Genocide is Coming – Are You Listening?

Genocide has always been a part of human history. And, I spent some time on Sunday, walking through a genocidal moment in time that I normally try very hard not to think about. I was at Yad Vashem. It was The Holocaust. And, it was the most cold-blooded, efficient and industrialized mass-murder in the history of mankind.

It was also a snapshot of our future.

Netanyahu gave his warning, yesterday. I’ve been giving mine.

Are you listening?


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Genocide is Coming – Are You Listening?

It was one of our last few days in Israel, and I wanted to show my wife one of the things that drives me to do what I do – with the intensity with which I do it. So, on Sunday, I dragged us out to Yad Vashemand the nightmare that is The Holocaust.

As I said last week, Yad Vashem lies on the western slope of Mt. Herzl, overlooking the lush, green forests of the Jerusalem hills. It is an exquisitely beautiful setting for the greatest horror perpetrated by mankind.

This Is Hard For Even Me

It had been more than 25 years since I’d been to Yad Vashem, and I would have been happy to avoid going there for another few decades. To this day, I cannot watch movies about the Holocaust. Nor can I read books on the subject.

I discovered the horror of the Holocaust at a very young age, and I will never forget the book that I held and the shock that I felt – when I realized what Germany had done. I will never get over it, and I do not want to ever get over it.

Worse, was the discovery that my own country, the United States of America, played its own role in this insane murder of the Jews. IBM gave Germany the ability to identify the Jews and mark them for extermination. And, our government turned the Jews away, when they sought refuge at our shores. How despicable we are, for allowing this atrocity. And, when our bombers flew over Germany, not a single bomb was dropped on the railways bringing the hapless Jews to the camps.

Not. One. Bomb.

And, the Jews begged the Allies to bomb the railways and the camps – but they would not.

And, the Germans killed more than just the Jews. The physically and mentally disabled, the homosexuals, the Gypsies, the Polish Christians and Russian prisoners of war were all murdered in a massively efficient machine of death – a triumph of German engineering. When it was over, six million Jews, three million Polish Christians, and three million Russian Prisoners of War lay murdered at the hands of the German Nazis.

They Were Warned

As I walked through that museum and memorial to the fallen, I was struck by something else:

They were warned, but did not believe the warning.

And now, I find that we are in the same position. The warnings have gone out, and pretty much everyone has heard them. Yet, our brothers and sisters do not believe our warnings.

How do I know that they do not believe?

Because they do nothing

We Have Been Warned

The prophets have gone out, and the churches have been warned. The churches have cast the prophets out, and the destruction that we have been warning about… well …it’s coming – fast. The war against Christianity and Christians is gathering steam – as is the war against the Jews. But, God has prepared a place for the Jews to go – if they listen.

How about you?

Are you ready to listen?

Later this year, and into the next, a global debt default will begin and will sweep most of our financial system away. In fact, it might sweep all of it away. And eventually, most of us will even end up as victims of genocide.

Are you going to be ready for financial collapse?

Will you be ready if the US government chooses to go to war, because of this financial collapse?

Only 15%

Last month, Steve Quayle posted a link to this article:

It is an eye-opening piece that I want to go into – in more detail – sometime in the future. But, for now, I’ll just give you the conclusions:

Only 15% take action to survive

Only fifteen percent of any group of people take the immediate and necessary steps in an emergency – to survive that emergency.

The rest?

They just die.

And, as I look around at our society, I see people who have chosen to just die.

The dark irony, is that it might not take a lot of physical preparation – a little food, a little water and a lot of effort expended towards connecting with others. That may be all that you need.

(Although, more food and more water is always better.
And, please move, if you can)

The Example Of Israel

As I write this, I am sitting in the middle of a country that knows how to help each other. They don’t have much food or water, but they know how to work together as a community. This means that…

…Israel will survive what is coming.

Netanyahu’s speech before congress is an example of mental toughness and willingness to die fighting.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Full Speech To Congress (March 3, 2015)

YouTube shortlink:

If you haven’t seen or listened to his speech, you should. It is pure Israel.

Is Israel going to lay down and die?

No. The motto of Israel is:


Our leadership has chosen to lay America down and bare her throat to the sword of Islam. Our leadership has sold our birthright to the bankers for a handful of baubles. Our pastors have given us lies, instead of the truth – and sent us to sleep with the sweet lullabies of endless prosperity.

The Truth Is Harsh

Unfortunately, the truth is not so sweet. In fact, it speaks of a future full of suffering, death and despair – for those who do not heed truth’s warning. The prophets warned Israel and Judah, but they didn’t listen. The Zionists warned the Jews of Europe, but they didn’t listen. Netanyahu has been warning America, but the Americans haven’t been listening.

The Bible and the Holy Spirit is warning the church…

…are you listening?

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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35 thoughts on “Genocide is Coming – Are You Listening?”

  1. Dear John Little:
    Thank you for this article. I was wondering why my comment from your previous post (Hope, Genocide, Terror and Conflict) was eventually deleted while under moderation. All the information there was true and factual.


    I do agree that the events of this generation are unfolding as the events in world history from 1933 to 1945 and WW2. Despite, your excellent work, if you continue to show historical inaccuracies, I will correct you. I know the truth hurts, but you are behaving like a CONTROLLED OPPOSITION for world Zionism. You can delete comments that do NOT fit your storyline, but the truth will prevail: even my truth. Thanks, Norbert.

    • Hi Norbert,

      It is disheartening to see someone like yourself repeating the lies that you believe to be true. I have spent a great deal of time researching these issues, so I know where these lies come from. And, I know evil at their heart.

      I am responsible before God, for all the truth and lies told here. One day, I will answer to God for all of it. Freedom of speech is NOWHERE in the Bible.

      Norbert, your passionate acceptance of such lies makes me believe that you face an uncertain eternity. You must repent, Norbert, before it is too late.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. Here were two comments at that were in regard to the climate engineering that also bring to mind that time is short or so it would seem :

    –The real problem with this spraying is it is being controlled by the shadow or secret government. This secret government is well corroborated by whistle blowers who have come forward with information. Unfortunately there is little of a complete picture as the whistle blowers have had information only on their area of expertise, as far as I know. There is a variation of this secret government, which exists in most large countries. They are responsible for the charges against the government of: drug smuggling, money laundering, black ops, murders, secret operations in other countries, etc. These exist along with the CIA and other government organizations. They are not hampered by laws, morals, ethics, or consequences. There is no visible oversight of it, and it seems if you displease them, you simply disappear, or are murdered, or get cancer and die a short, quick death. Even the President of the USA is not advised of this secret government, as he does not have a high enough security clearance.
    Spraying is one of their projects, which are designed to achieve, ultimately, a NWO, through various methods, which are being implemented now. The UN is involved with organizing the NWO…
    These sites have their own viewpoint, but the point is they know about the secret government. There are many other resources on google about the secret government. Chemical spraying is, unfortunately, just the tip of the iceberg.
    This information is available to anyone willing to investigate and research it. It is not a pretty picture, and gets more and more complicated and fantastic as the research progresses. The research will take you to many ideas and facts not easily accepted and unprepared for. The (secret) government is basically out of control. We are in for some very major changes in the foreseeable future, as far as the situation appears now.
    This earth may be totally unrecognizable, in 25 years, politically, economically, environmentally, socially, unrecognizable, at least to us, living in 2014…
    I have to ask myself, folks, knowing what we know about chemical and germ warfare in the military arena over the last 100 years or so, if the geoengineer-asswipes really wanted to kill us all would they not resort to some ultra-high-tech killing agent that could be easily dispersed from their jets? Or is this already underway….infecting all of us with nano-bots that kill upon command by a signal from say, a cellphone tower for example?
    Yes, I know this sounds too fantastic to take seriously but I cannot escape my sixth sense that this agenda cannot possibly be only about altering and moving weather systems at will. If they can succeed in doing that, then “the world is their oyster”. They can literally do virtually anything to feed their psychopathic lust for dominance.
    Here in St. Louis in the weeks leading up to this so-called polar vortex (what an absurdity, they really do take us for morons don’t they?) there was non-stop spraying of trails morn, noon, and night. And now, suddenly, now that the freeze is upon us, not one single chemtrail can be found anywhere. The ignorance of the people is deeper than we can ever imagine….the sleep, near total.

    –It saddens me to no end, to realize our government has simply become a haven for criminals and sociopaths, it has become naked in its tyranny and perversion. This is self evident as they pass law after law penalizing and destroying the lives of whistle blowers, the people who reveal their treachery to the world. This government is an evil monster, it seeks to bankrupt each and everyone of us and then have us eek out a meager existence on government assistance while the politicians, and oligarchs will wallow in unfettered gluttony, a true Soviet style communist takeover is happening, there is only the pretense of 2 parties there is only one. A political caste that has been thouroughly corrupted through the need for money to be elected. Once the middle class is destroyed there will be no one in their way. No one to raise objection for fear of losing their EBT or section 8 vouchers,. No one left to protect what should be protected. If you think you have paid your home off, think again, they only increase land taxes until you no longer possess your home. We live in a state of utter tyranny. Our forefathers told us it would come here born from within and they were right. Who are we trying to save the world for? I often ask myself that question. There is something inherently wrong with humans. By design we gravitate to mediocrity and destructive self indulgence. I see no end to our suffering. Why do governments always become evil, indifferent, wasteful and destructive, why do they always destroy what should be protected? Enlightened self interest? We must make a system that does not allow sociopaths to participate, better yet, we must find the genes that make men and women sociopaths and change that sequence forever through some type of gene therapy. As it stands to date ALL governments made by humanity have been infested, corrupted and destroyed by sociopaths since the dawn of time. ALL of them, all of our systems are made to be corrupted by sociopaths they ALL have since the dawn of time. There is only one solution to find what makes us sociopaths and to forever change it or this scenario will be played out through humanities lifespan which at the present doesn’t seem too long.

    • You keep referring to psychological disorders as if satan has nothing to do with the way certain folks conspire against the rest of us. Frankly, I don’t believe in psychological disorders that are not manipulated or caused by satan.

      Watch the Vatican and their Mt. Graham Observatory and Planet X.

  3. This link really hit home with what you are emphasizing (Coming Soon…). It summed up some things that you and other watchmen have been warning about. This article makes it seems SHTF soon and roundup of dissidents will be happening in near future as well (as we get closer to 2018, which some think is a milestone year in which the power structure wishes to have nations like America purged of dissidents beforehand during 2015-2017 as the global financial reset nears).

    Totalitarian Rule in America: False Flags, Secret Prisons, Extrajudicial Assassinations, Media Censorship, The Rounding Up of Alleged ‘Terrorists’

    • Hi Maximus,

      Yup, all of that is coming. All of it, and more. However, there is one thing that will stop all that in its tracks for a few years:

      It will kill a billion people (hopefully less), and it will stop the Illuminated Ones from continuing their dark plans.

      Ultimately, Jesus and His Father are our only hope.

      Thank you, Maximus.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. I cannot tell you how many times I have read articles like this, that mention “preps” as being , storing food and water. Never is it mentioned acquiring a means to protect your stores of food and water. It is like the word, GUN, is not permissible , because it might provoke an irrational response from a left-wing wacko. You better sit down kids, I’ve got something to say; storing food and water, without guns and ammo, means you will have neither.

    • Hi SWIFT,

      Just understand that it doesn’t matter how many guns that you have, if you do not have a community around you. Too many ‘preppers’ believe that guns are more important than good neighbors. The opposite is true.

      I’d rather be in a community of like-minded people armed with baseball bats, than being by myself with a great gun.

      You can’t do this alone.

      Thank you, SWIFT.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  5. “And, it was the most cold-blooded, efficient and industrialized mass-murder in the history of mankind.”

    58,000,000+ American children would beg to differ. That is nearly ten fold the size of the holocaust. Of course to many it doesn’t matter because as a matter of law that is settled which makes it insignificant in the minds of most people including those that profess to be Christian.

    • Hi David,

      It is certainly true that Abortion has murdered far more. But, I am reluctant to compare the two. Both are so foul and evil… that …trying to decide which is worse…

      …well, the attempted comparison would seem to downplay the one or the other.

      What my statement attempted to capture was the industrialization of evil… how efficient they were in their work. I don’t even have words to properly encompass such an inhuman effort, against a group of people so obviously human.

      But, you are right to raise the issue of abortion, and the fact that we have allowed this terrible evil… well …I fear the judgment that we will receive because of it.

      Thank you, David.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. I’ll tell you this, I will die fighting for my rights. I will not die like some Jew being hauled off to a FEMA CAMP. I will take more than a few with me when I go.

    What people must realize is that it is now time to put our lives on the line, because nothing else will stop those criminals at the top. When just like the Jehadist we come to understand, that the only thing our government is afraid of is American Citizens who are willing to die for their beliefs.

    Our government has not won a war since WWII because of the tenacity of dedicated patriots defending their country, whether it was Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, or any other country our government has invaded in its quest of Hegemonic destruction of any and all who would not bow down to our raping of their resources.

    • Hi Rumplestiltskin,

      Just be careful to make sure that this is what God wants you to do.

      Men of God are not free to kill for political or financial gain.

      We are allowed self-defense and the defense of others. But, it would be unwise to test God’s will in seeking to do more than that.

      Please seek God’s direction, RS.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. I’m listening John. Maybe our greatest need now is to keep praying that we may escape what is coming upon the inhabited earth and to stand before the Son of man. I think most view day to day events as normal and don’t perceive anything monumental occuring to disrupt our shallow, self absorbed lives. I see just the opposite. I see evil, demonic traitors building a prison system for the rest of us where those allowed to live will be total slaves. Perhaps like the Hunger Games! While some events appear to be introduced subtly, they are introduced non the less. Such as Obama moving to federalize all police. The FCC take over of the internet. The sudden take down of the internet and all communications in several areas of the U.S. at the same time. I think it is likely a big event or series of events is upon us which will justify the take down of communications while heavily armed enforcement locks down areas to arrest those undesirable on their lists. The flames of war continue to be fanned with Russia and in the middle east. Dave Hodges article was interesting and comprehesive today. Once again he points our attention to How can they project a massive population drop for some countries, including the U.S. within 10 years? I’m afraid what appears to be normal to those not paying attention is going to change in a heart beat, just like with 9/11.

  8. Eventually God stops warning and starts sending.Ezekiel 9
    The door is shutting for good, (not on the wicked) He has already given them over.Romans 1 The door is shutting for good on the foolish virgins who chose to remain lukewarm.Matthew 25.

  9. John
    I am not undermining the Jewish Holocaust but what about what the Boshevicks did in Russia under Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin and the one after Stalin. More people were slaughtered there than Nazi Germany. Many millions more. What about the Abortion Holocaust in the United States. Again 50 million plus. Also what the Babylonian AntiChrist Catholic Church did to anyone who would not submit under It’s authority. Again Millions slaughtered. It is the annihilation of Humanity itself by the Evil Powers under the Control of Satan.

    • Hi Tracy,

      I agree completely. Those were all awful, foul evils that rank up there with The Holocaust. And, I have spent some time looking into the horrors of such events.

      Maybe it’s just me, but there appears to be something in The Holocaust that goes beyond mere numbers of dead. The efficient industrialization of such evil adds a depth and dimension that is hard for even myself to describe.

      And, I believe that the Holocaust is the closest model that we have for what the Antichrist will do to us, when he arrives.

      But, your point is well taken, Tracy. Thank you.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  10. YOU KNOW JOHN,in 1936,my uncle DAVID was a US army special forces demolishion expert,AND they sent him to NAZI germany,His job was for him and his team to go around europe and see what it would take to blowup all the dams and bridges,railroads,anything the Nazi’s were using,IN 1943,THE NAZI’S set a trap and my uncle and his team were captured,Someone dropped a dime on them,HE spent the next two years in prison camps,all over,I grewup sitting on his knee,and the jewish man who saved his life,they both came home together,and were the greatest of friends,now my being IRISH,you know they spent most of their time at my house,THATS how the IRISH used to be,I heard all the stories of the CAMPS and life in nazi germany all the way up till they came home,SOME OF IT was horrifing,and THE SAME THING IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN in america,ONLY even more hightech this time around,THERES going to be a mass slaughter in america that will shock the world,WERE seeing a replay of the raise of NAZI germany all over again,WITH OBOOZO leading the charge,I can’t hardly tell people how bad its going to be,THIS TIME, it will be the chinese and muslims,THE LORD has shown me everything coming,Including ISRAEL’s future,I’ve been kicked out of all the churches,police stations,bars,businesses,and you name it…They refuse to believe whats coming,and the BIG asteroid will hit and the storm will start,everywhere,THERE won’t be many survivors,THE LORD says 51,000, world wide,7,000 in ISRAEL,maybe a few hundred in america,not many anywhere,and every single one will be the LORDS people,no one else……….

  11. WHEN the LORD calls you to leave JOHN,LISTEN to what he says,go where he tells you to go,HE told me hes going to send his people to a town,and then PUT HIS HAND over them,and they will be safe,Everyone else in ISRAEL will die,and stay away from the temple mount,IT will be destroyed,something HITS IT,and its gone,I’ve told several people,Oboozo is going to NUKE ISRAEL,their going to send nuclear rockets into space and then bring them down right over IRAN,AND THEN hit ISRAEL with them,and BLAME IT ON IRAN,they won’t have a clue what happened,and niether will anyone else,BUT THE LORD KNOWS,yes, war is coming to ISRAEL,you know why……….

  12. I’m in complete agreement, Steve. I believe that the Prime Minister had to get his message out in a manner of warning our people about what happened to the Jews in Europe, about how history always repeats itself. Will we ever learn?
    I’ve been awake now for some time. There are only a few watchmen I listen to. They are all on Hagmann and Hagmann…and I love you and pray for you all. But you were the first one I ever heard. You taught me and I appreciate you so much. Please don’t quit what you’re doing because what I learned from you awakened my church. They’re all warriors.
    We are now learning exactly what Ephesians 6:12 means and how it relates to Psalm 91 in how to use the sword of the spirit.
    I’ve had a dream about the lateness of the hour complete with animals that aren’t from this earth. I’ve had an invisible spirit inside my home that pushed me backwards until I hit my head again and again. Satan is sly so he’s tried to kill me several times. I’m so grateful for Psalm 91 and I say it as a prayer for you now, inserting your name where it’s appropriate.
    God bless you,
    Jessica Hennessee

  13. Sorry JOHN,I forgot,THE LORD showed up at my house a while back,and HE HAD THE TWO WITNESSES with him,now these are really NICE OL’E GUYS,now this is a WARNING JOHN,you Israelies better not let NOTHING happen to them while their in your country…THESE ol’e guys are the best friends of our dear LORD,keep your eyes open for them,hahaha,you won’t have no problem spotting them……….They might be there now…..

  14. If anyone questions regarding the future of Israel, read Romans 11.

    25 For I would not, brethren, have you ignorant of this mystery, lest ye be wise in your own conceits, that a hardening in part hath befallen Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in;

    The word is “until”. Once completed, we wait for His Glorious return. The rest, times up.
    PTL if you have been grafted in and for His mercy.

    Bibi’s speech was a testimony to not only to Amerika, but to the world of the true ideology and intentions of Islam. I find it remarkable how God always uses people all through history to reveal the plans of some physcopathic leader. Yet they refuse to repent.

    In that day, Amerika will not come to Israel’s defence. No one will. Except our King!

    Look up for our redemption is near…


    • Secular Israel and Orthodox Judaism is not under the protection of Yahweh and His Son. They rejected the Son and are of the “synagogue of Satan.”

      “He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.” — John 3:18

      “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.” — 1 John 2:22

      “Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also.” — 1 John 2:23

      “For there is no respect of persons with God.” — Romans 2:11 [Which means God shows no partiality of favoritism among men.]

      If God shows no favoritism, then He cannot show partiality to the Jews that are still rejecting belief totally and those that believe in Yahweh only and not the Son. Israel was the chosen people because they were the people God was using to show an example to the world. In Deuteronomy 28, God told Jews about blessings if they obeyed and curses if they did not obey. God has rewarded the secular and orthodox Jews with bitterness for their unbelief and disobedience.

      • Hi Janice,

        This is true except that you have something wrong.

        God DOES play favorites.

        Just look at this verse:

        According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love: – Ephesians 1:4

        God chose us before even the world was created. He chose us, and not others. THAT is playing favorites.

        Furthermore, God lives up to His promises and prophecies (which are the same thing with God). God said that Israel will be saved in the Last Days – and therefore, it will be SO.

        Thank you Janice.

        Yours in Christ,

        John Little

  15. Benjamin Netanyahu Prophecy

    Prophetic Word spoken by Wendy Alec regarding Benjamin Netanyahu in April 2008:


    While the nations rage against you and I shall hook out the nations even those of the West that the world shall see their true intents and their evil schemes against My Land. And no longer shall their intentions remain hidden from view, says the Lord For I am roused with a holy anger against them and as you speak I SHALL SPEAK. And as you roar I SHALL SURELY ROAR FROM ZION. For you are My chosen vessel for Israel in these last and coming days.

  16. Hi, John. I miss your regular column. I know you’re working on Ezekiel’s fire, but still.

    Like you, I warn and warn. I send out a daily email of news that summarizes the spiritual aspects of current events. My family and friends think I’m a conspiracy theory nut. No matter, I keep sending out the warnings. I had a massive spiritual vision from the LORD one year ago. At His leading, I typed up and sent out His plea to His own to prepare spiritually for the holocaust soon to erupt. I received more jaundiced looks, and even further whispers about my mental state. No worries, I can handle it.

    I PLEAD with people to: 1) READ the Word, then meditate on it, 2) PRAY in the Spirit according to His Will, 3) HOLD FAST to the LORD with all one’s strength.

    I have done all I can do to prepare in the physical sense. I will not buy a weapon. I have received no indication that we are to move, so we will “shelter in place”.

    After all this, all one can do is wait. Watch. Pray. Remain faithful.

    The U.S. has all the “big boy toys” in the form of weaponry. There is nothing the private citizen can do to defend against the might of the U.S. military, even when in the company of other patriots. It is a fool’s errand to think otherwise. And the electoral box? There’s really no need to say anything further.

    If the LORD would have us be poured out for the sake of the testimony of our LORD, then so be it.

    I was saddened to read you will be leaving Israel. I would be there, if I could.

    • Hi bert,

      God bless you brother, for your dedication to the Lord and the Body of Christ. Keep up the good work.

      I am truly sorry to retreat from my daily messages, but the time for warnings is over. Yes, we must still encourage those who are listening, but it is now time to look beyond the catastrophe that has already begun to arrive.

      As for Israel, my life is still involved with the children of Jacob – and the land that God promised to his descendants. Eventually, over the next year-or-so, my wife and I will be back in Israel to stay – Lord willing, and assuming that we survive the events of the next few months.

      Again, God bless you, Bert. Keep up the good work, brother.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  17. Not to diminish the atrocities committed by Hitler, but the inquisition of the Vatican (Jesuits and Dominicans) was far greater than the Holocaust committed by Hitler and those that supported Hitler, such as, the Vatican/papacy, Henry Ford, Prescott Bush, and other luciferian elites of that time. Make no mistake about it. The Vatican is at the top of the food chain today pulling the strings on world chaos.

    • Hi Janice,

      I agree.

      The Vatican is indeed the greatest murderer that has ever lived. In fact, you could make a case for her being involved with the Holocaust in a tangential way – or even directly.

      However, one of the great horrors of The Holocaust lies in the industrialization of genocide. This is something new to our experience.

      More importantly, I believe that The Holocaust is an archetype of what will happen to us as the Kingdom of the Antichrist arises.

      Thank you, Janice. Excellent point.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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