Sin in the Church

America suffers trouble and distress because our churches have turned their back upon God. They forgot the need to love the truth and obey God. They allowed heresy and sin to creep into their leadership. They became dens of iniquity, full of anger and without care for the suffering of their brethren.

The bitter heart of our churches is bearing fruit. This poisonous and toxic result of our sinful embrace of this life will choke what life is left in America.

Our cup of iniquity is full.

Judgment comes.


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Sin in the Church

My heart is very heavy right now. I am engaged in many spiritual battles on many fronts.

This website is one of those battles.

I know that it may not seem like a spiritual battle to you. After all, I spend a lot of time talking about geopolitics, finance, economics and war.

Where is the spiritual battle in that?

Well, let me put this another way:

If the Christians of two hundred years ago were among us today, you wouldn’t need me to tell you anything.

I am required to stand up and tell you all that I am telling you because your pastors won’t do it. Not can’t. Won’t.

Furthermore, our congregations are so full of this world that those pastors who try to teach the truth… well …they’re shouted down. Unfortunately, I haven’t run into all that many pastors who love the truth enough to try.

Pastors do not talk about sin.

They don’t teach separation from worldliness.

They parrot what they were taught in seminary.

Seminaries Of Unrighteousness

Seminaries are a big reason for why we are in such a big mess. They have become institutions where corruption and heresy is pushed into young and vulnerable minds. Almost every pastor is required to have been to seminary, and I do not know of a single seminary that doesn’t teach a corrupt view of the Bible.

These seminaries have churned out proud, arrogant and sinful pastors who think that they are qualified to pastor a church by the fact that they have earned a piece of paper. They have gone on to turn their churches into dens for wolves, fornication and worldliness.

Our Weak Churches

Can spiritual maturity be found anywhere in our churches?

When God brought me back to the US for a little over three years, I was appalled at the condition that the Body of Christ was in. It was a tattered, stained and threadbare shadow of what it once was. Sin had crept into our churches and was openly practiced among our members.

Those churches that weren’t full of fornication and adultery, were full of anger and hate. Those churches that didn’t fall into either of those camps were so weak that Sunday evening services and Wednesday pray meetings were not to be found.

What happened to our Sunday night services?

What happened to Wednesday night prayer meetings?

Do we do Bible Studies anymore?

I find that churches are doing these ‘life groups’, but there doesn’t seem to be all that much life in them. No one wants to talk about the Bible. No one has a passion for the Word of God.

No Love In Our Churches

Some of you may be lucky to be in a church that does not suffer from what I have detailed above. If that’s true, then you should thank God for having such a great church.

But, do the members love each other?

When the service is over, does everyone race for the door?

Do members stick around and fellowship with each other?

I am grateful that my church does that. We’re pretty small, but it’s sometimes hard to get us out the door because we love to talk to each other.

So, let me ask again:

Do your members love each other?

I have watched several churches destroyed because they replaced love with legalism, suspicion and reproof. The weakest members were picked off, one by one, until there were just a few, cold and dead ‘Christians’ left.

I am worried that I am seeing that happen in a church here in Taiwan, and I am committed to stopping it, if I can. That’s another spiritual battle that I’m involved in, and I can’t really talk about it.

Just pray for the churches here in Taiwan.

Pray for ALL the churches, everywhere.

Nathan Leal – Watchman’s Cry

The other spiritual battle that I’m in, is over what has been happening to Nathan Leal. Up to now, that battle has been mostly with myself. I am upset with what Nathan has been put through, but I must keep myself from acting out of anger.

And yes, I am angry.


I have struggled against injustice, in one form or another, for most of my life. My anger turns white-hot whenever and wherever I find it. And, when I let that anger have it’s way, I tend to cause more trouble than I resolve.

So, my biggest struggle is with myself, to be careful – instead of lashing out. If you find me succeeding here, then praise God, because this is not natural for me.

How I Discovered This Controversy

I first stumbled upon what was happening, pretty much by accident. I saw a comment in an unrelated article and did some searching. What I found was deeply distressing.

Instead of acting in the spirit of love and reconciliation, I see anger, wrath, malice and open war. I do not know all the reasons for this open war, but I know that it is wrong.

I have done my best – up to this point – to ascertain the root cause of all of this. I am still missing some information, and I believe that there is heresy at work in some part of this. Other parts are miscommunication and a lack of trust.

I can understand how miscommunication can happen. In my chosen profession as a writer, my job is often to stamp out miscommunication before it can happen. I’m not sure that I’m the best professional writer out there, but I DO have lots of experience.

Nathan Leal – Unfairly Brutalized

Unfortunately, that experience leads me to the belief that we are allowing Nathan Leal to be unfairly brutalized. And yes, I really do mean ‘brutalized’.

To be fair to those that are doing the ‘brutalizing’, I doubt that they were given the whole picture. Their anger and wrath were inflamed by weak Christians, and a man who has engaged in heresy and deception.

That man of heresy and deception is Ted Broer.

I only name names when the evidence is incontrovertible. I’ve had misgivings about Ted from the first day that I heard him speak. But, my operational area was different from his, so I left it for others to deal with.

Unfortunately, I was requiring Nathan to deal with this – and take the heat.

Naming Names Is Biblical

By the way, if you are appalled at my use of names, don’t be. The Bible names names and takes no prisoners in this area. Those who have taken upon themselves the responsibility of teaching and leadership, will also take upon themselves the need to answer for any heresy or sin that might creep into their lives.

Ted Broer has chosen to be in the limelight and has also chosen to preach heresy, and then lie about it. His sin is obvious and clear. Withholding his name would be a sin on my part.

The Sin Of Ted Broer

Here are the sins and heresies that I have observed:

Bearing false witness

Ted Broer made claims about Nathan Leal that were not true. Nathan came to Ted in peace and concern, and Ted responded with anger and retribution. Nathan’s concerns were valid and correct. Ted lied.

Furthermore, my suspicion is that Ted has engaged in a whispering campaign in an attempt to impugn Nathan’s reputation. I cannot say this with certainty, but I have observed actions by others that can ONLY come from such a ‘whispering campaign’.

It is impossible for there to be so much smoke, with out a fire.

Also, when exposing this heresy, Nathan was initially careful to not give out Ted’s name. Only later on, after following the proper Biblical protocols, did he mention Ted Broer’s name.

Preaching Heresy

Ted Broer made statements on The Hagmann Report that were complete heresy. I do not blame the Hagmanns for not jumping on Ted for this. They have a difficult job to do, and I know how hard it is to catch such things and then deal with them in real-time.

However, Ted Broer knew EXACTLY what he was doing, and then lied about it when he appeared on Dave Hodges’ The Commonsense Show. Dave did not know what Ted originally said, so I do not blame Dave for this.

Here is what Ted Broer said:

He talked about the heart chakra, that it was green so that it could be united with the Universe and connected with the center of the Universe – whereby we could unite with a consciousness and touch God in the 13th dimension.

Sorry, God is NOT in the 13th dimension. There is no ‘Heart Chakra’. It is not green. And, all of that is complete and utter NEW AGE HERESY.

Furthermore, I believe it to be damnable heresy.

Ted went on to say that pineal gland was the Third Eye and the conduit for communication with God.

Excuse me? The pineal gland is the Third Eye?

The pineal gland is NOT the Third Eye. It is NOT the conduit for communication with God.

Ted then went on to say that when the pineal glad was ‘calcified’ you could no longer get in contact with God. You could not reach ‘perfect resonance’ with God.


How can a Christian say that?!

He went on to say that the reason why they are fluoridating our water is so that the pineal gland will be calcified, so that we cannot communicate with God.

I’m sorry, but that’s just plain disgusting. But, I am reporting this exactly as I heard it.

He went on to say that we live in a hologram.

Sorry, but that’s the same foolishness that David Icke keeps preaching. If you like Icke, you will like Ted.

Ted Broer said that Jesus is a CLONE OF GOD THE FATHER and that Adam is a CLONE OF JESUS!! He said that Jesus did NOT come from an egg from Mary, that God the Father placed an EMBRYO in the womb of Mary. Ted Broer was saying that Jesus did NOT get 50% of His DNA from Mary.

Basically, Ted Broer was saying that Jesus did not come in the flesh.

And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

 – 1 John 4:3

If you are saying that Jesus was a CLONE of God the Father, you are saying that Jesus did not come in the flesh.

By making those ‘Clone’ statements, Ted was actually saying that Adam was God.

Lying To The Body Of Christ

Nathan Leal did the right thing by going directly to Ted Broer and asking him about his use of New Age terminology. Later on, when Ted was on with Dave Hodges on the Commonsense Show, he lied about his statements on The Hagmann Report.

Ted claimed that his use of the term ‘Heart Chakra’ was a physiological term and that he used it in that way.

I listened to Ted’s statements on The Hagmann Report.

I listened to Ted’s statement on The Commonsense Show.

Ted Broer is clearly and absolutely lying. In fact, he is so clearly lying that I’m shocked that only Nathan caught him in this lie.

He even had the gall to say to Dave Hodges that he had no familiarity with New Age philosophy.

Reproving Unfruitful Works Of Darkness

What do you do when you catch someone lying to the Body of Christ?

You expose those lies.


People were upset with Nathan Leal because his exposure of those lies has put the conference in Dallas in question.

Well, I’m sorry that they feel that way. But, Paul has something to say about that:

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

 – Ephesians 5:11

Nathan Leal did EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS SUPPOSED TO DO. And, for that reason, I have put his website and ministry on my list of recommended websites.

If the conference in Dallas is to be blessed by God, it cannot be allowed to have ANY fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.

By his own words, Ted Broer has demonstrated to all that his works are of darkness, and that they must be reproved. In fact, this demonstration is so convincing to me, that there is a question in my mind about his place in eternity.

I am not the judge of any man’s salvation, but Jesus said:

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

 – Matthew 7:20

I have seen the fruits of Ted Broer and the damage that he has done to the Body of Christ.

We Owe Nathan An Apology

Those of us who stood by while Nathan Leal was attacked and defamed, we owe Nathan an apology. It happened on our watch. We did nothing.

Furthermore, we owe Nathan a debt of gratitude for stepping forward and taking upon himself the difficult duty of exposing the lies being preached. It was a good thing that he did, and he justly earns our praise for his efforts.

We Must Apologize To Others

Now, there are many who have attacked Nathan for what he did. Those of you who support Nathan and his ministry are obviously upset by this, and some of you have written to me to express your outrage. I understand that outrage, and I commend you for it.

However, some of you have vented your wrath in the wrong way, to the wrong people. You did not write or speak in love. You did not do this with kindness, in the hope of the recovery of those who sinned against Nathan Leal.

I know why you did it.

I’ve done the same thing, under different circumstances.

It’s still wrong.

If you wrote angry and offensive letters about this to a brother in Christ, you have sinned and you must apologize. We are NOT to be this way.

They Did It In Ignorance

I believe that those sincere brothers in Christ who attacked Nathan… well …I believe that they did it in ignorance. I believe that they were lied to, and were acting upon those lies. I listened to several hours of those attacks and they were very, very painful to hear.

But, they are still our brothers in Christ. They have been faithful in the past, and they will be faithful in the future. So, we must treat them with the love and respect in the way that God has commanded us.

I freely admit to being hypocritical in this, because I often fail to follow what I am telling you here. But, the bonds of brotherhood in Christ have been damaged, and even broken. That damage MUST be repaired if we are to continue our walk with God.

One day we will stand before God and give an answer for all that we have done here, in this life.

Will God be pleased with you?



I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
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A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


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