The Hidden Hand

We face threats that are as deadly as they are incomprehensible. Life seems so normal, yet the course of the world leads right into the abyss.


This insanity comes from somewhere, a ‘somewhere’ that defies analysis until you understand that it has a religious foundation. That religion worships Lucifer, and it wants YOU.

This Luciferianism lies at the heart of the problems with Greece, our global financial collapse and the threat of world war. It concentrates power in the hands of the bankers. It creates war and conflict. It distracts you with every lust of the flesh. It convinces you that everything is normal, when it most certainly isn’t.

It is the Hidden Hand. And…

Your ignorance of Evil is no barrier to the success of Evil.


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The Hidden Hand

Did you know that Satan has a church?

Yup. He really does.

In fact, his followers sometimes meet in churches, and many even call themselves Christians. And, Satan’s churches have as many flavors as the more Christian kind. And, if you think that I’m being ‘rhetorical’, think again.

Satan is alive and well on planet Earth, and he wants his followers to go to church – his church. But, they’ll also go to YOUR church, too.

I was more than a little surprised by this, when I finally figured it out. I’m just a bit annoyed with myself that it would take me so long to see this. God’s ‘church model’ works exceptionally well, so it should not surprise us that Satan would use it too.

Yes, I know that this kind of thinking will take time to get used to. There is a part of me that is repulsed by the very thought of Satan having a ‘church’ and ‘church services’. In fact, I’m not sure that I want to know anything about such things.

Why You Must Know This

Unfortunately, such knowledge is important, if you want to dispel the ‘normalcy bias’ that clouds our thinking. Everything seems normal. Events move as they have always moved.

What could go wrong?

Well, as a recovering sufferer of this same ‘normalcy bias’, the answer is: LOTS. So, let me show you how I came to see the hidden hand that drags us towards the abyss.

My Own Story

Growing up amongst the back roads and cornfields of rural America, I lived an idyllic childhood in Indiana. We were free-range kids, without a care in the world, other than getting good grades and being home in time for dinner. The dangers were few, and the future was bright.

My parents came to Christ not long after I was born, so we had a Christian home and Godly values. We tossed out the TV and read books, stacks of books. Mom gave up her career for us, and Dad took a job in industry, instead of following his love of research.

Life was good. Difficult, but good.

We barely survived, financially. Anyone who lived through the 1970s knows exactly what I’m talking about. But, Dad worked hard, and Mom saved as much as she could.

Somewhere, somehow, Mom and Dad ran into ‘conspiracy’. Even back in the ’70s, events were incomprehensible. Something was clearly wrong, and they read books like None Dare Call It Conspiracy and The Naked Communist. Those books – and more – answered many questions, but not all of them.

Something Was Missing

Something was missing.

Fast forward more than thirty years. I’d had eight years of university, lived 15 years in the Middle East, was a few years into my marriage and living a couple of years in Taiwan. I had been brutally awakened to apocalypse just the year before, but I was missing a key part of the picture.

I didn’t really know where all the trouble was coming from.

I mean… I knew a lot. I had facts and figures down pat. I had most of the pieces of the puzzle, but I was missing something vital.

Of course, I knew that Satan was behind it all. Anyone who has spent any time with the Bible knows THAT. But, I wasn’t treating Satan very seriously. It was as if I didn’t really believe that Satan was all that bad, or all that powerful. I guess that I was treating Satan as just some really bad dude, who was fighting God and doing his best to subvert Christianity.

…and the conspiracies of the world?

To me, they were just greedy people getting together to fulfill their evil desires. Nothing more. Nothing less.

You see, I knew history, and history showed that when a conspiracy got larger than just two or three people, it had a tendency to fail. Greedy people betray each other with such stunning regularity, that it just didn’t make sense that there was a ‘grand conspiracy’ at work. And, my sense of disbelief was aided by those describing these ‘grand conspiracies’.


Because they either did not want to see the core reasons behind those conspiracies, or they just couldn’t imagine such a reason.

The vast number of books that so accurately described the evil powers that were rising to take control of our world… every one of them …neglected to mention the glue that held them all together. I knew that there needed to BE such a glue, but since no one was willing to describe the ‘force’ that held the conspiracies together… well …I wasn’t willing to pay much more than scant attention.

But, that was THEN.

My Awakening

However, after my recent awakening, I no longer had the luxury of believing in the myth of greedy men just doing what comes naturally to them. The world had accelerated its race towards annihilation while my attention was elsewhere, and  I needed to figure this out, fast.

That’s when I discovered Satan’s church, and the powerful members that make Satan’s plans work.

Yes Virginia, there really is a conspiracy.

And, it is the glue of religion that makes this conspiracy work. Satan has had thousands of years to perfect this glue, and it is a glue that I could understand. And, as I began to understand what Satan was doing, I started to see the signs of his work, everywhere.

Charting My Awakening

If you want to chart the course of my awakening to all this, you can start here:

I eventually launched Omega Shock, here:

But, HERE is where you see me ‘get it’:

Of course, there have been a lot of other ‘epiphanies’ along the way, but THOSE are the big ones. Welll… except for this:

THAT ONE is big. No, ‘big’ isn’t a large enough word. I think that if you add all these words together, you MIGHT get something big enough:

huge, vast, extensive, expansive, broad, wide; boundless, immeasurable, limitless, infinite, cosmic, gigantic, very big, very large, great, giant, massive, colossal, mammoth, immense, tremendous, mighty, stupendous, monumental, epic, prodigious, mountainous, monstrous, titanic, towering, elephantine, king-sized, king-size, gargantuan, Herculean, Brobdingnagian, substantial; hefty, bulky, weighty, heavy, gross; informalmega, monster, whopping, whopping great, thumping, thumping great, humongous, jumbo, hulking, bumper, astronomical, astronomic; whacking, whacking great, ginormous

All those words MIGHT be ‘whacking great’ enough to describe Ezekiel’s Fire. You can download the entire thing in PDF form, here:

Okay… now …where was I?

The Church Of Lucifer

Ah yes, the Church of Lucifer. You can find evidence of this church, here:

Dark Secrets : Inside Bohemian Grove Full Length

YouTube shortlink:

Of course, that’s just a tiny part of it. There’s a lot more evidence out there. A LOT more.

Lucifer In The Catholic Church

Unfortunately, some of it is even inside the Catholic Church:

The Secrets of the Jesuits (Jim Arrabito)

YouTube shortlink:

And here:

Smokescreens By Jack T Chick on Audio

YouTube shortlink:

And, I was inspired to talk about this subject, when I ran into this link:

Prof. Walter Veith: The Pope Rules the World?

The Secret Behind Secret Societies


Does the Pope rule the world?

Maybe not. I don’t know. But, he certainly does his best, and he has allied himself with Satan to try and do it. Oh and the original title of the video within the above link is:

The Secret Behind Secret Societies

I highly recommend that you watch that video, because Professor Veith lays out some important information that you should pay close attention to.

I hope that you go to church. If you do…

…Is it using one or more of the symbols that he discusses in that video?

If so, I would recommend that you find another church. And, if you are listening or paying attention to a pastor of a church that uses such symbols, please stop.

Russ Dizdar On Hagmann And Hagmann

Then, last night, I listened to this:

Russ Dizdar on the Enveloping Darkness of Evil

Some of you will not be able to stomach what you hear in that interview. Unfortunately, I believe that what he says is completely true.

You Must Understand

I understand that such evil is difficult to imagine. And, you don’t WANT to imagine it. You don’t even want to KNOW it. I get that. But, you need to understand that this evil exists and is the reason for the insanity in our world.

Furthermore, Satan doesn’t WANT you to know about this evil. He wants you sleeping peacefully, until his agents come knocking on your door, to take you away.

Ayn Rand said something profound that you need to understand:

We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

– Ayn Rand

Poor Ayn. She ignored Christ (reality), and she pays an eternal price for that.

Evil Is Coming

To put this another way:

Your ignorance of Evil is no barrier to the success of Evil.

I really hope that you get that. I really do, because we have all been too ignorant of Evil for far, far too long. God has come knocking at our door, to warn us of the Evil that is coming. And, we aren’t paying attention.

In the coming days, months and years, we will come to shake our heads at the willful ignorance that we once had. We will curse our foolishness, because we chose not to see what was obvious.

I did this.

You might be doing this too.

If so, please stop.

Evil is coming.

Are you ready?

(I normally post a current events update after my writeup.
Lord willing, I will be posting that tomorrow.)

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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49 thoughts on “The Hidden Hand”

  1. Hi John,
    Lucifer has his church, as you say, but he also operates in the nice, sociable churches many of us attend. The one restraining (2 Thessalonians chapter 2) actually refers to the effects of deception on spiritually blind believers who are unable to see that this lawless one includes all those false teachers, messiahs and apostles inside the walls of the church. Paul says the one opposing and being exalted as a god seats himself in the sanctuary of God. Some bible scholars say this is the temple in Jerusalem. But Jesus said his body was the temple of God (John 2:20-21) and Paul says the believers themselves are the sanctuary of God. (Ephesians 2:19-22; 1 Corinthians 3:9-17) Paul says these false teachers and leaders are operating “secretly,” in disguise and seated in the church, acting as gods, misleading their naïve followers who venerate them as gods. It makes no sense to suggest that those false teachers and false apostles were NOT in the church, but only in other organizations outside in the world. To suggest that wolves outside were trying to deceive the sheep from the outside is inconsistent with the warning Yeshua (Jesus) gave to his disciples – “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.” Matthew 7:15 and 10:16. Paul’s warning – ”I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock.” Acts 20:29. What chance would outsiders have for deceiving those inside who actually have their own teachers, prophets and apostles? No, the wolves operate secretly inside. They “come in among you.” They tell us – “Everything if fine. Trust us.”
    If they build a new temple in the future, so be it. But the lawless one still operates now already secretly “in the sanctuary of God” according to 2 Thessalonians 2:7.
    Shalom michael

  2. The Lord showed me once to do things in “steps and phases.” There’s not enough space here to explain the visit and the why … but it WAS Him. To “save America,” at LEAST 2/3 of the country would have to repent, and seek Him. That’s not going to happen. So … Phase 1 would be to divide the country up into say, 3 to 5 new republics AND an enlarged 15 state version of The Confederate States Of America.
    The CSA ( bible belt, ) would be for white Christian patriots. A couple of the new republics would be for Christian patriots of any color. Then a couple republics for gays and libtards. 🙂 This is actually as close as we could come to Utopia. AND as close as we could come to, “pleasing all the people all the time.” But something like this would be the ONLY way to save “what’s left of,” America before it’s too late. Steps and Phases. We have to try. We have to start somewhere.

  3. Most in the church are snoring! There are two teachings in many churches today that have helped the church to go to sleep and stay asleep. They are Once Saved Always Saved and the Pretrib rapture of the church. Neither are biblical, but deceived preachers, who stopped reading their bibles for themselves but rely on John MacArthur and Warren Wirsbe to tell them what the bible is saying, continue to pound these doctrines from the pulpit. Wake up lovers of truth and read your bible for what it says not for what you want it to say.

  4. IMOP this article is the best you have written. I have read all your articles. Your statement ” We face threats that are as deadly as they are incomprehensible. Life seems so NORMAL, YET the course of the world leads right into the abyss,” rings so true. If your caught up into the world you think all is normal when in reality its not. Must be why Jesus told us to be no part of the World.

    Thanks John

    I always enjoy your articles.

  5. believers might be few
    not more than deaf and blinds
    but we r ready to face with it by the God’s help on time of course

  6. I know that the seventh day Adventist think the Catholic Church is the whore of Revelations. I don’t know about that. God always maintains a remnant. Visionaries in the Catholic Church have been saying for centuries that there would be an “anti-pope” and that the true church would have to go underground. They also say that the luminati has infilterated the church at high levels.

    My own experience in the church is that the sacrament of confession has a weight and effectiveness that I have not experienced anywhere else on a regular basis. There is something that God honors about going to the priest and honestly confessing our sins. I just know that to be true from my own experience. Yes, there are some grumpy and harsh priests, that I would rather not confess my sins to again, but even then, I would have a dream or a experience that would let me know that the Holy Spirit was working in me and had heard my heart.

    • Hi sarah,

      I wish that I could agree with you. I really do. But, I cannot. There is far too much evidence indicating that the Roman Catholic church is the Woman who rides The Beast. Worse, if she is not, then she is a part of The Beast, itself.

      Either way, you MUST leave the Roman Catholic Church. This is a command by God. It doesn’t matter what you feel, what matters is who God is. What matters is TRUTH.

      Please read your Bible. Read it enough, and you will notice that what your priest says is not what the Bible says. The Bible contains the precious words of God, that He wants YOU to know – and lay up in your heart.

      And, ask God Himself. He WILL guide you, if you ask Him.

      May the Lord guide you, Sarah.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. God Bless you Brother John,

    Judgment is coming to America today on 6/26 the supreme court ruled on Gay marriage :

    May God have mercy on our souls , I am scared for soooo many people who don’t have JESUS!!!

    Right now its official , this ruling is an Attack on the Church, we will see a few things happen en masse now. the Great falling away has been kicked into high gear now.

    What happens after the great falling away , that is when the son of perdition is revealed, and all the satan worshippers in DC are trying to help in every shape way and form !!!.

    Now we will see who the real men of GOD are !!! Lukewarm will no longer be an option during these days !

    We will see who the pastors are that agree to this ruling and allow gay marriage in their churches, and who the Righteous pastors are by condemning this ruling and will deny this union between same sex.

    This is a deliberate attack on God’s people , and now those who stand for righteousness will need to make a stand.

    We cannot stand on sinking sands any longer.

    War against the saints is coming, and we know that we will be overcome.

    To be honest though, I am excited for Judgment ! Bring your glory lord, may the discipline of your children refine them into stronger believers !

    JESUS you are our savior who listens to the will of your Father !

    we are lost sheep that need your guidance, for some it will take punishment to bring them to your arms, and if this is your will , let it be!!!



  8. Good article. Yes those Secret Societies. Various views have existed as to who is ‘behind the curtain,’ pulling various agenda strings so as to help move the world into a tyrannical world govt system. Seemingly improbable, yet it’s happening before our very eyes just as the Bible foretold.

    Have found these links to be insightful in unraveling this mystery. The first link is same video as posted in your article but with original title. So ye, Walter Veith puts forth the idea that Romanism (Jesuits) is behind the move to world government et. al. It was telling in these videos to see leaders from around the world paying respects to the Pope. Makes one wonder if he is on to something.

    – The Secret Behind Secret Societies / Total Onslaught – Walter Veith

    – Hidden Agendas Walter Veith

    -Lucifer Worshipers Exposed!!! Plotting SOON World-takeover!!! Illuminati~Jesuits~Freemasonry How the Jesuits control world leadership. Can we prove from the Bible and History that there really are organizations that worship Lucifer? Let’s use their own writings to find out…..Lucifer is setting up his New World Order….will you survive? Look into the beliefs of Freemasonry, the Jesuits, the Illuminati and those behind and planning the New World Order.

    Some interesting quotes:

    “The problems of mankind have been and are the secret societies, which are all just one society when it comes down to it. All worship Lucifer at their hidden core, and all wish the destruction of church, state and the masses. They would love nothing more than for the U.s to destroy itself so they could pick up the pieces and usher in their socialist totalitarian New World Order
    – unknown

    “Coupled with all the chemtrails spaying deadly arsenic all over the world along with Chromian, Barium, Aluminum, Antimony, Titanium, Lead and so on… spraying each day to increase the levels of these poisonous substances in our environment, to defiolage the farms and forests of life… and there is gonna be everyone on earth sick and dying! Our government is either completely insane or from another planet. I dont take the alien idea too seriously, I think they just went insane. Too many secret soceities doing secret things like pedophile and bohemian grove ceremonies. I get the feeling there are two classes, one that is part of some hideous conspiracy and has its members in some computer database to quickly recognize who to support or not, and then the rest of us who live honestly and dont bother with that childish sh__. We have got to end secrecy and secret societies, all this sh__ gets planned in secret places where secret societies meet. That is a big big part of the problem, we have become too comfortable letting these secret societies flourish..” – unknown

    “Terrorism is the best political weapon, for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death.” -Adolf Hitler

    “This present window of opportunity, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long – We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” -David Rockefeller speaking at the UN, Sept. 14, 1994

    “I can think of no faster way to unite the American people behind George W. Bush than a terrorist attack on an American target overseas. And I believe George W. Bush will quickly unite the American people through his foreign policy.” -Henry Kissinger, appearing on CNBC, 13th Dec 2000

    “It took the deaths of millions of people to secure our freedoms in America, but it only took the death of 2,7521 people on 911 to surrender our rights to the New World Order.”

  9. Also Brother John,

    I wanted to see what your thoughts are on the banning of the confederate flag now in all walmart’s and amazon .

    this struck me as an attack against nationalism, because I see GOD as a nationalist , he states he will rule from Jerusalem and if anything I would also consider GOD as a Zionist , this leads me to believe that JESUS is ok with Nationalism.

    and I see the confederate flag being attacked now, because next would maybe be the American flag. I see satan as a globalist, he wants to control the world, but I think God interrupts Satans attempts at world conquests time and time again.

    He did it with the flood in Noah’s time, and for future events how you have pointed , Ezekial’s fire will give us a reprieve from satan’s conquest of the world.

    but society now goes any which way they are told by the mass media.

    and it will progress to beheading Christians because we are cruel evil people according to the heathens.

    Truly exciting times, I have to keep reminding myself that GOD is in control and he knows when I will die and he will guide my path in standing for his name .

    as I do everyday in life now, I warn people of his Return, and recently more and more people are willing to hear me out.

    during these times people don’t think I am that crazy anymore 🙂 now that the whole world is turning crazy , I am starting to look like the sane guy.

    Standing on the ROCK of JESUS truly is wonderful!

    Stay strong my brother and may you be blessed during these end times.

    • Hi Shehab,

      It is such a pleasure to see a brother in Christ, on fire for the Lord. I wish that everyone was like you.

      As for the Confederate Flag, I’m not a fan of this flag, or the people who tend to wave it around. I don’t like some of the ideas and positions that flag stands for, but the idea of banning it is completely insane.

      Banning the Confederate Flag is a sign of how stupid, foolish and insane the US has become. I am shocked and appalled at the complete imbeciles that are so politically correct that they agree with such foolishness.

      As for ‘nationalism’, I do believe that God put that inside of, us when He confounded our languages at Babylon. We DO need to be fractured and separated around the world, to keep sin at bay. Sin grows, when unGodly people get together and encourage each other to sin. So, I agree with you.

      God bless you, Shehab. It is wonderful to know that you are so on fire for the Lord!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Thank you Brother, It certainly helps to have eyes to see and ears to hear which the LORD has blessed me with.

        I wish I could do more, but currently I am just trying to affect the people in my sphere of influence.

        we need to encourage other brothers and sisters in Christ .

        and I get more sound doctrine from you then I could ever get from any of the nearby churches in my city.

        Please keep teaching and warning us on this website, we are in short supply of Strong shepherds during these days, and you have been raised up to guide the flock of Jesus. Keep on the path brother, and may you be blessed in Jesus name!

  10. I don’t know…. I think some times about WW2, and how they must have thought the end was near, and that Hitler was the antichrist. Those were some very dark days, and there at times was doubt that we would win.
    Maybe that’s what it’s like now. Dark days, but in the end, everything will be fine. Because historically, it always has been. And those “getting ready” ended up with a bomb shelter in their backyard full of old food and supplies, a forgotten monument to a forgotten era of paranoia and fear…

    That’s just what’s in my head… being honest with the battle going on within me between “everything will be fine” and terrible times the likes that we have never seen.

    • Hi Joe,

      It would be so wonderful to believe that these times are like those, just before World War II. It would be such a relief to me. It truly would. Unfortunately, there is a key difference and Jesus told us this in Luke 21:

      And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

      – Luke 21:24

      Read all of Luke 21, here:

      The control of Jerusalem by the Jews is THE SIGNPOST for the Last Days. I lived there for 15 years, so I know this SIGNPOST well. The Last Days began 48 years ago. There is very, VERY little time left.

      Prepare for bad times, Joe. Very, VERY bad times on the way.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  11. Thank you, John, for bringing all this information together. It’s really helpful to see it so clearly spelled out. God bless you for all your good work!

  12. I came to the same conclusion:

    Occam’s Law states “that among competing hypotheses that predict equally well, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.”

    My understanding came when I thought…since those who seek good unite in churches, organizations, etc. those who are evil will have their followers likewise organized.

    Whereas those seeking truth and goodness are in the open, their counterstroke will operate in darkness and deception.

    Then there is: Satan who tempted Christ saying if you will worship me I will give you the world; which offer is also extended to the sons of Adam.

    If you will go through the ten commandments reversing them, thou shalt not steal (to) thou “shalt” steal, you will understand how the powerful and rich have attained there exalted positions in this world.

    As it seems to me. Daniel

      • Thank you for your reply….I must admit years ago it was a struggle to part the curtains and move beyond the Vail but once you step through with both feet, you will not turn back. Also, got a up-tick in the number of people viewing my website. I do not seek a following, sell anything, etc. just hope to help others through the Vail and encourage them to sincerely consider the message of Jesus Christ, That they may be found knowing for themselves and no longer fear or delay in leaving the darkness of mans churches or philosophies for the True Light Of Christ thereby receiving our Comforter and Teacher, the Holy Spirit of which we have been promised. Daniel

  13. I had someone advance the idea the hidden controllers keep their agenda moving forward generation by generation because they are reptilian. Actually John, I think you nailed it. It is satanic and those involved are totally given over to do the works of their master.
    This lecter by Walter Veith was a real show stopper. While I am getting totally fed up with the ongoing view that it is an international Zionist conspiracy, this lecture clearly proves it isn’t.
    I am convinced we are in the end game. Good news is they lose and lose badly. Bad news is we are going to face the most terrible ordeal imaginable.
    And in this I have a single concern for myself. Back in the early ’90’s I started reading just the bible. I came to know who this one named Jesus really is. I also learned who I was and it was awful. I threw myself on His mercy. I believe in him. I’ve never found anyone who will baptize me! Believe me, I’ve tried. All without exception demand I first go to baptismal classes. Coming from a cult I have a serious issue with this. I will not be owned by them. I believe. There is a pond. Baptise me! Nope. Can I just say a prayer and throw myself in?
    Thanks John for listening and thanks for the inciteful articles.

    • Hi Craig,

      I was recently baptized and attended a baptismal class. It was only about 45 minutes long. In our class we were taught that baptism is the first step of obedience to God. We were taught we were sinners before we accepted Jesus Christ and that we became righteous members of Gods family by accepting Jesus Christ into our life. I can’t speak for other churches but as for the church I attend (Cornerstone in San Antonio Texas) there was nothing to be weary about this baptismal class. God Bless you and I hope you find a way to get baptized.

  14. Hi, John – You are so, so, so right. Evil actually reigns supreme in the “church”; from the grass roots level to the highest echelons of power within it.

    It wasn’t too difficult for me to see evil outside the church. We do find our existence in the kingdom of darkness, after all. However, if did take quite some time, and more than a little resistance to acknowledge that evil also reigns within the halls of the church.

    At this point, you’re not really speaking to this issue, but rather the hand of Satan at work behind the global elite. But if Satan works in governments, finance, industry, and the like, he also works in the church. It is within the framework of “church” that he does his most dastardly work.

    It isn’t surprising that few apprehend this. Each of us receives a gift from the Holy Spirit; one gift being the discerning of spirits. As one to whom this gift was given, I’ve “seen” more – much more – than I could have discerned by myself (or wanted to discern, for that matter). I’ve concluded that absent this particular gift from the Spirit, most believers are incapable of seeing the evil in their midst. Certainly, most will acknowledge evil’s existence because the Father told us it is amongst us. But I know of precious few who have actually grappled with evil, as Jacob grappled with the LORD. Most believers tremble in the presence of genuine evil, then back away. They don’t know how to stand “toe to toe” with darkness, and they don’t want to know, either. Can’t say that I blame them, but we do have a job to do, and comprehending the totality of evil is part of the job description.

    One person’s perspective and experience. You may have a different experience altogether. Because the body of Christ as a whole is woefully, abysmally, and intentionally ignorant of the evil in its midst – we have, what we have, in terms of cultural meltdown and moral depravity. But that’s one person’s perspective as well.

    Superficial Christianity is in big, BIG trouble. bert

  15. Hi John,

    good article, the whole world is deception.
    I wrote a letter to one of your articles maybe 6-9 months ago and gave a site to read but you dismissed my letter and the site.
    If you want up to speed on all this deception go to “———” on the web.
    The article is about 60 pages but will enlighten you and anyone interested in what is really going on.
    The pope is the anti messiah, he leads the Jesuits who are the background rulers, underneath is the Illuminati then the Masons.

    Like you say, trust no one, especially politicians and the official news broadcasters.
    In fact, do not trust preachers, because most are “in” the system.



  16. Rabin was killed because Josef Dyan led the prayer Pulsa di Nura, calling upon the Death Angel to slay both Rabin and Sharon when they forfeited land. I was researching possible false prophets and looked up descendants of King David. Dyan is the closest descendant and a rabbi in Israel.

  17. I just read the hidden hand, excellent. I had a profound thought, last night. The secret meeting at Bohemian Grove just recently, and I believe the ritual there is called Care. Then it hit me, ObomaCare…Care means
    Death. Sacrifice for Lucifer. Just thought another hidden hand in the light. God bless you.

  18. Hello John,
    Lord in heaven continued Blessings to John and his family! Amen Jesus in your name above all names. We just had our electric restored after a short 4 days following a storm. It is nothing in time however a good preparedness moment. John would you please consider returning to your spoken word on youtube? Thank you for finding the time to write to us once a week. If you could find the time to record your letter it would be so cool. You are blessed with a vocal delivery!

    • Hi Ray,

      Thank you so much for that prayer. I value such prayers greatly.

      I’m glad that your power is back.

      Unfortunately, I will not be able to record my letters until I am finished with Ezekiel’s Fire and a much-needed update to the Ezekiel Tetrad:

      But, I hear you, and I will do my best to try and get back to audio.

      God bless you, Ray. Dark days ahead, brother.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  19. I was just on vacation in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. We were at a museum of an old fur trading fort called Fort Carlton. There was a picture of the Forts occupants (probably around the late 1800s) and one of the guys had his hand hidden in his jacket. Interesting how far reaching they are…

  20. Hello, sorry if anyone else has pointed this out but the video “Prof. Walter Veith: The Pope Rules the World?” No longer exists, on that link anyway, I tried to find it on You Tube but doesn’t seem to be there although I watched some of his other stuff and he seems very knowledgeable. I was interested in finding out about the symbols, any other info on them?


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