Snyder extends his point with this one. Think of it as ‘lawlessness gone global’.

The good thing is that there ARE places in the world where the law and society are still respected.

Fourth of July FAIL! – How Many Stars on the American Flag? – Zombie U.S. Citizens Don’t Know! – YouTube

This is another Mark Dice stupid Americans video. It took a CANADIAN to shame them all. (Although, there are a few Americans in the video that got it.)

I just do not understand all this. Yes, part of this is due to having someone shove a microphone in your face and ask you questions that you haven’t faced since high school, but there’s a mindlessness to Americans that is horrifying. And, it is the American education system that has destroyed our understanding of America.

We don’t know what the ‘rule of law’ is. We don’t care. Eventually, the government will become so rapacious that Americans will be forced to care. And no, it will not be like the American Revolution.

This will be the French Revolution, and blood will run in the streets.

Happy Dependence Day – The Burning Platform

What a horrendous mess that America has become. I am amazed. Truly amazed.

Daddies, “Dates,” and the Girlfriend Experience: Welcome to the New Prostitution Economy

Do not read this, unless you have a strong stomach. This is so bad. I’ve spent 21 of the last 24 years, outside of the US, so I don’t know about any of this personally. In fact, I don’t understand it. Of those three years that I was back in the US, it was Indiana.

How dare we do this, and not expect judgment from God?

Everyone, if you are in the US, expect judgment. Expect destruction. There’s a limit to how long God will whithhold His wrath.



I can hardly believe what is happening. Who would have thought that the most corrupt politician in American history would actually be in the running for president of the United States?

Trump, I can believe. But Hillary? Really?

And, at this moment in time?

Yeah. Political Armageddon. A mountain in Israel has come for a visit.

Judicial Watch Announces Hillary Clinton Constitutionally Ineligible to Serve as Secretary of State – Judicial Watch

This was from 2008. They were talking about how Hillary was ineligible to be Secretary of State.

So, Judicial Watch was after Hillary from the very beginning.

But, the last line in this article is the important one:

And aside from the constitutional issue, Hillary Clinton’s long track record of corruption makes her a terrible choice to serve as the nation’s top diplomat.”

Looking back, those words were amazingly prophetic.

Reporter: FBI ordered ‘no photos, no pictures, no cell phones’ during Clinton/Lynch meeting

Are they going to get away with this?

Hey, it’s nice to see America join the Third World. Nice little banana republic that ya’ got there.

How much for the bananas?

(Thank you, Michael Wilson for sharing that with us in the comment section of last week’s post.)

Lynch Scandal Could Be Fall Of Clintons: May Stage False Flag – YouTube

Michael also shared this in the same comment.

Ouch. It’s ONE THING to read all this, but to HEAR IT… wow. This is so bad.

So, will Obama launch a war to cover up for it?

You can bet that they would do it, if they thought that it would help.

Giant Meteor for President in Virtual Three-way Tie With Trump and Hillary Among Independent Voters

Yes, that’s my candidate. I’m also voting for a ‘Giant Meteor’ in 2016. In fact, I’m hoping that it will choose Washington D.C. for it’s residence.

And no, this does not appear to be a ‘prank’.

Yes, please. End it already.

FBI to Interview Hillary Clinton in Coming Days About Email Scandal, Source Says – ABC News

Good. She’s getting hammered.

Donald Trump Is Living Rent Free In President Obama’s Head – YouTube

Yeah. Rent-free.

Does Obama have a bit of an obsession? Maybe some fear?

Hillary: The Most Devious Politician of All Time?

Of all the people who could weigh in on these issues, Martin Armstrong is my favorite. He doesn’t spin. He doesn’t care enough about his reputation to spin ANYTHING.

I like that.

Benghazi Widow: Clinton Has No Right to Tell Me to Move On – YouTube

CNN is the one that did the interview.

Is it possible that the Elites – or at least the CIA – is turning against Hillary?

It’s hard to know what’s going on here, but the fact that this woman was able to say what she said… is significant.

Still Report #988 – Attorney General Meets Secretly With Clinton on Private Airplane – YouTube

WAAAAGH! This smells REALLY bad.

When does it get SO bad that Hillary will be forced to stop her campaign?

I’m aghast at how sordid all this is, and no one is doing ANYTHING.

How Evil Is Hillary and Bill Clinton? If You LOVE AMERICA PLEASE SHARE – YouTube

If this woman gets elected, then it’s yet another sign that America is beyond redemption. America must be destroyed, if she is to be saved.

The fact that she is even able to RUN, tells us everything that we need to know.

FBI director takes center stage in Clinton email case

They say that talk is cheap. Let’s see some action. Lynch is as corrupt as any other politician these days. I expect nothing but more cheap talk.

FBI To Clear Clinton by Democratic Convention | Armstrong Economics

Martin Armstrong was ahead of us all. He KNEW what was going to happen.

And, it did.

Democrat Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign will be hurt no matter what the FBI decides to do in email case

I would LOVE to believe that she will be ‘scarred’ by this… but, I’m not holding my breath. The American people have become too lazy and corrupt to have any faith in them. As I write this, it’s July 4th.

How many Americans actually understand what this day means?

Hillary Clinton meets with FBI on email server – Election 2016

Okay, so she was finally questioned… and the result will be… ??

Clinton interviewed by the FBI about private email server

More from Yahoo News. I’m having some difficulty getting a ‘yay’ out.

We’re Being Played by the Clintons

I’m not a fan of Rush Limbaugh. He’s too optimistic for me, and I dearly wish that I could be as optimistic as he is. I truly hate knowing that we are doomed. And yes, the US really is doomed, and I cannot help but grieve over that.

Anyway, Rush gets this right. Completely.

We are being played, and they will get away with it.


Rush doesn’t say it, but I will: We are corrupt.

We are as corrupt as Hillary, because we let her get away with it.

God help us. We’re doomed.

Lynch-Clinton tarmac meetup leaves a permanent taint

Really? A permanent taint?

I would love to believe that, but the Clintons have ALWAYS been fine with ‘permanent taints’. In fact, they thrive where there’s the smell of sulfur in the air.

But, Hell awaits the dynamic duo, and they will wish that they had never been bor