A Long, Hot Summer

The next few months will verify the direction that we see the world going in. Syria will either survive, or the Gulf Arabs and Turkey will invade and destroy Damascus. Donald Trump will either receive the nomination and win the election, or the American elites will stage a coup and install Hillary Clinton. Either gold will rise and the Stock Market collapse, or the central bankers will be successful in heading off yet another financial armageddon. Either North Korea launches an EMP attack upon America, or the Chinese successfully suppress the chubby kid in Pyongyang.

I’m afraid that I’m not hopeful about ANY of the above.

It’s going to be a long, hot summer.


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A Long, Hot Summer

I’m afraid that I only have a few minutes to get this out, before rushing off to the Bible class that my wife and I teach on Fridays, so this will need to be short. Unfortunately, the news for this week is as bad as I’ve ever seen it.

There are four potential catastrophes on the horizon that would be terrifying if I did not believe in God. And, even though I believe that God is in control, I fear for your future, in terms of these events.

The Setup For Gog And Magog

This summer will determine the course for the coming of Gog and Magog. If the recapture of Aleppo by Syria is successful, and Turkey and the Gulf Arabs fail to invade Syria this summer… then Gog and Magog may be delayed.

Unfortunately, I’m not in an optimistic mood over this. Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf Arabs are in alliance with Turkey, and they are planning an invasion of Syria. The Arabs will invade from the south and take out Damascus, and the Turks will invade from the north and Take Aleppo.

The Russians will put up a bit of a fight, but they will retreat from Syria. In their retreat, Russia will strengthen her alliance with Iran and make plans for an invasion of the Middle East.

Scroll down to the GOG AND MAGOG category of the research section of this article, and you will see what I mean.

Political Armageddon – USA

What is happening in the US in the run-up for the 2016 Presidential election, is very unsettling. There is talk of assassinations and coups, and this is NOT good. I was a bit player in the Republican Party in Indiana, before I went off to Israel in late 1992. And, I played a teeny-tiny role in helping elect George Bush, Sr. in 1988, and in his failed attempt at re-election in ’92.

I am deeply embarrassed that I tried to help that piece of garbage. If I knew then, what I know now, I never would have participated in that attempt. NEVER.

But, that experience gave me a view of the inner workings of the Republican Party (and the CFR, by the way). That view has shown me how awful and evil the Republicans are, as well as the Democrats.

I can tell you from personal experience, that the Republican Elites are ready and willing to take down Trump and give the Presidency to Hillary. I know the kind of people they are. In fact, I might even have met some of them personally. And, they are as vile as vile can be.

Expect the very worst, in the upcoming election.

The Rise Of Gold And The Fall Of Stocks

Bo Polny has been talking about the cycle in gold and stocks. He’s predicting a doubling of gold and a 50 percent drop in the stock markets. And, I suspect that he’s right. It certainly looks like prediction is coming true.

I bought my small amount of gold and silver a while ago, so I’m ready.

How about you?

EMP From North Korea

The chubby kid in Pyongyang is a scary dude. If he believes even HALF of what he says, expect one of those North Korean satellites to have a massive EMP weapon in it, with a chubby finger ready to press the big red button to explode that nuclear EMP weapon over the US.

If what we learned today – that’s right, just today – that kid is going to launch an EMP attack upon the US, soon – if someone doesn’t take out North Korea first.

I am NOT willing to bet that North Korea will be neutralized before they attack the US with an EMP.

I can’t say when. I’m not even completely certain that it WILL happen. But, when an enemy has the ability, willingness and motivation to do something like that…

God’s Judgment Upon America

Furthermore, you need to be thinking about how God views the US.

Is God about to judge the US?

I think so, so you need to be ready for God to use one or more (or all) of the above.


Please take the time to read through
the research section below.
There is a lot there
that you need to know.



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These are the articles that hit my desktop this week – and seemed important.

My sources tend to change a bit from week to week, but for this week, my sources are:

















https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1rnp-CySclyhxyjA4f14WQ – X22 Report Spotlight




Best of all, many of you provided me with valuable links that you will also find below.

Each of the above has their own foibles and biases, and that goes for Omega Shock. My hope is that YOUR bias will ALWAYS be Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.



If You Don’t Warn The People, Their Blood Could Be On Your Hands

THIS was one of the same ideas that got Omega Shock started – the knowledge that YOUR BLOOD would be upon MY HEAD, if I did not warn you of what was coming. In fact, I’ve been doing this, in one form or another, for more than 20 years.

I think that Michael got started in early 2010, and Omega Shock came along in late 2011. I didn’t know about Michael until I was up and running – and hysterical.

And now that YOU know what is coming, your responsibility is to warn others so that THEIR BLOOD won’t be upon YOUR HEAD.

Remember that we will all stand before the Lord one day and be required to give an answer for everything that we DID and for everything that we DIDN’T DO.

Please. Spread the warning. For your own sake, if nothing else.



These are the articles that have special significance. They often stand in their own categories. They might occupy many different categories. Whatever the case, they are worth reading.

Justice Scalia Spent Final Hours with Members of Secret Society Affiliated With Bohemian Grove

I don’t even need to know the details, although I suspect that they will come out.

Anytime you see the words ‘secret society’, you know that Satan is at work there. That goes for the Masons, The Ku Klux Klan, and ANY other society with secrets.

Justice Scalia Died Surrounded By Luciferians: Special Report – YouTube

Interesting points. Here’s the YouTube writeup:

You are in a war for your mind, whether you believe it or not. More than anything…. the ruling elite have been bombarding the controlled narrative that overwhelmed your rational consciousness,your subconscious, unconscious, and ultimately your super consciousness long before you were even born. They have been using a two faced mind control technique known as the Hegelian dialectic to control both sides of an issue to keep you locked in a cage of powerlessness. That is how the only vote standing in the pathway of Obama’s lame duck New World Order policies was snuffed out without most people asking any questions.

That is why the details are so important to the awakened citizen. Wayne Madsen writes “Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia could not have died in a more corrupt county than Presidio Co., Texas.

Don’t kid yourself, nowadays we the people rarely decide on the promotion of the common good. Ultimately every key decision regarding future generations is managed at confabs like Davos and Bilderberg by a small group of billionaires that ferret out their demands to their compromised talking heads to ram their New World Order Agenda into your cranium. Occult assimilated Lip Service agents representing politics, entertainment, religion, and an unseen group before your very eyes, a hidden society of Occultist Freemason’s that George Washington warned the United States about from day one now decides what barriers to their agenda must be removed. Whether its JFK, MLK, or Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Mitch McConnell is for the time being waging his part of the Hegelian Dialectic, claiming they will wait until Obama leaves office. Of course when and if something catastrophic happens. Obama will have full support of the bought and paid for media and congress to nominate a liberal Supreme Court Justice once the general election winds down. Wait for it.

Scalia’s death could be the kind of turning point that might even nullify the elections and stop a Trump presidency – which would cause all Hell to break loose.

I hope that you’ll be ready for this.

Lessons From The Holocaust For Our Times. We Are Living Within An Emergent Fascism! Here’s What’s Taking Place Right Now

We have forgotten the lessons of the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide. And, there are foul and disgusting people who seek to dim that memory further.

A Holocaust is in our future, and I hope that we will have learned the lessons that the Jews learned, so that we will not suffer their fate.

God help us all.

26.02.2016 Crisis News – YouTube

Turkey, a wave of Islamic migrants, and the possible collapse of the EU as a functioning entity. Yeah, ‘crisis’ is a good word to use.

Breaking Down The Suspicious Death Of Justice Scalia:Jon Rappoport – YouTube

Jon Rappoport brings out a TON of detail here, and I think that it’s worth the 43 minutes to listen to it.

My hope is that you will realize that there are dark and dangerous secrets at the foul heart of the oligarchy running Amerika.

The Manchurian Candidate – Film, Literature and the New World Order – YouTube

James Corbett’s illogical and venemous anti-Israel bias often keeps me from using his material, but there are times when he produces something worth listening to. This is one of them, and it brings out something that I’ve been talking about for a long time:

MKULTRA and other attempts at mind control

The evidence of such things should be obvious to all who are willing to embrace the truth. It is a sad commentary on our dysfunctional society that so few are willing to see what is so clearly visible.

Laura Maxwell – Spiritualism, Spirit Guides & One World Order Exposed – YouTube

AMinuteToMidnite.com has been producing some exceptional video material, and I am impressed with the work that Chris and Tony have been doing. This is yet another excellent interview, this time with Laura Maxwell, from my ancestral home – Scotland.

Mosque bacon attack could get Florida man life in prison | Pamela Geller

If I wrap a mosque in raw bacon, will I get life in prison too?

Will I go to prison if I ADVOCATE wrapping a mosque in raw bacon?

The Jews consider raw bacon to be just as abhorrent, but I have yet to see a single person threatened with LIFE IMPRISONMENT for a ‘bacon attack’.

Amerika has become a sick and disgusting place. This is just a tiny sign of it.

Susan Lindauer: “The Same Old Liars Are Telling The Same Old Lies To Drive Us To Brink Of WWIII!” – YouTube

This gives you something of an idea of the evils of the wars that have happened, from someone who was an officer within the CIA – tasked with dealing with the material.

Cities Of Refuge: Why Are People Creating Hundreds Of Places Of Refuge All Over America?

I have been hoping that people would do this, and it is a relief for me to see it.

Please, as you prepare, prepare for more than just yourself. It is what Jesus would do… and, it is what He did – for you.

CONFIRMED – The U.S. Military Asks Tech Companies to Tweak Their Algorithms to Promote Certain Content

Okay, they’re working to ‘combat ISIS online’, but they’re doing far, far more than that. ISIS is just a ‘cover’. In fact, they have been waging a battle for our minds in our schools, in television and radio broadcasts, and now online.

They have not only won their battle, they’ve won the war. My hope is that they won’t get YOU.

However, the only way to avoid being mentally captured by their intrigues is to devote your ENTIRE life to following Jesus Christ, and reading the book that God gave you.

Pope Francis calls abortion activist a ‘great’ woman

Umm… Right. Pope Franky is a Satanist.

Nothing says Satanist like child sacrifice.

“Has Everyone Lost Their Freaking Minds?”

Just read the Hunter S Thompson quotes, and the text in bold. That’s all that I did, and all that you need to do.

But yes, everyone HAS lost their ‘freaking’ minds.

Lacking basic gear, special operators stuck buying their own equipment

OUCH. How is it that SEALS and other special operations forces are needing to use their own money to buy gear that they need?

This is insane!

No wonder the morale in the US military is so low.

Global Food Shocks 2017: Seven Crops that Will Rise in Price | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 (139) – YouTube

Martin Armstrong mentioned this as a part of his discussion of cycles. And, it’s turning out to be true.

And, the point that this video makes is that the rise in food scarcity – and price – will cause civil unrest. Worse, this ‘Mini Ice Age’ has already begun.

USGS 6.8 Taiwan Quake Cover Up of Solar Minimum Effects | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 (125) – YouTube

Interesting. I picked this up after watching the video above. Apparently, he’s in Taipei, also.

I’ve watched USGS do the same thing that he’s talking about. We’d feel the earthquake hit, and then we’d go online to the site that he’s referring to:


And then, a few hours – or less – later, USGS would downgrade the quake.

I guess that they must think that we’re stupid.

Anyway, lots of good info. You’ll be seeing more from this guy.

Only By Being Aware Can We Be Prepared For What Is Coming – The 10% Versus The 90% And The Difference Between “Hope” And “Doom”

This has some good stuff on preparation. Please read. Please watch the short videos. This isn’t hard, and it could save your life – and the lives of those you love.

Scientist Harassed After Warning of Plague Potential from Man-Made Retrovirus

I don’t normally get into this. My expertise lies in a different area, and I’m a bit leary of some of the claims that a lot of health nuts make. That ‘leariness’ also drives my poor wife crazy, ‘cuz she comes from a long line of CHRISTIAN Chinese Medicine doctors.

But, I love science, and the discussions here are interesting, and the scientist being interviewed is a true-blue, lab science Ph.D. EXPERT who isn’t an idiot or granola cruncher. THAT I can appreciate.

Take This Test To See If Most Americans Would Consider You To Be A ‘Religious Extremist’

I believe that all of you will pass the ‘Religious Extremist Test’ contained in this article.

Congratulations. A huge portion of American society want you dead.

WW3 Begins in Syria – News from the Wall – Discernment Over Deception | Watchmans Cry

This is actually a really good broadcast from Nathan Leal. I’m putting this HERE and in the Gog and Magog section.

The latter part of this broadcast is an excellent discussion about learning how to deal with deception. This speaks to me right now, because I have recently gone through a really painful process of dealing with someone who had deceived our church. We were required to deal with it, and it was horribly difficult – partly because most in our church did not understand what the problem was.

I now know what to look for, when another incident like this reoccurs. It was a valuable lesson, that I hope to never repeat.

So, this is another excellent broadcast by Nathan Leal.

How The Elite Use Technology To Control You – YouTube

I really believe that Patrick Wood has it right. All this time, when we were fighting this menace or that menace… the real menace was taking over.

Well, it’s here. Technocracy.

It’s also The Beast.

Four Payette students suspected in felony arson of principal’s house

THIS is a sign of the times, and I’m surprised that this doesn’t happen more often.

Expect it to happen more often.

Police appeal to lawmakers for future options on arming drones

I want ANY policeman to be fired, if they want armed drones.

In fact, I want that policeman to be investigated for anything else that they might have been doing. This is sick, and only a mentally ill policeman would want this.

GlaxoSmithKline fined less than $100,000 for killing 14 babies during vaccine trials

This is SO disgusting. Ouch.


How utterly ironic. The Left is for free speech, except when it comes to speech that might be a teeny tiny bit upsetting to… someone.


Oh dear… that might make someone have a bad day.


Excellent summary of what will come.

From the way the author writes, I believe that it does come from someone who really does speak from the knowledge that is gained from command rank. Generals are required to see the ‘big picture’ and this one clearly does.

Japan screwed up in their attempt at total war, by not invading Hawaii, and then Alaska. America’s enemies will not make the same mistake.

The general says to get south of the equator. I agree – or, at least the other side of the planet, like me.

America will not win this next war. Not by a long shot.

Walmart Introduces ‘666 Obamacare RFID Chip Machine’ – YouTube

I personally believe that the RFID is a ‘red herring’. RFID is no secure enough. It’s too easily ‘spoofed’, and the Antichrist is too far away in time for him to use this technology.

Furthermore, the government will try this technology, and fail. THAT failure will usher in the TRUE 666-Beast-Mark – or, at least another precurser to it.

The scary part is the first three minutes. This video is from 2013, and the videographer is showing that there is a machine in Walmart that reads your right hand, or your forehead.

North Korean leader wants nukes ready to fly

If the North Koreans believe even HALF of what they are saying to themselves… then an EMP attack upon the US is a certainty.

I do NOT understand why the United States isn’t shooting down every ‘satellite’ launch that those rats launch.

The U.S. just sent a carrier strike group to confront China

And THIS will encourage the Chinese to LET North Korea take down the United States.

Inside China’s Plan for a Military That Can Counter U.S. Muscle

And, China is serious about countering the American military, and American hegemony.

Scientific paper which says the human hand was designed by a ‘Creator’ sparks controversy

How can ANYONE look at how well designed we are and NOT see the signature of a fantastic Designer?

Ron Karren’s Blog – Life After Mormonism (exmormon)

A reader sent this to me, and it’s something that we need to be aware of and pray for.

Please pray for Ron and all who are in the same situation. I have heard and read many stories like this, and each one breaks my heart.

Hold God close, Ron. God will see you through, and we will be praying for you and with you.

LDS Utah Child Molestation Cover-Up – YouTube

This is the video that goes with the above. Ron only has one video recorded. There will be more.

North Korea Orders Nuclear Weapons Made Ready for Use! China Says “North Korea has signed its own Death Warrant”

This will need to be verified as accurate, but when China said that North Korea had “signed it’s own death warrant”, that means that North Korea is on its own – and cornered.

Here is a quote:

Editor: China _never_ says things like “Signed its own death warrant.” China is ALWAYS moderate in its Diplomatic tone, and always leaves a door open to compromise or face-saving, no matter who they are in difficulties with. For China to publicly use such language is no mistake. China doesn’t make mistakes like that. Ever. Folks, this is far more serious than the North Korean situation has ever been. China NEVER talks likes this, and for them to do so means HUGE trouble is coming.

Please be ready for an EMP. It might not happen, but I believe that it is clear that North Korea will go for everything – and will go down fighting.

Furthermore, I believe that God is about to judge America.

Kim Jong Un Orders Nuclear Weapons Made Ready For Use | Zero Hedge

Another view of the previous link.


This year will set us on course for the last of the Last Days. Whoever is chosen will set the stage for what comes after.

I’m afraid that we are staring ‘political armageddon’ in the face.

The Trump Assassination Danger Zone Begins In September

If they don’t assassinate ‘The Donald’, then you can bet that he’s in their pocket. No one gets to be President, unless they are willing to follow orders.

Kelleigh Nelson — Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz The Master of Lies

I AM NOT a supporter of Trump. But, the idea that he MIGHT be against the establishment, is VERY compelling to me. But, I trust Trump about as much as I trust any other snake.

But, Cruz… OUCH. And, some of the talk from his supporters is beyond bizarre.

I stopped listening to Beck a long time ago, and this is just another reason why YOU should stop, if you still listen to him.

Snowden Sums Up The Presidential Campaign With Just One Tweet

Unfortunately, Snowden is right:

2016: a choice between Donald Trump and Goldman Sachs

“Trump Must Be Stopped” Plead ‘The Economist’ And CFR As Financial Establishment Panics | Zero Hedge

Wow. If all THESE people hate Trump… he can’t be that bad.

In fact, it would be a tremendous honor to have these people hate little ol’ me.

Going Full Whig

Unfortunately, America is a country suffering so much despair, that they will grab a hold of ANYONE who offers even the briefest glimmers of hope. Unfortunately, that hope is a sham, and will shatter upon the rocks of reality.

Here’s a quote:

We took the collateral winnings of World War II and poured it into a suburban sprawl alt-universe so depressing that our citizens are the most over-medicated people in the world. That alone might help to explain how Hillary and Trump lumber inevitably toward their respective nominations. The cheering “folks” marshaled out in the Piggly Wiggly parking lots are so buzzed on Klonopin and Zoloft that they can’t tell how these two odious celebrities epitomize the very forces behind their pharmaceutically-masked despair.

Advice for Trump – Armstrong Economics

Unfortunately, most will not understand the wisdom the Martin Armstrong is offering here – which is why it will fail to be adopted by Trump, or anyone else.

Of course, the biggest reason why it would never be adopted is that the ‘fat cats’ would be put on a diet, and that would just never do.

It’s Not Just the GOP – The Democratic Party is Also Imploding

For the briefest moment in time, I was an excessively minor operative for the Republican Party in Indianapolis. I played my tiny little role, in my tiny little corner, trying to help a piece of scum become President. That piece of scum – George H.W. Bush – DID make it into the White House, and I was an idiot for helping.


We all do stupid stuff when we’re young. Young and stupid. That was me.

Anyway, both political parties in the US are dying. And, they deserve to die. I am looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, American voters are not known for their wisdom or intelligence, so their replacements will be worse.

Furthermore, this was all forcasted by Martin Armstrong, a long time ago.

I hope that everyone understands that very few of us will die of old age, or even natural causes.

“The GOP Is On The Verge Of A Meltdown”: Senior Republicans Threaten To Vote For Hillary

Nothing says ‘scum’ like the words ‘Senior Republican’. I have yet to meet a ‘Senior Republican’ who wasn’t a piece of garbage. The only way that you can become ‘Senior’ in the Republican – or Democrat – Party is to be psychopathically and morally deginerate.

The fact that the psychopaths running the Republican Party are siding with the psychopaths running the Democrat Party, is perfectly logical.

Folks, there is literally no one to vote for, except maybe Carson. Hillary is definitely a psychopath, and Trump looks like one too. The only thing that I can say about Trump is that he might be LESS of a psychopath than Hillary.

Remember that voting for the Lesser-of-two-evils is still voting for evil.

I left America, so I don’t need to worry about that choice. Absentee ballots are never counted. Never. So, voting doesn’t matter, and I like that, thankyouverymuch.

It’s 2008 All Over Again

Interesting points, although I would claim that our first ’emperor’ was Lyndon Johnson, put in place by the CIA – the praetorian guards of this age. No one gets to be President, unless the secret cabal within a secret cabal say so. Exceptions like Reagen get saddled with CIA people like Bush, Sr.

We do not have free elections, anymore.

All hail Imperator Americanus!

Reality Check: No Matter Who Wins the White House, the New Boss Will Be the Same as the Old Boss

This article will NOT make you want to say, “God bless America.”

We have cursed Him too long by our actions, and this is payback.

More reports are coming in from Virginia of written ballots already being filled out when given to voters. Is election fraud sweeping the nation?

I am so sorry.

If you thought that you had an accurate and honest election, you sadly mistaken.

The election process is being run by Satanists.

Did you think that an election process run by Satanists would be free and fair?

Why We’re Ungovernable, Part 13: The Unprotected Push Back

John Rubino is ALWAYS worth paying attention to.

In this case, he points out why Trump is winning.

It’s a New French Revolution, just like the Old French Revolution.

Kristol Lays Out Strategy to Give White House to Hillary: Trump ‘Shouldn’t Win’

These people are BEYOND vile.

And, it was everything that I saw in the Republican Party in Indiana. What a bunch of prostitutes. That’s right. Prostitutes. And, I mean that with ever fiber of my being. You cannot be a functionary in either party without being a complete and utter prostitute.

I saw it for myself, in the late ’80s and ’90s.

Ben Carson Super Tuesday results: No ‘political path’ to GOP nomination he can see

If there was hope for America… if God was going to withhold His judgment upon America… Ben Carson would have received the nomination, and then won the election.

I am so sorry. Judgment is coming.

And Then There Were 4 – Ben Carson Says “No Path Forward” In Presidential Bid

This was/is the only guy that I could have voted for with a reasonably clear conscience.

As for the rest?

They can take a flying leap. I won’t vote for ANY of them. And, the fact that my vote doesn’t count, just makes it easier.

Sanders, millennials find connection in democratic socialism

This is our future, everyone. These kids LIKE socialism.

How the internet flips elections and alters our thou…

This is the new mind control for a a new Beast System.

So, Larry Page and Sergey Brin – founders of Google – have the power to change what you think and how you feel. More importantly, they have that power with your neighbors.

Are you willing to bet that they won’t use that power?

Only a fool would believe that they wouldn’t use and abuse that power.

Donors ask GOP consulting firm to research independent presidential bid

Take a deep breath.

Smell that?

(I’ll wait until you stop coughing)

THAT is the smell of Republicans and Democrats. It’s the smell of decades old garbage that’s been rotting and putrifying in the dank underbelly of American Elitism. It’s the filth and excrement of the worst of the worst of America. I experienced that vile and rotten from THE INSIDE of the Republican Party in the late 80s and early 90s. And now, you get to experience it too!

Computer Programmer testifies “US ELECTIONS RIGGED”. – YouTube


This is an older video. I think from 2004 or 2005. He was testifying about an experience from 2000.

I have a programming background. I’ve never been professional, but I’ve learned several programming languages and have built a few programs. So, when this guy says that only a hunred lines of code would be all that was needed to rig an election…


There is almost no way that you could detect just a hundred lines of code inside one of those Deibold voting machines – and, you would need the ORIGINAL SOURCE CODE. And, you could never guarantee that you had the original.



The collapse that started in 2007 has yet to stop. Yes, it took a ‘breather’ for a couple years, and such pauses are wonderful. But, the financial world is in desperate need of a ‘clean out’, a ‘reset’.

That ‘reset’ is coming, and you do NOT want to be in the way of the calamity that is about to run over us.

U.S. Has Record 10th Straight Year Without 3% Growth in GDP

Unfortunately, some of those years the ‘Real GDP’ figures were faked.

World Trade Collapses Most Since Crisis

I was talking to a very good friend of mine, who is a ‘finance guy’. He believed that the fall in the Baltic Dry Index – aka, BDI – was due to so many new ships being delivered to shipping companies.

Well, this puts the kibosh on THAT idea. The only time that world trade has been THIS LOW, was 2009.

Now, tell me again how everything is fine.

How To Beat The Market Trading Just 30 Minutes Per Day

Just to give you an idea how distorted our financial system is, this is all that you needed to do to win big.


Increasing Price Inflation is Not a Sign of Healthy Recovery, but the Last Stage Before Recession

Okay, this goes into the nuts-and-bolts of finance and economy, so it might not be your kind of article to read. But, I find the analysis here to be very interesting.

The idea is that prices tend to go UP just before a Recession hits. And, those increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or the Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) will force the Fed to raise interest rates. We will need that rate rise to ‘weed out’ the idiots who are not operating efficiently.

And yes, this ‘survival of the fittest’ is vital, if you want your society to continue to operate. Companies that act foolishly need to be ‘weeded out’ so that smarter, harder working companies can survive and thrive. And, right now, we have a HUGE number of foolish companies (aka, IDIOTS) acting like a cancer on our society, and they need to be killed off. Unfortunately, these cancerous IDIOTS have become too big to fail, so they will be propped up – causing America to fail instead.

Isn’t finance wonderful?

Tom Dyson: This may have just triggered another Depression…

This is an excellent article about how Depressions start.

We don’t see them start in real-time. We need to dig through the records after the fact to see how they began. When Creditanstalt collapsed in 1931, it set off a series of financial dominoes that took down the global financial system. And, Austria wasn’t at the center of global finance, by any stretch of the imagination.

Well, it looks like China might have had a ‘Creditanstalt Moment’. We’ll see.

I was wondering when someone would mention Creditanstalt.

Good article.

The Peninsula Qatar – Bank holiday on March 6

Um… this could be BAD.

Bank holidays are never good, and a bank holiday in Qatar means trouble for the Gulf Arabs. BAD trouble.

For those of you who are puzzled by a bank holiday on SUNDAY, you need to understand that the Middle East breaks for Friday Prayers on… Friday. And, Saturday is the next logical day for the weekend. And, since Sunday is for Christians… no one takes Sunday off.

Earnings ‘Optimism’ Crashes To 7-Year Lows | Zero Hedge



I dearly wish that I could tell you that there are other assets that could help you survive what is coming.

If you have bought food and a secure access to drinkable water… if you have a secure place to live within a community of solid Christians… if you have invested your life in serving God…

Then, buy as much silver and gold as you can.

This Is The Best Year For Gold Since The Hunt Brothers

Of course, we’ll need to get to the END of this year to be able to say that 2016 really was the best year for gold, since the Hunt Brothers. But, gold really does look like it will do very, very well this year.

The Global Run On Physical Cash Has Begun: Why It Pays To Panic First

I know that it seems strange to put something like this article in the Gold and Silver category, but think about it for a minute.

Gold is a form of currency, just like cash, and there isn’t enough cash in the world… when it all falls apart…

So yes, get your cash out of the bank before everyone else does. Just don’t forget the shiny stuff.

Six Reasons To Buy Gold In 2016

I bought gold a few years ago, and it’s still not back to where I bought it, although I’m not sure. That ‘not sure’ should tell you how much I care about ‘making money’ – as in, I don’t. And no, I do NOT have a lot of money.

You buy gold as insurance.

You do NOT buy it as an investment. Investments are for producing value, and gold produces nothing. All that gold does is store what you put into it.

The rest of the world is falling apart. The Bible said that it would, and so it is.

Please invest in God first. Then, do everything that God tells you to do. If there is ANYTHING left over, buy some gold.

But, um… don’t wait too long.

“Gold to Double, Silver Triple in 2016” – Will Bo be Right Again? – Bo Polny Feb 24 Interview – YouTube

Bo Polny is saying that gold will double – sooner rather than later. He said that Silver might even QUADRUPLE.

The other thing that he said is that the stock market will fall by 50%. OUCH.

As I’ve been saying, I bought my gold and silver. I will be glad to see it double for myself. But, I will be very unhappy to see everyone else suffer. Please, do what you can to protect yourself.

Global Central Banks Continue Longest Gold-Buying-Spree Since Vietnam War

Hmmmm… this bodes VERY well for the future of gold.

Gold Enters Bull Market | Zero Hedge

Got gold?


In the choice between laughing and crying, I prefer to laugh.

Unfortunately, we often do not have such a choice. So, take this moment to at least have a chuckle.

Saudi TV Channel Parody Lampoons Hizbullah’s Leader Nasrallah, Sparks Anger among Supporters

Who knew that Saudi TV had a sense of humor?

I actually CHUCKLED!

I might have even let out a tiny guffaw!


EPIC FAIL: MSNBC Host’s Attempt To Smear Trump Supporters As Racist Backfires Hilariously

Oh dear, that was funny. That really was an EPIC FAIL.

When you do live TV, sometimes the truth comes out and you get egg on your face.

The 2016 Presidential Vote Decision (Explained In 1 Cartoon)



All religions that do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as God, who came in the flesh and died for our sins… those religions that do not acknowledge that, are of Satan. And, there are even religions that SPECIFICALLY worship Satan, or at least worship Satan under the name of Lucifer.

But, ISLAM is a special kind of Satanism. Of all the religions created by Satan, it has been the most successful and the most violent. And, the darkness at the heart of Islam seeks the death and destruction of all that you hold dear.

Every man in Iranian village ‘executed on drugs charges’


THAT is Islamic justice in action. OUCH.

‘Stone women! Kill apostates!’ Denmark’s pro-ISIS mosque in new controversy

Hey! It’s the religion of pieces.


It looks like they’re gonna ‘Allahu Akbar’ some people.

Why do Muslims keep calling their god an akbar? (Hebrew for mouse)

Allah is a mouse? Really?

Bombed, Burned, and Urinated On: Churches Under Islam

THIS is Islam. What a sick and depraved ideology.

It is Satan’s masterpiece.

Still Report #671 – Why “Peaceful Muslims” are Irrelevant! – YouTube

Bill Still uses a clip from Brigitte Gabriel who is a wonderful woman and FIREBALL. I would hate to have her mad at me.

Anyway, this really is one of the absolutely best clips answering the point. It’s from a couple years ago, but it’s just as powerful now.

Five Short Stories: The Terror of Being a Christian in Pakistan

May the Lord God help these poor people. I am so sorry.

Please, everyone, pray for these people, and do what you can for them.

Oxford Declares Islam NOT A Religion Of Peace – Anne Marie Waters – YouTube

Oxford actually did this? Wow.

They actually got a bit of temporary respect from me.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans: “We’re All Muslims Deep Down”

Okay, so now I understand why so many police officers are behaving like thugs. Deep down, they’re all Muslim.

Anyway, lots of quotes from the Qur’an. Lots.


Our Lord and Savior specifically warned us that this would come. And, the links below specifically show us that His words are being fulfilled before our very eyes.

And, as bad as it is now, how bad do you think that it will get, when financial collapse begins to hit hardest?

I shudder to think of that.

Warning Goes Out: System Break Down In 10 Days – How Long Will It Be Until The Same Thing Happens Here?

I really do not know how much more of this that Europe can take. The EU is already under HUGE stress, and that stress is only going to get worse.

But, this wave of migrants could turn into a ‘wrecking ball’.

The Big Wobble : Migrant horror stories from Europe: No wonder ISIS is losing ground in Syria and Iraq, they are all coming over here!

WAH! Ain’t THAT tha truth!

Dead Piglet Inscribed With “Mother Merkel” Found At German Mosque

The title is enough.

We’re going to see a lot more ‘bacon wrapped’ mosques this year. And much worse.

GERMANY has already had 217 attacks on Muslim illegal alien centers since Jan. 1st

So, the ethnos against ethnos violence is picking up steam. In just two months, 217 attacks on ‘migrant housing’ – in Germany alone. This is a big escalation, and the German government is NOT reacting in the right way. Blaming the people for their outrage is only going to make that outrage WORSE.

Clash Of The Gods: It’s Odin Versus Allah In Norway Where Social Upheaval Looms Large

Great. Odin versus Allah. Satan vs. Satan.

I guess that it’s a case of ‘May the best Satanist win’. OUCH.

BREAKING: UNPRECEDENTED migrant violence on Greece border! EU collapsing! Turkey demanding more giveaways!

This is a compilation of articles about the growing threat to the EU that this growing wave of migrants poses.

Having said that, my favorite part of the article was the video showing the B-17 startup sequence. I’m not sure why IWB put that in there, but I immediately thought of the vast number of boys that flew those bombers and lost their lives. The B-17 was an awesome bomber, and the courage it took to fly those missions – when so few came back…

Burning down the Jungle: Makeshift Calais camp is torched by migrants following a day of violence by refugees protesting the decision to raze their homes

The thugs in this place need to be arrested and then deported. I just do not understand why France tolerates this. I really don’t.

60 Minutes’ Liz Hayes attacked by ‘masked men’ while covering refugee crisis in Sweden

This is an example of how Islam makes you insane.

The LAST people that you want to physically attack is a television crew while they are still filming.

How could ANYONE be so STUPID?

Well, only truly insane people could be THAT stupid.

Judge Under Police Protection After Outrage Over Lenient Sentence Given To Rapist Migrant


Here’s a quote:

Emotions are running high in Austria after a migrant who raped a 72 year old woman was given what some considered to be an unduly short sentence for the crime, and now the judge presiding over the case has had to take police protection.

The question is how much more of this will the Austrians take before they resort to open violence against Muslims.

This is going to be bad, folks.

“MERKEL MUST GO!” – German people receives Chancellor with Booing and loud Protest

I’m not used to seeing Germans act like this. People in Germany must be really upset.

Sweden’s Migration Industry

Here’s the summary:

That Sweden is a “humanitarian superpower” is a myth that needs exposing once and for all. The recent migration wave to Sweden has made some people poor and others very, very rich. It is all about money, and it is about winners and losers.

If liberal journalists outside Sweden believe that rape is humanitarian, then Sweden has a humanitarian migration policy.

Meanwhile, thousands of “unaccompanied refugee children” are disappearing. and no one knows where they are.

There is nothing “noble” in Sweden’s migration policy — far from being a good example of how a migration policy should function, it is a disaster, and its final result is chaos, conflict, and corruption.

I bet that you could find the same corruption at work in the US.

Congratulations, Amerika. You get to be the new Sweden.

Won’t that be lovely?

Special report: Inside Muslim majority neighborhoods of Malmo, Sweden – YouTube

Whoa. THIS was a special report. Ezra Levant did an exceptional job of showing what is happening. If you are interested in what is going on, you will need to see this.

It’s even good to listen to, even if you AREN’T interested in the topic. He really does a great job here.

There Are Vipers In Our Midst – Viral Video Ignored By MSM Shows Why America Is About To Get Bitten

Yes, indeed. There ARE vipers in our midst. When people wake up to that – and they are – they will fulfill Matthew 24:7.

EU MUSLIM INVASION TIMEBOMB: Europe braces for unlimited flood of Muslims as Turkey gets visa-free status

This is just insane. These Europeans have lost their minds.

It’s as if their current disaster wasn’t enough. They needed to have MORE of it.

Foreign Policy Diary – Dutch EU-Ukraine Association Agreement Referendum – YouTube

AND, they’re going to add UKRAINIANS to this mix!

Let’s see… who else should they add… hmmm…. I KNOW!

Let’s dump all of Africa into the EU!

(Oh, wait… they’re doing that already.)


The coming of Gog is on the horizon. Gog isn’t ready to come just yet, and there are certain events that must occur first. But, Gog IS coming, and you need to be ready when that vast juggernaut arrives.

Why do you need to be ready?

Because God will rain down fire upon Gog and the rest of the world. That fire – what I call Ezekiel’s Fire – will change EVERYTHING and could kill a billion people. And, I do not want you to be one of those who died. Read more about Ezekiel’s Fire, here:


The following links speak to the coming of Gog. They show the laying of the foundation of that great and massive invasion.

T-90 proves its survivability in Syria

This is bad news for NATO, the US and anyone else who opposes Russia.

I’ve worked with a lot of Russians, and they are extremely smart and practical. And, it looks like they’ve put that intelligence and practicality to good use.

International Military Review – Syria, Feb. 26, 2016 (Arab, Ger Subs) – YouTube

As you can see from the title, it’s from Feb 26th. These videos from ‘South Front’ are interesting, because they show how this war is being fought, and by who.

This video is of special significance because it outlines the absolute hypocrisy of Turkey, and Amerika’s alliance with that awful government. Everyone is ignoring Turkey’s involvement, just as they ignored the murder of more than a million Armenian Christians a hundred years ago.

Turkey never paid for her crimes of a century ago, but I think that the bill is about to come due – with interest.

Russia Defense Report – Feb. 27, 2016: Russian Military Advisers in Syria – YouTube

A VERY interesting and important report. It gives you an idea of how badly Syria was losing the war, and how vital Russian support was to turning the tide of this conflict. It also shows the importance of support units attaining victory on the battlefield.

Israel has demonstrated that superior training and morale will always defeat a superior force that is poorly trained with lower morale.

Turkey and the Gulf Arabs could still win this war, but it just got a lot harder for them.

Germany’s Ultimatum to Turkey

I would have normally put this article in the ‘MATTHEW 24:7’ category, except that I think that Europe has woken up to what Turkey is trying to do, and is responding.

Turkey has been hoping for support from NATO in their fight with Iran, Syria and Russia, but I don’t think that they’re going to get it. And, Europe will do nothing with Turkey descends into civil war and splits apart.

All that I can say is that they were asking for it.

US Missile Just Took Out Dozens Of Russian Generals – YouTube

I don’t know what to make of this. I’m not real clear about who Dr. William Mount is. But, it IS an interesting video that provides some interesting and unsettling information.

Is China the Red Dragon with Seven Heads and Ten Horns?

I’ve never thought so, but the question has been in the back of my mind for a while.

Did Dr. Mount speak directly, face-to-face, with Putin? Did Putin ignore what was said? Is the god of Dr. Mount OUR God? (He quotes the Bible, so I assume so. But, I’ve become cautious.)

Well, I leave it to you to be the judge. I will certainly be thinking about what was said here.

The Russia-Armenia alliance is threatening Turkey, a critical U.S. ally

This is a VERY BIG DEAL. Russia is getting ready for war with Turkey. And, Turkey is going to collapse in upon itself.

Syrian Souvenir Shops Sell Out Of Putin Mugs

Life gets better when SOME people are assassinated.

Or, as they say in Kentucky:

Some people jus’ need killin’.

Well, it appears that one man who ‘just needed killin’ was Zahran Alloush. And, since the Russians took him out, Damascus has been a lot more peaceful.

Israel understands that truth all too well.

US Government Sells $680 Million In “Bunker Buster” Bombs To ISIS-Supplier Turkey

And, the reason why Turkey would need ‘bunker-buster’ bombs is…

International Military Review – Syria, Feb. 29, 2016 (Arab Subs) – YouTube

It looks like the supply route to Aleppo has now been reopened, which will allow Syrian/Iranian forces to restart rolling up fighters in and around Aleppo.

Right about halfway through the video, you’ll see them talk about terrorists moving into the Kurdish areas from Turkey and attacking a Kurdish village. The terrorists had artillary support from Turkey.

How blatant can you get?

Recep Tayyip Erdogan. What a vile and filthy piece of garbage.

Saudi Cash Reserves Drop To Lowest Level In 40 Months Amid Crude Carnage

This could get interesting. Saudi Arabia had better get to work raising more cash, or it will choke. This will mean selling Saudi Dinar bonds – or, US dollar bonds. Either way, they need cash, quick.

The good thing for Saudi Arabia is that their debt-to-GDP is really low, so they have some room to maneuver – a lot more room than this article gives them credit for.

Iraq’s Mosul Dam at ‘risk of catastrophic failure’

Um… THAT would be BAD. Now that the US Dept. of State has made this warning, I think that this will be a near certainty.

Can anyone say, ‘False Flag’?

In fact, it just might be the excuse that the US is looking for – or the Saudis – to enter Iraq again, and then into Syria.

WW3: Fighters From Turkey Are Pouring Into Syria And Attacking Targets Despite The Ceasefire

The ceasefire is a joke?

Well, YEAH.

Gog and Magog will NOT be delayed, no matter WHAT we may try to do.

Russian TV Crew Films Turkish Military Build Up On Syrian Border

One thing that is good to remind ourselves is that the Bible tells us that Turkey will be defeated.

I like that.


Russian military reveals details of ISIS-Turkey oil smuggling – YouTube

It’s not like you didn’t know all of this, but the video makes it official.

Turkey is OFFICIALLY funding ISIS.

Russian Sociologist Denis Sokolov: Chechen President Kadyrov Has Placed Himself In The Best Position For A Possible War Of ‘All Against All’ In Russia

Kadyrov is interesting, and the Chechens are… dangerous. In terms of brutality, no one beats the Chechens. And Kadyrov… he leads the Chechens.

Oh, and they’re all Muslim.

I am wondering how Kadyrov will fit within this coming of Gog and Magog. We will need to see what he does, and how the region – and Russia – reacts.

49 Countries Met In Brussels Earlier This Month To Discuss A Ground Invasion Of Syria

Michael Snyder makes an interesting and important point. THAT many defense ministers meeting together… and then the announcement of the largest ‘war games’ in Middle East history…

Anybody smell a rat?

International Military Review – Syria, Mar. 1, 2016 (Arab, Ger Subs) – YouTube

The Syrian army seems to be finally attempting to do something about Jobar in Damascus. I’m wondering how that will work out. If the Saudis convince Jordan to allow them to use Jordan as a launching point for an attack on Syria, Damascus would be the first place that the Saudis would go for.

It also looks like Syria, along with the Kurds are going to close the remaining supply route to Aleppo, from Turkey. Once that is closed, Syria will essentially have won.

Rebel Planet Dispatch: The Growing List of Destroyed Nations

When Marcel said that Irbid was the scene of recent combat between Jordanian military forces and a group of Jihadis, I did a search. And found that there indeed was a gunbattle.

Here are a couple links:



I’ve only been to three Muslim countries, so I’m not an expert. BUT, of the three – Turkey, Egypt and Jordan – Jordan was the best. And, I have a lot of sympathy for the struggles of that plucky little kingdom.

The Jordanians have been betrayed by every one of their neighbors, except Israel. They have no resources and few prospects, but they are doing the best that they can. Unfortunately, they are under the grip of the vilest religion on the planet, Islam.

However, they made peace with Israel and have been faithful to their side of that bargain. That counts for something.

Unfortunately, they are bordered by Saudi Arabia, who wants to use Jordanian territory to invade Syria. Jordan wants none of that, but the arrival of terrorists on Jordanian soil may be Saudi Arabia’s way of reminding Jordan that the House of Saud is bigger than the House of Hashem – who was defeated by the Saudi family a hundred years ago.

We’ll see what happens, but I’m afraid that Jordan has few good prospects.

However, they do have McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and KFC!

WW3 Begins in Syria – News from the Wall – Discernment Over Deception | Watchmans Cry

As you saw, I am repeating this link from the ‘ARTICLES OF NOTE’ category.

I am repeating this because an important point was made in the earlier part of this broadcast – the redivision of the Middle East. And, I am thinking that Nathan is right in his pointing out that Kerry’s Plan B is that neocon redivision.

BUT, I suspect that it will be the Gulf Arabs that will be the sharp edge of this. We’ll see.

Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a “New Middle East” | Global Research

Please understand that GlobalResearch.ca is an extremely antisemitic website. Michel Chossudovsky dresses up his vile racism with sholarly language, but he’s neo-Nazi, through and through.

Notice also the author of this piece: Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya.

ANYONE with the name “Mahdi” should be treated as biased.

But, with all those caveats, this article is useful in seeing what the US Dept. of State is attempting to do. They are going to carve up the Middle East, so that the US can retain their hegemony. And, I believe that Israel is grabbing a hold of it, to insure their security. Anyone who has suffered attack after attack and threatened with genocide… well …you’d jump at the chance too.

Initially, the neocons in Washington will win. Syria and Iraq will be partitioned. The Kurds will get some kind of state. Turkey will probably collapse.

It will work, but only for a very short while. Maybe only for months. The response will be the Russians – and allies – coming down to break it up. (aka, The Coming of Gog and Magog)

Interview With Russian Political Analyst Sergey Karaganov: The Four Reasons Why Russia Intervened In Syria

Okay, so the link above showed the American reasons for their involvement.

THIS link shows the RUSSIAN reasons for involvement, and they are fascinating. In fact, it’s clear that Russia has some of the same reasons that America does – but, from a Russian point of view.

But, there’s a far more important view that this article brings out, and it’s one that I’ve been suspecting for a long time.

Russia is playing a very, very smart game. They are being as flexible as they can. They hit hard, and then move. They pull their opponents into positions that hurt them the most. They force America and NATO to pay heavily for their decisions, while being as cost effective as possible.

Think of it as Judo.

Of course, it’s more than that, because the damage that Russia is doing to American and Turkish interests is HUGE. But, they are doing that very economically, and they are making sure that Iran pays the biggest part of that price. And, they waited until Iran came to them with offers to pay that price.

THAT part is Ninjutsu, the martial art of the Japanese assassins. I know a couple practitioners of that deadly art, and… um …I am VERY nice to them.

But, should the West – or the Gulf Arabs – jump into Syria with both feet… well, the Gulf Arabs will find that Russia will have packed up and left. And, Russia will allow the Gulf Arabs and Turkey to exhaust themselves. And, as they exhaust themselves, Russia will be helping the Kurds with weapons and training.

When the Turks and Arabs have exhausted themselves, Russia and Iran will move in and push them out. Turkey will shatter into a thousand pieces, and the Gulf Arabs will collapse in upon themselves.

The only ‘hard point’ left will be Israel, and when they move against Israel, THAT will be the Coming of Gog and Magog.

That coming of Gog and Magog will bring Ezekiel’s Fire, and a billion will die.

The part of my mind that enjoys analyzing such stategic decisions is fascinated by it. But, my heart is heavy over the death and destruction.

God help us all.

audioBoom / The Burning Tigris: The Armenian Genocide and America’s Response by Peter Balakian.

This is an interesting backdrop of what is going on in Syria. The Turks have denied the Armenian holocaust and have denied the Jewish Holocaust.

In fact, if the Armenian genocide had not happened, the Jewish Holocaust would not have happened. Because the Turks got away with it, history records that Hitler felt that he could get away with it too.

The Turks have NOT paid the price for their genocide, but they are about to.

Remember, God is just.

International Military Review – Syria, Mar. 2, 2016 (Arab, Ger subs) – YouTube

The noose around the terrorists in Aleppo draws tighter. It’s only a little while before that city is completely surrounded by the Syrian Army and their allies.

Turkey and the Gulf Arabs are running out of options, if they want to save their pet project in Syria.

Kurds claim downing of Turkish helicopter bombing them over Iraqi Kurdistan

What the Turks are doing to the Kurds is abominable. Absolutely abominable.

I’m looking forward to Turkey losing their war with the Kurds.

Washington Should Prepare for Saudi Arabia’s Collapse

The collapse of the House of Saud would be… interesting.


God has a special love for the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. That love is connected to a piece of land that is at the center of so much that is happening in the world.

I don’t understand all the reasons for why God has chosen that piece of land, or that people. It is enough for me to know that He has chosen.

Those of us who have committed our lives to God must also choose as God has chosen. To otherwise is to disobey.

Israel, ¡ver para creer! – YouTube

An Israeli friend of ours sent this to us, and it made me profoundly homesick.

God loves that land, and I do to.

Following Imprisonment Of Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert For Corruption, Arab Writers Praise Israel’s Democracy And Rule Of Law

Most people do not understand what it means for Israel to be a vibrant and ethical democracy. It means that government in Israel is held accountable, far more than most governments around the world. Certainly more than the United States.

Furthermore, since Israelis have a fairly high set of ethics, it means that Israelis can be trusted to generally do the right thing, at least as ethical as a group of people can be who aren’t Christian.

So, when you see Israel engaged in war, it is because they are forced to, not because they want to. Israelis hate war. They hate it when Palestinians suffer. They hate it when ANYONE suffers.

Yet, the vile antisemites love to revile Israel. If you are anti-Zionist, you are a piece of scum – as big a piece of filth as anyone in the Republican or Democrat parties. And yes, I know how vile that is.

Palestinians: We Want Our Own Knesset

What a huge and stark contrast between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Here’s the summary:

Apparently Najat Abu Bakr forgot that she is a member of the Palestinian parliament and not the Israeli one. She and her colleagues have no right to criticize President Abbas or any senior official in Ramallah. Such criticism is considered an “insult” to top officials and even an act of treason.

And so we have two legislators. One is forced to seek shelter within her own parliament for fear of being arrested by the Palestinian security forces. The other receives all the rights and privileges enjoyed by her fellow Arabs inside Israel — in spite of her immensely provocative behavior.

That is the difference between a law-abiding country and the Palestinian Authority, which has been functioning for many years as a mafia.

Najat Abu Bakr and many Palestinians dream of the day they too will have a Knesset, a true parliament, where leaders are held accountable.

It is unbelieveable that so many criticize Israel, while the Palestinians are so awful and corrupt.

If you are against Israel, then you support violence, corruption and Islam.

McGraw-Hill Publishes College Textbook With Mendacious Anti-Israel Maps

The word ‘mendacious’ seems too tame a synonym for the word ‘lie’. But, a falsehood by any other name is still a lie.

Anyway, textbook writers are some of the biggest liars on the planet, so the fact that McGraw-Hill is lying about Israel is no shock. Nor is it a surprise.

Unfortunately, the cabal running the ‘politically correct’ textbook industry knows no shame, and they make a LOT of money. Lots and lots.

After all, anti-semitism is a growth industry.

Palestinian Activist Cancels Chicago Lecture After Threats by Anti-Israel Protesters

Wow. Antisemites protesting a Palestinian.

Unfortunately, that’s due to the fact that this Palestinian was one of the ‘good guys’. I often have a lot of criticism for B’Tselem, but not this time. One of the other things that I like about B’Tselem is that their mere EXISTANCE is proof that Israel does NOT deserve the attacks made by antisemites.

And yes, if you are against Israel, YOU are an ANTISEMITE!

Sorry, but I am getting really tired of the growing number of vile and disgusting antisemites in the alternative media. If you hate Israel, then YOU support Islam, and a supporter of Islam is – by definition – a Satanist.

So, choose who you will serve: God or Satan. You cannot serve God and be against Israel. PERIOD.

Christians Who Demonize Israel: Kairos

I only caught the third part in this series, which gave me a chance to look up the whole series.

All that I can say is GOD BLESS YOU DENIS MACEOIN!!

Denis does an excellent job illustrating and illuminating a growing antisemitism among those who call themselves ‘Christian’.

Here’s a summary:

“Christian children are massacred, and everything is done in plain sight. Islamists proclaim on a daily basis that they will not stop until Christianity is wiped off the face of the earth. So are the world Christian bodies denouncing the Islamic forces for the ethnic cleansing, genocide and historic demographic-religious revolution their brethren are suffering? No. Christians these days are busy targeting the Israeli Jews.” — Giulio Meotti, Italian journalist.

The Kairos document seems to be so egregiously discriminatory that in 2010, the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) declared it “supersessionist” and “anti-Semitic.”

We must ask why a presentation of the work of Kairos in an Anglican church made no reference whatever to the many associations with extremism and denial of a more rational Christian approach to the problems faced by Palestinian Christians.

If you support these Kairos people, you are either ignorant, or unsaved.(PP0 If you have read this document, you are no longer ignorant. So, now the question is whether you are saved.

The choice is yours, but let me remind you that to hate Israel is to support Satan.

Christians Who Demonize Israel – Part II

I can personally verify the truth of what Dr. MacEoin is saying here. He is right in every respect, and I’ve seen it for myself. This three-part series is excellent and a MUST READ!

Here’s the summary:

It is commonly repeated by Palestinians that there were never any Jews in the Holy Land before the 19th century and that the first and second Jewish Temples never stood in Jerusalem. Not only do these claims fly in the face of over a century of archaeological work and the records of Greek, Roman and other historians in antiquity, they flatly contradict and annul the texts of both the Old and New Testaments. By their own rejection of Jewish rights in Israel, Christians unwittingly repudiate their own rights and history.

Christians in St Thomas Church did not once criticize or deplore the Palestinian glorification of violence, this delight at the murders of children, this dancing in the streets when innocent throats are cut.

Is it the Christian thing to demand that hospitals and doctors across the globe should refuse to use Israeli medicines or surgical devices or advanced medical equipment? Would Christians who work with bodies like Christian Aid call on countries damaged by natural and man-made calamities to ban Israeli aid teams?

Abandoning Israel will not soothe the hearts of the Palestinian people or make the Christians less vulnerable — as we are now seeing from the throat-slittings and mass displacements throughout the Middle East, done not by Jews but by Muslim fanatics.

If you are a Christian who is against Zionism… then you are against the work of God. Those who oppose Israel are Satanists, pure and simple.

Christians Who Demonize Israel – Part III

This is the third – and apparently final – part on his series on Christians Who Demonize Israel. Dr. MacEoin has done an exceptional job covering some of the many antisemites who hate Israel and support murder.

I have run into far too many so-called Christians, and I am utterly devastated that any would support Satan in such a way – while claiming to follow Christ. To attack Israel, is to support Satan.

You MUST get this right. Just look at all who hate Israel. ANYONE with enemies like that must be doing something good.

Well, God is doing something good TO Israel and WITH Israel. If you oppose THAT, you are on the side of Satan. Pure and simple.

Here is the summary to the article:

Sabeel’s theology distorts the Old Testament by denying Jews any ongoing connection with the land of their origin, and treating them as a people abandoned by God. There is also repeated disparagement of Judaism as “tribal,” “primitive,” and “exclusionary.”

Where most modern churches have left the anti-Semitism of the past behind and recognize that the Romans, not the Jews, crucified Jesus, this cult of what has been called “Christian Palestinianism” denies any historical or theological connection between the biblical Israel, the Jewish people, and the State of Israel.

Perhaps the gravest error made by Kairos, Sabeel, and other Christian groups who pursue a one-sided campaign is that they take away from the Palestinians any form of agency or self-reliance. If the Israelis are to blame for all that is wrong and the Palestinians are only victims, then Palestinians must be treated as children, without the will and power to act on their own behalf. Or who can act only through violence and hate.

Are these campaigns, replete with fraudulent charges, as in the Inquisition, really not about Palestinians at all, but just the latest incarnation of the old racist and religious hatred of Jews, and a clear expression of the “New Anti-Semitism”?

My hope is that this article series has opened your eyes to the truth. If you have friends who oppose Israel, send the three links to them, so that they can see what you now see.

It is not the way of Christ to abuse the innocent.

Most Moral Military in the World – YouTube

As someone who has spent decades studying tactics, strategy and military history, I can vouch for this statement about the Israel Defense Forces. They really ARE the most moral military in the world.

And, that honor was bestowed upon the IDF by Colonel Richard Kemp, Commander of British forces in Afghanistan.

Well done, Israel.


Want to boycott Israel? Put your money where your mouth is, website says

It is actually physically impossible for the average American to boycott Israeli made goods.

How ironic.

Well done, Israel!


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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  1. YES!….. an emp is coming soon. and the ptb know it is coming and they will facilitate it. it is the only logical answer to they’re agenda 21. it will accomplish everything in one event…. depopulation, and will give them they’re reason to clear out the countryside of useless eaters and move everyone that is left to one of the 11 stack and pack urban centers. Due to no electricity…..it isn’t sanitary or safe for anyone to live outside the zones of safety where power has been restored. and when power is completely restored everyone can move back to they’re homes…lol… if you think you can elude the authorities and live free willy in the bush… just remember…. 20,000 drones.. weaponized… with infrared. you say…. i’ll live in that cave up yonder and we will be safe… can you imagine the kind of life you will lead in hiding… this is judgement my brothers and sisters…. without divine protection from our creator we won’t make it. there will be places of safety… pray for protection, wisdom and understanding… stay sensitive to what the holy ghost is saying… dont live in fear…fear will make you carnal….if you are gona stay in the usa…. prepare in earnest now…after reading what i have written…… I have almost convinced myself i need to leave now….may jesus guide and protect all that call on his name

  2. Thank you, John, for an amazing synopsis of what’s going on in our world today. I hope everyone reads, heeds, and prays like never before, as we are entering very dangerous, uncharted waters, WITHOUT God on our side. The Lord is exposing the truth about the rottenness and depravity of our leaders – political and spiritual. We voted them into office, supported their ministry’s without discernment, and allowed them to stay in power in the highest offices of the land, and in the pulpits, on the watchman’s wall, for many, many years, not caring about their actions. We were too busy with the lust of the flesh, the cares of the world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the pride of life to notice what they have been up to for their god -Lucifer! The Lord has NO choice but to bring us down. It’s the grace of God that we are still in a “normal” mode. Election 2016 is a three ring circus! No matter who wins – we lose!!! It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. He may well use that demon-possessed mad man from North Korea to set us straight.

  3. God Bless You Brother John: I have to give Glenn Beck the credit for waking me and my husband up in 2010. His information coupled with the Porter Stansberry video “End of America” which explained the petro dollar system to us got us rolling on our preparations. We even got to meet Glenn in person when he was touring in 2012 and at the time I considered it an honor. But his irrational rejection of incontrovertible evidence that contradicts the “official” storyline of so many relevant scandals caused us to re-examine him and his judgment.

    There are two incidents in particular: His complete inability to even consider that the government prepared narrative of 9-11 could be false despite all the evidence, analysis, videos and architects that have signed public petitions and officially put their reputations publicly on the line to prove that the collapse of WT7 was a controlled demolition, along with his stubborn assertion that Obummer is an American citizen (and his criticism of Trump for being a “birther”), illustrated beyond a shadow of a doubt to us that he is indeed part of the establishment controlled talking heads. No one who claims to be “awake” could continue to support the government stance on these issues and still sleep at night. I actually heard Stuart say that he had investigated Obummer’s citizenship and had accumulated more evidence that Obummer was a citizen than he had of his own wife. Really? Then let’s see it! Why didn’t you release it to the public and put all our minds at ease? Not one piece of documentation was ever made public. Instead they tell jokes and ridicule their producer for being overweight and continue to believe in their magic underwear and how Romney is the rider on the white horse from Revelation that ushers in the final days . . .

    Seriously, I don’t know how you reach people who are so entrenched in their religious cult. In fact, that is how cults recruit and keep so many souls – they tell them they are among God’s chosen, that the world will persecute them and call them foolish . . . and when anyone challenges their beliefs and tries to convince them of the falsehoods, they just play into the meme, “see, we TOLD you they would try to tear you away from us, your “true” family . . . ” I pray everyday for these poor souls, that they will see His Love and that He will grant them the strength to break away to His truth. These “religions” are no different than James Jones or the Manson family . . . so many shepherd-less sheep going to their demise. Is this what Jesus meant when he said that so many would claim Him but He would tell them he knew them not? They honestly believe they are doing God’s work, but they are really serving the deceiver. oh how he loves to quote scripture to draw God’s lambs away . . .

    We used to talk to family and friends about what was coming and that they should prepare, but they are so blinded by the normalcy bias and controlled by their cognitive dissonance they could not accept even the possibility of disaster. The common phrase I heard over and over was “sure, that will probably all happen, but NOT IN MY LIFETIME” to which my response was, “wow, I’m so sorry to hear that – I had no idea you only had six months to live . . . ” We no longer talk to anyone about our preparations. When people are starving or their children need medicine, they will do anything to survive and if that means turning in their family members or friends that might be “hoarders” to gain some extra credits in the FEMA camp, they’ll do it. Tough times are coming and while we have prepared the best we can for us and our parents, we will not be able to help everyone who knocks on the door. At some point, our actions have consequences and we are all responsible for our choices in life. Five of the virgins were prepared with their oil, the other five were turned away where there was darkness and gnashing of teeth.

    Not that I want to survive what’s coming. I want to be one of the first ones the Lord takes home, but from the way He’s preparing us I have a feeling that won’t be the case. I just don’t want to miss fulfilling His purpose for me – I hope my job is short and over quickly . . .

    • Hi Tess,

      I too can thank Glenn Beck for being used by God to help me wake up to what was happening. You were ahead of me in 2010. I didn’t get my wake-up call until 2011.

      It is so painful to see Glenn refuse to see the truth. In fact, I’m wondering if that cult of Mormonism hasn’t scrambled his brains. Actually, I KNOW that it has.


      And, he’s such a likeable guy. Seriously, he just makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over, when you listen to him.

      I also hear you about not wanting to stick around one minute more than you need to. When my job is over, I WANT OUTTA HERE!

      (sigh number two)

      But, we gotta keep workin’ until God sez ‘game over’.

      Keep up the good work, Tess. Your comment was a joy to read.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. There is an article in “The Economic Collapse” website that that talks about people building large refuge areas, some even converting hotels.

    I wonder where those are? I’m aware of one, but I don’t want to post the website, as I’m VERY skeptical of what he’s trying to do…

    And I’ve always found it interesting that the Mormons are huge preppers. It’s part of their doctrine. It seems like more Mormons will survive that anyone!

    I am trying though. I have a solar power setup large enough to run lights and my fridge and freezer, 110 gallons of water and there is a 6 acre lake in our neighborhood that I can collect water from, and I have a Berkey filter to make it fit for drinking, as well as parts for rain collection for my water barrels. And the other… ahem…”usual” prepper item, and gold an silver. And I have a son that is like minded and very mechanical. He can fix anything. And I have medical training and supplies (I’m an RN).

    One of the best parts is that we will be debt free in a couple of months. No mortgage. That’s why we are staying where we are to ride out things as best as we can.

  5. I reposted a number of links from you to Michael Snyder. You guys have a similarity, thanks for blowing the trumpet. Very few are doing it, why is that? I think it is because people want to believe “its all gonna work out ok.” Sadly, churches and preachers are doing this. I am preparing my family and ministry for the worst of times, along with breakins of God’s power and glory. I have seen a number of salvations and miracles, PTL. 200 high school kids came to Christ in last week, was awesome to see tears and real conviction.

    Thanks John Little. I post your links in emails and on my blogs, i rotate them in and out according to what my message is. Currently we are teaching on the life of Joseph and Book of Revelation. Pit, prison and tests. Everyone wants the $ and position of Joseph, no one wants the testing. I have friends in Gaza and North Africa who share similar things to what you share.

    Gods final book can be a generalized as “everyone on earth will be thoroughly tested.” Tried by fire. Faith will grow, Christ is faithful. Thank you sir.

  6. Brother John,
    In case I haven’t thanked you before, your work for the Lord has helped me greatly.
    I am strengthened by your wisdom, the links are relevant and reliable, and the comments of your readers are a joy.
    I was reading Tess’s comments and she should know that a Mormon will stare at the Sun at noonday and say it isn’t there if that is what the “the Brethren” tell them.
    I found favor in God’s sight and he loosened my bonds and changed my heart and enabled me to break free from the cult of Mormonism that I had been born and raised in.
    There are three main types of cult- the living on the compound cult; the mainstream live amongst us cults (usually purport to be a type of Christianity) and cults of personality. The internet greatly enables these wolves.
    A cult hails you with a familiar greeting. Then they speak in a familiar language, interspersed with strange concepts. At the point you notice the strange teachings and object- they confide that it is “special knowledge”. (this promise of special knowledge is what hastened Eve’s disobedience).
    Next thing you know, you’re waving around a Book of Mormon, Dianetics, or a Book of Enoch, whatever.
    The cult damaged my spirituality and worldview. After leaving, I wasn’t ready for God. I believed, but I didn’t feel I was someone who needed help. In my heart, I believed- at least as for matters in my life- I was every bit as smart as God.
    I found Him again in AA many years later- which tells you how managing my own life worked out. I went to places where the devil would tread lightly and hung out with people that will stroll the red carpet into Hell.
    Now I have only one prayer- to know the Truth. I do not want to be deceived ever again. I want to know God, His will, and what I can do to serve Him.
    That is why i am so grateful that I was led to this ministry. Thank you again Brother John!
    And this is why I take such a dim view of false prophets.
    Please everyone, read your Bible. You will learn how God deals with His people, and how people have responded over time to God. You will learn God’s will.
    King Solomon prayed only for wisdom, to judge righteously. God was pleased with this request, and made him the wisest man who ever lived. And added unto him blessings, riches, and adoration unparalleled.
    When the curtain closed on the wisest man who ever lived, he had gone a whoring after strange gods.
    Watch and pray!

    your brother in Christ,

    • Hi Bondo,

      God bless you brother!

      Your comments are always a joy, and this one is especially important.

      I have come across many with similar stories – in one way, or another – and they have all been a blessing to me, because they show that God does not give up, even though we might. He will chase us down and lead us back to Him. No matter where we are. No matter what we are doing. God doesn’t give up, until you are back.

      Your story, and that of others, gives hope to those of us who watch people go in the wrong direction. And, we often feel shattered by what we see. So you are giving us a gift, by sharing that with us Bondo. Seriously.

      And, you can bet that I will be sharing what you said, with others – where appropriate.

      Keep up the good work, Bondo. You are walking proof of the goodness of God.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. We’re on the Titanic. It’s sinking daily inch by inch. “ALL” alternative news sites, “describe each inch it sinks in exquisite detail.” Yet “NO” alternative site says boo about that nice beautiful new ship just 200 yards across the water there, ( called The New Enlarged 15 State Version Of The Confederate States Of America, ) that we should all be making our way to.

    WHY ??? WWWHHHYYYY ?????

    See : Vdare and Leagueofthesouth

    • Hi Josey Wales,

      It’s good to have you back in the comment section.

      Um… but, I’m not sure that a ‘New Enlarged 15 State Version Of The Confederate States Of America’ will work. Or, maybe it would work if the Christians in those states have truly repented of their sins and turned from their wickedness.

      Please remember that the cause of America’s decline is spiritual, and you cannot resolve a spiritual problem with a political solution.

      Thank you, Josey. I’m glad to see you alive and well.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. I watched the “Dr.” William Mount video, and he struck me as a fruitcake. Then I started looking at the nature of his other videos on YouTube, and decided this intuition was correct. Here is one on how to open your pineal gland:


    As soon as I heard him say “when the energy changes …” in the first video I knew him to be a New Ager. Fruitcakes, dangerously deranged. It also struck me as crazy for him to be saying to Putin, “I warned you on YouTube! I warned you on Before It’s News!” — etc etc. If Putin were fool enough to believe everything said to and about him on YouTube he’d be in a padded cell. And he most certainly is not.

  9. Thank you again for all you do, Brother John.

    We are starting to build community here in Northeast PA with like-minded individuals. We live 2 hours away from one of the largest Amish community in the world. We even talked about just going down to Lancaster and talking to our Brothers and Sisters down there and ‘volunteer’ to help them with anything, and in exchange we will learn something valuable from them.

    For every 10 we try to wake up, only 1 will listen.

    But we keep doing it anyway. In fact, Michael Snyder of The theeconomiccollapse blog said that if we don’t try to wake others up, when SHTF we will have blood in our hands. He’s right. But it doesn’t make it any less frustrating when people want pretend all is good.

    God Bless!


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