So Many Storms, So Little Time

What a shocking week. Obama destroys the Rule of Law by effectively pardoning Hillary. Turkey doubles down on her rapprochement with Russia. We learned that investment in conventional oil development has collapsed. News of economic collapse gathers steam. Gold takes a big leap higher, and still has much higher to go. China teeters on the brink of a 1929-style Great Depression. Ramadan ends with dead bodies strewn everywhere. Matthew 24:7 comes to Dallas, where black shooters kill five police officers. A Palestinian terrorist murders a 13 year old American-Israeli girl in her bed.

And Typhoon Nepartak visits southern Taiwan and ignores my open invitation here in Taipei.


What a week.


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So Many Storms, So Little Time

It was a Typhoon Day here in Taiwan, so everyone got a chance to stay home from work and enjoy some extra time with the kids. Normally, my wife and I teach an English Bible class on Fridays, but it was called off on account of the typhoon.

Since so much has been happening I took the extra time to finish out my research. You’ll see that it’s a bit larger than usual, so you can thank Typhoon Nepartak for a large part of the reason. But, the biggest reason is the deluge of terrible events.

I can’t go into detail here. I’m well past my normal Friday deadline, and it’s almost midnight (my time). So, I’ll try to keep this short, if I can. But, heartbreak and outrage doesn’t BEGIN to describe how I feel.

The Rule Of Law Dies

I can hardly believe it. In fact, I think that I’m in something of a state of shock.

How is it possible that the Rule of Law could have been assassinated so easily?

When Loretta Lynch passed the responsibility for recommending an indictment of Hillary Clinton, to FBI Director James Comey, she put the spotlight on him. When she did that, the Rule of Law was still a bit shaky, but intact.

When James Comey stood up and claimed that he could not recommend an indictment of Hillary… when Obama confirmed it… and when Loretta also confirmed it… the Rule of Law became Rule by Decree.

The Republic of the United States of America is dead.

What stands in its place is an imperium.

This has forever destroyed America’s ability to set laws and make them stick. There will forever be one decree for you and me, and one decree for the oligarchs of the Empire.

It is as if we have chosen the path that Rome chose.


Turkey Doubles Down

I do not understand what Turkey is doing. When Erdogan made motions to mend relations with Russia and Israel, I was surprised. But now, Turkey is offering airbases to Russia and making peace with Assad.

Why so suddenly?

This will mean that ISIS gets cut off from supply via Turkey and will need to quickly shift focus to the south of Syria. ISIS supply lines will need to go directly to Saudi Arabia through Iraq, otherwise the Islamic State dies.

I’m just puzzled by the suddenness of Turkey’s change. I think that it has to do with the EU’s rebuff of Turkey’s desire to become a member. Also, the US might have made Turkey an offer that it couldn’t refuse. Or Russia might have made a similar offer.

Only time will tell, but this is a very big change. You can be certain that I will be watching this.

Peak Oil

The current level of investment in oil infrastructure is horrendous. Existing oil reserves are not being developed at the levels that they need to be. This means that when fracked oil wells run dry – and they will, very quickly – we will not have enough conventional production to meet demand.

This will mean an explosion in the price of oil, sometime over the next five years. But, I’m betting that it will be far less than five years. FAR less.

I’ve already proven that Peak Oil is a fact, but you can’t see it yet. Too much debt has funded too many fracked wells, and the global economy is too depressed. But, when those fracked wells go dry… there will be Hell to pay at the gas pump.

It will destroy the world economy, if the German or Italian banks don’t do it first.

Economic And Financial Collapse

When you look at how bad the financial system is, you can hardly believe it. Deutsche Bank (DB) has such a huge exposure to derivatives, that it alone would consume five years of German GDP. In fact, just by itself, DB could take out the world’s economy. And then, there are the Italian banks that are ready to tip over. And, who knows what other banks are ready to fall and take the rest of us down.

This is beyond insane.

Kids, get as much money as you can OUT of financial institutions and IN something that won’t collapse when everything falls apart. Leave enough in to cover your bills, but squirrel away as much as you can into something that will survive a meltdown.

Gold Goes Up

All the bad news is freaking investors out, and they should be ‘freaked out’. And, when investors ‘freak out’ they buy gold – which is why it has taken off. Since there is even MORE bad news coming, expect gold to go ever higher, as investors keep their freak-out, freaking out.

Someone asked me today, how much gold would be worth if it wasn’t being suppressed, and I said about $5000. And, then I said… or, maybe $3000. I did some research to see whether I was right, and my first number is probably the right one. But, those numbers are only valid for calm and normal circumstances.

Did you know that the price of gold in 2015 dollars – using Shadowstats figures – was $13,070 in 1980?

Go here if you need verification:

This means that gold has a VERY long way to go. VERY LONG. Just do not buy gold via an ETF. Go and buy physical coins and keep ’em in your possession.

And Everything Else

You might not think that the fall of China is that serious, but you need to think again. China is a very big domino, and it could take out the financial system when it goes down.

Let’s also not forget that Ramadan has ended, for which I am relieved. The body count was high. Too high. Over 1300 dead. Ouch.

Then we have the police officers murdered in Dallas, and a 13 year-old American Israeli murdered in her bed.

There’s more that I could say on all that, but I need to stop here.

Typhoon Nepartak

Before sending you off to this week’s research, a short note on typhoons here in Taiwan. They’re like snow days in places that get snow. We don’t – or, at least not normally.

Anyway, Nepartak came for a visit, and we weren’t quite sure where it would hit us. It was originally supposed to run right over us here in Taipei, but it chose to go south. (Temperamental creatures, typhoons.)

So far, it looks like three died and 70-something people were injured. Usually, such deaths and injuries are due to foolishness. The Taiwanese tend to be… um …a bit casual about warnings – especially in the south. So, they’ll often get up and do stupid stuff when a typhoon hits. Also, most of the damage was to light construction. They use a lot of concrete here, and that doesn’t blow over easily.

The biggest danger in Taiwan is landslides. And driving.

In fact, driving is the only real danger here. And, I don’t. So, you only need to worry about me and the missus, if you hear that I’ve bought a scooter or a car.


Oh, and I almost forgot.

Ezekiel’s Fire comes in two more formats – Epub and Kindle!

A kind soul took pity on my disorganized ways and offered to convert Ezekiel’s Fire into formats that are easier to read on a tablet or smartphone. He asked me NOT to reveal his name, but I am very grateful.

So, for those of you who have been waiting for a version of Ezekiel’s Fire that is friendlier to read on your smartphone, it’s now here:

I’m not sure how to load the Kindle version into your Kindle, but I assume that there are ways that aren’t too difficult.

As always, please share these as far and wide as possible. The word needs to get out to as many people as will hear it. It really is a life-and-death issue.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
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A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


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