Proof of Fractured Elites

We just had proof that the Elites are NOT unified. I’ve been talking about this for a while, but we rarely get a chance to see proof. Well, now we have it.

The UK has voted to leave the EU.

We were expecting them to ‘rig’ the vote, and I believe that they did make that attempt. But, there’s only so much that you can do to rig a vote like that.

More importantly, it’s clear that the group of Elites behind the EU got beaten by the group of Elites that don’t like the EU.

Interesting, don’t you think?


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Proof of Fractured Elites

This dovetails a bit with last week’s article:

Always Ask Why

A relative of mine had close dealings with the Elites of this world. He aspired to be an Elite himself, but I’m not sure that he ever made it. We weren’t that close. But, there’s one thing that he told my family that has stuck with me for decades:

The Elites are looking for someone to unite them.

That’s a paraphrase. I don’t remember if he said ‘Elites’ or ‘Rich’. But, I remember it as ‘Elites’, and it’s certainly what he meant.

Anyway, they are fractured. They fight each other for dominance, and it needs to be that way because Satan works on a kind of ‘only the fittest survive’ system. Satan’s minions are evil, so working together was always going to be a problem. But, it’s hard to see the inner workings of the Elites.

Those of us on the outside don’t see the factions and splinter groups that are always fighting some other faction or ‘splinter group’. But, sometimes, those factions seem to gain some visibility when they succeed in defeating another faction.

We saw that with the Brexit vote, just yesterday. It succeeded, and I’m a bit surprised by that.

I’m not sure that we will ever really know why the EU Elites failed to stop the vote from succeeding. I believe that God had a hand in it, poking a thumb in Satan’s eye. I believe that God is corralling Satan into a corner that he can’t get out of.

Remember that God said that He would put hooks in the jaw of Gog, to draw him down to attack Israel. Well, you can bet that God has done this successfully with other entities.

We’ll hafta see how this works out, but I was delighted to see the spike in the price of Gold.

The future looks…




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These are the articles that hit my desktop this week – and seemed important. In fact – depending on who you are – the research below might be more important than my words, above. My hope is that my research will be a springboard for your own. Start with my sources, and expand.

And then, tell me what you’ve found. (So many of you do!)

Most of my sources for this week are the same as last week’s. Most. Anyway, here are the sources for this week: (aka, Black Pigeon Speaks)

The following weren’t in here last week, but made it in this week: Mannarino

Best of all, many of you provided me with valuable links that you will also find below.

Each of the above has their own foibles and biases, and that goes for Omega Shock. My hope is that YOUR bias will ALWAYS be Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


Video & Photography Gear for YouTube & Instagram – YouTube

One of the first rules of doing good interviews – or good videos – is having good equipment. Well, maybe it’s the second rule. After all, you need something to say.

Anyway, this is an interesting discussion for those of you who might be wanting to get into doing videos. Maybe it will inspire you to look at other avenues, to get your message out.

The fact that you are reading this, probably means that you have a message that others need to hear. Please get that message out. My own voice carries the message of truth only so far. Your voice will carry it farther.

The very fact that you see a problem means that you have been chosen by God, in some way, to speak about that problem – either by writing, or by speaking.

Knowledge brings responsibility.

Please. Be responsible.


I truly wish that America was a good country, that – at heart – we were on the side of the angels. I was born there. I lived the first half of my life there.

But, the country that I grew up in… is no more. Evil has taken up residence.

We have been conquered from within.

The Shockingly Corrupt Oakland Police Department Destroyed In 16 Tweets

This is your government.

This article is merely the tip of the iceberg showing up in Oakland. But, you need to understand that this really is your government.

Evil doesn’t even BEGIN to describe the American government.

What about MY right to choose? – Cartoon

I saw this by accident, when looking at an item that deals with something completely different. But, it speaks to our callous indifference to the lives of others.

We do not care.

You and I care… but, how many others?

People will save the lives of dogs and cats, but murder their own children. This is so sickening… it’s beyond my ability to comprehend.

How can we engage in such wholesale murder, and expect God to hold back His righteous judgment against us?

How can we, as Christians, think that America is immune?

We are NOT immune – especially since our own brothers and sisters have engaged in this horrifying murder. Yes, it is rampant, even in the body of Christ.

So, America will be destroyed. It MUST be destroyed. Therefore, YOU must escape this destruction.

The Supreme Court Just Created a Full-Blown Police State – The End of the USA Cannot Be Far Behind

Um… you know that there are better police states to live in… if that’s what you want.

However, if you want to live in a place that is NOT a ‘Police State’, you could live in Taiwan… or a number of other countries that do NOT treat you like a piece of meat.

Muslim former FBI agent who refused to wiretap fellow Muslims now Homeland Security Adviser

When you read this… ask yourself what is REALLY going on.

The word, ‘Treason’, doesn’t even BEGIN to describe what is happening.



These articles often cross categories. They have their own importance, so you might want to consider them a bit more carefully than the others. But, I leave that to your determination.

DHS Report Calls for Rejecting Terms ‘Jihad,’ Sharia’

I couldn’t even finish this article.

We’re going to counter terrorists by not using words like ‘Jihad’ and ‘Sharia’?

And, we’re going to spend a $100 million, in an effort to do that?

Just thinking about that is causing brain cells to die in my head. It’s just too much.

If America is going to be destroyed, at least make sure that it isn’t so embarrassing.

Michio Kaku: Is God a Mathematician? – YouTube

Does Michio Kaku believe in God?

I kinda doubt it – at least, not in the way that you and I think of God.

But, it IS interesting.

Respected Scientist Says He Found Proof God Exists

Here’s the write-up to the above video. Again, a bit of skepticism is required here.

U.S. Navy Consults Leading Transhumanist On Tracking Device Implants For All – Technocracy News

Linda Sorci shared this in the comment section of last week’s article.

The Navy is trying to set up a ‘policy’ on implanting chips. They’re worried about those with chips already in them… or military personnel putting them in – unauthorized, etc. And, that they are going chip their own soldiers and sailers.

Wait… ‘chipping’ is THIS far along?

Ezekiel’s Fire will NOT come too soon!


I COMPLETELY identify with this guy, especially this quote:

I don’t recognize the nation I grew up in anymore. I’m on the wrong side of thirty, for those who have heard the old country song with that line, and the changes I have seen in my lifetime are cosmic and far-reaching. The culture which had emerged today makes me feel as though I am a foreigner in my own country.

When I returned to America, after 14 years of absence, in 2006 – when this guy started his first year in the police – I also did not recognize my country. I’ve been gone for yet another six years… I shudder to think what I will find, should God send me back.

(I truly pray that God does NOT send me back to the US!)

2018-2030 Mini Ice Age Global Weather Forecast | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 (164) – YouTube

This could be an interesting piece to the puzzle of the Last Days.

Why famine? Sarcity?

Could it be that some countries don’t have growing seasons? That they’re too short?

This might be a good time to move closer to the equator.

Angry Assange starts 5th year cooped in London embassy

I have a thought connected to this.

If the Elites were unified and all-powerful… why is Assange allowed to operate?

Why hasn’t he been forced out of the Ecuadorian embassy, sent to Sweden and then to the US?

Assange has been raising awareness of the actions of the Elites for years.

Now, diehard conspiracy nuts who see Elites under every bed will say that this is a ‘ruse’ to trick us in to believing what Assange says. The problem is that you will need to ignore EVERYTHING that is going on to believe that. The most powerful Elites are based in the US and Europe. Those Elites want him taken down.

However, there are undoubtedly OTHER Elites who want him alive and kicking. So, think that through. And then, remember what a relative of mine, who had dealings with the Elites said:

They are looking for someone to unite them.

So, if you have gone down the road that leads to a belief in an all-powerful, monolithic conspiracy of Elites… get off of that road and start looking a little more closely at reality.

The Elites are fragmented and at war with each other. Julian Assange is proof of that.

Lynch: “Partial Transcript” Of Orlando 911 Calls Will Have References To Islamic Terrorism Removed

Hey guys… they’re engaging in censorship, because they wouldn’t want you to be too upset at the cause of terrorism. They just don’t want you to go through all of that extra stress. It’s just too much for your little heart and little brain. So, it’s for your own good.

It’s love. Yeah. That’s what it is.

Oh, and remember that Hillary has an office just a couple floors away from Loretta’s office. And you can bet that Hillary loves you just as much as Loretta does.

Lynch: Authorities to release limited transcripts of calls with Orlando shooter

Here’s more on that loving censorship that Loretta will protect you with. Dumb and happy. Because she cares.

If you just threw up all over your keyboard, you can imagine what mine looks like right now.

The Principle

An interesting movie shared with us by Shehab Aziz, in comment section of last week’s article.

Of course, we know that the Earth is not the center of the Solar System, or the center of our galaxy. (It’s actually not safe to be at the center of our galaxy!)

But, the Universe?


Thank you, Shehab!


(This one was also shared by Shehab, in the same comment.)

I’ve talked about transhumanism before. But, Shehab gives us an important reminder of how close we are to the Return of Our Lord.


Because there is a limit to how far God will allow us to go, and this movie describes where Satan and his minions wants to take us.

As far as I’m concerned, Jesus cannot return too soon!

However, there is much left to do, before He does, so God will send Ezekiel’s Fire to set them back a bit.

Lewinsky allegedly freaked out after Clinton’s affair with VP’s daughter

What bothers me most, is that Americans don’t care about Bill Clinton’s adultery. Or, Trump’s adultery. Or Hillary’s Lesbianism. Or, her blatant corruption.

Why does no one care?

Victims Insist Orlando gunman did NOT act alone! – YouTube

I get really tired of the tinfoil-hat theorists who believe that the Earth is Flat. The Jews control everything. Planet Nibiru is on its way to smash us flat. And now, the idea that the Orlando shooting was a hoax.

If they are going to do a hoax, they will control the situation better than this. They will do it in a place where ALL factors are under direct control – just like Sandy Hook. I’m not sure what to believe about Sandy Hook, except that the situation was FAR more convenient for a ‘hoax’ event.

But this?

Come on. Stop smoking that brand of weed. It’s rotting your brain. Better yet, get out of your mother’s basement.

For the rest of you… carry on with your life.

Vatican offers ‘time off purgatory’ to followers of Pope Francis tweets | World news | The Guardian

Do the Catholics actually expect us to treat such foolishness seriously?


Gutfeld: Orlando’s doom. The most depressing article you will ever share. Share it anyway

This is NOT the most depressing article that you will ever share, because I’ve seen worse. However, this MIGHT be the most depressing article for those of you who remain unconvinced that America is doomed.

Yes, that’s right. Doomed.

If you don’t like God’s view of this, then read this.

America is done. Forget the fork.

College Republicans suspended by UC Irvine after hosting Milo

How utterly typical. When I was treasurer of the College Republicans at IUPUI in 1988, the University put HUGE pressure on us and threatened us with all kinds of things. The head of the political science department threatened to fail us, among a bunch of other things.

Basically, all non-Science departments need to have their proffessors fired, administrators terminated and buildings fire bombed – before being paved over for a hyperspace bypass. (If you know what I mean.)

So, this is utterly typical of colleges, even in conservative states like Indiana.

Mother brown bears protect cubs with human shields

Okay, this one is only here because it’s really interesting. Mother bears are able to protect their cubs by moving close to human areas, areas that male bears are afraid to enter.

How Wolves Change Rivers – YouTube

The previous link made me think of this video. Utterly fascinating how the change of one element can affect all the other elements.

This is why you need to stay away from simplistic answers to complex questions. Every piece of a puzzle touches – in some way – all the other pieces. Not taking that complexity into account will always lead you in the wrong direction. That’s why it’s always better to say “I don’t know”, than to take a piece of the puzzle and hammer it into a place where it doesn’t belong.

The Last Days are the result of an astonishingly complex series of events, set in motion by God. And yes, the Last Days were set in motion by God. Satan may think that he’s grabbing at an opportunity to win, but it’s a trap. And, Satan fell for it. The world will suffer in the process of attaining victory, but victory always has a price.

Anyway, never allow simplistic answers. Like I said, last week:

Always Ask Why.

Assassination & the Conspiracy Theory to Prevent BREXIT Vote | Armstrong Economics

Remember. When it gets serious… they kill people.

Fox News Article Calls On Pope Francis To Resign Over ‘Failure To Lead’

Unfortunately, it’s time for the whole Catholic Church to resign and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Ex-Muslims’ request for anniversary cake (celebrating 3 years out of Islam) denied by Wegmans for being “offensive to Muslims”

A grocery store chain that will not make a cake for those who are celebrating the fact that they have left Islam?

Oh for crying out loud. Someone needs to sue these people for being obscenely PATHETIC!!

Do these people even have enough brains to BREATHE!!?!?!?!

If any of the English here needs one last reason why you and everyone in the EU needs a brexit, meet Melchior Wathelet, pedophile and murderer, also current advocate-general on the EU court of justice « InvestmentWatch

By the time you read this, the Brexit vote will have already happened. But, this should give EVERYONE a view of the sordid and vile heart of the EU. Unfortunately, Britain has not proved itself to be any better.

Surging Far-Right Movements Across Europe Are Making Hitler Popular Again

Unfortunately, I’m seeing the neo-Nazis and Hitler Youth coming out of the woodwork, everywhere. This is NOT good.

Here Is Why One Credit Rating Agency Believes Russia Is Safer Than The US

WHOA… an independant credit rating agency in China rates Russia above the US… in terms of ability to repay.

That should tell you something.

QUOTE OF THE DAY – The Burning Platform

The quote:



Ouch. Truth.

Inside Tom Cruise’s new $50 million ‘Scientology CNN’ TV and Hollywood movie studio

This one is from Gibby.

This is a development that we’ll need to be watching – in some cases, literally. The idea of a cult gaining open and broad access to a media platform like this… well, it’s unsettling. Of course, we’ve been allowing cults access for a while, but not like this. THIS will be out in the open.

Fifty million dollars isn’t a lot of money for something like this. So, think of it as a first toe in the water. But, you can bet that they’ll be ‘all in’ real soon.

But, will the other Elites allow it?

Thanks, Gibby!

Scientology Cult Opens Massive New Media Studio To ‘Reach Every Person On Earth’

Just as I was about to finish up this week’s post, I went to the comment section of last week’s article and saw this link – sent in by Linda Sorci. It’s a retelling of the previous link, but there’s this one addition.. an editor’s note:

EDITOR’S NOTE: In the promotional video, the narrator tells you that Scientology wants to partner with ‘every religion in the world’ to create a new global dynamic. From the looks of their new, amazingly massive facilities, they are poised to inflict some heavy spiritual damage. If you were wondering what the broadcast control room for the Antichrist will look like, this is pretty much it.

Did you just feel a ‘chill’?

I did.

Rebel Planet Dispatch: The devils also believe and tremble

This is one of Marcel’s most powerful articles, to date.

Watch your eye gate!

I couldn’t agree more, and Marcel shares some of the pain in his past, that came from a very young age.

Pornography destroys all that it touches, and we must NEVER allow ourselves to give in to that demonic trap.

God bless you, Marcel!

TroubleMakers and Evil Boycott’s |

Part of this goes in the Israel section, but I believe that Marcel’s main point should be here.

God is leading America to destruction. WE chose to sin, so God is giving us the just reward for sin. We could have chosen differently, but we chose.

And now, we pay.

It didn’t need to be this way, but we chose it.

There Are Now More Bureaucrats With Guns Than U.S. Marines


A Bureaucrat with a GUN?

More of them, than US Marines?




As the fulfillment of Isaiah 19 draws closer, you’ll be seeing more and more articles in this category.

They are saying that the GERD will begin to fill up in 2017, and Egypt is ALREADY suffering dought conditions.

I will continue to watch this closely, and I hope that you will be paying attention.

Why Ethiopian plans for Renaissance are so controversial

This article mentions some interesting facts about Ethiopia’s need for the GERD:

The GERD will DOUBLE Ethiopia’s electricity generation.

83% of Ethiopians are without electricity. OUCH.

So, there is a huge need for electricity in Ethiopia, and Ethiopia has no coal or oil to generate it with. Unfortunately, because Egypt has continually denied Ethiopia to the right to build any kind of dam on the Nile, Ethiopia was forced to build as big a dam as they could – as quickly as they could.

This meant that Egypt will suffer MORE because of their previous policies, than they would have, if they had allowed smaller dams to be build on the Nile.

How Egypt plans to address its growing water crisis

So, not only is a dam being built on the Nile, but Egypt is ALREADY in a water crisis. There just isn’t enough water for Egypt, which means that Egypt is going to implode.



Our grandparents did it. Our great grandparents CERTAINLY did it. And now, it’s your turn.

Please prepare. And that means considering the need to relocate.

Do not wait for evil to knock on your door.

Looking for a second home? Put this country on your radar – Sovereign Man

Okay, I’m not advocating this, although… it is an attractive possibility. I’m leaving it for you to decide.

Hopefully, it will get you thinking about your own options.

Get Out While You Can? :: Jim Sinclair’s Mineset

Um… Yeah. Do that.

Get out, and don’t look back.



There is a sickness that has reached every corner of our modern, civilized world. We have luxuries undreamt, but along with it came a society so corrupt that… well, it would have been unimaginable just 50 years ago.

And yes, I know what life was like, almost fifty years ago.

We truly live in a society where abomination is now normal.

One Of The Scariest Verses In Bible! Revelation 3:16

Some very damning evidence here – as in… damned. I am sickened, and you should be, too.

Paedophilia a ‘sexual orientation – like being straight or gay’

I hope this makes you feel like blowing things up, ‘cuz THAT is what this makes me feel.

(Yes, I know. God will do that.)

How do you think GOD FEELS ABOUT THIS?!?!?!

And, what do you think that God does to a society that is like this?

Right. Get OUT of the blast zone.

That was FAST: Yesterday it was gay marriage; Now look who wants “equal rights” – Allen B. West –

This was from last year… OUCH.

How much time is left for the US?

Are you going to gamble with the lives of your loved ones? Your own life?

Why some evangelicals changed their minds about evolution

As someone with a background in science, I can tell you with some authority that a Christian who believes in Evolution is either an idiot or an imposter.

Darwinian Evolution is horrifyingly BAD science, and it shakes its fist in the face of God.

But, then again… Christians ARE shaking their fists in the face of God.

Do I need to tell you how this will end?



I can hardly believe what is happening. Who would have thought that the most corrupt politician in American history would actually be in the running for president of the United States?

Trump, I can believe. But Hillary? Really?

And, at this moment in time?

Yeah. Political Armageddon. A mountain in Israel has come for a visit.

Enough!: Why Your Side Never “Wins” in Published National Polls

An interesting article by Frank Brady, talking about how national polls can be used to subvert public opinion.

The Abilene Paradox. I have a new addition to my vocabulary!

9/11 Terrorists Funded 20% Of Hillary’s Presidential Campaign! – YouTube

Will Americans care on voting day?

We’ll see, but I’m betting that they won’t.

Bombshell Proof Emerges BLM Pushing For Martial Law And No Elections

This comes via Michael Wilson in last week’s comment section.

Good ol’ George Soros and his ‘Black Lives Matter’. The acronym ‘BLM’ also stands for ‘Bureau of Land Management’, and they’re almost as bad.

It looks like Black Lives Matter is attempting to act as provacateurs, fomenting enough unrest to disrupt the elections and have them called off. I doubt that they will be successful, and I’m sure that law enforcement would be interested in these plans.

I keep saying that this will be a long, hot summer… and, it’s already pretty hot.

Frustrated Illinois Taxpayers Pay Property Tax With $1 Bills

It is anger like this that is fueling the revolt against the establishment. Eventually, there will be blood in the streets. Unfortunately, that ‘eventually’ isn’t as far off as the Elites think.

Hillary Clinton referred to Jews as ‘stupid k***s’, Bill’s ex-lover Dolly Kyle claims

I keep saying that… if America is willing to elect Hillary …they deserve her.

Odds Hillary Won Without Widespread Fraud: 1 in 77 Billion Says Berkeley, Stanford Studies | HNN – Higgins News Network

So, it is statistically impossible that Hillary won fairly. In fact, it was impossible for Hillary to win without cheating.

And we are not shocked because…

Trump Says Muslims Should Be Profiled

It’s great that 49% of Americans agree.

But, 47% DISAGREE?

We need to set up an ‘American Stupidity Index’.

Forty Seven Percent… OUCH.

Clinton White House was a ‘whorehouse’, tell-all claims –

The Clinton Whorehouse. And, they want us to vote for his wife.

Why don’t they just give us all 9mm pistols with instructions to just shoot ourselves in the head?

DNC Researched Clinton Speeches, Travel Records | The Smoking Gun

Well, there’s a ‘Guccifer 2.0’, and he (or she?) is rampaging through the DNC. This could get interesting.

Furthermore, the DNC has admitted that the records are legit, by claiming that Russian intelligence did it.

Smooth move, DNC. Real smove.

Clinton Foundation Said to Be Breached by Russian Hackers – Bloomberg

Even MORE information on the above, but with a heavy emphasis on the conclusion that it was the Russians.

I would LOVE to believe that it was the Russians, but this obvious bias by the writer just screams ‘establishment’. I get so tired of this kind of garbage.

Clinton Superdelegate Found Guilty on Corruption Charges

YAY. More corrupt democrat superdelegates!

I looked up his religion… Would you believe that he claims to be a Baptist?

We are SO done.

Seriously, kids. It’s over.

Trump Campaign Starts June With Only $1.3 Million In The Bank After Making Another $2.2 Million Loan

Interesting. Trump might need to dig into his own pockets a lot more deeply than he realized, if he doesn’t roll out the fund-raising effort. The idea that his campaign could stall… is interesting.

Bombshell: Hillary Clinton Just Admitted Obama Was Helping Terrorists?

Unfortunately, Trump is right, but he won’t get any points for it.

Hillary To Obama: I Go Down, You Go Down – Judge Jeanine – YouTube


This is proof-positive that Hillary WILL NOT BE INDICTED. PERIOD. END OF STORY.

Seriously. Judge Jeanine knows EXACTLY what she is talking about. HILLARY WILL NOT BE INDICTED.

So, will Hillary win the presidency?

A VERY interesting question.

God help us, if she does.

Emails: State Dept. scrambled on trouble on Clinton’s server

This is so blatant… so obvious… yet, nothing will be done.

This is incredible.

Trump lambastes Clinton: ‘She gets rich making you poor’

Unfortunately, he’s right. Clinton is on the side of the Fat Cats. THEY are getting rich, and you get poor. THEY are supporting HER – 100%.

VIDEO: Young people shocked by Hillary’s infamous quotes

If EVERYONE knew this, or just saw the video… they’d abandon Hillary in a second… Well, at least those with enough brain cells to rub together.

Trump Slams Hillary As “The Most Corrupt Person To Ever Seek The US Presidency”

Wellll… actually, I think that he’s right. Worse even than Lyndon Johnson. I mean, she adds a level of crass venality that I haven’t seen in anyone this side of Yasser Arafat.

Wow. It took Hillary for me to remember ol’ Yasser. Now THERE was a corrupt politician. THAT guy was the standard for corruption, and only Hillary comes close.

Hillary Clinton’s Motivation For President Is ‘Money And Power’ Not ‘Love Of Country’

This is the question that everyone needs to ask… Does Hillary love America?

I think that the answer is clear.

But, do Americans love America?

WHAT America do they love?


Wellll, um… yeah. The picture is worth at LEAST a thousand words.

Hillary Clinton’s IT Aide Pleads The Fifth Over 125 Times

The only way – that I can think of – for Americans NOT to see Clinton for who she really is…

…is that they TOO can plead the Fifth…

…of VODKA.

Republican Operatives Launch All-Out Effort To Unbind The Delegates And Deny Trump The Nomination

Well, it ain’t over till it’s over, I guess. If they hate Trump THIS MUCH, there must be something worthwhile about him.

Trump’s Anti-Interventionism – Neocons Hate It As Anti-War Left Comes Around

Is it possible that the LEFT have woken up to the idea that a vote for Hillary, is a vote for war?

That Trump will NOT take America to war?

The idea that the LEFT would be so cognizant… is hard to believe.


I’m not sure if Hillary is toasted quite yet, and I seriously doubt that she will be. If she goes down, she’ll take everyone with her.

But, this is really bad.

Hillary Clinton is Evil! (REMIX) – YouTube

It’s the dance version. With Hillary Clinton as lead… um… singer?

(From the previous link.)

Enough!: Don’t Be Fooled Again!

Another short and sweet article. But, I hafta quote him, here:

Now, after the witnessing the coordinated blizzard of lies unleashed against him by both wings of the Washington Establishment and their respective propaganda arms, I believe Trump must be elected. Why? Because he has all the right enemies and, most importantly, because he is an honest man who is willing to learn from his mistakes.

Yeah. He has ‘all the right enemies’. In fact, we all might share some of those enemies.

Oh, and Frank also gives one of my favorite quotes… from Stalin.

A Bell Curve Analysis of the Clinton Email Scandal — An Update

An interesting ‘Bell Curve’ analysis. I think that it speaks to the turning point that is coming up for Clinton.

Hillary is Really Corrupt | Armstrong Economics

Okay, this is an understatement, but seriously… with Clinton, EVERYTHING was for sale.

Hillary Clinton drove demoralized Secret Service to drink and drugs says author

I just had a thought… for the America that is… today …she’d be a perfect president.

She’s a real fit.

And yes, America really is that bad.



I am amazed that we have gotten this far.

Historians may one day be able to look back and see how they were able to keep the system going… but, I’m not interested in that. I’m more interested in Christians being responsible.

God gave you what you have. Your are required to place those assets where they will do the most good.

Allowing those assets to be destroyed is NOT responsible.

DEBT: STATE OF EMERGENCY. By Gregory Mannarino – YouTube

The financial system is based upon trust. Anyone who has ever taken a finance class, knows this. When trust dies, there goes the system.

Of course, for there to be trust, there must be a reason for trust. Unfortunately, Greg is showing you in this video that your reasons for trusting the system are… well …nonexistent.

Greg is also showing you – even though he isn’t specifically saying that here – why the government and the banks are putting so much pressure on cash. If they can keep cash out of the system, and depress your interest in cash, they might be able to keep the system afloat for a little bit longer.

But, that only works for a very, very short time. And, it might not work for very much longer.

Please. Get as much of your money out of the banks, as possible. You will still need money in the banks to pay for daily and monthly bills, but keep as much as you can out – and in something of value… like gold, or even better, silver.

In Furious Tirade, Citi Lashes Out At “Utterly Misguided” Central Bankers, Invokes Weimar Republic’s Von Havenstein

So, we now have a name behind the infamous hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic:

Rudolf von Havenstein

It’s always nice to have a name. You can beat people with it – like poor Janet Yellen. We will be calling her a Havenstein, in not too many months.

Of course, the biggest Havensteins will be the Fed Chairmen that went before her.

‘FINAL World Stock Market TOP June 9, 2016!’ Bo Polny – YouTube

Okay, so Bo is calling a TOP to the markets – for June 9th.

Will his prediction hold?

He seems to think so, and it might actually happen.

It’s just one more reason to get OUT of the markets.

Got gold?

Why are so many bankers committing suicide?

Of course, when you look at this, you’ll see that they ARE NOT committing suicide. They are being ‘suicided’.

Someone calls it ‘involuntary flying lessons’.

Jean-Claude Juncker (pronounced Yoonker) is known to have said:

When it becomes serious, you have to lie.

Well, it sounds like some bankers have a corollary:

When it becomes REALLY serious, you kill.

It looks like they’ve been doing a lot of that.

The Banker Suicides – Videos

Here are the videos all together that can be found with the above.

What the Heck’s Going on in Global Stocks?

Those of you in the US probably don’t realize how bad things are in the rest of the world, but… they’re bad. And, America is only the ‘least bad’. Unfortunately for the US, America won’t STAY ‘least bad’ for long.

Are you going to be ready for this?

US Freight Drops to Worst May since 2010

When companies stop shipping products, it means that they are dying… or dead. The fact that there is SOME production that is being shipped only means that the American economy is dying.

Are you going to wait until the coroner’s report before doing anything about this?

Muck’s Minute #29

If you have not noticed the inflation that is happening all around you, you aren’t paying attention. And, if you aren’t paying attention, you risk… dying.

Please, pay attention, and as the writer says:

“Civilization is thousands of miles wide and three meals thick.”

THAT, my friends, is the TRUTH.

Jim Sinclair-Next Crash Will Look Like Mad Max | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

I’m afraid that the title of this is all too realistic – especially for the United States. The US has a system that is far too complex with lines of supply that are far too long. Take out one piece and it all falls apart.

And, Obama is playing with fire. Too much more of this… and there goes the neighborhood.

Mark S Mann: You Can’t Have a Bank Run If There Is No Cash – YouTube

There is an element to this story that should disturb you.

Banks don’t have the money.

That is vital to remember. Banks. Do. Not. Have. The. Money.

What does that tell you?

BTW, do not follow all of his advice. He is recommending that you lie. Don’t. If you have to lie, then you have to leave.

Did Obama Just Call The Top For US Markets?

Um… this is possible. I really would NOT want to be in stocks, or bonds… or real estate… or anything other than physical-in-your-hands gold or silver.



I’m not a ‘gold bug’. Never have been. Never will be. But, right now, I don’t know of anything safer than gold and silver.

If you know of something better, than share it with us. (Yes, God, location, water and food – in that order – is more important, but outside of that…)

Now is the time to be looking at the world’s ‘forgotten’ precious metal

An interesting discussion about silver vs gold. And, also Singapore. Singapore is a bit more ‘rough and ready’ than Taiwan. But, also a lot easier to get a visa.

So, if you can’t make it to Taiwan, think about Singapore.

Start of Huge Gold Bull Market to $3,000 per Oz in 2016/2017! – Legendary Investor Doug Casey – YouTube

Will gold hit 3,000 in a few months?

I’m not willing to bet that it won’t.

The future is NOT bright, kids. Get some insurance, and that means gold and/or silver.

Urgent Warning From Top CEO: “We’re Getting Very Close To Armageddon Here”

Of course, the question is… how close is close?

My answer is that only a fool would think like that. It doesn’t matter if ‘The End’ was five years away, or ten. What matters is that you have some protection from what is coming. And, the fact of the matter is that ‘The End’ is not years away. It’s just months away. Arguing about how many months is a fool’s game.

Don’t be a fool. Prepare.


China is buying gold and silver at an accelerating rate.

I’d buy some, if I were you, before the Chinese get it all.

Four Reasons Comex Won’t Default – YouTube

A very interesting analysis of why the hype over the COMEX is just that – hype. The people that are TALKING about a COMEX default BELIEVE what they are saying. So, this guy is NOT saying that the people behind the hype are lying. It’s just that people aren’t thinking this through.

Well, Smaulgld HAS thought this through, and he gives his observations on the subject.

Having said that, a financial collapse will upset the cart on this one. Once a collapse happens and people lose faith in the banks and/or the financial system, then all bets will be off. His analysis does NOT cover a true ‘collapse situation’.

Furthermore, there still is SOME kind of ‘price discovery’ going on. This means that it is worthwhile to buy gold. But, expecting the COMEX to actually DEFAULT… well …you could be waiting for a very long time. They’ll just close the exchange. That’s it.

Don’t buy gold because you think that the COMEX will default. Buy gold because it is a sound choice for those looking for a way to be responsible for the assets that God gave you.

Why Comex Won’t Default – Smaulgld

This is the write-up for the above video.

Americans Are Now The Top Silver Investors In The World

Well, this is kinda interesting. America is now the biggest consumer of silver in the world, for 2015. For gold, the number one is still China.



Laugh a little. Seriously. Fake it, if you have too.

Otherwise, you’ll go nuts.

人猫語翻訳機アプリ オッドアイ君編 Human-to-Cat Translator – YouTube

Okay, this is for cat-lovers ONLY. Cute.

SUNDAY FUNNIES – The Burning Platform

It’s the Sunday Funnies… c’mon, you KNOW that you love ’em!

Presidential Graduation Speech – YouTube

YEOW! This kid is GOOD!

Only 14, so he’s either going to be an awesome asset to his community, or they’ll need to put him in jail.

BAN CHEESEBURGERS – The Burning Platform

HEY! Step away from the cheeseburgers… NO ONE touches my cheeseburger. GOT IT?!

Put your hand between me and a cheeseburger, and you lose the hand.


Okay, this one belongs in the humor column. I laughed, and I think that you will too.

And, you might consider this as a recommendation to move to Plano, Texas.

Artist’s Impression Of Mainstream Media’s Presidential Race Coverage

Okay, this might actually be a bit too much irony.

You won’t need your irony supplements, after this one.


When it comes to voting… maybe we should be just a bit more Mexican.

Painting Muhammad with Bob Ross

Send this to your Muslim friends, and watch their heads explode!

Don’t Argue With Idiots! – YouTube

I saw this on BNI. I’ve seen it before.


(…but, I just can’t help myself…)

Donald Trump says: “I don’t have Islamophobia, I suffer from an even rarer condition…”



But… but… but… what about the… the… NRA!

Brazil Unveils New Rio Olympics Logo

Um… this might not end well. Just sayin’.


Okay, ban all the Muslims… and then, we’ll talk.


Serious irony.



Nothing says ‘Satan’ like Islam. Islam stands against everything that is good and righteous. Whatever good can be found in Islam… well …it’s there by accident.

If Islam is growing in your community… you might want to look for a different community.

Islam is Islam is Islam

Seriously… it’s Islam.

Why do we keep trying to make the cause of the death and destruction… something else?

The problem is Islam. Now, fix the problem!

In The Last 30 Days There Have Been 226 Terror Attacks In 32 Countries And 2,230 People Killed By “The Religion Of Peace”

The title itself should be enough truth for ANYONE, but there’s more in the article.

Do you want to live in a country that can’t even name the enemy?

51% of U.S. Muslims want Sharia; 60% of young Muslims more loyal to Islam than to U.S.

With 60% of young Muslims more loyal to violence and Satan than to the US… that should tell you about what kind of threat Islam is to America. And yes, Islam IS the most violent and Satanic major religion on the planet. No question.

Everyone else is just a wannabe.

Islamic Speaker Admits: Killing Gays is a Belief Held by ‘Moderate Muslims’

There are countless examples of Imams, Mullahs, Sheiks and Allahu Snackbars out there – with videos – proclaiming the need and desire to murder Christians, women, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, Adulterers, Alcoholics, people holding hands, Shia Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Alevi Muslims, Dancing Muslims, Muslims with strange names and gays. And, they’ve been saying all of that in the US.

However, the fact that they killed some homosexuals… that was just too much. If they had just stuck to killing all those other people, they would have been fine. But, they couldn’t, so now they’re in a spot of trouble.

Poor Muzzies.

Why the ‘lone-wolf’ terrorist is a myth

Of COURSE it’s a myth. The fact that we even need to say that speaks volumes for how insanely stupid we have become.

How is it possible that people can believe that someone like Omar Mateen did it all by himself?

Do they think that he was looking in the mirror one day, with his razor in his hand… and suffered some kind of neuralogical malfunction and decided to go on a random shooting spree?

Even though, only Muslims do that?

Does anyone realize how stupid that sounds?

How Much of our Culture Are We Surrendering to Islam?

Free seech has been dying for a very long time. Islam just might be the final nail in Free Speech’s coffin.

(We will miss being free.)

Sorry, liberals. There’s only 1 interpretation of Islam — Muhammad’s – YouTube

This one comes from Dave Johnston, in the comment section of the article, Israel – The Truth:


If you want a good view of Islam, this woman gives it to you. OUCH.

Excellent video, Dave!

Florida Muslim Group Promoting David Duke Previously Linked to Site Calling for Death to Homosexuals

Yup. David Duke and the Muslims. Now, THAT fits.

Islam is one of the most racist ideologies on the planet. THEY were the ones, after all, who enslaved the Africans.

So, Muslims, that David Duke connection… Classy.



When Jesus spoke of Ethnos rising against Ethnos in the Last Days, He knew what He was talking about.

Now, WE know.

A Month of Islam in Germany: May 2016

This is a litany of horror. This is just the summary:

During an investigation into the mass sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, a chief superintendent from the Cologne police department revealed that he was ordered to remove the term “rape” from an internal police report about the assaults.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, says it will process more than one million asylum requests in 2016.

Thousands of Christians in German refugee shelters are being persecuted by Muslims, sometimes even by their security guards. — Open Doors, German branch.

“German security officials have indications that members and supporters of terrorist organizations are being smuggled in with refugees in a targeted, organized way in order to launch attacks in Germany.” — German Federal Police.

Muhterem Aras was elected as the female first Muslim speaker of the state parliament in Baden-Württemberg. Aras has been a proponent of allowing migrants without German citizenship to vote in local elections.

A 26-year-old migrant from Afghanistan was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for raping a woman who had offered him accommodation in her home in Cologne by means of a website, “Refugees Welcome.”

There’s more in the article.

How can the Europeans stand for this?

Chart: Obama Admin. On Pace to Issue One Million Green Cards to Migrants from Majority-Muslim Countries

A million new Muslims in America?

What could POSSIBLY be better than that?

Yes. I know. Two million. And when they have kids, 61% of them will hate America and want to kill as many people as possible. For a god that they keep calling a mouse (ackbar means mouse in Hebrew).

All the terrorism in the world stems from these worshippers of a mouse god, which I understand. If I worshipped a mouse, I’d want to kill people too.

But, why is Obama bringing in so many mouse-god worshipers?

I don’t get it, but then again… I don’t ‘get’ the idea of worshiping a mouse.

Is Islamic Terror America’s Future?


Sorry, but I had to answer the question first.

This article is a good one because Pat Buchanan lays out the cost-effectiveness of Islamic terrorism. It’s cheap, and it can change the course of nations – unless they are like Israel.

If you are like Israel, your course only becomes firmer in the face of Islamic terror.

Allahu Snackbar!

Muslim Migrants Sexually Assault 5-Year Old In Idaho – Dr. Rich Swier

This one is from Angel, in the comment section of last week.

All that I can say is… well, I think that incoherant rage would most accurately express how I would have felt if MY daughter was attacked like this. In fact, I would be sorely tempted to engage some very unChrist-like activity.

Calling these monsters ‘barbarian’ is an insult to Barbarians. They are the gutter filth of the world and should be sent back to rot in the cesspools that they created in their own countries.

And those that let these monsters in?

Try ’em for treason, and hang ’em high – legally, according to the law.

Muslim Migrant Sex Assault Comes to Idaho

More on the above story, from Robert Spencer.


IDAHO: Media cover-up of the 5-year-old girl stripped naked, sexually assaulted, and peed on by 3 young Muslim migrants

Even MORE detail via BNI. God help us…

WHAT A SURPRISE…NOT. Islam’s leftist useful idiots in Germany claim that the popularly misnamed concept of “Islamophobia’ is on the rise

Ooops. The LEFT in Germany is realizing that their plans to Islamize Deutschland isn’t going to work, that… um …push-back is happening. They’re calling it Islamophobia.

To you and I, that’s just COMMON SENSE!

Muslim Migrants In London Shouting ‘This Is Our Country Now, GET OUT!’ – YouTube

This is what happens when you let Islam into your country.

By the way, these are NOT migrants. These Muslims were BORN in the UK. Just listen to their syntax. They are speaking British slang.

STONING BUSES: How young Muslims in the Netherlands celebrate Ramadan

Hey, Dutch Muslims… having fun… stoning buses and cars… what could be more… natural?

When will Holland wake up and throw these barbarians out?

If you live in Australia, you are not allowed to see this political ad on TV. Pass it on.

But, there ARE some who aren’t going to take that kind of garbage… IN AUSTRALIA!

51% Of United States Muslims Demand Sharia, Say Islam Is Superior To American Democracy

I wouldn’t mind that someone thinks that their religious laws are superior to democracy – as long as that someone wasn’t going to kill me for disagreeing. People believe in all sorts of crazy things, and it doesn’t matter much – as long as they aren’t forcing their craziness on other people.

Islam – unfortunately – does not have the same ‘live and let live’ philosophy as you and me. If you disagree with Islam… you die. And, the only way to disagree and survive, is to kill the Muslims, first.

Of course, none of us wants to kill ANYONE – including Muslims – so, the only thing to do, is to keep the Muslims in tightly controlled areas, where they can only make trouble for each other. I would nominate Australia as a big enough island for the job, but I suspect that the Australians would object.

So, this means war. And, since the Muslims won’t leave us alone, they will eventually force us to engage in ‘Total War’. I would love to think that ‘Total War’ would be limited to a complete and total occupation of all Muslim areas, followed by a burning of all copies of the Qur’an, replacing it with a new and nicer Qur’an.

We’ll see what happens. But, consider this a warning to the Muslims. If you don’t ‘reform’, others will force you to.

Maybe THIS is what leads to the Antichrist?

Or, will a Muslim be the Antichrist?

We’ll be finding out pretty soon, methinks.

Shaffer: 15% of refugees are ISIS

If this is true – and there’s no reason to believe that it isn’t – then, America is in HUGE trouble. Of course, since it’s ALREADY in huge trouble, it will be YUGE. It’ll knock your socks off.


Too much truth, for some people.

LEFT WING MEDIA DECEPTION about Muslim so-called ‘refugee’ camps

Just to give you an idea of the LIES that you are being told.

The media must think that we’re idiots.

(Um… welllll…)

FBI says they did not have enough evidence against Orlando shooter before he went on killing spree. They left him alone, because he was Muslim! « InvestmentWatch

Unfortunately, there really isn’t much that the FBI can do, unless they outlaw Islam and make it illegal for a Muslim to own a weapon. Until that time, they cannot arrest people for being a ‘possible risk’.

Is Europe Doomed by Migrants? – YouTube


Is there another possible answer?

As bad as the European economy is… THIS invasion by Muslim migrants will truly destroy Europe.

Why did they have to choose Muslims?

Why couldn’t they have chosen the Chinese? Or Hindus? Buddhists?


Isis: Over 300 Islamic State fighters have returned to Britain sparking fears of Orlando-style attack

Now, ask yourself this:

What will these 300 fighters do?

That’s right. Start a civil war.

It will be the fulfillment of Matthew 24:7 – in spades.

FRANCE: Muslim invaders in Calais shouting “F–k the UK” hurl rocks at British motorists in a desperate attempt to illegally break into the UK

Hey, nothing says, “I love the country that I’m trying to get into” like the words ‘F–k the UK’ and rocks through your windsheild.

I mean… that’s love, right?

Radical Islamic invasion of Western Countries- The undeclared politically incorrect War… and Obama is doing everything within his power to advance it

Why is there a GOAL of 10,000 Syrians being sent to the United States by September 30th?

Why the rush?

Shaffer: 15% of refugees are ISIS

If this is true… and at least SOME of it is …then America is in serious trouble. Of course, we knew that quite a few Muslims were coming in… the question is whether 15 percent are Muslims… and if they are ISIS.

Remember that this is – at best – an intelligence estimate. And, you do not know how good the source is at making such estimates.

Whatever the level of infiltration, even a small number is bad.

“I Want them All out!” German woman unleashes on Muslim migrants – YouTube

Ouch. This woman is speaking for all Germans. She can’t take it anymore, so she’s voting for the Far Right.

Smooth move, Merkel. REAL smooth.

FBI Explains Why It Redacted The 911 Transcript

As ridiculousness is added to ridiculousness, the only question in my mind is when the average American can no longer take the madness.

Think of it as a scientific experiment.

When will the insanity end?

Dunno, but badly will be a certainty.

PC Europe Now Blaming Women for Provoking Muslim Rapists

Right. Women… it’s YOUR fault that the Muslim thugs raped you.

If you would have been as ugly as a brick, this wouldn’t have happened.

You’re beautiful, so it’s your fault.


U.S., Europe, Canada…you’ll be next: 111-year-old German naturist club banned from skinny dipping in lake in case they offend refugees.

I’m not sure that I would want to be anywhere NEAR a club of 111 year old nudists!

People THAT old should keep their clothes on.

Of course, I can’t get all worked up about how Germany’s history of nudism will be impacted by Muslim barbarians. I consider this to be a ‘silver-lining’ to the invasion.

Turkey joining the EU is ‘unthinkable’, Nicolas Sarkozy tells Angela Merkel

Um… yeah. But, it’s a little late to be saying that. A lot of Turkey is alreay IN Europe.

(Actually, it’s FULL of turkeys.)

Muslim child sex-assault suspects back on streets of Idaho

This is just sick. And, incredible.



This is coming. As much as you would like to avoid it – and I would, if I could – you cannot. That train has already left the station. That boat has sailed.

What you now must do is survive it. And, the first step of survival is knowledge. The following links will give you that knowledge.

And, if you don’t know what I mean about the need for survival, you need to be reading Ezekiel’s Fire:

You will find what you need to know about Gog and Magog, there.

Foreign Policy Diary – Russia’s Responses to NATO Expansionism – YouTube

This is the Russian view of the road ahead. It will require the United States to de-escalate the situation. It may be that Russia will hold off on an EMP attack upon the United States, waiting to see if Trump wins.

If Clinton wins, you had better hope that you can survive the aftermath of an EMP. Even if Trump wins, there’s no guarantee that he will de-escalate tensions created by Obama and Clinton.

The problem is that a de-escalation by Trump will still leave the Russian war machine in buildup mode. You can bet that Iran will have something to say about how and where this newly revitalized Russian military could use their new powers.

And, it was America that made it all possible.

How ironic.

Putin: ‘We know when US will get new missile threatening Russia’s nuclear capability’

Yup. Russia knows all about what America is doing. Unfortunately, Americans do not.

The question in my mind is… when will Russia act in its own self defense?

And no, Russia’s actions will NOT be good for your health.

Saudi Foreign Minister Meets Obama, Urges “More Aggressive Approach To Syria”

It’s interesting to see how all this is working. The US Dept. of State has been a tool of the Saudis since the ’70s. The CIA has been in deep alliance with the Saudis since the ’60s – at least.

You can bet that the poor, corrupt king will want Hillary.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to me that Obama likes the Saudis very much. He seems to like the Iranians more. Very strange.

Of course, everyone hates Israel, so we aren’t talking about THEM. (Although, the neo-Nazis love to.)

Trailer for Oliver Stone’s documentary “Ukraine on Fire” – YouTube

Unfortunately, the movie is too late. But maybe… just maybe… it’s not too late for those few people who are willing to wake up and prepare for the end.

The Untold Story Behind The “Mutiny At The State Department” Where Dozens Demand War With Syria

I have friends who work for the US State Department, and I’ve tried very hard to keep my mouth shut over what their bosses are doing. But, it’s SOOOO hard.

Of course, the lower levels of the State Department aren’t at fault, and lashing out at them doesn’t help. Most of them are just analysts. Although one is (ahem) based in… um …Virginia – if you know what I mean. (But again, just an analyst. Seriously.)

But it’s so hard to contain myself, when the American foreign policy is so vile. Of course, it has ALWAYS been vile, just never THIS vile.

Maybe it’s that chin beard and mustache that does it for these people. The Saudi Kings really know how to do a good chin beard.


Russia Defense Report – PAK-FA Nearing Service Entry – YouTube

The Russians are clearly taking the lead in aircraft design, and I am really sorry to see that. The Su-50 will be an awesome air-superiority fighter, that has not been hamstrung by the corruption in the US Military Industrial Complex.

Corruption has a price, and America has already begun to pay.

We did it to ourselves. Ouch.

Russia Warns US Against Striking Assad

And… the insanity continues.

I’m wondering what would cause the US State Department to become rational? Logical? Less corrupt?

It’s too much to hope for a corruption-free State Department, so we’ll hafta settle for LESS CORRUPT. But, is even THAT possible?

The madness is just too much to comprehend. I don’t understand it, and I don’t WANT to understand it. Only a crazy person could understand something like this.

“I Don’t Need A War In The Black Sea” – Another NATO Member Folds As Bulgaria Refuses To Join Naval Task Force

Why are there two US aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean?

Why are we ‘patroling’ the Black Sea?

Why are we overthrowing governments on the borders of Russia?

Why do we allow Turkey and the Gulf Arabs to support ISIS?

Madness. Utter madness.

Huge Scandal Erupts Inside NATO: Alliance Member Germany Slams NATO “Warmongering” Against Russia

How ironic. It took a German foreign minister to state the obvious.

The result?

NATO gets a bit embarrassed, and looks at its shoes.

I understand a little about why America wants a war, but I don’t understand why NATO wants to go along with American madness. No one wants a war, except America.

So, why is everyone going to war?

Madness. Absolute madness.

The New Iron Curtain

Here are the first couple of paragraphs:

A foreign army consisting of 31,000 soldiers from an anti-American alliance are conducting military “exercises” a few miles from San Diego. Hundreds of tanks converge on the Rio Grande, while jets from 24 countries converge in attack formation, darting through Mexican skies.

It isn’t hard to imagine Washington’s response.

Yet that’s precisely what has been happening on Russia’s border with the NATO alliance, as the cold war returns….

Think about that for a moment. In fact, take a couple moments. More.

Who are the ‘bad guys’ here?

Who are the ‘aggressors’?

Now, what I would like to do is put the true ‘aggressors’ on trial for treason and then hang them from lamp poles – if there are enough of them in Washington D.C.

Dmitry Orlov: The US Is Sleepwalking Towards A Nuclear Confrontation – YouTube

Dmitry Orlov is unique in the same way that I am. He is both American and Russian. He can tell the Americans about Russia, and he can tell the Russians about America. He is acculturated. He is fluent in both societies – not just language, but culture. For me, it’s Israel and America. For my wife, it’s Taiwan and America.

My point is that Dmitry is uniquely positioned to tell you how Russia thinks. He KNOWS. He truly ‘gets it’. So, when he tells you about how Russia and the Russians think, and how they will react – you need to listen.

The problem is that America and the Americans are NOT listening.

And, when he spoke of his plans for himself and his family… he’s going to Russia. He believes that he is safer there.

I’m afraid that I agree.

Right now, NO ONE is safe in America. NO ONE.

The question is about what you will do about that.

Dmitry Orlov: The US Is Sleepwalking Towards A Nuclear Confrontation

This is the write-up for the above video. Please pay attention to this. PLEASE.

This is not a drill. This is not fiction or fantasy.

This is real, and you cannot wish it away.

International Military Review – Syria, June 22, 2016 – YouTube

An update on events in Syria. The Kurds seem to have lost momentum, and the Syrian forces are also having some trouble. However, from a previous video in this series, it appears that Iraq is having some success against ISIS in Fallujah, which is excellent news.



I am horrified by the evil that is descending upon Israel. I lived there for a decade and a half, and I consider it my home. My true home, on this planet.

Take a good hard look at Israel’s enemies… you will find that they are YOUR enemies, too. They are also the enemies of God.

Israel is a symbol. A focus. A locus, even. How you respond to that tells me something about who you are.

Do you stand with God?

Or, do you stand with Satan?

Rebel Planet Dispatch: Good News From Israel

There has always been one good way to fight terrorism… build settlements. Oh, and I like how he describes…

…two legged, conniving, lying rats in Washington.

So, Marcel… tell us how you REALLY feel!

Actually, calling ’em rats is doing a disservice to rodent-kind.

Father Naddaf: Beacon of Light to the Christians of Israel


The Greek Orthodox FINALLY come to their senses.

Late is better than never, but it’s still annoying!

Iraqi civilians flee Isil in Fallujah by swimming the Euphrates

All that you need from this link is the following text:

Footage emerged on Friday of hundreds of civilians swimming across the Euphrates river to escape. Residents have been suffering increasingly dire conditions, used as human shields by the remaining Isil fighters and deprived of food and clean water for months.

Those of you who know what is going on in Gaza… you know that Hamas uses their own people the same way – as human shields.

Welcome to Islam – the violent, genocidal religion that worships a mouse.

Israeli minister unapologetic for security ‘profiling’ hailed by Trump

Of COURSE Israel should be unappologetic!

They also ‘profile’ any single man in his twenties and thirties… which was me, when I was traveling in and out of Israel. I was ALWAYS singled out. ALWAYS. And, that is EXACTLY as it should be.

Now that I am no longer single, I get waved on through.

Israelis aren’t stupid!

Rebel Planet Dispatch: Islam and Israel, What Muslims Are Doing to Each Other

Marcel makes an important point that very few make. If the Muslims spend so much time killing each other before killing their neighbors… how do you expect Israel to EVER be at peace with these people?

Well, I have an answer for that… or, actually …GOD has an answer for that:

Ezekiel’s Fire

And, it will kill A LOT of Muslims.

But, what else can you do with genocidal maniacs?

In Jerusalem’s cramped Old City, Christians feel the squeeze

I am only including this as an example of either stupidity on the part of the writer, or sloppiness. Or, just plain bias against Israel. I suspect bias, becaus of his name – a version of Suleiman.

I have Christian, Israeli friends who live in the Old City and have businesses there. The ‘Christians’ there – and yes, those quotation marks are deliberate – have sided with the Muslims.

One woman who runs a shop just inside the Jaffa Gate, is a member of our church in Jerusalem. And, she must be very careful about what she says when ANY Greek Orthodox or Catholic comes into her shop. Whenever we talked to her, in her shop, we would have to STOP talking when anyone came in. If they heard her say ANYTHING positive about Israel, she would be in deep trouble.

The same goes for a friend of mine who is a lawyer, also a member of our church and also in the Old City. He is constantly harassed by ‘patriarchates’ in the Jerusalem. The stress on him is huge.

Unfortunately, the Arab Christians in Jerusalem have backed the Arab Muslims, and they are paying for that. If they had backed the Israelis, they would not be in the trouble that they are in right now. So, I have zero sympathy for them.

And yes, I am GLAD to see Jews doing an annual march through the Old City, demonstrating their control. This is a good thing. It demonstrates that the words of Jesus were fulfilled on June 7th, 1967.

If you are against Israel, you are supporting Satan. It’s that simple.

“Selling a House to a Jew is a Betrayal of Allah”

All that you really need from this article, is this:

This campaign undermines Palestinians’ long-standing claim that Jews “illegally seize” Arab-owned houses and land in Jerusalem. It seems that rather than illegal seizure, Jews have been paying willing Arabs cold hard cash for the properties.

The anti-Semites would have you believe that Israel is stealing the land.

The truth is that Israel is BUYING IT.

Explaining the Israeli Left

Do you remember talking about how the Rothschild influence in Israel was through the Labor Party, and that it has been soundly defeated?

Yeah, well it’s now shooting itself in the head, but not before it tries to shoot ISRAEL!

This is what happens when you elect leaders from TEL AVIV! BLEAGH!

Israeli Left Implodes, Still Doesn’t Understand Why

And, the Rotschild Left in Israel CONTINUES to shoot itself in the head.

Yes, SOME Israelis can be this stupid.

Criticism, Resentment Of Hizbullah On The Rise Among Shi’ites In Lebanon Over Organization’s Military Involvement In Syria

Interesting. Support for Hizbullah (or, Hezbollah) is splintering. The war in Syria, the wounded and dead fighters returning… it’s all weakening the support for Hizbullah in Lebanon.

But, at the same time, Hizbullah has an incredible arsenal of rockets.

Will they launch a war against Israel, to shore up their faltering support?

Ari Lesser – Boycott Israel – YouTube

Marcel put in one of his articles, a couple days ago, and it’s catchy. In fact, I like it.

I’m putting it in my collection of videos that I use to answer the antisemites. Those neo-Nazi rats don’t like those videos, and they won’t like this one, either!

Keep up the good work, Marcel!

RAMADAMADINGDONG LESSON: “Islam prohibits Israel’s right to exist”

Yes kids, there really is a RAMADAMADINGDONG.

And, BNI asks:

Is it the inbreeding?

My answer: Yes, I think that’s it.

President Mahmoud Abbas: The Palestinian “Untouchable”

I was there when Israel brought in the PLO and established the Palestinian Authority. What an evil thing for Israel to do to the Palestinians.

Here’s the summary:

For many years, Palestinians hoped that one day they would enjoy public freedoms under the leadership of the Palestinian Authority (PA), like the freedoms their neighbors in Israel have. But more than two decades after the establishment of the PA, democracy and freedom of speech are still far from being introduced to Palestinian society.

A PA court sentenced Anas Saad Awwad to a year in prison for posting on Facebook a photoshopped picture of Abbas wearing a Real Madrid shirt.

“Come and invest in the Palestinian areas, but if you don’t bribe their corrupt officials, the Palestinian Authority will arrest you. This is a desperate political arrest by an undemocratic Palestinian Authority president who has no credibility amongst his people. ” — Khaled al-Sabawi, son of Palestinian-Canadian investor Mohamed al-Sabawi, who was jailed for recommending the removal of Mahmoud Abbas from power.

Of course, Israel didn’t realize what would happen when they brought in the PLO. Israelis, like so many good people are gullible.

I really feel sorry for the Palestinians. I really do.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
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A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


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53 thoughts on “Proof of Fractured Elites”

  1. Shalom Yochanan/John

    Firstly: PLEASE stop saying “it’s” or “this is our govt”, it clearly is NOT our govt, well some still might be ignorant or dumb enough to call it theirs, but my Government, my Sovereign, is Yahuah Eloheinu Almighty of Hosts, Sovereign of Yisra’el and all the aretz/earth. This govt does not represent me, not will it ever, it is evil to its core, it started much earlier than most know or understand, this country was sold out the day of its inception in 1791, even earlier than that, 1871 was when our founding fathers and some of their associates, caved and went back to the Brits for $$$$$, which was also the time of the incorporation of the “District of Criminals”….thus the downward spiral of corruption since then.

    The Illuminati was established on the same day as this country was ratified through its Constitution.

    • Hi Andrew,

      I don’t know why you persist in calling God, Yahuah. Archeologists in Israel have already discovered how God’s name was pronounced thousands of years ago. I expect that Israelis two and three thousand years ago knew better than you or I.

      As for the government, you are required by God to follow the laws of the government. It is therefore YOUR government. And, if you are a dominionist… then, you are also engaged in outright heresy.

      And no, it doesn’t matter what history says.

      The Romans were pretty bad, during the time of Paul, but he still had to follow their laws.

      So, PLEASE read your Bible, Andrew.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


    I pray you and family are in good health and safe under the protection of Psalm 91!

    Interesting evaluation John. I caught your recent interview on A Minute To Midnight, it was most interesting to hear a perspective not often shared by the masses who frequent the alternative media. Great job presenting God’s perspective!
    I happened to pick up a book I have been reading, sparingly due to the massive numbers of books I want to read, and began reading again where I had previously left off. The name of the book is “Pawns In The Game” by William Guy Carr. I know I am a late reader to this treasure trove of historically documented information hidden from the masses due to its powerful impact of the truth about the shadow government conspiracy.
    Interestingly enough this section of the book, around page 90 forward is dealing with the re-establishment of the nation of Israel. The involvement of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers in the rise of the Jewish nation as we know it is undeniable. This segways into another study I’ve been doing on the “Star Of David” and the significance of the Hexagram representing the nation of Israel. Seems this practice began around 1896 when the Rothschild family, who financed the establishment of the nation of Israel, along with other members of the Kabal. I know I am a latecomer to this field of study, but it is amazing to discover that this shield/star/hexagram is the family crest of the Rothschild family originally named Bauer. Even more interesting is the fact that Rothschild in German means “red shield”. It is this very same red shield that was adopted as the family crest and placed on the gates and doorways to their mansions and estates.
    Knowing and understanding the control these families established on the banking industry during the 1700’s through present day, it is hard to imagine that a Kabal so dedicated to the creation of a one world governing entity would so easily give up the slightest control of Great Britain, The EU, or any other established Union of governance on this planet. I try to look deeper than the thin surface of deception and delusion, the obfuscated reality that lies beneath is surely coming into clear view for those who are watching.
    Well, when one does the research, it is clear to determine who these who call themselves Jews truly are, these are the very ones who Jesus Christ himself warns us about in “THE REVELATION” chapter2 vs 9 and chapter 3 vs 9, “those who call themselves Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan.”
    What we are seeing now is the twisting of the reality that is visible to us. These entities who follow “THE STAR OF REMPHAN”, forced onto God’s People by those who clearly follow Satan/Lucifer/Saturn, will eventually emerge from the darkness into the light, where everyone will be able to see the devilish beings they truly are.
    I for one believe in the Hashem, I believe he manifested on the earth in the flesh in the man we call Yeshua Christ Jesus. I believe through obfuscation, we have accepted the bribe that Lucifer has offered and believed the teachers from the past, that what they pass to us is the truth. I also believe in 1John 1:9 that tells me to search the scriptures daily to see that it is so. And I do. In doing this, the Glory of God’s WORD manifests in my life real time!
    Oh, and the book I chose to read instead of the one mentioned? “THE FORGOTTEN BOOKS OF EDEN”, and I can tell you I found many references to God manifesting on this earth in the seed of man in the flesh, to redeem mankind from his fallen state, is Yeshua Christ Jesus! I can tell you that I found nothing! Nothing! that contradicts “THE WORD OF GOD”, in these writings.
    He hid these books for us, not from us! those who will diligently pursue the comprehension of God will surely apprehend him and be filled with him in the process!
    I know this is lengthy and is seemingly random in presentation, but it truly points to the enormous levels of deception the Kabal has forced upon us all. The time has come to look beyond the veil and see them for who they are and what they are! They are the minions of Lucifer/Satan/Saturn and there is no truth in them!
    Great Britain leaving the EU is another cog in the clockworks of time to bring about the NEW WORLD ORDER. might they will align themselves with the BRICS and abandon the ties with the USA, leaving us without allied forces, thereby aiding in the destruction of the United States? I believe the gold backed Yuan may be an attractive lure for a newly forming nation to reach out to. I see the BREXIT as a move from a NATO alliance to a Brics alliance in order to further the United Nations/Nimrod Empire/Gods of Egypt rebirth! Also recognize that it was basically a 52% vote to a 48% vote, which splits the United Kingdom nearly down the middle. That is the foundation for civil war? Remember, they blame everything on someone else! Regardless of what we think we see, the Kabal has had hundreds of years to establish the end game, and it all leads to the NWO. He is gathering the tares for the harvest! As for the Wheat? The harvest is ripe!
    PSALM 91
    LUKE 21:36 EPHESIANS 6:10-20!


      Please burn any book by William Guy Carr. Whatever truth might be in his books, it is so full of lies that the truth is corrupted.

      For instance, he completely made up the letter between Pike and Mazzini. There was no ‘prophecy’ by Pike about three world wars. He was not capable of ‘prophecy’.

      And, Carr’s hatred of the Jews was incredible. You can believe NOTHING that he says about them.

      William Guy Carr was a tool of Satan, and he burns in Hell – and will burn forever. Do not follow his corrupt path. I’ve seen too many poisoned by that demonic book.

      Seriously, James, your soul is more important than those lies.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Brother – the Brit Exit: fractured Elites OR could it be their plan all along to cause more chaos? Esp. in all the financial institutions to reset the current system? to subject the lesser to the greater? … just a thought – (or too much thinking? ) HA

  4. John,

    Thank you for your steadfast work at this late hour.
    There is so much going on it’s nearly a full time job just to keep up with it.

    This brother did some serious digging on the abuse of the 5 year old girl in Idaho and subsequent cover up and brought to light some connect-the-dot things I haven’t heard before.

    He’s got a gift !
    Chobani anyone ?

    I just made the move off the google/blogspot Plantation with the help of a brother in N.C. , Bob J.
    The new web site is ;

    Thanks again, John

    • Hi Marcel,


      This is more background on this horrendous evil. God help that little girl, and may God grant repentance to the kids and the parents of the evil children who did this to that little girl.

      And, if God has not chosen to give them repentance…

      …I pray that God squashes ’em flat, before they can harm anyone else.

      I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. Amen.

      Thank you for sharing that with us, Marcel. Keep up the good work, brother!

      John Little

  5. Brother John,

    As I told my wife today, it may be a fractured NWO/Elite, but I like to think of it as “God is still in control”. My take on Brexit and the rise of Trump and in fact nationalism worldwide is the Lord is telling us that its not yet time for the Beast and false prophet. Not that I look to man or anything of man to turn this judgment around, as only Jesus and true repentance will do that.

    God bless and direct you in your excellent work.

  6. Hi John!
    Well Britain is out and we may be watching the unraveling of the EU.
    I am sure there are several other countries ready to bail out. I think what we are seeing is the practical application of God’s word. In Daniel Ch2, Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the statue. As you most likely know we are in time frame of the iron and clay feet. Powerful nations but divided, leaderless. I think the clay is reasserting itself in Europe and hopefully here in the US too. (By the way, this is also the basis of my believing that the age of the gentiles started in 586bc, the head of the statue is gold representing Babylon as the first of five great gentile empires.)

    On the economic side, I noticed the market tumbled over 600 points today, not sure what that means yet, maybe nothing we will see. Didn’t some smart guy say something about a long hot summer?

    War gaming, I remember Panzerblitz, played it a few times. My start was with Tactics 2 then Tobruk. I still have a bunch of AH games in the garage gathering dust!

    You are entering the humorous part of this post!
    Tasteless puns and obscure references here!
    Video of Pope Francis in the early days!
    You are now leaving the humorous part of this post!

    • Hi Michael Wilson,

      Hmmm… You’re saying that Daniel’s statue indicates the beginning (and ending) of the ‘times of the gentiles’. It’s an interesting thought, very, but… I’m not sure that it fits. Although, I cannot say that it doesn’t.

      The question is about focus. WHY do the Gentiles get ‘times’?

      Although, the word certainly IS plural, which would lend itself to the idea of multiple… empires.

      I will need to let that stew a bit, but you are certainly providing ‘food for thought’.

      As for that ‘smart guy’, it’s also a bit of stretch to label him ‘smart’, but I’ll take it.

      I forgot about ‘Tactics 2’. I had that one also. Wow, you’re dragging me down ‘memory lane’. Don’t get rid of those Avalon Hill games. They’ll be worth their weight in gold, when the grid goes down.

      And… oh dear… I wasn’t expecting the SPANISH INQUISITION!!

      (You made me do it. It’s YOUR fault, I say!)

      Thank you, Michael. An excellent comment!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Yes! It was MY fault! (just ask my wife!) But I ALWAYS expect The Spanish Inquisition!

        Anyway, here is a quick break down on the the statue in case you have never heard it:
        Gold head = Babylon, as Daniel tells us
        Silver torso & arms = Media/Persian empire
        (Daniel 8 vision fits here)
        Bronze abs & thighs = Greeks (who wouldn’t want abs of bronze?)
        Iron = Rome
        Iron/clay = modern day
        Stone = Christ’s Kingdom
        With the exception of the last Kingdom, each one has ruled or continues to rule over the temple mount. Each kingdom is represented with a less valued metal as you go along, but the next metal is also stronger than the previous. This represents the internal control vs the military strength of each kingdom. Nebuchadnezzar was an absolute ruler, while the kings of the media/persian empire were bound by any edicts handed down by the previous king. (you can see an example of how this works in Nehemiah)

        I guess this is also the basis for my confusion about whether or not we are at the end of the times of the gentiles. I know that Israeli police patrol the temple mount and their flag has flown above the mosque there. Lets say for the moment that Israel decided to demolish the mosque on the temple mount so they could build the third temple. I think there may be some disagreement from the muslims in the area don’t you think?

        Which brings us to the last question, who is really in control of the temple mount?

        • Hi Michael,

          Who is really in control of the Temple Mount?

          Well, remember who is the one at the center of this discussion: Jesus. He was the one speaking to His disciples – and to us.

          Remember that WE are the intended audience of His discourse. He was actually speaking to US. You and me. And, He was explaining to us the points that we need to look for.

          Why would Jesus tell us something like this:

          And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

          – Luke 21:24

          …why would He say that, if there was going to be confusion over who rules Jerusalem?

          And yes, I KNOW who rules Jerusalem. I lived there. My parents live there. In fact, I just talked to them a few hours ago.

          I mean… how else are you going to be able to determine that the Jews control Jerusalem, than that their laws rule over Jerusalem?

          Facts are facts… and, there’s no avoiding the reality of Jerusalem. It is Israel that gives permission for the Arabs to worship on the Temple Mount. If the Arabs behave badly, Israel takes that permission away. It’s that simple.

          I understand your difficulty in seeing this. So many pastors have been preaching that Israel doesn’t control Jerusalem, and because you respect them, you believe them. I would do the same, were I in your position.

          And, I see so much deception swirling around the Internet. Some preaching one thing. Some preaching another thing. Everyone with their pet ideas and theories. It’s almost as if Truth doesn’t matter anymore.

          The anti-Semites claim that the Israelis are committing genocide against the Palestinians – even though Palestinian population has doubled in 20 years.

          The Pre Tribbers claim that Jesus will rescue us from the Tribulation – even though there are no verses that say that.

          Most Post-Tribbers claim that the Body of Christ is now Israel, and that all the promises made to Abraham are no longer for the physical children of Jacob – even though the Ezekiel, Isaiah, Zechariah and others vehemently disagree.

          One of these days, people will wake up to reality, but it will be too late when that happens. We need to wake up NOW.

          The Days allotted to the Gentiles are over. The Jews have returned – Ezekiel 36 and 37. Soon, God will change their hearts and make them His own again. But, the world will shake, when that happens (Isaiah 30), and the towers will fall.

          Sorry about the rant, Michael. I just want to save as many lives as possible, so that we can debate these things after the dust settles.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • Sorry if hit a nerve there John. The point I was going for was if Israel decided to knock down the Dome of the Roc tomorrow it would probably cause another Arab-Israeli war. (As if there has ever been any peace) Now with the EU crumbling, we may be seeing the last vestiges of gentile authority? power? being swept aside.
            We may even see the demise of NATO and the UN.

          • Hi michael wilson,

            I guess that I’m a bit ‘touchy’. I’ll probably get worse as we get closer to the coming of Ezekiel’s Fire. I’m just appalled at how much willful ignorance there is. I’m grieved. I’m shocked. I’m horrified. I’m yelling at the top of my lungs.

            Why would anyone deliberately choose to be stupid?

            Sorry, I feel a rant coming on, so I’d better stop.

            Israel destroy the ‘haKipat haSela’? The Dome of the Rock?

            Nope. Not gonna happen. People who say such things are being willfully ignorant, and I believe that lots of pastors are doing that.

            Everyone needs to get this straight:

            Very few Israelis want a Temple.

            They WANT the Dome of the Rock there, to KEEP A TEMPLE FROM BEING BUILT!

            If some idiot destroyed the Dome of the Rock, Israel would rebuild it. THEY DO NOT WANT A TEMPLE.

            Ever since the founding of the State of Israel, there has been a cultural civil war going on. The fact that so few have died in this ‘civil war’ is a tribute to the quality and character of the Israeli people. (And yes, there HAVE been deaths in this civil war.) But, that does not change the seriousness of this civil war.

            Israelis know that if you built a temple, they would be handing control of Israel over to the Ultra-Orthodox. And, THEY DO NOT WANT THAT. And, the Ultra-Orthodox would probably kill each other over who would control this temple. And, only a tiny minority within the Ultra-Orthodox want a temple. Most believe that Messiah will build this temple.

            So, please set aside this idea of Israel knocking down the Dome of the Rock and building a temple. Israel does not want this. Israelis do not want this. Only Pre-Trib Christians seem to fantasize about this.

            I hope that clears things up a bit, Michael.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

    • Hi Maximus,

      Brandon Smith is an anti-Semite, so I hafta hold my nose whenever I read anything that he writes. He automatically gets Israel wrong, but he also gets the Elites wrong, too.

      He considers them to be monolithic, and that is just not the case. And, before Brandon predicted Brexit success, it was Martin Armstrong that predicted years ago, that there would be votes like this.

      Martin gets real kudos for calling the rise in distrust for government. But, he won’t get them from people like Brandon.

      Thank you, Maximus.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. I voted out and went to bed on Thursday night as a reasonably well educated/ intelligent individual and woke up on Friday morning as a thick, uneducated racist.

    That’s the narrative currently being pushed against those who voted out of the EU and it’s causing serious friction. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are riots, at least on a small scale. It’s also causing problems within families and relationships, if social media and Internet forums are anything to go by. Brother against brother perhaps?

    Britain is also fractured, with the spectre of a second Scottish referendum as the leader of the SNP is of the opinion that the Brexit vote does not reflect the will of the Scottish people. Scotlands population voted to remain in the EU as did Northern Ireland’s, and in fact Irish reunification has been floated to reflect the will of the Northern Irish to remain within the EU!

    If anything, we are witnessing English and Welsh nationalism (the Welsh voted out), as opposed to British; however, the shockwave is global and has triggered calls for referendums in other EU countries. Watch this space!

  8. The good old city of Sunderland got the Brexit rolling and was the first local authority to declare ‘leave’, which sent shockwaves through world markets. Sunderland also has within its boundaries the town of Washington – the ancestral home of one George Washington! We like to spawn freedom in these parts! Just a bit of trivia to take the edge off the current situation.

  9. Hello Brother John, Absolutely correct! I knew immediately that the enemy needs to tear down all the nations so he will look like the hero!!! Lots of other great info! Thanks so much for your time and obedience to The One True King, Jesus Christ!!!! He brings refreshment and nourishment to the body of Christ through this ministry! So I pray over you and your family the Spirit of God bring you the refreshment and nourishment you and your wife need in these last days! God bless you my friend! Kris

  10. I think John F. Kennedy’s speech on secret societies The President and the Press: Address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, April 27, 1961 said it pretty plainly. They do make mistakes but they try to cover up their mistakes.

    I also note that they use the “eye of horus” as one of their symbols and I think it shows alot. They only see out of one eye which means they are vision is far from perfect. What they chose as an emblem reveals their own blindness.

    Scripture is clear. Psalm 2 says the Lord will distress them because of their plotting: “Then He shall speak to them in His wrath, And distress them in His deep displeasure:” The cards are stacked against them and they don’t even know it.

    Hence they cannot be unified, first because of their inherent blindness but also because of distress in their hearts sent to them by God, distress they cannot explain. Then, most importantly, they are lead by the father of lies. What a sorry lot these people are to have God distressing them and their devilish father lying to them but lies they are happy to hear.

  11. Hello John,

    I see you shared the article about the child assaulted in Idaho. I agree, this kind of thing makes me so irate! And to think that our ‘leaders’ allow this kind of trash to enter our country is just so despicable. Grrrr!

    Unfortunately there is a follow up to the story that will make us really disgusted again this week:

    That’s right, they’ve been released into the arms of their mommy. And ! The girl is a special needs child- What can I say besides I hope God pays them back for their evil deed.

    I laughed out loud at your comment about using a 9mm pisto on ourselvesl instead of electing Hillary. It seems like an easier option that living here with her in the ‘Whore House” 🙂

    Lastly…you mention every week about moving out of America. Stan Deyo ( if you know him) lived in Australia for about 20 years, and said that he recommended against it because when the American economy, etc. fails, and the sickness spreads throughout the world, any American living abroad would be in a lot of danger from the local citizens. Even people who’ve lived away for years in another country, and found themselves widowed or divorced from their native spouses felt a big change in how they were treated, even without any problems like a financial collapse.

    I’m sure that isn’t your concern, but do think this is a valid one for your readers to consider?

    (Sorry if this is over the word limit)

    • Hi Angel,

      You raise an excellent point. I am not in Taiwan to escape America’s fate. Only after I came here, did I discover what was coming for America.

      One of the things that I always talk about is the need to serve God in the midst of what is to come – if you can. I am just blessed that I am in one of the safest places on the planet, for such a time as this.

      There is no truly safe place. Every country has its potential dangers, so we should make decisions to relocate with a great deal of prayer and devotion to God. No place is safe without God. Nor is any place dangerous, if you walk with the Lord.

      I’ve spent close to half of a somewhat long life as an expat. The situation is not as bad as Stan Deyo makes it out to be – as long as you are a member of a good church, full of true brothers and sisters in Christ.

      So, should you contemplate relocation, any place that you consider must have a good church. THAT is vital.

      My home church is in Jerusalem. With all of the difficulties that are in Jerusalem’s future, I would be nowhere else than in that church, with those brothers and sisters. Others have a similar experience with churches that they have found in Costa Rica, New Zealand, etc.

      If you offered me a million dollars, I would not go back to America. Not even for all the tea in China. I value my service to God more highly than THAT.

      I hope that offers a useful view, Angel. If the Lord is calling you out of America, it’s not as big a leap as you might think.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  12. Hi John,

    What do you make of this relative to Ezekiel’s Fire? I found it rather interesting coupled with all the other events going on.

    A small portion of the article: “While a weak solar cycle does suggest strong solar storms will occur less often than during stronger and more active cycles, it does not rule them out entirely. In fact, the famous “superstorm” known as the Carrington Event of 1859 occurred during a weak solar cycle (number 10). In addition, there is some evidence that most large events such as strong solar flares and significant geomagnetic storms tend to occur in the declining phase of the solar cycle.”

    As always, John, thank you for your tireless work in warning and preparing God’s people.

    God bless you and yours, brother.

    Your sister in Christ,


  13. I think I read somewhere that even the leaves on each tree has a repeatable, mathematical equation. The ultimate irony is that we say we will recognize an intelligent species by their ability to do math, yet we’re surrounded by it in nature and won’t acknowledge creation was created by God (not the intelligence they’ll proclaim–extraterrestrial).

    In one of the rebooted Star Trek movies, the opening scene was on a planet called Nibiru. Most of the plants were red and they eyes of the inhabitants were all black (kind of like those shown as possessed).

    As for brains and breathing, they are in totally separate parts of the brain, so in fact you don’t need intelligence to breathe!! 🙂

    The #1 export of the USA is pornography. I was watching a TV show the other day and thought what they were showing would have been considered “soft porn” no so long ago.

    Do you think the accelerated acceptance of gays had anything to do with getting Clinton elected? Making it a non-issue for the election or even worse, you’re bigoted if you vote against her just because she’s bi-sexual (or whatever).

    Silver is probably #1 in America because it’s “poor man’s gold”.

    Muslims have already started turning on each other. So, even if the whole world was Muslim, there would still be the killings because they are doing it now. Won’t stop just because they didn’t have any identified enemies.

    Just some random thoughts on things you posted. 🙂

  14. John-

    You responded to one commenter that we must obey the government, which is true, except when:
    1. Govt laws contradict God’s laws;
    2. Rulers become a “terror to good works” at which point they are no longer an authority under God (Romans 12:3);
    3. In the case of a Constitutional Republic like the United States, in which our “ruler” is the US Constitution. In America, LAW IS KING (Lex Rex), and when a ruler contravenes the LAW, the ruler becomes tyrannical, and must not be obeyed, since our allegiance is to the highest law of the land (Constitution).

    I am tired of preachers teaching a false interpretation of Romans 13 – I don’t want to be a “good german.”

  15. John,

    Israel accepts dhimmi Jew status, pays Turkey jizya bribe of $21 million dollars,7340,L-4820882,00.html

    As long as the Lord gives me breath, and any open door, I shall keep on.

    I left this comment at Shiloh musing on the appeaser, Neville Chamberlain of Israel.

    Well at least we know that the dhimmi Jews of Israel pay their jizya / bribe to their Muslim masters.

    Poodle Benji always knew how to roll over for his masters.

    You left out all the benefits and rewards he is giving to the Islamic terrorists of Gaza for their terrorism, rockets and wars against Israel.

    Who said ; terrorism does not pay ?

    With Israel it pays very, very well.

    A people and nation which shake their fists at God and celebrate perversity and homosexual parades are in for much sorrow and suffering … and that is why God gave Israel a fool (Netanyahu) to lead them.

    • Hi Kristine Euribe,

      I don’t agree with Dave on this. If America was ‘isolated’ there would be no World War III, because Russia would not feel the need to attack America. Dave isn’t looking deep enough, and he needs to.

      The UK is NOT fleeing ‘American Imperialism’ far from it. They are playing their own role in a much bigger game.

      Remember that nothing is as it seems. Everything is illusion upon illusion. (And, that includes The Donald.)

      Thank you, Kris. That was interesting.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  16. John-

    So, if the govt orders you to take a microchip in your forehead, will you obey? By your logic, there is no room for any disobedience.

    By your interpretation, Rahab sinned egregiously for disobeying authorities when she hid the Hebrew spies; as did Corrie Tin Boon when she hid Jews from the Nazis in Holland (death camp was her just desserts?); as did the guerilla fighters in the book of Judges when they warred against the established authorities; as did Dietrich Bonhoeffer when he opposed Hitler. I could go on and on. You can’t have it both ways!

    Let me say again so it will sink in – AMERICA DOESNT HAVE A KING! Our highest authority is the LAW. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land in America and when any ruler disobeys the highest law, they are the ones who are disobedient to the ruling authority. Our ruler is the Law not a man. We don’t have a roman emperor. We don’t have a king.

    Read Romans 13:3 and let it sink in. “For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil.” (Ro 13:3). The bible is telling us right there that God’s established authorities are NOT a terror to good works. When they become a terror to good works, they become illegitimate by that scripture. Why did God bless the efforts of the fighters in the book of Judges? – they were fighting against their rulers!

    I never said I wanted to start a revolution. Have you heard of civil disobedience? Francis Schaeffer advocated civil disobedience. According to you, Francis Schaeffer (best theologian of the 20th century) is wrong eh? Get off your proud high horse and learn something. Iron sharpens iron, except when a man is too proud to admit he’s wrong.

    A man gets a web-blog and he suddenly becomes an infallible theologian. Bleagh!

    Mark S.

    • Hi Mark S.,

      It looks like you are a ‘Dominionist’, a heresy.

      Why is it a ‘heresy’?

      Because it is found NOWHERE in the Bible.

      Rome ALSO had a ‘Constitution’. It ALSO had laws. Paul was telling us to follow them. You seem to think that we shouldn’t, and that is strange.

      Nowhere do I advocate the following of immoral laws. If you are required by law to murder someone, you have to disobey it. But, the rest?

      Sorry, God does not give us permission to flout the law. Show me ‘chapter and verse’ where it gives you permission to do that. And yes, Corrie Ten Boom was entirely correct. But, you know that we aren’t talking about that here.

      You need to repent of your dominionism, Mark, and follow the example of Christ, who willingly allowed evil men to crucify Him.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Hi Mark S & John,
      Maybe I can clear this up a little.
      First off, we are not supposed to follow immoral laws, you both have that right. But we are supposed to accept whatever penalty the state hands down. Just as Jesus went to the cross, without complaint.
      Now as for starting a revolution, as Christians aren’t we already doing that?
      Isn’t spreading the gospel and agape love revolutionary in this world?
      I haven’t had any conversations with you Mark, but I have had a few with John.
      John and I don’t agree on everything. I am a pretrib. dispensationalist. John is not although he may have moved slightly in that direction 😉 What unites us is our pursuit of the truth.
      What is truth?
      The very question Pontius Pilate asked when the very embodiment of truth was standing before him!
      You see as Christians we have the light of the world and life in us. Let that show, it will start a revolution.
      You see life attracts! Death repels.
      Hope that helps and this note finds you and yours well.

  17. Regarding the UN vehicles in the US. I’m thinking that they may show up at the actual Republican/Democratic conventions or shortly thereafter. There was a remark made from Putin regarding the fact that international overseers for voting were not allowed to do so in American elections (basically saying they’re rigged). I think at the conventions and afterwards leading up to the elections we may see accelerated marches and rioting. Throw in a July 4th “fireworks” just for kicks and we may see things accelerate even faster.

    As I talk to people, there’s a lot of speculation of how Brexit will affect us as Americans. Businesses are looking at how it will affect them and how to positions themselves.

    We have been placed where we are and during these interesting times for a reason and must not lose sight of that.

  18. Wow, you have gotten great at the art of deception john. I have seen you evolve in your level of deception. You are trapping more and more souls in this evil work you are doing. How does it make you feel? I find it fascinating how you, Michael Snyder, Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, Chris Putnim, Sid Roth, Jonathan Can and the Haggman, just to name a few, are succeeding in the Devils work and entrapping human souls. You will reap what you are sowing. The punishment specially reserved for false teachers. By the way, are you still divorced from S Quayle and the Haggamins? Is the empire crumbling?

    • Hi ‘Lies’,

      It’s good to be able to answer a comment from you. Most of them are so full of error and heresy that it’s impossible to even respond, so they go into the trash.

      But, attacking me, is okay. I don’t mind.

      What I mind is the fact that you will go to Hell, if you do not repent of your rejection of Christ. You’ve been doing that consistently in your comments, and that saddens me. I would not wish your fate for my worst enemy.

      You need to give up your heresy and go to church. You are in Houston. There are plenty of churches in Houston.

      Repent, NowEndTime, and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. An eternity of Hell awaits you, if you do not.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  19. I will never accept a Greek Diety as my savior. Ever. Have you ever heard about the Prince of Tyre, the son of the King of Tyre? Read Ezekiel 28. This is Jesus Christ, the son of the King of Tyre, a powerful principality. I would never walk into another church ever again. It would be an abomination to do so. I came out, I heeded the warning of Rev 18:4. Constantine lied to the world, and you have believed it. Heck, you even believe the Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of Abraham even though the bible states otherwise. How can you expect me to join the synagogue of Satan? Impossible.

    • Hi Lies,

      You are astonishingly messed up. The name ‘Jesus’ is merely an anglicized pronunciation of Ιησούς, which is a Greek-ized pronunciation of Yeshuah.

      The name for Zeus was this: Ζεύς.

      No comparison. Seriously, you need professional help.

      This ‘Black Hebrews’ thing that you have going is beyond bizarre.

      You are ALREADY in the synagogue of Satan, and you don’t even know it. You need to repent, N.E.T.

      John Little

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  21. John-

    LOL- dominionist? I have debated dominionist for years. Talk about a straw man! I am a premillennial post-trib rapture guy (rapture happens when Jesus returns, after Satan’s war on the saints). I don’t believe in heaven on earth.

    In addition (not that I should waste time defending myself against slanderous accusations – slander is a sin), the church in America was fully behind the American Revolution (not that I advocate revolution now) – the pastors were called the “Black Regiment” – they were NOT dominionists either. God blesses their efforts with many miracles in that period.

    Now, how about addressing my points directly.

    1. Which “Law” should I obey John? Specifically, please tell me. Should I obey the usurping authority and not the established law? Which law? If I obey the tyrant, am I not disobeying the codified established law? Which law, John? Should I obey every man who says he is the law?

    2. Address Romans 13:3 – parse that verse for me, please. When a ruler is a “terror to good works” – what does that mean for a Christian?

    3. You ignored the scriptures I posted. Why did God bless the guerrilla fighters in Judges? They were warring against the established authority!

    4. Was Francis Schaeffer a dominionist? He advocated civil disobedience in “Christian Manifesto.” If I am, he was in spades. Do you even know who that was?

    5. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a pastor who was executed for opposing and working against the established authority – Hitler. Was he a dominionist? Is he in hell because of heresy?

    6. The worthless “Christians” who sat in their church pews in Germany (with the Nazi flag above the altar) as the jew-filled trains to the death camps rattled on by, who didn’t raise a finger to stop the bloodshed and were “good germans.” They OBEYED the law. Are you in that lot?

    I would be happy to debate you in a more efficient forum.

    Mark S.

    • Hi Mark,

      All that frothing at the mouth sounds pretty ‘dominionist’ to me. Your attempt to cloak your position in ‘Christianity’ doesn’t work.

      Jesus went to the Cross without complaint or objection, even though He was not guilty. Paul did the same, as did all the disciples. Remember also that Rome was ‘illegally’ occupying the Land of Israel, yet Jesus paid taxes. And, when a Roman gave an illegal order, we were commanded to follow it.

      And no, don’t give me that ‘Nazi’ claptrap. Bonhoeffer disobeyed God and paid for it. Corrie Ten Boom gave us the right example. She also paid for it, but she has received a crown in heaven.

      Nowhere in the Bible does God call us to rise up against our government. Nowhere. The ‘Black Regiment’ sinned against God. Just look at what our country has become and what it is doing.

      Is there room for personal self-defense?

      Of course, but that’s not what you are talking about.

      Mark, you must repent of this heresy.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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