Death by Delusion

Few of us will die of old age. Worse, quite a few of us will die in horrible ways, and technology will allow us to watch in horror as people that we love, perish in an orgy of death and violence.

This is why I have devoted so much of the last four years to exposing the truth. The thought of what comes weighs heavily on my soul, and I want to be able to stand before God and say that I did what I could, to save as many as possible.

Unfortunately, people have traded the truth for happy delusions, so there is a limit to what you and I can do.


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Death by Delusion

Andy Andrews wrote an interesting book:

How Do You Kill 11 Million People?
How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

How do you kill 11 million people?

Andy’s answer:

You lie to them.

Of course, you have to make those lies tasty and sweet, and Hitler did that. So did Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot and a host of others that I have talked about, often. But, that’s the history, you say. We are no longer vulnerable to the same kinds of lies that murdered millions. We are different, smarter, better. We will not be taken in by the lying liars that lied to THEM.


Are you sure?

You Are Just As Gullible

You are just as gullible as the Jews were in Germany. In fact, you are probably MORE gullible. At least the Jews knew their own history of being persecuted. Yet, they were still fooled into being murdered.

Germany was one of the most advanced societies of that time, yet – in a time of turmoil – a man rose to power and deceived a nation. That man, Hitler, told the Germans what they wanted to hear and led them on a path of genocide and destruction.

Our society is doing the same. Every night, the television bathes you with a message of blissful satisfaction of a brighter future. Life will be good, say the talking heads. Nothing to worry about, and nothing to see here. And, because that is a message that you WANT to hear, you lap it up. You hold it tight, with all of your might.

Stop Watching Television

I stopped watching television a long time ago, so I don’t have that mind-numbing message echoing in my ears. And, that leads me to wonder if your connection to reality has been corrupted by your television habit.

Are you watching too much TV?

I used to, back when I was stuck in my own delusional view of reality. Of course, God shook me awake in 2011, and started me on a path of brutal disillusionment. It wasn’t fun, but God had a job for me to do. And, there wasn’t much time for me to do it.

No Time Left

Unfortunately, there is even LESS time for you. In fact, you may only have a week – if Greece doesn’t make its payment to the IMF on June 5th. But, more on that later.

The point is that if you are not awake, you will die. Horribly. And, if you are lucky enough to survive, you will wish that you hadn’t.


Those of you who are awake, have a chance to survive, but no guarantee that you will. I’m in a pretty safe place, but there’s no guarantee that I’ll make it. Of course, that doesn’t scare me much, because I know where I am going when I am forcibly shuffled off this mortal coil.

Trying To Wake People Up

What scares me most is the knowledge that the people that I love, will suffer terribly and die horribly. And, my brothers and sisters in Christ are the ones that I love the most. This is why this website is directly aimed at the Body of Christ. If you are a fellow-member, then it is my fervent desire that you survive and prosper in the coming days.

But, you won’t survive and prosper if you are living a lie.

Unfortunately, disabusing people of the lies that they cherish is hard work. Mark Twain said:

It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.
It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.

I am amazed at how true that is.

Why is it so hard for people to see the truth?

You can prove that a certain thing is true, without any possibility of doubt… and …they will still cling to their delusions.

Some Of The Lies That Blind

For decades, I have fought to convince people that Israel is NOT the awful country that everyone says that she is. But, very few have been interested in seeing what is so clearly true. (And yes, I am an eye-witness.)

When I started Omega Shock, I quickly ran into The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Lie. And, no matter how many clear and unambiguous the Bible verses were, pre-tribbers STILL refused to see what was so very obvious.

Your Greatest Physical Danger

Please understand that your greatest physical danger is not financial. (I talk about your spiritual danger at the end of this article.) Your physical danger doesn’t lie with starvation or death-by-thirst. Your greatest physical danger lies in the violence and stupidity of your gullible neighbors. When everything falls apart, the gullible and confused will come and take what you have and kill you when they are done. And, if your neighbors don’t get you, the government probably will.

Please. Everyone. Make sure that you are in a safe place, or that you can get to it, when everything falls apart. Make sure that you are walking with the Lord, that you are reading your Bible every day. Make sure that you have excess food and access to drinkable water. Make sure that you have enough extra for family, friends and community. And, if there is ANYTHING left over, buy as much silver as you can carry and as much gold as you can afford.

I talk about all of that here:

Ezekiel’s Fire – Chapter Four

Please save yourself and your family first. Remember also that actions are more powerful than words. They’ll pay more attention to what you do, than what you say.

Okay, ’nuff said.

Theory-Induced Blindness

What got me started on this subject was a concept talked about by Dr. Daniel Kahneman, an Israeli psychologist who won the Nobel Prize for economics in 2002. His concept was ‘Theory-Induced Blindness‘.

When I saw that phrase, a the light went on. I now had a name for the stupidity that I’ve been fighting for more than 30 years. Unfortunately, I’ve been fighting this same form of stupidity in myself, for much longer. But, now I have a name for it, so I feel better.

It also allows me to say things like:

Oh, you’re suffering from Theory-Induced Blindness.”

As opposed to:

You’re so stupid, I’m surprised that you have enough brainpower to breathe.”

The first one is more polite. The second is… um …more satisfying, in a completely sinful way. (Anyone who says that sin isn’t fun… is lying to you.)

So, always be ready to compare your ‘theories’ with the Bible, which is the surest guide that we have. If your ‘theory’ doesn’t compare well with what the Bible says… well …there is a less polite word that we could use for it.

Okay, let’s get to the dire news for this week.


When I saw these three articles, my sense of doom got even ‘doomier’:

Grexit “Disaster” Looms As Greek Hospitals Run Out Of Sheets, Painkillers

Bring Your Own Bed Sheets—–Athens Has Strip-Mined Every Dime Of Cash From Greece’s Health Care System

Greece Owes $1.2 Billion To Drugmakers As Government Can No Longer Afford Basic Medical Supplies

THAT, my friends, IS THE WALL.

This means that Greece really has reached the limit in ‘austerity’. No matter what Europe wants… No matter how upset the Germans are over the feckless Greeks… There is just no way that Europe can avoid the collapse of Greece. The best that the banksters can hope for is another round of ‘kick the can down the road’. Unfortunately, we’re reaching our limit on that.

Here are a few articles to get your head spinning:

‘Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay’: Greece has no money to make IMF payment, interior minister says

Greece Is On The Ragged Edge: Bloodied Idealogues Vs. Bloodthirsty Technocrats

Greece refuses to pay £1.1billion bill with fears that entire euro project could unravel if country crashes out of currency

Greek “Anti-Austerity” Wave Spreads In Dramatic Loss For Spanish Status Quo

Greece to miss IMF payments amid fears of ‘catastrophic’ eurozone rupture

Tick-Tack, the Greek time bomb is about to go off as the last meeting didn’t end well

With Greece “Nowhere Close” To Deal, Depositors Pull €300 Million From Banks In Single Day

Of course, I would have pulled all my money out a long time ago, but I’m not Greek. But… um …in one sense… we are ALL Greeks – because, when Greece goes down, the rest of us do too. Here’s an article to explain part of it:

“Graccident” Will Trigger The Demise Of The ECB And The World’s Toxic Regime Of Keynesian Central Banking

That’s right. At first, we were worried about a Greek Exit from the Euro Zone – or, Grexit – but now we are worried about a Greek Accident – or, Graccident.

Don’t you love how malleable the English language is?

However, David Stockman didn’t talk about the bigger picture. And, it’s this one:

Is The 505 Trillion Dollar Interest Rate Derivatives Bubble In Imminent Jeopardy?

I’m not concerned about the ECB, the EU or even Greece. I’m concerned about those derivatives. When those derivatives collapse, banks will collapse. Yours. Mine. Everyone’s. And, when the banks collapse, the financial system will go with it. And, that will mean a complete collapse of our society.

Worse, we came very, very close to that – on Sunday:

Greece Was 20 Votes Away From Defaulting This Weekend

THAT was a ‘close call’. And, we had no idea that it was happening… until AFTER it happened.

Is this just another Greek form of brinksmanship?

No, I don’t think so. Greece has reached the end of its rope, and it’s tired of being swung back and forth by the EU. They’ve had enough pain, and they want out. And no, they don’t care what cost will be.

Never play ‘brinksmanship’ with someone who has lost hope and doesn’t care anymore about the outcome.

Financial Collapse – Even WITHOUT Greece

Of course, we are in a huge amount of trouble, even without Greece:

Global Trade Dives Most since the Financial Crisis

US Stalled Economy? John Rubino

“We Reached The Tipping Point”: Income Inequality Is Highest Since Records Began

This Time It Is Different

Economic Totalitarianism

Martin Armstrong has been talking about how we face an era of Economic Totalitarianism, if we do not change course. He’s been working hard to convince us to make that change of course, but it doesn’t seem to be happening.

In fact, the Bible indicates that Economic Totalitarianism is coming, and it will be a part of the Antichrist system and “The Mark of the Beast”. There is NO WAY that we are going to be able to avoid this. None.

That Economic Totalitarianism will be a part of this new effort to eliminate paper currency:

Cashless Transactions Exceed Cash Transactions in Britain

Pushing You Into A Cashless Society

Dutch TV Discusses Eliminating Cash

Kiss Your Pension Fund Goodbye

The Coming Cashless Society

The Secret Meeting in London to End Cash

A Vision of Monetary Hell Troubles Our Sleep…

As always, I try save the ‘best’ article in a list for last. Bill Bonner tells us that we face the same fate as Argentina – not the Argentina of today, but the one of 1976.

Bill says:

In Argentina, following a coup d’état in 1976, the military junta first targeted leftist revolutionaries – who may have posed some real threat to the nation.

Then, in what became known as the “Dirty War,” the targets grew more diverse – with students, political adversaries, intellectuals, trade unionists, and anyone the junta wanted to get rid of caught in the net.

This period of terror only came to a close in 1983, after the generals unwisely invaded the Falkland Islands and proclaimed Argentine sovereignty over a British overseas territory.

The plain people are easily led into war – no matter how moronic the pretense. As they had hoped, the Argentines rallied behind their soldiers.

Bill ends his article this way:

Are Americans smarter than Argentines? Are their politicians more honest or more faithful to the rule of law? Does power corrupt less in the Northern Hemisphere than it does south of the equator?

We doubt it.

I doubt it too.

We are on course for the worst moment in world history. Yes, there will be a moment of ‘respite’ when Ezekiel’s Fire comes, but the cost of that ‘pause’ will be horrendous. The Antichrist is coming to build Satan’s version of Hell on Earth, and you need to be ready for that.

Political Evil

Well, here’s some gasoline for that fire:

Meet The Veteran Who’s Been Reduced To Peddling For Change Online To Buy A New Leg

(God bless you, Simon Black!)

Congressional Sellout on TPP Fast Track

Emergency Powers Give Barack Obama Authority Over Just About Everything During A Major National Crisis

Investors Squeeze Trailer Park Renters: “The Economics Are Compelling… There’s a Lot More Poor People Than Rich”

Paul Craig Roberts: “Our Soldiers Died For The Profits Of The Bankers”

Police Takedown 101: U.S. Vs UK

The Double Standard Nobody Noticed in the Naugler Case

1921: Black Business District in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Attacked, Aerially Bombed and Razed, Victims Dumped in Mass Graves

If those examples of evil don’t drive you crazy, then your sense of righteousness is sadly broken. We really have become vile and evil, and we’ve been vile and evil for a very long time. And, our government has changed to reflect the evil choices that we have made.

Please, make no mistake. We, the American People have made some VERY evil choices. That last article, above, should be sufficient evidence of that fact.

When God’s people sinned against God:

And he gave them into the hand of the heathen; and they that hated them ruled over them.

 Psalm 106:41

That’s right, God hands the people over to evil hateful rulers. In fact, here’s a picture:

Democracy or Oligarchy - You Decide (via
Democracy or Oligarchy – You Decide (via

Yup. America is no longer a democracy. America is an oligarchy.

Do you think that God wants to hear you sing God Bless America?

Please don’t get me wrong. I love America – at least, the good that is left in her. But, I do not love the evil that she now represents.

I actually have come to believe that the only hope that America has is to be destroyed. God must burn out the evil within us, if we ever want to be blessed by God. So, think about that, when you pray God’s blessing upon America.

Maybe my view is too limited, but I honestly do not see any other way. And, it gives me no pleasure to say any of that.

Spiritual Evil

But, just in case you think that our evil is limited to the mundane, let me show you the spiritual dimension of the evil within us:

Twitter trend ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ has teens trying to summon demon

Charlie Charlie Challenge: Here’s everything you need to know about the bizarre internet craze

Creepy ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ spreads across Twitter as children urge each other to ‘summon Mexican demon’

Fox network launching new TV series that glorifies Lucifer; marketed with pro-Satan tweets

Christian Corruption

Of course, you’re thinking that this isn’t that big of a deal. After all, unsaved people will always engage in evil, idolatrous acts. But, you’re ignoring what is happening in our churches:

Antigay Midland pastor outed for soliciting sex from men

Questions From The Persecuted: Where Are All The Christians? Why Won’t Anyone Save Us? Our Brethren In Thailand Need Us

United Methodist Lobby Proposes Divesting From Israel, Investing In North Korea, Legalizing Prostitution

The above is a teeny, tiny sample. We have pastors engaged in adultery and pornography. Our churches ignore the plight of Christians who are persecuted around the world. And, we have a whole denominations wanting to legalize prostitution and invest in a country that persecutes Christians more than any other.

Is it any wonder that they hate Israel?

If you claim to be a Christian – while supporting those who hate Israel – you are in alliance with Satan. Having lived in Israel, I understand the situation far better than almost anyone else. So, I can truthfully claim that you are in alliance with Satan if you support the enemies of Israel.

It really is that black and white.

But, wait, there’s more. The following comes from the Nesch brothers, and their website:

Holy Bible Prophecy

Church of Tares: Purpose Driven, Seeker Sensitive,

YouTube shortlink:

Emergent / Emerging Church Documentary

YouTube shortlink:

Each of those videos is three hours long, but they are also riveting. Once I started them, I couldn’t stop.  If you want to know what I consider to be a true ‘horror movie’, those two are it.

Frankly, when you add those videos to what we know about the openly corrupt, mainline churches, you have to wonder at who the real Christians are.

Does Jesus Know You?

This leads me to ask the most important question of all:

Does Jesus know you?

Please understand that it doesn’t matter if YOU know Jesus. Everyone does. The demons do. Satan knows Jesus better than anyone on planet Earth. And, none of that matters.

What matters, is if Jesus knows you.

I hear a lot of people claim to be Christian, but don’t show any true desire to FOLLOW Christ. I see all kinds of people claim to BELIEVE that Jesus was who He said that He was, but I don’t see evidence that they are actually saved.

As James summarized his chapter on faith, he said:

For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

 – James 2:26

Basically, James was saying:

You have faith?

Prove it.

Although, many of us don’t understand what is the right proof. Here is Jesus, with the answer:

Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

 – Matthew 25:45-46

In an earlier chapter of Matthew, Jesus says:

Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

 – Matthew 7:22-23

Jesus will not deny that many people will do many things in the name of Jesus. They will even cast out devils and do wonderful works in the name of Jesus. But, Jesus will deny the workers of iniquity.

What Is Your Fruit Like?

The following verse seared a hole in my conscience, many years ago. It led me to make a massive change in my Christian walk:

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

 – Matthew 7:20

For far too much of my Christian life, my spiritual tree was barren.

How barren is YOUR spiritual tree?

Just understand, that as you analyze your life:

It doesn’t matter what you think about Jesus.

What matters is…

…what Jesus thinks about YOU.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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