US/Saudi Muslim Threat to Russia

Do you remember the good old days?

When all we worried about was the Saudis starting WWIII during the Sochi Olympics?

Yeah. Those days. Just nine months ago.

Well, they’re here again, but this time they sit on top of the US-backed overthrow of Ukraine, the threat of Ebola from Africa, US-trained ISIS rampaging through the Middle East and a Saudi attack on Russian oil revenues.

And, how would the Saudis have started World War III at the Sochi Olympics?

By convincing Chechen rebels to stage a terrorist attack on the Sochi Olympics. And, it was something that Prince Bandar bin Sultan, head of Saudi Intelligence, threatened to do.

And, he’s back.


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US/Saudi Muslim Threat to Russia

I asked yesterday if anything would change now that the Republicans hold both the House and the Senate. Well, I can say that one thing certainly won’t change:


That will continue. After all, it’s one thing that both the Democrats and Republicans can agree on, completely.

Saudis Claiming To Be Mossad?

One other thing that will continue is Saudi involvement in the wars that the US is participating in. In fact, it’s hard to dig around in the shadows of American War Politics without stumbling over Saudi Intelligence – also called the Al Mukhabarat Al A’amah.

I always wondered why so many people claimed that Mossad was everywhere, especially since it’s a tiny organization.

Could it be that Saudi agents are trained to claim that they are Israeli?

Hey, I would do that if I was a Saudi agent in pro-Israel territory. Americans can’t tell a Saudi from an Israeli, anyway.

But, back to the politics of war.

Prince Bandar Strikes Again

Early this year, Saudi Intelligence service involvement had gotten so obvious and so awful that the Saudi King had to publicly remove the head of Saudi Intelligence, Prince Bandar bin Sultan. But, when John Kerry went to the Saudi King to beg for Saudi involvement in the US air campaign against ISIS…

…wanna guess who was there?


Our boy, Bandar.

And, I saw something yesterday that had Prince Bandar’s fingerprints all over it:

Western Security Services May Be Turning IS Militants on Russia: Ex-Intelligence Officer

I picked that up from Steve Quayle’s website, and I wasn’t surprised by what I read. My only real surprise was that the writer wasn’t blaming the hands that pull the strings behind America’s war policy.

Those Saudi Chechens

Saudi Arabia is the reason why ISIS has been so successful. They provided the money, the training and the weapons. And, they also provided an experienced cadre of Chechen fighters to create the backbone for ISIS operations.

The Chechen rebels are the most brutal and sadistic fighters in the world, and when I heard that they were involved with ISIS, I knew who and what was involved. The Saudis hate the Russians and have been a thorn in their side for decades.

The Saudis are responsible for all of the trouble that the Russians have had with the Chechen rebels, and they weren’t afraid to admit it. I don’t think that it was a mystery to the Russians, either. But, I was certainly surprised to hear Prince Bandar wave that information about like a red flag in front of ex-KGB Colonel, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Saudi Oil Attack On Russia

But, let’s not forget something else that’s happening.

Did you notice that the price of crude oil has dropped rather dramatically?

Did you notice who instigated that drop?

Right. Saudi Arabia.

Many have speculated that the Saudis did that to shut down the shale oil boom in the US, and Saudi efforts will have certainly hastened the demise of domestic US oil production.

But, the Saudis can read a balance sheet like anyone else. And, they could certainly tell that the shale oil and gas boom was doomed from the start, so they didn’t need to kill what was already dying.

No. They had bigger fish to fry. Like Russia.

Here’s a bit of evidence, if you need some:

Oil slump leaves Russia even weaker than decaying Soviet Union

Here’s a quote from that article:

Russian ex-premier Yegor Gaidar famously dated the moment to September 1985, when Saudi Arabia stopped trying to defend the crude market, cranking up output instead. “The Soviet Union lost $20bn per year, money without which the country simply could not survive,” he wrote.

Among other things, it was the Saudi decision to reduce the price of oil that finally did in the USSR, and the Saudis are hoping to do the same to Russia.

I find it very convenient that the Saudis chose this moment in time to spearhead a fall in the price of oil.

Saudi Textbooks In US Schools

Oh, and did you notice all the news about those textbooks that teach Islam to your kids?

Did you know who produces those textbooks?

That’s right, Saudi Arabia. They hand them out for free to cash-strapped American Public Schools – which is all of them.

Angry pushback against Islam in public school textbooks continues to take the country by storm

The point is that the smell of war is in the air, and it’s a rotten, evil thing. And, the people at the center of it are the global elites…

…and Saudi Arabia.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


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If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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19 thoughts on “US/Saudi Muslim Threat to Russia”

  1. Surprised the Russ haven’t turned the Arabian Desert into another GLASSNOSS (Read: Glass Factory).
    Course, may be what they’re preparing to do?!!!

    I mean, what would the West/NATO do – they’de HAVE to start buying Russian/Iranian Oil!!!
    Yea! If I was Putin – I’de just make Saudi and the surrounding Oil Field’s Uninhabitable for the next 10,000 years. Make it Chernobylesk!!!

    Then Russia could be soul responsible for setteing world Oil/Gas prices!!!

  2. Revelation unfolds as we watch, four horsemen saddled and about to play buccaroo with the planet,the sheep who sleep will not know what hit them,sadly those of us awake will be to busy fading into grey off the grid to help,even then we may not survive being sold out by the sheep.
    We pray to live but YHVH has allotted our time,when that comes we must be as gentle as doves because the serpents were smarter, time i reckon is very short,maybe months, soon it will come down to the living sitting among the dead waiting to die, one hope remains John 3:16.

  3. Actually it’s our money they are spending. We made them rich or that is the Demonrats did. That is why we are heading for the debtor’s prison called WW3 where we are going to really PAY!

  4. Brother , great info , thank you for this post.

    I thank Jesus every day that I am raising my 5 year old to know and love Jesus. Reading the bible together with him is the best time I spend with him, Of course its the children’s bible that has pictures in it, but he understands the big points.
    Jesus is the son of God.
    and he died for our sins.

    I am amazed at how easy this concept is to understand that my 5 year old picked it up right away.

    But that is the beauty of Truth, their is nothing difficult to understand.

    and Salvation is freely given to those who call upon Jesus .

    Eternal life is that easy to have.


  5. Ever think the Saudi need money…? Maybe Russia is flooding the markets to bring down the west… The only ones that will be in trouble are all those Oil Nations that the Banksters loaned money to and those Nation won’t be able to pay back…LOL….! 2015 is going to be interesting.

  6. sanctions and loss of oil/gas revenue hurts? in ezekiel 38 it’s said magog comes to take spoil (ezek 38:11-14), and why might she need spoil? sanctions and loss of profits in the energy industry?
    And she’s not alone, persia, and with libya having received western help with “democracy” libya’s ready, ethiopia/sudan too..

    One thing that has to happen beforehand, israel is shown to be living safely, unlike today, so that will change.
    Could isaiah 17/psalm 83 be showing some of those changes, with her neighbors being subdued afterwards?

    yeah wars are building, hey they had elections tuesday and on wednesday they sought new war powers…ain’t wasting any time are they.

  7. My head hurts just trying to keep track of all the multitudinous threads of deceit, back-stabbing, and flagrant mis-dealings. WHAT a mess.

    How on earth can ANYONE doubt that this planet is in for a disaster of biblical proportions? How utterly blind can one be? And WHY would one chose to be so blind? What purposes are served by such blindness? I have no answers.

    I truly, truly, TRULY resent that the U.S. has become the front-man for Saudi oil hegemony. But it’s our own fault. We played the fiddle, and Satan won the contest.

    Really, “A Picture of Dorian Gray” should be required reading for all supposed believers.

    • Hi, people are blinded as the god of this age having blinded their eyes (2nd corinthians), and 2nd timothy 2 shows being ensnared.
      But many are somewhat awaking, but notice what they’ll do or suggest/think or what their solutions are=it always sprouts from a world centered if their trapped within a box of viewing things from a worldly perspective. And so their answers always fall short and even make no sense to those who know the Lord and the future and outcome etc.
      But at least some have come out of the blind trust they had in man (as shown in jeremiah 17). Hopefully they’ll be quickened to knowledge of the truth of Christ and come out of seeing things only through the flesh and be able to see in Truth.
      Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word and the word of God goes out and does not return to Him void but completes the purpose for which it sent huh.

      So yeah many have somewhat awoken, they know somethings wrong and not all is as their being told, and hopefully any will come completely awake and out of the world and unto Christ.

  8. Jabal al laws in Saudi Arabia is a little more interesting. Lots of underground, concrete bunkers there. Still looks like missile complex to me. Google earth has a fair view. Some what of a controversial mountain.


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