War and Collapse in 2015

It’s the last day of the year, so it’s time to talk about what might happen in the next one. I did that last year with somewhat mixed results. Some came true. Some may yet come true. We’ll see how I do this time, next year.

Unfortunately, I am far more confident than I was last year. I hesitated to be definite last year, because I knew that the elites could still kick the can down the road for another year.

However, this year, they’ve run out of road …and time.

Please finalize your disaster plans.


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War and Collapse in 2015

When facing disaster, you can be embarrassed before it happens, or after. I don’t remember who originally said that, but it is something to keep in mind.


Because everything seems fine – just before it isn’t.

2014 Seemed Pretty Good

For most Americans, and hopefully for you, 2014 was a pretty good year. You kept your job and paid your bills. Your kids did well in school. You went on vacation. And, you got a new car.

But, was 2014 a good year?


America overthrew the government in Kiev and installed a puppet regime. The US then went on to goad Russia into annexing Crimea.

Since Russia didn’t respond in the way that the State Department expected, the US went on to goad Russian further – with sanctions and then more sanctions. They also heated up the conflict in Syria as their love-child – ISIS – began to take more and more territory.

We then brought in a flood of illegal immigrants and did virtually nothing about a far more dangerous immigrant – Ebola.

We’ve made the theft of your assets legal, if they are held within a bank. If you have money in your bank account, it will act as a guarantor for the derivative bets that your bank is playing with, on Wall Street. When those bets go bad – and they will – you will lose everything.

2015 – Bank Failure

One of those bets is on oil. In fact, a distressingly large number of derivative contracts are connected to the price of oil. If the price of oil stays low, then those bets will fail. And, that will mean trillions of dollars in losses by the banks.

Who will pay for those losses?

You will – because they will take your bank deposits and the deposits of your employer, to pay for those losses.

This means that you will lose all your money AND your job.

But, it gets worse.

2015 – War

The US government could have chosen to mind their own business and fix America’s problems at home. Unfortunately, they didn’t and chose instead to start a war with Russia. Every month has seen an escalation of that war, and America is the cause of that escalation.

It has gotten so bad that Russians have begun to actively hate the United States. Even worse, Russia has gone back to preparing for a nuclear war that they do not want to fight. And, that means nuclear war with the United States.

2015 – Civil Unrest

Add to that our growing discontent with our government and the representatives of our government. The police have become targets, and government agencies will soon become targets, as well.

So, not only do we have a world war that is growing hot with Russia, we have an incipient civil war brewing in the United States. The question is when either of those wars will explode.

My hope is that you will have exited the blast zone long before hostilities escalate.

However, there is one thing that I am sure will explode in 2015:

Our financial system

2015 – Financial System Collapses

Cycles expert, Martin Armstrong, has determined that on September 30th or October 1st, the sovereign debt bubble will collapse. He even created a graphic for it:

Sovereign Debt Crisis – Oct 1st, 2015

I believe that this will be the worst financial collapse in human history. If we are lucky, it will just be the worst financial collapse in 200 years, but I am not so sanguine.

2015 – Falling Dominoes

Never in the history of the world has so much debt and so many derivatives been piled on top of us. When the sovereign debt crisis begins, defaulting government debt will cause the collapse of trillions upon trillions of derivative contracts. Those collapsing contracts will cause the failure and collapse of banks around the world. The failure of banks will cause businesses to be unable to buy or sell. People will be tossed out of their jobs as businesses lay off workers in an attempt to survive.

People out of work will collapse government programs that were not designed to support so many people without jobs. As these government programs collapse, people will be unable to afford food and shelter.

People without enough food will riot in the streets and burn down their neighborhoods. When no food is forthcoming, rioters will look to plunder neighborhoods nearby. As riots in the cities spread, even more people will be unable to go to work, because their route to work will be through – and around – areas that are rioting. Food delivery will also stop, as truck drivers will be unwilling to risk their lives to make deliveries.

The food situation will escalate. A banking collapse will also mean that farmers will be unable to purchase seed for the next growing season. This means an increase in the cost of food, and hunger for those who are barely able to afford the food that they currently eat.

This is what happened in Egypt, when Mubarak was ousted. The riots were over food, not freedom.

2015/16 – Martial Law And Societal Collapse

Well, the Arab Spring is coming to America.

This will mean martial law, as our society collapses.

As the US government sees the threat of societal collapse increase, they will beat the war drums even louder, as a way to subdue the population of the United States. This has been the classic answer for governments seeking to distract their populations from bad news and difficult circumstances.

War With Russia

That will mean war with Russia – a war that America has already started.

However, Russia isn’t stupid. And, she knows how this war will end, if it is fought on America’s terms. Therefore, Russia will change how this war is fought, and where it is fought.

This means that America is doomed to lose this war. The Russians are better motivated and far more ruthless than the US. There will be no hesitation on the part of the Russians to use nuclear weapons – or any other weapon what would ensure victory.

My suspicion is an EMP attack that could be blamed on North Korea. But, it could also be a full-on nuclear war, or something more limited – if America’s ability to respond is neutralized quickly enough. Russia could also launch sabotage operations against America’s power grid, in hopes of permanently crippling America – so that she would be unable to pursue a full-scale conflict with Russia.

But, no matter which way Russia chooses to defend herself, millions upon millions of Americans will die. In a worst-case scenario, 300 million Americans could lose their lives.

The good news is that war with Russia might start slowly enough for you to get out of harm’s way – if you act now. In fact the worst of it could happen in 2016. But, I wouldn’t want to bet on this.

Yes, your friends, neighbors and family will sneer and laugh at your efforts to avoid this disaster. That always happens. Those same friends, neighbors and family will suffer the full effects of their folly at the same time that they realize that you were right.

But, please do not worry about such foolish people. You MUST get out of harm’s way as soon as you can.

Please also remember that after THIS disaster hits, there is another one coming that is far, far worse:

Ezekiel’s Fire

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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54 thoughts on “War and Collapse in 2015”

  1. Dear Sir, Your article points out a lot of geopolitical global risk that is out there right now. I think its very good to be aware of them. I also believe that trying to time this collapse is pointless. Your article is written to promote shock and awe and fear. Most people can’t prepare for what you are saying could happen or will happen. I say there is going to be a financial collapse but the time is unknown by everyone including Martin Armstrong. Just try and do preparations if you are able. And, remember, the PTB could very well postpone this collapse using whatever tricks that are at their disposal. They are very good at this. A financial collapse should have happened a long time ago. Analysts have been completely wrong in their predictions. I believe that it will happen when we least expect it. Probably not next year since so many analysts are saying that 2015 is the big one. Could be several years out. The key is to do things you can to prepare for it. And, don’t worry about trying to time it. Its not posible.

    • Hi Glen,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I agree with much of what you said in your comment, except for the part about my intentions. You said:

      Your article is written to promote shock and awe and fear.

      That is NOT my intention in ANY way. However, I know that it isn’t possible to point out the reality of what is happening without creating shock, awe and fear – in some people.

      (And, what benefit do I gain by making people afraid?)

      I say ‘some’ because those who are mature Christians will not be in awe and will not be in fear. The only true fear that any Christian should have is in disappointing God.

      Thank you, Glen. Please prepare as best you can, without fear.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. In Daniel 11 the Word speaks about the king of the south and the king of the north.
    I asked the Father who they were. He told me king of the south was USA. King of the north was Russia. USA beats Russia in the tribulation, but at the end of tribulation beginning of the wrath the BEAR takes out Usa ( Babylon) in 1 hour. Usa is head of the beast. I agree that just because this tyrannical gov will rule, its people will suffer. God told me he was raising up this beast like he has 6 other times to bring his people to their cross. He took full credit for raising up Assyrian and old Babylon beast. The rebellion of the church is why this is coming. No revival without persecution. He loves us so much he is sending a beast and a harlot to sanctify us like he has many times before. History repeats.
    God Bless
    Kevin Campbell

    • Hi Kevin Campbell,

      You make some interesting points. And, I truly hope that you are right. Unfortunately, my own understanding of scripture indicates differently.

      I’m really do not see how the United States can survive until the Tribulation begins. The reason for that lies here:


      After the financial collapse and the huge war that will come along with it, Ezekiel’s Fire will destroy most of whatever is left.

      And, I really wish that it wasn’t so. But, it is God’s will, so I accept it.

      Thank you, Kevin. Prepare for disaster.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Armstrong’s projection of collapse apparently coincides with the last blood moon (of four) of October, 2015. It could be he is on track. We’ll know in about 10 months. Isn’t it strange how God seems to know in advance what is going to happen? If Mark Biltz and others are correct the same time period will bring great distress to Israel.

  4. This is the best, most direct message you have delivered John. I feel it coming too. We need to be in the grace and wisdom of the Almighty.

  5. Hey John,

    I think you have hit the nail on the head with room for the margin of error. if not 2015 early 2016 this will happen. My wife an I are leaving the USA with our two little sons and right now we are being laughed at and sneered upon by family except by my parents who see it as well. We are all wanting out by the grace of God by early September and will be relocating in southern Central America! We are moving as fast as we can and selling all to leave with just the suitcases in our hands. Your website and others combined with our own sensing from the Lord plus the men of God who have been warning has put an urgency in our spirits! Any advice on leaving or an article would be appreciated!!! Lord Bless you and your wife as you are in the region that the USA is building brand new monolithic War bases for a upcoming war. Blessings!! A family in Montana.

    • Hi In Montana,

      Wow. God bless you guys – for taking this huge step. It’s wonderful to hear that you are moving away from ‘ground zero’.

      As for relocation advice, go through my category on the subject, here:


      If you’ve been through that, I’m not sure what else to say – without leading you astray. Each situation is different, especially since each destination is different.

      But, God is good, and He will direct you to the right place at the right time. And, any problems that you have will be for the benefit and edification of others that will follow you.

      This is how it worked for me, and I’m sure that this is how it will work for you.

      God bless you, IM. What a wonderful comment to receive.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. John,

    Thank you for your countless hours of research and admonishment to study the bible more. I was challenged when you wrote that a daily quiet time was not necessarily enough.

    Forgive me, but I am a big picture person, so I am trying to put several details in order.
    I totally agree there is no biblical basis for a pretrib rapture. I am still unsure about Revelation’s Babylon being the Catholic Church and not the U. S . If the Vatican were destroyed, wouldn’t someone rise up elsewhere to take charge? Also, the identity marker “hindermost of nations” from Jer.50:12 doesn’t seem to fit.
    I am beginning to see the difference between Ez. 38-39 and Rev. 20. However, if this happens after the fall of the U. S., but before the tribulation, then how does Matt. 24:38 make sense where Jesus says people will be marrying until he comes? I thought that meant people will be living life as they always have until the tribulation, like those unaware in the U.S. now. I mean, if 1/7 of the world’s population dies with Ezekiel’s fire, how could life be anywhere near normal for those still living?

    • Hi miss lucy,

      Excellent comment and excellent questions.

      The issue of WHEN the Catholic Church is destroyed is difficult to say. But, I don’t believe that they will be destroyed until the Antichrist is ready to replace her with HIS new religion.

      Also, I don’t think that we can connect Jer. 50 with the destruction of ‘The Great Whore’. When you read Jer 50 carefully, you see that God speaks directly about ‘the land of the Chaldeans’.

      As fort he ‘marrying’, Jesus was speaking directly to people’s expectation of disaster. When each disaster happens – that the Bible speaks of – we will not be ready for them, unless we are reading our Bible. And, after each disaster, we will be glad it’s over, until the next one hits.

      Even Revelation speaks of disasters that come in waves – and not all at once.

      Furthermore, ‘normalcy’ is a very ‘relative’ thing. A ‘new normal’ is approaching that will shake the Earth. There will be times when we sing ‘good days are here again’, but it will be a lie.

      I hope that helps, Lucy. Thank you for those excellent – and tough – questions.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. It’s sad but everything you say is true and will come to pass. I hope people listen to you. Thank You for speaking the truth. Jim.

  8. Hi John, as always, I enjoy your articles. I am sure you get asked this often, but where do you suggest we, in the states, go? I paid cash for a rural foreclosure in the Midwest last year and moved there (about 20 minutes from a sizeable city). From what you are saying, do I take Revelation 18:4 as a physical warning to leave Babylon prior to Tribulation, or is this the call for those that endure until the end? Many a debate have I had not only with myself, but with others in the past on this verse. And not only that, sad to say, but the few ministries whom preached America as Babylon have disbanded. We truly are a dispersed remnant, and the darkness grows with each passing day. God bless. Oh, what countries are feasible and affordable for those that wish to flee? Thanks again!

    • it is very hard to see some serious people in preparation for what’s coming, praise the Lord for it. here is my two cents: seek the Lord where it will be a safe place in the coming nuclear war and FEMA camp–bio-chip age. no one knows for sure unless we have a revelation from God, and many do. have you heard escape-city or city of refuge in the tribulation? I think it is time to pray for this matter, and God will not let you down. here are two public testimonies in US, may be of your interest. John Johnson, in charge of United States prophecy (search for it) was relocated to“ the Central Virginia and the area of the George Washington National Forest ” according to God’s precise guidance; another one, Julie’s family was guided to move to the mountains in the east (iamcallingyounow.blogspot.ca/), it is an amazing testimony.

  9. Shabbat shalom John,
    The rather vague (and a few misleading) instructions you give your readers to prepare for the coming crisis are NOT enough. Only those who obeys ALL the instructions Yeshua gave his disciples will survive the coming crisis. We must also be ready and prepared to obey the other half of Yeshua’s instructions that we don’t yet obey. Most Christians think they are obedient but they either don’t know what instructions Yeshua gave, or they think they understand what’s required but actually don’t. If you want to help your readers then you should advise them to go and look up all the instructions Yeshua gave and start preparing to put them ALL into practice now. That’s what was revealed by the Holy Spirit and confirmed by the Key of Knowledge so that’s the advice I give to as many as I can.
    shalom Michael

  10. That sounds like more fun than I can stand. But it is absolutely reasonable. I have spent so much time reading about these topics, from a variety of sources – NOT “conspiracy wacko” sites – that I am convinced that if someone cannot see the pattern, it’s because they don’t want to. It scares them too much.

    You may have seen this article, well worth a thorough read:

    It’s by Michael Snyder, who quotes several analysts including Jeremy Warner, one of the very few – if not only – ones who predicted oil < $80/barrel this year. He is now predicting it could go as low as $20. (I read the Saudis have said this too, which is interesting.) Another analyst sees it bottoming at $13.65. Impossible, some might say. Gas at $1.99 a gallon – impossible, I would have said, until I saw it a couple days ago. Now it would not surprise me to see it go lower yet.

    The shale oil industry is already laying off thousands. The loss of those jobs, that income, from the interconnected parts of the economy will have a snowballing effect. The shale oil boom, environmental catastrophe notwithstanding, has been the one workhorse pulling the US economic wreck of a wagon and dragging the now-deceased other workhorses along with it. Now it is beginning to collapse also.

    There are different views from credible analysts on why this is happening; some say the Saudis are doing it on purpose to destroy their competition; or, the US and the Saudis are doing it together because it will hurt Russia and Venezuela more than the US. Others say, no, if they were manipulating the price directly the Saudis would increase production, and they have not done that. Celente and one other, I forget which, say this has nothing to do with manipulation but is the result of global recession and less demand.

    All that is in the realm of theory and can't be proven at this point; but what we can see is, the Saudis and OPEC have not chosen to stabilize the price by DECREASING production. So whatever was the reason it's happening, they are choosing to benefit from it and I really do think it will hurt the US more than it will Russia. From what I've read their economic situation is far more solid than ours. And with our economy devastated, and all the disruption that comes with that, I don't know how they think they could conduct a war. I read that during the intense part of the Iraq conflict, we actually ran out of BULLETS and had to order them from China! Are you kidding me? We don't make our own bullets and we are doing everything we can to antagonize those who do, and their allies? Yes, I do know they stockpiled a couple billion of them, but those are for us.

      • Thanks for the compliment. New info, if you haven’t seen it yet:


        I had read last week that Citigroup had inexplicably taken on an astonishing amount of derivatives in a very short time in the last part of 2014, and I think they were some of the ones pushing to repeal what was left of Dodd-Frank; and Ann has recognized another dot to connect, namely that the primary stockholder of Citigroup is one of the higher level Saudi Arabian princes. Interesting. Hedging their oil losses, so they won’t object too much while the US tries to break down Russia, and devastates Venezuela in the process. And stranger still – strange in terms of the absolutely clueless arrogance displayed – Obama openly admitted in an NPR interview that the crashing oil prices are part of the US “rationale” to punish Russia. It is possible he was bluffing, to make it seem we are in control when we are not – like so many terrorist groups claiming responsibility for any disaster – but whether or not the US has in fact been able to manipulate the price of oil —- this statement is tantamount to saying it is perfectly within our right to manipulate the price of one of the most important commodities in the world just to spite a nation that has not buckled to our will; to devastate entire nations as an irrelevant side effect, and the hardships they suffer mean nothing, etc. The non-sociopath in me is aghast at this, wondering how anyone could possibly think this way, but then they have already shown their true nature in manipulating the price of gold and the LIBOR rate. Why should I be surprised. Because I am not a sociopath, that’s why. Maybe they think they can just print enough money to satisfy the derivatives backing the US shale industry. Maybe they don’t give a darn about the shale industry. Maybe they’re all high on cocaine, which would explain their delusions of grandeur and totally unrealistic expectations of success.

  11. After THIS disaster hits, there’s another far worse –
    Ezekiel’s Fire
    THEN – we get the Tribulation
    somewhere in here we get all those lovely seals and trumpets (not to be confused with tea and crumpets)
    THEN – we get the Wrath of God, unless that was the seals and trumpets —

    here is my question —–

    what on earth is LEFT after all this destruction? – Blood, fire, hail, massive earthquakes, stars falling from heaven, 1/3 of all life destroyed and then 1/3 of what remains destroyed in the next round, famine, pestilence, the possibility of Hillary Clinton in the White House, the antichrist and his depredations – to be raptured, or anything else?

    My sanity or lack thereof – :) – notwithstanding, how is it that you think it actually possible to prepare in such a way as to survive all this?

    • Hi DRG,

      Tough question.

      The only good answer that I have is to be as open to God’s direction as possible. This means reading your Bible, surrendering to the will of God, praying often and surrounding yourself with believers who do all of that, too.

      It also means discarding those worldly possessions that keep us from packing up and leaving quickly. Most of my life can fit in two suitcases, and it’s been that way for several years. Unfortunately, I tend to accumulate ‘junk’, if I sit still for too long.

      Ultimately, nothing bad can happen to us, unless God gives permission for it to happen. Of course, God DOES give such permission if we aren’t serving Him properly – or, if God wants us home early.

      God bless you, DRG. Another excellent comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  12. pray that your flight be not in winter. this tells me that I am supposed to flee. Just recently I thought it might be telling me that this thing coming is going to effect the polar regions. It fits in the sense that northern lights effect the poles, how about coronal mass ejections? They might effect the poles as well but with great destruction of plasma etc. what say others??

    • Hi weary,

      Coronal Mass Ejections DO tend to affect the poles far more than anywhere else. So, I would assume that the same will be true with Ezekiel’s Fire. However, Ezekiel’s Fire may be so big that it will brush aside Earth’s natural defenses against CME.

      Thank you, W.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  13. I agree. But the smart thing to do now is see the writing on the wall and act in advance. The ONLY way to save America now is to divide in 2 based on what already divides us at each election. Simply make it geographical. See … The US “is going to,” balkanize through the coming chaos, AS GOVERNMENT BREAKS DOWN AND BECOMES MORE LOCALLY RUN. I say, “control that break up to the patriots advantage by seceding NOW. Create an enlarged 15 state version of The Confederate States Of America NOW for the patriots. Give the rest to “them.”
    Until then stock up 2 + years of supplies and JOIN TOGETHER IN GROUPS OF 7 TO 15 FRIENDS THAT DO THE SAME. Also see the articles at Thecommonsenseshow.com and the new dream at : Z3news.com, ( he was on trunews. )
    Good job John. I would like to see you mention guns and ammo a little more though. :)

    • Hi Josey Wales,

      If I thought that there were enough wide-awake Christians that were willing to repent of their sins and live a holy life before God…

      …then THAT is how I would do it, too.

      But, until then… my recommendation is to get out of ‘Dodge’.

      And, um… I hafta leave ‘guns and ammo’ to those who are more expert than myself.

      Thank you, JW.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  14. Your articles I believe are to be truth, I am a believer and it disturbs me on how you say to leave while you can. Do you know how many of us are barely making it and can’t leave. If God wants us out he will have to raise up a Moses and bring us out,nowhere will be safe. And survive to live like dogs are slaves to the elite? Many of us have to trust in what God will do at that time of our survival or death. God will do whatever is right. Please stop telling us to leave a huge percent of us barly afford gas and food. Take care in Jesus our soon coming King

    • Hi June,

      Unfortunately, I must speak as the Lord leads me to speak. If I did not tell people about the danger of staying in America, I would be disobeying God.

      (Although, I am NOT a prophet.)

      It breaks my heart to see so many who WANT to flee what is coming, but cannot. So, I too am hoping for a Moses or a Debra who will rise up and help those who cannot help themselves.

      God bless you, June. I pray that the Lord will keep you safe in the midst of these terrible times.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  15. Hello John,
    Many of the instructions Yeshua gave his disciples seem impractical, extreme and illogical. They make no sense and so 99% of Christians either twist the meanings to make the instructions say something else that sounds more logical or they just ignore them. So most Christians rather take the wide and easy road that their pastors have chosen. By the time they realize they have been misled it will be too late. They will then have to sacrifice their lives as martyrs to prove themselves faithful to Yeshua and worthy of the Kingdom.
    Nearly everything that Yeshua taught was actually a plan of action for surviving the last days. These instructions are so cryptic and brilliant that the enemies of God cannot understand the plan and thus cannot set about obstructing or defeating us. Matthew 13:11 “It is given unto you to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.” “Don’t cast your pearls before swine.” Of all these tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of Christians today that hail him “Lord, Lord!” only a remnant will faithfully obey Him in everything and survive to welcome Him when He returns. They follow the Lamb wherever he goes….No lie was found in their mouths; they are blameless.” – Revelations 14:1-5. That’s why they survive until the Lamb returns, as 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18 explains.
    A very great multitude in the last days who call Him “Lord, Lord!” will either end up following the beast or being killed by the beast because they did not learn to trust and obey Yeshua in every way. Matthew 7:14 – “small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to LIFE, and only a few find it.” Matthew 24:10 – “Many shall be snared (or tripped up) and betray one another.” “But he who stands firm to the end will be saved” according to Verse 13.
    shalom michael

  16. Dear John Little,
    My brother, Roger Cox, who is an avid reader of yours told me about your site. Now, I am hooked and I try to check in everyday to read your latest thoughts. I truly enjoy reading your articles and as a good writer you always leave me wishing it didn’t end.

    Your latest one today, War Must Come, is a real thought provoker for me. As with all of your other articles, I find myself rethinking and re-digesting them as I go about my day. This one today will definitely keep my mind busy!

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with everyone including me.

    In Christ’s love,

    Suzie Rigoll

    • Hi Suzie Rigoll,

      Wow. I am honored by what you wrote. It is only through God’s direct intervention that I have been able to write these articles. Thank God, is all that I can say.

      I am really sorry that I’ve had to reduce my writing for Omega Shock. Once Ezekiel’s Fire has been properly launched, I’ll get back to daily writing – if God wills.

      God bless you, Suzie. Give your brother a big hug for me.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  17. Dear John,
    It appears you have some very perceptive readers. DRG for example and Mike Molyneaux, DRG obviously doesn’t buy the pre-trib nonsense, don’t know about Mike.
    Seems if we do prepare and maybe flee the U.S. the best we can do is survive for just a little bit longer. The Bible plainly teaches what the end time scenario will be. Anti-Christ and his minions will succeed for “one hour” but will then go into the pit.
    Our job as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ is to inform ourselves to the best of our ability and then TRY to persuade others to get their heads out of the sand so they too can become laborers in the vineyard instead of wailing “There’s nothing I can do about it.” As a matter of fact, there are only a few who have the means and the opportunity to flee, only to be forced to do it again later. Anyone however can be a witness if he will just ignore his fear of rejection.
    I wish you well John, and hope you can continue the good work, but for the majority of us will just have to “occupy” and wake up as many as possible. I do what I can by sending out links and short summaries of pertinent articles on a more or less regular basis, but sadly can count on the fingers of one hand any evidence of fruit.
    But, we are not called to produce salvation, that’s the Lord’s job. Our job is to be faithful witnesses and when the end comes to stand without fear and with a good testimony.

  18. Mr. Little,

    Thank you for your articles and for your part in His kingdom. We all play a part in waking people up and in exposing those who would like to harm us. It is my belief that there will be a great economic collapse that will have its beginnings on the Eve of Yom Teruah/ Feast of Trumpets of 2015. You might be interested in my website, http://September2015.com that points to the beginning of Jacobs’ Trouble. For years, I have often theorized that the US Petro Dollar would need to collapse in order to bring down the other nations in order to bring about the conditions that would herald the start of Tribulation and the Mark of The Beast. It seems to me that those conditions are about complete. Thank You!

    • Hi Phil Richardson,

      Thank you for your kind words. However, I’m afraid that I must disagree with you on your belief that the tribulation will begin later this year.

      It cannot. Israel must be saved first, along with Ezekiel’s Fire:


      I certainly would love to get ‘the Tribulation’ out of the way so early, but this isn’t what the Bible tells us.

      Thank you, Phil.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  19. Yes, America is our world’s greatest fool. Her impulse to play goddess of our world will lead to her doom. Long ago, when I was a kid, God blessed me with a vision about how she shall fall into the Abyss. Suffice it to say that her arrogance, hypocrisy, pomposity, greed, belligerence, and corruption have poisoned her to her core. Thanks to such and the role that she has long played in destroying our world through her missionary zeal for promoting Americanism–a sociopolitical-economic religion straight out of Hell–God is helping Russia and China prepare for the day that they turn America into an object lesson eclipsing that of Sodom and Gomorrah. He shall provide them with the means to transform her into a vast wasteland dotted with ruins without destroying our world in the process. Still, billions will perish. Despite how awful the Great War will seem, however, its violence and the ravages that they will inflict are preferable to what would happen if America and her friends failed to die soon enough. Our world would become as dead as is Mars….

  20. Man Of God,

    I was spending some time in John Price’s book, “The End Of America”, trying, at least subconsciously, to find someone to debunk it when I found your site. Oh well …

    What the book really did was to confirm what I have thought for years. I am a Vietnam veteran. I returned from the war in 1966. I have been actively seeking answers to what has been behind most (if not all) of what has happened to my country since.

    In my studies I have come across some resources I would like to know what you think about.

    Jonathan Cahn, “The Harbinger”, and his You Tube interviews on the, “Shmitah”. (September 13, 2015 which is Elul 29, 5775 on the Hebrew calendar, as well as how that coincides with the Tetrad.)

    Joel Skousen, “Strategic Relocation”, as well as his, “World Affairs Brief”. (He says 2021 or 2022 for a nuclear war with Russia, China and possibly North Korea.)

    Thanks for your work. I am looking forward to spending a bunch of time catching up.

    I pray for the power of the holy people of God to anoint your ministry also.

    • Hi Jim Maize,

      I’ve known John Price personally for a very long time, and he is a very, very good guy. I consider it an honor that you’ve arrived at my site – after reading his book.

      When you mention ‘Jonathan Cahn’ and the ‘Tetrad’, I assume that you mean ‘The Blood Moon Tetrad’. Unfortunately, Jonathan doesn’t handle the subject with accuracy. He references this verse:

      The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come. – Joel 2:31

      Sorry, Cahn is leading people in the wrong direction on that verse. The Sun will be turned into darkness AT THE SAME TIME as the Moon is turned into blood. Furthermore, this is NOT a short-term event of just minutes or hours. This will be an event of a long duration.

      As for Joel Skousen, he could be right. We’ll see. Just remember that Mr. Skousen comes from a Mormon background and does not look at Last Days prophecy in the way that we understand it.

      God bless you, Jim. I look forward to seeing more of your comments as you ‘catch up’.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  21. Dear Mr. Little,
    Manuel de La Cunza was a Jesuit who was commissioned to bring the Protestant world back under the Catholic umbrella as you so aptly told us. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Catholic take on prophecy is basically amillennial. Why would La Cunza concoct a system of premillennialism that runs contrary to the Catholic position to bring errant Protestants back into the fold? That would defeat his purpose. Catholicism can’t turn Protestants back (via La Cunza or anybody else) if it confirms Protestant views and not its own. Besides, there are about as many variations on prophecy as there are those willing to express them. That doesn’t make God’s Word false—just most of us wrong in one point or many.
    Now for your quote. You quoted Luke 21: “Jerusalem will be trodden down by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.” Have you paid attention to those to whom Jesus was speaking when He said that? News flash! He was speaking to Israel in the temple. Check it out. Luke 21 is not the Olivet Discourse as almost universally scholars and lay persons alike suppose. That’s a shock! The Olivet Discourse, a private meeting, in Matthew 24, was to four of His disciples out on the Mount of Olives sometime after the Luke 21 discourse. What we have in these two discourses, then, is a different message; at a different place; at a different time; with a different audience; and a drastically different ultimate result. To be sure they seem like the same discourse—but they are not. That assumption which has held sway for centuries is not a valid assessment of the two passages. Scholars of all stripes have been missing this distinction for ages. That’s a monumental oversight when it comes to understanding and interpreting what Jesus had to say about end time prophecy.
    In context, then, Jesus’ address to Israel in the temple speaks of Israel (and others left) who will be in the tribulation, and that address shows that “Jerusalem will be trodden down by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled,” which will take place during the tribulation. It is a prophecy for the tribulation only. Based on His audience in the temple, the prophecies “of the end” (not of A.D. 70) in Luke 21 begin and end during the tribulation. It is true: Context tells us as much about what the Bible teaches as the words themselves. If we leave out “Who, what, where, when, how and why” as we evaluate our interpretations, we are likely to get it wrong. I know this perspective on the discourses is a new idea, but you might check it out. Our ultimate gage for sorting between the myriad positions held today on prophecy has to be the Word itself. Let me say, there is so much more to sorting out these discourses (that I can’t cover in this email) that I wrote a book on them. It’s on Amazon.
    By the way, why is there no anger about the midtrib, prewrath; posttrib or preterist points of view? Why all the vitriol against the pretrib position? Can you explain that one to me?
    Sincerely in Christ,
    Mrs. Paula Martin

    • Hi Mrs. Paula Martin,

      Why would La Cunza concoct a system of premillennialism that runs contrary to the Catholic position to bring errant Protestants back into the fold?

      Because non-Catholics believed that the Roman Catholic Church is The Beast, the Jesuits wanted to deflect that onto some other group. The idea is that if we are all raptured, the Pope cannot be the Antichrist.

      Sorry, but you are wrong about these ‘discourses’ of yours. The words of Jesus are true, however which way that you twist them.

      Please be careful. Twisting the words of our Lord and Savior is a dangerous, dangerous thing to do. It is also a sin. You must repent of that.

      Here is my writeup on the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Lie:


      Please read that, if you truly want to know the truth.

      You don’t see the anger at the midtrib, prewrath; posttrib or preterist points of view?

      Just look at the comment sections of the articles where I talk about the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Lie. Lots of anger and frothing at the mouth there. Plenty.

      Paula, you have embraced a lie, instead of the truth. This is a sin, and you must repent.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  22. Thanks John, I appreciate your response.

    I still don’t get it. Please explain a little more: how does coming up with a “pretrib rapture” deflect suspicion in any way on the Catholic church as the Beast of Revelation? Let’s see! You deflect by teaching what you don’t believe so people will come back? The moment they realize you have discredited your own view in order to deflect suspicion off the Pope the effort falls on the face of it. I would very much appreciate the reference or scholarly source you use for this teaching by La Cunza. It is not enough to just quote other’s scholarship if it is called into question and you must defend it.

    There are millions of Christian’s today who understand Bible verses differently than you or I. Suppose you are wrong on some or a lot of them? Should they come for your jugular? Come on brother! As Isaiah says, “here a little, there a little.” Understanding Scripture and rightly dividing the word of truth is a lifelong project. That’s not to say it isn’t important to reach for perfection, but that arena belongs to God.

    Now, as I said before–Luke 21 and Matthew 24 are not the same discourse. And it was not a palm tree but a fig tree that Jesus used as a type in His parable of Israel.

    I know you know that the Bible is full of types, shadows, metaphors and similes–not to mention parables, and straight forward analogies. And like I said before, there is much in those discourses that scholars have missed down through the ages. I deal with those discourses in my book.

    Sincerely in Christ,
    Mrs. Paula Martin

    • Hi Paula,

      You demand that I explain the motivations of Jesuits? Really?

      How foolish.

      The history of the origins of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Lie is available for all to see. Don’t bother me with needing to understand their motivations. The Jesuits are a Satanic organization. There are a number of Satanic possibilities. The fact that you don’t like the possibility that I gave you means nothing.

      Yes, I acknowledge that we all get things wrong. But, the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Lie is a special kind of wrong that puts the safety of our brothers and sisters in the way of grave harm. To put it another way…

      An error of interpretation is one thing. An error of interpretation that causes the downfall of Christians is something else.

      If you have been involved in spreading the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Lie, then your sin is far greater than just an ‘error of interpretation’. You have weakened the Body of Christ with this lie, and caused them to be unprepared for the days that are coming.

      As for your views on Luke 21 and Matthew 24, you have absolutely no proof. In fact, it concerns me that your love of the truth is so low, that you are willing to claim something to be truth, when you have no evidence.

      Furthermore, it grieves me to know that you have written a book and are spreading lies. This is a truly evil thing.

      You have sinned before God, Paula. You must repent and burn your books, before it is too late.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  23. Hi John,

    You know, when you deleted my last two posts, I gave up trying to reason with you. But I got to thinking about your charge that I had “no proof” for my views on the discourses of Mt. 24 and Luke 21. If the plain statements from Scripture are not proof enough for you, what is?


    Unlike so many who are now admitting they taught a view for a long time that they had not studied for themselves, I have studied what Jesus taught about His return for over 40 years. Matt. 24 and Luke 21 are indeed different discourses, given to different audiences, at different times, in different places and for different ultimate reasons. Have you studied these discourses for 40 years? Com’ on brother! Let’s not be so fast on the draw, and let’s have a little bit more charity.

    Sincerely in Christ,
    Mrs. Paula Martin

    • Hi Mrs. Paula Martin,

      I do not have the time or energy to debate you. You will not listen to what I have said, so there’s no further need for discussion. If you need a refresh of what I said, go here:


      Furthermore, I will not allow this website to being a sounding board for heresy.

      I too have been studying the Bible for more than forty years, and I know the Jesuit history of the error that you promote. You are leading our brothers and sisters into complacency, and you will suffer condemnation from God for your efforts.

      I will have no part with such things.

      It is not charity to allow heresy.

      You must repent, Paula. You have sinned greatly in publishing this book.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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