Samhain and Dangerous Evil

The most evil day of the year has come – Halloween. I guess that we can thank the Roman Catholic Church for preserving it for us.

You will forgive me for reserving my gratitude for someone else.

And, just like the Catholic Church, many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are playing with abominations, by sending their children out to ‘Trick or Treat’. Our churches even hold ‘Halloween Parties’, and the less depraved of our congregations have ‘Autumn Festivals’.

What our churches should do instead, is meet in prayer for the protection of the souls of our vulnerable children.

This is not a game, and we need to stop playing with Satanic fire.


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Samhain and Dangerous Evil

They call it Samhain. If you are Catholic, you call it Halloween. I call it straight up evil of the worst kind, and you should too.

I Understand Why The RC Did It

I understand why the Roman Catholic Church did that. They were trying to replace something vile and revolting with something good and wonderful. But, that’s not how you destroy evil.

You can only get rid of evil by refusing to acknowledge its rite and right. You must give it no permission to exist. You must give it no place of honor or even remembrance.

By engaging with evil, the Catholic Church was taken over by it. Deals with the Devil never work out the way that you want them to, and Rome will not discover this, until it is too late.

In fact, it’s already too late.

But, that’s them. Let’s talk about you and me.

Real Life Devil Worship In Taiwan

I’m stuck in the midst of real-life, honest-to-goodness devil worship. The temples here in Taiwan are real temples that worship real spirits. And, those spirits have a real presence.

I have felt them.

Seriously. I have felt the demons living in those places, and they are vile and evil. They are a malignant occupier of this beautiful land, and I would cast them out, if God gave me permission to do so.

The good thing is that Taipei is about ten percent Christian, which makes ‘life’ for these demons difficult. I have sensed far less of a demonic presence in Taipei, than I have outside the city, in the rest of Taiwan.

In fact, many of the temples in Taipei are spiritually empty, and I am always grateful when I sense that.

However, whether empty – or not – I ALWAYS pray that God would free each temple from its resident demon – and the possession of its people, whenever I pass by. There are no exceptions. I always pray for the removal of these demons every single time that I see a temple.

Which means that I do A LOT of praying.

There are also a LOT of demon-possessed people here. I see them all the time and I continually pray that God would rescue these poor, tortured souls. I feel sorry for them, and hope that God would free them from such a terrible affliction.

So, if you are curious about real demonic activity, and real temples with real temple worship – like Paul spoke of – come to Taiwan. But, I do not recommend that you seek out demons unless you really know what you are doing, and I mean REALLY KNOW.

We Don’t Know What We Are Doing

The problem is that very, very few of us know what we are doing. And, far too many of us are inviting Satan into our neighborhoods and our lives. We are playing with spiritual fire – and getting burned.

We have invited the worship of spirits and false deities. We have enjoyed the pagan and occult. We play games with the spiritual, when we should acknowledge God and God alone.

When Yehovah was speaking to Israel through Moses, He said:

And in all things that I have said unto you be circumspect: and make no mention of the name of other gods, neither let it be heard out of thy mouth.

 – Exodus 23:13

Samhain In America

Yet, Samhain has come, and many of us will do more than just name the name of demons, we will engage with them. We will send our children out to play trick-or-treat, not realizing that we connect our children to dark Satanic rituals of human sacrifice.

In fact, across America, thousands of human beings will be murdered in a dark sacrifice. Most of them will be babies that were conceived for this purpose. Others will have been ‘disappeared’, and will show up much later as pictures on milk cartons.

If you think that I am engaging in hyperbole, well… more the fool, you. You can ignore the agents of darkness and claim that they don’t exist. But, they know that YOU exist, and they want your soul. More importantly…

…they want your permission.

Demons Need Permission

I don’t begin to understand evil. I don’t even WANT to understand demonic powers. But, it appears that demons need your permission. And, it appears that there are many ways to do that.

And sin is one of those ways.


Demonic Anger

What was it that the Bible said about anger?

Paul talked about it, here:

Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:

Neither give place to the devil.

 – Ephesians 4:26-27

 I have seen far too many people invite Satan into their lives because of their foolish wrath.

Inviting Satan Into Your Life

Now, it doesn’t mean that all anger and wrath invites evil powers into your life, but sinful anger certainly does.

Do you get horribly angry over perceived unfairness towards yourself?

Do you fly into a rage when someone takes advantage of you?

Do you harbor dark hatreds against those who wronged you?

If so, congratulations. You have given demonic powers access to your life. You have made yourself vulnerable to the prince of darkness.

Do you watch or read pornography?

(And yes, pornography can be in written form.)

If so, you are giving Satan an entrance to your life.

Are you listening to the popular, secular music of this age?

If so, you have invited some very, very evil people to program your vulnerable mind.

Watching much television?

Even MORE programming.

Are you going to send your children out into your neighborhood tomorrow evening to ‘Trick or Treat’?

If so, you are a fool. If you send your children out to engage in such practices, you must truly despise your precious children.

Halloween Is NOT Innocent

Such activities may seem innocent, but they are definitely not. They are a form of worship of the dark powers, and a Christian must never, ever do that. Ever.

Our God is Just, and He does not tolerate sin among His people. If your view of God is one of a poor old soul in heaven, wringing His hands over our foolishness, you’re a drooling idiot.

God is NOT powerless, and YOU WILL regret every sin that you have ever committed. And, YOU WILL regret playing with the fire that starts tomorrow – and has already started.

Jesus Christ Is Your Only Hope

If you have not already done so, acknowledge your sins now and confess them to God. If you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, do it now.

The darkest age that the world has ever seen, has already started. Few of us will make it through alive. But, you CAN get through this with your soul intact, and in the powerful hands of God. True safety lies in only one place:

Jesus Christ

So, please accept Him as your Lord and Savior, and turn away for the powers of darkness that will be celebrated tomorrow.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
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A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


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