A Solar Electromagnetic Pulse

As most of you know, I am working on Ezekiel’s Fire. It is one of the most awful writing projects that I have ever undertaken – because it leaves very, very little room for optimism. In fact, the best that any of us can hope for is a decade of hard work as we fight to survive. I wish that it was otherwise, but let me paraphrase Rudy Giuliani:

wishes are not a strategy

The Bible is true, which means that there can be no doubt that Ezekiel’s Fire is coming. I hope that you will watch the videos that I have profiled below, so that you can understand what it is that you face.


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A Solar Electromagnetic Pulse

The following comes from my most recent addition to Chapter One of the Ezekiel’s Fire website. The previous additions are:



So, assuming that you have read the above and the introduction to Ezekiel’s Fire

(It’s all about Isaiah 30:26)

 …it should be clear that this is not just an increase in the brightness of the Sun by seven times. Increasing the brightness of the Sun by seven times would destroy the Earth, if it lasted for more than a short period of time.

It’s hard to imagine that the Sun could abruptly brighten by seven times and then quickly stop being so bright. We’ve never in the history of the world seen this. Of course, just because we haven’t seen something… well …it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. After all, it WILL be a miracle.

However, there IS something that we have seen before, and that is a solar flare. We normally cannot see them, unless we are looking at the Sun with special instruments. But, there was one solar flare that one man was able to see without much of anything special.

That man is Richard Carrington, and he is one of two men (both named Richard) who saw the largest solar flare in recent history. That’s why we call what followed, The Carrington Event.

We also call it the Solar Storm of 1859, and here is what Wikipedia has to say about it:

The solar storm of 1859, also known as the Carrington Event, was a powerful geomagnetic solar storm in 1859 during solar cycle 10. A solar coronal mass ejection hit Earth’s magnetosphere and induced one of the largest geomagnetic storms on record. The associated “white light flare” in the solar photosphere was observed and recorded by English astronomers Richard C. Carrington and Richard Hodgson.

Studies have shown that a solar storm of this magnitude occurring today would likely cause widespread problems for modern civilization. There is an estimated 12% chance of a similar event occurring between 2012 and 2022.

Unfortunately, I believe that the chance of this happening before 2022 is more like 100%. But, we will talk about that later.

What I’d like to talk about now, are those ‘widespread problems’ – assuming that the destruction of civilization could be classified as just a ‘widespread problem’. In fact, I will let others do the talking.

I will do that by showing you videos about an electromagnetic pulse – or EMP – generated by the explosion of a nuclear weapon above the atmosphere of the Earth. An X-class solar flare would not normally cause the same amount of destruction – although it WOULD destroy the electricity network.

Destroying the electricity production and distribution network would destroy us, but the solar flare that we are talking about is beyond X-class. Even the Carrington Event is beyond X-class, and into something that some have called Z-class.

So, even though many will say that a solar flare would not be as bad as an EMP, we cannot say this about Z-class solar flares. In fact, the description of this event in Zechariah tells us that it WILL act just like an EMP attack:

In that day, saith the Lord, I will smite every horse with astonishment, and his rider with madness: and I will open mine eyes upon the house of Judah, and will smite every horse of the people with blindness.Zechariah 12:4

I will be getting into the various Bible passages that verify the coming of Ezekiel’s Fire, later. But for now, just understand that Ezekiel’s Fire will act just like a really big EMP attack.

Here’s a one minute overview of what an Electromagnetic Pulse is:

What is an EMP? The 60 second answer

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/D5rtQz-hLYM

That was short, quick and to-the-point – but, a little too short and too quick.

Here’s a discussion that goes a bit longer and talks a little bit more about EMP. It also gives an interesting demonstration of an EMP attack at work:

EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulse Bomb

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/kxi1DJUDxtQ

Even THAT description is far too short. But, notice what General Wayne Downing infers about EMP. If an electromagnetic pulse happened over the battlefield, he said:

Which means we’d have to dust off our lensatic compasses and our maps. And that’s why, when we train today, you still got to train under conditions without your technology.

That sounds an awful lot like the verse that I quoted to you:

In that day, saith the Lord, I will smite every horse with astonishment, and his rider with madness: and I will open mine eyes upon the house of Judah, and will smite every horse of the people with blindness.Zechariah 12:4

Yes, that sounds an awful lot like an EMP – or the effects of the largest solar flare in the history of the world. Even though the US army does its best to shield its equipment, it is still vulnerable to an EMP attack. And, that means that trucks, tanks, jeeps, rocket launchers and any other sophisticated mode of transportation would cease to work – just as Zechariah 12:4 indicates. But, let’s not stop there.

Here is an excellent description by Bernard Finnigan who goes by the name of SpreadingtheMuse:

The Physics of Science Fiction: Electromagnetic Pulse: SpreadingtheMuse Productions

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/KycGbvQxgEc

I really wish that SpreadingtheMuse was engaging in hyperbole. Unfortunately, he isn’t.

(Good work, Bernard!)

But, let’s keep going. Someone who calls himself Steel Griffin put together a bunch of video clips on the subject of EMP and solar flares:

EMP-Information Complitation – Click “Show more” for details [sic]

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/H7RCqdUdfOs

Here are the Chapter timestamps:

Chapter I – (00:00:32) – EMP and It’s Effects
Chapter II – (00:02:26) – EMP and the Sun
Chapter III – (00:10:30) – Man-made EMP
Chapter IV – (00:17:27) – EMP and Nuclear Reactors
Chapter V – (00:31:39) – EMP and Cinema
Chapter VI – (00:39:23) – The Reality
Chapter VII – (00:40:09) – The Response
Chapter VIII – (00:42:05) – A Solution
Chapter IX – (00:43:19) – The Cost
Chapter X – (00:46:14) – How You Can Help
Chapter XI – (00:47:46) – The Lesson
Chapter XII – (00:48:32) – Credits

You heard Dr. William R. Forstchen talk a little over 13 minutes into the above video. You will hear more from William a little bit later.

I also hope that you noticed that the American Physical Society, the most important group of physicists in America, went to the US Congress to try and convince them to protect America from the threat of a solar flare or EMP attack.

Do you know how the US Congress responded?

Right. I hope that you fix the response of the US Congress, firmly in your mind:

They laughed at them.

What fools we are. We actually elected these people.

We have seen the effects of smaller solar flares in many places of the world.

What have we done in response?


What absolute madness.

Here’s another view from someone who was once in the CIA. Now, get ready for your blood pressure to rise a bit:

2014 North Korean EMP Attack Against America Millions Will Die Government Insider Warns Immanent [sic]

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/NHAfUHOhi5Y

I hope that you heard what we are doing in response to what we know is going to happen with complete certainty:


That’s right. Our government overlords are doing absolutely nothing – for us.

Dr. Forstchen is an awesome guy, a Professor of Military History at Montreat College (a Christian College), a great writer and a Christian. He REALLY understands what we face, and he wrote a book on what we are talking about. That book is called:

One Second After

That is a novel about what happens after an EMP attack. If you need a well-written discussion that will bring all this home to you…

…read that book.

Here is Dr. Forstchen speaking to Sensible Mountain Preparedness Seminar III:

Sensible Mountain Preparedness Seminar III – “Keynote: Dr. William R. Forstchen” Part 1

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/DV0zkKwy3WY

Oh, and here is Dr. Forstchen and his daughter, Meghan:

Buy his books. You will enjoy them. (And Meghan would like to go to college.)

Here is part 2:

Sensible Mountain Preparedness Seminar III – “Keynote: Dr. William R. Forstchen” Part 2

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/nrNC07Js8VU

William Forstchen ends with his faith in God. May our own end be the same, with our faith in God.

Now, even the mainstream media has taken notice. Judge Jeanine Pirro is one of the few voices of sanity on television. Here is her investigation into the different ways that America’s electricity grid could be destroyed:

Judge Jeanine: “Lights Out: Danger to U.S. Power Grid”

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/nbRnJTm_o58

I love Judge Jeanine’s sarcasm over the foolishness of The-Powers-That-Be. I really wish that sarcasm was going to be enough to fix the problem that we face.

It makes me wonder if they are doing it on purpose.

In fact, I hope that you forgive me for thinking that the elites are laughing at us. They may even know that Ezekiel’s Fire is coming. I’m also reminded of this verse in Revelation:

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?Revelation 13:3-4

That passage talks about one of the heads of the Beast that is given a wound. That wound should have killed The Beast, but it came roaring back to life.

That has always made me wonder.

Are the elites prepared for this?

I believe that they are, so maybe you should be too. But, that’s a discussion for another time.

Let’s round out our selection of videos with an interesting one about our Sun and solar storms:

Dark Secrets of the Sun – Universe Documentary

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/BC9zdI61ve0

Okay, if you watched all that, you’ve watched a lot of video. However, that’s only a beginning. In fact, it’s really just the tip of the iceberg. And, if this is the first time that you’ve heard about our vulnerability to EMPs and solar flares… well …you’ll need to keep coming back to these videos. But, I will leave that for you to do, as we move forward.

We need to look at what the Bible really says about what is coming.

God help us all.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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