Oil Destroyed Us

The events of this day and age, force us to contemplate evil. It is everywhere and seeks for a foothold in our hearts. It encroaches on our lives and the lives of those that we love. And, it seems to have exploded onto the world with a ferocity unseen for thousands of years.

There has been no time in human history, as evil as the time in which we live. The only eras that might compare to it were the days of Noah, as well as Sodom and Gomorrah.

But, why now?

What allowed us to become so evil?

Part of the answer is in the title of this piece, and it bears thinking about. Deeply.


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Oil Destroyed Us

This has been a especially hard week for me. There is only so much evil that someone take before wanting to rush out and break things. There are limits and I reached mine very early this week.

It pretty much began with this video:

The Americans that funded the Hitler Regime (Coca-Cola, Bush family, Henry Ford, AT&T, Colgate…)

YouTube shortlink: https://youtu.be/GdXbsr9eNDA

(14 minutes, 8 seconds)

This video is beyond horrifying because it tells the truth. I already knew about some of this, but the less awful part. This went far beyond what I knew and struck deeply at what little remained of the thought that America was good.

We are so evil, it takes my breath away.

Unfortunately, there’s more to this, and I realized that the person who posted this video had only taken a 14 minute snippet of the larger piece. But, he (or she) had not given attribution.

Well, I’m a bit annoying over such things, and decided to track down the original producer of the video, and the original video itself.

After quite a bit of searching, I was successful. The writer and narrator is:

Francis Richard Conolly

His website is:


Here is the full movie:

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

YouTube shortlink: https://youtu.be/U1Qt6a-vaNM

(3 hours, 27 minutes, 55 seconds)

A three and a half hour movie is a lot to watch, and I understand if you do not want to do that. But, if you are reluctant to watch it, watch the previous one that is 14 minutes long. THAT should get your blood boiling enough to get started on the longer movie.

Just remember, that as you watch this video, that the writer and narrator is anti-religion. He believes that ‘monotheism’ is a part of the elites’ attempt to control us. That should give you an idea of why he makes the conclusions that he does.

You and I know that there is a God and that the video above is a part of the war between Satan and God. I still need to process everything that I saw in that video, to fit it in with all the other bits and pieces that I have gleaned from others.

And yes, I watched/listened to the whole thing.

But, why do I say that oil has destroyed us?

Because it is oil that gave these evil men and women the ability to do what they did. It gave them the vast wealth and power to achieve their goals in a very, very short time. It gave them the ability to create educational institutions that would allow them to funnel the bright young minds into their networks, young minds that would be bent to their will.

And no, I do not mean the normal ‘bright young minds’. I’m talking the special kind that they bring into their organization and watch them as they progress in their careers.

I know, because they reached out to me. I didn’t think much of it, at the time, but only now do I understand what they were doing. But, God kept me out of their clutches.

I won’t go into that story, for now. Maybe later.

However, the above video doesn’t really talk about ‘oil’. Here, is the video that makes the oil connection:

How Big Oil Conquered the World

YouTube shortlink: https://youtu.be/ySnk-f2ThpE

THAT should give you all that you need to know about HOW these men became so rich and were able to do all that they have done.

And again, here is the video that should tell you the significance of oil:

There’s No Tomorrow (limits to growth & the future)

YouTube shortlink: https://youtu.be/VOMWzjrRiBg

THAT video puts limits upon these rich men. They must act now, to achieve their goals before it is too late. Otherwise all of their carefully laid plans will lie in ruins. They will have failed to achieve Satan’s goals.

When oil fails, the ability of the Satanists to weave a web of control around the world will fail with it. People will fall back upon local industries and local political systems. The Antichrist needs a global control network, and that global network requires massive energy resources to work.

And, right now, their number one resource is beginning to fail – oil.

But, we knew that their time would be severely limited. Jesus said so when He spoke of the Last Days as only lasting a generation. That generation is close to ending, so it is no surprise that events are accelerating.

I wrote about the failure of oil and some of the implications, last week:


Tess, responded to my article with this incredible comment:

I live smack dab in the middle of the Utica Shale fracking country and I can tell you everyone has packed up and gone home. The bottom fell out of the market and they capped off those wells and turned off the lights. No one here is retiring from their royalty money the way they were promised and in many cases they are receiving bills for “operating” costs that are ongoing. See these “operating” costs were supposed to be paid by the jillions they were going to receive from their royalty payments and it would be such a small amount, no one would ever even notice them coming out. Well, the jillions haven’t materialized and now people are filing class action lawsuits against the producers because they didn’t read their agreements. They believed the sales people who showed up at the door and told them fairy stories about all the money they were going to make.

A few years ago, we had folks practically knocking down our door trying to get our property under “lease”. They promised us everything under the moon and stars and offered bonuses just for signing the lease. The bonus money started at $300 an acre. Within a year, they were offering us $4,000 an acre. At that point, we decided it might be worth looking into since we were assured they would never set foot on our property or drill here, they just needed us under lease to be part of the “pool”. So, we got an attorney who specialized in oil contracts and he pointed out to us all the things that were wrong: they were paying royalties on the net not the gross, the arbitration clause and most importantly the third party transfer clause. The third party transfer clause means they can sell that lease to whomever they want and the company you signed the contract with is relieved of all responsibility and recourse. So, Chesapeake, the company who relentlessly hounded us, might be the original lessor but if they sell the lease to the French or to the Chinese (as they have since they are in dire financial straits now), you have zero recourse against Chesapeake. Most of our neighbors signed (we did not) and now the Chinese hold the leases to their property. They could show up and drill a well in their front yard (the lease gave the lessor the rights to dig shallow wells as well as the deep wells for fracking) and they can’t even go to court and get an injunction to stop them due to the “arbitration” clause! Money, money, money – the things people will do to get it and then cry about the consequences later.

Well, we are very close to the tipping point now. We have 192M in the available work force, and 94M who have “dropped out”. This is 48.9% roughly. My theory is that when it hits 50.2% it’s game over for us. You can’t have the majority of the work force drop out and still be a viable ongoing entity.

For the last week, we have had fighter jets flying over our property in Eastern Ohio. They fly low and fast, screaming over head so loud that you think you’re in the middle of Top Gun filming. This is new. We’ve had the heavy military transport planes that always fly in twos along the same flight pattern very low (well below radar range) for about the last 5 years, but not this. It’s disturbing. I almost feel like they are flying sorties. We are not that far from a major residential area (35 miles) where there is a commercial airport. Why would they be conducting maneuvers in a highly populated area with civilian traffic? What middle eastern country has topography like Eastern Ohio/Western PA? Why would they be so blatantly obvious about it? I mean, there is NO WAY you can miss these things – they are seemingly going out of their way to make themselves seen and heard. Sending a message to the masses? What is it – “toe the line” or “don’t fear we got your back”? I guess that all depends on whose side you’re on.

I would be interested to know if anyone else out there can feel the oppressive darkness settling over the country. Everyone seems to be angry, impatient or depressed. You see it in people you know and in ordinary people you come into contact with everyday at the grocery, work, church. It seems most people are on some type of “medication” or think they should be. It brings to mind the “soma” from Brave New World. The big debate has been “will our future be Brave New World (complacency through drugs and diversion) or 1984 (tyrannical suppression)”. My answer is – both, you choose your future. Will you be complacent and satisfied with the bread and circuses provided and take your “soma” like a good little sheeple? Or will you need to be forced to comply because you refuse to “play along” and pretend everything is ok. Currently, I’m researching methods to completely destroy our property remotely if forced to flee. I’m choosing door number 3 – the scorched earth policy.

Whenever I start a book of fiction, I read the last page first. I can’t stand not knowing how it all ends. Once I know, then I can go back and read the book and enjoy it. I actually play a game to see if I can figure out how the characters get to that last page. I SO wish I could read the last page for me. I want to be ready for it when it happens. I want to finish well. I want to use every opportunity God gives me to draw others to Him. Isn’t that really our End-Game? Our purpose here isn’t to accumulate the best bugout location stocked to last for 20 years through any disaster, to continue to live here on Earth no matter the cost or difficulty, but to use the resources and time He has given us to draw others to Him.

If anyone has never seen the movie the Hiding Place, they should see it. It’s the story of Corrie Ten Boom and her family during Nazi Germany. They were not Jews but they hid Jews in their home and helped them escape. People in the neighborhood knew what was going on and they would sometimes donate food ration cards to them anonymously so they had enough to feed everyone. Well, some hungry folks decided to get the big reward and turned them in. Corrie’s entire family dies in concentration camps except her. Why? I ask myself this all the time, “Lord, why?” Weren’t they doing Your Will? Weren’t there others they could have helped? We all know the Lord could have shielded them, hid them, protected them. Why didn’t He? What did we learn from their deaths that we couldn’t have learned from their lives and the lives of those saved? Corrie’s testimony was exceptionally powerful due to the loss of her family. She was the remnant spared to tell the story.

I don’t think I’m ready for what’s coming – not mentally. I keep thinking I’m not going to have to deal with the hordes, the Mad Max motorcycle gangs, the starving children. Even though I know all these things, I don’t think I am truly prepared for the reality of it. I’m scared to death of failing Him. Whatever IT is, it’s coming soon. Satan’s power is growing – the negativity and evil is spreading. Those of us who refuse to comply are being identified and singled out. It won’t be long.

You can find her comment, here:


All that I can say is wow. What an incredible comment. What a great sister in Christ. And, very well written.

Such first-hand accounts give us an ability to see how far along we are, to verify that we are saying is true. It tells me that trouble is ahead, big trouble. And, the minions of Satan that we saw in the above videos are going to begin another war, to concentrate even more power into their evil hands, while murdering billions of people at the same time.

Unfortunately, by the time that you see it with your own eyes, it will be too late. So, please take all the above to heart and prepare.

The Last Days began on June 7th, 1967. We have about 21 years left in that generation, before the Last Days end. Damascus must fall. The Nile must dry up. Gog and Magog must come. Ezekiel’s Fire must rain down upon us. The Antichrist must arise from the ashes of Ezekiel’s Fire and take control of the Earth, and rule the Earth for three and a half years.

Only after all of that, will the Lord return.

When speaking of this time in which we now live, Jesus said:

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

 – Luke 21:36

Are you praying always that you would be accounted worthy to escape?

Please. Pray. Ask God to make you worthy to escape what is coming. Seek the Lord’s direction. Do your best to serve Him.

Satan has no power over us, except if we give it to him. My hope is that you will not give Satan a hold over you, and that you will seek the Lord in everything that you do.

May God bless you and keep you in the dark days ahead.



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These are the articles that hit my desktop this week – and seemed important. In fact – depending on who you are – the research below might be more important than my words, above. My hope is that my research will be a springboard for your own. Start with my sources, and expand.

And then, tell me what you’ve found.

Most of my sources for this week are the same as last week’s. Most. Anyway, here are the sources for this week:


















https://www.youtube.com/user/TokyoAtomic (aka, Black Pigeon Speaks)




The following sources weren’t in here last week, but they made it in this week:


Best of all, many of you provided me with valuable links that you will also find below.

Each of the above has their own foibles and biases, and that goes for Omega Shock. My hope is that YOUR bias will ALWAYS be Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.



I am shocked and dumbfounded by all of this. Some of the videos and write-ups will be found in my article above. But, there’s more here than what I profile. Much more.

I am heartbroken over the evil of my homeland. My family has fought in every war that America was in. The first John Little died in battle, just after the crossing of the Delaware. We were the truest of patriots.

And now, I find that my ancestors have fought and died in vain.

How Big Oil Conquered the World – YouTube

An interesting and thought provoking video. If you want to know how we got here, watch it. I learned a few things, and you will too.

However, there are elements of ‘conspiracy theory’ involved, so take what he says with a grain of salt. He does miss part of the picture, and I’m not sure that I have the time to point out what he misses.

Corbett also works closely with raging anti-Semite Dr. Michel Chossudovsky at GlobalResearch.ca. Chossudovsky is a vile piece of work. So, I believe that Corbett is somewhat corrupted by the company that he keeps.

But – and this is the important part – this video paints a fascinating picture of some of the elements that we are dealing with. Many of our troubles come from these obscene ‘oilagarchs’ and their manipulations of our society. There’s a lot of good analysis and historical fact here.

Episode 310 – How Big Oil Conquered The World : The Corbett Report

This is the write-up for the above video.

The Americans that funded the Hitler Regime (Coca-Cola, Bush family, Henry Ford, AT&T, Colgate…) – YouTube

This is yet another nail is America’s coffin. We did this, and God must judge us for it.

And, when it came out, we did nothing. No, we did less than nothing, we lied about it.

I’ve been heaping scorn upon the Turks for murdering two and a half million people.

But, what about America?

What about the millions that WE murdered, through our support of Hitler?

When you count it all up, the blood runs so red and so deep that we would drown. God help us all, but we deserve to die.

Hitler’s American Business Partners – YouTube

Without ACTIVE support by American businessmen, Hitler could not have murdered his way across Europe.

It was America that gave Hitler the ability to wage war. America.

A Chilling Investigation Into Corporate Complicity: Business History (2001) – YouTube

This is a bit of a laborious presentation. It’s an hour and a half. It’s a book presentation. Book presentations tend to be a bit… boring.

For me, this was a horror show. IBM had to know what they were doing. They had to know at least SOME of the horrifying evil that their machines were going to be used for. They KNEW how important these machines would be to Hitler.

It is because of IBM that six million Jews were murdered. Without IBM far, far fewer would have been murdered. FAR fewer. The blood of millions has been soaked into the balance sheets of IBM, and I am sickened and horrified.

Judgment is coming.



These articles are individually significant. Some will be about preparation. Others will be about the general condition of our society. Some might even talk about prophecy.

Whatever the case, I believe that you will find these links to be important.

Caitlyn Jenner biographer says her Christian beliefs are causing gender struggle | Daily Mail Online

Wait… Bruce (aka Caitlyn) Jenner is CHRISTIAN?

Sorry. That… that… THING is NOT a Christian. And, any church that accepts it… isn’t Christian either.


Nuke Threat On Southern Border: Texas Game Wardens Issued Radiation Detectors

So, why were they issued radiation detectors?

They’re saying ‘terrorism’, and we know that lots of cops have them in their squad cars.

9/11 Commission Member: 6 Saudi Officials Supported Terror Attack

Another step closer to a revelation that cannot be ignored.

Eventually, the average American will realize that the US invaded the wrong country.

Then, life will get interesting.

Are Chip Readers A ‘Clever’ Way For Visa And MasterCard To Increase Revenue?

Just to give you an idea of the corruption that is already here, and that awaits us when they get rid of cash.

Video shows woman beaten on city street while crowd watches

The guy who recorded the video said that the reason why he didn’t do anything is that he didn’t want to be beaten up himself and said “that it’s bad out there.”

I have a personal message for the guy who recorded the video:

Well, it’s ‘bad out there’ because of people like you who care about no one and are sons of uncertain parentage. You are disgusting filth. You did not care about anyone except your own worthless life. You’re a rodent. No, a cockroach. A slimeball. A… [words fail me].

How dare someone like him pollute the air by BREATHING. That… that… evil piece of garbage deserves what is going to happen to him, along with everyone else who stood by and did nothing.

Men, I’m talking to you. Every one of you who is reading this… NEVER stand by while ANYONE is being beaten up like this. Yeah, it can be scary and dangerous.

But, are you a man?

Or, are you a chihuahua?



I don’t know what Black Pigeon is. Or, who. Or even where he is. Although, I suspect that he’s on MY side of the Pacific, since his channel URL includes the word Tokyo.

Anyway, he speaks from a ‘rationalist’ non-religious perspective, which is interesting, given the things that he is saying. It’s almost as if he is saying that being Christian is actually ‘rational’. Although, he hasn’t said that.

Anyway, he is revealing the absolute insanity of our system, and that is something that I can identify with. Insanity, it’s normal, just not rational.

Making the Chicken Run

Unless you have something better to do, making the ‘chicken run’ is a good idea.

The US government is not your friend. Finding a place where you might have friends… seems like a good idea.

Microsoft Auto-Scheduling Windows 10 Updates

I don’t know what to make of this Windows 10. It is extremely Orwellian, since it watches everything that you do. Our church, on Sunday, was unable to use powerpoint, because Microsoft had forced an update from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

THAT is EXTREMELY unsettling and distasteful. They messed up our church service, and I’m concerned that they are getting ready to mess up our lives. After hearing about the open support that Ford Motor Company, Standard Oil and IBM gave to Hitler… I am NOT ready to allow such evil to have access to my life.


I think that this demonstrates that we have.

Yes… Islamophobia is accelerating Global Warming.

You heard it here first, kids.

The Confessions of Congressman X

We’ve known about this for a very long time. This is just confirmation.

This is so ugly. It really is.

Egypt jails 152 over anti-government protests

Al-Sisi is really turning into quite an authoritarian dictator. He is brutally clamping down on ANY dissent. Unfortunately, he might be ‘forced’ to.

MKULTRA Survivors Testify Before Congress

This is old testimony, but it bears repeating.

When the Dulles brothers invited Reinhard Gehlen to form the core of the CIA, they created a psychopathic monster that went on to assassinate a president in 1963, blackmail Congress and take over the media (MOCKINGBIRD).

MKULTRA is just one part of that effort, but it is the most vile and repulsive.

If you wish to know who truly controls America, begin with the CIA. They are the tool wielded by the Elites.

There is nothing good that comes out of Langley.

Whole Foods accuser drops lawsuit over cake | KVUE.com

I am sickened by the fact that he is an ‘openly gay pastor’.


The fact that this is possible, means that there is no hope for America. We are done.

Warning, You’re Not Going To Like What You’re About To Hear! Trouble Brewing At a Church Near You! – YouTube

Interesting video from Lisa Haven. If you have a church that has joined the program run by the government, to report ‘suspicious members’, GET OUT OF THAT CHURCH!!

I don’t know how you would find out about whether your church is signed up… but, NEVER be a part of such a church. We are to govern ourselves. We only call in the authorities when the church cannot handle the situation.

Please, join a good church. If you can.

Memos on Alleged Saudi-Affiliated Support of the 9/11 Attacks

I didn’t read through them, so this is more of a ‘data point’ indicating that the issue is still on the ‘front-burner’. They’re not letting this issue die.

Vladimir Putin refuses to meet with Obama

I’m thinking that this is a sign that Russia doesn’t like us anymore.

Especially, when you see the thing about the goat.

US Treasury Quashes Saudi Threat of Dumping Treasuries « InvestmentWatch

The Saudis are terrified of the future, and rightly so. They are corrupt, badly educated and poorly defended. Their one claim to fame was oil, and it’s running out.

And now, Americans are waking up to the fact that they invaded the wrong country.

So, will the US withdraw from the Persian Gulf?

Has the US decided that the costs of propping up the corrupt monarchs of the Gulf… Have they decided that the benefits aren’t worth the costs?

Why has the Obama administration done so much to throw Saudi Arabia under the bus?

All of this is fascinating and speaks to deeper reasons than what we see on the surface.

This U.S. Government Is The Most Corrupt In History

Eventually, the muck will get so deep that the average person will be unable to ignore it. Once that collapse in confidence takes hold of a society, there’s Hell to pay. Literally.

We did it to ourselves, by our inattention.

The question is when. When will Americans wake up?

Senate Passes Bill That Would Expose Saudi Arabia’s Role In Sept. 11: Obama Veto Imminent

Ooops. Things just got interesting.

The Death of the Euro

Unfortunately, it’s more than just the death of the Euro. It’s also the death of Europe.

Oregon pastor accused of “bigotry” for church sign saying Qur’an is “just another book”

The insanity just never ends.

Why are people being offended over… NOTHING?!

This is beyond insane.

If someone came up to me and said that they hate everything that I believe in… (as some have) …my response would be… SO?

We have become a society of drooling idiots.

CHRISLAM ALERT: Huffington Post Calls For A Merging Between Christianity And Islam

There comes a time when you have to call a spade a spade.

Those who believe that Islam and Christianity worship the same God… well …you’re going to the one place where all such go: Hell.

Chrislam and Chrislamists are of Satan.

In Search For Cures, Scientists Create Embryos That Are Both Animal And Human

This goes against everything that God talks about in the Bible. God speaks keeping kind with kind, not commiting abomination by mixing them. It’s almost as if God was reaching out to us and telling us that what is happening right now… is evil.

House Democrats chant ‘shame’ on House floor after switched votes on religious freedom amendment

The fact that we had to have this vote, that it so narrowly defeated an attack upon our religious freedoms… tells you much.

We are done.

It’s time to get out of the blast zone.

US Senate Passes Legislation Allowing 9/11 Victims To Sue Saudi Arabia As ’28-Pages’ Leaks Appear

THIS is going to be VERY interesting. And, illuminating.

Article In Saudi Daily: U.S. Planned, Carried Out 9/11 Attacks – But Blames Others For Them

Doth the Saudis protest too much?

Sculpting Public Opinion from Birth to Death: “Schools and Media are Completely Complicit in the Destruction of This Nation”

As we saw in the videos, the elites have taken over the education system, so that they can control the country. If you cannot break free from the shackles that our educational system has created, then there is no hope for you.

Is The Army Preparing For A Major Deployment: Orders 177,000 Bulletproof Armor Plates

This news should make you uneasy. Either this means that America is about to start another war, or that there is an implicite realization that America is about to collapse.

Either way, it’s bad.

Charlotte Observer: Girls must try ‘overcoming discomfort’ of seeing ‘male genitalia’ in bathrooms


The Shift to a Cashless Society is Snowballing

Come to Taiwan. We LOVE cash, AND we’re developed.

Greek Pipeline Breakthrough To Challenge Russian Gas Dominance

And… the pipeline wars continue.

The West Must Say “Je Suis Asia Bibi”

Please spare a prayer for Asia Bibi. May God help this poor woman.

Our turn is next.

12 Signs That A Cloud Of Insanity Has Descended On The Land

I hope that you are ready for God’s judgment.


SHOCKER! The renegade pope said that Christians spreading the gospel is the same as Muslims waging jihad.

Wellllll… I’m not shocked.

What ELSE would you expect from a Jesuit?

Pope Francis’ Jihad on Christianity

Remember that Pope Francis is a Jesuit of the highest rank. That means that he’s a true blue, through and through, Satanist.

Once you understand THAT, you understand why this Pope is so anti-Christian.

Saudi Government Daily ‘Okaz’: Senate’s Passage Of Bill Allowing To Sue Saudi Arabia For September 11 Attacks Will ‘Open Gates of Hell’ For U.S.

Sorry, but the ‘Gates of Hell’ have already opened for the US. The Saudis will need to stand in line.



Who knew that we would be building an Israeli mountain in America?

(Armageddon actually means Mount Megido, which is in northern Israel)

Of course we know that Armageddon means ‘the end of everything’, at least that is how we use it today. And, I believe that our political system is on the verge of completely destroying itself. And, that self-destruction could happen, this year. I truly hope that you will be ready for that possibility.

Whatever happens, this election will be a doozy.

“Hillary’s America” Trailer | First Trailer HD – YouTube

THIS is an INCREDIBLE video. Yes, it’s just the trailer, but the trailer is incredible all by itself. And, if the main movie is ANYTHING like this trailer… WOW. This movie will KILL Hillary Clinton’s chances to become president, if it is allowed to be shown.

Of course, that’s assuming that it matters who will be president. But, seriously… this video. OUCH.

I picked the video up, here:


‘Guccifer’ And The Kremlin’s 20,000 Hacked Emails – In The Eye Of Hillary’s Perfect Storm

This is from Andrew Napolitano. I consider him to be more than a little optimistic, when it comes to a Hillary prosecution. It sounds like he thinks that the system still works.

Over the next few weeks, I think that we are about to find out.

Whatever the case, the evidence brought forth here is truly damning.

You Know Those Missing Hillary Emails? Russia Might Leak 20,000

Hmmmm… If Russia doesn’t leak them, the Chinese might… or, the Iranians… or, [fill in the blank]

Inside the GOP effort to draft an independent candidate to derail Trump

It’s nice to know that the vile and revolting leadership of the Republican Party still don’t get it. The American Voter doesn’t like them. They think that the GOP Elites are corrupt persons of uncertain parentage.

But, the Elites don’t understand that. So, the foul and fowl Elites will keep clucking away.

In one sense, it’s nice to know that such people don’t understand how awful they are. Otherwise, you might feel a little sorry for them.

The GOP Finally Gets It: “People Just Don’t Care, Trump Rewrote The Playbook”

Yes, finally. The Republican Party Elites are beginning to ‘get it’.

They’re still disgusting piles of fermented garbage. But, at least they’re a little bit wiser than before.

SALLY MILLER: Hillary and her ‘coke habit’

Hillary is such an ugly person. Corrupt, vile and violent. As bad as we’ve always known Bill to be, Hillary is shockingly worse. Illegal drugs and gross perversion.

The most shocking thing to me, is that the American people are indifferent to Bill and Hillary’s corruption. That is amazing.

Hilllary Reveals Role Bill Would Play In Her Administration

Um… riiiight. Bill will be in charge of ‘revitalizing’ the economy.

I’m betting that he will need a steady stream of young, female interns to do that job.

Hillary’s Latest Scandal: She And Bill Siphoned $100 Mil From Persian Gulf Leaders

Not only is Hillary corrupt, but she’s in bed with the Gulf Arabs.

And, she’s got something going on with Huma Abedin, who has direct connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hillary ‘Allahu Akbar’ Clinton.

Hillary horror! ‘Get those f-ing retards out of here’

If America elects Hillary, then America deserves what she gets. Vile and violent. If that is what you want America to be, then go ahead and make her day.

Wall Street Analyst Charles Ortel has discovered that the Clinton Foundation’s contribution disclosures do not match up with individual donors’ records.

As they say… follow the money.

Someone has, and it doesn’t look pretty.

Clinton Foundation Bribes for Weapon Deals

I find that the list of countries donating to the Clinton Foundation to be interesting.

Taiwan was obviously being blocked by China, so they bribed Clinton.

EXCLUSIVE – Clinton’s Alleged Ex-Lover: Hillary a ‘Terrorist,’ ‘Sex Addict’ Bill Told Me He Had 2,000 Women – Breitbart

Sure. Let’s have another sexual deviant in the White House.

‘We’re running a f—ing casino’: Politician tells all in manifesto

This is more on that ‘Congressman X’. He’s not saying anything that we don’t already know. The important thing is that he’s saying it.

The problem is that most politicians are so shameless that they won’t blink an eye. It will be business as usual.

Oh, and the average voter?

Congressman who?

Judge Jeanine Goes Nuclear On Hillary: “The American People Have To Stop Her”

The Judge does a takedown of Hillary. Ouch. THAT has gotta HURT.


But, will America listen?

How To Deal With The Professional Clinton Trolls Who Are Paid To Counter Truth About “The Queen Of Blood” With Lies

Hillary Clinton is… horrifying.

I’ve called her a one-woman crime wave, but she’s more than that. She’s more than merely a criminal or even a psychopath. She’s violent, megalomaniacal, corrupt and able to hide all of that behind a reasonably professional and seemingly benign exterior. She wants the world, and she believes that she can get it.

THAT kind of person – whether man or woman – is a threat to the life and liberty of any country that she sets foot in. She needs to be tried for treason and then executed if found guilty. At the very least, she needs to be denied the ability to talk her way into ANY influence or power.

She’d be a threat, if she was elected for the position of dog catcher.

Unfortunately, THAT woman has a very real chance of becoming POTUS.

God help us all.

Nebraska GOP Convention Humiliates Ben Sasse with Crushing 400 to 8 Reprimand

Good. Sasse got what was coming to him. He might need another whuppin’, but I think that he’ll behave.

Of course, a third party that actually stands for decency and morality would be an extremely good idea. But, Amerika has gotten too corrupt to go for that.

So… we have Trump.

DOJ employees donate over $70K to Clinton campaign – YouTube

Hey, nothing to see here… move along… move along…

The DOJ? Corrupt?

No, just ethically challenged.

Good ol’ Hillary is going to get away with it, and laugh at us.

Kleptocracy never looked so good.

Clinton Does Best Where Voting Machines Flunk Hacking Tests: Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders Election Fraud Allegations

So, you think that you live in a democracy?

Did anyone ever tell you what Bolshevik means?

It essentially means ‘Democrat’, (although literally ‘One of the majority’). That was Soviet Russia.

Here’s a quote from Joseph ‘Uncle Joe’ Stalin, one of the founders of Soviet Russia:

It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

– Stalin

Come this November, you aren’t going to get an election. You’re going to get a ‘selection’. YOU won’t be counting the votes. THEY WILL.

They’ve already won. It’s their system. Their rules. Their game.

Dems’ New Fear: Sanders Revolt Could Upend Convention… NBC’s Jansing On Dem Chaos: “This Is Not Something That Is Going To Be Settled Quickly Or Quietly”

I find it strange that the democrat Elites are so perplexed over the outrage fom Sanders supporters, as Clinton cheats her way to the nomination.

When people are so obviously cheated, they get upset.

If the Democrats don’t start handling this better, they will be chopped to bits by Sanders & Co.

Congressman Exposes Porn Habit With ‘Innocent’ Facebook Post

Claims to be Conservative and Christian… and, not embarrassed.

What a commentary on our political system, and our country.

Dems’ new fear: Sanders revolt could upend Democratic convention – CNNPolitics.com

I love how CNN twists the news to make it look like the Sanders people were the sole cause of the brouhaha (yes, that is a word). Of course, nothing excuses foul (or fowl?) language, but you and I would be equally upset if you were so obviously being cheated.

The Democrat Elites are ciminals. Their corruption of the political process is nothing less than treason, and there is only one punishment for those who have committed such acts.

Hillary is a murderer, traitor, thief and a walking obscenity. I look forward to the day when justice comes for her.

Bernie Sanders camp slams Debbie Wasserman Schultz for ‘throwing shade’ – POLITICO

It’s good to see the corruption of the unDemocratic Party become so obvious. I consider Sanders to be an idiot, but he’s an honest idiot. The psychopaths running the unDemocratic Party do not like honest politicians. Honesty is anathema to unDemocrats.

Trump Gains Ground On Hillary As Democratic Infighting Takes Its Toll

YES! I’m loving this one. Keep Sanders in the race. If there’s anything that I destest more than the Republicans… it’s the Democrats.

Trump Leads Clinton Nationally For First Time In Latest Poll

That’s gotta hurt.

Trump The Golden Man, Part 1 – News from the Wall | Watchmans Cry

My research into our complicity in Hitler’s genocide consumed so much of my time, that I was unable to listen to the audio. But, I did read the text, so it seems like something worth listening to.

Normally, I don’t post a link without vetting it completely, but this is Nathan and Donna Leal. If Nathan and Donna says something, it’s probably worth listening to.

And, I will certainly be listening to the audio over the weekend.



Without an economy, a nation cannot exist. And without a financial system, an economy cannot exist. The financial system is about to fail, and followed by the economy.

Please. PLEASE, be ready for this.

Economic Collapse Logistics For The Government

The writer makes an interesting point. When things fall apart, the government will need to provide their minions with an incentive to keep working for the government. Of course, that’s why there are the confiscation orders for FEMA, et al.

If you stay at your desk and keep working, you get to eat and have some toys. If you don’t… you don’t.

Total US Debt Is Back To Its Great Depression Peak

So, is 300 the magic number?

As in… total debt to GDP?

It’s what they are appearing to say. And, we’re almost there.

It’s a long way down, kids. Please have your seatbelts on.

Two More US Energy Companies Go Bankrupt: Breitburn, Sandridge File Chapter 11

Two more frackers go belly-up. Who’s next?

Recession Watch: Freight Volume Drops, Worst Level since 2010… Inventory Glut, Lousy Consumer Demand, Weak Global Economy… « InvestmentWatch

Very bad news for those depending on the US economy growing to the sky.

Get ready for a thump.

Analyst Warns Deutsche Bank’s Problems May Now Be “Insurmountable”

Deutsche Bank is the ‘sick bank’ of Europe. The fact that analysts are stepping up and declaring the obvious is a bad sign.

When DB goes… there goes the neighborhood.

How Stupid Do You Have To Be, Part 2: 100-Year Bonds

My question is… When do we hit ‘Peak Insanity’?

I keep thinking, “Any day, now,” but we keep breaking new records on insanity. Just as trees don’t grow to the sky, the Crazy Scale can’t go too far off the page.

So, where does it end?

With a ‘Land War in Asia’?

Actually… I think that it might. In fact, that ‘Land War’ has already started.

Secret G-20 Meeting In Ireland this Summer to Manage the Collapse of America

I have backed off of including articles written by Dave Hodges because he’s been wrong too many times. He joins a list of people that have put their reputations on the line and… had those reputations tarnished.

Is there going to be a secret G-20 meeting in Ireland?

We will need to see. However, I don’t doubt that it’s possible, which is why I’m including this piece.

Decisions are made at these meetings, and you need to be ready for what they choose to do.

David Stockman Warns “Get Out Of The Casino!” | Zero Hedge

The upside is two percent and the downside is 40%!!

Stockman is actually being a bit optimistic here. Of course, CNBC won’t allow very much pessimism. If you watch/listen to CNBC, your head is full of mush.

Several Monster Banks Teetering On Collapse… Are The “Too Big To Fail” About To Fail?

I hope that you don’t have too much of your money in the banks. Keep as much of your assets out of the banks, as possible.

Undeniable Evidence That The Real Economy Is Already In Recession Mode

Unfortunately, I think that this is more than just a recession. It’s a depression, and it’s about to get much, much worse.



I’m not a gold bug. I’m not a silver bug. But, nothing at this present time has as much portability while being recognized universally as valuable. If something else came along that was better, I’d go for that. But, until then, I’m recommending gold and silver for those of you that have money left over, after doing all your other preparations.

God, community, secure location, water and food (in that order) should all come before any purchase of gold or silver.

Comex vault doesn’t have enough gold

Interesting. There are 542 claims of ownership for every ounce of gold in COMEX warehouses. Even more interesting is the fact that this multiplication of ‘paper gold’ really only started in late 2013/early 2014. I hadn’t quite realized that the explosion in ‘paper gold’ was such a recent phenomenon.

I hadn’t really thought about it. I haven’t really cared all that much.

The important thing is for you to understand the implications. It means that the price-setting mechanism for gold is about to break. And, when it does, the ‘sale’ on gold will be over.

They have artificially reduced the price of gold for a very long time. That price suppression will end fairly soon.

A Geologist’s Case for Gold – The Daily ReckoningGlobal Elite Making Preparations For Post-Dollar World-Rob Kirby | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

I pay attention to what Rob Kirby says, especially since he really doesn’t seem to care much about what you think about what he is saying. He does have a newsletter subscription service, but his biggest job is finding gold for people with more money than you and me.

Anyway, he has this to say:

So, what are Kirby’s clients doing now? Kirby says, “The universal message is people are trying to get, for the most part, as much of their assets into physical precious metals as they can. Precious metal is getting increasingly hard to buy.”

Has Kirby seen demand for precious metals higher than right now? Kirby says, “No, I haven’t. I also have never seen this much interest to procure or own physical precious metal. Up until 2010, central banks were net sellers of gold, and since 2010, they have been net buyers of physical precious metal, and they never bought more than last year, except this year will be bigger than last year.

There’s more in the write-up and in especially in the video interview.

I know that many of us don’t have a lot of cash lying around, but if you do… get gold and silver – especially silver. Think of it as insurance.

Huge Trend Changes Point To Something Big In The Gold Market : SRSrocco Report

This trend points directly to a huge surge in gold prices in the future. How close that future is, is hard to say. But, it’s coming.



Laugh a little. It’ll help. Seriously, it’ll do your heart good, especially after reading all the horrible news above.

I don’t go out of my way to search for these. I usually discover them by accident.

DNA test traces origins of Hillary cackle to hyena ancestors

It took until THURSDAY for me to actually find something to chuckle at. Things must be bad, for it to take THAT long.

But, yes. Hillary Hyena Clinton.

Of course, her chihauhau impression was… precious.

Donald Trump Ad on Hillary Clinton Barking – YouTube

Sorry, I just can’t help myself. The above link inspired me to look for the Hillary Barking ad, and no matter how many times I watch this thing… I can’t stop laughing.

To me, THIS is the ad that defines Hillary, and there is no way that Americans will ever elect her as president, when they see it.

Boris Johnson wins offensive poetry competition on Turkey’s Erdogan

I actually laughed at the limrick written by Boris Johnson:

“There was a young fellow from Ankara

Who was a terrific w*****er

Till he sowed his wild oats

With the help of a goat

But he didn’t even stop to thankera.”

Sorry, Erdogan. You asked for it, and now we’re laughing at you.

Former London Mayor Wins Most Offensive Erdogan Poem Contest

Here’s the version of the story from ZeroHedge.



There is NOTHING funny about Islam. It is the most evil main line religion that I know of. There are other religions that are more evil, but they must hide from plain sight.

Worse, Islam is as much an ideology as a religion. It’s more fascist than Hitler’s Nazi Party, or Mussolini’s Italy. It’s more racist than the KKK.

What a vile ideology.

Nothing to Do with Islam

This is something that everyone needs to understand. Here are the last two paragraphs:

Israel’s obliteration, from the river to the sea – not liberating “Palestine” – is the true cause célèbre. Islam’s honor is at stake, not Palestinian statehood.

It has everything to do with Islam. For Islamic honor has been affronted, nothing less, and Israeli existence is apparently the greatest stain.

The Arab-Israeli Conflict is wrongly named.

It’s the Islam-Israeli Conflict.

We need to get that right.

The Crusades Were a Reasonable Response to Unchecked Islamic Aggression

The Crusades were self-defense. The only problem that I have with the Crusades were the people leading them.

Are Muslims Converting to Christianity Faster Than Christians Converting to Islam?

I have personal experience with this question, and the answer is ‘YES’. But, those who have converted are risking their very lives to say that they did.



Jesus spoke of Ethnos rising against Ethnos. That is happening as we speak, and Islam seems to be leading the way – in its invasion of Europe.

Why Merkel insisted on inviting these barbarians into Europe, I’ll never know. In fact, I’m not sure that I WANT to know.

Still Report #866 – Obama is Still Planting Seedling Muslim Towns – YouTube

This insertion of violent, supremacist barbarians into America is bringing Matthew 24:7 to the US.

Yes. Soros IS Dr. No.

Paying For Their Own Destruction: Germany to Spend $106 Billion on Refugees Over the Next Five Years… Dozens Of Terrorism Suspects Among Refugees Who Entered Germany

This is the really shocking part of all this. They are actively paying for their own demise. And, they can’t even offer a compelling reason for why they are doing this.

Mind boggling.

“What Is Worrisome Is The Increasing Scale Of Violence” – Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Turns To Arson In Germany

The heat is turning up on the Muslim migrants. Arson is up. Violence is up.

This is going to explode, and Merkel will be the one who caused it all.

Austira: “We have so-called refugees here with a full beard and gray-hair claiming to be children. It is absolutely absurd.” says anonymous police officer

Well, it looks like someone told these Muslim barbarians that being a ‘child’ will get you better benefits.

And, it looks like the Osterreichern (Austrians) are beginning to realize that they’ve been idiots.

Idiots. Drooling idiots.

EU-Turkey Migrant Deal Unravels

Here’s the summary:

“It can be expected that, as soon as Turkish citizens will obtain visa-free entry to the EU, foreign nationals will start trying to obtain Turkish passports … or use the identities of Turkish citizens, or to obtain by fraud the Turkish citizenship. This possibility may attract not only irregular migrants, but also criminals or terrorists.” — Leaked European Commission report, quoted in the Telegraph, May 17, 2016.

According to the Telegraph, the EU report adds that as a result of the deal, the Turkish mafia, which traffics vast volumes of drugs, sex slaves, illegal firearms and refugees into Europe, may undergo “direct territorial expansion towards the EU.”

“If they make the wrong decision, we will send the refugees.” — Burhan Kuzu, senior adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Erdogan is now demanding that the EU immediately hand over three billion euros ($3.4 billion) so that Turkish authorities can spend it as they see fit. The EU insists that the funds be transferred through international aid agencies in accordance with strict rules on how the aid can be spent. This prompted Erdogan to accuse the EU of “mocking the dignity” of the Turkish nation.

Never do deals with the devil. That never ends well.

Muslims account for 91% of child rapes in UK

Ouch. That’s bad.

Muslim worker in refugee camp hailed by Merkel raped at least 30 boys

Another piece of horrendous. An abominable abomination.

German Polls Show 2/3 Have Had Enough of Merkel

I’m not German or in Germany, and I’VE had enough of Merkel!

Austria: ‘Sharia patrol’ savagely beat dad on the street because he was protecting his daughter

Absolutely horrifying. Eventually, the Osterreichern will take matters into their own hands, if the police are so ineffective.

This is coming to America, kids. In fact, it’s already there.

Muslim Scholar Celebrates Extinction of ‘Blue Eyed, Blonde Haired’ Germans – YouTube

It looks like the ‘Blue Eyed, Blonde Germans’ will take an exception to this. I just find it strange that the Germans, French, Swedes, etc. are so ready to commit suicide. They are embracing their own destruction, and it boggles the mind.

Former British spy chief slams visa-free travel for Turkey – POLITICO

As he said, like storing gasoline next to a bonfire. That is EXACTLY what they’ve done. The question is why.

It really is perplexing. I guess that I just don’t understand insanity.

FRANCE: Sudanese Muslim freeloader sets fire to government welfare offices when they don’t give him a nice house right away


These Charts Show the Truly Dismal State of Young People in Bailed-Out EU Countries

So, with all of this discontent, add in violent, supremacist Muslims, who are rampaging through Europe.

How do you think that will turn out?

Up in arms: Bavarians seek non-lethal weapons en masse amid refugee crisis — RT News

Lessee, Germany is supposed to be a democratic country. So, when the average German becomes a bit more fearful and seeks for something to make them feel more safe… that doesn’t matter?

Right. Their true colors are showing.

The Germans will need to rise up and throw these Muslims out, and they’ll do it, if the government does nothing.

And, they’re doing nothing.

Welcome to Matthew 24:7.

The Surprising Decision Where To House Thousands Of Dutch Refugees: In Prison

Look… when I said PRISON… I meant, for the POLITICIANS, NOT the migrants.

Demand For Small Arms ‘Protection’ In Germany Explodes As Immigrant Fear Rises

What begins as a desire for self-protection will end with a desire for vengeance. The government of Germany had better be paying attention to this.

Unfortunately, they won’t. So, there will be blood in the streets.

GERMANY: The annual ‘Carnival of Cultures’ in Berlin has become a hunting ground for Muslim predators

It’s not like they need MORE reasons to be upset with the Muslim barbarians.

When will the Germans stand up for themselves?



This massive invasion described in Ezekiel 38 and 39 will rock the world and bring wholesale death and destruction, around the world.

Why? Because it will bring something that I call Ezekiel’s Fire:


You will see the preparations for that invasion in the links below. As the time grows closer, please be ready for that dreadful superflare.

Russia Completes Energy Bridge With Crimea, Warns Against Any Future Interference

Well, this is going to have our Satanic masters a bit upset. Russia is escaping their grasp, and that just won’t do.

I’m wondering what the Elites will do next.

Foreign Policy Diary – Turkey Attempts to Launch Dialogue with Syria – YouTube

Interesting. Turkey is afraid of the Kurds. Guess who are supporting the Kurds?

Israel and Russia.



Did you say oil?

Yes, and that really is why we are bringing ‘freedom’ to the Middle East. And, as the oil dies, one wonders what we will do next.

Turkey Moving Close to Civil War

It’s true, and I cannot think of a country more deserving of civil war, right now.

ISIS covers fighters’ hefty bills in Turkish hospitals, leaked phone taps reveal

More hypocrisy on the part of Turkey, and yet another reason why Turkey needs to be broken apart.

Weapons Headed to Libya – Hillary Clinton’s Interventionist Disaster Continues to Spiral Out of Control

This could have been put under lots of different categories, but this one is the most important. Remember that Libya is a part of Gog and Magog.

I’m betting that Russia or Iran will step in to clean up the mess in Libya.

As NATO Beckons, Ukraine Signs Military Cooperation Plan With Turkey

Well, the plot thickens. Turkey and Ukraine get closer. This is on top of reports that we’ve been receiving of Turkish troops/militants fighting for Kiev against Donbass and Lugansk.

Interesting. Birds of a feather.

audioBoom / NATO Escalates & Russia Fulminates. Stephen F. Cohen, NYU. Princeton. EastWestAccord.com.

I believe that Dr. Cohen really understands the Russian mind. And, Putin’s mind – at least, to a degree, if anyone can.

What the United States is doing is madness. It’s as if they want a nuclear war. Some would say that they are ‘doing it on purpose’, and they might be right.

But… to what purpose?

This is the Cuban missile crisis on steroids. And, Russia is running out of options. Eventually, Russia will be forced to do the unthinkable.

Saudi Arabia Considers Paying Contractors With IOUs

Very interesting. This lack of ‘cash’ could be a sign of things to come. And, I’m putting this bit of news here – even though it might be better in finance – because if Saudi Arabia implodes… well …I think that a power vacuum will form and pull in all kinds of bad actors.

Saudi Arabia Admits To A Full-Blown Liquidity Crisis: Will Pay Government Contractors With IOUs, Debt

More on the above issue. Ouch.

Close Encounters: Russian and Israeli Planes Near Dogfight

It looks like Russia is playing a game. With Israel. That bothers me, and it should bother you.

NATO Announces War Policy Against Russia

Hey kids, let’s go to war. We’ll go out and kill a bunch of people for our nazi overlords, and then claim that we did it for freedom and values.

Sure, and we’ll ignore the fact that we are the ‘bad guys’.



As the day of our Lord’s Return grows closer, so will evil grow greater. And, as evil grows, so also grows a vile and insane hatred of Israel.

I’ve been watching this form of anti-Semitism grow for more than twenty years. Do NOT get sucked into this terrible hate. It is a madness that will eat your soul.

That madness is why I’m talking about Israel below. I’m an eyewitness of events in Israel. I know the country, the people and her language. I know the history and the reasons for the conflict in the region.

I am in a good position to tell you that the articles below really do speak the truth about a people and a place that are important to God.

How Israel is turning part of the Negev Desert into a cyber-city

Interesting article. As has been said, “The threat of death concentrates the mind wonderfully.” That is Israel.

In the late ’90s/early 2000s, I worked for a company that was a ‘spinoff’ of an Israeli military intelligence project, involving Natural Language Processing. Very smart. Very capable. Basically, the commander of the unit created his startup around the unit that he commanded.

Unfortunately, for Israel, failure is not an option. No strategic depth means that there is no margin of error. If they fail, they die. Then cannot afford to be weak anywhere, in anything.

Rebel Planet Dispatch: Paying the Price for Dividing Jerusalem

Marcel is right. The two-state solution is genocide, pure and simple.

ISIS Campaign In Support Of Its Sinai Branch, Urges Egyptians To Join Its Ranks

ISIS is now turning its sights on Israel. We knew that this was going to happen. It’s always the card played by Islamists, when the going gets tough.

Israeli leader: Iran mocks WWII Holocaust, prepares another

Unfortunately, Netanyahu is not using hyperbole. It is nothing less than the cold, hard truth. Iran is planning genocide.

Of course, Iran is planning for more than the wholesale murder of every Jewish man, woman and child in Israel. After all, Iran calls Israel the ‘Little Satan’. America is Iran’s ‘Big Satan’.

Iran wants you dead so bad, that they can taste it. And, with their understanding of America’s vulnerability to EMP attack, Iran has the ability to make you dead, if you aren’t ready for what they want to impost upon you.

Please be ready for an EMP attack from Iran or North Korea. They have the means, ability and motivation to use an EMP attack upon the US. You need to be ready for that.

Israel, Gaza and “Proportionality”

Israel cannot win. Most of the world is anti-Semitic, so we can expect that Israel will be condemned for defending herself. How sick.

Here’s the summary:

It appears that several major Palestinian terror groups have begun to prepare for mega-terror attacks on Israel.

The authoritative rules of war do not equate “proportionality” with how many people die in each side of a conflict. In war, no side is ever required to respond to aggression with only the equivalent measure of force. Rather, the obligations of proportionality require that no side employ any level of force that is greater than what is needed to achieve a legitimate political and operational objective.

Under pertinent international law, the use of one’s own people as “human shields” — because such firing from populated areas is intended to deter Israeli reprisals, or to elicit injuries to Palestinian civilians — represents a codified war crime. More specifically, this crime is known as “perfidy.” This is plainly an attempt to make the IDF appear murderous when it is compelled to retaliate, but it is simply a Palestinian manipulation of legal responsibility. Under law, those Arab residents who suffer from Israeli retaliations are incurring the consequences of their own government’s war crimes.

International law is not a suicide pact. Instead, it offers a universally binding body of rules and procedures that allows all states to act on behalf of their “inherent right of self-defense.”

Please, please, do not believe the lies that you are being told.

A Fake Museum for a Fake Palestine

Yup, Palestinian and Fake go together. In fact, they are synonyms.

Without the coming of Israel, there would have been no Palestinians. Without the Jews, the Land of Israel would have been a barren waste, full of disease and suffering.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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50 thoughts on “Oil Destroyed Us”

  1. John
    I, like you, I was aware of most of the info in the 14 min vid. But it gives me something to send to friends and family who question me. I have been listening (Audible) to a book on John D Rockefeller. He was a staunch, dedicated Baptist. A Sunday school teacher and superintendent at his church as was JD jr. In 1902, JD earned $52 million (easily $5bn today) in Standard Oil income, tax free, as there were no taxes then. Mind you that was just one year. So, you can imagine the wealth he/the family, amassed. He always had others doing the dirty work of Standard Oil, aloof, feigning ignorance of any heavy handed activity. Somewhere along the way the wealth corrupted absolutely. You are absolutely correct – the Rockefeller wealth would not have been possible without cheap, easy oil.

  2. An interesting video by Molyneaux on the situation in Venezuela – about 22 minutes and well worth it:


    I’ve watched There Is No Tomorrow a couple times, starting with the first time I saw it appear in this blog. And I’ve never stopped thinking about it. There are a lot of conceptual parallels with what Molyneaux observes about Venezuela – they are sitting on huge oil reserves but the government has mismanaged just about everything; and by making so many necessities “free” has destroyed all incentive to prepare any kind of backup plan. So, now that Plan A is not working anymore, this is what happens when there is no Plan B. It strikes me as so weird that all the normalcy bias types screaming that all this doom and gloom is nonsense ……. are ignoring that it is actually happening next door.

    I think it’s very interesting how Greg Mannarino has said, more than once, that when he saw a graph of world population growth compared to a graph of the discovery and use of petroleum products – he got it and it was terrifying. What he saw was the same cycle – in human lives – that nature goes through with other life forms that happen upon a windfall of some useful resource: the population thrives on it and multiplies greatly until it is gone – then there is an extreme die-off. He saw the steep, exponential climb of population and instinctively knew that cannot continue; that everything that goes up, must come down. And he knew instinctively that this was happening because the use of petroleum made the kind of machinery and equipment possible that enables mass production of food on a scale that is impossible without it. And that petroleum is a finite resource, and we have no plan B. I really don’t understand why this is so hard for so many people to see – and even without the corruption etc that follows large amounts of money, oil has destroyed us. Just the math is enough to explain it.

    I have also been watching, with great interest, Ann Barnhardt’s last (she says) video, on Diabolical Narcissism, which she says is the last piece of the puzzle that explains what is happening in the world. I think she’s right. It’s over 3 hours, and I’ve been watching it a bit at a time as I can. Well worth it, even if you have to do it at 15 minutes a day:


    • Hi DRG,

      You get it.

      Few things make me more glad than to see more than someone with the ‘lights on’ and their eyes open. Well done.

      Unfortunately, what has been seen cannot be unseen, so you are ‘cursed’ with knowing where we are going. I have been wracking my head for ways to communicate what I see, but the normalcy bias is just too big for many.

      I just spoke with a Taiwanese pastor last night, that takes Christian groups to the killing fields of Cambodia. The horror was – and is – unimaginable. They also could not believe what was coming, or what was happening. It was too much for them. And now, those that survived must live with the results.

      But, even in places like Cambodia, God still does miracles. I pray for miracles. The thought of our brothers and sisters suffering and dying… well …it drives me on.

      My hope is that you and everyone else will be spared what is coming.

      Thank you for the video recommendations. I have put them on my ‘listen list’.

      God bless you, DRG. If God gives you a way to exit the ‘blast zone’, TAKE IT.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • I would, except that it appears I may have been brought instead to a more intense part of the blast zone. Life is strange. Until a few months ago I lived in a peaceful, safe tiny rural town, with wonderful neighbors. I had a job that just barely paid the bills and left nothing for emergencies, or even a car payment if my very old car finally gave out for good. I couldn’t afford health insurance, for years, yet was forced by Obamacare to pay the equivalent of $200 a month in fines for this inability…. which of course made it even more impossible to pay for my own healthcare, and if the car had died then I wouldn’t even be able to keep a job! I prayed about this for quite some time. Then, an opportunity came up for a job that paid drastically more than what I was making, provided wonderful and inexpensive health care, and I felt I had no choice but to accept it. The move went without a hitch, strange circumstances popped up out of nowhere to help me find a perfect place to live with almost no effort on my part, so I hope this was an answer to prayer and not a misinterpretation on my part. That has happened SO many times – me thinking that because a certain thing seems to work out, that it was God’s will. And finding out otherwise. Anyway, I am now in one of those major metropolitan areas you want to be hundreds of miles away from when the SHTF, and with a huge Muslim presence to boot. Huge. National headquarters for the more organized ones. Living in the same town where they were stealing propane tanks and buying dozens of cell phones at one time, these being ingredients for a type of rocket that they make and use in other places. And who knows but what this also is an answer to my prayers – I have prayed Luke 21:36 for years, but the intent in my mind when I pray it is not that I will emerge from the mayhem, like crispy Girl Scouts after a forest fire (from a very, very old joke), but that the Lord will just permit me to come home. I would rather die quickly than slowly. I am old, in my 60s, and weary. I do not have the strength or the constitution for a life best prepared for by Marine bootcamp. Not going to happen.

        • Hi DRG,

          I understand.

          The fact that you are aware and willing to sacrifice your life for Christ… well …it’s enough for me. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you. May you always be a perfect reflection of Christ into this dark world.

          I doubt that very many of us will die of old age or natural causes.

          Keep up the good work, DRG. You’ve made the choice for eternity, instead of this oh-so-short life.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  3. Hello Brother John;
    The whole world truly lies in darkness as never before. The iniquity of man is coming to a fullness, but Praise God! the Body of Christ will also manifest in a fullness never known (much to the dismay, as well as the outrage, of the wicked). The glory of the latter house SHALL BE greater than the former!

    In your article you wrote: ‘The Antichrist needs a global control network’. I would like to share something the Lord spoke to me a few years ago. I was getting a little frustrated with the book of Daniel, with all the king of the north and the king of the south stuff. I would read and reread chapter 11, trying to get a grip on the sequence of events, but absolutely could not track with things no matter how I tried.

    Then the Lord spoke to my heart and said ‘Read the events backwards, and I’ll show you something you can grasp and use’. So I read the end section about the vile man who will bring desolation to the cities of the world with his global tyranny whom we refer to as Antichrist. Then I backed up to the description of the man he replaces:

    Daniel 11:20-21 Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom: but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle. 21 And in his estate shall stand up a vile person…

    When I read this portion of Scripture the Lord spoke to my heart again and said, ‘Watch for this man!’ Since that day I have been watching for the ‘raiser of taxes’.
    This man’s bio is quite short but contains some key info. We will see a global leader come on the scene who will institute global taxation to fund the world dominating system Antichrist will take control of. This ‘raiser of taxes’ will only be in power for a very short time, then die apparently in some sort of accident; therefor this man should not be all that difficult to pinpoint. The man who steps into his shoes will be Antichrist!

    I heard someone speaking once (maybe Gary Kah?) on economics state that a global tax of only 1/10th of 1% on international transactions could increase the budget of the U.N. to three hundred times what it is today. NOT an increase of 300% (three times it’s budget), but three hundred times!

    As you stated Antichrist will need a network of Global control. A global system of economic control and the accompanying enforcement mechanism (International Criminal Court which is already in place, a global army / jack-booted thugs etc.) will require major funding.This enormous flow of resource is not currently in place but will be soon. In years gone by you hardly ever heard anyone suggest the need for global taxation, but now it is a frequent topic brought up by world leaders and politicians. Some day soon we will see the ‘raiser of taxes’ convince the world of the need for this taxation. (Maybe as a result of Ezekiel’s Fire? Your book sure has my mental gears whirling!) And when the ‘raiser of taxes’ croaks the world will finally see the face of EVIL incarnate.

    I don’t spend a lot of time speculating about who the Antichrist is but I am, at the instruction of the Lord, watching for his predecessor: the ‘raiser of taxes’.

    Thanks John for another eye opening and heartfelt write-up.

    • Hi Paul Benson,

      Very interesting. I have wrestled with Daniel 11 A LOT, so I share your frustration. I’d always assumed that Caesar Augustus was the ‘raiser of taxes’.

      I will try to look at that again in light of your interpretation, when I get to that part of the Bible in my daily reading – maybe in September/October.

      All of this is so unimaginable that I’ve been focusing on just the more immediate events that are coming. And just THOSE make my hair stand on end.

      In some respects, I think that it is good that we do NOT see everything. As I mentioned to DRG – above – no one could understand the horrors that were coming to Cambodia. They were just too much for people to comprehend. Of course, that left them vulnerable to those horrors.

      I see the unimaginable coming. God help us all.

      Thank you, Paul. Excellent and thoughtful comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. Where, oh where, shall I begin? I had to chuckle. Your sentiments were coming through loud and clear. I am trying very hard to learn how to voice my discernment, righteous anger, etc. in a more gentler, yet equally effective, way. Often I feel I have compromised, so I cry out to Abba how I feel instead. Then the answers come. One day Yeshua/Jesus is going to kick some major butt, I just wanna make sure mine is not included!!

    We started “waking up” when our first born was born premature and with a death sentence birth defect. Mercifully, the defect was operable and with the exception of some cognitive and fine motor skill issues, he is healthy. The thing is, three other children were born with the same condition that very same night, and we did not live in the same area (the same province, yes). The doctors said there was no medical or genetic reason for his former issues; I can’t speak for the others. So that really opened our eyes. The more I learn the more I understand the bible better. For example, Yeshua/Jesus said that it is ALMOST impossible for a rich man (person) to enter the kingdom. It is possible, but very, very difficult. Now we can see why.

    As for Standard Oil, not many people are aware that the Rockefellers financed Saudi Arabia to help the Saudis realize the potential of their oilfields, with strings attached, of course. If anybody wants to grumble against the Saudis’, they need to start with the U.S. first.

    Mr. Corbett has indeed been bitten by the anti-Semitism bug. I can not stand to watch or read anything of his without…..(BIG sigh in and out…. taking thoughts captive…) wanting to show him how I feel by calmly shutting down my computer and crying out to Abba. Phew!! Passed that test!

    • Hi TL2,

      You really get it too. I struggle with my thoughts of outrage all the time. But, at the same time, I do not want to become someone who is NOT outraged and upset over these thing. It’s a hard road to walk.

      The only thing that I can do is tell myself that these people do not understand what they are doing. Unfortunately, I don’t tell myself this enough, and I struggle to believe that these people don’t understand.


      That goes for James Corbett, by the way. I believe that he has good intentions, but… UGH.

      How do you wake up someone like that?

      God bless you, your family and your first-born, TL2. A crown awaits for all who persevere.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • I have my thoughts. These should be shared in person, not trying to parlay back and forth via digital messaging.

        I have no doubt in my mind that these people know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it.

        My answer to them is even if Israel (the government) is not on the up and up, which I believe to be true. I have been to Israel and have grieved. I am not going to get into this otherwise it will be a long diatribe with a few rabbit trails. All I want to say is that even though evil decisions have been made, Yahweh has covenanted with Israel, and those promises to bless those who bless and curse those who curse Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants are irrevocable and immutable. Yahweh Himself will deal with His people justly and righteously.

  5. Ps Many of these anti-Semitic, anti-God people have made their choices. They don’t care to know the truth, even if they do know the truth.

    On the other hand, Sid Roth (I don’t watch him much, but I love his heart for the Jewish people) went to Israel just LAST MONTH and organized a meeting where 98% of the over 1,000 non-believing Jewish attendees, IN ISRAEL, gave their lives to Yeshua/Jesus. That is unheard of!!!

    Clearly something is happening with our Jewish brothers and sisters. The darkness is getting darker, but the light is getting brighter.

  6. Someone wrote that Ann Barnhardt said in her *last* video regarding Diabolical Narcissism. That pretty much describes a movement that even Abba’s people are beginning to embrace: Transhumanism.

    Here are some links regarding what TPTB are working on, and if THIS doesn’t fit under the category of Diabolical Narcissism, I don’t know what would. Of note. Whatever agenda the elites have released as “press releases” in the MSM, is already years ahead of what they are letting on.



    https://youtu.be/PDS4oOd4EQY An award-winning documentary on Transhumanism

    • Hi TL2,

      I watched the Ann Barnhardt video, and I definitely agree with her point on ‘Diabolical Narcissism’. I have one or two relatives that fit at least part of that description. It explains a lot of the heartache that they have caused others.

      The only problem that I had with the video was her incessant claim that only Catholics are saved. I’m not sure if I should reach out to her and attempt to show her that she’s wrong. I know why she says it, but she needs to break out of that mindset and see the truth.

      (BTW, your comments are too good to even THINK about even editing, let alone deleting.)

      Those videos look interesting. I have now put them in my ‘LISTEN’ folder.

      Thank you, TL2. Keep those comments coming!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. Interesting take on the war. The part that counts that they never really tell you about.

    But we must remember who rules this world. The demon called Satan and the Bible tells you so.

    His MO has been said to be MURDER AND LIES. And coincidentally, if you notice, what the world seems to be about (and as this film portends). The past, the present, and looks like the future.

  8. Hi John,

    After reading your article and watching all included videos – and yes, I did watch the entire Rich Man’s Trick video which I intend to watch again – this link greeted me in my inbox this morning. It may be of interest to some:


    Don’t let the title mislead. The second half of this article deals with much of Obama’s history and the influences on his life, connecting many ‘just so happens’ people and events. Very thought provoking, especially in light of America’s rapid decline. While we know who is working behind the scenes in the destruction of not only America, but the world, this article, if extrapolated to world leaders and events, brings an even clearer picture. Also, Obama’s hatred of Israel is glaringly obvious in this article.

    As always, thank you for your hard work and diligence in trying to warn and prepare God’s people. Even with all we know and suspect, I agree with Tess, a commenter from last week, we really are NOT ready for what is coming – intellectually, maybe, but not mentally or emotionally.

    Stay safe and God bless you and yours. Please continue to pray for us here in America.

    Your sister in Christ,


  9. Again sir … we need a NEW country from which to start all fresh and new. Since there’s no more uncharted lands to conquer we’ll have to CREATE one out of what already exists. The bible belt is the wisest choice. An enlarged Confederate States Of America filled with Christians who turn to God and pray over the new land … is THEE answer.

    See : Leagueofthesouth and Vdare.

    Thanks for all you do. I know these huge and well researched articles you post didn’t come easy.

  10. RE: Your comment to Josey Wales. Here is the irony if there was such a thing as a pre-tribulation rapture….America thinks of itself as a “Christian nation” (although as a whole it’s actions speak otherwise). I wonder if enough people would be raptured from this nation for people to take notice!! There would probably be many more taken from persecuted and “third world” countries than from our own and therefore easily ignored or manipulated in the reporting.

    There is definitely something planned by 2025. Not sure if you’re aware of the website http://www.deagel.com/ but look @ the 2014 forecast vs. 2025 especially for the United States http://www.deagel.com/country/. And despite what they say “The key element to understand the process that the USA will enter in the upcoming decade is migration.”, the numbers from 2014 to 2025 still show a 327,998,927 people deficit (254,101,900 in the USA alone). According to info from their website, “The majority of the economic and demographic data used in the making of the forecasts is widely available by institutions such as the CIA, IMF, UN, USG, etc. No pandemic or nuclear war is included in the forecast.” Things that make you go….hmm

    • Hi gibby62,

      I think that you are right.

      When Jesus said this:

      …Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?

      – Luke 18:8b

      That causes me to quake. There is great darkness in our midst. May our Lord keep us untouched by that darkness.

      I saw the deagel website. I’m not sure what to make of it. They speak of ‘migration’ as the cause of America’s decline, but like you, I’m doubting this.

      They aren’t releasing their analysis, so I’m not sure what to say. They claim that they are NOT Satanists, and they may believe that to be true. We’ll see.

      Thanks, Gibby. Good points.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  11. smh….Pope embraces grand imam at historic Vatican meeting in a bid to bring the Catholic and Muslim churches together

    Pope Francis today reopened dialogue with the grand imam of Al-Azhar
    Sheik Ahmed el-Tayyib today visited the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican
    The pair spoke privately for 25 minutes in Pope Francis’s private library
    Amid increased attacks on Christians, the meeting is hugely significant

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3605089/Pope-embraces-grand-imam-historic-Vatican-meeting-bid-bring-Catholic-Muslim-churches-together.html#ixzz49Um87rAy

  12. The question is “Is this deployment for outside the USA or internally??”

    Is The Army Preparing For A Major Deployment: Orders 177,000 Bulletproof Armor Plates

    “Traditionally, the best way to keep track of future military deployments – absent unexpected events, of course – has been to follow key procurement contracts from the U.S. Department of Defense of mission critical offensive wartime equipment such as weapons and ammo, or, less followed, core defensive components such as kevlar, body armor and other forms of core personal protective gear. These usually take place shortly prior to major “events” involving US armed forces.

    Which is why we were surprised to learn that earlier today, the US Department of Defense revealed it had placed a $93 million order for 177,000 ballistic body armor plates from the US military’s traditional supplier of protective equipment, Ceradyne which several years ago was purchased by 3M. Both production and delivery are expected to be concluded over the next several months. “

  13. Brother John,
    An update from the dark side. I am (involuntarily) exposed to the mainstream regularly. The only good that comes from it is I am ale to keep abreast of what the demons are up to.
    Three topics are really hot in the entertainment/manufactured news industry right now:
    – the supernatural/mythological especially demonic
    -Pope Francis (Pope heals a girl, Pope takes Syrian refugees to Vatican City…)
    – Zika virus. Ground zero for this virus is Brazil where the Olympics are this year. Hobama is apoplectic foaming at the mouth demanding $2.2 billion to develop a vaccine for the zika virus.

    Something is going on with this zika virus.

    Beware false prophets!

    your brother in Christ,

  14. More “mark of the beast”:


    “Just when you thought our data-driven lifestyles were getting a little weird, Google wants to make it creepy. The company just filed a patent application for a “needle-free blood draw” device that can be implanted in a wearable. It’s the vampiric smartwatch you never asked for.

    As with the embattled startup Theranos, the new Google design isn’t exactly needle-free. It’s basically a really slick finger-pricking gadget that works by blasting a gas-powered microparticle into the skin and then draws a small vial of blood into a pressurized container. The device comes in a few different configurations, including the aforementioned blood-sucking wearable, and can be used to measure glucose levels.”

  15. Thanks for posting the videos on America. Truly disgusting and sickening to watch, but necessary I think.

    The church in America needs to remove this BIG FAT IDOL from their midst and Really follow the SON of GOD.

    At this point it seems that the “idols” days are numbered. I would hope that The LORD GOD will answer from Heaven and thwart the plans of the “Robber Barons” striking them into the dust.

    The man who did the videos, while doing good research, obviously doesn’t have a clue as to what is Really shaping up. How could he?

    May GOD’S Kingdom come! Thanks again for putting this on. I knew some of this, but a lot of details were added that I did not know. Watching and praying.

  16. Greetings John!

    Thank you for another excellent article with lots to thinks about.

    Thinking along the lines of how the mark of the beast will be implemented, with the current technology (and looking at the King James saying “in” not “on”) it makes more sense that the mark will be an implantable as opposed to a tattoo.

    I too feel nervous and not ready for what is coming, though our family is doing what we can to follow what the LORD is asking of us. I am not sure if it is just me, or of the LORD, but 2 years is stuck in my head starting this summer as a time of preparation. That would line up with Gog and Magog in 2018.

    Here are some words the LORD had me write down at a recent women’s retreat, and I know He wants me to share:

    Living water is moving, flowing
    always on the move and fresh
    stirs up and is not stagnant

    Plant yourself by the Living Water,
    root deep in the soil of His Word

    Kneel down and refresh yourself in Him
    Jesus is the Living Water
    Our Water of Life

    Watch His eddies and His flows:
    how He moves

    Watch the trees planted in His soil
    and next to His Water,
    roots going deep and drawing in

    “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.

    But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.

    And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.”

    ~Psalm 1:1-3

    • Hi Jennifer,

      An interesting thought on ‘The Mark’. The good thing is that you are doing your best to make sure that you never do ANYTHING like this mark. Whether a tattoo or an implant… or anything like that.

      Your thought of ‘two years’ also resonates with me. If nothing else, it should spur us on. Those who follow after will benefit from what we do now.

      And, what poetic words. Beautiful.

      Thank you for that wonderful comment, Jennifer. May all who read it be blessed by it.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  17. Chi-Xi-Stigma ….. Rev 13:16 …. I’ve read an opinion by one who tries to study this in the earliest language versions available, and he says what some translate as a tattoo is literally “to be pricked” (note that tattooing is done with needles) but also, a “prick” of sorts is how a microchip is implanted. What do you think of this translation?

    • Hi DRG,

      Yeah. It’s interesting. The word can also be translated as ‘to imprint’ or ‘to etch’. So, I recognize the possibility of an implant.

      Just remember that it also speaks of this ‘mark’ as being a mark, number or name in verse 17:


      To me, it means something visible.

      There’s another problem that I have with implants. They’re hackable. And, they can be ‘spoofed’ – meaning, someone can use a device that can electronically duplicate the implant and broadcast the same signal. So, they are not a ‘secure’ technology.

      Unless someone can come up with a way that these implants can become more secure… I’m a little reluctant to say that implants are it. But, my limited imagination is not a barrier to the Antichrist.

      The other point that I believe to be more important is more religious. It appears to me that this mark is an act of worship. It’s a thing of devotion. In fact, it appears that you don’t actually need to take the mark. All that you need to do is just worship the image, according to chapter 14.

      The safe thing to do is avoid EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that is a tattoo or implant. Some things might be necessary, like pacemakers, etc. But, your right hand? Your forehead?


      (And, no bowing down to images!)

      I’m sure that we’ll understand what it’s all about when it comes, as long as we stay on watch for it.

      Good points, DRG. Keep those coming.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Brother John,
        It seems to me that in addition to the image and receiving the mark, there is something significant about the number too:

        Rev. 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
        Rev. 15:2 And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God.

        What ya’ll think?

        Beware false prophets!

        your brother in Christ ,

  18. A question for you: Could it be possible, that the whole “Target bathroom” issue is a ploy by the elites to eventually take down the remaining major retailers? I was just thinking about the fact that if Target goes down, by way of the Christian boycott, perhaps Wal-Mart will be forced to take the same stance as Target.

    I live in a small town of 30,000. We don’t have a Target, but most people count on Wal-Mart for almost all of their everyday needs. Our surrounding smaller towns just lost the small Wal-Marts in their towns, which were just built in the past year or so, which was strange.

    If Target goes under, then Wal-Mart, we are going to be relying on small independent grocery stores (we have 2), and either drive to a major city for other items, or order them from Amazon (mostly).

    That makes us pretty vulnerable, and reliant on I guess the government for a whole lot of things.

    That may be far fetched…


    • Hi Julie,

      Anything is possible, but the ‘grand conspiracy’ isn’t as tightly woven as that. In the past, I have fallen for the idea of an over-arching, directly controlled, monolithic conspiracy, but… it just ain’t so.

      All of my research, and the few first-hand accounts, indicate to me that the Elites are continually in competition with each other. They are NOT united.

      As someone told me years ago, about his dealings with the Elites… he said, “They are looking for someone to unite them.” Everything that I have seen so far, confirms what that very wealthy businessman told me.

      I hope that helps, Julie.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  19. Here’s some relevant mark of the beast traits we’ll need to be aware of:

    The ability to buy or sell will be tied to the mark:

    REV 13:16 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, 17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or[f] the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.

    “Special” Believers will also be marked:

    REV 14:1 Then I looked, and behold, a[a] Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with Him one hundred and forty-four thousand, having[b] His Father’s name written on their foreheads. 4 These are the ones who were not defiled with women, for they are virgins. These are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever He goes. These were redeemed[c] from among men, being firstfruits to God and to the Lamb. 5 And in their mouth was found no deceit,[d] for they are without fault before the throne of God.[e]

    There will be a CHOICE to worship the Beast which is also tied to the mark:

    REV14:9 Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, 10 he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. 11 And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.”

    Ironically, worship first comes voluntarily, then it becomes mandatory:

    REV 13:3 And I saw one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded, and his deadly wound was healed. And all the world marveled and followed the beast. 4 So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?”

    REV 13: 8 All who dwell on the earth will worship him, whose names have not been written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

    REV 13:12 And he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence, and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

    REV 13: 15 He was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed.

    Also, it seems judgement, then Mystery Babylon falls and then the mark is implemented. I could be wrong in my interpretation. It seems like some things are happening simultaneously. REV 14:6-13

    And here’s an interesting little tidbit. The batteries in the existing type of implants that are used are powered by temperature changes in the skin which happens to fluctuate (charge) the most on the forehead and the back of the hand.

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