Economic Collapse – This is How It Begins

As I continue to build up the Ezekiel’s Fire website, it has become more and more clear to me that catastrophe is headed towards America. America must fall, and it will fall. And, I wish that it wasn’t going to happen. I really, really do.

However, we have sinned against God, so this is our just reward.

For those of you who want to see evidence that this calamity approaches, we’ve had two warning shots fired across our bow, over the last few days. And, we will see more in the coming weeks and months.

My hope is that you will be ready when the warnings stop, and the collapse begins.


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Economic Collapse – This is What It Looks Like

People always want to talk about a conspiracy, whenever things go bad. That is completely understandable, and there is some truth to it.

However, not everything is a conspiracy. Some events occur naturally, and you will find the most conspiracy amongst those who are trying to avoid that which is natural.

I like to think of it as jockying for the best position in the lifeboat.

Yes, there IS a conspiracy, and the conspirators are a foul, evil bunch that God is going to knock down, but that is a discussion for another day.

Now, where was I… oh yes …economic collapse.

Economic Collapse

An economic collapse comes from you and me. We Little people are the cause. (And yes, my last name really is Little.) And, we cause this economic collapse by the choices that we make.

When you don’t have very much money…

…you buy less.

When your neighbor loses his job, you get scared about your own job, and start saving money. Of course, saving money means…

…you buy less.

When you retire from your job…

…you buy less.

When healthcare costs go up…

…you buy less.

And, when you buy less… those who produce the stuff you buy… well …THEY also are forced to buy less.


Who do Americans buy from?


And, America is China’s biggest trading partner. So, when America buys less stuff from China… well …the Chinese buy less stuff from everyone else.

What do the Chinese normally buy?


From Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia

China buys other stuff, but oil is a big one. And when Chinese companies have fewer orders, they consume less oil. Those companies also lay off their workers, which means that those workers ALSO consume less oil.

…and so on…

…and so forth.

The next question is…

What does Saudi Arabia do about this?

Well, they ultimately find themselves with lots of extra oil, because China isn’t buying it. This means that they need to offer that extra oil to others. However, those ‘others’ won’t buy it for the same price that China is buying it for.

So, what does Saudi Arabia do?

They lower the price until people start buying.

They could lower production, and Saudi Arabia has done that in the past. But, the results of lowering production was a loss of market share, and they don’t want to do that this time. Also, the king of Saudi Arabia is on his last legs, and his vile little kingdom is in trouble.

So, to keep the masses happy and unwilling to revolt, the Saudis want to keep pumping their oil.

As Shakespeare said:

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.Henry IV

Please remember also that the Saudis have not increased production. All that they have done is maintain their production at previous levels. To put it another way, the only thing that the Saudis have done is… nothing.

Those of you who think that the Saudis have lowered their prices for any number of conspiratorial reasons are missing the point. The Saudis haven’t lowered their prices.

You have.

YOU are buying less oil, so they have no choice.

Remember this quote from the Washington AP bureau chief, in 1932:

All politics is localByron Price

(NOT Tip O’Neill)

The Saudi king is far more interested in his own ability to survive for the next few years than in destroying US shale oil production, hurting Russian hegemony or taking a whack at Iran. Yes, all of those oil producers are going to hurt, but the main focus of the Saudis is keeping their people from rising up and throwing them out of power.

Really. They hate that.


Unfortunately, this puts Russia in something of a bind, since half of all their income comes from petroleum and natural gas production. This means that Russia will not be able to fulfill all the promises that they have made. Lots of those promises were made to people outside of Russia, and lot of those promises were made to people inside Russia.


All politics is local

So, you can guess which promises that Russia is going to break:

The ones made to non-Russians.

Now, Russia is going to work hard to keep from breaking those promises, but she will ultimately be forced to.

What are those promises that Russia is going to break?

Bonds sold to foreigners.


Why ouch?

Financial Organizations

Because banks and institutional investors hold those bonds. And worse, there are lots of derivatives swimming around, ready to bite somebody. If enough banks and institutional investors get hurt by all this…

Well, do you know what happens when banks and investors get hurt?

They sell stuff. Lots of stuff.

This causes the price for ‘stuff’ to fall. Those investors who own the same ‘stuff’ lose money, and THEY are also forced to sell – especially those who bought investments using debt, also known as ‘margin’.

Have you ever heard of a margin call?

Yup. We’re going to get lots of those. And THAT means a collapse of the US stock market, bond market and… well …a LOT of other stuff.

It will be a ‘domino effect’ and it will sweep away a huge number of people that still have their money in financial institutions of ANY kind.

That means YOU.


If you have ANY money in an insurance policy, 401K, IRA, bank or any other company or organization… you will lose ALL of it over the coming months, if you do not get it out.

And, you will get NO warning.

Well, actually, that’s not true. What I’m telling you now is a warning. And, I’ve given you lots and lots of warnings in the past. And, you might have a couple more warnings before we’re done. But, it’s hard to say what your LAST warning will be.

Please. Do NOT try to figure out what or when your last warning will be. It will hit you when you least expect it, which is what the US government wants. They do NOT want you forewarned.

Please take your money out now, and buy something of tangible value. My preference is silver, followed by gold. But, you might think that something else will hold its value in the coming collapse. Food, water, ammunition and Bibles come to mind.

But, whatever you buy, it must be something that will hold its value in a collapse situation – which means that someone will want to buy it from you for at least a high fraction of the price you paid for it.

I really wish that this was some half-baked conspiracy theory that we could all wave away, but it isn’t. This is life and death.

And you are NOT ready for this.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


note – I am not offering financial or disaster preparation advice in a professional capacity. These are merely my own thoughts on what I would do in these situations.


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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56 thoughts on “Economic Collapse – This is How It Begins”

  1. Hi John, only 7 shopping days before xmas. ruoble/to chop, is being attacked in the market. while western world is drowning in debt. apple suspends sales to Russia. for the love of money is the root of all evil! oil is still going down. lots of states depend on the price of oil. lot of them have nukes. how do they get the price to go back up? man made or natural disasters have worked well in the past. cut the head off a snake works good too. heads up.

    • Hi craig wolfe,

      How do you get the price to go back up?

      Lower the supply or increase the demand. As someone once said:

      The solution to low prices is low prices.

      Once the high cost producers fall out of the market, there will be fewer producers and the price will go up. Also, as economies recover because the price of oil is low – demand will increase.

      Unfortunately, as you say, Russia has nukes, and I expect that they will use them.

      Thank you, Craig.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. Good day ,Just read the last article ,How the collapse will begin,which actually has started ,in my opinion ..You mention getting money out ….insurance plan ???
    I have a whole life insurance and 403b and small IRA but the bulk is with northwestern mutual .Is your concern value loss and/or seizer …I could see that banks are lining up to do a bail in with retirement account ,should they lose playing with depositors money in the casino but how would the banking criminal get to a private account from a company such as northwestern ??
    Thx u so much and god bless..Peace on earth and within !!!!

    • Hi gabe,

      Unfortunately, no private account will be safe.

      Remember that your private account is held by a company that is involved in the bond markets, at the very least. When the bond markets fail, the company will fail – and, so will your private account.

      I can’t tell you what to do. But, I CAN tell you what I would do:

      GET OUT.

      And… I did.

      May the Lord guide you towards the right decision.

      God bless you, Gabe.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • I am a published author and retired journalist and medical technologist. My husband has Parkinsons(later stages) and we had to take out spousal impoverishment to get him into a nursing and special care facility. Because he was diagnosed with Parkinsons in about 2000 we have gone through every financial asset we have. We live in Nebraska and this state would take even our lives were murder not against the law(with Obama we have no idea how long this will last) and if they could get some money out of the deal. People in Nebraska will do ANYTHING for money-which is why I want out of this horrid place! But I need to ask, if I have not been able to afford much advertising of my books and all I have is a modest income of less than $2,000/month, will our ‘dear’ government take my social security check? The only assets I have are a ten-year-old computer and 12-year-old Ford Focus. Also, the only way I can get my Social Security is to have it direct deposited. The bank I use is the one used by most of the more financially successful people in the eastern part of this state. I am storing up food, and other survivalist equipment. Any ideas? I fear being taken to a FEMA death camp.

        • Hi Patty Ress,

          I’m so sorry that you are stuck in this situation. It sounds like you are doing the best that you can, so I don’t have much more to add, other than this link:

          The page is titled:

          Finding Like-Minded People in Your Area

          Outside of drawing close to the Lord, that is probably the best advice that I can give ANYONE. You cannot do this alone.

          My biggest worry is that the destruction of America would not require FEMA camps.

          Thank you, Patty.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

    • The new rules for depositors in any financial institution are depositors are investors subject to the loss of the risk they take by placing their money in said institution. Effectively obviating the mythical FDIC insurance. Even if the thieves were somehow able to continue to hold the illusion together as they have now over a decade, and the FDIC came through in the end, on the whole, your dollars would buy far, far, far less than before the institutions failure. Too big to fail, is now a codified precedent setting, tool. In other words they just print up what ever number of zeros they need to keep a major bank (and/or others) solvent. More dollars less value.

      The G20 made it so November 2014. Don’t know how this affects insurance companies that hold your life insurance policies except that most have a substantial investment in bank originated derivatives. And it would depend on how far any cascading effects traveled down the financial system’s path. As always the best investments are tangible things such as land, tools, precious metals, the means to produce food and other necessities that are the stuff that sustains human life and comfort. Zeros on paper or bytes in the “Cloud” are temporary vaporous tools and should be limited to your need to function in the financial system we are currently under, with one exception. Unless you are endowed with excess that you can afford to risk (lose) to grow the digits and bytes to buy real tangible stuff with.

  3. Great article, John. Its coming and all we can hold onto is Jesus/Yeshua. We cant take any of this with us, only our soul. People need to get right with our Lord and Savior Jesus, because we have done this to ourselves.

    • Hi C A T,

      Here’s the order of importance:

      A safe place as far from a city as possible
      Food and water

      If you don’t like precious metals, buy something tangible that will hold its value.

      Chapter Seven of Ezekiel’s Fire deals with some of this. It’s kind of a hodgepodge of stuff, right now. But, it will offer some useful advice. You can fine the that here:

      I hope that helps, Cat.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. Dear sir. A desire to see people come to Jesus is very commendable but telling people to pull out all of their money is very irresponsible and damaging. You will be responsible for all who adhere to your advice and lose tons of money, through taxes, fees and probable future return. You are not sharing the gospel, you are creating fear.

    • Shawn: No, JL is not creating fear. He is trying to warn people. Huge difference. If he did not warn, according to his conscience, then many would claim, “JL, why didn’t you warn us?!” He isn’t forcing anyone to do anything. He is simply giving his humble opinion about what is occurring, and what history has warned us of prior to now. If he were a high-profile investor, you probably wouldn’t be stating what you just did. Look, the choice is YOURS. If you don’t agree with the information, then keep your money where YOU think its safe. As for me and my house, we TAKE OUR MONEY OUT and invest it other ways. So do what you feel best, but stop trying to kill the messenger. Just turn your other cheek if you don’t agree.

  5. Before y2k, we bought some silver, then after the fake event, we sold it and refuse to waste money on metals except the ammo. Metals tanked in value. Now here’s what many students of world gov know: Gold and silver will be outlawed for commerce when the hammer drops. I have been buying spices, salt, kitchen tools, hand tools, first aid supplies, etc as this is the type of things folks will need. I have heard for years now about the bank meltdown and moved to credit unions. Most retirees have a broker for dividend paying stocks. Our 401k is what we live off of and SS. If things tank, I hope I’m dead by then like some of my friends are this past year and their preps were tossed or sold by heirs.

    • Hi laura m.,

      I have ALWAYS said that you should do ALL of your preparations before buying Silver or Gold – and that includes doing what you can to prepare for others.

      I’m also not married to the idea of Silver or Gold. If you know of something better, go for that. And, it looks like you are doing that. Awesome!

      As for your 401K… well, if you can afford to say bye-bye to that… well …that’s fine. My hope is that it will survive until 2016 – but, I wouldn’t bet on it.

      Thank you, Laura.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. Well John, it didn’t take me long to get out. My company was run over by the credit contraction in 2008.
    I am currently in the middle of a battle with our mortgage company who never got their assignment when they bought our mortgage. They are coercing the legal INDUSTRY to overlook the fact that they have never had standing and seeking to seize our property.
    If these banks had not been “bailed out” they would have been in a position where they would have to work with their customers rather than run them over.
    Over the past few days I have become very disenchanted with the entire “system” in America.
    It is just about over. There is a huge media blackout about what is really happening here.
    Daily, civil unrest is rising. A lot of it is pressure from an economic stand point.
    We deserve it. As a country our sins have reached the heights of heaven.
    A question I pose to you or anyone with wisdom and the courage:
    If a group of people who imagine themselves to be in authority, but they themselves have move out from under the law move to come against people by force. Do those people having been redeemed by Christ have to be made subject to the imagined authority of the enemy? Are they able to meet that force with force and defend?

    • Hi Jeff,

      Ouch. I’m so sorry that you’ve been through all that. That’s terrible. What a nightmare.

      As for your question:

      I believe that lethal force is permissible when you are defending your life and the lives of your family – or the lives of others.

      However, taking a life for financial, economic or political reasons would NOT be permissible – as I understand the Bible.

      There’s a gray area in between, but it would be foolish to be close to it. My suggestion is to get as far from danger as possible – if you can.

      I hope that helps, Jeff. May the Lord guide you through the difficult days ahead.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. I’m so glad you took a momentary break from Ezekiel’s Fire to comment on this. I’ve been watching the events in Russia with great concern, and sorrow for the Russian people, who are the victims of these sociopathic PTB like the rest of us common folk. Yes, the consumers in an economy are a huge force, but look how we have been impoverished by those PTB, as they gorge themselves with greed that knows no bounds.

    I have been reading several different takes on the ruble situation:

    1. This is a calculated attack – currency war – on Russia by the US and Saudi Arabia, because Putin won’t let them have their way in Ukraine. The shale guys in North Dakota will be hurt by it, but not as badly as Russia will, so they’re doing it anyway. Several pundits see it this way and predict disaster, as it amounts to poking the Russian bear with a stick, and that Putin is willing and able to respond forcefully. Not only that, but most of the shale producers have attempted to hedge their prices thru 2015 with derivatives, and while those that didn’t will suffer huge losses and stop producing, those who did have only shifted the risk from themselves to whoever is on the other side of the derivatives contracts, and THEY will suffer huge losses. And probably bankrupt the FDIC, and then they will attempt to squeeze this out of the already exhausted taxpayers.
    2. Russia doesn’t NEED Europe. They are selling oil in the eurasian market and this is more than half of the world market and they will be fine. I’ve only heard this from one source – V, who seems very sure of himself – but as things play out, he may have destroyed his credibility. He also says Saudi Arabia is running out of oil and does not have stockpiles of the size they have claimed, and will not allow any inspection or verification of this. I’ve read that elsewhere too.
    3. The US is bound and determined to provoke WW3 in any way they can. Their goal is “full spectrum dominance”, and in that I see the western elite trying for world control, but as you say the elites are splintered and fighting each other all the time. And with power lust comes arrogance and blindness, and the US could very likely suffer a disastrous defeat in war.
    4. BUY RUBLES!!!!!!!!!! (Fabian Calvo). He says Russia has been buying a lot of gold and their currency, while not robust, is a heck of a lot more healthy than dollars. I think perhaps, when sitting on a pile of radioactive, burnt wreckage, a handful of rubles will be little consolation.
    5. The price of oil is falling due to declining demand in a failing world economy. Celente agrees with you here. The Ponzi scheme is running out of steam.
    6. Saudi Arabia is lowering their prices because they want to put everyone else out of business and then REALLY jack the price up.

    Other than what you have already stated in your post, what is your take on the above positions?

    I was praying for the Russian people this morning, and felt a tremendous sense of grief and anguish. I felt like the Lord was giving me a small taste of what He feels at the prospect of finally letting “it” begin. How would any of us feel about being compelled by justice to allow the slaughter of your child, who would not turn from his sins no matter what, knowing that he would go to hell? When all you ever wanted for him was eternal joy, and to savor eternal fellowship with him? Multiply that by billions. I felt the Lord agonizing over this. It has not happened yet, things have continued long after we thought they surely should have collapsed, because this grieves Him so terribly. I have no idea when it will begin, the Lord was just showing me what this does to Him. He is hoping as many as possible will come to their senses and repent and seek Him before it’s too late. We all need to be very diligent in praying for the lost, for the demon-possessed monsters as well as their victims.

    • Hi DRG,

      Excellent points.

      I believe that there ARE calculated attacks going on, but I’m not certain that oil is one of them. It’s possible, but I’m not sure that we can say with certainty that the price of oil is how they are attacking Russia.

      Having said that, it is clear that Russia is under coordinated economic and financial attack. And, we will see these attacks increase over the coming days, weeks and months.

      Does Russia need Europe?

      For now, she does, but Russia is trying to move away from Europe towards China. However, as much as Russia might need Europe (as a customer for Natural Gas), Europe needs Russia FAR more. Eventually, we’ll see a splintering of Europe over the issue of Russia.

      The US very much IS determined to start WW3. It is appallingly obvious. I was shocked to see it so out in the open. The fact that so few see it is just as appalling.

      Buy Rubles? You could do that, and this would be a good time for it. But, do NOT invest more than you can afford to lose. And, be careful HOW you do it. Russia will probably default on some of her external obligations, if this goes on too long. Also, there is a little problem of getting your investment out, once you’ve made money.

      Oh, and do NOT invest in Russia via US exchanges. Find an offshore broker who does not invest in Russia via New York.

      I’m not sure that Saudi Arabia is able to set prices in quite an artificial way that you indicate in #6. They could, but that doesn’t seem to be what they are doing. Of course, we’ll see what they are up to as time goes on. They certainly ARE capable of such sneaky dealing.

      If they ARE setting prices artificially low, those prices will rebound very quickly. Market forces are much, much bigger than the Saudis. And, they could get hurt very badly if the global markets sense that the price of oil is artificially low.

      Remember that this is how Soros broke the Bank of England.

      God bless you, DRG. You are a brother with a good heart.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. But what caused us to buy from China in the first place?? The movement of all of our manufacturing to China, presumably for cheaper labor, but lots of other reasons too.

  9. Good article. I grew up in a small town in Michigan, my grandparents, my parents and relatives all had cellars with canned food etc. in them! Why because you never know what might come. Especially in the Winter, it could be weeks before the snow was removed so you could get out. Actually storing food is like saving money because it seems to go up in price more then down in price. I store not only food but toilet paper, 🙂 I have over 100,000 feet! hahahah … but I bought it at $5.50 for 12 rolls in 2010, today the same Scott tissue costs over $9. So I almost doubled my money in 4 years.

  10. John,

    Your “Beast Rider” on the pale horse was PRECEDED by the rider on the black horse on January 20, 2009, who is holding the scales of ‘Economic Collapse’ of Revelation 6:5-6 in his hands!

    John, you are spot on saying that it ” is becoming more and more clear to you that catastrophe is headed towards America who must, and will fall”

    Your “wounded head” of the beast of Revelation 13:3 that ascends out of the bottomless of Revelation 11:7 and Revelation 17:8 is the, he “WAS” declared President then “WAS NOT” and “IS” very much alive today and will become the rider on the “pale horse” when the rider with ‘Economic Collapse’ sitting on the back of the “black horse” is taken out of the way.

    Yes, the wound of the fourth head KILLED his chance at the Presidency and positioning himself as the most powerful and revered leader in the world but Daniel 7:25 he will “roar back to life” with a vengeance for a “time. time and half time”.

    Thank you, Gavriel

    • Hi Gavriel,

      Just remember that when the angel was talking to John, he said:

      – five are fallen
      – one is
      – one is yet to come

      Who are the five that have fallen?

      Who is the one that is?

      Who is the one that will come?

      Remember that you can’t just choose willy-nilly. It must fit perfectly. And, I just don’t see how US Presidents fit all that well.

      Thank you, Gavriel.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  11. JOHN,the government and their allies rarely come in the day time,ANYONE coming at you in darkness is subject to death,AND it don’t matter who it is,THE LORD told you IF you don’t have a weapon,SELL your coat and by one,(LUKE),now in those days there was a lot of danger present everywhere,ESPECIALY from government terrorists,JESUS COULD TELL YOU this for sure,and LUKE warned about it,AND right now theres no point in risking your life over propertly,everyones going to lose it anyway,OBOOZO the terrorist clown has SOLD everyones propertly to china,so now the fight will be to survive this,AND ONLY a few will,THERE won’t be many survivors in america,most of the population works for satan,World wide 51,000 will survive the poleshift,the rest are going to heaven or hell,sadly in america they have chosen hell………LISTEN,if you live in ISRAEL,move now,oboozo is going to bomb them off the map,and there will be only 7,000 survivors,NOW thats what the LORD told me,so its set in stone,if your there when the attack starts,HE said I will gather mine and put ,y hand over them,and they will be safe,now he did say hes moving them to a certain place to do this,IF he comes on you and tells you where to go,DON’T WAIT,leave right then….GOOD LUCK JOHN, 2015 will be a very bad year……..

  12. Hi,

    Great article. The best part of the article was when I read the things of value to stock up on; gold, silver, food…and then I saw the word Bibles. While I never thought of stocking up on Bible it hit me so hard, this is the most important item anyone can ever have and we sometimes forget just how powerful the Word is. Thank you for reminding me of Its power.
    Please, visit my website if you would. I just went through a bitted divorce where lies were the name of the game but I have lost my children. Please visit and see if there is anything that interests you, my work is good.
    Thank you!

  13. Hi John. I am with you on all of this. I do have a question that I can never get an answer to. When the dollar collapse happens many financial advisors are saying it will bad to have debt. If all of creation is going to Hell in a hand basket, how and what would they do to collect on all those mortgages and car loans. They can take everyones house or car and if the dollar is devalued by as much as 60% what can they possibly expect to do to collect. My next question is if you do have silver and some gold when is the best time to use it. Thanks

    • Hi Timothy,

      I’m not sure that I’m the best person to answer this question, except to say that:

      You do not own your house/car if someone else holds the title.

      So, if you have a mortgage, it has been bundled up and put in the hands of Wall Street. THEY own your house.

      Right now, I would sell your home and get as much out of it as I could, and buy something tangible and useful. The value of your home IS going to collapse.

      When is the best time to trade your precious metals into something more valuable?

      Well, if precious metals explode in value while real estate collapses… and if you need a home …that would be a good time.

      Gold and silver is there to help you survive when everything collapses, so you shouldn’t sell UNTIL everything collapses – unless you need to buy something to help you prepare for collapse.

      It’s a judgment call that only YOU can make. By the way, you don’t just need to hold precious metals. PMs are the LAST thing that you buy, after you’ve taken care of everything else. God, Friends, Food and Water are more precious than Gold.

      Thank you, Timothy.

      Yours in Christ.

      John Little

  14. Another thought. Some have said that the disturbance in the oil industry caused by these low prices will have ripple effects in many areas due to the domino effects of the derivatives used to hedge various things, or just plain speculate. I have read that due to interest rates being negligible for so long, pension funds and social security have had to invest in riskier things – like derivatives – because the bond market wasn’t earning what they needed. SO ……. where in this line of dominoes are the US pension funds and social security? I read also that last month Deutsche Bank stopped trading in physical gold, and now Gunvor has done the same, because it is getting exceedingly difficult to find physical gold whose ownership can be fully documented and proven!!!! So it seems that what everyone has suspected, but hoped not to be hit in the face with (the sociopaths have raided the gold) is becoming more and more impossible to overlook. What is going to happen when nobody can continue to pretend that somehow, some way, Fort Knox and the various central banks will be able to pull it off and come up with the gold they were supposedly keeping safe for other entities?

    What kind of picture do all these dots form when connected? I am not at all familiar with finance at that level.

    • Hi DRG,

      The interesting thing is that very few, if any, understand how the collapse in the price of oil will reverberate through the global financial markets. However, there is something called Chaos Theory that I believe applies here. It’s not about chaos, but in finding important patterns in data that appear to be chaotic – but aren’t.

      So far, I believe that Martin Armstrong and Charles Nenner have the best grasp of all this. They believe strongly in Cycles, and I believe that they are right. I don’t believe EVERYTHING that they say, but I do believe that they are correct in terms of their core principle.

      I look for October 2015 to be the Big Bang event. It could happen earlier, and much could happen before then. And, we won’t always know from what direction the ‘Big Bang’ will come from. But, oil may very well be the first domino to fall.

      I would love to spend the time to unravel the complexities of all this, and this is the kind of problem that I enjoy figuring out. But, there’s an even bigger problem that we face, and I MUST deal with it.

      Ezekiel’s Fire will kill a billion people, so I need to get that out ASAP.

      Thank you, DRG. Excellent comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  15. The ‘petrodollar’ will explode next year, to be replaced probably by the Chinese yuan as the new reserve currency. The IMF and BIS have already set the stage by pulling America’s veto power out from under us to expose this fait accompli. The October 2015 IMF meeting will probably establish this new financial structure.

  16. Canada is third in world oil reserves and anticipates over $13 billion next year in lost government revenues based on prices over a week ago. They are warning of that they will continue to balance the books; something will have to go. They have vague legislation that will allow a bailout from tax payers and depositors.

  17. Thanks for the valuable information.
    We have a debt of about $ 15.000 on credit cards. As being seniors on low income, (pensions), what happens to us when all this falls apart. I presume that there are others in the same condition. WE live in Canada.

    • Hi Bishop Yaroslaw Sereda,

      Um… THAT is a LOT of debt on credit cards. You are paying a MASSIVE amount of interest on that debt. Please try to find some way to transfer that debt to something with lower interest.

      But, before you do anything, please consult with someone who is experienced in this kind of situation. I am NOT.

      Unfortunately, I really don’t know what will happen to credit card debt when things fall apart. The elites will certainly try to make you pay. How they do that… well …I am unsure.

      Sorry that I can’t give you better advice, BYS.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  18. John you said,

    When the angel was talking to John, he said:

    – five are fallen
    – one is
    – one is yet to come

    You asked, a.) “Who are the five that have fallen?”

    1.) Carter, 2.) Reagan, 3.) Bush 41, 4.) Clinton, 5.) Bush 43

    b.) “Who is the one that is?”

    6.) Obama

    c.) “Who is the one that will come?”

    7.) He is the “Beast rider” on the pale horse who WAS, and WAS NOT, even he IS the eighth and is of the seven and goes into perdition.

    He is self explanatory, the “short space and goes into perdition” give him away, plus he is the eigth and is THE seventh, and is OF THE Clinton Presidency.

    The “short space” he must continue for is “a time, time, and a half time”.

    Remember in Daniel 7:7-8 from the fourth beast Kingdom/USA and its 10 Presidents, another comes “up among them” and subdues numbers 10, 9 and 8.

    John you said, “That I can’t just choose willy-nilly. It must fit perfectly. And, I just don’t see how US Presidents fit all that well.”

    John, I’m definitely not chosing “willy-nilly”! Revelation 17:10-18 tells us chronologically that these 10 Presidents are doing God’s will and are of one mind to give their kingdom to the “eighth” aka “Beast Rider” to burn her with fire until the words of God are fulfilled!

    John, Revelation 6:2-11, Revelation 11:7, Revelation 13 and Revelation 17 fit perfectly.

    While Revelation 13:2 connects the “riders” od Revelation 6 with the lion, the bear, the leopard and “little horn” of Daniel 7 giving us a tighter fit!

    Thank you, Gavriel

    • Hi Gavriel,

      My point is that you have no basis for choosing Carter over Nixon or Ford.

      What is it about Carter that makes him a head, instead of Ford? or Nixon?

      And, it seems to me that you are mixing together the ‘Beast Rider’, the rider on the pale horse, and the seventh-head-who-is-also-the-eighth.

      That is why I said ‘willy-nilly’. You don’t have a clear and definite explanation for why the seven heads are the presidents.

      Thank you, Gavriel.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  19. Very well written, you said so much in so little… outstanding logic.

    Time will tell but I have something you didn’t consider. It is highly, highly unlikely that China would allow the Russian economy to crash.

    The Chinese need the Russian component of BRICS. It is against every interest they have in both the short and the long term for Russia to see any kind of major social or economic upheaval. They will do whatever they have to do to prevent it, probably starting with the redirected buying of energy production from the middle east to Russia (no doubt at a great discount).

    The Chinese need Russia as well as India to make the BRICS work logistically and there is no way they allow its economy to fail.

    Regardless of that point, I believe you are correct in your conclusion. The dollar is going to crash and very, very soon. The 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill moving derivative exposure over to public debt is an obvious sign to me that it’s ready to go. I am guessing they will wait until after Christmas and maybe even New Years but after that, all bets are off. It’s like dress and arm yourself like you are never coming back every morning time.

    It is so incredibly -in your face- now. The Dodd Frank bill made your bank deposits not your money anymore. Since then when you put money in a bank, you are legally an investor not a creditor. The bail-ins are legal and the trillions of derivatives the banks are holding right now is as of last week, now backed up by Joe Public.

    Rather than Russia being the first domino, I believe it will be us. All that oil you are talking about being sold dirt cheap… well, the owners of that oil bought insurance on their investment. All the big banks are on the hook right now for all that oil at $100-$105 a barrel but it’s selling around $50 and going lower. They sold the derivatives and now that they are about to lose big, they had congress pass the responsibility for those derivatives to Mr. Joe Sixpack.

    It’s over, they are going to take every penny of real money left and they intend to come down with an iron fist on anyone who says or does anything about it.

    The economical end isn’t necessarily the end though. Things are fluid and there are a LOT more of us than there are of them. Nothing ever goes according to plan and we are a resilient nation. There is just as good a chance that this ends up like a big Iceland style reset (with a lot more blood) as a collapse of the USA.

    They are going to make their move, that is obvious to anyone looking. However, they are not doing it now because they they want to, they are doing it because they have to. They look at this current situation as the best chance they will ever have and I promise you, they are afraid. You hang for treason and depending on who finds you, hanging might be a welcomed way to go out.

    Remember this, it’s bigger than the economy crashing. This is going to be an attempted takedown of the last free nation on earth, that last armed population standing in the way of the New World Order.

    We are going to need a lot of rope when this is over.

  20. John, thank you for this article that explains things so simply. My question is, “can you tell us unexperienced folks how to remove money from the bank without the gvt/IRS accusing you of something you aren’t guilty of?”. My husband received a nominal settlement due to a serious work injury, but it is still more money than we have ever had in the bank. I don’t know the safest way to remove it.

    • Hi Brenda,

      Well, I assume that this would require some gradual-but-determined purchases of tangibles – like food and water purification.

      I suspect that you need to determine what you need to buy, and then set up a ‘schedule’ for buying it.

      However, you might not need to be so careful. You are probably already on their ‘radar’. The best thing to do is to look for advice from people who have dealt with this issue. comes to mind.

      Sorry that I cannot be more helpful. Since I haven’t dealt with this myself, I can’t tell you much about it.

      Um… could I recommend a permanent vacation to sunny Costa Rica, Ecuador or Uruguay?

      Thank you, Brenda.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  21. My checks go into my account on the 1st & 3rd and i draw it out on the 2nd. Have been doing this for months trying to stay ahead of the reaper.
    All the months of talking about a market crash I hope it comes soon and we can deal with it and get our life back together providing we are still here and not destroyed by anything in coming from the sky or another nation.
    I am thankful for the lake in my front yard and wood burning fireplace in my dining room.
    Here’s to a smooth ride…….

  22. John,

    Thank you! My renewed journey to chasing Jesus started with the Shock Letter. I listened to every ShockCast you have on the site in a matter of a couple of weeks back in August . Information overload has been necessary since I’ve woken up. This lead me to start following the work of LA Marzulli, Steve Quayle, Rob Skiba and others. I have a job that I can listen to audio 8 hours a day at work – so I’m actually excited to go to work because I’m chasing after the Lord and the truth that exists within all the madness. Today I am listening to an interview by Rob Skiba with Tim Bence about Canaanite Altars & The Federal Reserve. Our financial system was started over the alter of blood sacrifice and has continued to enslave Americans, along with other countries. ( I comment to send my encouragement – you are reaching people and helping open their eyes to the truth. God bless you and thank you again.


  23. some other signposts -the G-20 codified bail-ins (think cyprus), japan is a signpost, it is interesting to watch as japan is a frontrunner in the destructive stimulus game. The EU has begun it’s version of QE although a mini QE for now. If the recovery was true they’d not move towards QE. The economic numbers all the debtor nations put out have become very blatant with all the revisions and fantasy income.
    hey some countries are even including the illegal economy/crime economy, onto their GDP as it stimulates their economies, also a way to open the door to legalizing many up to now illegal activities=to gain income then from taxing and fee’s generation from those activities.

    ..the west coast has all turned to sorcery pot smoking as the state’s desire a new industry to gain tax/fee income from.
    if you’ve ever read some accounts of a failing nation/economy some notes you may remember, one is drink/drunkard was an escape, was on the rise. Now out west half the ads seen are for hard drink, never seen anything like it..interesting, distiller’s cuing up ahead of a crash?
    But anyway hebrews 11..a better and a lasting kingdom is ours in Christ.


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