Another Doomsday – The War Cycle Turns Next Week

A financial doomsday is bad. Losing your wealth and your livelihood is not something that ANYONE wants to experience.

But, a doomsday for war?

That is far, far worse. A financial collapse would cause hardship, but a war is a far greater threat – especially since our enemies have nuclear weapons. Given the choice, most of us will choose hardship over death.

Of course, we aren’t being given the choice, we are going have a war, AND a financial collapse. And, in the same way that there is a cycle for financial collapse, there is a cycle for war.

And, according to Martin Armstrong, the war cycle turns up, next week.


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Another Doomsday – The War Cycle Turns Next Week

Since I had written something about the financial cycle, yesterday. I thought that writing about the cycle of war and conflict would be a good idea. And, I knew that Martin Armstrong had also been doing work with the idea of war cycles.

So, I went to see if Martin Armstrong had anything to say recently about this. Sure enough, he had.

Here was today’s post:

Beware the Cycle of War Turns Back Up Next Week

And, this was his opening paragraph:

We have to be concerned that the Cycle of War turns back up next week. NATO has reported that Russian troops have now invaded Eastern Ukraine. In the Cycles of War Report we wrote that target will be November 19/20, 2014 (2014.8871) where we should see some escalation in activity. It appears this may be correct and on point. Caution should be advised next week.

And, Martin goes on to talk about Russia’s escalation towards the US and how Obama has sown the seeds for World War III. Things are heating up between Pakistan and India. And, there is unrest in Mexico.

Mr. Armstrong also reminds us to not forget the riots that seem ready to take off in Ferguson, Missouri.

It’s all a part of the Cycle of War.

The Cycles of War - 2014 - Martin Armstrong
The Cycles of War – 2014 Martin Armstrong


Martin Armstrong has written a special report on the subject of The Cycles of War, and you can get it for $75, here:

The Cycles of War 2014

Here’s a graphic that Martin put together quite some time ago, and it illustrates the Wheeler Index of War:

Wheeler Index of War - 2014
Wheeler Index of War – 2014

So, if the Cycle of War and Political Change is 25.049 years long…

And, if we need to get halfway through that cycle to actually see a more peaceful time return

…a lot is going to happen between next week and April of 2027.

Ezekiel’s Fire And Then The Antichrist

I believe that one of those things will be the coming of Gog and Magog against Israel. And THAT will trigger Ezekiel’s Fire. The massive solar flare that I call Ezekiel’s Fire will devastate the world, and you do NOT want to be caught in that. And, I am currently spending every bit of time that I have to document my understanding on that event here:

Lord willing, it will be a top-to-bottom analysis of what will happen, when it will happen and what you need to do.

Once that massive solar flare hits, the world will go through a period of recovery – probably at least seven years. And then, the Antichrist will take over.

What will come before Gog and Magog and Ezekiel’s Fire?

Very good question. Russia and China might nuke the US, or America could fall in a downward spiral into a complete collapse, instead. Or both could happen.

It looks like there will be a lot of death and destruction over the next twelve years…

…and I am NOT looking forward to it.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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25 thoughts on “Another Doomsday – The War Cycle Turns Next Week”

  1. I wished I could agree with you John,THAT everything was going to work out,BUT,..I spent Vet. day walking around town,ASKING everyone what their feelings were about america and our march to NUCLEAR WAR was,yes I wrote it down,so later I could see what americans were thinking,65% of the people I talked to,thought nuclear war would solve all americas problems,and none of them believed they might be killed,and very few believed the russians and chinese were already here waiting to jump on us,NOT a single one who called themselves christians ,admitted having listened to what GOD was saying to his PROPHETS…….ITS a shame too,america won’t be ready for whats coming,they are completely decieved,THE TV stations are brainwashing them badly,AND our government knows they’ve won the information war,This will be the worst bloodbath the world has ever seen,I feel sorry for the children,their going into captivity,to spend the last years of their life as slaves,in china and russia,I could go on but its to depressing……………

  2. Hi John,
    Part of my comments mirror what I said yesterday regarding the financial cycles. It does seem however that since 9/11 we have entered a period of never ending war. The war on terror, so called. The U.S. and it’s puppet allies in Europe and Nato have been decimating countries in the middle east and Asia. The one difference is that now they are antagonizing someone who can actually defend themselves, namely Russia and China.
    You are correct in saying a financial collapse would be very bad but the events of the war cycle would be worse. And we now face both! The first is unavoidable and the latter is nearly so.
    I’m not as concerned for myself with a financial collapse, at least in the short term. We have some supplies and are 3 hours from a major city. We have a well with a hand pump and lots of firewood. No guarantees I know, but we have a fighting chance. If this turns to be nuclear war, all bets are off.
    I really need to read over carefully your ezekielsfire web site. I’ve had some difficulty placing that event in time with any certainty.
    I listen most nights to the Hagmann and Hagmann report. They have a chat room running at the same time so I decided to jump on that and engage when appropriate. What total confusion is there. And then their are those who don’t allow for different views and revert to accusations and name calling. It is revealing. There was one main concensus that appeared strongly last evening. it was that the timing of the ‘rapture’, catching away isn’t important. Really? It shows the lack of understanding of scripture. We are to watch and wait for the coming (parousia) of the Lord. That is when we are taken to him. The two events are joined, so to say one is not important is to say the other isn’t either. Figure out when in the stream of revealed events that coming begins and we can know when the catching away will occur. Simple as that.
    Well, it seems very clear my final days, months or years are not going to be boring. The only hope for this blood soaked world is the coming of the Lord.

  3. Jesus Christ has (shortened) the days!! Christians need to stop with this 7 year thing, or 31/2 year thing! Nobody would survive the deception of antichrist(satan) if the time wasn’t shortened! He’s not coming to destroy but the basically kill people with kindness! The chaos is now, but he will bring in peace and prosperity!

    • Hi km,

      You do know what the Bible says, right?

      Jesus is NOT going to violate His own word. He said 42 months, (3.5 years) and THAT is what it will be. And no, we are NOT experiencing the Tribulation. That is coming.

      Please prepare, km.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. ONE other thing,WHY do you suppose no one in america cares about the fate of their children?..I hear the people going my kids,my kids,THEY have destroyed any chance of their children having any future,YET none of them care enough to look and see what they’ve done to their children or their childrens future,and very few of americas children have a DAD,and I suppose even if they did the government would take the children away the first time he had to beat their ass,AND sadly everyone would say it was a good thing they did,who wants a mean old dad around anyhow,…THEY would have hated my dad,hahaha,he was as honry as he could be,and what a great dad he was,WELL its in the hands of the LORD now,america can’t be fixed,and the LORDS going to just wipe the slate clean and start again……..LIKE he always does….

  5. John…i read some of his website,but i did not see what the numbers after the year mean…can you shed some light on that?…very interesting study…

    • Hi Tim,

      Since I don’t know what you are referring to, I’m not sure how to answer.

      If you mean the strange year dates, like: 2014.375

      He’s illustrating the concept. For instance, 2014.375 would be .375 of a year into 2014, or 2014 plus 137 days.

      I hope that this clears things up for you.

      Thank you, Tim.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. Im a new follower to your site. Just read Ezekiels fire. Fascinating! Surely you are aware of Ed Dames, remote viewer & what he is calling the “kill shot” coming from the sun very soon? Look into it. What do you think? Thanks mp

  7. Told my family during the outset of the “so-called” Uraine Crises that “Russia will invade and take Ukraine in the Winter” – said that they were “waiting for the Cold”!!! The “COLD” is Russia’s Battle-Ground as Napolean and the French could attest!!!
    I’d wager more than a dollar on it!!!

    They have been letting the World know (ie – Incursions, Fly-By’s, Pass-Over’s, Missile Test’s – and the like) what it WILL come to if/when the World – or ANYONE in it – objects!!!

    Did you ever read: “Cross+Wise: Visions of a Walker”, by Henry Gruver?!

    In it, on top of his vision’s concerning a joint Chinese and Russian attack on America – he also writes of his Vision of a Grizzly Bear!!!
    In the Vision he is taken across a lake by a Park Ranger where he first see’s bear cub’s – then a Massive Grizzly!!!
    They return across the pond/lake and the Grizzly follows them!!!
    Busting through the door at the Park Ranger’s home!!!

    We likewise have rowed across the Lake into the Grizzly’s back yard – Ukraine!!!


  8. We likewise have rowed across the Lake into the Grizzly’s back yard – Ukraine!!!

    Is the Grizzly about to “Bust through the Door”?!

    Google it:
    “Cross+Wise: Visions of a walker”

    You should find the link for the downloadable .pdf at Joyfull Sound Ministries if it doesn’t come right up!!!

    He fascinates me, brother! At how “Alarmingly” accurate his “Visions” of the 70’s/80’s appear to be playing out Real Time, now!!!

    I really found him worth-while to pay attention to when I found out that he was flying out of Japan’s Sendai Airport —- over the incoming Tidal Wave of 11 Mar 2011!!!

    Please, somebody!!! Calculate for me the odds of Mr. Henry Gruver of Portland Oregon flying over an incoming Tidal Wave after Prayer Walking in Japan preaching “Jesus, Repentance or Judgement”!!!

    Du-Am!!! He was serious, hu’nh?!!!

    The Odd’s have to be some Phenominal, off-the-chart, incalculably high multiple off near impossible!!!

    I’de pay attention to the man!!! Close attention!!!

    That’s all I’m say’n!!!


  9. And you know I alway’s have to P.S.?!!!
    So, here it is!!!


    “Cross+Wise: Visions of a walker”
    Should take you an hour to read!!!

    I expect you’re report on my desk in the morning!!!

    Along with your attempted calculation of the odds!!!

    Moral of the story?!!!
    G-D did that!!!!
    G-d appeared to Henry Gruver and
    G-d: “HENRY!!!”
    Brother Gruver: “Du-Am!!!, Oh, Sorry G-d, didn’t know that was you!!! What can I do for you, Sire?”
    G-d: “I’ve heard a report concerning the Vile and Detestable Sins of some of the people of Japan!!! And I have deciced to bring Judgement to cleanse the land and to make an example for the rest of the World!!! Go!!! And WARN my people there that Judgement comes!!!”
    Brother Gruver: “Uh, Uh, yes sir, G-d!!! I’m on hold with the airline now”
    G-d: “And Henry!”
    Brother Gruver: “Sir”


  10. Martin Armstrong may have figured out some cycles, maybe not. He obviously however. knows nothing of bible prophecy and the crudeness of his writing leads one to believe he knows nothing about the God who created and controls all things.

    He, and billions of others will be surprised on Judgment Day when he finds out the Lord gave him a certain amount of light but instead of crediting the One who gave it, became impressed with his own perceived brilliance and decided he, himself, could predict the future.

  11. Interesting. Then there is Hebrew prophecy. This prophecy says WW III in 2015.
    As soon as the US recognizes Palestine then they get East Jerusalem, see all the governments in order asking for East Jerusalem. That is either under Jesuit or Illuminati instruction. Once they have East Jerusalem up steps your world leader.
    The Bible tells us in the last days there will be war until the Messiah Yahushua returns. Can’t wait. Pity the luke-warm Christians, still worshipping the Greek and Egyptian gods and honoring their feast days and not Yahuweh’s.

    • Hi Allan,

      What Hebrew prophecy is this?

      By the way, it’s Yeshua, not Yahushua. Nor is it Yahuwah. Biblical archeologists have discovered the pronunciation key. It’s Yehovah.

      And, accusing Christians of worshiping other Gods because they meet on Sunday? Really?

      Allan, read Galatians. Please.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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