War Must Come

The day after I wrote War and Collapse in 2015last weekSteve Quayle posted this link:


That article is a truly awesome bit of geopolitical analysis that spells doom for the American Empire. It indicates that there will be another war in the Ukraine. And, this time it will be far bloodier, with more civilians killed.

And, their blood will be on the hands of the American elites.

The other casualty of this war will be the EU. They will be forced to choose between Russia and the US – and will be torn apart as they dither.

The big winners?

China and Russia.


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War Must Come

As we fit the pieces of the future together, the picture that emerges is one of devastation and collapse. I showed you a lot of that picture last week, when I described 2015 as a year of war and collapse. But, my expertise is the Bible, finance and Israel.

I am on much firmer ground when writing about these subjects, than anything else. I do have quite a bit of understanding in other areas, but my foundations are far weaker in those areas.

That’s why I pay attention when obvious experts speak on subjects in which I have less expertise – because they allow me to take their pieces of the puzzle and fit them with my own. Unfortunately, when they demonstrate a severe lack of understanding in areas outside of their experience, I can’t take all of their ‘pieces’.

Martin Armstrong

Martin Armstrong is a perfect example.

His expertise in economic cycles and technical analysis is better than anyone that I know. If he says that we will have a sovereign debt crisis in late September or early October of this year… well …I will believe it, until there is overwhelming evidence that indicates that he is wrong.

However, Martin is extremely myopic when addressing the idea of broad, systemic financial manipulation and the existence of global conspiracies, such as the Illuminati. This is a fatal flaw, but it doesn’t negate the usefulness of what he has to say about economic cycles.

The Vineyard Saker

Well, we have another example in the form of someone who writes under the nom de plume of The Vineyard Saker. Saker is clearly an expert on Russia. In fact, I think that it is safe to say that he is a Russophile.

What he is not, is an expert on finance, economic cycles or the Middle East. Unfortunately, it is that last one that is the most glaring and personally painful. Anyone who uses the phrase AngloZionist Empire, demonstrates a complete lack of understanding about the history of Israel – and what Zionism is.

Saker’s Anti-Zionism

Anyone who is against Zionism, in any form… is an idiot.

I really don’t know how to put it any other way. Such an appalling level of ignorance and lack of wisdom is painful to see – no matter WHAT the subject is. Worse, any opposition to Zionism is an opposition to what God is doing in Israel.

I’m not saying that Israelis – or the Israeli government – is good. They aren’t. But, that doesn’t mean that God isn’t working with them and through them.

And, being something of an expert on most things Israel… I know that Israelis and the Israeli government are not nearly as bad as most people think. In fact, there are few countries that are as moral and ethical as Israel. I know that this isn’t saying much, but you should bear this in mind when leveling any criticism against the Jewish State.

Okay, that was a lot of wordage for an introduction, but I guess that it was necessary.

Okay… now …where was I?

Oh yes. Russia, the Ukraine and disaster.

Russia, Ukraine And Disaster

The Vineyard Saker lays out a truly brilliant geopolitical analysis concerning Russia, the Ukraine, the EU and NATO. And, when you add his analysis to Martin Armstrong’s, you get a high definition picture of absolute catastrophe.

So, let’s talk about that.

Saker’s Article

Saker organizes his article around the players that are involved in the Ukraine. And, here is how he lists them:

  • The USA
  • The Ukrainian Junta
  • The Novorussians (DNR+LNR)
  • Russia
  • The EU
  • NATO
  • China

So, let’s start with the top of his list.


Saker provides us with quotes from three people:

Zbigniew Brzezinski: Without Ukraine Russia ceases to be empire, while with Ukraine – bought off first and subdued afterwards, it automatically turns into empire…(…)  the new world order under the hegemony of the United States is created against Russia and on the fragments of Russia. Ukraine is the Western outpost to prevent the recreation of the Soviet Union.

Hillary Clinton: There is a move to re-Sovietise the region (…) It’s not going to be called that. It’s going to be called a customs union, it will be called Eurasian Union and all of that, (…) But let’s make no mistake about it. We know what the goal is and we are trying to figure out effective ways to slow down or prevent it.

Victoria Nuland: F**k the EU!

Those quotes are extremely illuminating, especially the last one. But, I think that Saker places too much emphasis on them.

Yes, the US elites DO want to neutralize Russia, to remove her as a rival to America’s power, but this is a secondary objective. The primary objective centers on Middle East oil and preserving the hegemony of the petrodollar.

As the petrodollar continues to fail, America will engage in more and more wars and conflicts in a vain attempt to keep the dollars-for-oil system afloat. Eventually, China and Russia will realize that they will never be secure until they have ‘put down’ the rabid beast that America has become.

And, I’m afraid that we are very close to that moment of realization.

Here’s an interesting and illuminating paragraph from Saker’s article:

The US is now facing a paradox: “victory” in the Ukraine, “victory” in Europe, but failure to stop a rapidly rising Russia. Worse, these “victories” came at a very high price which included creating tensions inside the EU, threatening the future of the US shale gas industry, alienating many countries at the UN, being deeply involved with a Nazi regime, becoming the prime suspect in the shooting down of MH17 and paying the costs for an artificially low price of gold. But the single worst consequence of the US foreign policy in the Ukraine has been the establishment of a joint Russian-Chinese strategic alliance clearly directed against the United States (more about that later).

That alliance will destroy America, but like Saker said, more on that later.

Vineyard Saker is understandably uncertain about what the US might do in the Ukraine in 2015, because it’s a little difficult to understand WHY America started this war in the first place. The reason, of course, is money – but more specifically, the petrodollar.

Of course, Saker has left us with a brilliant analysis, and this paragraph demonstrates that:

The Ukrainians are told to attack Novorussia again. This time, they are more numerous, better equipped and their attack is fully supported, if not executed, by American “advisers” and retired US Army officers. Imagine further that the Ukrainians are given full intelligence support by US/NATO and that their progress is monitored 24/7 by US/NATO commanders who will help them in the conduct of the attack. Finally, let us assume that the Novorussians are overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude and speed of the attack and that Lugansk and Donetsk are rapidly surrounded. At this point the Russians will face a stark choice: either to abandon Novorussia to the Nazis or intervene. The first option would be catastrophic for Putin politically, and it would “solve” nothing: the Ukrainian junta, the US, EU, NATO have all clearly and repeatedly stated that they will never accept the reincorporation of Crimea into Russia. Furthermore, if the Russians let the Nazis overrun Novorussia, the next logical step for the Ukrainians will be to move south and repeat the very same operation in Crimea at which point Russia will not even have a choice and she will be forced to engage the Ukrainians to defend Crimea. Thus, if the Russians realize that the Ukrainians will push on no matter what, then Russia would be far better of engaging the Ukrainians over Novorussia then over Crimea.

He prefaced the above paragraph by saying ‘Imagine this:’.

Here is another insightful paragraph:

In the Ukraine and in Russia there is this black-humor joke which says that “the USA will fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian” and this is exactly what might happen as this option offers a lot of major advantages for the USA. For one thing, it is a win-win proposition: either the Ukrainians re-take Novorussia and then the very same plan can be repeated in Crimea, or they are defeated by Russia, in which case the resulting crisis offers huge benefits for US imperial ambitions.

This ‘win-win’ situation almost guarantees war in the Ukraine this year. And, when you look at the financial collapse that is barreling down on us, you can take the ‘almost’ out of that sentence and know that there WILL be war in the Ukraine – once the ground is dry enough for tanks.

A Side Note On ‘THE Ukraine’

By the way, ‘Ukraine’ means borderland, which is why we used to put a ‘the’ in front of it.

Borderland of what?


And, with America’s takeover of the Ukraine, I believe that we should go back to putting the definite article ‘the’ in front of ‘Ukraine’, again. Think of it as an inconsequential rebellion against the global elites.

So, strike a blow against the evil elites by putting a ‘the’ in front of ‘Ukraine’.

Take THAT Zbigniew Brzezinski!

The Ukrainian Junta

Here is yet another excellent paragraph from Saker’s article:

The Ukrainian budget has finally been adopted by the Rada. It can be summarized as such: less services, more taxes and everything for the military and security services (3% of the GDP for the former, 2% for the latter). For a country which is essentially bankrupt this is a huge effort. Not only that, but the junta has also announced that it will execute another mobilization next year (the 4th one in less than one year!!). Now ask yourself a basic question: could such a truly titanic effort have been made without some very real expectations of a “return on investment”? When you see a regime stirring up racial hatred against part of its own population and against a neighboring country while putting all of its tiny and much needed resources towards preparations for war – is that not a surefire sign that a war in imminent?

As a former military analyst myself I can tell you that by now the Russian intelligence community’s “indicators and warnings” should be “flashing red” and that in all likelihood Russia is already preparing for war (more about Russia later). But before we look at the Russian position, we need to look into the situation of Novorussia.

If you needed evidence that war was coming this Spring or this Summer, that was all that you needed to read. And, it makes me sick to see it.

The Russians and Ukrainians are people like anyone else. I’ve worked with many of both, over the years, and they are worth loving and respecting. But, the government of the United States is going to do their best to kill as many of them as possible.

The Novorussians

Russia calls the defiant part of eastern Ukraine as Novorossiya, but Vineyard Saker calls it Novorussia. However you want to call them, those plucky Ukrainians in Donetsk and Luhansk have pulled off a miracle, by repelling the army of those thugs in Kiev.


And apparently, the Russians were very careful NOT to give too much support to the Ukrainian rebels.

Russia is carefully tiptoeing through this mess, because they know that the Ukraine is a trap set by the globalists to destroy Russia. So, Russia will preserve her own safety while she does her best to support the rebels in the Ukraine.

Unfortunately, this means that a lot of Novorossiyans will die this year.


What Russia is trying to do should be obvious:

  • Survive
  • Redirect her economy away from the EU and the US
  • Neutralize the American Empire
  • Stop the Ukraine from becoming a base of operations against Russia
  • Prepare for an attack on Russia by NATO

I am paraphrasing what Saker said, but it’s a pretty obvious list of priorities. But, those are external goals for meeting external threats. What is harder to see are the internal threats that Russia faces.

Vineyard Saker illuminates these harder-to-see threats in the following paragraph:

I would, however, argue that the biggest threat for Russia is internal, not external. Nothing is more dangerous for the future of Russia then what I call the “Atlantic Integrationists” and which Putin even called the “5th column”. And make no mistake here, we are not talking about Khodorkovsy in New York or Navalnii in the streets of Moscow. We are talking about powerful, rich, influential people who for decades (since Gorbachev’s times, or even before) have infiltrated all the levels of government and who today are even in the government of Prime Minister Medvedev. True, these pro-AngloZionist 5th columnists have suffered a series of setbacks and they have been weakened by Putin’s relentless assault on their power, but what does “weaker” really mean in our context? According to Mikhail Khazin the Eurasian Sovereignists and the Atlantic Integrationists are now roughly at 50/50 in terms of power. That’s right, Putin is far from having total control of Russia and he is in fact locked into a war for survival against a formidable foe who will try to capitalize on every setback Russia suffers, especially in her economy. Putin knows that and he is therefore in a race against time to de-couple Russia from the economic and financial mechanisms which make it possible for the AngloZionists to hurt Russia.

You could probably imagine that I winced at every mention of ‘the AngloZionists’. I respond the same way when I hear seemingly intelligent people speak of Islam as a ‘religion of peace’.


But, Saker’s illumination of Russia’s internal struggle is worth the pain. Unfortunately, it will be hard to see the progress of that struggle until long after it has concluded.

Putin Opposed by the Civiliki

But, if you need a name for those in the Russian government that oppose Vladimir Putin, I wrote about them, here:


Putin’s main constituency is Siloviki, and we would normally call them the ‘hawks’. The opponents to Putin are the Civiliki, or the ‘doves’. And, when I wrote that article early last year, it appeared to me that the Civiliki had lost a tremendous amount of power in the Kremlin. But, according to Vineyard Saker, they really haven’t.

Then Saker refers to something that is Earth-shaking to any who understand the historical relationship between China and Russia:

The single most important political development for Russia is the Russian-Chinese Strategic Alliance (RCSA) which fundamentally changes the entire strategic posture of Russia.

What Vineyard Saker calls the RCSA would never have been possible, were it not for the thuggish American elites driving them together. Some might like to think that this was a cleverly designed plan, but I believe that this would be giving those idiots far too much credit.

(The elites are really just inbred morons
with room temperature IQs
and lots of money.

The EU

The European Union is a mess. Everyone knows it, and Saker believes that it has surrendered completely to the control of the United States in 2014.

But, I disagree.

Europe’s surrender to the United States happened long ago – during and after World War II. But, that’s a discussion for another time.

Suffice it to say that the events of 2014 brought out into the open the ‘special relationship’ that the EU has with the US.

Saker says this:

In a way, we could say that the EU is run by a Soviet-style nomenklatura which lives in complete detachment from the rest of the European people in a kind of US-built ivory tower high above the common people. Exactly the kind of situation which results in bloody uprisings and revolutions. I am personally convinced that an explosion of anger could happen anytime, especially in the EU countries bordering the Mediterranean. But unlike the Russians, the Europeans prefer their revolution in the warm weather. So maybe next summer?

Indeed, Summer 2015 will see a further disintegration of the EU. That will mean revolts and uprisings, and maybe even a revolution or two. But, what will interest many of us will be countries like Germany siding with Russia.

We’ll see.

NATO – The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Saker’s analysis is interesting vis-a-vis Russia. He says that Russia is not afraid of NATO, and I agree.

Once upon a time, Russia WAS afraid of NATO. Those who have delved into Soviet archives have discovered that the Soviet Union worked really hard to hide how weak she was.

Now, the tables have turned. Russia is strong and Europe is weak. So, Russia is no longer afraid of a land war with Europe. But, that doesn’t mean that Russia has nothing to fear.

In a geopolitical sense, America has gone insane. And, that insanity could drive her European vassals into doing something stupid and – more importantly – painful for Russia. Worse, America has nuclear weapons.

That is the worst part of all, for Russia. The halls of power in America regularly resound to the hoof-beats of psychopaths who press for a nuclear first strike on Russia. It must be unnerving for the Kremlin to hear of America’s plans to nuke Russia into the stone age.

This is one of many reasons why I believe that Russia will be forced to nuke America first.

The Russo-Chinese Alliance

Saker’s discussion of what he calls the Russia-China Strategic Alliance (RCSA) is exceptional:

The two countries are ideal symbionts: everything one has the other needs and vice versa. China needs Russian raw materials, especially energy, Russian high technology (aerospace, engines, power plants, etc.) and Russian armaments (everything from the rifle bullet to the ICBM). Russia needs two things from China: money and “Walmart” (consumer goods). Together these two giants not only have immense currency resources but the biggest stash of physical gold on the planet. And, to make things even better, Russia and China are the undisputed leaders of BRICS and SCO. Taken together these two countries are already far more powerful than the AngloZionist Empire and that trend will only grow.

If you can get past Saker’s AngloZionist Empire foolishness, you can see that this Russo-Chinese alliance is a fantastic match. And, it was the foolishness of the United States that drove them together. But, it’s more than that.

We’ve Destroyed Ourselves

America didn’t just drive Russia and China together. America also built up China’s economy and manufacturing capability, so that she would be the perfect partner for Russia. We Americans really have destroyed our own country and future.

Just as Roman foolishness was at the heart of the destruction of the Roman Empire, so also will American foolishness be one of many reasons for the destruction of the American Empire.

As I said last week, War and Collapse are coming in 2015. Unfortunately, that war and that collapse will be too big for just one year, so we’ll have to bring 2016 into this – when all is said and done.

My only question right now is…

…when it’s all over…

…how radioactive will America’s cities be?

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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42 thoughts on “War Must Come”

  1. “Anyone who is against Zionism, in any form… is an idiot.”

    Well, I guess I’m an idiot then. I just returned two weeks ago from Palestine and while not the “expert” you are I saw enough to now know that the government and military of Israel is evil. What I saw with my own two eyes, what I experienced first hand shocked me to my core. For five days in a row I personally escorted children through clouds of tear gas and flash bang grenades to school in Hebron. There is no excuse for grown men and women to do that to children.

    The level of oppression by the Israeli government (the Zionist Israeli government) is worse than what South Africa did to its citizens. I found the dozens and dozens of Palestinian people I met to be well educated, kind, family oriented, generous and well informed. The narrative painted by the media in the US including some in the so called “alternative” media is that – “Palestinians = Terrorists”. My first hand experience would suggest otherwise. I was only mistreated a handful of times and that was always by Israeli settlers. At one point I saw Israeli settlers spitting on Palestinian shopkeepers and children in old Hebron during their weekly “Settler Tour” which takes place on Saturdays. These people were just minding their own business and the settlers come through guarded by dozens of IDF and border police spitting and cursing at the Palestinians. It was reprehensible.

    I’ll be returning to Palestine in the spring and cannot wait to help fight the occupation. I cannot wait to help children out who are the main targets of Israeli tyranny.

    • Hi David,

      Well, I guess that you’ve taken a big dose of the Kool-aid, to wash down the ‘Blue Pill’ that you swallowed.

      There are lots of bad Israelis out there, so I will not deny that you had experience with them. Furthermore, Judaism is paganism, and such paganism will ALWAYS drive a follower to misdeeds. But, none of that means that Israel is evil, or that her government or military are evil.

      If you were willing to study the strategic and tactical situation of Israel, you would understand that Israel has a choice between bad and worse. And, the Palestinian leadership has capitalized on that situation to portray Israel as the ‘bad guy’.

      But, you are forgetting something.

      Even though Judaism is pagan, it is still the most peaceful paganism on the planet. Israelis do NOT like causing trouble for the Palestinians. For you to say otherwise is a lie.

      On the other side, we have the followers of Islam – the ones that you are supporting. Islam is the most warlike religion on the planet. And, Islam is directly opposed to Judaism.

      What did you think would happen from such a situation?

      My friend, you are thoroughly brainwashed, and I mourn the fact that you are going to throw your life away, as you defend and support Evil. This is NOT the way of Christ.

      David, I warned you, but you did not treat that warning seriously.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. Hi John,

    Haven’t read it yet, but I just received your “2nd” email. I did not receive the 1st one.

    God Bless You and your wife.


  3. Have you had a chance to look at Isaiah 21 ? Elam ( iran ) rising up to destroy Arabia (Saudi Arabia ) ? and the destruction from it will make all the oil fields go up in flames .

    It seems to me that Iran has been looking for a reason to attack the Saudi’s , and this economic crisis they are putting on Iran just might force Iran’s hand to launch the strike against Saudi Arabia, like its stated in Isaiah .

    God bless you brother


    • Hi Shehab,

      It appears to me that Isaiah 21 speaks of what has already happened. Remember that Isaiah was writing BEFORE the Babylonians invaded and captured Judah and the remnants of Israel. This means that when the Medes and Persians captured Babylon 2500+ years ago, Isaiah 21 would have been fulfilled.

      However, if someone could point out to me how Isaiah 21 was NOT fulfilled at that time… well …I would be more than happy to change how I look at that chapter.

      Interesting comment Shehab. Thank you, brother.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. Saw this comment and link posted by someone on another site from same site you reference:

    THIS IS A 26-page P.D.F.& IT SHOWS THAT THE CO-OPERATION BETWEEN RUSSIA & CHINA IS MUCH DEEPER THAN PRVIOUSLY SUSPECTED OR EXPLAINED SO COMPREHENSIVELY “Vladimir Putin said it clearly: “Russia and China will have a significant effect on the entire system of international relations. The relationship will be a significant factor in world politics and will affect the contemporary architecture of international relations” And to state precisely what this relationship means in geopolitical sea change , President Putin continued:“Russia and China have never had such trusting relations in the military field as they do now. Military exercises have been in joint war games at sea and ground both in Russia and China.”

  5. Hi John,
    Thanks for the great update of what we face and how this year is likely to develop. (I had a long version of this, almost completed on your web site and then it suddenly disappeared into the ether. So here is the abreviated version)
    I often have to deal with two characters in the chat room of the Hagmann show each night. Like good trolls, they verbally attack anyone who disagrees with them. Things like ‘there are edomites in the room’. Or there are no jews, only nazi’s.
    It is really a terrible shame and crime all this trouble created by the U.S. I think there is a good reason Germany wanted their gold back and why Merkel, after re-election decided she would not serve a full term. She knows what is coming! Putin knows about the NWO. He calls it “their NWO”. He won’t allow the slaughter of novorussia, I don’t believe. Who could blame him? He is attempting to form a Eurasian trading block ‘with no strings attached’. Who would you join? That block or the EU which is falling apart?
    I totally agree that the western elite are totally insane. In a very evil way. I have a slightly different spin on things but the outcome is the same. I don’t think they are trying to save the petro dollar. No, they want to engineer world wide chaos and collapse to bring in their final solution. Nuclear war will help accomplish that along with depopulation. Couple that with released epidemic designer virus and economic collapse-starvation and we have major depopulation. Everything will be nicely wrecked on purpose. I don’t think a first strike would really help any country very much. There are still all those nuclear capable submarines parked off the coasts. And when it’s all done the U.S. will bring out their secret weapons.
    Whether all this occurs this year, I don’t know. But I can’t rule it out. I am sure we shall see much more of the same: war, designed pestilence and starvation and financial ruin. “Normal” has left the building.

    • Hi Craig A Mouldey,

      Well said!

      In fact, you always write such great comments that I am sorry to hear that your previous comment ‘self-destructed’.

      God bless you, Craig. ‘Normal’ has indeed ‘left the building’!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. Dear John Little:

    Have a Happy New Year 2015. Very well said. Overall, Russia and China through BRICS will form a counter economic system to the American FED hegemonic Petrodollar. As America is weakened and collapses, Europe and the EU will reform into a 2 tier 1st class group of 10 nations with Germany as the leader, and a 2nd class group of European nations in servitude to the 1st class. European countries like Germany, France, Austria and the Benelux countries will be drawn to Russia/China for economic prosperity forming the New Silk Road from Berlin-Moscow-Beijing. This new Silk Road will involve the entire Eurasian land mass. Thus the Middle East, the Stan nations, and southeast Asia will be involved. Of course, the Jesuit Pope Francis will be involved in helping and promoting this. Thus with Pope Francis as the False Prophet another figure will be brought forth and promoted. A Rothschild Globalist Bankster or The Antichrist comes to mind here. Thus Europe with its 1st class group of 10 nations will form the Revived Holy Roman Empire and the False Prophet Pope Francis will promote the false religion and the new economic system.

    This is all plausible from a Biblical perspective and America may be the Beast at the moment, but America will not be the Beast in the future. A reformed EU is the final Beast.

    Thank you for your continued work to awaken the sheeple and being a watchmen to them. Keep posting to Omegashock regularly and continue your Ezekiel’s Fire project.

    Also recently, things have gotten scary in the USA. In Houston, Texas, a gay/lesbian mayor and the city council, have passed a law that requires all pastors to submit their sermons to the mayor for her approval. Talk about silencing the pulpit – no more LGBT truth form the Bible. So the 501c3 agenda will go even further. American churches are being made to obey and honour Caesar (Obama/government) and not God and Jesus Christ. Yours in Christ. Thanks, Norbert.

  7. War never makes sense, really, but here is what confounds me: WHY is tiny Ukraine trying to take on RUSSIA? Did someone really tell them the US stands behind them, and are they fools enough to believe that, after the US has destroyed and abandoned so many of its failed projects? Can they not see they are being horribly used?

    • Hi DRG,

      Excellent question!

      I believe that propaganda and corruption is the main part of the answer. There’s also a lot of hatred for Russia that fuels the population of Western Ukraine. They remember what Stalin did to them.

      Stalin murdered millions of Ukrainians through enforced starvation, and this fact cries out for justice.

      And yes. War. Completely insane.

      Great comment, DRG.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. Dear John, I am an Israelite and pro-all-twelve-tribes of Israel. All those whom YHWH chooses to be His Nation no matter where they live they must all keep the Covenant to be part of God’s Israel. “Remember the Law of My Servant Moses….that I gave for all Israel.” Malachi 4:4. As for Zionists, or pro-Zionists, I can’t find these terms in any of the five English translations of the bible I consulted. Can you refer me to a biblical definition a “Zionist” ? Then I can decide if I should be pro-Zionist. Shabbat Shalom, Michael

    • Hi Mike Molyneaux,

      Please read Galatians. It’s not wrong to follow the law, but it is an unnecessary burden.

      As for Zionism, it’s simple.

      Where and what is Zion?


      So, you could call Zionism, Jerusalemism. (But, ‘Jerusalemism’ is an awkward word, so we’ll stick with ‘Zionism’.)

      Read all the passages and chapters that contain the word Jerusalem, or Zion. You will find that God has an amazing love for that physical location.


      I really don’t know.

      However, you will find the best expression of God’s ‘Zionism’ in Ezekiel 36. You cannot read and accept Ezekiel 36 and be against ‘Zionism’.

      You can read more about that, here:


      I hope that helps, Mike.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  9. For a long time it would look like Russia has had it’s sights on weakening America. Their best strategy so far has to simply allow them to greed themselves to death.
    There has been an increase in Russian military muscle being flexed on our own door step.
    Those who have been used in the “fifth column attack” will turn on their American supporters once their “relationship no longer works for them”.
    Without the lens of faith it would be very difficult to view all these items from a vantage point that allows you to see the bigger picture.
    Satan loves war he doesn’t care he wins he gets to kill human beings made in God’s own image.
    And then there is the Hegelian principle. Those who are left alive after the war will be eager for compromise that brings “relief”.
    Setting the global stage for the final adays.
    Crimea is less than 900 miles from Israel

    On another note and not sure if it means anything at all but if you look at the map of the Ukraine and Crimean peninsula, it looks like a little fish with a bigger fish over it. Just sayin’

    P.S. American cities are already radioactive (Fukushima). That is what the elites were up to with the whole Ebola scare. Radiations sickness and Ebola symptoms are identical.

  10. Hi John,

    I was hoping you and others if they would like, to chime in could give me some insights to “fleeing” the US. I read the Harbinger a few years ago, and then “The End of America”, long story short, my husband and I are feeling a nudge, so to speak, to possibly be considering a job in New Zealand. The issue here, is that I struggle with moving to an island that imports everything and makes it hard to own guns (not impossible, just hard). I am just curious if there is insight to where to go when leaving the US. Or does it not matter so much as long as it isn’t the US?

    • Hi Jess,

      First of all, I thank God that you are doing this. Your comment is wonderful to read.

      If a job opportunity is available to you guys, in New Zealand, I believe that you should jump on it. NOW!

      As in… yesterday.

      And yes, New Zealand DOES import a lot of stuff. But, they also EXPORT a massive amount of agricultural goods. In fact, 2/3rds of their exports are agricultural. And, food and water are the biggest concern in a collapse situation. So, this seems to indicate that New Zealand would be a great place to be.

      Unfortunately, I’m not an expert on New Zealand, so I can’t say whether it really is the best place to go.

      You can read more on my thoughts about relocation, here:


      God bless you, Jess. May the Lord lead you to the right place. SOON.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  11. Hello John, God uses every person and authority established among men to achieve His plans and purposes. He even works with and through antichrists to that end. So according to your reasoning (in above commentaries) we should be be pro-antichrists. Is that so? Shalom, michael.

    • Hi Jus’Say’n,

      I did not say that Israel was ‘moral and ethical’. She isn’t.

      To put it another way, I was saying that there were very few countries that were MORE moral-and-ethical than Israel.

      The only ones that I can think of are Micronesia, Taiwan (maybe), and some African countries (maybe).

      Europe, North America and the vast majority of Asia, South America and Africa?

      None of them can hold a candle to Israel, even if Tel Aviv has a ‘Gay Pride’ march every year.

      So… Yup, I’m serious.

      One of these days, I’ll get more ‘definitive’ about where Israel falls on my ‘morality and ethics’ list.

      Thank you, JS. Good comment. Seriously.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  12. I did not get your first email yesterday, only the second one on January 8, 2015. Please send me the first one. Thank you kindly.

  13. Dear John Little:

    Thank you for your clarification on Zionism = Jerusalem. That is earthly and heavenly Jerusalem, or old vs. new Jerusalem. However, I do think that most people who hate Zionists, including orthodox jews, hate them for what they are doing to the world – manipulating America and the western world. The jewish/Zionist hidden hand is everywhere. Please remember, jews whether,crypto/false jews or otherwise have been kicked out of many European cities since 300 AD. This removal had nothing to do with religion but had to do with the principle of Usury that jews, zionist or otherwise, used to enslave people. That is todays FED central banking petrodollar system.


    That is my take on Zionism. Do not speak badly against Anti-Zionists, because it is the earthly form, not the heavenly form, that they hate. The earthly form of Zionism is the problem in spite of the formation of the state of Israel. Israel is the sign that the end is near. Jesus is coming back soon. Thanks, Norbert.

    • Hi Norbert,

      That was a vile and evil comment full of lies and half-truths.

      You should be ashamed of yourself, Norbert.

      You obviously know nothing of the Jewish people or the history of persecution that they suffered. The fact that you have chosen to willingly participate in the centuries of blood libel against the Jews makes me doubt that you are even saved. You have leveled false accusation against the Jews, and this is a sin.

      I will certainly not call you a brother in Christ, because no true Christian hates anyone the way that you do. My hope is that these evil words that you have written are an error based upon ignorance and the false teachings of others.

      You must repent of this great sin, Norbert, and ask God to forgive you. God is angry with you for your rebellion against the work that He is doing in the Land of Israel.

      Anti-Zionism is Satanic, and all who are Anti-Zionist have allied themselves with Satan.

      Repent, before it is too late, Norbert. God WILL judge you, if you do not.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  14. It’s interesting that in that article where keiv either wins donbass and moves on to crimea (which russia will not allow and will then physically intervene) or russia see’s the writing on the wall and decides to preempt keiv at the donbass, the outcome is the westerns then can say-see russia is building an empire and reinstitute the cold war 2.0 from there on=more and harsh sanctions..

    more and harsh sanctions, and over time..and ezekiel 38-39 magog moves down to israel to take spoil=harmed from harsher sanctions/in need of spoil as a result of those sanctions..?

    so it still plays into the magog war.
    Before that war though israel is shown in ezekiel 38-39 as dwelling in safety when magog comes. Could be that as the ukraine heats up a regional war breaks out in mideast among israel and it’s direct neighbors, they are subdued, a 7 year covenant with the many which grants israel a ‘safely’ dwelling for a time, then magog comes, loses, then the anti-christ steps up and breaks the covenant and declares he’s god.

    why ukraine, maybe because many western centered multinationals have bought up ukraine and expected it to pay off, now with part of ukraine breaking away they see it won’t so the only option they see is to wipe out the eastern ukraines who refuse to join trioka/keiv?
    yeah it’s gotten that bad, in the last day’s evil men will wax worse and worse..

  15. Dear John,

    Zion = Jerusalem. Now let’s talk bible talk: such as Matthew 23:37: “O Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you……..Look, your house is left to you desolate.”

    Micah 3:10: “they build Zion with bloodshed, and Jerusalem with wickedness. Her leaders judge for a bribe.”

    Luke 21:23″ “Jerusalem will continue to be trampled by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.

    Revelation 11:8: “Their bodies will lie in the street of the great city, which is figuratively called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified.” Jerusalem is now (or soon to be) figuratively “Sodom and Egypt.”

    Hebrews 13:22: ” But you have come to Mount Zion, to the HEAVENLY Jerusalem, the city of the living YHWH (God)…….to the church of the first-born.”

    I lived in Jerusalem and I pray for Jerusalem, because trampling will only be completed when Messiah comes. Until then, deception reigns on Mount Zion (God’s sanctuary) according to 2 Thessalonians 2:3-10.

    Finally, Micah 4:1″: In the last days the mount of YHWH’s temple will be established as chief among the mountains;……The law will go out from Zion, YHWH’s word from Jerusalem.” ……….. Wait for it, it’s coming!

    shalom michael.

  16. I, too, love Israel the land and the Jewish people with all my heart (and I follow Torah which is certainly not a burden unless you get caught up in the rabbinical additions). But I struggle with the Jewish members of the Illuminati and ruling families (Rothschilds, et al). They certainly give the other Jews a bad name and are responsible for many of the ills the world is experiencing right now. There is no denying that many of the “baddies” are Jewish or call themselves Jewish or have Jewish surnames. There seems to be a preponderance of Jews responsible for the financial oppression in the world.

    That doesn’t mean we should blame the country or people of The Land, but how do we square that in our thinking? Do you think they are really Jewish?

    • Hi Anita,

      The irony is that we created the Jewish bankers by persecuting them relentlessly and by not allowing them to own land.

      Also… Did you know that the Rockefellers were Baptist?

      So, anyone who comes to you and talks about the ‘Jewish Bankers’, talk about the Rockefellers and ask:

      Does this mean that Baptists are evil?

      Please also remember the central point:

      We were all in league with Satan before we were saved. All of us.

      The Jews are not saved, so they also are in league with Satan – by definition.

      So, anyone who points out the sins of the Jewish people as a reason for why God will not save them… well …they demonstrate an astonishing lack of understanding of what it means to be saved.

      Anita, God bless you for you for your love of the work that God is doing in the Land of Israel.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  17. Little John,

    You have a good Analysis but in regards to Israel you are way wrong. This is scofiedl dispensasionlism theology. God loves all People, jews and Gentiles. he does NOT place Israle on an Idol or on a Gold platter. It is still about obedience and faith in Jesus and no Nation or People is beyond that. God is no longer a respector of persons (race). This Zionism nonsense, since you are a self proclaimed expert of Zionism (you are not), if you study Zionist history you will see a completely different Picture. However, like most evangelical Christians, you are blinded but faluty prophecies and theologies. Zionist Jews and Israle has commited great crimes and apostacies. Most People there are murderous of non Jews and follow secularism and Talmudic Bible. If God bless These type of People, who have very Little blood Connection to ancient Israel, then the Lord will have to apologize to Sodom. It is a shame what These Zionist Jews have done to America in their high seats of power. I have been to Israel twice and I am horrified but what I saw. Continue, like a blind fool, and follow your silly beliefs. In the past, you mention America is safe from god´s judgements and Taiwan (next to a Military armed China) is safe. Man, dude, you just do not get it!
    Peter..if you were honest you would not ban my Responses or ridicule me because I differ from you. This is ignorance.

    • Hi Peter,

      You must not believe that the Bible is our source of truth, which means that you are not a Christian. But, maybe I’ve misjudged you, so here is my attempt to get you to see sense.

      Here is what Jesus said:

      And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. – Luke 21:24

      What does ‘times of the Gentiles be fulfilled’ mean?

      Furthermore, you take two trips to Israel, and now you are an expert on Zionism?

      I’ve spent most of my life studying the Arab-Israeli conflict, and I can tell you with firm conviction that Israel has treated the Arabs with greater kindness and mercy than they deserve.

      So, you can either believe that I am at heart a dishonest person, or you can believe me when I say that God is at work in Israel.

      The choice is yours, Peter.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  18. Long ago when I was a kid, I was in church, listening to the preacher expound on Revelation, when I had a vision–my first big vision. I found myself standing on the foredeck of a ship heading out of New York Harbor. Russian and Chinese missiles were obliterating New York City. God was speaking to my mind thought-to-thought and I knew many years would pass before Russia and China demolished America. I also learned other tidbits, such as America would eventually find herself on friendly terms with them before she would enrage them enough via her arrogance and impulse to play goddess of our world for them to kill her. Since then, I have received assorted revelations through prophetic dreams, visions. moments of perfect clarity, epiphanies, and direct revelations. Concerning the latter, the Son indicated to me several years ago that America would do something or suffer something in her 237th year that would ultimately prove fatal to her. My instincts suggested that would occur around April of 2014. [He previously told me long before it occurred that something more destructive than 911 would afflict America in September of 2008.] Well, around April of 2014, America made the mistake of insulting and harassing China, while also trying to bully Russia. That provoked Russia and China to decide that they need to work together to protect themselves against America. Of course, they also renewed their efforts to poison the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency….

  19. Yes, this Ukrainian mess will eventually lead to World War III. It will be entirely America’s fault. Through her demise, she will become an object lesson eclipsing that of Sodom and Gomorrah. The bottom line is this: If God neglected to arrange for America to die sooner, no life would survive on this world by the time that she perished later. The Devil fathered America to serve as a pied piper to lead the nations and peoples of our world to Hell and destroy our world in the process….

  20. Dear John,

    You suggest that we move right away (since we live in Indianapolis) preferably out of the country. We have been looking for a long time at places we could go, however, we are in our 60s. If everything falls apart, we could lose Social Security and our pension. If we were living in a foreign country, how could we survive without a fluent knowledge of a foreign language, no visible means of support, not knowing anyone well, etc. Based on what you and others are saying, we are being told to move, and we are asking the Lord to show us where, but as yet we have no clear leading where to go. Canada has also deeply offended the Lord, so would it be any better? Ontario is riddled with nuclear power plants. Western Canada is too near Russia. We’re willing to go, but have no leading as to where.

    • Hi Rochelle Covert,

      I was born and raised in the Indianapolis area, so my hope is that your home and city will be spared from what is coming. Unfortunately, I cannot trust in such desire, and must rest upon what is true.

      Financial collapse is coming. There will be no social security, and there will be no pensions. The value of your house will collapse – assuming that you will be allowed to keep it. Social unrest will follow, and America will enter a steep downward spiral.

      You cannot stop this from happening. So, you must avoid it.

      Avoiding the social unrest that is the future of America means getting more than 150 miles away from a city of 100 thousand or more. Unfortunately, that leaves very few areas in the United States to move to. Flathead valley in Montana or central West Virginia, near Charleston, might be safe – or, it might not.

      If you have no leading as to where you should go, please make sure that you have reduced the worldly distractions of this life, and that you are truly serving the Lord in the best way that you can. That’s what ALL Christians should be doing. Then, reduce your possessions to the point where you can ‘pick up and go’ to the place where God will send you.

      When God says GO, He often does not leave you much time to pack. So, the best thing to do is prepare, RIGHT NOW.

      Be ready for the call.

      I wish that I had better news for you, Rochelle. God uprooted my life a long time ago, so I can attest to the difficulty. But, at the same time, it’s not as bad as you think.

      God bless you, sister.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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