My Report on Nathan Leal

I do not recall ever being in such a visible conflict within the Body of Christ. I have engaged in this reluctantly, and I would not have engaged at all, were it not for the damage done to a brother in Christ.

Let me repeat that I have never been a follower of Nathan Leal. He’s a good man, but he hasn’t been in my area of operations. But, I just cannot sit by while a brother is attacked and abused unjustly.

Furthermore, I have found that there is a deeper corruption in this, and it must be exposed.

This is my report on that corruption, and more.


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My Report on Nathan Leal

In the more than four decades of my walk with Christ, I have seen a lot of sin and corruption in the Body of Christ. My heart aches, to even remember it.

I do not understand how ANYONE can take upon himself the mantle of ‘leader’ and sin against Christ. And, to my shame, I have often been slow in pointing out sin and corruption. Those that suffered because I was so slow… well …they weigh upon my conscience.

And yes, they truly do.

We Christians have a divinely ordained responsibility to protect those who have been abused. And, should a brother or sister suffer unjustly, we are doubly responsible to defend against that abuse. And worse, if that abuse comes at the hands of those who speak of themselves as Christian, then we must cast it out and shine the light of truth upon it.


I Am Horrified

We should ALL be horrified at the thought that we would unjustly abuse a brother or sister. I have participated in unjust abuse in the past, and I am appalled by my sins. I will never forget those sins, and those sins will always be a scar upon my soul, until the day that I die. That feeling of horror at my own sin is what has helped launch me into a defense of someone that I do not know very well.

I do not know Nathan Leal directly. I’ve heard him a few times on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, and I might have listened to a couple of his online sermons. But really, that’s about it.

However, before these current events, the little that I did know about Nathan Leal was that he was a person of honesty, humility and integrity.

No one is perfect, so I’m sure that I can find flaws in Nathan, just as you can certainly find flaws in me. In fact, MY flaws are very easy to see.

But, were Nathan’s flaws worthy of being publicly excoriated for three hours, by two brothers in Christ?

Nathan Leal Attacked

That happened on January 7th. When I heard about it I was shocked. And, when I listened to that attack, my shock turned to grief. I knew that the two men attacking Nathan were engaged in false accusation. The fact that they did not give Nathan Leal‘s name meant nothing.

Everyone knew that the person that they were attacking was their brother in Christ, Nathan Leal.

I knew enough of Nathan Leal, to know that this attack was wrong. Furthermore, just a few days before, I had listened to an MP3 of Nathan laying out his reasons for doing what he did, so I had a clear understanding of HOW wrong Nathan’s attackers were. A terrible wound had been made in the Body of Christ, a wound that was wrong in every way.

It was an abomination, but I did not realize how deep it went.

Nathan’s attackers were David Lankford and Steve Quayle, on the Hagmann Report.

Here is that attack:

The Hagmann Report -1/7/16-Steve Quayle & David Lankford-Fear of the Lord is absent in the land

YouTube shortlink:

The Truth

After listening to that terrible attack, I went back to the MP3 made by Nathan Leal and listened to it again.

What could Nathan Leal have said to justify all that?

In fact, I was hoping to find evidence of wrongdoing on Nathan’s part. What I came up with was…


Here is Nathan’s MP3:

The interesting thing is that I don’t normally download an MP3. Normally, I just listen to it as I putter around on my computer. But, this time something made me download it. I am grateful to that ‘something’ because the MP3 disappeared from Nathan Leal‘s website.

I believe that Nathan took that MP3 down to deprive the controversy of oxygen.

Anyway, I had downloaded it. And, now that things have blown up, I have put that MP3 on my server. Here’s the link:

That MP3 was posted on December 30th, and Nathan recorded it to explain why he did what he did. He really lays out all the reasons for why. If Steve Quayle and David Lankford had listened to that MP3, they would not have attacked Nathan Leal like they had – just eight days later.

A Plea For Reconciliation

I consider David and Steve to be good brothers in Christ who have sacrificed much, in their love for God and their love for us. David Lankford is an evangelist with a profound love for God that echoes in every message that he preaches. And, Steve Quayle has been a tireless servant of the Body of Christ, reporting links – every day – for those of us who desperately need to know what is going on.

I have been blessed by David and Steve, and I am sick at heart to speak of the sin that they committed against our brother, Nathan Leal. And yes, what they did was a sin. Worse, their position of leadership makes their sin worse.

David and Steve,

I am appealing to you as your brother in Christ, that you repent of what you have done to your brother, Nathan Leal. I am asking you to communicate this repentance to Nathan and ask him to forgive you.

I am sure that he will.

Furthermore, you must make this repentance public, for all to hear and see.

My hope is that Nathan Leal will be welcomed back to the Hagmann Report soon, so that we can put this awful moment behind us. Doug and Joe are not without sin in this.

I am sure that David and Steve will feel like I have betrayed them by going public like this, but 1 Timothy 5:19-20 makes it clear that this is necessary. I will be talking more about that passage, later. My hope is that both of those men will remember this important verse:

Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.

 – Proverbs 27:6

It is funny that the verse should end in that way, because I believe that this controversy centers upon two different men, who are enemies of the Body of Christ. I doubt that they see themselves as enemies, but I believe that their actions speak loudly about who and what they are.

I will leave the evidence to you, to decide whether I am right or not.

The two men in question are:

Ted Broer

Michael Scott Kerr

Ted Broer

After listening to the evidence provided by Nathan Leal, in the MP3 above, Ted Broer is clearly wrong in every way. Furthermore, his heresy is so great that I have doubt about whether he is a brother in Christ. His mixing of Pantheism with the truth of Christ, is an abomination.

In fact, readers have come to me with the damage that Ted Broer had done in their lives. One communicated with me the struggle to get away from New Age mysticism, only to be sucked back into it by Ted’s teachings.

Such heresy should never be tolerated in the Body of Christ. And, we must clearly and firmly repudiate it, and never stand with those who teach such idolatry.

Beyond what Nathan says in his MP3, I will not go further into what Ted has done. I have already laid out Ted’s sins in this area quite clearly, here:

Sin in the Church

And, to some extent, here:

Love of the Truth and Cognitive Dissonance

Once Nathan made the evidence clear, there was no doubt that Nathan was right in every way. Ted Broer is guilty of abominable heresy and of teaching that heresy. He must humbly confess his sins against Christ, in teaching such abomination. Ted must then repent and seek to undo the damage by preaching against such works of darkness at every opportunity.

Until Ted Broer does that, I will stand in doubt of his salvation.

Michael Scott Kerr

However, Michael Scott Kerr is an animal of a different stripe.

When the attack upon Nathan Leal came to my attention, I did not understand why that attack was taking place. It should have been clear to everyone that Nathan was in the right. So, I was perplexed by this attack by David Lankford and Steve Quayle. Later, I also found that Doug Hagmann was deeply distressed by Nathan’s resignation from ‘Hear The Watchmen’ conference, and it was even reported to me that Doug’s wife suffered a health problem because of this controversy.

There appears to be NOTHING in what Nathan Leal did, that would account for all of this upset. But, it was my lovely wife who first realized that there was something missing. Not long after her cogent observation, that ‘something’ chose to leave a comment on one of my articles. That comment gave me just enough evidence to begin to understand the darkness at the heart of this.

Three Mikes Did It To Himself

Allow me to be specific. On January 17, Michael Scott Kerr made the mistake of leaving a comment on my article, Sin in the Church. You can see the comment, here:

A light turned on when I saw that comment. That light burned more brightly when he responded to my response – as well as when a faithful brother provided me with information that I was missing. Furthermore, that information had only been provided, because of the comment made by Mike.

If Mike had not left his comment, I would STILL be in the dark. But, he couldn’t leave it alone. As is so commonly the case, we would not know of the guilt of the sinful, unless they had chosen to tell us.

In his own way, Mike is the author of this article. So, let me send a personal message to M. Scott Kerr:


You did it to yourself.

I’m just the messenger.

Once Mike was ‘outed’, many of you came forward with details that allowed me to research the twists and turns of Mike’s sordid trail of misdeeds.

By the way, Mike claims that his deceitful past has been forgiven by God and covered by the blood of Christ. The problem that I have with that statement, is that he’s used that excuse before – while engaging in other sins, just as bad as the ones that he claims were forgiven.

So, maybe I should offer another personal message:


God may have forgiven you, but you keep sinning against God.

When will you stop?

Why should we believe you?


It really pains me to see such hypocrisy. Mike claims to have been forgiven, but ‘like a dog returning to his vomit’ (2 Peter 2:22), Mike has returned to his sins. It pains me to see it.

Forgiveness Does Not Protect From Consequences

The other thing that everyone must remember is that the forgiveness of sin does not protect you from the consequences of sin. Examples of that are spread throughout the Bible.

David committed adultery and murder. God forgave him, but promised David that he would suffer the consequences of that sin for the rest of his life.

Adam was forgiven the sin of eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but humanity suffers the consequences of that to this very day.

The goodness of King Hezekiah and King Josiah did not keep Israel from experiencing the Babylonian Captivity.

If you ask God to forgive you of your sins, He will. And, you will not suffer for those sins in eternity. But, sin has consequences, and you will suffer the consequences of your sin. Sometimes, those consequences are short in duration. Sometimes those consequences will follow you for your whole life.

The interesting thing is that Mike accused Nathan Leal of bringing up Mike’s past sins, and I was left with the thought that this was done publicly. And, I suspect that this was exactly what Mike wanted us to think. But, I have seen no evidence that Nathan publicly – or, even privately – brought up the past sins of Mike Kerr. IF there was any criticism of Michael S Kerr from Nathan Leal, it was all done in private, and I haven’t seen it. In fact, we only have the word of Michael Scott Kerr that there is any sin on Nathan’s part, and I am deeply suspicious of Mike’s account.

When Elders Sin


…While Nathan MIGHT have done it privately…

…I am doing publicly.

Please understand that the sins of our leadership must be made public, always. Here is what the Bible says about that:

Against an elder receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses.

Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.

 – 1 Timothy 5:19-20

Michael Scott Kerr has placed himself in a position of leadership in the Body of Christ, by presenting his conference Hear The Watchmen to us. Several of us are witness to Mike’s sins, and he requires our rebuke. May we all fear to be as Michael Scott Kerr.

By the way, part of my inspiration for the above verse, comes from a previous pastor that my wife and I love a great deal:


by James Brandon Durham

I am really missing Brandon’s leadership, right now. My wife and I are engaged in a spiritual battle here in Taiwan that is as dramatic as the one that I am describing in this article. The above post by James Brandon Durham applies to that battle, even more than the one with Mike Kerr. But, let’s get back to Mike.

Just what ARE Mike’s sins?

Dishonesty and slander

The accusation of slander is a little harder to prove, but dishonesty is easy. And, slander is just another version of dishonesty.

How do I know that Michael Scott Kerr is being dishonest?

Well, did you know that he operates under three different aliases?

Three Mikes

That’s why I call Michael Scott Kerr, ‘Three Mikes’. Here are the three aliases:

Mike Kerr

Mike Moore

Mike Whitestone

…oh, and ‘Brother Mike’

It took me a bit of research to verify that Mike Kerr really was his real name. In the process, I have learned far more about his personal life than I really want to know. But, the very fact of his use of aliases in his personal and professional life is prima facie evidence of dishonesty.

If you use an alias, you are being dishonest

There are times when it is not dishonest to use a pseudonym, especially when everyone expects you to use an alias – such as a ‘nom de plume’. I do not use a ‘writer name’, but it is possible that such a thing will be necessary in the future.

But, what Three Mikes is doing, is NOT honest and NOT acceptable.

Furthermore, there is only one reason why he would do such a thing:

Hiding a corrupt past

Allow me to show you that corrupt past.

Snowball Express – 2006

When Mike launched the ‘Snowball Express’ in 2006, his past crept up on him. He had arrest warrants out on him. He owed $50k in child support. He had lied on his resume. He’d been fired for dishonesty.

People were appalled by this, and that led to unwelcome media exposure. But, he said to the LA Times:

“I have not been a perfect man, but I asked for God’s forgiveness, and it has led to this effort.”

 – Organizer’s shady past casts pall on charity effort

(Also see: State is looking into O.C. charity)

Okay, so THAT is the part where he was forgiven by God and his sins were covered by the Blood of Christ. But, when he was confronted with his past sins, he lied:

Michael Scott Kerr Responds–Just Not to Us

He said:

“I went through a wicked divorce, I now pay my child support on time each and every month. There is no warrant it is old news. The issue with the former employer was a business issue and had nothing to do with my kids. We settled on the eight thousand dollar amount.”

More folo…

“The paper or the reporter never contacted me at all. I can post a statement but I really don’t think I need to. There have been lots of good positive stories but no one talks about those. As to sponsors no one has pulled out and more have come on board. I am not a bad guy, I am trying to help motivate the country to do the right thing. People learn from their mistakes and they can learn from mine. Much like we did concerning our mistakes about how we treated people like you and all our vets in the past.”

At the time of the above statement, the truth was really this:

1. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department’s website still lists an outstanding arrest warrant in Kerr’s name. We called the department verifying if the postings on this website are still valid; they say it’s updated every evening.

2. Kerr’s child support case on file with the State of Arizona shows he made his last payment in August of 2004. The total balance Kerr owes now exceeds $50,000.

3. The court docket for a case against Kerr filed by his former employer that he mentions specifically mentions child support as being part of the case (scroll to the bottom)

Yeah. I’m sorry. But lying about the past that you claim was forgiven tells me that you didn’t ask God for forgiveness. Or if you did, it wasn’t sincere.

DUI – 2007

Unfortunately, the sins did not stop there. There’s a LOT that came later. Here’s this one:

Snowballed into Jail

That was a DUI, and I’m afraid that I consider a DUI to be attempted murder. A friend of mine lost his only son to a drunk driver driving the wrong way on a highway, and I will never forget the pain of this man, over the loss of his son.

Gratitude In Motion – 2008

Mike then went on to create a ‘benefit’ for the 1st Marine Division Association (FMDA). He called it ‘Gratitude in Motion’. Unfortunately for the FMDA, Kerr wasn’t interested in being grateful. Here is a quote from a 2008 article:

Kerr has kept a relatively low profile since then, emerging only to get arrested last year for driving under the influence of alcohol. But, sources tell the Weekly, for the past month, Kerr has visited the boardrooms of Southern California corporations, pitching the Gratitude in Motion campaign in a quest for mucho moolah. The Weekly obtained a copy of the proposal, which places greater emphasis on raising the profile of donors instead of fulfilling its intended mission.

It promises prospective sponsors “enhanced relationship opportunities” with politicians and “offers a great return on investments” by “associat[ing] their brand with the essence the American spirit [emphasis in the original] of taking care [of] and honoring those who serve defending our freedom” and “increas[ing] sales and traffic through proven cause-marketing techniques.” Apparently lost in his own maze of corporate-speak, Kerr misidentifies the Tustin blimp hangar as standing on the former El Toro Marine Corps base.

 – Controversial Philanthropist Michael Scott Kerr’s New Career as a Wrapper

All of this is supposedly AFTER he asked God to forgive him of his sins. But, Michael Scott Kerr wasn’t done with his corruption. He still wasn’t paying his child support. And then, he and his third wife were at it again in 2009 and 2010.

The Honor Run – 2010

I’m going to reproduce most of the latest article. It’s not long:

With the exception of the late fraud king Eddie Allen, I can’t recall anyone who has burned more trusting people and made more enemies out of former allies than Michael Scott Kerr. You remember him: the guy who wanted to help troops and their children to the point of neglecting to pay child support, falsifying his résumé, making ridiculous promises, not properly registering a charity, and many, many more lies. But the chameleonic Kerr could always charm his way with veterans, who unfortunately don’t get as much respect as they should and who Kerr has a Holmes-esque boner to surround himself with them.

Leave it to Kerr to screw up that connection as well.

This latest controversy started innocuously enough on New Year’s Day, when Kerr’s wife and fellow huckster Jeannie sent out a email to an unknown group of people detailing their 2009, which included a trip to Maui while Kerr owed thousands of dollars in child support. She claimed her husband was the creator and producer of the Honor Run, a cross-country motorcycle trip designed to raise funds for a host of troop charities for which Michael served as executive director.

“While the economy did not render the financial support everyone had hoped for, there were over 10,000 participants, and lives were changed and spirits were lifted,” Jeannie Kerr wrote.

That drew a stinging rebuke from Major Bill Moriaga, popularly known as Monsoon, a Vietnam and Gulf War vet who sits on the Honor Run board of directors. He forwarded an email from the treasurer of the Honor Run’s sponsoring charity, the 1st Marine Division Association, who wrote,

“The Honor Run was a creation of Carl & Joeny Smith and a group out of Texas …not Mike Kerr and the Honor Run was patterned after the Texas Honor Ride,” he wrote. “The difference between The Honor Run and the Texas Honor Ride is that Mike Kerr has never been involved in the management and direction of the Texas Honor Ride, thus it is a financial success.”

And it gets better from there.

Jeannie’s brash email drew another rebuke from Roy White, former chair of the Snowball Express, the charity Kerr started to ostensibly honor the families of fallen soldiers but which he nearly ruined from the beginning. It was thanks to the due diligence of White and others that the Snowball Express is now a legitimate, wonderful charity.

“Monsoon, thanks for including me on this email and shedding light on the the actions of Mike Kerr to those on this email tree,” White wrote. “My apologies for ‘replying all’ but the emails being distributed by the Kerr’s in re-writing history is a pattern that has become all too familiar since I first met Michael Kerr on June 30, 2006 during a phone conversation. It must stop or others will be hurt by their actions.” White goes on to remind Monsoon that he warned the Honor Run about the Kerrs, not to gloat but to warn the others in the email tree never to work with them.

“The Kerr’s need to find some other means to contribute to society and earn a living; doing it on the backs of veterans will no longer be tolerated and we all need to take a firm stand against it,” White continued. “The fear of public humiliation has not thwarted their continued string of failures and distortions but those of us who know the truth must not sit still and not shine the light of truth to others.”

Kerr’s response? He accused Monsoon of trying to ride coattails!

“Impugning Monsoon will bring the wrath of many on your head,” an aghast White responded.

More–much more–on this in the coming days, but we’ll leave you with the words of Monsoon in another email: “We need to get this out to every organization and non-profit so Mike and Jeannie Kerr can never destroy the very essence of who we are as a free nation.”

 – Michael Scott Kerr Continues to Antagonize Former Allies

THAT was 2010.

The White Stone Reunion – 2015

I’m sure that there’s more corruption to uncover, but there’s one last piece that Mike didn’t quite get off the ground:

The White Stone Reunion 2016

By the time that you see this, Mike will probably have taken it down. So, here’s a screenshot:

The White Stone Reunion 2016 Screenshot

That endeavor bit the dust soon after he started it – probably because a bunch of people objected to what Mike was doing. Then, he launched the ‘Hear The Watchmen’ conference website, just over three weeks after launching the White Stone Reunion website.

Enter Mike Whitestone

This is where we run into a ‘Mike Whitestone’. Here is the GoFundMe campaign for HearTheWatchmen:

You’ll notice who started that:

Mike Whitestone

But, that’s not how it looked when I started my digging a couple weeks ago:

Mike Whitestone

Okay, THAT guy looks really familiar.

By the way, there’s NO oversight on ANY donations that you give him. Furthermore, NONE of what you give to him is ‘tax-deductible’. This is a ‘for-profit’ operation. With Mike’s history of dishonesty and bad management…

…do you REALLY want to trust him with donations?

And here’s his facebook page:

Mike Whitestone Facebook Page

Ooops. He made it ‘non public’. In fact, it seems like he did that after I started digging for information on him. Luckily, my wife was smart enough to tell me to take a screenshot early on, and here it is:

Yup. THAT is Mike Whitestone!
Yup. THAT is Mike Whitestone (aka, Mike Kerr)!

Oh, and you will notice that he started to come clean about his REAL name on his ‘Whitestone’ Facebook page. It’s funny how shining the light of truth on someone will do that.

And, let’s look at a screenshot of the Hear The Watchmen Facebook page:

Hear The Watchmen Facebook page
Hear The Watchmen Facebook page

See the guy in the lower left?

Right. That’s ALSO Mike Whitestone.

Those of you who have been ‘regulars’ of that page will notice that any posts by ‘Mike Whitestone’ have been deleted. Interesting.

If you have any doubts about who that is, just watch this:

Hear the Watchmen Dallas 3/18-20, 2016

Youtube shortlink:

Yup. THAT is Michael Scott Kerr, Mike Moore AND Mike Whitestone – all rolled into one person. It’s a three-fer! Oh, and there is only ONE Mike that is co-founder of ‘Hear the Watchmen’.

Cross Creek Ministries? Really?

Then, there’s this screenshot of the Twitter account for Hear The Watchmen:

Hear The Watchmen Twitter Feed
Hear The Watchmen Twitter Feed

You see that he’s the ‘Co-Founder’ of Hear the Watchmen. But, notice what else he claims to be ‘Co-Founder’ of.

Here, let me zoom in:

Hear the Watchmen Twitter Feed Zoom In
Hear the Watchmen Twitter Feed Zoom In

Oh. So, he’s now the Co-Founder of ‘Cross Creek Ministries’, too?


Well, I did a search. No ‘Cross Creek Ministries’ – anywhere – with any alias that Mike Kerr has been using. With all the lies that I’ve been finding in Michael Scott Kerr‘s past, I’m afraid that I’m going to need to chalk up yet another lie.

Although, if he shows me proof, I will gladly issue a retraction.

All of that is why I’ve started calling Michael Scott Kerr, ‘Three Mikes’. Until he drops those aliases – and any others that I haven’t yet found – he will STILL be ‘Three Mikes’ to me. In fact, I’ve even created a tag for him:

Hopefully, he’ll go away, so I won’t have to write any more articles about him.

More than Ted Broer, I personally believe that Michael Scott Kerr is at the heart of the attacks on Nathan Leal.

Three Mikes Threatens Lawsuit

Not long after Michael Scott Kerr left his fateful comment on Omega Shock, someone became concerned that I would suffer a lawsuit. They wanted me to understand the danger that I was in, so they sent me a copy of an email that was in their possession.

That email contained a subject line that read:

Cease and desist

It was also from someone with this email:

THAT is the email for Michael Scott Kerr, and you will find that email linked to the issues above. Here’s the text of that email:

Nathan and Donna Leal jointly as husband and wife and any party a part thereof,

In light of the disturbing evidence brought before us, and in our possession, please cease and desist from all derogatory and inflammatory statements regarding Michael Kerr, Jeannie Moore or Hear the Watchmen Ministry or any entity, person or company a part thereto.  These shall include any and all statements regarding the conference commonly known as Hear the Watchmen Dallas 2016, the organization, and all written or verbal communication designed to dissuade people from attending Hear the Watchmen Dallas 2016 or any statements regarding the speakers of Hear the Watchmen either publicly or privately.  In accordance a restraining order will be filed in the Superior Court of the County of Orange California forthwith regarding this matter.  You may choose to have your legal counsel or you may yourself appear in person in the Superior Court of California, Orange County California. located in Santa Ana California to defend yourself against this action once it has been served upon you by due process.

We also expect you to pay the amount of any and all damages you have caused as a result of your statements regarding the conference.  This amount is currently at $1,000.00 based upon cancellations of tickets directly attributed to such false statements you have made.  This is by no means a final and exact count of actual damages simply a point of reference.  You may at any time suggest a way to mitigate these damages through arbitration if you so choose.  All legal costs shall be yours and plaintiff will ask the court for punitive damages as well as reimbursement for any and all attorney’s fees accrued in the presentation of this matter.

Failure to comply with any of our requests above will compel us to immediately file the necessary additional legal measures through counsel.

This is the only non-attorney correspondence you will receive.

We are very disappointed it has come to this, and we will all keep you in our prayers.

God Bless,

Brother Mike


Hear the Watchmen Ministries

949- — – –06

[I have deleted most of his phone number – JL]

Sorry, ‘Brother’ Mike, but you should keep your prayers for yourself. That’s a pretty vile and awful piece of work that you’ve done there.

You call yourself a Christian?

Well I don’t, and I hope that you repent and TRULY accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, soon. Your place in eternity is in doubt – but, not MUCH doubt, if you know what I mean.

Two Others Disappear From Hear The Watchmen

I was contacted by someone who was originally going to appear as a speaker at the Hear The Watchmen conference. That person indicated that he/she was also threatened with legal action if he/she spoke out in support of Nathan Leal.

If you click this link…

…you will see the original roster of speakers at ‘Hear The Watchmen’.

The key difference between the original list and the current one, lies in the missing names:

Nathan Leal

Benjamin Baruch

Lyn Leahz

Ted Boer is also off the list, which is a point in favor of Three Mikes. The question in your mind should be about why Mr. Baruch and Ms. Leahz are no longer going to be speaking.

I Am Sickened By Three Mikes

By the way, none of the above is at Nathan Leal’s request, direction or whatever. I received a copy of the above, threatening email because the sender was worried that I would be sued.

I doubt that the sender wanted me to take it this far.

(Please note that I do not take threats
to the Body of Christ, sitting down.

I am sickened by this Mike who calls himself a Christian, while acting like the worst heathen. That blackens the name of Christ, and it is complete and utter blasphemy. Actions that defame the reputation of Christ are the very essence of the meaning of the word, blasphemy.

How dare Mike do this!

Of course, God will take care of him. What we must do is look to our own.

Another Appeal To David And Steve

So again, I reissue my appeal for reconciliation:

David and Steve,

Please. Reconsider your position.

You have sinned against Nathan Leal, and YOU MUST REPENT.

I know that you do not like to hear that from me, but it is still the truth. And, I am still your friend.

I believe that you’ve been lied to, and that you acted in ignorance, not knowing what the truth is. Please listen to the MP3 in this article, and do the right thing.

David and Steve, here is that MP3, again:

You MUST reconcile yourself to your brother that you have both harmed.

Yours in Christ,

John Little


The Timeline Of Events

Here is the timeline of events as best as I can determine. There are a lot of other bits and pieces that I am missing, but I believe that there is enough here to construct an order of events. I have not pulled out all the ‘loose ends’ on this, and I really do not want to.

Allow me to extend a big thank you to all who sent me emails, filling in many of the missing pieces. I have not included everything that you sent me. It was just too much.

However, should ‘Three Mikes’ be foolish enough to threaten me, I will dig deeper.

On December 18th, 2015, Ted Broer appeared on the Hagmann Report, here:

Dr. Ted Broer on The Official Hagmann & Hagmann Report- 12/18/15

Nathan Leal listened to the show live. When the show concluded, Nathan Leal immediately calls Doug and Joe Hagmann, three minutes after the show ends.

Nathan then calls Jeannie Moore (co-organizer of Hear The Watchmen) about his concerns over Ted Broer. Jeannie does not believe him. Later that same night, Nathan talks to Michael Scott Kerr. Mike agrees to listen to the Hagmann Report show (above).

Mike listens to the show and agrees that Ted is ‘New Age’, but tells Nathan that he will merely ask Ted to not mention New Age stuff.

That is not good enough. Nathan knows that his appearance at ‘Hear The Watchmen’ will give Ted Broer legitimacy in the eyes of those who listen to him. Nathan is justifiably concerned.

The Bible speaks of not keeping company with those who are called brethren, but are in sin. (1 Corinthians 5:11)

On December 19th or 20th, Nathan and his wife have prophetic dreams, separately. Both are awakened in the middle of the night, with these dreams. They are a confirmation of the path that they are on.

On December 21st, with those dreams ringing in his mind, Nathan Leal calls Ted Broer about his use of New Age material. Ted blasts Nathan for daring to question him.

With this knowledge that Ted will not relent, Nathan then contacts Jeannie Moore and Michael Scott Kerr that he will be resigning from Hear The Watchmen. He gives them two days notice.

On December 23rd, Nathan Leal sends out his public notice of resignation. He does not give all of the details and does not name names.

On December 28th, Ted Broer then appears on the Dave Hodges Show. Ted lies through his teeth. Here’s the show:


Ted comes on about halfway through the hour.


On December 30th, Nathan realizing that Ted’s lies have escalated the situation, he compiles his evidence and produces the following MP3:

On January 3rd and 4th, prompted by a reader on a somewhat different topic, I do some research and stumble over this controversy. I listen to the December 30th MP3 by Nathan Leal (above).

On January 6th, I write Nathan privately, telling him that I agree with him completely. Nathan responds much later with a very brief message.

(Since I can only respond to a tiny fraction of personal email sent to me, I understand.)

On January 7th, Steve Quayle and David Lankford appear on the Hagmann Report. Here’s the link, again:

On the morning of January 8th (EST), not knowing about the interview above, I post the following article:

I include a link to the page containing Nathan Leal’s MP3. At the end of the article, I mention my concern about Ted Broer without naming names, but I am disturbed.

In the evening of the same day (EST), I appear on the third hour of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report. You can hear about that, here:

On January 10th, Alexandra Devereux (pseudonym) informs me by email that Steve Quayle and David Lankford spent three hours blasting Nathan Leal for his resignation from the Hear The Watchmen conference. I listen and am grieved by what I hear.

Readers begin filling my inbox with complaints about the attack on Nathan by Steve and David. Some of those emails are a bit… um …high spirited.

On January 12th, not knowing why Nathan took down the original articles about his resignation, I ask Nathan for those articles. He does not respond. (Which is completely understandable!)

On January 15th, I write:

I expound further on what I know about the issue and how Ted Broer is completely wrong. I also tell those who wrote angry emails to Steve and David… to …apologize.

Please let me repeat that those who wrote in anger need to apologize for the hurt that you have caused.

On January 16th (early morning EST), I send a personal appeal to Steve Quayle, David Lankford, The Hagmanns and Dave Hodges. David Lankford is the only one to respond at that time.

THAT DAY/EVENING, I suspect that someone shared my personal email with Michael Scott Kerr – because that evening, Mr. Kerr sends a threat of legal action to Nathan Leal. It is possible that something else prompted ‘Three Mikes’ to do this, but the timing is suspicious.

On January 17th, ‘Brother Mike’ leaves a message:

Light dawns. I finally begin to see the missing, vital piece in this puzzle. The real problem is Michael Scott Kerr.

On January 19th, I receive an email from one of two other speakers removed from the ‘Hear The Watchmen’ conference. This person indicates that he/she was also threatened with legal action from Michael Scott Kerr. My suspicion is that the third person to ‘disappear’ from the conference was also threatened with legal action.

On January 22nd, I post:

I mention that I have even MORE information that will be forthcoming, later.

On January 29th, 2016, I send out the article that you are reading now.


A Final Thought

Brothers and sisters,

I hope that this is the end of my involvement. This has been personally painful for me, because of the harm that has been caused to the Body of Christ. Sins have been committed, sins that are an abomination to God.

My hope is that those who have sinned will repent and show the fruits of that repentance.

I have gained considerable respect for Nathan Leal in his stand. He has acted appropriately in every way. His detractors have not.

Now, to those of you who wish to send angry emails to the various parties…

…allow me to beg you not to do this.

Please remember that vengeance is in the hands of God. The sins committed will be handled by God. We must only stand for what is right… IN LOVE.

Remember that if we do not act in love, we sin. It is sometimes hard to see the love in some of my diatribes, but it is still there. I am often sorry for my angry writing, and I hope that you do not use my hasty language and sin against each other.

Steve Quayle and David Lankford acted hastily and without due diligence. They both are good brothers in Christ, and I will continue to speak well of them. However, I will also continue to ask them to reconcile themselves with Nathan Leal.

My hope is that we will put this episode behind us and move forward in the love of Christ.

Yours in Christ,

John Little



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