Over the Cliff

I started Omega Shock because I realized, in 2011, that you were in a lot of trouble, because of the threat of EMP attack. As I dug into the threats that you face, I saw more threats that were just as horrendous. Now, these threats are coalescing into a single moment in time, and your life stands at the brink of the destruction that is coming.

Oil production is collapsing. You don’t see it yet, but it is happening right now. The signs are everywhere, if you are willing to see them.

The financial collapse that is almost upon us will reveal that oil production collapse.

Satanism is on the rise and righteousness has crumbled in our churches.

Get ready for the end of the world as you know it.


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Over the Cliff

I could have titled this article in many different ways. I’d thought of borrowing from Sarah Palin’s ‘Stick a fork in us, we’re done.’ Other possibilities come to mind, but I think that this one is best.


Well, we’ve fallen off the cliff, but we haven’t hit the ground yet. Everything will feel fine until we finish our fall. Any moment now, and our destiny will become all too real.

What is it that has pushed us off of this cliff?

The collapse in oil production. It has already started, but you don’t feel it yet. That’s why you are probably feeling a bit surprised at what I am saying. The gas still comes out of the gas station pumps and into your gas tank. The price hasn’t changed much.

The Problem

What’s the problem?

THIS is the problem:

Oil Production Collapse

That graph comes from this article:

The Foundation Of The Financial Markets Took A Big Hit In 2015

That is more than just a ‘hit’. THAT is a cataclysm.

Fracking WILL Collapse

Look at the red in the graph. That’s unconventional oil production, which means fracking, tar sands, etc. And, right now, the frackers are in a LOT of trouble, financially. They were only able to operate because they had HUGE loans. But, now they are going bankrupt.

What will happen to the production of oil when the frackers go bankrupt?

Initially, nothing. Because their wells may still keep pumping. The biggest cost to fracking is the cost of drilling the well. Pumping doesn’t cost much. But, those wells dry up very, very quickly. In just months.

What will happen when all those frackers go away?

We are left with conventional oil. Unfortunately, conventional oil is drying up too. And, quickly. Very.

Why will oil production dry up quickly?

Because they are pumping as hard and as fast as they can. And, we are using everything that they pump. And, our oil consumption is at its peak, and the only way to reduce our oil consumption is to destroy our economy.

Our Economy MUST Die

Let me repeat that:

The only way to reduce our oil consumption is to destroy our economy.

Our economy is based upon oil. For every calorie that you consume, it took 9 calories of energy to produce it. As oil production falls off… your cost of food escalates. As oil production falls off, people won’t be able to live an hour’s drive from their place of work. Companies won’t be able to ship goods cheaply, and their materials cost will go up.

There’s No Tomorrow

If you want to understand all that – and you need to – watch this video:

There’s No Tomorrow (limits to growth & the future)

YouTube shortlink: https://youtu.be/VOMWzjrRiBg

That video is only about 35 minutes long, and you must internalize the points in that video.


Because your life is at stake. The wars that are coming will happen – are happening – because of what is in that video. The social unrest and starvation that will occur – is occurring – will be due to what is in that video. Gog and Magog will arrive because of what is in that video.

Ignore the lessons of that video, and the cost might very well be your life and the lives of those that you love.

And yes, it is THAT serious.

My intention was to write something else today, but seeing that SRSrocco article… well, it was too big. That graph is terrifying to those who understand the implications, and it’s one of the reasons why I always check SRSrocco on at least a weekly basis, especially before sitting down to write.

Abiotic Oil Theory

Now, let me try and sweep away a bit of foolishness that continues to make the rounds. Some are making the case that oil is not a fossil fuel, but is produced continually, deep underground. I consider this to be an extremely foolish theory, but I won’t go into why that is.

What I will go into is the reason why abiotic oil formation is immaterial to this issue.

How long did it take for this ‘abiotic’ oil to coalesce into underground pools of crude oil?

Thousands of years.

So, it takes THOUSANDS of years for oil to form.

How long have we been pumping it out of the ground?

About a century and a half.

Does that tell you that ‘Abiotic Oil Theory’ doesn’t matter?

Yeah. Unless you have thousands of years to wait before filling up your gas tank.

B-But There’s Still Lots Of Oil Out There!

Some people claim that there are lots and lots of oil still out there, and this is true. But, what people fail to realize is that the cost of GETTING that oil is too high. It would cost in oil would be as much as the oil that you produced.

Remember that Peak Oil doesn’t say that the oil is gone. What it says is that all the cheap-to-get oil is gone. There’s still some cheap oil left. The Gulf Arabs have some. So do the Iranians and Russians. Others have a bit too, but less and less.

This really is where the rubber meets the road. Over the coming months the collapse in oil production will make itself felt at the gas pump and the grocery store. When you see it happening with your own eyes, it might be too late to do anything about it.

We no longer have a ‘Peak Oil Theory’.

We now have a ‘Peak Oil Fact’.

Taiwan Earthquakes

Thank you for those of you who have been concerned about the earthquakes here in Taiwan. I appreciate that. We’ll need to see 7.0 earthquakes before seeing real damage, although corrupt construction can cause collapses with smaller quakes.

The good thing is that everyone here in Taiwan is fine, even though the quake was pretty close to us. We really rocked and rolled with that one.

Satanism In The Republican Party

My original thought was to write about Satanism in the Republican Party. I had seen an article by Walid Shoebat, and he had a nice big image of the Republican Party logo. And, those upside down stars… I’m sorry, but that is completely Satanic.

The Republican Part Logo
The Republican Party Logo – with the official upside down stars

When I did a search about the origins of those upside down stars on the Republican elephant, George Bush popped up.

I’m sorry, but everything that I’ve read about the Bush family is horrifying. Those people are truly Satanic. They are Luciferians, through and through. THEY changed the orientation of the stars. And, there is no other explanation than Satanism.

You can’t serve God, if you’re dead.

I’ve got more that I could say, but I’ve said enough already. Please, PLEASE be ready for the worst. It’s not just your own life at stake. It’s also the lives of those that you know and love. Even more important, what is at stake is your ability to serve God.

You can’t serve God, if you’re dead.



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These are the articles that hit my desktop this week – and seemed important. In fact – depending on who you are – the research below might be more important than my words, above. My hope is that my research will be a springboard for your own. Start with my sources, and expand.

And then, tell me what you’ve found.

Most of my sources for this week are the same as last week’s. Most. Anyway, here are the sources for this week:


















https://www.youtube.com/user/TokyoAtomic (aka, Black Pigeon Speaks)





The following sources weren’t in here last week, but they made it in this week:




Also, I am glad to say that Nathan Leal was able to write this week, and I’m glad to see it:


(God bless you, Nathan and Donna!)

Best of all, many of you provided me with valuable links that you will also find below.

Each of the above has their own foibles and biases, and that goes for Omega Shock. My hope is that YOUR bias will ALWAYS be Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.



I’m singling these articles out. Of all the articles, these seem to be some of the most significant – at least to me, at this moment. Please pay extra special attention to them.

The Foundation Of The Financial Markets Took A Big Hit In 2015

THIS is doom for our economy and financial system as it is currently organized. This is DOOM on steroids. It is the collapse of everything that we love about our civilization. It is the foundation upon which sits our normalcy bias.

In 2015, for every ten barrels of oil that we consumed, we discovered one barrel of oil in replacement. That’s right we are LONG past global Peak Oil. The only thing that kept us alive, to this point was massive debt creation and unconventional oil production – Fracking.

When I discovered this, years ago, I saw the death of our civilization.

Don’t believe me?

Well, watch this video:


Yeah, you’ll believe me after watching that video.

We are all ‘dead men walking’.

When the financial collapse bites, it will reveal the true condition of our energy problem. And no, you cannot and will not be able to solve this with renewables. Don’t look at me, watch the video.

People, this is reality, and it’s long past time to get real.

The next few years are going to be horrifying.

Two More Energy Companies Go Bankrupt: Linn Energy, Penn Virgina File Chapter 11

Once the frackers go bankrupt, the true nature of PEAK OIL will be revealed. Then the horror begins.

The Weekend Of Long Knives: Germany Begins Mass Arresting Citizens AND POLICE Who Say Or Have Said Anything Critical About Islam | Walid Shoebat

Pay special attention to the emblem of the Republican Party. Notice the stars.

They weren’t always upside down.

When were the Republican stars turn upside down?

During the George Bush, Jr.’s administration.

Now, tell me that the Bush family aren’t Satanists!

Furthermore, Shoebat makes an important point: This wave of Muslim migrants is a Satanic plan.

Oh, and here’s a good search on those Republican Stars:


Who Turned The Stars Upside Down? |

Here’s the article that did it for me.

The Republican Party has become the Party of Satan.

Donald Trump – What If? | Watchmans Cry

An excellent article from Nathan Leal. He’s been quiet for a few weeks. And before this article, all that we heard from him was about Donna.

It’s good to see him back at work, and we are relieved that Donna is doing okay. (At least, that’s what we know now.)

Again, an excellent and insightful article.


These are the articles that I found to be significant and not sitting in one of the other categories below.

Larry Nichols-FEMA Government Could Make Obama King – YouTube

I don’t know what to think about this. I believe that Larry Nichols is telling the truth, as he knows it. He’s dying, and he has nothing to gain from lying to us.

Is he right?

We’ll see, but I’m not willing to say that he’s wrong.

Pope Francis’ New Humanism — Logos Apologia

This Pope is a VERY bad dude. Very bad. No one reaches his level in the Jesuits without being a confirmed, diehard Satanist.

(And, I’m not sure that we can say that the Antichrist will be a Muslim, but it’s an interesting thought.)

Silent Coup Beginning To Overtake America Now-Larry Nichols | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

This is the write-up to the video, above.

Seriously, folks. Are you ready for this?

Prepare for Total Collapse- Moral, Economic, and Spiritual- Bob Griswold- Pt 1 – Prepper Recon

Good preparation advice and a good all around interview.


The failures of Obama are writ large by this SCATHING attack by Bill Whittle.



I like KafkaWinstonWorld. I’m not sure why, but I do. She obviously battles lots of problems, but is passionate about posting the truth as she sees it.

And this is a two-for-one. Not only does she reveal that General So-and-so WAS NOT TALKING ABOUT ALIENS WHEN REFERRING TO LITTLE GREEN MEN!!! But, she also admits that she made a mistake.

THAT my friends, is someone what you want to keep listening to.

Keep up the good work, KWW!

False cancer claims could land blogger in jail

This is why I drive my poor wife crazy with demands of proof. I want PROOF that this health garbage will perform as advertized.

Of course, this disgusting excuse for a woman is a psychopath, so I shouldn’t paint all health nuts with this brush. But, still, I see so many psychopaths writing these days, making claims without a SHRED OF EVIDENCE.

Give. Me. Proof.

If you cannot give me proof, then get out of my sight.

Okay, I’ll calm down now. Really. Any minute now…

Out of the Shadows: Wicca Grows in Austin and Beyond ★ Reporting Texas

This is horrifying. Right out in the open… horrifying.

The Witching Hour: from Comme des Garçons to Marc Jacobs, fashion’s unseasonable fascination with dark magics

GREAT. ANOTHER article on this rise in interest in Witchcraft.

Wis. Town Works To End Bullying By Fining Parents

Finally, parents are being required to answer for the actions of their little philistines. Once upon a time, that’s how we did things… we made the parents answer for the evils of their children.

FBI Released a Documents Proving Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun fled to Argentina in a Submarine

Well, this report looks convincing. And, with all that I’ve found out, about the Nazi foundations of the CIA and other intelligence organizations… not surprising.

Now, ask yourself this… If Mossad would use 25% of its budget to capture Eichmann… what would they have spent to get Hitler?

So, Mossad isn’t all powerful – as so many antisemites love to tell you.

Secondly, do you really think that the CIA is going to have such good relations with Mossad?

Who in the Middle East has the best relationship with the CIA? Going all the way back to the ’60s?

Right. The Mukhabbarat of Saudi Arabia.

Antisemites get their obsession with the Jews from Satan. If you know someone who claims to be a Christian… but, is an antisemite… please be careful. Some antisemites are merely taught to be antisemites and don’t know any better.

Never allow this Satanic hatred near you. It is a truly vile evil.

Take the 5th

As much as I want all pedophiles tried and executed, I also do not want a police state where the government can choose to put you in solitary confinement as a form of psychological torture until you ‘cough up’ what it is that they want from you.

I believe that judges who are willing to put someone behind bars, for life… because they plead the Fifth Ammendment… I believe that judges who do this have committed Treason. Judges are required to protect the innocent AND the laws of the land. They are required to protect the RULE OF LAW, and to push back against tyranny.

By that standard, US District Judge Thomas J. Rueter has committed treason. He should be tried in a court of law. If found guilty, he should be executed.

We are at this horrendous point in time because we have judges who have supported tyranny and the destruction of the Rule of Law.

Bible Proof The Rapture Theory Is False – Let’s Get It Right!

Paul, the writer of this article, left me this link in last week’s comment section, and when he said this:

Why waste the time? If there is a bird in that bush, reach in there and nab that rascal!

I laughed. I like that kind of writing.

Of course, the rest of the article is exceptionally thoughtful, and I liked what he said. Read it for yourself, but be the ‘Noble Berean’ and search the scriptures to see if this be