Gog and Magog Rise as the West Falls

The heat under the global pot is rapidly bringing us to a catastrophic boil. Russia is making allies in the Middle East. Little Greece is standing firm against EU pressure. Islam rears its ugly head. The American police state grips the US even more tightly. Oil is an even bigger problem than you may have realized. Our Muslim-in-Chief has set his sights on Israel.

And, all of this is bringing us closer and closer to a meeting that I’d rather avoid:

Gog and Magog

We are in more trouble than you can shake a stick at.


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Gog and Magog Rise as the West Falls

Sitting in Jerusalem gives me a ring-side-seat for Apocalypse. It shouldn’t make that much difference – being in Jerusalem, instead of Taipei. But, it does.

All the catastrophes that are bringing us face-to-face with prophecy… all of them …are centered here. On a tiny patch of ground. That kilometer-square outcrop of rocky ground – called Jerusalem – really shouldn’t make that much of a difference. But, God placed His name there, and Satan wants to own it for precisely that reason.

Why that should be so, is difficult to determine.

I’m just grateful that we don’t need to worry about that, and can concentrate instead on stuff that’s more important. Like, helping brothers and sisters in Christ to survive the absolutely insane amount of destruction that is barreling down upon us.

It’s almost as if the New World Order elites have read the catastrophes described by the Old Testament prophets and the Book of Revelation – and decided that this would be a wonderful idea.

What we are seeing right now, is really THAT bizarre.

What insanity drove America to pick such a stupid fight with Russia?

Why did we allow tiny Greece to destroy the European Union?

Where did our love affair with Islam come from?

How did Peak Oil sneak by us – without our notice?

I don’t know.

Yes, I understand many of the reasons for why the above is happening. I could talk ad-nauseum about a host of issues that are fundamental to the horrifying future that we are rushing headlong into.

But, the big picture?

No. There’s a depth to the insanity there that is so far beyond my ability to comprehend – that I give up trying to understand it. And frankly, I don’t want to understand something that… that… psychotic.

Satan is engaged in a war with God that he cannot possibly win. Yet, he persists, and I find that to be incomprehensible. Nevertheless, I am your faithful war-correspondent in this struggle, so let’s get to that.

Israel In The Crosshairs

Israelis will go to the polls on March 17th to elect a new government, and Barack Hussein Obama has decided to do everything that he can to keep Benyamin Netanyahu from becoming Israel’s next Prime Minister.

I talked last week about the US State department sending an elite campaign group to Israel for the sole purpose of politically assassinating Netanyahu. And now, we have evidence of Obama working with Israeli Muslims to stir up trouble for Israel and Netanyahu in the elections.

Then… we have Obama giving $24 million of heavy weapons to Hezbollah… er, I mean …Lebanon – along with Saudi Arabia and France giving $3 billion in arms. War is coming and the US and Saudi Arabia are making sure to maximize the number of Israelis that will die.

But… at the same time …it is still amazing to see that Israelis have such a rock-hard determination to keep Jerusalem, that the Labor Party has renamed itself ‘the Zionist Camp’.

The Labor Party is the Zionist Camp?


Well, Zionism is alive and well in Israel. So, if the socialists want to win the election in March, they had better connect to that Zionism.

And, what is Zionism?

Let me answer that by asking you another question:

What is the OTHER name for Jerusalem?


So, those of you who are hoping that Israel will give up even one inch of Jerusalem… well …you had better stop holding your breath.

Read more here:




Islam And Obama

Yet, there are still some who persist in their hatred of Israel – even though they claim that they follow Jesus. To those of you who continue to revile the Jewish state, I have this question:

Don’t you know that you have allied yourself with Islam?

To hate Israel is to love Islam. It really is that simple.

Well, who is it that is killing Christians in the Middle East?

It’s not the Jews or the Israeli government. In fact, Israel is the only place in the Middle East where Christianity is growing and thriving.

Just a few miles south of where I am sitting right now, the Palestinians have systematically driven out the Christians of Bethlehem – so that there are very few followers of Christ in the birthplace of Jesus.

And, America has a President who claims to be a Christian, while supporting Islam at every turn. He wears a ring that says, “There is no god but Allah” – a statement also known as the Shahada. And, he has worn that ring since he was in college – BEFORE he ever met Michelle.

And then, let’s not forget ‘moderate’ Islam. In fact, here’s a ‘moderate’ Muslim, speaking to ‘moderate’ Muslims, about ‘moderate’ Islam:

Norwegian Islamic Leader Fahad Qureshi: All Muslims Believe in Death Penalty for Homosexuals

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/JeC2OLv_Fhw

MEMRI URL: http://www.memritv.org/clip/en/4027.htm

So, I guess that we can now lay the term ‘radical Islam’ to rest. There is just Islam, and it is evil-incarnate.

Read More, here:









Gog And Magog Rise

As I look at:

…American failures in the Ukraine…

…US anti-Russian hysteria…

…the deals Putin is making around the world…

I see complete and utter disaster for the US and the rise of Gog and Magog. It’s as if they decided to follow the script laid out by Ezekiel 38 and 39.

Now, that ‘script’ doesn’t say much about the United States, except to indicate that the United States does nothing to stop Gog and Magog. This means that the United States either doesn’t exist or no longer has operational nuclear weapons.


Because, as I’ve mentioned before, the American Empire cannot survive without the Petrodollar. The Petrodollar allows the US government to print, borrow and spend as much money as she wants. The Petrodollar allows the US to have a magnificent military. The Petrodollar allows America to enslave the world.

But, if Russia comes down with all her allies – to take over the Middle East – the Petrodollar will cease to exist. And THAT is a situation that the psychopaths in Washington D.C. would use nuclear weapons to stop – no matter WHAT Russia would do in response.

The Petrodollar really is that important – to THEM.

Unfortunately, America seems to be goading Russia into destroying the United States, and that is very strange.

However, there is one ray of light. It comes in the form of the Russian character and the way Russia fights her enemies.

The basic Russian strategy is to retreat and then allow enemies to exhaust and destroy themselves.

This has worked well over the centuries, and is one of many reasons why Napoleon and Hitler failed so miserably. It is also why Russia has valued lots of land, so that she can have enough space for a long retreat – as well as giving the enemy enough time and space to fall apart.

So, as long as the fools in Washington D.C. do not actively plan to use nuclear weapons against Russia, maybe… just maybe …America won’t be nuked back into the stone age. Maybe the United States will suffer the catastrophic, financial blow that we are anticipating this year – and in 2016. Maybe America goes quietly into the night and ceases to be a threat to anyone. Maybe America DOESN’T need to be nuked, so that Gog and Magog can come down to attack Israel unopposed.

It is my fervent hope that America is merely neutralized, instead of destroyed. But, you and I would be fools to rest on such a shallow hope.

Please prepare for nuclear destruction, and pray that it never comes.

For more on the Russian character and their way of dealing with enemies, go here:

Peculiarities of Russian National Character

I’ve worked with a lot of Russians, and the description by Dmitry Orlov resonates with my own experience.

The other side of this awful coin is that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is calmly making allies and doing grave harm to American hegemony. For instance, THIS is a HUGE blow to the United States:

“Isolated” Russia Agrees Free-Trade Zone & Military Cooperation With Egypt

Egypt to join Russia-led Eurasian free trade zone

In fact, Egypt got so cocky, that she did this:

Egypt leader on defensive over claims he mocked Gulf allies

Of course, the Egyptians can afford to be a bit ‘cocky’. When the US falls, Egypt and Israel will be the only countries with enough power to stop Iran from invading Saudi Arabia.

But, still… This was a bad move by Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi… to be caught on tape – talking trash about his Arab ‘brothers’.

Unfortunately, for all of my hopeful talk about the Russians taking a patient approach to the Ukraine, we are still faced with a strong possibility of Putin-and-friends turning to nuclear weapons. The US has crossed Russia’s ‘red lines’ and made existential threats. This is NOT something that Russia can ignore.

Here are a couple articles that should give you pause:

Putin’s Top Security Advisor: “Current US Approach Leads To Inevitable Confrontation With Russia And China”

Russia Deploys Nuclear ICBM Launchers On Combat Patrol

Oh, and if you think that the Russians are going to lose in the Ukraine, think again:

Ukrainians Rage Against Military Draft: “We’re Sick Of This War”

Yeah. Things don’t look so good for the psychopaths in Washington D.C.

Read more, here:






Peak Oil Brings Down The West

As I mentioned above, America MUST defend the Petrodollar. Her empire will fall if the world is able to buy oil in any other currency than dollars. The Chinese, Russians and Iranians have been nibbling away at this oil-for-dollars system, but the Petrodollar still stands. For now.

But, there is something that threatens Pax Americana, from an unexpected direction:

Peak Oil

Many have tried to claim that Peak Oil is a figment of our imagination, but I have some recent proof that is impossible to argue with:

Drilling Rig Efficiency Statistics

It’s getting harder and harder to get oil out of the ground, so we have had to get more drilling rigs and send them out to drill wells. And, the amount of oil that is being produced by the wells that were drilled by these rigs, is declining – and declining FAST.

Here is a chart:

Drilling rig efficiency is about HALF of what it was in the year 2000, and THAT is very, very bad news. VERY bad news.

This means that we have passed the peak and are approaching the cliff. And yes, there really is a ‘peak oil cliff’. To put it another way, the availability of oil will decline many, MANY times faster than it increased during the ‘boom’ years.

And, we are NOT ready for this.

The global economy in general – and the US economy in particular – are NOT ready for a decline in the availability of oil. Our economic systems are built upon the idea that there will always be enough energy to fuel the growth of our economies. And, when that idea fails to be true, our economies will suffer catastrophic collapse.

Gail Tverberg has written an excellent three-part series about what happens when energy declines in an economic system like our own. Her style is more ‘scholarly’ than my own, but if you can wade through it… you will be very impressed.

But, if you can’t get through it all, at least look at the charts and diagrams. They’re worth the price of admission.

Here are her three parts:

A new theory of energy and the economy – Part 1 – Generating economic growth

Charts showing the long-term GDP-energy tie (Part 2 – A New Theory of Energy and the Economy)

The Problem of Debt as We Reach Oil Limits

If you can internalize all that, you will know – beyond the shadow of a doubt – that great disaster is in our future. The world as we know it now is doomed to crash and sink upon the deadly reef that we call peak oil.

Read more, here:



Greece WILL Destroy The EU

They are calling it the Grexit – or, Greek Exit – but future historians will call it one of the biggest financial calamities to strike since… since… well, since forever.

Of course, it won’t be the fault of Greece. The blame for the Grexit will fall squarely upon the shoulders of those who designed and constructed the EU – as well as the awful bureaucrats in Brussels.

Oh, and the other part of the fault will lie with the tax payers of northern Europe who did not want to pay the price for unification. They felt that southern Europeans were lazy bums, and the hard-working northerners did NOT want to pay out large sums to buy up the toxic debts of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain – Aka, the PIGS.

So, because Europe didn’t want to ‘federalize’, Greece will be shown the door. Unfortunately, this will cause a massive financial tsunami.


Well, even though Greece has only 11 million people and about $300 billion in debt, the other PIGS are bigger than Greece, with bigger problems. Portugal, Italy and Spain will want a better deal, if Greece gets a better deal. Fair is fair.

But, even THAT is not the problem.

The problem is what happens to the tens of trillions of dollars of derivative contracts floating around – derivative contracts tied to the Euro and Greek debt. We already had banks fail when Switzerland broke the peg between the Swiss Franc and the Euro.

What will happen when Greece defaults?

Then Spain?

Then Portugal and Italy?

Banks around the world will fall. The EU will crumble. Anything and everything that is teetering on the brink of failure will be pushed over the brink.

Can it be stopped?

Not unless northern Europe summons the will to impoverish themselves for the sake of unity. And THAT is just not going to happen.

So, prepare for the worst.

Read more, here:









The Baltic Dry Index At 553

The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) has NEVER been this low. And THAT is very, VERY bad news. The talking heads have either ignored this bit of news, or have papered it over with stupid nonsense.

To my mind, there is no more clear an indicator of the near future for the economy, than the BDI. For it to be this low means that the economy has failed. For it to have fallen so quickly over the past three months, means that the economy has crashed.

Are you ready for this?

It’s Apocalypse

In our modern world, we use the term Apocalypse to describe a catastrophe of Biblical proportions. However, it really just means ‘revelation’ – as in a vision, or a prophecy. But, what I have described here is so bad that it truly is a catastrophe of Biblical proportions AND a link to prophecy.

Gog and Magog are rising, and those that would oppose that great army described in Ezekiel 38 and 39 are falling. Once America falls – or is destroyed – all that Russia will need to do is consolidate her alliances – as described in Ezekiel – before attacking Israel.

Then, God will blast the Earth with that massive Solar flare that I call:

Ezekiel’s Fire

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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43 thoughts on “Gog and Magog Rise as the West Falls”

  1. John..greta info as always..i always wonder if “we” make such a big thing about the “moderate” muslim..is it because we know we are no more than a moderate Christian?..which is really no Christian at all?..We either follow Christ and believe all He says , or follow Islam and all it teaches..etc.. there is no moderate or middle..even God says He will spew us out of His mouth, the lukewarm, the moderate..by wanting to deal with the moderates it makes us feel better about or moderate Christian stance..If there are moderate Islams, then there must be moderate Christians..it just makes us feel safe in our belief or really lack of belief..

      • You do realize iran destroys saudi arabia so no one saves mecca ! Isaiah 21 elam is persia ect destroys saudi arabia so that then leaves iran to war with turkey or they make an pact !!! To attack israel together see the enemy of my enemy ect so you could or should study this and I dont know who you believe to be antichrist but jer 50 51 speaks of king of medes and also mt ararat and minni and ashkenaz well medes are kurds mt ararat is armenia and ashkenaz is modern day russia research it youll be amazed well they destroy babylon the great God calls them his santified ones so not evil ( santified ) is a good thing anyway just food for thought

  2. John – thank you for all you do and for sharing your insight and knowledge on all of the various situations and events of today and their correlations to scripture. God Bless you and your family in these trying and ominous times which we are living in.

  3. Check out Parablesblog.blogspot.com and his teaching on our Hebraic roots.
    His use of hell’s replacement name for Israel (Palestine) before the Roman empire assumed to erase the memory of ISRAEL should alert those not asleep to the deceivers in our midst.
    99% truth and 1% poison will kill you.
    It’s easy to spot the wolves who deceptivly and convincingly masquerade as Christians by their Satan inspired hatred of Zion.
    The dragon of Revelation 12 has speedily invaded the sanctuary (church) and like Obamanation the wolves give their allies, Islam, a pass while bashing and blaming Israel and the Jews for everything.

  4. There is one reason why I think that MAJOR nuclear conflagrations will not occur (but very small limited tactical nukes might be used in a few sintances) is in The Book of Revelation – where it states that Satan/The AntiChrist will cause The Mark of The Beast, or its Name or its Number 666 to be put onto the Forehead And/Or The Right Hand; and that none can Buy/Sell unless they have that mark!

    The only way to enforce this is a CASHLESS economy worldwide. This requires computers to run 24×7. And it means electricity is running, and wired and wireless systems are running. If the infrastructure of the world is damaged massively, the cashless (all electronic) society where all transactions are done would be impossible to implement (much less enforce).

    Hence, my thoughts that EMP/Nuclear holocaust worldwide is low probability. There will likely be a few small areas that could be nuked, which will precipitate a worldwide shock and condemnation !!! To which a New Saviour willappear – is this the time for E.T. (?) – who will recommend that the world needs a STABLE Financial Order.


    More information to the Dividing of Israel and the Judgments on America.
    Please read the conformations at the end of this report…………PLEASE



    March 17, 2015 election in Israel.
    March 20, 2015 USA votes against Israel and divides the land of ISRAEL….SUN ECLIPSE on this date.
    March 27-28, 2015 JUDGMENTS STARTS ON AMERICA in seven (7) days after the SUN ECLIPSE
    And judgments will last for Seven (7) months until September 28-29, 2015 on YHWH’s Feast of Sukkot….RED BLOOD MOON.



    Please view the info below, about the Judgment of America when it rejects Israel. Please pray and test it, thank you.

    Here is a word that is difficult for me to write. Do not judge me for this word, but test it like you should test any thing that a person says. If it does not come to past we will have more time. But if it does and you do nothing about it. Your blood will be on your head and not mine. I have been a Watchman on the wall since Aug.1978 when YHWH told me to tell His children that they will go through Hard times. Read Eze. 14 concerning what will happen when this comes to past. I did not get the word below, it speaks for itself. The only thing I received was concerning the Eclips of the Sun and the Blood Red Moons. Please view below. Please pray concerning this, only time will test it.
    I have other dreams that YHWH has given to me as a Watchman on the wall. I will send to anyone who desires to read.
    Time is short, please Pray and Prepare for what is about to come down.
    We may have little time to prepare.
    Please read!
    Rich Riding Sr.

    Is this the timing of the destruction of the U.S.A.?

    • Hi Truth Seeker,

      I couldn’t include all of the comment. It was just too long.

      I believe that we have slightly more time than the people you quoted indicate. Please also remember that the ‘Blood Moon Tetrad’ is not Biblical. The verses quoted by the proponents of this idea do not conform to these Lunar Eclipses.

      Having said that, we ARE running out of time. Also, I notice that you are still in the United States.

      If you believe that the destruction of the US is coming soon, why are you still in the United States?

      Please prepare, TS.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • On 2-7-1981 the YHWH woke me up at 5 am on the morning of the above date. There was a clap of thunder or a sound like a gun shot in my head…I was startled..I looked at Pat…she was sound asleep YHWH started to talk to me audibly….” I WILL LEAD YOU TO A FAR COUNTRY, YOU AND ALL YOUR FAMILY. HAVE NO FEAR OF WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU FOR I WILL LEAD YOU AND GUIDE YOU IN ALL OF YOUR STEPS. TAKE HEED THAT I HAVE TOLD YOU BEFORE HAND. YOUR BROTHERS I WILL LEAD ALSO, FOR I HAVE SPOKEN IT THIS DAY, FOR MY GLORY, WHAT I DO FOR MY NAME SAKE, SO MY WORD WILL GO FORTH IN THIS LAND.”

        When He finished I looked at the alarm clock it said 5 am….I thought to my self that YHWH sure gets up early in the morning…and instantly He spoke and said,”YHWH never sleeps.”
        Then he said,”Get up and write it down.” I got up and went to my den and opened my Bible to the blank page in the back, then He started to dictate what he gave in word for word. When He finished He said, “Read EZ. 14.” I did and His word said that there would be…war..famine..pestilent and wild beasts.
        At the time I had a Christian Book Store. As I studied the info that He gave me…I could not understand the wild beasts….I searched for over 6 weeks and then all of a sudden I thought ,get the Strong’s Concordance…I looked up the word beast and it said….like an invading army that you can’t go through..from place to place…There are other things that I can share with you if you are interested.
        Thank you again for your email
        Rich & Pat Riding Sr.


          Richard Riding, June 16, 1985

          I had a dream, I don’t know if I was in the spirit or body. I was at a fire station in Los Angeles, CA, early in the morning hours. It’s as if I was transferred there for a temporary stay. I had my uniform and fire gear in my car. I reported to the captain and was trying to find a bed to sleep in for the balance of the night. I went to the dormitory, upstairs, and it was full of beds with men sleeping in them. It was crowded and I found a bed without a mattress. So I decided to go down stairs, and when I got there, there were other firemen milling around out in the front of the station. I could see their faces and I knew some of them from my earlier days as a fireman (1962-1978). While outside I was talking to three chiefs of different rank. While we were talking, a particular high ranking chief (I don’t know who he was) came running out of the fire house towards his chiefs car in his turnout clothes, in a panic and I mean Panic. He tried to get in his chief’s car and drive away, but his aide (a fireman who drives for him) stopped him from doing so. He kept hollering, “I have to get out of here, I have to get out of here.”

          The next thing I heard was a wailing noise (siren). I looked up and heard a noise and saw, it seemed like thousands of jet aircraft traveling fast with their afterburners blasting. (I was in the Air Force for four years.) There were literally thousands of them. It was dark in the early morning and I could see the flames coming out of their engines’ tail pipes. I made a comment to one of the chiefs, “There are thousands of them.” (They were fighter aircraft.) The chief was looking at me with a scared look and I said to him, “Jesus is coming.” When I said this there was a bright flash in the sky and the heavens glowed with a bright light. I fell to the ground and heard screaming of the men around me. I could feel the heat of the light around me (it was an atomic bomb) exploding in the Los Angeles area. I then woke up and had the strangest feeling of emptiness that this is going to happen in Los Angeles, IT WAS SO REAL.

          Dream on 6/16/85

          Richard D. Riding Sr.

  6. Dear John Little:

    Great insight and analysis as always. Thank you for being a watchman and light/salt to the world and to those that follow your websites. I also go to other websites that I read as well like Dave Hodges and his CommonSenseShow or Tyler Durden and his ZeroHedge and other truther websites. One question has bothered me: Have your websites, but this website in particular, ever been cyberattacked? The reason I ask is because Dave Hodges’ Facebook account was suspended and his site cyberattacked. Other truther websites I read have also been cyberattacked. If your answer is NO, than you are extremely lucky or there is something else going on. The word Controlled Opposition with truth comes to mind. However, I am thinking something even more sinister, that begins with Z and also F or I or M-ophobe. As a man of God and Christ, please answer me that question honestly. Your answer will confirm my suspicions. However, I heed your articles religiously, but may not be as fervent as you are because I do not have the financial clout to do much other than to pray to God and Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. In the end, if we believe, only God/Jesus can protect us and our loved ones. Thank you and continue in your devinely inspired work as a watchman. Thanks, Norbert.

    • Hi Norbert,

      I have come under attack at various times, but I have a server that can handle such things. The difference between Dave Hodges and myself, is that he’s been doing this for much, much longer than I have. And, Dave has a much, much higher rank than I do.

      For instance, my rank is 408,227 on Alexa. Dave Hodges’ website is ranked at 24,888 (the lower the number, the better). This means that Dave’s site is more than 16 times higher (and more visible) than my own – which is why he gets more attacks, than I do.

      You can take a look at the statistics for yourself, here:



      I hope that helps. Please stay cynical. The only source of information that you should trust without question is the Bible. All else – including myself – are prone to error.

      Please also take the time to read through Ezekiel’s Fire, here:


      That should help you put our current situation into better context.

      Thank you, Norbert.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Dear john Little:
        Despite our differences on some things, generally I understand and agree with you. A little disagreement is a good and healthy thing. I understand the Alexa rating and also understand that TPTB and the likes of Google/Facebook etc. can manipulate the Alexa ratings numbers such that some websites are made unsearchable and pushed to the realm of nonexistance. I think http://www.jimstoneonline is one such website that comes to mind. I’m sorry I had to ask such a question, but I had to get it off my chest. No offense given and none taken. Write again soon. The election in Israel on 17 March should prove very interesting and may be very close – with the possibility that Benjamin Netanyahu may lose. Netanyahu has been stirring up a hornets nest of late that could hurt his chances. Keep on with the devinely-inspired work of God; yours in Christ for the blessed hope. Thanks, Norbert.

  7. John,
    Consider Isaiah 30:19 thru 26 in relation to Revelation 7:9 thru 17, and 8:1 thru 7. I believe the context of the sun being 7X brighter would seem to be why God will not allow the sun or any heat to touch them… I thought it was interesting when it dawned on me. Then we have the angel throwing fire down to earth. I don’t think people will be ready for this because they are looking for the rapture to happen before this. Either way, absents from the body is presence with the Lord. I just want to go home.

    • Hi Dan Auxier,

      I am with you on your desire to go home. However, there is much work to be done before we can down-tools and head for the exit. So, hang in there, brother!

      Please understand that the context of Isaiah 30 is the salvation of Israel. And, THAT must happen BEFORE Revelation 7 and 8.

      Please read through Ezekiel’s Fire for a better picture of what is going to happen. You can find it here:


      Thank you, Dan.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. A couple of things….

    First, the low Dry Baltic Index is being obfuscated by the striking West Coast dock workers.


    Second, we always think Satan’s goal is to win against God. But what qualifies as a win for him? Taking as many souls to Hell as he can. He knows he loses, he just doesn’t care. Every person against God is inherently with him and that’s how he “wins”.

    • Hi gibby62,

      Interesting point about the BDI. However, the dock worker strike would actually REDUCE the supply of empty cargo vessels and drive up the price of shipping – not lower it. Remember that when you reduce the supply of an item, the price goes up – not down. And tying up container ships outside of a harbor counts as a reduction in supply.

      Oh. And remember that the Baltic Dry index tracks bulk cargo shipping, not container shipping.

      And, your second point is a good one. I’m just glad that God has chosen us from before the foundation of the world! (Eph. 1:4)

      Thank you, Gibby!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

        • Hi Paul Lee,

          Is demand changing?

          To say otherwise, you would have to prove that the fundamentals of economics – along with cause-and-effect – no longer apply to our corner of the Universe.

          So, since the Baltic Dry Index has collapsed, we MUST assume that demand has collapsed, also.

          What other alternative do you have?

          Thank you, Paul.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • I don’t know how much this would affect things, but when an economy is failing and the 99% have less disposable income – or ANY income, disposable or not – demand does decrease, as in the terrible Black Friday and Christmas shopping season stats. Celente and others say that when this happens, desperate retailers drop their prices even more to try and stimulate sales. I guess that’s one of those “race to the bottom” dynamics. That is partially what they mean by “pent-up demand” – the demand may be there, but not the means to act on it, which to the retailers means lower prices might help. People still need food, clothing, etc – but with little money, will be buying less regardless.

  9. Hi John;

    A long informative article and a good one too, lots of links, lots of time spent to bring us words to consider and to prepare for.

    If and when something happens, I pray God will give you direction as to what to do while there in Israel
    If your on the roof top … Run for the hills … don’t go back and pack!

    As for me in Tampa Florida … Kaboom … one can only hope to be sleeping and wake up seeing heaven! Danger is real – Fear is in our thoughts and a choice!
    What insanity drove America to pick such a stupid fight with Russia?
    Why did we allow tiny Greece to destroy the European Union?
    Where did our love affair with Islam come from?
    How did Peak Oil sneak by us – without our notice?
    I don’t know either!!!!
    But we know … the prince of the power of the air, the ruler of this World and those Children of Disobedience who are knowingly or unknowingly doing Lucy’s bidding!

    Revelation 19:19 And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, GATHERED together to MAKE WAR against him that sat on the horse, and against his army. 20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.”

    Praise God!

  10. HAHAHA,.John,there ain’t nothing anyone can do,AMERICA ain’t a christian nation,IT totally worships SATAN,you see it on every street in the whole country,YEA they all want YAHAWEH’S laws,they just don’t want him or our dear LORD YAHUSHUA,so with that in mind,THE COUNTRY IS FINISHED,and CAN’T BE SAVED,mystery babylon the great, ain’t and WILL BE DESTROYED,I could really carry on about this,AMERICA worshipps their slave masters the police gangs,AND the LORD says america is going into HARD BONDAGE,and TOTAL SLAVERY….its the way they want it,HATE DEATH AND WAR,its the american way,And you know how OUR GOD feels about that,he HATES IT,…HE warned them and they don’t care what he says,OR what he’ll do to them,They are training a military to fight him on his return,CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT,they think they can win a war against the LORD??the majority of americans are BRAIN DEAD STUPID,THIS COUNTRY IS ENDING…..OH,he came by to visit me the other day,Wait till I tell you what he said……Later…

  11. 2 very important items to consider: fao food price index and gold to oil ratio. and what is significant about them. one is cost to produce(raw to finish product) and peak food versus peak oil. destruction of dollar is by having currency backing by precious metals. if a country backs there currency with metals it would make the monies more valuable than imf which is backed by usa monetary control(military) and no longer backed by gold. with oil so cheap makes gold cheap(only because of process to get), if 25 to 1 were to happen and price to come down, no new mining only those hell by private holders, this plan as been in process since usa left gold standard, they got tired of paying everybodys debt. who has that much gold in there coffers? second banks have to lend a lot of money at such low rates, greed folks, every one (latecomers) want their millions (too late). last check the supermarkets how many items (qty) by different providers, not enough for all, unless you are there on stocking date (good luck) you will have to utilize inferior product) (zero qa anymore), enormous number of recalls, people will take what ever they can get. if the fao exceeds 200 you will have food riots first then chaos and anarchy. days wages for a days pay. rich don’t care what cost is. when people get tired of going without for too long. morality (religion) cannot be used to stop the multitudes. you cant eat gold or drink oil, and if I don’t want to sell it, your millions wont buy you a loaf of bread, smart bullets work the same for all users.

  12. Hi John, I really enjoy reading your work. Recently I’ve been studying the complexities of Israel and how it fits into end times prophecy. I’m a born again, spirit filled believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and love the Jewish people. One thing that has been hard to determine the truth on is just who are the real Jews. Veterans Today has published some very good work on the IZCS (International Zionist Crime Cabal) and how they fit in with the corruption world wide and the ties they have with 9/11. I think I’ve been able to separate the Judiacs from the Zionist crime syndicate but it is very complex. I would like your introspection on this subject. I’m leaving a link here for you to read one of the articles by Preston James. Let me know what you think.

    • Hi glen harmer,

      Please, you MUST stop reading Veterans Today. Even though there are some good articles on the site, the poisonous antisemitism there is awful. And, it’s a lie.

      In fact, everything that they write that concerns Israel is a lie. It’s really sickening. Worse, their rhetoric will steer you AWAY from the Bible.

      Please remember that it doesn’t matter how awful the Jews are. What matters is God’s determination to save them. And, if you stand against God’s plans, you are resisting God, and that is a VERY, VERY dangerous thing to do.

      No. Actually, it’s a sin.

      Furthermore, you cannot find ANYWHERE in the Bible the requirement that we must determine who a Jew is. THAT is God’s job.

      So Glen, please step away from the anti-semites on Veterans Today, and read something that will steer you towards God.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  13. Hi John,
    Have you looked into the possible fulfillment of Rev 12 in September 2017? I value your perspective on current and coming events and would love to hear your take on it. Here is a link to a gentleman who discusses it (please over-look the mid-trib rapture stuff). Thanks!

  14. I’m curious about what will be known of history during the Millennium, but whatever, how could anything be crazier than to unite and make war against God after He’s just given you a thousand years of ideal living conditions??? A just peace that human government had never been able to attain?

    I’ve been rereading your discussion of Ez 38/39 on EF. There is an assumption that the US must have been disabled prior to the attack because it is not offering any protection to Israel. I’m not at all sure we can assume that – I do think the US is going to get it sooner or later, but just look at what is happening now – how supportive of Israel is our current government? Obama is trying to overthrow them politically as we speak, and strengthening Muslims wherever he can. He says he is fighting ISIS when in fact he is funding and supplying them. When the Yazidis were stuck on a mountain with no food or water, he “helped” them by dropping plastic gallon jugs of water from airplanes, which of course exploded on contact. This is not incompetence, it is deliberate. No one is so stupid they could not have anticipated that.

    So, it would not surprise me at all if this massive attack was mounted against Israel and our government just sat back and went tsk tsk tsk. People are getting slaughtered all over the world, and the only time our government pretends to care is if they have a not-very-well-hidden agenda based on something they want.

    Also, most scholars assume Gog is a political figure, but is he? He’s a “prince”, but what kind? Gabriel left Daniel to fight the Prince of Persia, but that was not a human prince. Does it fit the details that Gog may not be, either? Is the ‘prince’ word used for the Prince of Persia similar to the one used for Gog? It might explain referring to the same name/nation over such a long stretch of time. Russia may be Magog after all, but maybe the Lord is referring to a demon that has spent thousands of years working on these plans.

    Did ancient Israel have walls around most of their villages? I wonder if the reference to unwalled villages is a clue as to the time this prophecy will take place.

    What do you think of Tim McHyde’s position –


    that Ez 38 describes the post-millennial attack, and Ez 39 describes the attack just before the millennium begins? To Tim’s thinking, Israel’s living conditions are anything but secure at this time, nukes or no nukes. I would have to agree. And it would seem to make sense that Gog is a demon lord that just never gives up, and works through whoever is the political leader at the time.

    Whether or not he turns out to be the antichrist, Satan’s man is certainly in the White House. I keep praying that when judgement falls, the guilty will be punished more than the innocent. Seriously, the corrupt people at the top have so circumvented the political process that we have no hope of taking it back without a bloody revolution. They did this with such clever subterfuge that I really can’t put a whole lot of blame on the American people, however occupied they may be with football and reality TV, or working 3 part-time jobs to feed their kids thanks to the takeover and robbery in the financial sector. The average person on the street would be horrified at the thought of impoverishing the rest of the world just to feed a culture of overconsumption.

    There are crackpots and criminals in any society, but having lived here all my life of 60 years, on both coasts and in the middle, I can say that the majority of the Americans are decent, and it grieves me to think what is coming to them because of the hideous acts of a corrupt government. A farmer I knew slipped on some ice late one winter and broke his leg. It was a bad break. That spring, without even asking, his neighbors plowed and planted his fields. That’s just what everyone does, it’s an unwritten rule of sorts. There was a motherless family headed by an alcoholic father. They lived in deplorable conditions, with a dirt floor and no running water. The oldest girl was responsible and hardworking. The local women’s club in that tiny town put her through nursing school. A teenage girl was beaten by her father for getting pregnant; a local family took her in and she lived with them instead. Later, a single mother died of cancer and her teenage son was taken in by the same family. All this without using social services, just good hearted people doing the right thing. These are the kind of people I grew up with, that I see all around me, and it grieves me to think what has been done to their future, and they do not deserve it. I know it is the same elsewhere, nobody wants to send their kids off to war to get killed, nobody wants to get blown to bits, we all just want to live our lives in peace. Yet this vile force of evil keeps creating misery and chaos everywhere that it can. I cannot understand why God has permitted this for so many thousands of years. There have been worse governments than we see now, worse monsters leading worse armies, although the weapons were less advanced. But now things are getting worse again, and prophesied to become MUCH worse.

    • Hi DRG,

      As always, you write excellent comments.

      My answer to Tim McHyde’s position is to ask you to compare the writing of Ezekiel 38 and Revelation 20. And, they just do not fit.

      Ezekiel 36, 37, 38 and 39 all fit wonderfully together in a Tetrad.

      Of course, the bigger issue is the devastation that approaches us. As you indicate, my views on this can be seen here:


      I hope and pray that everyone will be walking closely with the Lord and ready when this comes.

      God bless you, DRG. We will understand when it’s all over.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  15. As a student of the Bible, you know that God gave his people the formula for future blessings through His Shemitah. Believers are to cancel debts and return property to their original owners every Jubilee. When was the last time that this Law was exercised? Go tell a banker that this is a Jubilee Year, and he will invariably raise your interest rate, not cancel your debt.
    The answers are ALL there if man is willing to follow instructions. It’s all about rebellion going back as far as the ‘Garden’.

  16. Blessings!

    Ezekiel 38-39 directly correlates with what happens in Revelation 17-18.

    America is destroyed in 1 day and in 1 hour on the day of sudden destruction.

    Subsequently Gog and Magog attack Israel, but is destroyed by God!

    It’s the cloudy day spoken of by the prophets! Better known as the Day of the Lord!

    It’s the day when the whole world will shake! The day when God will stand on the wall of defense with the plummet line in His hand and all who are found in Him on that day will be invited into the marriage supper of the lamb!

    Behold He cometh with clouds! If that day is like a twinkling of an eye to you, it will be glorious!

    But if that day is like the sound of war, fear, the snare, and the pit will be upon all who are left behind! There will be many dead bodies in every place! They shall cast them forth with silence! God will call for baldness upon every head, sackcloth upon all loins, and branding instead of beauty! The evil day will be upon all those who God has appointed to go through the great tribulation. Amen.

    I’ll be in Jerusalem this week my friend. I would like to fellowship if you will be there. Hope to hear from you soon.


    Zechariah 8

    Tishri 5777


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