Men’s Hearts Failing Them for Fear

We are approaching the beginning of the 50th year of the Last Days. They began on June 7th, 1967, and Jesus said that the Last Days would not last longer than a generation.

Are there just 20 years left?

Are there LESS than 20 years left?

THAT, of course, is in the hands of God, but one thing that should concentrate out minds is the meaning of a 50th Year. Seven sevens is forty nine, and we are finishing the forty ninth year of the Last Days.

But, the 50th?

The 50th year is special. It has a name. We have Greek-ized it and call it Jubilee. But, it is more correctly:

Yuval (pronounced: yew-val)

I believe that this marks the beginning of the Last of the Last Days.


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Men’s Hearts Failing Them for Fear

I really value the comments that all of you have been making. If it’s a question, it means that there’s an issue to address. If it’s an observation, it means that I might not have seen something. Even vicious attacks are valuable, because they give me the chance to separate the truth from error. And then, there are times when someone will leave a comment that jars me a bit.

This time it was Chris, from Poland. His comments are always good, and I’m always impressed with someone who isn’t a native English speaker, who still writes quite well. He also has a specific point of view, living in a country that borders Russia. The fact that Poland has been the historical invasion route, when European countries invade Russia… well …that makes the Polish sense of history all the more potent.

Over the last two weeks, things have been coming together for Chris, and he had something that we might call an epiphany. He saw what Russia was doing to prepare for an attack by NATO, and the dimming of our Sun.

(By the way, I apologize, Chris, if I misrepresent you in any way.)

Luke 21:26

There are a lot of words that we could use to describe this. We might call it a ‘confluence of events’, where more than one ‘stream’ of events comes together to make a river. Some like to use ‘perfect storm’, and that’s a good one too. But, whatever you might call it, it will be big, and I think that Jesus said it best:

Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

– Luke 21:26

Yeah. Hearts failing them for fear.


The thing is that we really haven’t seen any of that. Not yet.

The Yuval

Matthew 24 records more detail of what Jesus said in Luke 21, which is why I tend to quote Matthew more than Luke, when it comes to the Last Days. And, it appears that we have yet to see the worst of the Last Days come to pass.

The question is… why?

Could it be that God was waiting for the Yuval?

The Jubilee?

I don’t do numbers and the Bible. It’s too easy to get caught up in such things and get led down the wrong track. So, you won’t find me paying much attention to Biblical numbers. And, I hope that you treat such things carefully. A lot of foolishness comes out of playing with numbers.

The Coalescing Of Events

But, as I look at everything that is happening:

Financial Collapse

Political Armageddon

Matthew 24:7 Being Fulfilled

The Coalescing of Gog and Magog

Solar Events

The Rise of Incredible Evil

…and, as I look at where this all started, with the beginning of the Last Days on June 7th, 1967…

AND, as I see the 49th anniversary approach, of the beginning of the Last Days…

…I pause.

Is the beginning of the Yuval (Jubilee) for Jerusalem… is it significant?

Many things happen during a Yuval. Land is returned to its rightful owner. People are restored to their families. It is a big reset.

Is This Summer Significant?

I’ve been talking about a Long Hot Summer, and I will keep talking about that, but I think that the Long Hot Summer just got hotter.

It’s the Yuval for Jerusalem, and I believe that the coming months will see men’s hearts failing them for fear.

We’ll see.

(Thank you Chris, for unwittingly being an inspiration for this Friday’s piece.)


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These are the articles that hit my desktop this week – and seemed important. In fact, I believe that the research below is more important than my words, above. My hope is that my research will be a springboard for your own. Start with my sources, and expand.

And then, tell me what you’ve found.

Most of my sources for this week are the same as last week’s. Most. Anyway, here are the sources for this week:

Here are the new additions that were in there last week (but some are pretty regular sources): (AKA Black Pigeon Speaks)

Best of all, many of you provided me with valuable links that you will also find below.

Each of the above has their own foibles and biases, and that goes for Omega Shock. My hope is that YOUR bias will ALWAYS be Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


These are the links that have extra significance, or just don’t fit well in any one category. I always start with these, and I think that you should also.

Living In The Age Of ANYTHING GOES! (2016) – YouTube

This is a no-holds-barred description of the horrifying evils that are being celebrated in our society.

Watch this, and it will be clear that God MUST destroy us, or apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

And, America is the single, biggest proponent of this horrifying immorality.

Evangelicals Are Losing the Battle for the Bible – And Many Of Them Are Just Fine with That

THIS was depressing. Profoundly. Utterly.

How could ANYONE agree to chip away at the authority of scripture, when those very scriptures pointed you to Christ in the first place?

You would know NOTHING about salvation without them, but these so-called ‘evangelicals’ now are willing to toss out the Bible, when the Bible is ‘inconvenient’.

Such evil invites Satan into our midst, and the Devil will gladly accept such invitations. The judgment of God is coming. I pray that you will be out of the blast zone, when it arrives.

Is the Economic Collapse Here? – The Organic Prepper

Daisy Luther was as spooked as I was, when she saw the emergency Fed meetings last week, and some of the documents that prompted those meetings. Daisy goes into the reasons why you should be spooked, too and then ends with what you should do – if you are spooked.

And yes, I recommend ‘being spooked’.

Please be ready, kids. This is not a drill, and there will be no ‘do overs’. We are in the ‘Last Days’, and we are getting perilously close to the end of the ‘Last Days’.

Unarmed man killed by Arizona cop cried, begged for life

The question now is… how many OTHERS has this cop murdered?

And, will the cop be given a light sentence?

How long will people allow this to continue, before they start shooting cops?

The ‘thin blue line’ needs to be erased.

038- Michael Snyder – Economic Collapse Looms-Are You Prepared? | aminutetomidnite

I really like Michael Snyder’s work, and I knew that Michael would be appearing on AMinuteToMidnite. And, Michael did not dissappoint.

It was a good program, and I appreciate Michael’s courage to step up and preach the truth. I personally know of far too many pastors who are too afraid of preaching what they know to be true, because they fear that the members of their church will leave.

Good work, Michael. Very good work, indeed.

Now, could someone PLEASE tell Michael about Ezekiel’s Fire?

How To Survive Worldwide Deterioration And Collapse – Michael Snyder And Minute To Midnite Exclusive Interview

I don’t normally buy ‘commentaries’. I just read the bible. I’ve read it through, 15-20 times, and parts of the Bible, even more. But, this ‘Rapture Verdict’ looks interesting.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what Michael says. What matters is what the Bible says, and I’m afraid that the Bible is clear about our time spent during the Tribulation. There’s no ‘get out of jail free’ card. The pretrib rapture is, at best, a fantasy.

Here’s my own view on the subject:

I wish that it wasn’t a lie. I really do. But, truth is truth, and there are consequences for ignoring it.

Good work, ANP, for profiling Michael’s Interview.

Predictions Of Biblical Quakes On Horizon Lead To This Alarm: “We Are In A Race Against Time”

I was talking with someone in the US, and the subject of earthquakes came up. My wife was inspired to do a search of the frequency of large earthquakes.

Up to about year 2000, there were one… two… three… sometimes four, or sometimes none. A year.

2001 and on?

12 per year. Twelve.

Could it be that our ability to record earthquakes has increased?


Could it be that we are living in more places than before and able to experience them more?

That too.

Have our communications improved, along with our ability to record such things?

Yeah. Also True.

Is looking at Wikipedia an unscientific survey of recorded earthquakes?


But, are you really prepared to say that something isn’t happening?

Not me.

These are the Last Days. Something’s happening.

John Casey Predicts 2016 Mini Ice Age Begins & NASA Hides TSI Data

Ooops. I think that the Black Horse rides.

Scarcity will be the order of the day.

I truly hope that y’all are ready for this.


I don’t normally promote these kinds of videos. It’s hard to know when such a nuclear attack will occur, so I tend to not to mention them.

But, the narrator makes a vital point that EVERYONE MUST PAY ATTENTION TO:

You cannot survive without community.

Please get that into your head. Without community, you have no hope in a collapse situation. So, START NOW.

As you were.

America Cursed-God’s Hand of Protection Removed from USA-Pt1 – Prepper Recon

Excellent interview. I tend not to spend time on ‘prepper interviews’ or ‘prepper articles’. It’s not my area of expertise, and I don’t want to lead you in the wrong direction due to my own ignorance. I stick with what I know, and leave the rest to those with other abilities.

But, Mark Goodwin’s advice has the ring of authenticity and has his priorities right. And, he provides insight for those of you concerned about the daunting task of preparation. I like what I heard in this interview, and I believe that you will to.

Even better, Mark may point you to resources that might save your life when it all falls apart. So pay attention to the website and listen to what he says.

America Cursed-God’s Hand of Protection Removed from USA-Pt2 – Prepper Recon

This is part two of the one hour broadcast.

Bundesbank Bank’s Thiele Against Electronic Money – Armstrong Economics

Wow. A central banker that is against financial repression. Interesting.

And, what he says here is completely and utterly right.

He might need extra bodyguards.

Democratic AGs, climate change groups colluded on prosecuting dissenters, emails show

Awsome. The very same people who are claiming that they want to stop corruption… are themselves corrupt.

Is there ANYONE who is honest?


Poll: Getting facts right key to Americans’ trust in media

Facts? Accuracy?

Try words like, HONESTY!


It sounds like the AP is reluctant to address its own issues of truthfulness.

For News Outlets Squeezed From the Middle, It’s Bend or Bust

Sorry guys, but if you aren’t willing to tell the truth, or have integrity… then, you go down.

It’s an issue of confidence.

College Kids Say the Darndest Things: On Identity – YouTube

These are the kids that were raised by MY generation, to be the footsoldiers of the Antichrist.

These are the mush-heads that are just the kind of tool that Satan wants.

You can’t fix stupid. And stupid has uses – for Satan.

Mystery ‘body possession’ epidemic sweeps through Malaysian schools, causing teachers and pupils to collapse while ‘being pinned down by evil spirits’

They are calling it ‘mass hysteria’. I call it real-life demonic activity.

Is it possible that it’s merely something psychological, afflicting over-heated young minds?

Could be. The mind is very, very powerful.

But, the demonic are very, very real. I’ve seen it for myself, so I am more than ready to believe that something foul is going on in Malaysia.

Here’s the summary from this ‘Mail Online’ article:

Students claim they are seeing evil spirits such as female vampiric ghosts

The incident of mass hysteria saw 20 students sent home from one school

One teacher also complained of being physically pinned down by a spectre

Religious leaders have been invited into schools to remove the ‘bad spirits’

Never mess with demonic entities. We have no power over them, except in the name and authority of Jesus Christ, alone.

A friend almost died, because he forgot that one important fact.

Gay Group ‘More Powerful than the NRA,’ Warns North Carolina Governor – Breitbart

There is something profoundly Satanic about homosexuality and the homosexual movement. From my own limited knowledge of Satanism, homosexuality and it’s close partner pedophilia are integral parts of ‘mainstream’ Satanism – the real kind, and not the ‘gothic’ wannabes.

So, it is NOT a surprise to me that homosexual groups are so powerful.

It’s Satanism, pure and simple.

Transgender preacher tells congregation that an Angel of Reason told him that the bible was wrong and helped affirm his desire to become female


I’m not surprised. We kinda saw this coming. But, it’s one thing to expect something like this. It’s quite another to actually SEE IT.

God help us all.

‘Transgender’ Preacher Tells Baptist Gathering ‘Angel of Reason’ Helped Affirm Desire to Be Woman

This is the article quoted in the above piece.

When it says… “The nation’s first ‘transgender’ Baptist preacher” …I’m in shock.

As I’ve said, I’m not surprised. Just shocked. And I add, ‘sickened’, ‘depressed’, ‘outraged’ and ‘horrified’. I could add more, but you get the picture.

I’m not even going to ask how we got here. You KNOW how we got here. The bigger question is HOW we get OUTTA here!

Seriously, this should act as a clear sign that YOU should NOT be where you are, right now. Get as far from the blast zone, as possible. God’s judgment is coming.

Please God… help us all.

Mysterious Foam Covers Japanese City In Aftermath Of Destructive Earthquake

I am really curious about what this foam is, and where it came from. Very interesting and just a teeny bit ominous.

The Real Reason Hillary Clinton Refuses to Release Her Wall Street Transcripts

If there’s anything that I hate worse than a hypocrite, is a lying, megalomaniacal, genocidal, incompetent hypocrite.

Americans Spend More On Taxes Than On Housing, Food And Clothing

Hey, this week was your opportunity to show your appreciation to your government by filing a tax return.

I’m betting that you felt really good about all that.

And, that ‘sproing’ sound that you heard was your sarcasm meter exploding.

Nine Meals from Anarchy

Last week, I gave you this video:


And now, there’s this article. I expect that you’ll be seeing more of these.

This is real, folks. It’s the future.

Do something about it.

Can a burgeoning satanic movement actually effect political change?

YEOW! A Patriotic Satanic Movement. And, just this one has 100 thousand official followers.


Lance Simmens talks censorship with Wendy Silvers – YouTube

The idea that the Huffington Post is ACTIVELY censoring ANY articles that would do so much as raise a QUESTION about the possible side effects of some vaccines… is insane or corrupt or both.

Of course, we know that the Huffington Post is corrupt, but such proof is usually not so obvious.

HuffPo Pulls VAXXED review From Veteran Columnist, Blocks His Account, as Vaxxed-Fever Spreads

Here’s a write-up from an interview with Celia Farber on the whole situation with his review of VAXXED being pulled.

Also I picked up both stories from KafkaWinstonWorld. She’s put some good stuff out, and she’s a brave soul that reminds me of friends who are also brave souls.

Collapse Strategist: “We’re In The Terminal Phase… Economic Pain Like We’ve Never Seen Before”

Michael Snyder discusses what is going on in the world and provides some excellent strategies for meeting those events.

Best of all, he gives a short description of his new book, The Rapture Verdict. I really need to do a review of that book.

Border agent probed by DHS after testifying before Congress

Hey, it’s the new way that Amerika does business. If you tell the truth, they prosecute you.

It’s treason, in the empire of lies.

76-Year-Old Released from Prison Since he was Innocent Afterall – Armstrong Economics

This poor guy was innocent, but sent to prison anyway. At age 72. And, he was there for four years, until his family got him out.

Martin Armstrong knows the corruption of the American Judicial system well. All too well.

Whole Foods denies it made anti-gay cake

Wait… an OPENLY GAY PASTOR?!?!?!

Right. You lose the case. Right now.


(Of course, after given an opportunity to repent.)

If the world wasn’t so crazy, I wouldn’t believe it!!!

Only 6% Trust Media, But It Should Be Less | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis

I guess that if you lie enough… people start to lose faith in your virtue.

Of course, it doesn’t seem to matter much. The media have been prostitutes for so long, that they don’t know anything else. So, they keep doing what they know.

Parents blast council after kids told to choose their gender

Stick a nuke in us.

We’re done.

Beyond insane. It’s actually child abuse.

No Matter Who Wins, the American People Lose: “The Election Will Only Determine Who Will Continue The Erosion”

Good points by Jeremiah Johnson.

However, as gloomy as this article is, he’s still too optimistic. I believe that the ‘erosion’ has already cut so deeply into the foundation, that the house is on the verge of collapse. And, that collapse will happen quickly.

I’m betting that he agrees, so I suspect that my point is about timing. Of course, I’m bad on timing, so…

A Conscience Led by the Word of God Alone – Ryan Fullerton – YouTube

Marcel left this in the comment section of last week’s article, and I was blown away. If this almost-two-minute clip is representative of Ryan Fullerton’s preaching… all that I can say is WOW.

Actually, more like jumping up and down for joy and singing Hallelujah!

The question, of course, is whether he really believes what he’s saying here. Okay, I’m sure that he BELIEVES it, but does he have… stuff …in his ‘system of belief’ that doesn’t conform to what he says here?

I can tell you that we all do. Me included. We can’t see it, because it’s so deep. In fact, we should ALWAYS believe that we are wrong in some way. It’s one part of being humble before God.

The truth is ALWAYS in the Bible, but we handle the Bible with unclean hands. Therefore, we get it wrong. All the time. And, I put myself firmly in that category that I call ‘WE’.

Please. Stop depending on commentaries. (And yes, I know that I write them.) Stand in humility before a holy God. Read the Bible. Read it. All of it. Do it again. Repeat until death-do-us-part.

If you truly want to be used by God, THAT is what you must do.

“The End Is Close For Sure” – Civil War, Insurrection And Martial Law

I try to be careful to put a warning notice on anything that I write, or that others write, that speculates on the intentions of the government – or, anyone else. I tend to speculate on intentions, and I believe that such speculations are necessary. Otherwise, we would never be able to important conclusions.

Ultimately, the outcomes are the same.

And, I believe that Susan Duclos has pointed to a series of outcomes that should be obvious to everyone, once you see the pressure that is driving those outcomes.

Please remember my favorite quote from Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

In politics, nothing happens by accident.

If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

(By the way, we aren’t certain that FDR actually said that.)

The martial law, civil war and insurrection will not be an accident. Nothing like that ever is.

Why Rituals Are Important, The Dangers of Symbols, Home Altars, Listener Questions & More! – YouTube

I am horrified by the existence of this video. I am not shocked. I am not surprised. But, I am horrified. This is pure witchcraft, through and through. I have disabled the youtube link, but you can search for the video if you are persistent.

This illustrates the reason why Ted Broer of Healthmasters was also dangerous, because he was walking down that same road – while telling everyone that he is a Christian. In fact, the people in this video probably also consider themselves to be ‘Christian’. I only listened to the first 15 minutes, but I heard the woman say that she prayed a prayer to God, and that it was answered.

But, what they talked about was pure pagan. Idolatry most foul. Witchcraft.

A lot of the ‘health’ people are flirting with the New Age. If you hear ANYTHING New Age in their language, get away from them.

A Black Swan Event Will Destroy The Economy: Michael Snyder – YouTube

Here is Michael Snyder with a fairly thorough overview of what is happening.

And, if you have the time and spare change, think about buying and reading Michael’s book:

I am planning to buy the book and read it myself. If you beat me to it, tell me what you think. The Pre-Trib Rapture is a lie, and Michael appears to slay that lie in 268 pages.

London gets first naked restaurant, waiting list already at 5,000

This is a first that I will NOT be celebrating. The idea that naked restaurants are coming… well …it’s a sign.

Debauchery will always be the hallmark of a society that has turned itself over to Satan.

SHTF – Moving Out of Major Cities Before a Catastrophic Disaster Strikes

For a very long time, I have been telling readers to get as far from a city of 100 thousand or more. At least, three days walk, or 150 miles. The writer offers some ideas about where you should move TO.

Satanism as a new political movement in America

This article starts out with something that I did NOT know:

Did you know that when Barack Obama began his presidency with his mother-in-law (Mooch’s mom) inviting a voodoo priestess to perform a Santeria ceremony in the White House? (See “Under Obama, demons have entered the White House“)

As for the rest, I did know, but it is still very horrifying to read the level of Satanism in American society, today. And, this is but the tip of the iceberg. There’s lots more, where this came from.

Judy Byington Exposes Government Torture of Children – YouTube

This is yet another interview that focuses on another victim of MK Ultra and Satanic mind control. This vile and evil Satanism is beyond comprehension to the average person. But, it’s real. And, there are too many victims running around with too many stories.

Think about your church. My hope is that this church worships God, is Godly.

What about Satan?

Where is HIS church?

Well, listen to the interview, and interviews like it. Satan has a church, and it is alive and thriving in the United States of America.

Illinois Cannot Pay the Politicians – Armstrong Economics

Ooops. This is gonna HURT.

The Shocking Reason for FATCA… and What Comes Next

Hmmm… an interesting connection. The implementation of FATCA to create a GLOBAL financial regime. As in GATCA.

Preachers That Are Saying It Is ‘Anti-Christian’ To Get Prepared Are Being Exceedingly Irresponsible

I am horrified by pastors that rail against those who believe in preparing.

I don’t know what demonic spirit that they are listening to, but such pastors should be booted out of their churches. Tarred, feathered and run out on a rail.

Unfortunately, too many Christians are satisfied with heresy.

Miroslav Volf of Yale, or Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani

I actually met Miroslav, when he came to Taiwan.

I’m sorry. This guy is a Chrislamist, and it’s ugly, ugly, ugly.

Lawyer, family: 7-Eleven, bystanders failed assault victim before he died

When Jesus spoke of the Last Days, He said this:

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

– Matthew 24:12

Yeah. I think that we see that. Right here.

China’s Other Big Problem – Porkflation

Uh-oh. Not good.

Porkflation, and the economy crashing. I see riots. LOTS of riots in China.

You may not realize this, but China has thousands of them every year – in GOOD years.

SAUDI 9/11

The Saudis are running scared. At least one faction of the American Elites have turned on them, and they are scrambling for a way out.

They should have known that they could not trust the CIA.

And now, they pay the price for being foolish.

One Man Asks Why Was Tritium Found At 9/11 Ground Zero

I find it interesting that this has made it to ZeroHedge. I find it just as interesting that people persist in saying that the Israelis did it, when all the evidence points to the Saudis.

But, it’s easier to blame the Jews, when the Saudis form the basis and foundation of the American Empire, via the Petrodollar System.

Saudi Arabia Warns of Economic Fallout if Congress Passes 9/11 Bill


This is the Saudi response to a proposed law that would de-classify 28 pages from the official report on 9/11.

Basically, those 28 pages blame the Saudi government of being the mastermind behind 9/11.

And, they are admitting to it.

Absolutely… interesting.

Saudi Arabia warns of $750B response to 9/11 liability suit

Here’s a version from the New York Daily News.

So, will the Saudis get away with it?

They’ve been trying to pin it on Israel for a long time, but it’s not working. So, it looks like the Saudis may be getting what is coming to them.

Saudis threaten sell-off of U.S. assets if 9/11 suits are allowed –

Here’s more from UPI. Apparently, Obama doesn’t like this legislation, either. Hmmm…

Saudi King And Princes Blackmail The U.S. Government: What Happens Next

Anyone who writes a book defaming Christ deserves a baseball bat to the head, instead of a pulpit to preach from.

However, the writer has made cogent points worth reading, in terms of Saudi culpability for 9/11.

Just don’t go down the same path to Hell. How insane.

Obama Administration Makes Stunning Admission: “Seed Money For Al Qaeda Came From Saudi Arabia”

And… it just keeps getting better and better.

Saudi Arabia’s Role in 9/11 ‘Deliberately’ Covered Up At Highest Levels

The Bush-Clinton dynasty brought us this and so very much more. And, the Saudis thought that they could escape blow-back.

Well, it looks like their ‘escape route’ has closed.

May the Saudis burn in Hell, soon.

(…Of course, after they have been given a full opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.)

How US covered up Saudi role in 9/11

One of the ways that the US has ‘covered up’ the Saudi role is by pushing the idea that Israel did it, as a ‘smoke screen’ for the Saudi role.

America has been desperate to keep the Petrodollar System running, so you can expect more ‘smoke screens’.

Bipartisanship Breaks Out to Block 9/11 Bill

Wait, Barack Obama, Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan are working to block a bill that would allow US citizens to sue the ones responsible for 9/11.


Is this a joke?

Wait. I don’t see a punchline anywhere. Maybe it’s a nightmare.

Saudi Arabia government linked to 9/11 terror attacks in newly released evidence

Evidence is being dribbled out, linking Saudi Arabia to 9/11. A bundle of documents has surfaced, implicating Saudi Arabia. I’m sure that more and more will arrive, until it becomes clear that Saudi Arabia did it.

The next question is… what comes AFTER that recognition?

Saudi Arabia, Gulf States On Eve Of Obama Visit: Obama Disappointed Us, Caused Us To Realize He Is Not A True Friend And To Start Relying Only On Ourselves

Methinks the Saudis protest too much.

They are in serious trouble, and they know it.

Against Backdrop Of Obama’s Visit To Riyadh: Saudi, Gulf Press Furious At Allegations Of Saudi Involvement In September 11 Attacks

The poor Saudis have ruffled feathers. They’re in a fuss. They’re upset?

“How is it possible that WE were behind 9/11,” they ask in mock indignation. “We would NEVER do such a thing!”

Right. Pull the other one.

Bipartisan bill allowing families to sue foreign governments being blocked by Obama, Paul Ryan, and Lindsey Graham

Hey, remember who your masters are. What are these senators thinking?

Biting the hand that feeds them?

Are they serious?

(Unfortunately, I doubt that they are.)

The Saudi 9/11 Blackmail Explained: The K-Street Lobby Racketeers Have It Covered

Of course, there’s nothing to the vicious and terrible allegations that the Saudi government did it. No, no, no, of COURSE not. They’re just screaming and yelling and jumping up and down because… um …because… (I’m thinking here) …it’s cultural?

No, wait… they’re screaming because …um… THE JEWS… YES, THE JEWS. There’s something JEWISH GOING ON, and… and… THEY GET A RASH WHEN THERE ARE JEWS AROUND!!

No… that doesn’t work… lessee… IT’S GLOBAL WARMING!

Yeah. That’s it.

The Saudis are upset because America is making the planet hotter, and that they’re going to withdraw their $750 billion because of that.

See? I figured it out for you.

The Saudis are completely innocent, and 9/11 was caused by global warming.

The Smoking Gun: “Document 17” Links Saudi Embassy In Washington To Sept 11 | Zero Hedge

Document 17. Now THERE’S an enigmatic name.

Of course, the fact that the vast majority of the hijackers were Saudi has NOTHING to do with this. Or, that key Saudis were whisked away after 9/11.

Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.

In “Unprecedented Snub”, Saudi Arabia Demands “Recalibration Of Relationship” With U.S.

Obama said that he ‘really cleared the air’ with The Fish King (King Salman)?

Well, if that’s clear air, I’d hate to see foggy, ‘cuz the Fish King wants a ‘recalibration’ of their relationship.

Basically, that means dumping the Petrodollar system, which is the bedrock of the American Empire.

No Petrodollar?

No NATO. No Aircraft Carrier Strike Groups. No Foreign Bases. No color revolutions. No more invasions of countries that defy the US. No…

On second thought, a ‘recalibration’ sounds like a REALLY good idea.


Yes, a mountain in Northern Israel is growing in America. REAL BIG. I’ve been to Har Megido in Israel, and it isn’t much to look at. But, the one growing in the US… now THAT is going to be SOMETHING.

It’s gonna be REAL… interesting.

The Difference Between Bernie’s & Hillary’s Tax Plan Explained In 1 Simple Cartoon

So, it will be Hillary for President?


Grinding poverty, here we come.

Trump Supporters Walk Out of Georgia Delegate Fight After Party Picks Cruz Supporter…’Uproar in the Hall’

Oh yeah. Sure. We’re a democracy alright.

You get to vote, and then the oligarchs get to decide what that vote means.

It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.

“A Totally Corrupt, Rigged System”: GOP Plans to Strip Trump of Delegates in Indiana & Wyoming Too

I am disheartened – but not surprised – that my home state would follow in the same corrupt footsteps as Colorado. Of course, I personally know that the Republicans in Indiana are corrupt, but I was hoping that they might be less corrupt than the others.

Well, they’re NOT less corrupt. Some of them may be the same sleazebags that I knew in the late ’80s. Although, they might wheeze a bit, after all those years.

How filthy, dirty and rotten.

Outright Panic Among Establishment Elite As Their Worst Nightmare Materializes – This Is Going To Get Much Uglier

The garbage that is running the Republican Party makes me glad that my vote doesn’t count, since they don’t count expat votes. (They claim that they do, but it’s another lie.)

As Stalin said: What matter’s is who counts the votes.

They’re all Stalin at heart. May God give them what they deserve, if they will not repent.

God help us all.

WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND A REVOTE – Arizona is Furious Over Election Rigging by Hillary Clinton

Completely disgusting and revolting. The problem is that the fat cats don’t realize that the people have begun to realize how corrupt, venal and vile the these overfed felines are.

One day, someone will cry havoc and loose the dogs of war. And those cats will be the first to swing from the lamp posts.

I would like to know if these people sleep well at night.

Do they have no shame?

No conscience?

These fools have lit a fire and poured on the gasoline. And, it will burn everything down.

Priebus to Trump: “Delegates And Voters Choose The Nominee”; People Don’t “Give A Darn” About Colorado

The Republican National Committee is so revolting, that I can’t even finish a short video when the Reince Priebus – the head of that foul organization – is speaking. The guy is so corrupt, that he doesn’t understand why everyone is so upset over all the corruption.

He’s so steeped in the awfulness of his own organization, that he thinks that it’s natural.

It’s not natural. It’s a foul, stinking pile of garbage that has been sitting out too long.

The system needs to be torn down, starting with the RNC and that corrupt-to-the-core Priebus.

Dire Warning Issued “It Is Going To Be A Rough July” – From Georgia To Colorado Things Are Rapidly Spiraling Out of Control

To me, this is treason. The RNC and the DNC have sold their country and their souls to an enemy most foul. They have betrayed us all, in no uncertain terms.

They are guilty, and justice is coming for them.

The question is whether you will be in the blast zone. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near ground zero when Justice comes to call.

Ted Cruz claims he’s won ‘landslides’ beating Donald Trump in 5 consecutive states


The only one that I wanna see is the one that runs over his campaign. The guy is pure slime.

Revealed: Colorado Lawmakers Who Voted to Scrap Election Are Ted Cruz Delegates

Good ol’ lyin’ Ted. He’s not just a liar and a hypocrit. He’s shameless. He positively CROWS over his ill-gotten success.

However, I’m hoping for a change in Ted’s name:


Go back to Canada, BusTed. Leave us alone.

Ron Paul: US Elections Rigged, Voting Used to Pacify the Public

Yup. Elections. The Great Pacifier.

It doesn’t matter if you actually have an election.

What matters… is if the PEOPLE think that they’ve had an election.

Something tells me that people are starting to realize that they haven’t had a real election in a very long time.

Multiple Clinton Connections Emerge As More “Panama Papers” Names Revealed

Of course, Hillary said… What difference does it make?

Only serfs pay taxes.

You’re a serf.

Pay your taxes.

Cruz Slams Trump: Campaign Seems Incapable Of ‘Running A Lemonade Stand’ | The Sean Hannity Show

This is what Cruz said:

“Republicans are uniting behind our campaigns so they are screaming on Drudge–and it’s getting echoed–this notion of ‘voteless elections’ it is nonsense,” Cruz said.

You know, I just was given a close look at the Republican icon… an elephant. With three stars. Upside down.

Why do the Republicans have three upside down five pointed stars on their logo?

Why are they rooting for a fake Christian?

Why are they calling it an election, when the only ones voting are the ‘leadership’?

Satanism. It looks like one thing, but it’s really another.

Brought to you by the father of Lies.

‘You Gotta Stop!’ Hannity Loses His Cool with Ted Cruz Over Delegates

Wait, a mainstream media person asked Cruz a serious question?

Cruz doesn’t understand why people are upset when they aren’t allowed to vote?

That’s as crazy as having open Satanic services from a ‘Satanic Temple’… no, wait …they’re doing that.

Cruz, Hannity Spar Over Delegates: ‘The Only People Asking This Question Are the Hardcore Donald Trump Supporters’

Nope. I’m not a ‘hardcore Donald Trump supporter’. Not even close. And, I’m asking the question.

Cruz is a lying, stinking puddle of filth, and he calls himself a Christian.

To me, that’s an open abomination.

Is Hillary’s “Mitt Romney Moment” Coming Soon?

Hmmmm… Yes. A ‘Mitt Romney Moment’. That would be bad.

The question is whether the Elites want Hillary, or not. Some of them do. Some of them do not. Some of them might not care.

Remember that the Elites are not unified. The Elites have recognized their little problem with ‘unity’ and have been looking for someone to unite them. The question is whether the Elites are willing to get behind Hillary, or not.

We’ll see.

The new Donald Trump should scare the hell out of the GOP establishment

It looks like Donald’s inner politician has emerged.

And, it might take him to the White House.

Additional Evidence Of Mind-Boggling Fraud Emerges from The New York Primary

Hey, what’s a little corrupting between friends. Mind-boggling fraud? Bah. Don’t worry about it. The fix is in.

How utterly revolting. It’s like Tammany Hall, on steroids. With afterburners. On the Internet.

President Hillary Clinton

The title of this piece… (argh!) …the thought is almost too much.


Holy garbage dump, Batman!

Who Will Win The Next Five States: The “Presidential” Walk-Thru

Just in case you’re interested. For kicks.

Remember. It honestly doesn’t matter who wins.

But, if people choose Trump over Lyin’ Ted, it means that there’s SOME hope for the PEOPLE of America. That’s really all that I care about.

The political system is a lost cause.

Is Hillary Clinton The Democrats’ Richard Nixon?

This parallel between Nixon and Clinton is disturbing.


Nixon WON.

Do you REALLY want to see a lying, cheating, genocidal maniac in the White House.

We’ve had decades of that already. You’d think that we’d had enough of that.


I am continually amazed at the efforts that the Elites are going to, to keep this house of cards up. It’s the biggest such house in human history, and it has been swaying back and forth, ready to collapse.

And THESE are the articles that point to that collapse.

I really, Really, REALLY hope that you will be ready. With all of my heart.

Tsunami Of Dollars Coming Back To America Soon-Rob Kirby | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Here’s a quote from the write-up:

Could there be a dramatic and overnight reduction in the value of the dollar? Kirby contends, “I think this is coming in very short order now. The trail of bread crumbs is indicating this is what is afoot right now.”

Yeah, I see the ‘breadcrumbs’ too. I hope that you’ll be ready for this.

YOU ARE BEING WARNED: JP Morgan Gets 19 page WARNING LETTER from FDIC about BANKRUPTCY and It Could Pose A Threat To The Financial Stability Of The United States. « InvestmentWatch

Warning accepted – for me, years ago.

How about you?

Are YOU ready for what might happen to the financial system of the United States?

My hope is that you are, and that you are ready to help those that will also be in need, when the time arrives. Better yet, start WARNING people of what is about to come.

In fact, if you AREN’T warning people of what is coming… what’s wrong with you?

U.S. Economy 2016: 3 Classic Recession Signals Are Flashing Red

More and more red lights will be flashing before this is over. The problem is that people haven’t noticed the red lights, ‘cuz the boob tube keeps their attention away from reality.

Go back to sleep. Nothing to see here. Move along… Move along…

One Reader Tried To Get The Recording Of Yellen’s “World-Saving Phone Call”; This Is What The Fed Replied

Hmmm… so the …um… Federal Reserve really IS propping up stock prices?

Shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

Recession Watch: Inventory Glut, Iffy Consumer Demand Sink US Freight Volume

When you see words like:

…it’s the worst inventory glut since the peak of the Financial Crisis.

…well, you should be a teeny bit terrified.

And then, Wolf finishes off the piece with this:

…this optimism despite reality for the past year and a half – is precisely why the inventory glut has reached such crisis proportion: a refusal to stare reality in the face, acknowledge what it is, and deal with it.


There are ‘decision-makers’ out there who are optimistic?

THAT makes all of this so much worse. It means that level-headed and healthy decision making has flown out the door, and the eventual collapse will be magnified.

Hang on to your seats, kids. This is going to be bad.

China Ocean Freight Index Collapses to Record Low

Okay, over-optimistic buffoons will jump in and say that the problem is overcapacity in the Containerized Shipping Industry.

Right. Pull the other one.

Overcapacity plays a role, but NOT LIKE THIS.


Bad news. If this account is true… and, there’s no reason to believe that it’s NOT true …we’re in a LOT of trouble. Heaps and heaps. Mountains of trouble.

When the waste solids hit the rotary air management device, whatever is left in your bank account will be given to someone else. That will hurt A LOT if you are not ready for that.

Are you ready for that?

Denmark, Belgium, Now The Netherlands: Negative Mortgage Rates Spread Across Europe

Okay, so this is where I borrow a million dollars. No, make that a billion.

I’m good for it. Really.

Greenspan Admits The Fed’s Plan Was Always To Push Stocks Higher

Okay, now that we have THAT out of the way…

BREAKING: Intel Cutting Up to 12,000 Jobs or 11% of Employees

Ouch. My hope is that AMD will come out with products that eat Intel’s lunch, but this reduction is not due to competition from AMD – or makers of SoC processors. There’s a little bit of that, but it’s not even CLOSE to the whole story.

To quote Bill Clinton’s campaign slogan, when he ran against George Bush, Sr…

It’s the economy, stupid!

47 Percent Of Americans Cannot Even Come Up With $400 To Cover An Emergency Room Visit

That title… OUCH.

First of all, an emergency room visit should not cost that much money. Other countries do not charge that kind of money for emergency room visits. But, the idea that almost half of all Americans cannot afford the smallest amount of emergency care… OUCH.

This Is How They Fool Us, China Edition

This collapse of the Chinese credit market is going to cause violence in the streets of China. Beijing will respond with its own violence.

The question is whether the widespread defaults on Chinese debt will have knock-on effects for the rest of the world. I’m betting that it will, since so many people jumped into the ‘Chinese Miracle’ with both feet.

And, that ALWAYS hurts.

(And, I have something of a personal stake in that, since I’m off the coast of China.)

That violence won’t touch Taiwan directly, so there’s no concern there. But, the economy will be affected.


John Rubino is always a source of financial wisdom and information. He really knows his stuff, and the same can be said for Gordon Long.

And, this actually isn’t an interview. It’s a discussion that you get to listen to. Both have some VERY important things to say, and the word-picture that they paint is horrifying.

I hope that you’ll be ready for this.

Of Two Minds – How Systems Break: First They Slow Down

Yeah. I think that the system is breaking.

JPM Emails High Net Worth Clients, Urging Them To “Stay Invested”

Nothing spells ‘stock market crash’ like a note to investors begging their clients to ‘stay invested’.

If you haven’t bailed out of the stock market. Now might be too late.

Corporations Are Defaulting On Their Debts Like It’s 2008 All Over Again

Those defaults will destroy the banks, whish is currently a HUGE proportion of the American economy.

This ‘repeat’ of 2008… will lead to the deaths of millions …more likely, billions.

Brace for impact.

Central Banks Are Trapped – Are Higher Interest Rates the Only Answer? – Armstrong Economics

Okay, Martin is predicting – based on his model – that the central banks are going to raise interest rates. Although, this post by Martin Armstrong doesn’t say when.

You probably need to subscribe to his service to get that date.

Janet Yellen’s ‘Death Cross’

This is bad for stocks and good for something called ‘reality’. It looks like people are beginning to wake up to reality.

April Cheers Bring May Tears – Something To Keep You Up At Night

I’m hoping that you ARE NOT in the US stock market.

To paraphrase Gregory Mannarino: It’s hollow and fake, and only an inch deep.


It’s hard to believe that shiny metal has any intrinsic value in our day and age. But, it does.

Furthermore, the Elites believe that it has value, too.

Of course, you don’t need to believe in the intrinsic value of gold and silver. I sure don’t. But, I believe that it is the only item that will hold its value in the crash that is coming, and the only item that is universally recognized and… portable.

Got gold?

Is Deutsche Bank’s Gold Manipulation The Main Scam Or Just A Side-Show?

Well, I think that we’re going to find out.

The thing to remember is that this scam has cheapened the price of gold and silver. I consider this to have been a gift to me and the missus. I’m looking forward to the end of this ‘gift’, but until then… stock up.

The ‘Sale’ on gold is going to end soon.

Buy now, while supplies last.

Emergency Fed Meetings Spooked Investors Into Purchasing Record Gold Eagles

Yeah. Spooked is right. If I’d had any extra cash, I would have gone out and bought as many of those ‘eagles’ as I could.

Or, roos. Or, maples. Or, orchestras. Or, pandas.

The metal is what is most important. So, get it.

Why Are The Chinese Stockpiling Silver? Big Price Move Coming?

Okay, I hope that y’all have some of the shiny silver in your personal inventory. I have some and wish that I had more.

If you are trying to decide whether gold or silver, ask yourself whether you see a possibility of having to ‘bug out’ of your current location. A thousand dollars of silver is A LOT HEAVIER than a thousand dollars of gold. But, a thousand dollars of silver will probably appreciate a lot faster than a thousand dollars of gold.

And, some of us don’t have that many thousands of dollars. I ain’t wealthy, myself, so I get that.

Anyway, finish your preparations (or, at least your calculations), so that you will know how much money that you will have left over to buy gold or silver. And then… go and buy.

Biggest Financial Bubble In History Will Engulf World-Gregory Mannarino

As an ex-Finance guy myself, I was nodding in agreement with everything that he said. I was never a day-trader, like Gregory, and the situation in the ’90s was not as bad as it is now. But, many of the elements are the same. The only difference is the complete and utter fakery. There was some of it then, but nothing like today. NOTHING.

Gregory Mannarino is exceptionally clear-sighted, and he gets literally LESS THAN NOTHING for doing these interviews. Gregory is like me. He’s trying to help YOU, out of the goodness of his own heart, and he’s making NOTHING in return, other than the blessings that God will bestow upon him.

In fact, it costs him to do this. I know, because it costs me.

But, I will not accept contributions. I have been blessed by God, and it would be better for contributions to go to those in greater need than me. One day, I will need contributions, but not today.

Precious Metals Puke – ‘Someone’ Dumps $2 Billion Of Gold Into Futures Markets | Zero Hedge

Well, well, welllll… it looks like someone didn’t like the rise in the price of gold, and tried to force it down. And, it bounced.

Someone is very, very afraid of gold. Very afraid.


As Reader’s Digest says… Laughter is the best medicine.

It might not cure the common cold, but it will certainly help you get through the common cold.

So laugh a little.

It helps.

Hillary Clinton To Nation: ‘Do Not F–k This Up For Me’

The problem is that this is probably pretty close to what she actually said to her staff.

However, this is The Onion.

It might be truth.

But, it’s not meant to be truth.

“My Work Here Is Done”

Please. PLEASE. Get him outta here!

Video of the Day – Frustrated Chinese Construction Workers Use Bulldozers as Battle Tanks

Yup. That’s the China that I know. Frustrated and crazy.


Okay, this isn’t exactly humor, but it WILL leave you gobsmacked. A seven year old chinese kid driving a 20 ton Front Loader. Seven year old. Maybe Six.

When I told my wife… she said, “yeah, so?”

Man… these Chinese are TOUGH.


What a horrible ideology. The fact that men and women can embrace such insanity is beyond my ability to truly understand. And, I suspect that this fact is one of the many reasons why the West has not launched a campaign of annihilation against Islam.

They don’t understand it, so they don’t see the threat.

I believe that God is using Islam to punish us for our evil deeds. If you see mosques rise in your neighborhood… get ready for God’s judgment.

It is truly a religion most foul.

Creeping Sharia: The ISLAMIZATION of the WEST – YouTube

This is an EXCELLENT video by Black Pigeon Speaks. I don’t know why he calls himself ‘Black Pigeon’ or why the URL includes the words ‘Tokyo Atomic’. Whatever the case, Black Pigeon has been doing an excellent job of showcasing the incredible contradictions in society.

I have no idea who he is, or WHAT he is. But, that matters less than his willingness to speak the truth.

I like that, so you’ll be seeing more of his videos, here on Omega Shock.

Reports: US soldier assailed by 2 Turkish youth

This refuse pile that they call a country… that’s funding ISIS… that has murdered millions of Christians…

We consider them to be an ALLY?


Not worth it. Not worth it at ALL.

This reminds me of a rather funny incident, from about… 20 years ago. I think.

I was flying from Israel to Istanbul, and I had been to Turkey several times before. So, when I went to the visa kiosk to pay for the stamp that would allow me to enter Turkey, I was expecting to pay about $60.

To my shock, the little Turkish guy in the kiosk asked for $100. I was so surprised, I blurted out:


All this as great gobs of tourists were walking past. The poor little Turkish bureaucrat just blinked at me, probably glad that this hulking, outraged brute of an American couldn’t reach through the glass to grab him around the neck. I doubt that he was half my size.

Not quite realizing the truth of my words, I calmed down a bit and grudgingly handed over the $100, collected my stamp and went on my way.

However, those words still ring in my ears.


It’s the truth. I wouldn’t even give $50 for Turkey. Ten dollars… maybe… on a good day… if I was feeling generous.

Qatari Educational Software on Islamic Conquests in Europe

There’s nothing like getting the truth from the horse’s mouth.

Yes, this is the history of Islam and Europe.

So, do ya’ think that Islam is a religion of peace?

EX-MUSLIM forced to leave Germany because he needs 24/7 security against Muslims there who want to kill him

It says a lot when a man trying to flee Islam, must flee Europe.

Veiling Women: Islamists’ Most Powerful Weapon

Hmmm… an interesting point. Imposing the veil is the first step towards domination.

How moderate are moderate Muslims?

The subtitle is:

There is an ocean between what British Muslims believe and what the rest of us believe

I’ve been to that ocean. IT’S BIG.


Jesus was showing His followers the future, when He said that ethnos would rise against ethnos. That first ‘ethnic’ or nation is mostly made up of Islam. There are others in the mix, but it is mostly Islam, rising up to attack and destroy all other ethnics – but especially, yours and mine.

If you live in an area where an ethnos is rising up against you… it is going to get worse. Much worse.

Sweden’s backlash: Why the tide is turning for refugees – Talk to Al Jazeera In The Field – YouTube

Sweden is cracking, and we are going to see more and more uprisings against the Muslim invaders.

This will be Matthew 24:7 – televised.

Wanna see how Muslim ‘multiculturalism’ is playing out in the classrooms of Europe?

INSANE. How is it possible for a country to tolerate such barbarity. It makes you want to get a baseball bat out and bash Muslim heads.

I know that part of the reason is that they’ve been raised to be barbarians, but there comes a point in time when the only thing that you can do is start whacking people over the head. Otherwise, you’ll have a bloody and violent civil war on your hands.

Europe: Suicide by Jihad

Here’s the summary:

In the last two decades, Belgium has become the hub of jihad in Europe. The district of Molenbeek in Brussels is now a foreign Islamist territory in the heart of Belgium. It is not, however, a lawless zone: sharia law has effectively replaced Belgian law.

One of the organizers of the Paris bombings, Salah Abdeslam, was able to live peacefully in Molenbeek for four months until police decided to arrest him. Belgian police knew exactly where he was, but did nothing until French authorities asked them to. After his arrest, he was treated as a petty criminal. Police did not ask him anything about the jihadist networks with which he worked. Officers who interrogated him were ordered to be gentle. The people who hid him were not indicted.

Europe’s leaders disseminated the idea that the West was guilty of oppressing Muslims. They therefore sowed the seeds of anti-Western resentment among Muslims in Europe.

Hoping to please followers of radical Islam and show them Europe could understand their “grievances,” they placed pressure on Israel. When Europeans were attacked, they did not understand why. They had done their best to please the Muslims. They had not even harassed the jihadists.

If I was living in a country that produced hardcore terrorists for more than two decades… I’d find that …troubling.

America On The Edge Of Eruption And Chaos

Excellent article.

Those of us who understand history, have seen this story before. We have degraded ourselves to the point where we are putty in the hands of our masters.

Those who ignore history will be required to relearn the painful lessons that history requires. Unfortunately, many will not survive these lessons.

What fools we have been.

Angela Merkel Caves To Turkish Pressure, Authorizes Criminal Probe Against Comic

What hold does Turkey have over Merkel that she would allow such a criminal probe go forward?

Is Germany insane?

Okay, so we know the answer to that one.

UK: What British Muslims Really Think

Here’s the summary:

The 615-page survey found that more than 100,000 British Muslims sympathize with suicide bombers and people who commit other terrorist acts. Moreover, only one in three British Muslims (34%) would contact the police if they believed that somebody close to them had become involved with jihadists.

“[W]e have to adopt a far more muscular approach to integration than ever, replacing the failed policy of multiculturalism… Britain’s liberal Muslims are crying out for this challenge to be confronted. … There is a life-and-death struggle for the soul of British Islam — and this is not a battle that the rest of us can afford to sit out. We need to take sides… We have ‘understood’ too much, and challenged too little — and in doing so are in danger of sacrificing a generation of young British people to values that are antithetical to the beliefs of most of us, including many Muslims.” — Trevor Phillips, former head of Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission.

The survey does show that 88% of British Muslims believe Britain is a good place for Muslims to live. According to Philips, this is because the tolerance they enjoy in Britain allows them to do whatever they want.

How’s that multicultralism thing workin’ for ya’, Britain?

It’s not?

Well, we told you so.

EU Tries To Shame Poland Into Submission To Islam, Poland Tells EU To Get Lost

Interesting. The EU has gone insane, but Poland isn’t interested in joining in the madness.

Aid worker warns Britain many migrants have ‘no intention of living under Christian law’

This is where the idiots go wrong. They don’t pay attention to what the Muslims say in Arabic, or at least in their own language to each other.

The Christian aid worker is a good-hearted soul. You can tell that from the article.

Yet, listen to him. He’s saying that you MUST GET TOUGH WITH MUSLIM MIGRANTS.

It’s the same in Israel. Israelis are a kind-hearted people, but they’ve been forced to ‘GET TOUGH’ with the Muslims, because THEY HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE!!

Fury as Turkish is made an ‘official EU language’ before ANY voters support membership


Allahu that akbar, baby.

Turkey Builds Mega-Mosque in U.S., Blocks Churches in Turkey

Hey, isn’t Turkey a great ally of the US?

They build all those nice big mosques in America.

Isn’t that nice?

And, about the repression of Christians and Christianity in Turkey… pay not attention. It’s just… um …a cultural thing. That’s right. Culture.


Germany’s once democratic government enforces SHARIA LAW to please Turkey’s President Erdogan.

Allahu Snackbar!

Holding Europe hostage: Turkey threat to open migrant floodgate if it does not get EU deal

Of course, they’ll get the deal, and then open the ‘floodgates’, anyway.

Turkey is an EVIL country, and NO ONE should do deals with them. EVER.

66% Of German People Against Merkel – Armstrong Economics

What a bunch of… of… WEINER SCHNITZLES!!

Jah. VEENERS! Dat ist vat dey AR. VEEENERS.

Jah. Und GRAZ-VALKERS, alzo. Jah.

All-vays, valking und de graz, ven der ar zeines dat zay NEIN! Jah.

Zo, go stuff ZAT in yur lederhosen. Jah!

AUSTRIA: In 2015, there were more Muslim asylum seeker applications than births of Austrians

So, with Muslim immigration greater than the birth rate in Austria – some part of which is ALSO Muslim – this will end… HOW?

I think that it will end just as Jesus said that it would end – Ethnos rising against Ethnos.

Michael Savage: “West Will Collapse” Without Christian Revival » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Savage puts his finger on the problem.

Unless Christianity rises up and is revitalized in our societies, our societies will fall.

This is what happens to nations that accept Muslim migrants from the Middle East

Nothing says multiculturalism like Middle Eastern barbarians rampaging through your neighborhood.

Enjoy the new cultural experience, kids.

Erdogan: The World’s Most Insulted President

Poor Erdogan. He’s insulted. And, sensitive. Poor guy.

Merkel Facing Political Rebellion After Caving To Erdogan

Poor Angela. She looks so sad in this article. She opened the gates to the barbarian hordes and did a deal with the devil, and now no one likes her anymore.

So sad.

Sweden Facing Another Migrant Invasion?

These two sentences are pretty much all that you need to know about Europe’s intention to destroy itself:

The Swedish Security Service has identified at least 60 asylum seekers as terrorists and a threat to the country. However, the Immigration Service refuses to deport them.

Let me know when and where the funeral services will be. I’ll send flowers.

AUSTRALIA: We give Muslim invaders free housing, welfare, healthcare, and all the rights and privileges of citizens…and in return, they want to kill us

And, it’s Matthew 24:7… IN AUSTRALIA.

Europe Makes “Deal With The Devil”, Panics After Deal Terms Have To Be Changed

Never make deals with the Devil. Never.

Europe has begun to wake up and realize that Turkey represents Satan in every deal.


This vast army is coming. It will be made up of many nations, and it will come down to destroy Israel.

Well, at least, it will try.

Instead, it will be our civilization – as we know it – that will be destroyed. It will bring Ezekiel’s Fire and knock out electricity and electronics across the globe. So, as you see this great army assemble, be ready.

These articles tell us that the coming of Gog and Magog is near.

audioBoom / On the ISIS Front Lines at Kurdistan, Northern Iraq. Matthew van Dyke,

An interesting snapshot of the conflict with ISIS. There is no cohesion in the area. No one wants to fight for a larger regional area. Everyone is fighting for their home towns and villages. This is what gives ISIS their ability to defeat their enemies in detail.

This means that ISIS will be there for a VERY long time, until Gog and Magog comes down and kicks them out.


audioBoom / Unstable Levant: Syria, Russia & Iran vs. Egypt & Saudi Arabia. Malcolm Hoenlein. Michael Singh. Ted Deutch. Lawrence Franklin. Simon Henderson. Yosi Kupperwasser.

Interesting overview of the Middle East. Some of the views are a bit ‘establishment’, but not too much.

The Middle East is going to be looking very interesting over the next couple of years.

And, I keep talking about a long, hot summer. What happens THIS summer will set the stage for what comes next.

Technology SITREP: the Iskander-M Operational-Tactical Missile System

Ouch. I would NOT want one of those pointed at me. Even the conventional kind. There’s no way that they are going to be shot down, before they get you.

Now, if we could get the Americans to stop threatening Russia’s existence, then maybe we wouldn’t need to worry about Russia.

audioBoom / Spring Offensive in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. @ThomasJoscelyn @BillRoggio, Long War Journal, FDD.

Another interesting interview, also giving us the idea that ISIS is still kicking and even gaining ground. ISIS is not giving up, and it looks like a long, hard slog that Iran is going to be pouring money and troops into for a while.

Iran meets in Russia to plot ways to stop the terrorism of the West. « InvestmentWatch

As we see Russia and Iran work more closely together, this grand army will become more visible. And then, the pieces will fall into place.

This summer will be the setup. Next summer… who knows?

We could see Ezekiel’s Fire next year. (

Are you ready for this?

Saudi Arabia takes out $10bn in bank loans

The idea that Saudi Arabia needs to take out $10bn in loans… THAT is BIG.

But, not big enough. Let’s give that $10bn to the victims of 9/11.

Then, let’s pave over Riyahd with asphalt.

Now, THAT would be REALLY BIG.

Vladimir Putin (the Donald Trump of Russia) says that “Turkey is a terrorist state just like the Islamic State (ISIS)”


What else is there to say?

Putin is right.

Unfortunately, Putin and Russia will be sucked into fulfilling Ezekiel 38 and 39, and THAT will be worse. But, for now, I am willing to celebrate a truthful statement that we in the west are not willing to acknowledge.

George Friedman: Eastern Europe Is Trapped Between Russia and the West – YouTube

This is a bit of an establishment oriented view, since Friedman is ex-CIA. But, it still gives an interesting view that is useful, with only the cost of eight minutes of your time.

Also, George Friedman is especially worth listening to because he truly understands Russian strategic thinking and the weight of Russian history on that thinking.

The $2 Trillion Project to Get Saudi Arabia’s Economy Off Oil

There’s a lot of fluff in this piece. Basically, The Saudis are being forced to change, or die.

I believe that they are going to do both.

This is NOT a country that will react well to change, and the fact that the oil has run out… yeah, that’s bad. And, Iran is just waiting to even some old scores. Payback is coming for Saudi Arabia, and it’s not going to be as pretty as this articles makes out.

There is a price to pay for being THAT evil.

Islamist Turkey seizes ALL Christian churches in city and declares them ‘state property’

This is nothing short of incredible and horrendous. And, this person of uncertain parentage is an ALLY.

Saudi Foreign Minister Admits Saudis Created ISIS

Yup. Turkey and the Gulf Arabs. A match made in Hell.

Saudi Threat to Sell U.S. Assets is No Big Deal – Armstrong Economics

Interesting point by Martin Armstrong:

Welcome to the other side of 2015.75 – the decline and fall of governments. This is a worldwide trend for their attempt to manipulate society is coming to an end. OPEC has been unable to control the price of oil. Governments have been unable to manage the economy. This is all coming to a shocking end. They will kick and scream all the way, but will not change the course of destiny.

It’s the decline and fall of governments that will set the stage for the coming of the Antichrist. And, it’s going to be ugly.

International Military Review – Syria, April 21, 2016 (Ger Subs) – YouTube

Here’s an important update on the fighting in Syria.

Turkey Takes Steps to Destabilize Caucasus and Crimea – YouTube


The Fish King of Saudi Arabia gets together with Erdogan to plot the downfall of Europe and Russia – and the murder of as many Christians as possible. You will notice the three areas that they are targetting, and Russia has VERY close ties with two of them.

This will be another hook in the jaws of Gog. Russia will NOT be able to ignore this.


Israel and its people are the apple of God’s eye.

Touch that ‘apple’, and you will suffer for it.

So, think of these articles as a means to help you stay out of danger.

Furthermore, Israel is innocent of 99.9% of all the accusations leveled against her. Of those things that she IS guilty of… well …look to your OWN country and tell me if it is any better.

Thought so.

Support Israel.

God does.

Iran vows to defend Muslim nations against terrorism, Israel

Hmmm… I’m sure that Iran will come to the defense of somebody soon.

Iran displays new Russian S-300 defence missile parts

Unfortunately, this will be just the first of many such systems that Iran will buy from Russia.

And, there is only one target for those systems: ISRAEL

Saudi Arabia Threatens To Liquidate Its Treasury Holdings If Congress Probes Its Role In Sept 11 Attacks

The article ends like this:

Which brings us to the original question: why the Saudi panic, and why immediately threaten with the “nuclear option”, namely liquidating US Treasurys, if the Saudis have nothing to hide?

The question is, of course, rhetorical.

Why do I put this in the ‘Israel’ section?

Because the antisemites have been blaming Israel for 9/11 for almost 15 years, and I’m tired of such vile stupidity.

Palestinian Factions React To Jerusalem Bus Bombing: Fatah Speakers Justify It, Hamas And Other Factions Praise It

There are a few bits of information to get from this event:

1. No one has taken responsibility. That is very different, so we are seeing something new.

2. As always, the Palestinians are celebrating. What a bunch of murderous thugs. This is Islam, kids. It turns normal, reasonable people into psychopathic murderers.

3. This was not a suicide bombing. I find this to be interesting. It indicates a more political dimension than the suicide bombings that we have seen.

Allahu snackbar, kids.

Rebel Planet Dispatch: Spring of God’s Wrath

I feel the heat of God’s Wrath coming, and our treatment of Israel will undoubtedly be the final tipping point.

God help us all.

False Moral Equivalence as a Tool to Demonize Israel

This is a lot like my article about the truth about Israel. And, I am horrified to see that the myths and lies about Israel are gaining ground so rapidly.

The propaganda is working, and Israel is losing their war against the lies. I don’t think that they’re treating this seriously enough.

It’s like Hitler and his Untermenschen. The Jews had a hard time believing that Hitler would do anything so horrifying as the Holocaust. By the time that they figured it out, it was too late.

I’m afraid that Israel is making the same mistake… again.

ISRAEL: MUSLIM SAVAGES celebrate and hand out candy in the streets after Jerusalem bus bombing

These very same Muslim savages did the same thing when 9/11 happened.

It’s Islam.

Israel under fire over cabinet meeting in Syria’s Golan

I had to hold my nose listening to this one because it was from PressTV, the Iranian propaganda arm of Iran.

The reason why Israel annexed the Golan Heights was because Syria rained down artillery shells and mortar shells upon Israelis since Israel’s beginning. Israel needed the Golan for safety, especially since Syria and Israel are STILL IN A STATE OF WAR.


What part of STATE OF WAR do people not understand?

And, it is SYRIA that refuses to make peace, not Israel.

Propaganda. I love it. It gets the heart pumping. The arms waving. The vocal exercises. It’s energizing. But, expensive, because of the need to replace all of those monitors that I keep throwing out the window.

Antisemites are such scum. They really are.

audioBoom / Return of Terror Tunnels of Gaza. Herod the Great didn’t exist, says UNESCO. Malcolm Hoenlein @Conf_of_pres @ThadMcCotter.

A lot of important news about Israel and the continuous provacations against Israel. I am shocked at the brazenness of the UN to deny that Herod existed and to completely delegitimize Israel’s history in the Levant.

Yet, there are antisemites who continue to say that the UN is on the side of Israel. How disgusting.

Celebrating Terrorism, Palestinian Style

Here’s the summary from the article:

The Palestinian jubilation over yesterday’s terror bombing in Jerusalem, the first of its kind since the suicide bombings during the Second Intifada more than a decade ago, is yet another reminder of the growing radicalization among Palestinians.

The major obstacle to peace with Israel remains the absence of education for peace with Israel. In fact, it is safe to say that there never was a real attempt on the part of Palestinian leaders and factions to prepare their people for peace with Israel. On the contrary, the message they send to their people remains extremely anti-Israel.

This casts doubt on the Palestinian leadership’s and people’s willingness to move toward peace and coexistence with Israel.

The kind of peace and coexistence that the Palestinians want… is not worth living. Suicide would be kinder.

audioBoom / Risk of the Druze in the Syrian War. Mendi Safadi, Strategic and International Affairs Advisor.

This is a HUGE example of what Israel really is. The Druze are NOT JEWISH. Yet, they are considered as Israeli as any other Israeli. The Druze are loyal to Israel, and Israel is loyal to them.

THAT, is ISRAEL. Not perfect, but NOT what the antisemites like to describe.

From this interview, as well as from what I know about the Druze, it is clear to me that the Druze in Syria are starting to become less neutral in the Syrian Civil War. They are organizing and defending themselves, and they are thinking more and more about being autonomous. We will hafta see how this works out.

Hamas’s Tunnels: Preparation For The Next Conflict With Israel

Okay, let me get this straight. Israel withdraws from Gaza as a gesture of peace and to maybe set the tone for future negotiations.

The result?


Now, the next question is… what will happen when/if Israel withdraws from the West Bank?

Any guesses?

Rabbi Brant Rosen’s “Non-Zionism”

A Jewish friend once told me that the worst antisemites are Jews. It’s a shocking statement, but it’s true. And, this rabbi is an example of such.

I grew up, not that far from the Jewish community in Indianapolis. For a very long time, at least half of that community was anti-Israel.

How is such a thing possible?

I guess that the saying is right:

You can’t fix stupid.

Rebel Planet Dispatch: INTO THE SEA

This is what the Arabs vowed to do in 1948, in 1967, in 1973, during Intifadas one and two, in all the years in between, and in all the years after.

The Arabs have continuously vowed to destroy every last man, woman and child in Israel.

In the ’80s, they had a joke:

What’s the difference between a moderate Palestinian and a radical Palestinian?

The moderate only wants to kill all the Jews in Israel.

Israel is in a life and death struggle against Islam.

If you are against Israel, you are for Islam.

It’s really that simple.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


Click the following link and SHOCK your inbox with The Shock Letter:


43 thoughts on “Men’s Hearts Failing Them for Fear”

  1. Hello-can we talk about the Holy Spirit for a minute? It is now more than ever necessary to be conscious of whether or not we are walking in the flesh or walking in the Spirit. Personally I am attempting to draw as much of the Holy Spirit to me as I can fast for! Timing is everthing! Please have your readers check out the book The God Of The Mountain by Penny Caldwell and her husband Jim. The Holy Spirit led them to the TRUE Mount Sinai, in Saudia Arabia!! This couple were led to the real location where Moses led the Hebrews through the desert of Midian and they have uncovered archeological findings and sites, including THE SPLIT ROCK! where water was released to feed the masses!! Their site is called: and they even had snowflakes in the shape of the Star of David falling all over them and their two children documented on film at the onset of their journey as if to bolster them! With these signs and wonders occurring it is a glorious time and we all should be seeking out the His presence while we still can! God Bless~Stacie Sutton

    • Hi Stacie Sutton,

      Thank you for that.

      I have been acquainted with some of the research into where Israel wandered in the desert for those 40 years. I have friends in Israel, who are archeologists and Christians, and they have their own interests in this.

      I am certainly willing to accept the possibility that Israel had part of their wanderings in the Hejaz of what is now Saudi Arabia. However, let me add a note of caution.

      I am reminded by this verse:

      Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.

      – Jude 1:9

      Why did Satan want the body of Moses?

      To make it an object of veneration and worship. Idolatry.

      In my 15 years in Israel, I’ve seen many, many people engage in smaller forms of idolatry without realizing it. Worshiping the tomb where Jesus was laid – instead of worshiping Jesus. Worshiping the ground that Jesus walked on – instead of worshiping Jesus.

      And, I fear that this new idea of this split rock could be yet another object of idolatry. This doesn’t mean that we can’t try to figure this stuff out. But, I feel the need to inject a note of caution.

      We do not worship places or things. We worship God.

      Of course, you know all that, so I’m sure that it wasn’t necessary to write all the above. But, in this age of Satanic idolatry, I am concerned about those who would be sucked into such things.

      So, caution aside, I find the idea to be fascinating… that Israel wandered in that part of Arabia. Of course, it’s all waste-howling wilderness. Very little can live there, and what does live there must be extremely strong to live such a precarious existence.

      Thank you, Stacie. A very interesting comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Hello Brother John! I’m glad you keep an open mind and am grateful for your cautionary reminder. . . and yes dear brother, it is Jesus who is King and not a rock! I’m smiling, and am full of humility, and have only the utmost love in my heart because He is first and foremost, the King of Peace and Love!!! So in that Holy Light, let me also share that Dr. Lennart Moller’s book “The Exodus Case” (the shares new archeological discoveries of the historical Exodus and expounds upon the Caldwell’s findings while including extensive research into this idea with 790 illustrations, ancient maps, old documents never considered before, satellite photographs, chemical analyses, underwater exploration and photography that have yielded extraordinary objects, including human and equine bones, chariot wheels and shields (very reminiscent of Pharaoh’s army) and so much more! Also of note is that several separate investigators, into this very idea, unknown to each other at the time (including the private physician Dr. Kim Sung Hak to one of the High Princes of the House of Saud) were all supernaturally “called” to the very same mountain location, roughly in the same time period, and have since met, become fast friends and are now working together to bring this new and astounding information to the world!

        This is truly a fascinating premise and obviously I’m excited because when most of the world news is dire and depressing, the idea that, like the hushed up findings of Noah’s Arc atop Mount Ararat, the thought that physical evidence exists that once again places the stories of the Bible, front and center, for those who need physical proof, makes my heart sing! In any event, of course we all have a different way in which the Lord touches us and we do in fact have to look out for one another, but I simply had to share, in case this news fired up anyone else out there! I Thank you John most sincerely for your time and energy~good luck and God Bless! Stacie

  2. Hi, John.

    The Yuval. Hmm. Always significant, I think. Having been utterly captured by Yehovah’s precise AND legal nature, I believe we can rest assured that He keeps to His calendar of events. Messiah wasn’t understating things in the least when He said that He came to fulfill the law, the prophets, and the psalms. We tend to think He’s “finished” with all that – but He is NOT – hence the Millennial kingdom to come.

    I have a dear, dear friend and sister in the LORD who maintains a running dialog with the LORD. Sometimes she tells me things He has told her and I NEVER cease to be absolutely floored when she does.

    She states the LORD told her, “The countdown begins” in the autumn of this year, 2016.

    After I picked myself up off the floor, I asked for a bit of clarity; did the LORD say WHICH “countdown”??? 70th week? 42 months? End of the generation?


    I should state for the record, that my friend has received words from the LORD that reflect an impossible and staggering level of intimate and personal knowledge that the LORD has given her as a confirmation of His Words of exhortation. Despite being a person with a very skeptical and jaundiced nature, I have come to believe her when she shares what the LORD has told her. As far as I know, the accuracy of her Words is spot on target.

    And I have learned that it is REALLY HARD to attach significance and belief to genuine prophetic words; in fact, it would be impossible to believe truth if the Holy Spirit didn’t dwell within us. We live in a world that exists solely on the basis of lies; we’re conditioned to think lies are truth, for goodness sake – so when the real truth comes along – we think the truth is a lie.

    Pretty doggone slick how the Dark Prince has messed with our brains.

    Hurry, Messiah Jesus, PLEASE hurry…

  3. John, as always great article an subs! I have always contended that the LORD will always follow any fulfillment Scripture according to the appointed festivals & dated, as is very clear on the first coming of Messiah Yeshua. His return will follow the same pattern, will it not?
    The leadership of our local church has designated the year as our year of personal revival, encourage all to daily ask, seek an knock for the fresh move the Holy Spirit upon us for the glory of GOD, and the good of our small town of lost souls.
    We also a praying that ALL Christians will be inspired to do the same, in Christ alone our hope is found, ’till He returns or calls me home, James

  4. Thank you, John, for another amazingly powerful article. I’m always thrilled to see your writings in my inbox. Your interpretation and explanation of Biblical prophecy and truths as they relate to the utter insanity of the radical evil and forces of darkness that are rapidly descending upon this planet are nothing short of brilliant. You are TRULY a talented writer, and your passionate commitment to truth along with your unwavering love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ has REALLY impacted my own faith during these unprecedented times. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Just a question regarding relocation as you’ve discussed and encouraged this in your writings. I was feeling led to consider Ecuador (many things would need to align for this to happen), and I know that time is short. The recent earthquake is certainly a “red flag” although these cataclysms are certainly happening and will continue to happen across the globe. Do you have any general feeling or opinion about South America as a place of “escape” from the USA in the next 1-3 years?

    God bless and protect you, brother.

    • Hi JG,

      That is eloquent and fantastic praise, and I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart. Now, I will need to do something about this newly swelled head. Of course, God is good, and will shrink my swollen pride down to size.

      The main thing is that you are getting benefit, and that’s all that I can ask for.

      As for Ecuador, I don’t have any knowledge, other than the fact that Quito is fairly comfortable, since it is at a high elevation. It’s economy and political system are rather underdeveloped – as far as I know. And, the recent earthquake didn’t help very much.

      The best advice that I can offer is to contact churches in the area – the expat ones that do their services in English. That’s always an important place to start. In fact, here’s a search that I did just now:

      Another person to contact is Alexandra Devereaux:

      Alexandra Devereaux is NOT her real name, but she has a lot of knowledge to offer.

      The good thing is that you are treating all of this very seriously, and following the guidance of the Lord.

      When you are following the Lord, you can’t go wrong. And, it’s wonderful to see you do that, JG.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  5. During my study time today, I came across this passage in Psalm 9:15-17(nasb)

    The nations have sunk down in the pit which they have made;
    In the net which they hid, their own foot has been caught.
    The Lord has made Himself known;
    He has executed judgment.
    In the work of his own hands the wicked is snared.
    Higgaion Selah.
    The wicked will [m]return to Sheol,
    Even all the nations who forget God.

    This seems to fit what you have been writing about for the last two weeks.
    I think this is what we are seeing now, in the political and economic arenas.
    The first snare I would argue is pride (too obvious to need examples I think).
    The second snare would be fiat currency. The mental picture I have here is of a bird trying to fly when one of it’s feet is stuck to the branch.
    Third maybe gross immorality.
    This list could go on for quite a while, but the bottom line is, God is in control.
    I think this will be a very interesting summer!

    One last point, about when the timing of events. I have always thought of Israel as our time piece for this. I would like to offer you this passage in Isaiah chapter 18.
    In particular, check out vs 3-5. Israel is often pictured as a grape vine. I think this means that Israel will be hit hard before the judgement.

    Thanks for all you do!

  6. Very interesting on the Yuval.
    I wonder if it also has something to do with the ‘time of the Gentiles’ coming to an end ?

    The devils servants who are always throwing their flaming darts at Israel and the Jews are always telling us how the Jews control the world.
    They conveniently leave out how is is their fellow laborers in hells hot pit, the followers of the false prophet Mohamed who are taking over the world.

    These Israel haters are also always lying by telling us how Israel controls the US Government when it is the US which is chief destroyer of Israel by way of the false peace process.
    It is the bully Empire America that is intimidating and threatening Israel to surrender land in order to EXPAND the Islamic Caliphate.

    These enemies of Israel are so blind to reality because they serve the Prince of Darkness while masquerading as Christians, knowingly or unknowingly.

    They might deceive ignorant Christians along the way and take them to hell with them but they are not fooling God and those who know His word.

    John has a very solid warning and message to the Church when it comes to Israel, which I believe is criticlaly important.

    LISTEN, your soul depends on it at this very late hour.

    Word up folks if you are in any doubt about Israel or have been seduced by the smooth talking serpents servants.

  7. Great stuff — as always! You might be a little off on the ER prices, though. I went for chest pains last year. With insurance that pays 70%, 4 tiny hours in the ER cost me $850. Then I got home and got two more bills: “Woops. We undercharged you, so we need another $185,” and “We’re the lab. We’re different. We’ll take another $390, thanks.” The total was $1425 for four hours. It wasn’t a heart attack that day, praise God, but I said the next time, I was going to have to be unconscious because I won’t go willingly again.

  8. There is no doubt we are living in the last days. This can be confirmed by Daniel that there would be the increase in knowledge and travel. THAT should be quite obvious. So we know these are the “last days”.

    And those other signs are inchoate but definitely all there. BUT THAT LAST one. That is the most FRIGHTENING of them!

    But why? Because I cannot explain the rise and LOVE OF SODOMY which leads to pedophilia also.

    From Muslims who are sodomites and being allowed in by the millions, to gay legal “unions” by the thousands and declared legal in all 50 States to the frightening acceptance of men using the women’s bathroom to the inexplicable rise and adoration of an illegal sodomite “president” thoroughly unqualified for the office yet made Commander-in-Chief over all.

    Sodom and Gomorrah all over again and the most frightening display of anger ever recorded in the Bible by a G*d!

  9. Brother John you are the best watchman and commentator on the web. I look forward to your article and interactions with your readers every week. Thanks for taking the time to answer all of us.
    I wanted to confirm and strengthen something that you teach: Read the Bible, all of it, all the time. Use commentaries sparingly.
    I wanted to tell Brother Ed Sain, as a fellow former cult member, the same thing. Read the Bible as you are doing and quit trying to reconcile it with the teachings of men. Luther, Calvin, et al were brilliant men trying to reform a dead branch. You don’t need the wisdom of any man- no matter how wise- to understand God’s word. The kingdom of Heaven is within you.

    Haggai 1:7 Thus saith the Lord of hosts; Consider your ways.

    To all the adulterers, fornicators, users, abortionists, and immoral in the Church- consider your ways.
    To all those in the Church who lust after money, their neighbor’s wife, believe in fables, astrology, hate Israel, lie, cheat, and gamble: consider your ways.

    Jesus is going to put the sheep on his right hand and the goats on the left. The Bible tells us who is a sheep and who is a goat and what happens to each. Consider your ways.

    Beware false prophets!

    Your brother in Christ,

  10. Hi John,

    Thank you, as always, for your tireless hard work and dedication in trying to wake the masses up! – and for Ezekiel’s Fire, which I have forwarded to family and friends.

    Just an aside . . . does anyone else see the irony in these Last Days that we should have a ‘Trump’ running for president? Our God, even in this horror to come, has a sense of humor in His warnings.

    God bless and keep you and yours safe. You remain in my prayers. Please continue to pray for us here in America.


    PS: Have you had a chance to listen to the mp3s? Just wondered what you think.

    • Hi Linda Sorci,

      Ah yes. Irony.

      I think that we can say that God is the AUTHOR of irony. And, He takes great delight in demonstrating that irony – and even sarcasm – to those who refuse to acknowledge Him.

      Even in my own life. I made plans, and God laughed. I dearly love how God’s plans are so much better than my own ragged aspirations.

      As for the MP3s, I am still thinking about them, and I have not lost that comment. And, I really thank you for that reminder. I get so wrapped up in what I’m doing, that I often forget what is important.

      The MP3s are currently on my listen list, so we’ll see how the Lord leads.

      God bless you, Linda. Your warm regard is a great blessing.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  11. So now inquiring minds would like to know, how was it that a friend of yours almost died because he forgot that we have no power over demons except in the name of Christ???

    • Hi DRG,

      Ah yes. That.

      I’ll try to keep it short.

      He was a missionary in Taiwan, and there are a lot of truly demonic temples here in Taiwan. If you want to see what Paul meant about temples, idols and sacrifices… come here to Taiwan. We have that. In spades.

      Well, the most popular temples are the most powerful, and the most powerful temples have a spirit channeler that is TRULY DEMON POSSESSED.

      One day, my friend had had enough, and he went up to one particularly powerful channeler and addressed the demon directly. He told the demon that he did not belong here, and that he should leave. I’m a little fuzzy on the exact words, but essentially, my friend was trying to cast the demon out in his own power.

      Never, ever do that with a demon. Never.

      My friend spent the next four days in the hospital and almost died. It was a lesson that he will never forget, for as long as he lives.

      When you confront a demon, you must always address the demon in the power and authority of Jesus Christ. Never in your own power. Never.

      Should you forget that, God may allow the demon to attack you, so that you learn the true authority by which we exist.

      The demons are out in the open, here in Taiwan. But, they fear those who truly walk in the authority and power of our Lord and Savior. And, they have even less power and presence when the numbers of Christians are greater.

      Here in Taipei – which is 10% Christian – I do not sense as much demonic activity. Outside of Taipei – where Christianity is about two percent – the demons have a MUCH greater presence. I sense them much more, when I’m out and about, in central and southern Taiwan.

      Do not fear demons. There is no need for that. They will leave you alone, if you walk with the Lord. But, we must never deal with them without the only real protection that we have, the name and authority of Jesus Christ.

      And, having said all that, being the good ‘Baptist’ that I am… such interactions with demons are not normal for me. Only in Taiwan, and one instance in Japan, have I ever felt the presence of demons. I’m sure that there were other interactions, but I did not sense them. I’m generally as perceptive as a rock.

      So, that’s pretty much the story, DRG. Thank you for prodding me to talk about it.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Thanks for the explanation …… but now I am wondering, what did the demon do to him that he spent 4 days in the hospital? And if the problem were demonically caused, what could the hospital do to help him? And were there no other Christians around him who could pray for him??

        • Hi DRG,

          I don’t remember what the diagnosis was, but he didn’t understand what happened – and the source of it – until afterwards. And, I’m sure that there were people praying for him. But, when it’s a lesson from God… well, a lesson needed to be learned.

          And, there are times when God needs to take you to the point of death.

          We are protected from the demonic, but we act only under the authority of Jesus Christ. We must always act out of humility and submission to God. Act in pride, and you will spend four days in the hospital at the brink of death.

          Thanks DRG. I hope that adds a bit of detail.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  12. Hi John,
    first of all, thank you for your kind words, and, once again, for your work!
    (and I officially confirm I do not feel being misrepresented in any way:)
    Let me add, for me all these things are screaming how much God loves us, all of us. Look, there are so many rare but possible things which could clean up Earth, definitely and with no or not much warning. Space dust clouds in which coronas of the stars are becoming hyperactive, X50 superflares, bizarre events like exploding galactic cores. They happen, but it looks as if it’s not our case.
    No, we have been warned.
    We now see magnetic shield of the Earth fading fast, we have science to assess consequences – we know in advance that starting from now even smaller flares can put Carrington in shadow. We measure pole movement, we monitor our pathetic “economy”. Our “increased knowledge”, spoken of by Daniel, tells us about earthquakes; we know that climate cooling may result with wars, how complex systems react and what that means for us. We know… well, just about everything needed. Let’s face it, we actually KNOW what will happen, the only problem is that this knowledge spans from monetary systems to space weather. But an average person (like me) has capacity to connect the dots (under condition
    of saying good-bye to normalcy bias and other crap). All we need is to be aware and ask questions. And open our Bibles (!), it’s ALL written there. “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets” – at this stage I feel like not only prophets were told everything. People of our era have access to all information, every one of it screaming: turn to Jesus Christ, for the time is short. But, (wow!) still, the Bible alone is enough and all our science and knowledge seems supplementary, at best. What an amazing gift from our Lord!
    Just minutes ago, I stopped writing, looked at the “state of the Internet”, and – voila:
    I think, more of this coming. With consequences…
    John, big thanks, I’m really happy to produce something inspiring, but be sure, you have done it to me dozens of times.
    God bless you!
    -And sorry for my little messy war with your spam filter – I wasn’t aware what’s going on:)

  13. I think this 1967 generation theory is wrong. They have mostly died off by now. Are there still a number of them still alive today to essentially represent “that generation”? It is 2016 now and they are supposed to survive the Tribulation too?

    No, “the 1967 generation” will pass away by the time the Tribulation comes around because it is not the generation Jesus is referring to in Matthew 24 that will not pass away.

  14. And…. this one should have been in the humor section, that Iran or whoever vowed to protect Muslim nations from terrorism ……. huh? …… when you think about it, that is hysterically funny …….

    And I read recently that Putin said if Turkey does not stop supporting terror in Syria, he will return Constantinople to Christendom. I hope he does!!!!!!

  15. John,

    Thank you so much for your earnest work for The Lord. It is much appreciated! May God Bless you for that, and I know He does.

    I would like to pick your brain about some things that I am discovering in my scriptural studies. In particular, “Daniel’s 70th Week” and the so-called “Third Temple”. So that you know, I’m not trying to ambush you, I’m going to try to lay out my thesis here, as briefly as possible, and perhaps you could respond. Forgive me for the length. See what you think:

    (All parentheticals are mine)

    Daniel 9:24

    24 Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people (Hebrews/Jews) and upon thy holy city (Jerusalem), to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy (Jesus, Jesus, Jesus)

    70 weeks are for the Hebrews

    Daniel 9:26

    26 And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself (The Cross): and the people of the prince that shall come (Rome) shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood (perhaps not literally water), and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

    Remember, the prophecy is concerning the Hebrews/Jews

    Daniel 9:27

    27 And he (Jesus) shall confirm the covenant with many (Hebrews/Jews) for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease (The Cross/True Passover Lamb), and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it (The Temple) desolate (torn Temple veil) even until the consummation (return of Christ), and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate (those without Christ).

    Many attribute the “he” in the above verse to Antichrist, but there is no way to read it that way. So, no Third Temple… But wait:

    2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

    3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
    4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

    Who did every single Reformation leader say was the Antichrist? The Pope. This is what fueled the Protestant movement. Not exactly how it began, but Luther, Calvin, Knox, Wycliffe, and many others stated this finding in their writings, based on their understanding of Daniel. Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and then Rome/Miry Clay (mixture of Rome and everybody else?). Papal Rome, as a religious and political entity, arose out of 10 nations, but subdued three (little horn).

    Sitting in the Temple of God, shewing himself that he is God…

    Daniel 7:24-26

    24 And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.
    25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High (persecution of the Bible-believing Protestants), and think to change times (Roman calendar) and laws (10 Commandments): and they (Saints) shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time (1,260 years)
    26 But the judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end.

    Roman Catholic is no longer the central universal (catholic) church, as Protestantism is (for now) apart from its authority.

    There’s more concerning the mortal wound (Pope exiled in 1798) and healed (1929), but I’ll leave it at that for now.

    So, 3-1/2 years and Jesus was crucified and resurrected. What of the remaining 3-1/2 years? Remember that the prophecy was for the Hebrews/Jews. What happened 3-1/2 years after The Cross? The Gospel, which was confined to the Jews, until the stoning of Stephen (and the forgiven Saul), went to the Gentiles (through Paul).

    If there is a determined length to the Great Tribulation, and we know when it begins, then we know when Jesus returns. Nobody but The Father knows. He will come when we don’t expect Him (of course, after Antichrist is revealed AND after the tribulation).

    I made no mention of the False Prophet, as my studies haven’t taken me that far. I think we already know who the antichrist is, at least we know he will be a Pope. So, no endless speculation is required.

    I would very much like to know your thoughts on what I laid out. It makes sense to me now, but I’d like to know where I’ve gone wrong, or be pointed in other directions to study.

    Thanks again, and God Bless!


    • Hi Karl,

      Okay, I agree with your points, except for the part about the Pope.

      There is nothing in the Bible that says that the Pope is the Antichrist. The closest that we come is the woman who rides the beast, who represents the Roman Catholic Church. The one that I call the ‘Beast Rider’. There was good in her, at her beginning, but she became a whore and corrupted herself.

      Is it impossible for the Pope to be the Antichrist?

      I don’t think so, but there is certainly nothing in the Bible that requires a Pope to the Antichrist.

      Please be careful about viewing eschatology through the lens of theologians that lived hundreds of years ago. I have found the vast majority of them to be unable to grasp the events that are happening right now.

      Furthermore, I believe that we will see more clearly as the days approach. Rough waters ahead.

      I hope that helps, Karl. Keep up the good work. None of this is easy to figure out.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  16. Just in case you haven’t seen…


    he magnetosphere is a magnetic field that surrounds Earth, and other planets individually, and protects us from solar winds and excess radiation.

    Data from the NASA Weather Prediction Center showed that there was a complete collapse in the magnetosphere at 06.37 GMT on April 23, leaving us vulnerable to the dangers of the Sun until 08.39 GMT.

    The temporary natural disablement of the magnetosphere would have interrupted whale navigation, bird flight, technology and the excess radiation could be potentially dangerous to humans and animals alike.

    • Hi Gibby62,

      The ‘Heads Up’ over a possible EMP is an important one. The threat of EMP attack is what launched this website.

      As for the collapse of the magnetosphere, I suspect that this was a glitch in the software/instruments. There are only two ways that this could happen – excessive solar wind/solar flare or a dramatic change in the magma currents that generate the magnetosphere.

      There’s much more to this, but a collapse of the magnetosphere doesn’t make sense over such a short period of time.

      Thank you so much, Gibby, for your updates. Keep up the good work!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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