Deadly Delusions

The misinformation and disinformation that swirls around us has been designed to entrap and enslave us to an agenda that will lead to our death and destruction. Satan is the author of it all, and it is aimed directly at the Body of Christ…

…and, you.

Lucifer is the father of lies, and he has been churning out his best lies for centuries, in anticipation of the showdown that we are about to experience.

This is why the truth will always be hard to see, and hard to understand – when you see it. So, hold the truth close.

It is only through faith in our Lord and Savior and the direction of the Holy Spirit through the Word of God – that we have any hope of escaping the disbelief that destroys those around us.


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Deadly Delusions

I am often inspired by the comments that I get from Omega Shock readers. Those that challenge me to prove what I’m saying… well …those are often the best kinds of comments. Others offer their own insights and give additional information that I often miss.

Those are just a few of the many reasons why I treat comments here so seriously. And, you will find that this article contains more than a couple of inputs from readers like you.

So, let’s get into that.

It has been said that Satan’s greatest deception was to convince us that he doesn’t exist. There’s a lot of truth to that, because I have found myself often thinking about evil as just another manifestation of our own sinful inclinations. Unfortunately, evil is far, far more than that.

Yes Virginia, there really is a Devil. He really hates you, and he is doing everything in his power to destroy you.

However, Satan is doing his very best to hide all of that from you. If he can’t get you to believe in his non-existence, he will try to minimize what you think about him. He will try to obscure your ability to see the work of his minions. He will distort your senses, while trying to get you to stay away from the pure light of the Word.

He is a true artist at deception. No one and nothing is better at deceiving you, than Satan. There is no vileness that is too low. There is no corruption too foul.

Think of the worst possible sins, and you can bet that his minions have been doing it for thousands of years. And now, he has technology to aid his efforts. And, it is vital that you understand all that.

According to, more than 70% of you are living in the United States. I grew up in Indiana and lived there until I was 25. So, I know what living in the US is like. But, having lived in Asia for twenty years, I also know that life in America is completely unreal.

Life In America Is Not Real

Please let me repeat that.

Life. In. America. Is. Not. Real.

You have been insulated from the cold, hard truth of reality. You’ve never felt true hunger. You’ve never lived in fear for your life. You’ve never had a gun pointed at you (although, that’s changing). You’ve never had bombs go off down the street. You’ve never had the military in your streets. You’ve never been surrounded by people who actively want you dead.

To varying degrees, I have been through all of that, and more.

However, some of you HAVE been through all of that. And, I venture to guess that the vast majority of you with those experiences, live outside the United States. And, you know that true evil is very, very real.

But, having said that, even I struggle to understand the depths of depravity. Even though I’ve had all this experience with real, honest-to-goodness evil, I still struggle to understand how truly awful Satan and his minions can be.

I can tell you that because of my own experience of being so brutally awakened in 2011, and the painful road of enlightenment that followed. It was one painful shock after another, and I am still struggling to come to terms with all that I know.

And yes, the operative word is KNOW.

I KNOW beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is true evil, beyond your wildest imagination – at work in the United States, right now. I don’t recommend that you seek out this knowledge, unless you have the spiritual fortitude to deal with that knowledge.

I Will Not Tell You Everything

That’s why I have NOT told you everything that I know, and I will NOT do so. In fact, what I wrote last week was probably too much. One reader commented that he was sick for a week after reading Cathy O’brien’s book, Trance Formation of America.

That book shook me to the core. Not because it was so awful, but because it was so awful – and the truth.

Please understand that the retired head of the FBI for southern California verifies that this book is real. That man is Ted Gunderson. I did some research on Ted, and he’s the real deal.

If you want to believe the lies about Ted, be my guest. It’s your funeral.

Another person who verifies Cathy’s story is someone who I’ve spoken to personally and trust implicitly. He knows Cathy and knows that what she says, is the truth. I will not reveal his name, unless he gives me permission to do so.

Why Cathy O’Brien Isn’t Dead

But, let me warn you. Attempting to verify Cathy O’Brien’s story will scar you emotionally. The darkest of evils lie at the heart of this, and Cathy didn’t tell you everything.

Part of the reason why Cathy and her husband are still alive is that they didn’t say everything. They held a lot back, with the implicit threat that THOSE secrets would be revealed, should they disappear.

In intelligence circles, they call it ‘insurance’. And, I call it good sense.

If you read the other two books that I mentioned last week, you will find that they reinforce everything that Cathy said – in horrifying detail. And, let me emphasize the word, horrifying.

Satan Has A Church

David Shurter, went through a hell that was somewhat like Cathy’s – but, without the CIA involvement. I doubt that very many of you can understand what David went through – even though it is happening all around you.

Please get this right. The rape of children is happening all around you. The murder of children and babies in Satanic rituals is happening in every state in the US.

Satan has a church, and he is being worshiped more actively than the true God that we worship on Sunday. Only a fool would reject this idea.

Don’t you understand that Satan is real?

Please. I mean no disrespect, but I know how hard it is to get your head around the idea of something or someone so evil. When I discovered just one part of how bad Satan was, I realized that I too didn’t understand how real Satan was.

In fact, it may be that we are not capable of understanding just how real Satan is. But, that inability doesn’t change the question.

Don’t you understand that Satan is real?

Just as everything that the Bible says about God is true, so is what the Bible says about Satan. And, Satan wishes to destroy and defile everything that is good and precious.

Satan Doesn’t Want You To Believe

My wife and I were coming home from a class that we now teach on Thursday nights, and we saw an adorable little baby boy. What a precious little life.

I do not want to say what Satan wishes to do – and is doing – to these precious little ones. The words are too vile, even though they are the truth.

What I wrote last week, and what I am writing now is just one part of a much bigger picture. Satan doesn’t want you to believe in the truth of that picture, because he has plans to destroy you.

Disbelief Is Killing You

Satan has woven a web of lies and deceit around the minds of the American and European people. He has taught you that he doesn’t exist, that evil is only a figment of your imagination. And, while you slumber, the devil is working night and day to kill you and everything that is good.

So, I hope that you are paying attention, when I say that…

Disbelief is killing you.

And no, I am not asking you to believe me. All that I am really asking you to do is believe the Bible. Everything else is just supporting information.

It Is No Different Today

When God spoke of the blood-soaked sin of Israel before He destroyed them…

…do you think that our America is any different today?

When they offered their precious babies to Moloch,

…do you think that our world is any different today?

Our churches and nations are now in the same place where Israel stood. The only difference between now and then, is that today we add technology and science to our vile and sick evils.

America Has Become A Tool Of Satan

When I discovered the vile Satanism that was driving the madness in our current society, I knew that there was no hope for America – or Europe.

My family goes back to the very first settlers of America. We fought in every war that America has ever participated in. We played a role in every victory. But, there is one war that cannot be won, because America has become a tool of Satan.

Please. If you get nothing else from this article, at least get this:

America has become a tool of Satan.

If you cannot handle that, then I recommend that you stop reading what I have to say – because the truth is too much for you.

The truth is a hard and painful place. It will strip you of your dreams. It will destroy your self-deceptions. It will show you how awful you really are.

But, it will also save your life and give you eternity.

So, let me end on this thought:

Life is short.

Eternity is long.

Choose well.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
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A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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