Fewer Articles on Omega Shock – Due to Ezekiel’s Fire

Last week, I just did NOT have the time or energy for Omega Shock, and that’s why there was only one post. All of my time was taken up by the two Bible classes that I teach every week – and Ezekiel’s Fire.

Working on the Ezekiel’s Fire website has brought home to me the desperate situation that we are in, and how ignorant we are about what is ahead. In fact, very very few seem to have any idea.

And, THAT is why I must reduce my work on Omega Shock, so that I can get ezekielsfire.com up and running, as soon as possible.


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Fewer Articles on OmegaShock – Due to Ezekiel’s Fire

Ezekiel’s Fire is coming BEFORE the Tribulation, the Antichrist, the Rapture and the Second Coming of our Lord and Savior. Anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant or a fool.

Unfortunately, I can’t do much for fools, but I can help those who are merely ignorant. And, THAT is why I have created EzekielsFire.com. It is and will be a comprehensive discussion of the largest solar flare in the history of the world – and what you need to do about it.

Right now, the site is about 40% complete. Most of the information is up, but it is not well organized, and there is still a need for more writing. However, I’m not sure that we have enough time to do too much writing.

The events that precede Ezekiel’s Fire are approaching quickly. By the end of 2015 we will have had the worst financial crash in world history. In fact, this crash may begin well before that. We will also see some kind of armed conflict between Russia and the United States.

This armed conflict may be in the form of a war by proxy – between allies of Russia and allies of the United states. Or, it might be a direct conflict. It’s hard to say.

Although, the war-by-proxy is already well underway.

However, it is clear that the US is backing Russia into a corner, and the Russians know it. The Russians have attempted to warn the US that this course of action is foolish, but the US is not paying attention. So eventually, Russia will decide that it has no other choice than to neutralize America’s ability to mount a capable threat to Russia.

All of that will happen before Ezekiel’s Fire, when God uses this solar flare against Gog and Magog.

And, if you are not ready for that, you will die.

Unfortunately, since I appear to be one of the few who sees this coming, it is my responsibility to drop what I’m doing and make sure that I have given sufficient warning in a way that makes sense. Otherwise, just as God told Ezekiel (Ezekiel 3:18-21), your blood will be on my hands.

I don’t want that, so I have a job to do.

However, I won’t stop writing here on Omega Shock. I will still be doing articles, but there will be fewer of them. I will also need to stop my Weekend ShockCast.

Lord willing, once that I have done everything that I can do on Ezekiel’s Fire, I will go back to daily articles.

However, I am something of a perfectionist, so this could take a while.

Also, please feel free to leave comments and tell me how I’m doing. I will not be publishing any comments on ezekielsfire.com. But, I do commit to reading them and considering what they say.

I appreciate the input that many have given to Omega Shock, and this website has improved because of it. So, as long as you don’t mind that your comments will never see the ‘light of day’, please feel free to leave comments there:


As I said before, I consider the website to be 40% done. I hope to have it at 100% by June – if God wills it to be so.

noteezekielsfire.com is on a much slower server. If your connection ‘times out’ or doesn’t connect, it may be a ‘problem’ of too much traffic to the site. If that happens too often, I’ll move it to a faster, more secure server.

I’m sorry to reduce my work on Omega Shock. I consider all of you to be friends, and enjoy communicating with you. But, Ezekiel’s Fire MUST take priority.

Lives are at stake.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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13 thoughts on “Fewer Articles on Omega Shock – Due to Ezekiel’s Fire”

  1. Brother John,

    Do what you must to prepare fellow believers for what is to come.

    God will work wonders through you.

    God Bless you Brother


  2. Thanks again for all your hard work. I’ve been reading the material on EF, in order, and find it extremely interesting. I’m learning a lot from it and seeing things discussed that no one else seems to pay much attention to. Your experience and insight from living in Israel is invaluable. You are able to explain verses that, if I read them without “commentary” – as you tell us to do! – would pretty much be unintelligible to me.

    If someone gets hit by a car walking across the street, it doesn’t matter much whether it was a Chevy or a Ford; but still, I am not convinced that this “fire”, as devastating as it will be, is a solar flare. Could you expound on the science of that a bit more? I did look up info on solar flares and what I could find said it was a burst of radiation, detectable via instruments, but not visible. Does it fit at all that this fire might be nuclear war? I see you cover that topic on EF but I haven’t got there yet. Maybe I should skip around and read ahead, but I am thinking you are trying to present and develop the info in an orderly manner, so I haven’t.

    Also, I read recently that Russia has developed the most powerful vacuum bomb ever, as devastating as a nuclear one, and those create huge bursts of fire. They also don’t use radiation, and since Russia demonstrates far more common sense than the lunatics in the White House, perhaps they will use them on us. I find it interesting that in the visions so many have had of bombs dropping on the US, they seem to assume they’re nuclear, yet they see survivors running around frantically (TD Hale) and nothing described in these visions resembles what happened to the Japanese after they were nuked. If Russia and China want the resources and farmland of the US and to enslave survivors, they would not want to create such a radioactive wasteland that not only would the land be useless, they wouldn’t even want to send their own people over here (who would soon die of radiation poisoning) to take over. What do you think?

    • Hi DRG,

      Great comment, and it shows that I need to do more work to show the science behind why this must be a solar flare.

      By the way, you CAN see a Z-Class solar flare, like the one described by Richard Carrington. His input is the reason why we call the Z-class solar flare that he saw in 1859, the Carrington Event. And, we will be hit with a much, MUCH bigger solar flare.

      I really wish that your scenario was the most probable explanation. A nuclear war would be more survivable for Americans, than Ezekiel’s Fire.

      Unfortunately, it cannot be a nuclear war. God said in Ezekiel 39 and Isaiah 30 that all the world would know that God did this. If this was a nuclear attack, the world would NOT know that God did this.

      Furthermore, a nuclear attack would not light up the Moon to be as bright as the Sun. Nor would the Sun become seven times brighter.

      Now, this doesn’t mean that a nuclear war won’t happen. I believe that it might. And, I also believe that the Russians and Chinese will be careful not to use too many nukes.

      And, if I were the Chinese, I would put a satellite in low earth orbit that contained an nuclear EMP bomb in it, and blow it up over the US. And, I would make sure that everyone believed that it was the North Koreans who did it.

      We’ll see.

      Thank you, DRG, for taking a stab at this thorny issue.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Hi John,
    Even though it took me several days and you kept adding chapters on me 🙂 I read through all six chapters of Ezekiel’s Fire. Well done! I find myself resonating with much of what you wrote. While we have been back in the United States now for over four years, we lived in Spain before that as missionaries and things certainly feel more dire and dark in Europe than what it feels like in the United States bubble. I understand your sense of urgency of the coming times and pray that God continues to give you wisdom and understanding in deciphering current events through the lens of Scripture.
    Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line to you to keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing more updates!

  4. HERES what all americans need to do right away,SEE RUBY’S table talk,shes a profet,along with a few others,she would be a good one to talk to ,BUT if you don’t pay attention to anything else,FOR GODS SAKE”LISTEN” TO WHAT SHES BEEN SHOWN,its all true,and time is running out fast now……..

    • Hi Mike,

      Why would I be ‘just fear mongering’?

      Do you notice any advertisements on this site?

      Am I selling anything?


      So, why would I be ‘fear mongering’?

      My timing might have been off. In fact, I’ve been pretty consistent in saying that I did not know when these things were going to occur.


      So, take a ‘chill pill’, Mike, and pull your head out of the sand. Disaster is incoming, and I’m not sure that they will be able to keep it at bay for much longer.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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