Greece Pauses while Electronic Tyranny Moves On

Every week sees us closer and closer to a catastrophe of truly Biblical proportions. Those who know and trust the Bible, will see it. Those who don’t, won’t. Unfortunately, very few read their Bible, and even fewer believe what it says. I hope that you are reading your Bible, because it gives us the truest description of what is coming.

However, I am pleased to tell you that catastrophe did not begin today, since Greece and the IMF delayed the day-of-reckoning until the end of June. But, this pause did nothing to delay the groundwork for the Antichrist system.

The walls and gates of an electronic prison grow around us, and very, very few of us are ready for that.


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Greece Pauses while Electronic Tyranny Moves On

I begin my weekly articles on Thursday, and they are normally pretty straightforward. But this time, I choked. I just couldn’t get the words out. There are a number of possible reasons for this, but I believe that the biggest one is Greece.

However, late last night, I saw that Greece and the IMF decided to delay an inevitable default and push all of June’s payments to the end of this month. I breathed a sigh of relief, and the words seemed to flow, again.

Are You Ready?

The thought of what you will go through when the financial collapse finally begins, is almost too much for me to bear. And, any delay in this inevitable collapse… well …it gives you a little extra time to get your affairs in order before the end begins.

My affairs are in order.

I have a plan.

I am in a safe place.

How about you?

When the financial collapse arrives at your door, it will take all that you own in your bank account and your pension fund. Everything that you hold in a bank, insurance company, 401k and brokerage account will disappear. And, if the title to your house is held by a bank or financial institution, that will disappear, too.

Then, the violence and death will begin.

Those of you who think otherwise are not reading your Bible – or, do not believe the Bible that you read.

Greece And The IMF Kick The Can, One More Time

Here is the article that gave me a bit of relief:

Greece Unable To Make €300 Million IMF Payment, Requests “Bundling”

I knew that it was almost certain that Greece and the IMF would do something like this, but there was enough uncertainty that it gave me pause.

Why would I be uncertain?

Because I’m not completely sure that Greece doesn’t want a default.

Please understand that Alexis Tsiprasthe current Prime Minister of Greece – is a communist. He doesn’t care about Europe. He just wants to stay in power. And, since he’s a ‘true believer’, he wants Greece to be communist. The problem is that he does not want to appear to be the reason for why Greece defaults. So, he will appear to do everything possible to avert a default, so that he can blame the EU – and EU bankers – for that default.

Here is another perspective on this:

Greece Government Favours Drachma – Vows Will Not “Bow to Blackmail”

Greece Default AFTER July

Remember that the rallying cry will always be ‘Greece for the Greeks’. Expecting them to make sacrifices for the good of the EU, is a fool’s game. So…

Will the Greeks default at the end of this month?

I doubt it, although it’s possible. If you want to see an indicator for that, here’s one:

Bail-Ins Coming – EU Gives Countries Two Months To Adopt Rules

If the European Union thought that there would be a default at the end of this month, they wouldn’t be giving countries in the EU two months to adopt bail-in rules. However, please understand that this ‘two month clock’ started ticking on May 28th.

That demand for EU-wide rules for bank bail-ins is chilling. The leaders of the EU see it coming, and they want to make sure that the people who get hurt the most will be the little people, like you and me.

Russian Lifeline

Also note that Russia has thrown Greece a promise of a life-line – or, at least the Tsipras government:

Greece Breaks America’s Heart, Will Sign MOU With Russia For Gas Pipeline

Once Greece repudiates all of her debt, she will finalize the Russian deal and deposit the billions that Russia promises. And, Greece will probably join the Eurasian trade zone called the EEU, or Eurasian Economic Unionyou know, the one run by Russia.

What Will Happen When Greece Defaults

Please understand what will happen when Greece defaults. European banks holding Greek debt will fail. Their American cousins across the Atlantic will follow. Bail-ins will become universal. People across Europe and the United States will lose everything. There will be no money for food. Water distribution will fail because municipalities won’t have the money to keep drinking water flowing. Violence will erupt on the streets, and the police will melt away.

This will lead to the military being called out to shoot protesters. All of the training and intelligence gained during the Jade Helm 15 exercise will come into play. The very fact that Jade Helm 15 was launched at this time, should tell you that societal collapse is a certainty.

Will you be ready when everything falls apart?

Now, if you think that collapsing banks in Europe will not affect America, think again. The banking collapse that started the Great Depression of the 1930s, started in Austria. Think of what will happen – in the near future – as a new and improved Great Depression. Millions died of starvation, in America, during the Great Depression. Expect worse, this time around.

Jade Helm 15

There is a reason for Jade Helm 15, and I believe that the coming financial collapse is that reason. Read more here:

Military Drills Increase Globally- War Preparations in Progress?

Jade Helm’s Role in the 90% Reduction in US Population As Predicted By the CIA and the Obama Administration

Jade Helm Official Reveals True Purposes of JH-15: This Is a Must Read!

Defense Official warns that DoD Directive allowing the use of military force against American citizens is latest step towards martial law

Evidence Suggesting That Closed Walmarts Are Staging Centers for FEMA Camps

Explosions rock Michigan neighborhood as US Army urban military training exercise begins

America, Prepare to Defend Yourselves!

Dave Hodges Interviews Doug Hagmann on Jade Helm-This Is a Must Listen!

Doug Hagmann And Dave Hodges

That interview of Doug Hagmann, by Dave Hodges, really is a ‘Must Listen’. You need to hear what they both have to say. And when your done with that, go hear:

The threat from within from Jade Helm to ISIS – Dave Hodges Explains–dave-hodges-explains

If you aren’t afraid, you’re a fool. Only fools do not feel fear, when faced with such danger. The definition of courage is to act in the face of fear and danger. So, don’t be a fool. Be courageous.

Again, courage means having fear, but acting anyway. And, if you need courage, open your Bible and read what it says. Then, do what it says.

Please notice the verse that I end every article with:

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

Proverbs 22:3

John Price And Steve Quayle

That’s not a joke. If you are prudent, you will escape the wrath of God that is coming upon America, and I had a personal friend talk about that here:

Prophetic Implications and Pending Judgment as Babylon-America Mocks God

Here is the writeup for the above show:

Prophetic Implications and Pending Judgment as Babylon-America Mocks God

I’ve known John Price for a very, very long time. He is a truly excellent brother in Christ. He is worth listening to, and I have yet another friend who has spent time in the church that Mr. Price helped start in Costa Rica. This friend of mine reports that his church in Jaco, Costa Rica, is truly wonderful.

That is probably the finest tribute that anyone can make to a person, that a Body of Christ that you helped found, is thriving and exemplifying the light of Christ to a fallen world. How awesome and wonderful.

The message that John Price gave is one that you must hear. Whether you agree that America is Babylon, or not, doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get out of the way of God’s judgment. THAT you must do.

Your Electronic Prison

Please also understand that the New World Order is already building the bars and gates of the electronic prison that will keep you from escaping:

Secret Meeting in London to “End Cash”

Cashless Control Grid: 25% of Australians Would Get a Chip Implanted in Them to Pay for Stuff

Bankers plan secret London meeting to ‘end cash’

The London Meeting to End Cash

Martin Armstrong Reports on a Secret Meeting in London to Ban Cash

The Elites’ Goal of Cashless Society Has Started — Gordon T Long

The War on Cash — Joseph Salerno

Citi Economist Argues for Abolishing Cash

The “Better Than Cash Alliance” Has An Orwellian Plan

Prepare NOW

Where you live will turn into a virtual prison. And, they will bring that prison down on you, when the financial collapse hits. THAT is why you MUST make your escape preparations, NOW. Not later. Not tomorrow. Not next week, or next month.


Unfortunately, because of yesterday’s mental grid-lock, I have to stop here.

You must prepare.

You must do it now.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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42 thoughts on “Greece Pauses while Electronic Tyranny Moves On”

  1. Shalom John, God’s judgement is still being delayed. Four years ago this conclusion was reached with full confidence by applying the Key of Knowledge to test the opinions of more than 40 bible scholars covering a broad spectrum of believers. The delay was explained by the Apostles in their letters and is still valid today.
    For nearly 200 years we have seen individuals and groups of Christians saying that God’s judgement is imminent and some pointed to certain dates. Despite many people crying wolf, the Key of Knowledge confirmed they were all wrong. God’s servants are not yet prepared and ready. Yeshua Messiah (or Jesus to Greek and English people) and all the prophets explain the way God’s judgement will take place – that God’s judgement will take place in response to the required actions of His chosen nation, not without any action from them.
    There is a pervasive, on-going spiritual/mental block preventing people from opening their minds to realities they are avoiding. Yeshua and the prophets explained that believers in successive generations after them would be deceived by false teachers and false prophets until the very end of the ages. Some scriptures say the whole world will be led astray. If people have a mental block because they are indoctrinated by false teachers and false prophets, it’s a mighty challenge getting through to them. That’s why the world needs many wars, conflicts, famines, earthquakes and plagues that cause economic distress. Such disasters are only the start of the birth process, the early signs of tribulation and Judgment. They are needed to wake up sleeping believers. In the meantime, those who are waking up now should study the scriptures, watch the signs of the times, fast pray, and prepare to be the watchmen that will give the midnight cry that wakes up some sleeping believers. – Matthew 25. Then it will be time to obey our Messiah. For most it will be the first time in their lives that they obey. Shalom Michael.

    • Hi mike molyneaux,

      Indeed, many of us have been led astray by false prophets and ignorant teachers. However, the delay that you speak of will not last for much longer.

      The capture of Jerusalem in 1967 is the first, and so far clearest, sign of the times. (Luke 21) The rest must follow within a lifetime.

      Your use of the phrase, ‘Key of Knowledge’, makes me uneasy. I truly hope that you don’t stray into gnostic territory. Satan loves to beguile the children of God with ‘secret knowledge’.

      Thank you, Mike.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. John Little,
    Words can not express my gratitude for your work in this ministry. You are and oasis in the desert of chaos. May our God richly bless you and forever hold you up in the power of his might. I look forward to finally meeting you in our Fathers house.

  3. Overall a good article. However, this sentence “Millions died of starvation, in America, during the Great Depression” is complete rubbish. Actually, mortality rates declined during the 30s.

  4. Hey Brother John,

    Another great article.. Thank you..

    I’ve been in a learning mode the past several months. Self-directed education, if you will. What has motivated me is that every time I learn something new, I would want to learn even more. So I would continue my path to self-directed education. If that makes sense.

    I realized two things:

    a) There are absolute truths.. Sometimes the truth is right there staring us in the face, but we can’t see it because of all the garbage that the media provides. It’s there; we just have to look.

    b) We can run away from the truth, but the truth can never be denied.

    Everything is starting to make sense..

    First, Greece. IMF is owned by the evil Rothschild family. It is the same family that was responsible for many wars, which eventually created Israel with the help of of Britain and the US.

    Many people believe that the Rothschild are Jewish. But throughout my journey, I learned that the Rothschild were Khazars (some people refer to as “fake Jews”). Then I learned that many Jews who went to Israel after its establishment, there is zero evidence that they had biological ties to the Biblical Jews. Now I understand that being Jewish is a religion and not a race. But I also learned that the Palestinians who were basically kicked out of Israel, that they have biological ties to the Biblical Jews..

    I’m wondering if you could shed some light. Thanks.

    • Hi Joel,

      Having studied the history of Israel – and even lived there for 15 years – I have some expertise, regarding this issue.

      First of all, the Rothschilds did NOT create Israel. One arm of that family had some influence, but that was it.

      Second, the Palestinians were NOT kicked out of Israel. The Arab leadership convinced the Palestinian Arabs to leave their homes, so that the Arab armies would be able to massacre the Jews freely. Furthermore, twice as many Jews were kicked out of Arab lands.

      Third, notice that this ‘Khazar Theory’ is constantly brought up by antisemites to discredit the Jews. God knows who is a Jew, and who isn’t. Our foolish opinions on this matter are worthless to God.

      If you believe that we are in the Last Days, then the Jews that control Jerusalem really are Jews. (Luke 21:24) If you do not believe that we are in the Last Days… well …I’m not sure that I can help you.

      Please know that the key to understanding the time that we live in, is the Bible. Without a true, Biblical knowledge, there is no way that you can decipher the events that are rolling down upon us.

      I hope that helps, Joel. Let me know, if you have any other questions.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Brother John,

        YES! That helps ALOT!! Thank you.. I believe that we are in the end times.

        One more question.. I know that the US government no longer represent the American People.. I believe that the CIA is an evil organization. So going back to Israel, what is your take on the Mossad? Does Mossad represent the Jews or Israel?

        Thanks again.

        • Hi Joel,

          Glad that this helped.

          Does Mossad represent the Jews of Israel?

          Good question. Probably yes.

          I have a friend who was being interviewed by Mossad. And yes, it really was the Mossad. And no, I will not tell you why I know that it was. However, I did tell him/her that he/she should not join.


          Because intelligence agencies around the world have a different code of ethics, than you or me. And, some of the decisions that intelligence agencies engage in are ethically questionable. To put it another way, whenever you place patriotism over ethics, there will be problems. And, every intelligence agency on the planet, does that.

          Having said that, I believe that the Mossad is more ethical than most other intelligence agencies.

          Of course, your question should include a ‘Part B’:

          Is the Mossad guilty of all the crimes that she is accused of?

          Probably not.

          Mossad is a tiny organization. (After all, Israel is a tiny country.) If the Mossad was actually doing all the stuff that everyone accuses her of doing, they would have no time, or money, to accomplish her main function: information gathering.

          Furthermore, lots of Arab intelligence agencies that are far larger than Mossad, actually tell their agents to claim that they are working for the Mossad, if they are exposed as agents for a foreign power. Most Americans and Europeans can’t tell the difference between an Israeli and an Arab, so they fall for that ruse.

          In the final analysis, I ultimately leave the moral questions to God. He is the judge. I do comment on those things that I know for certain, but I leave the rest to Him. And, I am also reminded that Zechariah 13:8 DOES talk about 2/3rds of Israel being killed. Israel is not a Christian country, which means that they suffer from many impurities. God WILL clean house.

          Just remember that God has promised that He will save Israel – at least, all who survive Zech 13:8. In fact, we can see God at work, right now. This means that we should make sure that we do not resist the work that God is doing.

          Okay, that was a pretty long answer. For an even LONGER answer, go here:

          THAT should answer most of your questions, in terms of Israel and the disasters that the world will suffer, in the distressingly near future.

          I love both the Israelis AND the Arabs. I truly do, and it distresses me to see them kill each other. But, we do not help heal this ongoing tragedy by believing in a lie.

          I hope that helps, Joel. Keep up the good work, and keep asking questions.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • John;

            When we look at the Spies spoken of in the Holy Bible we understand they must also use deception. The Spies sent in by Moses to Spy out the Promised Land. We can be sure they did not also carry about neon signs pointing down upon them to declare their presence.

            Look at how God BLESSED the midwives while hiding Moses.
            Look at how Rachel the Harlot was SPARED for assisting the Spies.

            Now consider how in more recent times, Christians LIED to the German Gestapo when it was demanded of them to tell them if they were hiding the Jews.

            I do believe that what we call Ethics are not owed to any of Gods enemies. They have no right to know and they have no right to demand or to expect to know.

            BUT, none of this means that any one specific individual ought to join into the actions of the CIA or the Mossad.

            Many years ago, I was deep inside the NWLF and my being there saved the life of Patty Hearst. I did not nor did I work with any intelligence agency, nor did I ever seek to do so. It was simply the call of Almighty God in my life, even though I did not have a clue even at this time, in 1976.

            Had I not been there and did what I did, Patty Hearst would have died long ago. And these are merely historical facts unknown even to the Hearst Family. Pretty much, I have never gone public with ANY of this. (I doubt even now, that the world will take a general notice)

            I also believe that had I not been there to do all of what I did that ALL of those who definitely wanted her dead would also have died, possibly, including myself and NOT “just” Patty Hearst.

            This was already an established pattern – and likely outcome – with the death of most if not all of the SLA who had originally kidnapped her.

            Even the fact that I was there, and being REQUIRED to attend this meeting that was to lead to this outcome, was the result of having been “soft kidnapped” by this same group.

            However, when I left, it was agreeable to everyone involved. I was not being held against my own will. It was how they got me into their organization that was a “kidnapping.”

            They had separated me from my belongings and did not return them until after I was on the inside. I was being held in San Francisco while my belongings were being held in a Pizza Shop in Oakland.

            A Very True Report!

            I became a real Christian in 1982. One night, after returning home from attending Church Services, and walking my dog, I was attacked by three who declared they were there to kill me. (NO CONNECTION TO ANY OF THE ABOVE) It was a bitterly cold night in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I was walking my dog behind the old (and then) abandoned High School Building. A car pulled up nearly hitting me. Even then, I did not know it was on purpose.

            I ASKED them what they intended to do to me, and each one said, “We are going to kill you.” My reply? “If it is the desire of my Father in Heaven to die at your hands, I am perfectly willing to do so.” THEN the beating began. The last thing I remembered was bouncing off the brick wall. I fell unconscious for a brief period of time before regaining consciousness. I saw my dog actually getting into the car with them, and so I called for my dog to return. They came back with my dog.

            I again asked them “What do you plan to do to me,” and again they repeated that they were going to kill (MURDER) me. But this time, as each one said it, their own voices cracked with great fear.

            I replied, “Guys, I will be talking with Jesus Christ about you face to face within a few seconds.” Then, as soon as they delivered additional blows, I fell to the ground, and remained motionless. (MY DECEPTION). As they RAN back to their vehicle, I heard no less then ONE of them saying, “Lets get out of here, did you hear what he said?!! He is talking to Jesus about us right now!” Yes, they were filled with great fear!

            They expected a different outcome. They expected a “Hollywooded” kind of fear inside of me, but even while facing death, I was completely confident of the outcome.
            I expected to be in the presence of Jesus Christ.

            SIDE NOTES: I felt no pain from the attack during the attack. (Yes, the next day)
            I was taken by neighbors to the Hospital Emergency Room, after struggling to get back home, less than one blocks distance.
            In the ER, I was given a bed where there was already blood on the floor, from someone else, and I got some paper towels and cleaned it up.
            A Social Worker was Assigned to interview me as I was there as an Attempted Murder Victim. The Police also came.

            The Social Worker, looking at me, (I had yet to be cleaned up), exclaimed, “Oh the poor people who did this to you, they need our help.” She promptly left after I said to her, “I am sure you have experienced a difficult night and need to take a break. You are free to go.” So, she thanked me and left.
            I ended up with a very temporary loss of vision in my left eye. In fact, I thought it had been ripped out during the attack and that was why I could not see. I was wrong. I required stitches, of which I retain the scars.

            One of my ribs on my left side broke along the cartilage and is still broke to this day. It causes me pain each night when I lay down to sleep to this very day. It is a constant reminder that God spared me, from being Murdered, in February – of 1983.

            My Life belongs to God. It is the SAFEST place to be!
            I have experienced many miracles. Yet I am far from perfect, but being Protected by the One Who IS~!!!

          • Thank you for the response, John.

            And Kenneth – thank you for sharing your amazing story..

            Talk to you Brothers later.. <3 (That's a heart 🙂 )

  5. Hi John, always look forward to your articles. I had a question though..awhile back you wrote a series of articles about wether or not America is Mystery Babylon. I recall your conclusion to be that you weren’t sure if it was America or Rome. Have you now decided it is indeed America? I was/am in the same place as you that I am not sure who it is, so your input would be much appreciated. Blessings to you and yours!

    • Hi Stephanie,

      I’m afraid that I’m still sitting on the fence. John Price has some excellent arguments, yet those arguments appear to have a couple weaknesses. My suspicion is that this will all be cleared up when Ezekiel’s Fire hits.

      Whatever the interpretation, the conclusion is the same: GET OUT! (if you can)

      There are wonderful churches around the world, waiting for people to come and help spread the gospel! (And, it’s not that hard to live abroad. Really.)

      I’m sorry that I cannot be more definite, Stephanie.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. Dear John,
    I am a born again, Bible believing child of God. HE has said to me many times over in HIS WORD to “FEAR NOT”. Are you speaking to me when you say that if I’m not afraid I’m a fool? Who should I listen to you or GOD?
    I have prepared to the best of my ability and am unable to flee the country. I think I’ll listen to GOD and “FEAR NOT”.
    The “you should be afraid- very afraid” mantra is wearing very thin with some children of GOD.
    Please pass this on to Dave Hodges.
    Your sister in Christ, Dawn

    • Hi Dawn Campbell,

      So, you are saying that you never fear? Really?

      When Jesus told us to not have fear, He was telling us to take that fear and put it upon His Father. To trust in Him. To not let fear overcome us.

      Paul had fear. Everyone in the Bible had fear, but they trusted in God and acted upon that trust. THAT is courage.

      It is the fool who says that there is nothing to fear, and ignores danger. The wise see trouble coming and respond.

      I see that you are wise and courageous, Dawn. That is good to see.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Hi John,
        I have felt fear but I’m not afraid. I pray I’ll be able to die as a witness for Jesus and go home to be with Him. Actually I’d rather go home sooner than later. It’s only going to get worse- no matter where you live. So to all my brothers and sisters out there- I’m praying for all of you no matter where you are. Getting ready to meet you all in heaven…see you there John!

  7. ~> What if we rise up to DEMAND the END of the Phony DEBT-based system?
    ~> What if we rise up and DEMAND (not request) the END of ALL Usury based DEBT?
    ~> WHAT if it makes ALL the DIFFERENCE in the world?
    ~> What if it REVERSES the current “economic” collapse?
    ~> What if we go ICELANDIC on ALL Banksters?

    WHAT IF THERE IS ALREADY the means to DO all of this and nobody’s talking about it who OUGHT?


    • Hi Kenneth Lowndes,

      Unfortunately, our financial troubles are only a symptom of moral decay. We face these problems because we are immoral and corrupt. A sound financial system will do nothing to solve that.

      Thank you, Kenneth. You have a good idea.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. Hi John… My 1st time writing. I appreciate your website, have been reading for about a year. I am a long-time Believer and student of finance and geopolitics.

    While I believe your heart and doctrine are in the right place, I have to question some of your sources as being credible, and I say this after several years of observation and listening to S. Quayle, Hagmann, etc.

    Alex Jones has always been a sensationalist, and often wrong and presumptuous. He seems to be a bit better about that lately. But he is not credible.

    Quayle has been saying the same thing, with the same alarmism and panic, for the 20 years I have heard him. And he doesn’t keep the “main thing”, the main thing. He is always off into the most bizarre speculations about all kinds of things. If you are a minister of the gospel, you shouldn’t minister about lizard people and such.

    Dave Hodges may or may not be the real thing. I have yet to see his credentials, as is true of the “V” guy that Quayle always has on his show… No degrees, no creds, nothing, just a bunch of “sources in the know”, etc. Intelhub is often wrong on a lot of things, as is the “Before Its News” site.

    Therefore, as much as I appreciate your website, I wish you would offer more credible sources as your backup. All these guys self-reinforce, but offer no hard evidence. BTW, I am a bog fan of Martin Armstrong, and find him by far the most credible source you use. Bravo.

    • Hi Misspriss,

      You will find that my sources of information are impeccable: ZeroHedge, The Bible, Steve St. Angelo, etc. I very rarely use Steve Quayle, other than to use the research that he puts out. His focus is different from mine. As for Dave Hodges, his analysis and observations are pretty good, but I do not rely upon him exclusively for information.

      You might want to look at what I write, more carefully. Look at the links. I’m far more careful than you give me credit for.

      Thank you, MP.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  9. As usual, a great article. I have been following your efforts and needless to say you are doing an awesome job. It brings tears to my eyes when I witness people doing the most they can to spread the gospel. It is hard to get folks to see through this horrible world system we live in. Keep on fighting the good fight. I pray in His name, Jesus, always. All glory be unto our Redeemer. God Bless.

  10. At the very core of faith in Christ is the realization that this world has nothing to offer that is good. The sooner that any find sufficiency in Christ the better it will be for them. The world system of value exchange using money is quickly coming to the point where it will be absolutely necessary to use the electronic system to exchange value will lead people right into the enemies hand. He will have control.
    All of the means that have been developed to “protect” people will be used to bring them into submission of the beast system.

  11. Hello John,

    I think you are a sincere but deceived man. You preach a terrible heresy about Israel.
    I think you should watch this dvd about Zionism by Christian preachers and others and you will see the false teaching you are standing on.

    • Hi Peter,

      I don’t normally allow such comments through (I get a lot of them), but I’m making an exception because I have an extra moment to respond.

      If I am speaking a ‘terrible heresy’, then you are accusing God of this heresy, as well. I back up all of my points about Israel with scripture from the Bible. In fact, you can see what I have to say, here:

      and here:

      The second website needs to be updated, but you should get the picture.

      It is clear to me that you do not read your Bible. If you are, you aren’t reading all of it.

      Please remember that when Paul said this…

      And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

      – 2 Timothy 3:15-17

         …he was talking about the OLD TESTAMENT!

      Are you reading the WHOLE BIBLE, Peter?

      If you were, you would quickly realize that God still loves Israel, that He still loves the Jews. More importantly, God still has plans for them. And no, GOD DOES NOT CHANGE!

      Are the Jews saved?

      No, of course not. But, one day, they will be.

      If you were reading the WHOLE BIBLE, you would see that.

      Peter, cast off the preachers of unrighteousness and read your Bible – the WHOLE BIBLE.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  12. Brother John,

    I stumbled onto a brother in Christ who was doing some work in regards to the pagan worship that Roman Catholicism is built on .

    Now on a lot of the murals you always see Jesus with the Sun halo behind his face, or the virgin mary clothed in the sun, and he pointed out that its all connected to Sun worship which is connected to Lucifer.

    Then as I saw the truth in this I am pondering the fact as to the result in which catholics believe in what they believe in .

    Stemming from Constantine and how he essentially dressed up his pagan worship in the image of Christ in order to make Christianity tolerable for their pagan worship needs. I see this as nothing more than Lucifer dressing up as an angel of light in order to fool the masses that don’t know the True Christ.

    Now lets move to Islam and how its worship is connected to the Crescent Moon and star , which leads us to moon worship and I associate this with the Dark side of Satan in which his true cruel intentions are made known to the world.

    That is why we see radical muslims following the true will of allah which is Satan.

    Side note ( keep an eye on Turkey and the rising of the new ottoman empire)

    Now back to Sun and moon worship which dates back to Ancient Egyptian gods Osiris and Isis , also goes back to the Babylon gods ,

    its amazing to see that all that has ever happened in history is the fallen world always seems to recycle the same pagan gods which they worship constantly , and as I see in this growing fallen world, its a large push back to the ancient Egyptian gods.

    From the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill, to the obelisks in Washington DC. to all the idolatry that this nation is built upon.

    its a wonder that more people are not seeing this!!

    in any case, so we see the Pope stating blasphemy such as homosexuals, atheists , and muslims all can inherit the kingdom of heaven all in the effort of being tolerant of all religions. this of course is the concept of all demonic religions, they will all end up being unified by the false prophet since I see the pope as meeting this qualification he will help to unite all the demon religions of the world.

    the only ones left that will strongly oppose him are the True bible believing Christians, and the Jews.

    so I propose that Pope francis will be the one to bring in a sort of peaceful and tolerable luciferian belief to the world, and those not in agreement with the light of Lucifer will be subjected to the dark side of satan found in the Antichrist in which he will not allow anyone to worship the God of the bible because we will be considered hateful intolerable believers of Christ because we will not make room for their pagan desires.

    I see the Antichrist as the one that Walid shoebat is pointing at currently , and that is the one who will control the new Turkish empire, perhaps it is Erdogan ??

    is it possible that the Pope francis will work with Erdogan to establish this new found world religion of luciferian peace ? and all those who don’t accept Lucifer will be deemed too heretical and will need to be killed since their is no place for the intolerant Christians according to the lies of the devil.

    sorry for the excess typing, I just found it an interesting connection between the Sun worship with catholics, and the moon worship of muslims.

    truly the world is full of lies and they all stem from the devil and his fallen angels/demonic horde.

    their is but one truth , JESUS IS TRUTH !!

    I am still barely able to understand the immensity of JESUS , his Glory is SUPERB ,
    I am not even worthy to say his name , yet he called me out of darkness.

    Finding Jesus made me realize just how evil my sin nature is and it disgusts me , I am amazed that a Holy and Righteous God wanted to save someone such as I.

    But still all I can do is sing for his glory all the days of eternity , and still that would not be enough to show him the true appreciation that he alone deserves.

    JESUS JESUS JESUS HOLY HOLY HOLY IS HE !! !!!! a name we are all not worthy of saying, yet it is given as a gift to save souls for he loved us first!

    God bless you Brother John and as always may you stay blessed in JESUS NAME !!!

    • Hi Joel Paul,

      I’m not sure what he’s talking about. I spent February/March in Jerusalem, and I did not see anything that he is talking about. I also saw no preparations to divide the city of Jerusalem. Furthermore, most Israelis would never stand for the redividing of the city.

      My parents, who live there, also have not reporting anything like this to me.

      And, I can unequivocally state that Israeli law is the ONLY law in Jerusalem. Please remember that I lived there for 15 years.

      However, it is true that the United States has always wanted to ‘internationalize’ the city. But, what the US wants… well …I’m afraid that she isn’t going to get what she wants.

      I trust God on this one.

      Thank you, Joel.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  13. Hi Gang,

    I just read that the petroyuan is official.

    We knew it was just a matter of time..

    We all know what happens to those who challenge the petrodollar, right? Just ask Saddam and Muammar..

    Ugh.. I’ve been trying to share with people to get them ready and help them see the overall picture.. Most look at me like I’m on drugs.. I’ve already been accused of being an ‘anti-semite bigot.’

    God Bless..


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