A Wave of Antisemitism

Waves of antisemitism have swept Europe, the Americas and the Middle East for centuries. This psychological defect has poisoned the minds of many and provided fertile ground for evil men and women who delight in oppressing the innocent.

Unfortunately, many in the alternative media have been captured by this ancient evil. Worse, this new wave of antisemitism has clouded clear thought and obscured the evil designs of the enemy.

Far worse than that, followers of Christ have allowed themselves to be turned away from what God says. The Bible clearly states that God has not forgotten the physical children of Jacob. God will bring Jacob back to Himself, and we risk the wrath of God – if we oppose what God is so clearly doing.


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A Wave of Antisemitism

We all will one day stand before the Lord and answer for all the good and bad that we have done in this life. If you are a brother or sister in Christ, you will be forgiven, but that forgiveness will not change the fact of any sin that you commit.

I say that to acknowledge the requirement to be as truthful as possible in everything that I say and do. If I say that something is true, when it is not, I will be chastened by God and suffer shame in the life to come – when I stand before the Lord, after I die.

Why am I telling you all this?

Israel Outlook

Because I claim to be an eye-witness to what Israel is really like and to who the Jews really are. You can find more about all that here:

Israel Outlook

From the mid-90s, I have been shining the light of truth on the lies of antisemitism and anti-Zionism. In 2011, I had to hang up that work for something far more serious:

(The End of the World as We Know It)

But, I haven’t forgotten how awful the lies are. My sense of outrage lives on – over the unjust attacks upon a people struggling to survive. And, I still see the Hand of God at work in that tiny nation on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Jews Are Normal People

Would it surprise you to know that Jews and Israelis are normal people living in abnormal circumstances?

The Jews are normal people, with all the contradictions and complexities that this implies. The Arabs too, are normal – as is any member of that teeming world that we call humanity. They are no different than you or me – except for the fact that we have been saved by Faith in Christ. But, when I said that the Jews and Arabs are normal, I left something out.

Jews Love Life

The Jews love life. In fact it is the highest principle of their culture. According to what I know of Judaism, the following phrase is used to violate the commandments of Moses:

To save a life

Orthodox Jews routinely violate the Sabbath to volunteer at medical centers so that lives could be saved on Saturday. Arabs from all over the Middle East bring their children for free medical care in Israeli hospitals. (Although, those who can pay are asked to do so.)

Islam Loves Death

Unfortunately, the cultural component of most Arabs – Islam – has an opposite view. The sword is their symbol and death is a part of their motto:

Death to infidels

This has twisted Arab society to the point where they cannot make peace with those who value life so highly. As Hamas is known to say:

We desire death like you desire life

But God has been on the side of Israel from her beginning, so this cult of death would have no success.

Antisemitism In Alternative Media

The problem is that many in the alternative media have chosen to support those who value death. They attribute all manner of evil to the Jews and excoriate Israel for every imagined sin. Should Israel defend herself successfully from outrageous attack, she will be blamed for the suffering of her defeated enemies.

Worse, many of these people claim to be Christian. I can understand the foolish and evil behavior of those who are unsaved and attack Israel. Being in league with Satan will always blind you to the truth.

But, Christians?

THAT is more than I can take. No Christian should ever participate in unjust persecution. To do so is an abomination that God will judge one day.

Israel Isn’t Perfect

Is Israel perfect?

Of course not. Worse than that, 99% of Israelis are unsaved – which means that they also suffer under the burden of slavery to Satan. But, we were all in such circumstances before we were saved.

(And yes, 1% of Israelis are true Christians,
and their numbers are growing

But, of all the countries that I have been in – and even lived in – Israel is the most humane. Outside of Christianity, I have never seen any group of people treat their enemies with such humanity. They certainly treated me with great courtesy and respect, even though they believed that I represented a Christianity that had come to steal the souls of their children.

And yes, that is exactly how very many Israelis see us.

Let me ask you this:

How would you like it if Mormons moved in next door and started sharing with your children the wonderfulness of being a Latter Day Saint?

…’nuff said!

The Jews Did Their Best For The Arabs

When the Jews began to move back to the Land of Israel, they tried to work with the Arabs who lived there and the Ottomans who ruled them. They set up schools and hospitals. They conquered malaria and turned the Land into a paradise.

Nine out of ten Arab children died of malaria before a little Jewish guy named Israel Kligler came and fixed all that. I’ve written about him several times, and the latest is here:

Israel Kligler – An Unsung Hero Used by God

The Jews Were A Blessing To The Arabs

When Israel returned to the Land of Israel, the Arabs were wretched, uneducated, illiterate and a disease-ridden society oppressed by the Ottoman Turks. The Jews cured their diseases, offered education to their children and brought in agricultural and horticultural techniques that turned a land that devoured people… into a paradise.

Were Israelis perfect?

Of course not. Since Israelis are a normal people, the list of foul deeds and misbehavior is long. However, you will notice that Israelis are quick to condemn and punish those who do evil.

The Latest Fuel For Antisemitism

The current article that is making the rounds is this one:



Those reports come from this one:


It is difficult to hear stories like this. And, any war crimes committed should be prosecuted. But, let’s set that aside for a moment and notice something:

These are Israelis criticizing Israelis.

Israel Is A Just Country

The only reason why we know about this is because the average Israeli is horrified when their own people act in a way that is unjust.

What does that tell you about Israelis?

That – for an unsaved people – they are a pretty good bunch.

Unfortunately, antisemites are not interested in offering a true picture of what really happened, or the proper context.

The Context Of The Article

What was the context?

Israeli civilians were being pounded by hundreds and thousands of rockets from Gaza and finally had to invade. And, when they did invade, they warned the Palestinians to leave the areas that they were going to invade.

This meant that anyone caught in the area was – by definition – a combatant.

Furthermore, these were kids. Most of them would have been just out of High School, fulfilling their three-year obligation to serve in the IDF. Though well-trained, they would have been afraid and forced to make split-second decisions that they would have made differently, if it had been a training exercise. The memories of those decisions will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Those of you who are combat veterans know this all too well.

And then, there are those who take the opportunity to act on evil impulses. They do what they should not, because it is war – and they feel justified.

Like I said, Israelis are normal people living under abnormal circumstances.

The good thing is that the perpetrators of such war crimes do get punished. Israelis do not tolerate such injustice among themselves.

Unfortunately, antisemites will not tell you of such things, because that doesn’t fit with their agenda.

War Trauma

There is also something curious that happens to some who suffer the trauma of war. They often try to soften the pain that they feel by attacking their own leaders.

This is why many Israelis have come forward to attack the actions of their government – even though those actions were justified and necessary. Unfortunately, this has given Israel’s enemies fuel for their unjust attacks against Israel.

Lazy Journalists

We also have a problem with bored and lazy journalists.

Most media outlets like to base their journalists in Israel – specifically Jerusalem. Israel does its best to protect the right of free speech, and journalists can say what they want without fear of the Israeli government. This is not true, anywhere else in the Middle East.

When the news is slow – and there’s nothing interesting going on – newspapers and television news networks still need to sell advertising. This means that idle journalists need to ferret out something – anything – that’s exciting and juicy. And, the first place that a lazy journalist with a deadline is going to look is right outside his – or her – front door.

THAT is one of many reasons why you get so much bad news from Israel. Lazy journalism at its finest.

Let’s Not Forget God

And then, there is God.

Let’s not forget that He has a direct interest in what goes on in the Land of Israel. Read what I wrote in Ezekiel’s Fire, here:

Ezekiel 36 and 37 – Tetrad One and Two

If you can read that and still believe that God has no interest in the Jewish people… well …I would have to put a question mark over your eternal condition. I really have a hard time believing that you are saved, if you are THAT blind.

There is also a real danger with such blindness.

When The Last Days Begin

In Luke 21, the disciples were admiring the Temple, exclaiming over how beautiful it was. Jesus proceeded to send them into a state of shock by saying:

As for these things which ye behold, the days will come, in the which there shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.

Luke 21:6

After that horrifying statement, Jesus then launched into a description of what would happen over the next 40 years, before that moment in time. And, as we know, everything happened exactly as He described – especially with the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple – in AD 70.

That takes us to Luke 21:24. And, it is this verse that spans exactly 1897 years. It says this:

And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

Luke 21:24

The people referred to here were the Jews, and for almost 1900 years, they were scattered to literally the ends of the Earth. And, Jerusalem was indeed controlled by the non-Jews for that entire time.

And then… after 1897 years …something happened.

June 7th, 1967

Luke 21:24 indicates that when the Gentiles (i.e., non-Jews) no longer control Jerusalem, the period of time allotted to the Gentiles will have been fulfilled – or become complete. To put it another way, the period of time set aside for them will have been finished. The word ‘fulfilled’ is the same one used when talking about fulfillment of prophecy.

When did that happen?

On June 7th, 1967, Colonel Motti Gur cried out three words to General Narkis, and to the world, “haHar haBayit b’Yadenu!” (The Temple Mount is in our hands). And, it marked the end of Gentile control of Jerusalem. Luke 21:24 had finally been fulfilled.

(A few hours later, my Dad suffered a terrible fright
when he heard the news of Jerusalem’s capture on the radio,
on his way to work
and found that he had missed The Rapture.

There is a picture running around somewhere of an Israeli flag flying from the top of the Dome of the Rock. That flag was ordered taken down by Moshe Dayan, but it remains as an incredibly symbolic moment in time.

So, can we say that Jerusalem is no longer ‘trodden down of the Gentiles’?

Well, I leave you to read the answer to that here:

Prophecy Clock – Is It All Over within a Couple of Decades?


Okay, I’ve written more two thousand words, so let me finish this with some points that you must understand:

  • Unsaved Jews are like anyone else who isn’t saved.
  • Israelis are normal people living under abnormal circumstances.
  • They do not deserve the vile hatred pointed at them.
  • God has plans for the Jewish people, so you’d better not stand in God’s way.
  • The Last Days began 48 years ago, but you won’t see that if you don’t understand Israel.

Please do not participate in this wave of antisemitism, and admonish all brothers and sisters in Christ who support antisemitism.

My normal fare of TEOTWAWKI will appear on Friday – Lord willing.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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