Storm Warning

The biggest socio-economic and political storm that the world has ever seen barrels down upon us – yet, almost everything seems to be fine. But, that is how storms behave. There is always a wonderful calm before the storm hits, but that calm will only last for a few more weeks. Already we can see the clouds of this storm on the horizon.

However, this is more than just a ‘storm’. It’s a typhoon, just like the one that is about to hit Taiwan – where I currently live. I pray that God will spare you in the midst of what is coming upon us.


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Storm Warning

As I begin to write this, the leading edges of Typhoon Soudelor are passing overhead. And, the eye of this monster storm will pass a bit south of Taipei, where I live. We haven’t had one this big, for a long time, so this should be interesting. Peak ferocity should be just after midnight, our time – noon, your time.

The good thing is that we are used to these things – and earthquakes. We get lots of both, and build accordingly. Steel reinforced concrete is a beautiful thing.

So, we’ll be fine.

But, I’m more concerned about you.

Financial Typhoon Begins In September/October

According to Martin Armstrongand a few others – next month will mark the end of this period of calm. Martin Armstrong is the best financial weatherman that I know of, so I treat what he says with extreme seriousness.

Of course, you look out the window and see everyone going about their life, as if everything is normal.

Well, I did the same thing yesterday – Thursday. What a beautiful day it was. A few puffy clouds in the sky, and just a bit of wind. Really wonderful weather.

What a difference a day makes.

So, as the fantastic, civilization-destroying storm barrels down upon us, you can expect the same. The days and weeks leading up to this storm will feel pleasant and wonderful – just before they aren’t.

Please. Listen to the ‘weatherman’.

But, here’s a bit of a weather report of a different kind…

The Invasion By Islam

I always begin writing my articles on Thursday. Well, almost always, because this week’s Thursday (yesterday) was different.

Every day, my routine is the same. Get up. Kiss my wife. Make coffee. Kiss my wife again. Read my Bible. Pray.

If it’s a Thursday, I pray that God would provide me with the words that you need to read. I do this every single time that I sit down to write. Always. And, I often find myself writing about something other than what I intended.

Yesterday was just like that.

Over the course of this past week, a topic was growing in my mind. This happens every week, as I read through the articles that tell me what is happening.

My Favorite Websites

By the way, I start off my research by reading from five main sources:

Drudge Report

Steve Quayle

Zero Hedge

Martin Armstrong

SRSrocco Report

In that order.

(although, Steve Quayle’s site is more important than Drudge.)

Depending on what I read in the articles on those websites, I will branch off in different directions – and different websites. You can see the other websites that I recommend in my BLOGROLL, to the right – if you are viewing this article on my website.

And, before I start putting words on the page, I always review what the above websites may have added overnight, my time. I did that. But, something pushed me on, to do a bit more reading – about Islam.

By the end of the day, I had written nothing, but found myself with something new to write.

The Invasion By Islam

I’ve been writing about Islam for a very, very long time – since the ’90s. It is the reason why Israel suffers so much trouble. It is the reason for the Dark Ages in Europe. It is why the US Marines are such a battle-hardened force. It is why Thomas Jefferson spent so much money on the US Navy – even though he was Libertarian. It is why China has so much trouble in the northwest – among the Uyghurs, in Shenzhen. It is why the Philippines has so much trouble in Mindanao.

They are the scourge of Africa – and everywhere. In fact, there is nowhere in the world that they are not a source of death and destruction.

When Muslims Reach Ten Percent

I don’t remember which Israeli general/politician said it, but he said something like this:

When the population of a society reaches ten percent Muslim, you have trouble.

There was a firestorm of criticism when he said it, but he was completely right. Muslims are only pacified, when they are the tiniest of minorities. Once they reach a certain level, your society will suffer from rising violence.

Islam isn’t a religion. It’s a disease.

I have lived for twenty years in societies that are dominated by religions that are NOT Christian – Judaism and Buddhism. I have had dealings with those who are Hindu. I have worked with those who are Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox. I have even had dealings with Satanists (although I didn’t know it at the time).

Except for Satanism, none of the religions that I have had direct dealings with, were as awful as Islam.

Satanism Like Islam

It is remarkable, how similar Satanism is to Islam. And yes, Satanism is a disease, too.

Any devotee of a religious group that does not truly follow Jesus Christ – as He is described in the Bible – is going to suffer for eternity, when they die. I wish that I could say that everyone will go to heaven, but it’s just not true. Only true followers of Jesus Christ will make it to heaven.

This means that followers of Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism… and all the other -isms… will go to Hell.

But, there is a difference between those religions and Islam. As bad as they are, they are nothing like Islam. Islam is the vilest, most evil religion on the planet, except for Satanism, itself.

Every kind of atrocity is permitted and encouraged under Islam, if it is for the benefit of Islam. The murder and savagery of Islam is beyond my ability to describe without resorting to expletives. And, the neighborhood that I lived in, in Israel, was surrounded by Muslim neighborhoods.

Islam – The Death Cult

And no, I do not wish ill upon the Arabs or the Muslims. I want them to be blessed and to live good and comfortable lives. Most of all, I want them to acknowledge the truth and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. However, acknowledging the truth means understanding what Islam really is:

A Death Cult

That’s right. Islam is a death cult. They celebrate death. They revel in it. They rejoice over it. They sacrifice to it. They teach their children to serve it.

Why do you think that the most important symbol of Islam is the sword?

Genocide – Why Islam Succeeded

And no, the crescent moon is not THE great symbol of Islam. It is the sword that is the true symbol of Islam. You need to understand that – for, it is by wholesale genocide that Islam has spread.

Do you know how Egypt became Muslim?

It was originally Christian, but Islam came and massacred all the men and enslaved the women and children. THAT is how Egypt became Muslim.

It is true that Islam can spread slowly by their missionaries, but no nation on Earth has ever converted to Islam without the use of genocide.

Death and destruction has always been the way of Islam, and it still is the one and only true way of Islam. If you cannot accept that, then you have a rude awakening ahead of you.

But, I Love Muslims – Just Not Islam

Again, I do not say this out of any ill will that I might feel towards the Arabs, or any other nationality. I love the Arabs as much as I love the Jewish people, or the Taiwanese people.

The only reason why I focus on the children of Israel, is because of what God said about them, in the Bible. God loves them, so I will love them, too.

But… Islam …waaagh!

What a horrible and awful delusion, and I would love to free anyone who is caught by it. Unfortunately, freeing someone from a delusion is an extremely difficult and time-consuming process. And, that’s too long, when that person is trying to kill you.

Islam Wants You Dead

And yes, as a group, Islam is trying to kill you.

Please get this straight.

Islam. Wants. You. Dead. (or Muslim)

Now, it’s one thing for someone to want you dead. There’s a list of people that want me dead, but they live on the other side of the planet from me. So, I don’t really care that much.

The Islamic Flood

If there is an ocean between you and the person who wishes to kill you, then you’re fine. But, you’re not so fine, if that person moves in, next door.

And, that’s what is happening, right now.

Muslims are flooding into America and Europe. Thousands of them. Every day. They flooded into Australia, until the Australians said no – and said it with their navy.

No philosophy or religion has killed more people, than Islam, and they are moving into your community.

When I returned from Israel – in 2006 – I was horrified to see a mosque right outside the neighborhood where my two sisters lived. I had just left one religious war with Islam, to find that it had started yet another, in the place of my birth.

(And yes, the Arab-Israeli conflict is a religious war.)

Islam Fulfilling Prophecy

Furthermore, I believe that these Muslims that are flooding into our communities are already fulfilling this prophecy, from the mouth of Jesus:

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

 – Matthew 24:7

The word for ‘nation’ above is:



Not political entities like ‘Canada’ or ‘The United States of America’. No, ethnos means ethnic groups. These are cultural – even tribal – groups.

Islam won’t be the only ethnos causing trouble, but they are the tip of the spear – the one that has already been stabbed into us.

What Got Me Started

Okay, what pushed me into this full-fledged rant – and rave – was the following:

There is one big problem with stories about the “20 Muslim inventions that shaped the world”

Obama won’t release 27 Iraqi Christian asylum seekers held in detention here for 6 months while continuing to flood U.S. cities with unscreened Muslims from Syria and Somalia

Just in time for Hillary Clinton’s demise: “13 HOURS” – A Hollywood movie that doesn’t lie about Benghazi

Which candidate will have the guts to say “Islam, NOT Islamic terrorism, is the biggest threat facing America?”

Islam: The Politically Incorrect Truth

DONALD TRUMP attacks Hillary Clinton’s Muslim Brotherhood-linked right-hand woman, Huma Abedin

According to Obama’s BFF, Turkish President Recep Erdogan, Muslims landed on the moon in the year 1633. (How, by flying carpet?)


BRILLIANT! Former Marine dons Knights Templar costume to scare away potential Muslim terrorists from New York military recruiting center

ARIZONA: Anti-Islam activist, John Ritzheimer, reported to FBI by designated terrorist group CAIR for shooting up a quran

Jewish Holocaust survivor in UK is rescuing Christians in Iraq and Syria under threat from the Islamic State

Donald Trump condemns Barack Hussein Obama for flooding America with Syrian Muslim refugees but not allowing in any persecuted Syrian Christians

“I AM AN ISLAMOPHOBE.” And d–n proud of it.

You know those Islamic ‘NO GO ZONES’ in Europe that the media try to deny exist….

Saudi Prince will use part of his $32 billion fortune to spread propaganda about Islam throughout America

GREAT NEWS! More Britons now see all Muslims, NOT just radical/extremist Muslims, as a threat to the UK

Virtually any immigrant from any country is far better than any Muslim immigrant from anywhere

GOOD FOR HUNGARY for building a 13-foot barrier fence to keep out the Muslim illegal aliens invading from Kosovo, Albania, and even Africa

Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy compares Islam to the plague

Designated Terrorist Group CAIR asks President of China to end denial of religious freedom for Uighur Muslims

With new book, “ALLY,” former Israeli Ambassador to U.S., Michael Oren, lifts the ‘veil’ on U.S.-Israeli relations

Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra jihadists’ mass killing on Druze population in Syria could spur retaliation by Israel

Ex-Muslim turned anti-Islam activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali advises Canada to maintain active surveillance of all mosques and Islamic schools

ARMAGEDDON? What unrestricted Muslim immigration means for the future for Europe – Happening Now

Al-Qaida not a fringe opinion among Muslims, speaker claims

Violent backlash against Sweden’s policy of flooding the country with dangerous Muslim invaders

Designated Terrorist Group CAIR Leader arrested in Florida paedophile sex gang sting

MUSLIM TERRORISTS are not the biggest threat to Western societies, regular Muslims are

British Loudmouth Islamist Anjem Choudary Arrested for Supporting ISIS

Watch: A scene at ISIS slave market; ‘$500’ for green-eyed girl

U.S. State Dept. Bars Christians from Testifying about Persecution

Islamist “Justice”: Slow Painful Death for Christian Mother in Pakistan

Why Muslim Rapists Prefer Blondes: A History

Farrakhan: Blacks Must Rise Up And Kill Whites. Calls For 10,000 Black Muslim Men To ‘Retaliate”

Arabic: Most Common Language of Refugees in America

FBI: Middle Eastern Men Intimidating U.S. Military Families In Colorado & Wyoming « CBS Denver

Farrakhan calls for the stalking and killing of whites

Louis Farrakhan Urges Black Community To “Rise Up And Kill Those Who Kill Us” | Zero Hedge

The Planned Sharia Law Invasion of the United States and Western Europe | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner

Yeah. All that. Really upsetting, but nothing that I didn’t generally already know. But, like I said – generally. The above ‘specifics’ are horrifying.

Bare Naked Islam

Most of the above comes from Bare Naked Islam. You will see that I have added them to my BLOGROLL. I’ve been reading her stuff, pretty much since she first started publishing material.

And yes, it is a woman – Bonni – who runs the site. She’s a bit over-the-top. But then again… it’s all true. I wish that it wasn’t.

Vengeance Is The Business Of God – Not Us

My biggest difference with Bonni, is that she advocates violence against Muslims. I do not.

Please, let me make this absolutely clear:

I am against violence – of any kind – except in self-defense.

If you harm a Muslim, for any reason other than a direct threat made by that person to someone’s safety… you are wrong …and you will stand accused by God, in the life to come. The way of violence is not the way of Christ.

Remember what the Lord said:

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

 – Romans 12:19

And, I suspect that the Muslims are a part of God’s plan to avenge Himself upon Europe and America. Their sins are great, and therefore they deserve what is coming.

Please get out of the way of God’s vengeance.

Okay, so let’s turn to other storm clouds that lie upon the horizon.

The Coming Of Gog And Magog

This one caught my attention, just this morning:

Exclusive: Quds Force commander Soleimani visited Moscow, met Russian leaders in defiance of sanctions

I find it fascinating that no one translates ‘Quds Force’. Whenever you see the word ‘Quds’, remember that is Arabic for Jerusalem. The top special forces organization in Iran is ‘Quds Force’.

All of the special operations… all of the terrorism… all of Hezbollah’s activies… come under this ‘Jerusalem Force’. And, the fact that the commander of ‘Jerusalem Force’ went directly to Moscow – and nowhere else – should tell you about what is coming:

Gog and Magog

Please tread carefully. Prophecy is being unveiled before our eyes.

How The New World Order Will Take Over

Here’s a fascinating article that I caught on ZeroHedge:

They Live, We Sleep: A Dictatorship Disguised As A Democracy

THIS is how they are taking over. Alex Jones – and also Tom Woods – talked a bit about that, here:

Operation Chaos – YouTube

Agenda 21: We’re Being Conquered By Banks, Not Tanks

The Reign of Terror and the French Revolution

(Please tell SGTReport
to stop supporting Islam,
by attacking Israel.

And, they’re going to get their way, because…

Fear of Terror Makes People Stupid

September 2015

This article is unsettling, and more pointers to Martin Armstrong’s predictions:

September 2015. Everything that points toward that month.

I don’t agree with everything in that article, but it does offer some food-for-thought.

Why God Must Stop Us NOW

This one tells me that God really needs to destroy us, before we destroy HIS Creation:

‘Gene drive’: Scientists sound alarm over supercharged GM organisms which could spread in the wild and cause environmental disasters

The True Nature Of The Environmental Movement

If you don’t think that the ‘Green’ Movement isn’t a murderous, genocidal group, run by psychopaths… well …look no further than:

Hitler’s Green Killing Machine

And, Hitler is just one of MANY examples.

Some More Interesting Stuff

Here are a few more articles, before I get into the ‘main ones’:

The Pope Is Going to Tell You What Lies In Your Future and You Better Listen | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

Joe Bastardi: All This for .01 Degrees Celsius? — The Patriot Post

Cash-Strapped Saudi Arabia Hopes To Continue War Against Shale With Fed’s Blessing

If Spending Is Our Military Strategy, Our Strategy Is Bankrupt

Presenting Jeremy Grantham’s “10 Topics To Ruin Your Summer”


Please pay attention to China:

China’s 1929 Moment

Chinese Economy Crashes To 2-Year Low; China Stocks Plunge, Asian Stocks Test 2015 Lows

Chinese shares are falling, but the real fear is that the economy itself is slowing

I don’t know what role China will play in these Last Days, but a billion industrious people are worth paying attention to.

Egypt – Isaiah 19 In Progress

It looks more and more like el-Sisi is the fierce king of Isaiah 19:

Sisi’s Regime Is a Gift to the Islamic State

This will not end well, for the Egyptians.


If America isn’t The Beast, then Europe most certainly IS. So, please pay attention to what she does:

Schäuble wants Brussels to Tax Directly – Good Night Europe

French Elite Say Either Germany Leaves the Euro or Economic Chaos is their Fate

Greek Cyber Crime Unit To Investigate Varoufakis’ Secret Drachma Plan

Varoufakis Tells All: Tsipras Was “Dispirited” With “No” Vote, Referendum Was Meant As “Exit Strategy”

I really feel sorry for the Greeks. I really do.

Just Plain Evil

What is happening with abortion sickens me. Worse, we have invited God’s judgment upon us.

Fifth Planned Parenthood video turns to ‘intact’ fetuses | TheHill

Satanic Cult Used Profits From Baphomet Statue Unveiling To Fight Anti-Abortion Efforts

Senate Democrats block effort to defund Planned Parenthood

Bobby Jindal Cuts Off Funding For Planned Parenthood, And Says That “Planned Parenthood does not represent the values of the people of Louisiana and shows a fundamental disrespect for human life” – Walid Shoebat

Dave Daubenmire — An Open Letter to America’s Pastors

Franklin Graham launches into Harry Reid

How Planned Parenthood Could Shut Down the Government

(sigh) It’s really hard to publish links to a site that is so anti-semitic.

Inspections Catch Florida Planned Parenthood Clinics Illegally Doing 2nd Trimester Abortions

Protest Planned Parenthood

Unfortunately, the murder of unborn children isn’t the only evil that America is up to. America is also aggressively advocating homosexuality:

Meet Vietnam’s Gay Power Couple: U.S. Ambassador and His Husband

Of course, America isn’t the only one…

LGBT rights: Anti-terror orders should be used against Christian teachers who say same-sex marriage is wrong, says Tory MP

And, here’s a bit more evil, just in case you haven’t had enough:

Clinton aide may have ‘delivered favors’ for friends, IG finds

Government Seizes Vehicles Worth $1 Million; Brings No Charges, Keeps The Cars

FBI says that citizens should have no secrets that the government can’t access: the Orwellian cyber police state has arrived

FEDS Are Now Coming After Preppers – YouTube

Hillary Clinton’s Mega-Donors Are Also Funding Jeb Bush

The Willful Ignorance Of Fascist Tyranny: Germany 1937- America 2015

This Is America’s Worst Nightmare

And, I’m afraid that the following should put a chill in all of us:

MUST WATCH: The FRIGHTENING Overt & Covert Intimidation of Brandy Vaughan, A Vaccine Whistleblower

Ezekiel’s Fire

This bit directly reminded me of Ezekiel’s Fire:

The Sun and Earthquakes

This link between the Sun and Earthquakes is important, and is why the prophecy of Ezekiel’s Fire features BOTH.

Financial Collapse

Oh, and September/October. Financial collapse has already begun, but it’s going to accelerate as we get closer and closer to the beginning of October:

“Something Has To Give”: Wall Street Finally Noticed The Epic Divergence Between Stocks And Commodities

“The Worldwide Credit Boom Is Over, Now Comes The Tidal Wave Of Global Deflation”

11 Red Flag Events That Just Happened As We Enter The Pivotal Month Of August 2015

Asia-Europe container freight rates fell 22.8% last week, Transport

Chart Of The Day – Americans Are Not Happy

Crashing: Apple, Twitter, Oil, Commodities, Greek Stocks, Chinese Stocks

Vicious Out of Control Downturn Coming-Chris Martenson

(the above is an EXCELLENT discussion!)

France Paying Informants to Confiscate Wealth

Misery deepens for those in Puerto Rico who can’t leave

Oil & BIG BANG – the Government Funding Crisis on a Global Scale

Six Warning Signs That The Economy Is In Trouble

Something Just Snapped: Container Freight Rates From Asia To Europe Crash 23% In One Week

The Next Two Months | Armstrong Economics

The Risk of Real Estate – Forget Derivative & Fiat

Gold, Commodities And The $2.7 Trillion Problem As Mutual Fund Cash Levels Hit An All-Time Low

If you have money in the bank… well …I would take out as much as I could, and buy…

Gold And Silver

If we aren’t at a bottom in the price of gold and silver, we are close:


Some Clear Thinking About The Price Of Gold

Gold is on sale. Please do not miss out on this opportunity to preserve what God has asked you to be responsible for.

Iran – Gog And Magog

Iran (aka, Persia) is the easiest-to-identify participant in the grand army put together by Gog and Magog. So, when you see Iran in the news, pay attention:

Barack Obama admits Iran nuclear deal will mean more money for terror groups

Iran: U.S. Banned from Knowing Details of Iran Nuclear Inspection Agreement

(um… Have we gone INSANE!?!?!?)

Iran publishes book on how to outwit US and destroy Israel

VIDEO=> OBAMA: Iran Will Use Sanctions Relief Money to Fund Terrorism

Obama admits some unfrozen Iran cash will fund terror

P5+1 Nations Press Senate Democrats to Support Iran Deal

Jackie Mason: NYC restaurants subject to tougher inspections than Iran under nuclear deal

Dramatic Footage Of Saudi Tanks Invading Yemen

That last one is also important. Iran was the one that funded and supported the Houthis in Yemen. This is a proxy war between Iran and the Gulf Arabs. How this plays out will affect all of us.


The events in Syria are rushing towards the fulfillment of Isaiah 17, which is a big reason for why I am paying attention to Syria. The other reason is that the main players in the coming of Gog and Magog are also involved:

Britain’s secret ties to governments, firms behind ISIS oil sales

Why Turkey’s “ISIS-Free Zone” Is The Most Ridiculous US Foreign Policy Outcome In History

(By the way, did you know that the Kurds are the Assyrians?)

Russia Ready To Send Paratroopers To Syria

US Allows Ally Turkey to Bomb Only Group Effectively Fighting ISIS

US, Turkey To Form Anti-ISIS “Coalition” With Saudi Arabia, Qatar

(riiiight, pull the other one!)


Of course the main player in Ezekiel’s Fire is Israel. It is the center of the world in God’s eyes. After all, Jerusalem is His footstool:

The Ayatollah’s Plan for Israel and Palestine

IDF calling up hundreds of thousands for emergency-readiness war drills

Senior defense source: IDF preparing for possible covert Iranian nuclear production


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.

 – Psalm 122:6


My personal belief is that Russia is the Gog of Gog and Magog. But, I am not 100% sure of that (no one really CAN be). Right now, Russia fits the parameters for the fulfillment of Ezekiel’s Fire, which is why I pay attention to Russia:

“It May Come To A Military Coup”: Ukraine’s “Nazis” Threaten To Overthrow Government

Obama’s Goals For Middle East Hinge On Putin

Paul Craig Roberts – We Are In Scary Times As The Russians Won’t Comply And The Risk Of World War Is Rising

The Middle East Nuclear Power Play No One Is Talking About

Monsters Of Ukraine: Made In The USA

Oil and gas crunch pushes Russia closer to fiscal crisis

The $42 Billion Debt Trap That Putin Has Three Years to Escape

That last one is interesting. This might mean that Gog and Magog will come down within three years – partly, because of that ‘Debt Trap’.

Preparation And Relocation

Here are a couple more articles that touch on prepping and relocating.

Desperate Cashless Greeks Are Now BARTERING (And Americans Should Pay Attention)

Reflections on the Decline of American Empire — Morris Berman

That last one is interesting, but might not be for everyone.

Blocking Porn!

I really wish that they would do this in the US. I really do:

Porn block in India: hundreds of sexual websites banned, internet outraged

Unfortunately, I guess that India is a better nation than the US. What an awful thought.

Trump To Be President?

Oh, and if you are looking for someone to vote for, for president…

Deez Nuts is running for president

Minnesota Poll: Hillary Clinton Has Three Times The Net Unfavorability of ‘Deez Nuts’

Would Bill Be a Sexy First Lady?

That last one gives me a bit of heart. I’m not sure how much Trump’s win will change things. But, at least we’ll feel a little better about ourselves, as everything falls apart.

John Little State Park!

And then…

John Little State Natural Reserve

I heard that state parks in California are under threat, and there’s a special place in my heart for the John Little State Natural Reserve. I’m not THAT John Little, but it has my name on it… so…

That’s All, For Now

Okay, I want to stop here. Typhoon Soudelor is at our doorstep, and I want to get this off before she finally arrives.

If I had popcorn, I’d make some. I love a really big storm and Soudelor is as big as they get.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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81 thoughts on “Storm Warning”

  1. Thanks for having the courage to speak the truth, brother!

    As of this typing, the DOW here in the states have dropped 900 points since peaking.. Back in 2008, similar pattern happened. The DOW dropped by 700 points in August 2008, and we all know what happened after that..

    We are expecting the Pope this September in the East Coast.. I am scared what it is that he is going to announce to the world..

    I was born in the Philippines.. You’re right about Mindanao. Small population of muslims, yet they have been wreaking havoc in the country for decades.

    Then there’s the sun.. I’ve been reading on ‘secular’ reports regarding the sun’s activities, and it’s in line with Ezekiel’s fire..

    Scary, scary, scary.. I’b be lying if I said I’m not scared. I am.. (And I’m a former US Army Paratrooper.)

    But the great news.. The best news EVER, is that there is a GOD.. And that His Son Jesus Christ will save us.. I just wish more people would receive Him..

    Stay safe,John, and keep doing God’s work!

  2. John, this really is quite a comprehensive list, the article is well written and contains a lot of information. Unfortunately only those of us who are aware will read it, the sheeple will not, they will insist that all is well, even up to the gates of concentration camps. For all intents and purposes the USA no longer exists, only in history books, a sad scenario this is.

  3. It’s really interesting to see you lambaste Islam for their atrocities over the centuries yet you make no mention of comparable, if not worse, atrocities committed in the name of Jesus Christ!!!!! Why is it that your thinking can be so obviously prejudiced on this issue? What, you’ve never heard of the atrocities committed by “Christians” during the Crusades? Do you know what went on in the name of Christ during the Inquisitions? A little more balance to your views on the evil commited in the name of ALL religions over the millennia would go a long way to show you are not as prejudicial as you obviously are at this point.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Sorry, but you have your facts wrong. As bad as the Catholics were, the Muslims were worse. You really have no knowledge of history. Please remedy this problem, before it is too late.

      Those who do not know history, are doomed to repeat the mistakes of history.

      I had to delete your previous comment because it was so full of lies, that I just couldn’t address them all in the comment section.

      I fear for you, Jeff. You have taken the lies of this world as truth, and this will end in desperation for you.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. I always enjoy your news letter—-very informative.
    One more website you may want to include is
    Rick wiles is a great pastor and journalist and uses the same sites you do
    And does interviews with many interesting people.
    Also you might want to check out Dr. hovind’s utubes—he is the creation
    expert that spent nine years in jail. His latest utube on eschatology is fascinating
    as he developed it in prison while he was teaching the bible to fellow prisoners

    • Hi Jane matwijecky

      I love Rick, and was a supporter of his. But he has chosen to resist the work of God in Israel. I – and many others – have tried to warn him about the path that he has taken, but he has rebuffed our attempts.

      My hope is that Rick will see the truth before it is too late. Otherwise, I fear that his ministry will be pushed aside by God.

      Thank you, Jane!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  5. Wow John….again! Your articles always provide so much to chew on. Clearly you are a prolific reader, much more so than I am. Although I have seen most if not all the articles you link to and have read some of them.
    It does feel right now like the calm before the storm. The loud chatter regarding Jade Helm has gone quiet. Some are still in expectation for September/October, but others feel it is all hype. Nothing to see here. Personally I would not count on the last months of this year with no big events. It is very risky to get distracted and lulled into a sense of false security now. As you have so well pointed out, the world in general is falling apart and full of evil. The west in particular. If evil is cancer, we are a body which is full of it. If events of the day are not signs of the Lords soon return the earth itself will be destroyed. What is going on, the nightmare to which we are being led is not going away. Judgement is coming. It is deserved. Syria appears now to be entering the next phase of its destruction with U.S. bombing runs being conducted inside that country. It is incredible that Russia appears to be so much more moral than the west but is being drawn into a conflict they would rather not have. Like yourself, I am not convinced Russia is part of the Gog, magog alliance. I hope not!
    George H.W. Bush said there will be a new world order. No escaping it. The rise of this beast and its leader will bring persecution on the Lords own the likes of which has never been seen. The Great Tribulation. As the word says Revelation 13:7-8 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.
    The challenge is presented: Revelation 13:4 And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?
    This is the point at which I want to jump up and loudly cheer, because One appears to answer this challenge:
    Revelation 19:11-16 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.
    In other words, quietly prepare for what is coming. And who is coming. Fear not.

  6. I like your commentary but your site uses grey type on a white background and it makes my eyes bleed. Why not use black type and use colors for headings, etc.

  7. Hi John, I pray you and your loved ones are safe. I am unemployed and have been since 2008 when our Police dept. was disbanded. God has provided somehow someway, if you are in need if that storms causes problems, please let me know and i will get you what you need, somehow someway!! Peace

  8. I do agree that I have the right to defend myself, and I hope that I NEVER have to take a human life, but it has been shown numerous times in the Bible that God has used man as a tool of His vegeance, along with His Divine Power, this is the first time that I’ve seen your blog/article, it was on Steve Quayles website, keep up the Good Work and God Bless

  9. I really do miss your articles. You know the ones that a normal person can read and follow with out endless links to other articles. I’m sure I’ll be blasted by others, but I find all of these “blue” links absolutely annoying. There is no way to follow your thoughts as you jump from article to article written by others. Please stop writing like that and go back to your wonderful articles that had meaning and insight without all of the distractions. I also miss your audio reading of your old articles. (like the one of the lady searching for a new country to live)

    • Hi chris,

      I understand.

      I wish that I had permission from God to go back to that. Unfortunately, Ezekiel’s Fire has become more important than Omega Shock, and I am unhappy with the slow progress that I am making in getting Ezekiel’s Fire ready for publication.

      Unfortunately, I must include as many links as possible, to give people the opportunity to do their own research.

      You honor me greatly with this comment, Chris – and I appreciate it.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  10. John Little,
    Thank you for your service to western civilization…
    One fact, that shores up your entire argument, that;
    Here in the west we are deceived by the ‘Doctrine’ of Taqiyya.
    What is that?
    A tenant of Islam, that Islam is war, and war is the Way of Deception, Taqiyya means deception. So they play our little PC games very well… pretending to be victims and gaining sympathy.
    Finally, we are deceived by the very name ‘ISLAM’… we are told it means PEACE or SUBMISSION. But, it can only be properly translated by going to the original Arabic.
    In Arabic, ISLAM means;
    “There will be PEACE, when all the world SUBMITS to the will of allah.”
    (Little ‘a’ in allah deliberate, because I know who allah is.)

    There can be only ONE WAY to interpret this.

    Blessings on your house, and good luck in the storm… 😉

  11. Thanks for all the research and prayer you do to prepare your weekly report. Could you add pinterest to your list of sites for sharing? More people need to read your truth.

  12. After years. of attempting to wake up and warn the sheeple, including most members of my family, I have all but given up. At least I will not have their blood on my hands, as they sleep walk, lock step, over the cliff.
    I blame that pre-trib rapture teaching for the most part, as that ‘I’ll fly away’ stupidity has a large portion of the Church asleep in the pews:
    Isa 8:20 To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them. 8:21 They will pass through it hard pressed and hungry; and it shall happen, when they are hungry, that they will be enraged and curse their king and their God, and look upward. 8:22 Then they will look to the earth, and see trouble and darkness, gloom of anguish; and they will be driven into darkness.

    Also see:

  13. God Bless you Brother!

    lately I have been have a remorseful heart to a heart that is glad in the glory of the Lord.

    its like seeing a tidal wave of death coming and I am yelling at the top of my lungs to get people to start running for high ground, run to the Lord for eternal safety.

    yet my words are drowned out because those I am pleading for are blind or deaf or the combination of both.

    we all deserve to be punished by a holy and perfect God, but their is hope because JESUS came to die for us, he loves us dearly , a love that I will never be able to comprehend because in all reality I am not a smart guy, I would say on intelligence levels, I am maybe the bottom 2% of the barrel.

    That being said, It boggles my mind at the truth found in the Bible which is the 100% word of GOD which he proves through Prophecy ! and Men far smarter than I will debate me using ill gotten tactics, instead of using a sound mind of reason, they attack my logic as a child does, with attacks and absurdities.

    Its amazing that some of the people I want to point to Christ are amazing smart individuals, My own Brother is an intelligence office for the Marines who also does work for the CIA, he is still Muslim and that scares me. Someone of his level of intelligence who is paid for being able to find evidence in everything that he does, cannot see the Decades upon centuries of evidence that proves the BIBLE to be true.

    Sometimes I wonder why Jesus decided to reveal himself to me.

    I was a Chieftan among sinner’s yet the lord felt pity on me and decided to pick up the Garbage labeled Shehab.

    and now I am just sad for those who don’t have JESUS , feeling the presence of JESUS come over you even when you are asleep,

    having the holy spirit surround you and you come to extreme Joy that you Cry tears of love to the LORD.

    Oh my LORD its Amazing to experience that love of the Holy Spirit, truly as JESUS stated, that is the comforter. for when the Comforter descends upon you, it is as if Heaven itself descended upon you and you can feel the splendor of the LORD at arms reach !

    The holy Spirit is SOOO powerful that its what I long for everyday of my life ! .

    and so I have come to the thinking that when people burn in Hell, its actually the presence of the Lord that is burning them, and its their own sins that they are confronted with because in the presence of the Lord it is like a burning furnace .

    That is why those of us who accept JESUS will be given bodies of Christ, That is the only way we can handle being around JESUS, we have to be made in his image in order to be near him.

    Those that deny him will be confronted by him when he returns, and since they are not apart of the body of Christ, they will suffer eternal torement because his presence will be surrounding them.

    People must understand that we have eternal souls made from the Father in Heaven, and when he returns he is coming to take back his own as well as cut off the chaff that needs to be cast aside for their iniquities.

    I can go , on and on about this, and I want to thank you again Brother John because your site is one of the few places I feel welcome at.

    I have been put under some trials that the Lord wants to see me thru and I seek to please him and Glorify his name in all that I do.

    God bless you Brother and may the LORD watch over you during the storm.


  14. I hope you enjoyed the storm! It is exciting. I know the storm you are speaking of in the US, will be challenging. I can’t prescribe to the thought that is all over. Have you heard Carly Fiorina speak?! We have hope!!! God is clearly providing moral and clear speaking leadership for America. We can still vote. We can still hope.

    Let the storms come, and the corrupt foundations of our country be cleared away to make room for a foundation of righteousness. The Lord and His purified remnant will pass through the storm and gather in the sheaves. His light will prevail through the gross darkness and His people will rejoice in His saving hand.

    • Hi sarah,

      I like the idea of someone like Carly as President. Unfortunately, she is a part of The Establishment. If she should make it in as President, she will be hobbled – just as Reagan was hobbled, when they forced him to accept Bush as his VP.

      I too have a secret hope that someone will stand up and make a change. But, that hope will remain a ‘secret’, until I see true repentance sweep through our churches. We have sinned against GOD, and therefore we will reap His just wrath.

      Thank you, Sarah. Excellent comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  15. Interesting that you foundmost of those articles about the true face of Islam at Bare Naked Islam
    Steve Quayle is my first go to site for news but its limited.
    I sent this article to him 4 times, something Christians need to hear more than many of the stories he carries, but he wouldn’t touch it.
    Its sad, don’t pat him on the back too much, he could use a rebuke from someone he listens to?

    • Hi Marcel,

      Don’t be too hard on Steve. There is a limit to how many articles that he can publish each day, and he has a certain message that he believes to be most important. He has declined to publish several of my articles, and I completely understand why. I would probably do the same, if I saw what he sees.

      We all have specific areas of expertise, where we see certain things that are important. None of us have the whole picture, so I which is why I respect his judgment – even though his focus is a little different than mine.

      I will always be grateful to Steve Quayle for the opportunity that he has given me to spread the message that God has laid upon my heart. At the same time, I have noticed that his message has changed – as others like yourself show him elements that he hasn’t considered before.

      It is good to see your articles appear on, and I hope to see more of them. Steve is waking up to the importance of Israel, even though his focus is an area of Bible prophecy that few of us really ‘get’.

      For the rest of you, go to Marcel’s website, here:

      Keep up the good work, Marcel. God bless you, brother!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      PS. Your comment was a reminder to put you on the BLOGROLL.

  16. God provides watchmen like you with messages from a variety of places but you allow the NWO to have brainwashed you … mostly through many many little hypnosis’s coming out of “the stupid box.” So … He’ll repeat Himself !!!!

    God would’ve saved Sodom for tens sake ! How many more than ten good true Christians are in America NOW ? GOD … separated “ethnos” – as you say – by borders and oceans. He even calls His people ( The Jews, ) to gather. HE formed America from WHITE CHRISTIANS ( for crying out loud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , ) to help Israel. Yes, He loves us all. No He doesn’t want us to adopt the NWO’s “multi culti ” ruined version of America ( where everyone and every religion is supposedly equal, ) and sit back like idiots while we’re force invaded. ( For crying out loud !!!!!! )

    He wants us to SECEDE. Not all nations will cave to the antichrist and surely The New Confederate States, ( = to the Alamo on a global scale, ) will NOT cave !!! Get over the instilled fear of being called a name that ends in “ist” and get off The Titanic and onto one of the life boats. ITS GODS WILL !!!!!

    All blacks browns muslims gays libtards and men in womens bodies, ( eg., women doing mens jobs like representative judge police etc., ) in 3 newly created republics. One for Christians of all races. Two for everyone else. All white Christian patriots in an enlarged 15 state version of The Confederate States Of America. This is as close as you can come to loving everyone, ( no one has to be deported, ) and to “pleasing all the people all the time.”

    Take your rebuttal to God in prayer. HE … wants to talk to you! See : Vdare and Leagueofthesouth.

    Thank you sir.

  17. Hi John

    You are without a doubt THE most gifted writer and anointed watchman that I have found (and I’ve spent thousands of hours searching for the TRUTH in all things.) Your ongoing analysis and insights are nothing short of brilliant. Steve Quayle’s comment about your article today is SPOT ON. I’m sure you’ve seen it 🙂


    May the Lord bless you and protect you as the storm engulfs the world.

    • Hi Jen G,

      Thank you so much for that. God bless you for that warm regard.

      However, I know that there are many like myself – that are ready to take my place, should I fall. This is the beauty of God’s Kingdom, and why Satan will fail.

      The day will come when someone will take my place. God will give that man or woman what He has given me, and the words will flow across the page – as they flow here. All that I have is a gift from God, and I am blessed to have been able to use this gift.

      But, I rejoice in the compliment that you have given me. The gifts of God come with much tribulation, and your words are an extra bit of wind beneath my wings.

      God bless you, Jen. You also have your part in this great effort.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  18. i live in Manila. It was hot and sunny yesterday. Today is totally different with light showers this afternoon as typhoon Soudelor far up north in Taiwan pulls the Monsoon rains from the South China Sea.

  19. I heard the number for Muslims was 15% or 17% of the population then they start demanding Sharia law. Whatever, I believe it was higher than 10%.

    10% of Muslims starts something else and works up.

  20. Nice to know that someone else in the world is actually on top of things and awake and not just some sensationalist trying to grab headlines.

    I see Muhammad as the “false prophet” and Islam is the beast that rises out of the sea. Yes, we better be afraid, very afraid. Just pick up a quran if you have any doubt. Muhammad was a terrorist in every sense of the word and prophecy is occurring exactly as the bible says.

    People tend to dismiss bible prophecy as metaphors, but take a closer look. Everything is right there, in black and white, written thousands of years ago. Simply Amazing.

    Thank you for your insight John Little 😉

  21. Pingback: Intelwa
    • Hi Joe,

      Planet X/Nibiru is out of my area of expertise. I also haven’t seen indication of its presence in the Bible, except for references to ‘Wormwood’.

      This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. But, I have no background to comment on it.

      Sorry for such a ‘wishy washy’ answer, but I don’t really have a better one.

      Thank you, Joe.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  22. I look forward to receiving your Shock Letter every Friday. There are two main reasons I love it:

    1. You connect today’s news and events to scriptural prophecy (which I really need to learn since I am Catholic and I NEVER hear or learn anything at my church about it.)

    2. You make me laugh! Yes, your comical comments sprinkled throughout your letter give me comic relief admid the torrent of mind-blowing insanity and evil of our world.

    Thank you for helping your readers stay informed in a manner that helps preserve our sense of humor as we witness and live through the absurdities/horrors of a world gone mad!


  23. Shalom John,

    speaking of the coming storm, are you guys OK? I hope you are safe and well in the aftermath of the typhoon that hit Taiwan.

    Shalom u’vracha.


      • I don’t follow Rick Warren, but when you say he’s really, really bad and then don’t give why it makes me super curious! details in case someone I meet just loves him?

        Also, will you put Ezekiel’s Fire on amazon kindle?

        • Hi Jess,

          Actually, there’s only one word that you need to know, in association with Rick Warren:


          There are a number of other abominations that Rick is involved in, but that’s the easiest to talk about.

          In terms of “Ezekiel’s Fire”, once I’ve dotted all the eyz and crossed all the teez, I do plan to put it up on Amazon for the lowest price that they will allow. John Price did that, so I plan to follow his example.

          Once that happens, you’ll need to be praying for my poor wife, who will be translating it into Chinese.

          Thank you, Jess!

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  24. John,

    Praying for you, your wife and family and all of Taiwan. So grateful for your articles, always informative. Posted the first two paragraphs on EZC with link, my prayer being many come and read.

    God is indeed upset with America she is been turning her back on Israel for decades, and suffered immense financial devastation, but never seems to learn. The Persia deal defies all logic, but God is the keeper of Israel. He always has been and always will be. Have never been blessed to visit, but look forward to the day when we are all there together. Hallelujah!

    In Christ,

  25. Yes,thank God that he is there and faithfully doing what he does day after day,for so many years now.I started listening when he was with Lester Sumerall’s WHR and Steve Melching was producing the show.

    None of us are perfect and we need to love one another even if we don’t quite agree.
    Thanks for the encouragement and keep up the great work. We’re on the last lap of this race brother Blessings and some more to you and yours.
    PS, My sister in law is from Shanghai.
    I don’t think too many are going to like the latest message;

    • Hi Marcel,

      THAT is an excellent article, brother. I’m adding it to my ‘Israel’ section. And the picture of Arafat is priceless.

      Unfortunately, I also know about Reagan’s saving of Arafat. And, Rabin doubled down on that heinous error by bringing that… that… person-of-uncertain-parentage into the Land of Israel.

      Keep up the good work, Marcel!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  26. Hello John, Thank you for a very informative article, this is my first visit to your site and I cannot even remember how I found it but I am so glad I did. God revealed Himself to me two years ago and I have not looked back since. I too have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I am no longer a sheeple because finding God opens your eyes to what this current system in the world is all about. Comprehending what is coming can be difficult and being a widow I have full responsibility for my three children, I do trust in our Lord but I also know He would want me to be prepared, I now live in beautiful Scotland in the UK, God moved me to leave Dover last year which is close to London. I know He did this for a reason, just not sure for what reason as yet but time will tell. May God continue to bless you and your family, and thank you again for your hard work.

  27. OK, Jade Helm has been live for awhile now. If it is as nefarious as all the screaming would indicate, you’d think it would be more obvious…. perhaps its purpose is just to position things for a future event. I agree that a crash of some kind is inevitable and the govt will have to respond somehow, but this is beginning to look like all the screaming about ebola, and about the dock strikes on the west coast. Dave Hodges is said to do such good research, but he has cried wolf so many times that I am beginning to wonder, and beginning to wonder about all his readers that overlook this time and time again and just keep swallowing the next round of hysteria. When the dock strikes were going on, he was saying how he cannot understand how people cannot see that life as we know it will grind to a halt and erupt in chaos within a few days due to the strikes. I read all this and never did see any disruption in anything in my part of the country. Hindsight is 20/20, but so few seem to use it to discern the accuracy of attempted logical projections let alone “inspired prophecy”. If they are wrong over and over and over again, why does anyone listen to them? But they do. Armstrong is a different case. He has been right over and over and over again, and while he is human and not infallible, he is pretty darn good and worth following. I can’t say that about the others. Just venting here, getting a bit frustrated. If Dave doesn’t understand why more people don’t believe him, maybe it’s because I at least have yet to see any of his hysterical predictions come true. The train with shackles is supposedly a hoax. There is a lot of stuff out there, particularly in the doomer part of the web, that is based on hoaxes if you trace it far enough.

    This is not to say there isn’t diabolical evil at work in this world, and in the spirit world as well. And that the PTB are not utterly corrupt – they are. And I am aware of the stages in which Germany was taken over by madness. But I really wonder how many of these hysterical voices are CIA plants doing their disinformation job very well and just making the whole thing look ridiculous.

    • Hi DRG,

      I understand.

      The signal-to-noise ratio leaves much-to-be-desired, in the reporting on Jade Helm. I have always seen it as a sign of things to come, and not as big a deal, in and of itself. However, I do think that a few things have raised their ugly heads, and bear watching closely.

      We’ll see what happens. As the storm clouds gather, we are all going to get more and more ‘jumpy’. My great hope is that all the ‘doom and gloom’ in my own writing turns out to be… nothing.

      I would love that, but wishful thinking is no replacement for reality.

      Keep up the good work, DRG. Your rants are always appreciated.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  28. I can relate to what DRG saying about suspected angecy disinformation agents putting out many questionable stories.

    Re: Planet x, look up Chris White on youtube. He has video debunking it.

  29. John,

    I am currently reading Ezekiel’s Fire and the idea of dispensationalism has been coming up repeatedly in my life. The problem is, I can’t quite figure it out, even with my own research and your link to it in your book. I do not believe in a pre-trib rapture, but parts of dispensationalism seem correct. Is it possible for you to give a brief statement of what it is and why it is false? I am struggling with clarity on it.

    • Hi Jess,

      Yeah, dispensationalism has been a huge infection in the Body of Christ – even among those Christians who reject the pretrib rapture. Maybe I’ll write an appendix to Ezekiel’s Fire, on dispensationalism. Or an article, here on Omega Shock.

      But, let me see if I can get the core problem into a small space, here:

      The problem with dispensationalism is that they reject the eternal centrality of Jesus. When Jesus died on the Cross, He didn’t just die for you and me. He also died for all who came before Him. All the covenants that came before Jesus were just shadows of the one that Jesus would bring. They all – in one way or another – pointed to the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior.

      Dispensationalism essentially says that there were periods of time when Jesus wasn’t necessary, and that’s just wrong.

      Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the Alef v’Tav, the Beginning and End – and everything in between.

      I hope that helps, Jess. God bless you for searching out the truth.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  30. I believe Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 must take place before Ezekiell 38. the Holy One of Israel will win this battle for his namesake and will cause her to feel secure enough to live with unsecured walls.Ezekiel 38 will happen to her because she is living as though no one would dare attack. But against all odds once again the Holy One of Israel is victorious over all her enemies causing her to recognize the Messiah and to return to the law, thus requiring the building of the temple.

    • Hi Elena Nash,

      I think that you are right that the beginning of Isaiah 17 will come before the beginning of Ezekiel 38. In fact, Isaiah 17 has already begun.

      But, I remain uncertain about why so many claim that Psalm 83 is a prophecy. I do not see ‘prophetic words’ included in Psalm 83.

      Thank you, Elena!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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