The Votes are In – Now What?

Did anything really change, yesterday?

I don’t know.

I would like to think that a host of new faces in government from the Republican Party would make a difference. But, I doubt it.

Have the Republicans done ANYTHING to change the rampant corruption and evil at the heart of the US government?

We’ve only had a few men and women make any attempt at stemming the terrible tide of graft, dishonesty, double-dealing, misconduct, immorality and general depravity. And, those few voices were drowned out by their debauched colleagues, before they too fell victim to the decadence of Washington D.C.

But, I still wonder if something didn’t happen yesterday.


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The Votes are In – Now What?

I think that some of us give too much credit to the New World Order elites and their Illuminati overlords. If they had as much power as many credit them with, they would be able to act out in the open, instead of in the shadows, behind closed doors.

Yes, the elites are powerful, but it is the kind of power that sits in dark corners and whispers in the ear. It is a power of suggestion and influence. And, it is a power that cannot stand up when light is shined upon them. That’s why they work with puppets, and rarely, if ever, does anyone see the hands that pull the strings.

A Grand Conspiracy? Really?

I, myself, went through quite a long time of doubt about the dark powers that work behind the stone facades of Washington, D.C. Yes, I knew that there was evil at work. No Christian can deny such a thing.

But, a grand conspiracy?

It was nonsense to me.

Well, it is nonsense no longer.

A Disunited Elite

Decades ago, my family had an acquaintance who rubbed shoulders with the wealthiest men in the world. If this ‘friend’ wasn’t Illuminati himself, he had dealings with them. And, he said something that I’ve never forgotten. He said that…

…the true rulers of this world are looking for someone to unite them.

And, I have found his comment to be verified in the conflicts that the Illuminati appear to have amongst themselves. From the lowest ranks, to the highest, the Illuminati appear to be in direct competition with each other. They kill each other off and weed each other out, with complete regularity.

Are we seeing evidence of this competition here?

Do the Republicans represent a different arm of the global elites?

I don’t know, but there DOES appear to be a competition of some kind.

What Barry Will Do

We will see how the course of events unfold in the coming days, weeks and months. I will certainly be watching how Barry Soetoro and his vile minions react to yesterday’s events.

Will he move more quickly?

Will he slow down?

Does it matter?

God Matters Most

I’m not sure. But, I DO know what matters most:

What God is doing.

God has a plan, and He is not going to allow Satan to get away with murder. The question is whether you are on board with His plan.

Are you walking with God?

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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45 thoughts on “The Votes are In – Now What?”

  1. Now what? Nothing, nada, zilch. Two years from now rampant corruption and evil will still run amok in the District of Corruption. Two years from now another 1,460,000 babies will have been murdered by their mothers with the support of republicans and democrats. Two years from now the federal reserve bank will still be using fractional reserve banking practices to debase and destroy the dollar with support from the republicans in power. Two years from now the republican controlled congress will have done nothing to reign in spending. Two years from now the IRS will still be stealing from the American people propped up by the constitution’s 16th amendment and article 1, section 8. Two years from now America will still be at perpetual war with the world and pushing its foul agenda down the throats of those that simply want to be left alone. Two years from now the police state will be worse than it is today thanks largely to the fascists of the republican party who want to make us all, cough, safer. Two years from now an election will be held and serfs will mindlessly go to their churches and other polling places to determine who will be their next king. Two years from now I will still not vote because I’ll look back and see just how ineffective republicans were at stemming the tide of tyranny in this country despite the fact they control the purse string in the house, the senate and the supreme dunces. Two years from now America will be two years closer to being a footnote in history.

  2. It’s a step in the right direction and maybe things can be turned around. The election results show that the people have had enough, but there is more work to done.

  3. Interesting possibilities you raise John regarding the global elite. I think it likely there are factions within their number. However, it isn’t so much that they have different goals but rather differ on how to get there.
    So, will things change now that the righteous Republicans have the house and senate? Look at it this way. the building of the globalist house really took hold with the adoption of the Federal Reserve. After that, it was one totalitarian law after another being incrementally set in place. Ever wonder why, after an election and a new government taking over none of this ever gets reversed? I like Steve Quayle’s analogy: they are like 2 hookers working the opposite side of the street.
    After an election the loser should have a week to empty their desk and move on. But no, they get to stay until January. A lot of bad can happen in 2 months. It’s likely Barry doesn’t view this as personal rejection. He is just as likely to take it as a signal people are upset that he is moving too slowly. He has a pen and a phone and I expect him to ramp their use up. And what will the majority Republicans do when this ebola plague explodes and Obama declares martial law? They will have to go along ‘for the good of the country’. Or it could be any other major engineered catastrophe to accomplish the same ends. So no. I don’t expect a change in direction. The 2 parties are an illusion, controlled by the same people.

  4. Absolutely nothing will change. Hopefully, what happens is gridlock and those compromised clowns of DC spend their time with their hookers, drugs and booze and leave us slaves and serfs alone.

  5. Now what? All hell is gonna break up is the ‘what’. I find it comical all of these Christians and Conservatives rejoicing over Tuesday’s “win”. 90% will simply go back to sleep believing America is gonna make a comeback! They will keep their money in the bank. They will not prep. They will continue to listen to CIA-controlled Fox News. They will continue to have no idea regarding Biblical prophecy.

    So the Republican party that supported banker bailouts, helped run up the debt under GW Bush, supported the Patriot Act, have leadership in Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove, and, of course, participated and covered up the false flag attack of 9/11 is GONNA SAVE AMERICA?!?!?!

    If it were not so evil, it would be so funny. There fools celebrating the Rethugican “victory” yesterday are barely no different than the Obummer supporters—

    –nothing but a bunch of SHEEPLE!

  6. Have not explored this yet … But found this interesting comment on Face Book : “You might be interested in a document available on you tube. It’s called know your enemy by the Fuel Project. Democrats and Republicans work for the same Babylonian system.”

    My own thoughts are … It ” AINT OVER YET” ! ( “Be in prayer and intercession, actually now more than ever !” ) and remember during these times we now live in .. Nothing is as it Appears !!

    May God Continue to Bless You John.

  7. Brother John,

    I believe Bumbling Bama is the False Antichrist , same could be said about PunkyPutin, but his time in the limelight will come later on when he defeats Boogeybama.

    They are apart of the hegelian dialectic which they participate in.

    we will hate the false antichrist soo much that when the real antichrist comes he will hailed as the savior. Alas, those of us with our eyes shut will not see the truth and will welcome him as messiah when it fact he will be the real antichrist.

    then when the world says Peace and Security. then cometh Sudden destruction.

    My goodness these darn satanic elites really know how to get me angry, especially when I see soo many people that are falling hook line and sinker for their PSyop they have conducted on the masses for years and years,
    through Music, Movies, Books, Games, magazines, Businesses , Restaurants , I mean MY GOODNESS they are Everywhere with their subliminal messages. Now they have inserted their tolerance message in the Church of Christ and many pastors have fallen for the prosperity Gospel such as Joel Osteen and its horrifying to see such messages being preached.

    The Body of Christ is like the Boiling frog, we have been lulled into a warm pot that has just been getting hotter and hotter with the Sin that has been increasing all around us, yet do we stand and shout out calling sin what it is ?

    No we keep our lips shut because we have to have tolerance.

    But we must remember, that we can HATE SIN, but Love the Sinner. Jesus gave us the example, it is our duty to follow it !

    Remember, Jesus didn’t come to unite, but infact he came to Divide and what is happening in the end days is the division between the Sheep and the goats !

    it is our free choice to pick. their is no middle area or gray zone.

    Its either the love of JESUS, or the Love of this world, which is of SATAN.

    That is why those who love Jesus end up hating their life because it is tainted with Sin and we yearn to wash ourselves in the blood of Jesus.

    Just look at this 90Year old Christian WW2 vet that has been called to help his fellow man, yet the ruler of this world hates those who love JESUS !!

    We must stand strong against the Devil,
    and we must Stand with our lord JESUS !

    One Fingernail from Jesus is stronger than all of the demons and devils in this world.


    • Hi Shehab,

      Excellent point. It’s the old sucker-punch. They make you think that you’re gonna’ get hit with the left, before mashing you with the right.

      And yes, a false antichrist to make you welcome the real one.

      God bless you, Shehab. I like the way you think.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. Will it matter? – the so-called Republican landslide?

    Ah,,,,,,,, no.

    I hate to keep confessing the number of years under my belt, but there is a bit of experience behind me and while that experience does not necessarily confer wisdom, it does provide perspective, if one is watchful.

    Does anyone remember the last time the Republicans gained a clear majority in Congress? The days of Newt Gingrich and the “contract with America”? The Republicans came in with both guns blazing, cutting a swath to the right and left as they charged ahead, only to get bogged down in the tactics and antics of a very savvy and unapologetic Democratic remnant that was still able to stop them in their tracks on many a front.

    The Dems were decidedly not dead, but rather more like a wounded mother bear, and we all know how ill advised it is to mess with a wounded mother bear.

    I’m not suggesting a “do nothing” response. How about Congress start with an actual budget, something that has been missing for the last six years. Not that they would follow it, but some return to form might be novel.

    It has been said before, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to say it again. America’s problem is NOT political. American’s problem is SPIRITUAL. Until the BODY OF CHRIST realizes it has offended its SAVIOR, for goodness sake, and repents in humility (and some literal sack-cloth and ashes from a genuinely stricken heart), NOTHING is going to change in our government. And no change means a continued and ever increasing pell-mell race to the proverbial bottom of the cliff.

    That convocation in Houston Sunday past TRULY meant something to the great Yehovah. I hope it meant something to the Body of Christ in America.
    I pray with all my heart America will eventually hear Him. If we refuse to hear Him now, we will CERTAINLY hear Him when He roars in judgment.

    REPENT, AMERICA, REPENT. Repentance is the ONLY course of action open to us with any hope in it, whatsoever.

    One last thing: America, your judgment is NOT the same as the times of trial and testing coming in the great tribulation. Judgment comes to those who are His because of continued sin and disobedience. And Leviticus tells us how He deals with those in covenant with Him who are disobedient, especially Leviticus 26. If your memory is a bit rusty, try reading the chapter. Then grab a pillow for your knees and get to it.

  9. Can we start a movement (that has some chance of success) to impeach the Supreme Court?
    Unless we do, all other efforts outside of a shooting war will be fruitless.

  10. A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished. – Proverbs 22:3 The most beautiful verse that I took to heart a long time ago as a young 16 year old orphan living on skid row. Thanks for what you do, sometimes Christians don’t know why they do what they do, but every thing counts. Even the things that you forget you did that seem so little and of so little consequence. I am here and alive for such a small thing that someone did for me. Thank You for listening to the Holy spirit and doing what it tells you to do.

  11. When I heard the news this AM on the radio I rejoiced that we will have fewer Dems running this country. I don’t stand with the old refrain “I’m voting for the lesser of 2 evils.” We still have evil!!! That has been proven many times over.

    BUT I also prayed that Almighty God would keep these new ones strong in His truth, never compromise or capitulate in any way to the wiles of the old rogues (the long-timers who are on the take from the alphabet agencies to big pharma, etc.), that they would keep their promises, would stand strong in the face of the huge amount of pressure from the evil ones (the same long-timers no matter what side of the aisle they are on), that He would lead them in the way they should go, would strengthen an already weakened Constitution.

    And that Holy God would turn the swords of the wicked against themselves and each other. And that He would tear down the strongholds in high places. And that He would build this nation back up. And that He would build leaders of integrity and honesty on the foundation of His Ten Commandments written in stone. God hears our prayers and petitions when we cry out and beseech Him.

    • Hi Jane,

      I also hope and pray that these new Senators and Congressmen will be holy and righteous and choose the way of wisdom and honesty – making good choices for the betterment of America.

      But, without a true revival in our churches there cannot be any hope for this.

      We must repent of our sins and turn back to God, or there is no hope for our country.

      Thank you, Jane.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  12. I don’t think people realize how desperate Obama will become with his last 2 years. This man will cause unprecedented evil by any means necessary by launching wars, terrorists attacks, bio/ chemo warfare, etc. He hates America! This is the most dangerous time since the country has been in it’s conception. Only the grace of God will withhold this evil but Americans have defied God and His commandments. This nation desperately needs repentance!

  13. If one wishes to get a peek at how government(s) operate. May I suggest a few books. The Hidden Hand will give you an overall schematic of the mind set of politicians. Although a bit dated (1980’s). It’s a good read.
    And a very controversial book called The TransFormation of America (Cathy O’Brian/Mark Phillips). This is NOT a book for the timid or those who would become offended by nefarious agents in world governments. And Human Race Get Off Your Knees. A very in depth read touching various key points and matrixes of world government.

    I’m firmly in the camp that believes EVERY elected official is compromised/corrupted either by blackmail, bribes or outright power madness.
    And from my and others research in the matter. Confirms this by their actions known before they’re announced by the media.

    • Hi Mark,

      Excellent recommendations.

      I can personally vouch for ‘The Transformation of America’. It is eye-opening and mind-blowing. Once you read that book, you will see what is really going on.

      There’s another book that is like it, but far more gruesome – Thanks for the Memories, by Brice Taylor.

      So much of what we see, is not what they seem.

      Thank you, Mark. Excellent comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  14. they hide because of a spiritual fear and hatred of the Light of Christ (even if their not wholly aware of spiritual things) same as why they don’t come to Christ. It’s not so much they fear the people, but God often uses His people (and sometimes those who aren’t His) as vessels to implement righteous things-but, it’s still God doing it then, and they hate and fear God.
    You’d see that in the demons who were allowed to speak in the bible, a fear and hatred of Christ, and rev 17 as example, the 10 horns of the beast are made to implement the will of God upon babylon. And people outside/apart from Christ and so without His covering are prone to fall prey and are ensnared to the devil (2nd timothy 2:26) and can have the same fears and hatreds as those their ensnared to.

    Mighty nations that forget God might elect new groups and even think the world and God Himself should take notice of their elections but God’s plans and timeline goes on, who are they that the Lords plans should be altered for them.

  15. Biblical Conspiracy Theory of World History: 1- Genesis: Enmity between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman. 2-Mat.21: Parable of King and Vineyard identifies Masons as the “builders”. 3-Paul “mystery of iniquity” already ‘works’ in the world (to bring forth AntiChrist)–Mystery religions=modern secret societies each of which teach a portion of the ancient “mysteries”: Greatest secret taught: ‘Lucifer is God’–Albert Pike. 4-“Synagogue of Satan” in Revelation Google it.

    • Hi Skoshi,

      Hmmmm… Ancient Mysteries.

      Yup, Satan is a purveyor of those. The problem is that any truth is wrapped up with pure poison, and separating the two is impossible. Never listen to Lucifer. That never ends well.

      Unfortunately, the Masons didn’t get the email.

      Thank you, Skoshi.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  16. See the article at :
    It’s either baloney or our dream come true ??!!
    IF true … boy would there be changes. The only reason I think it “might” be true is the good guys “would” have wanted to make sure the voters were up to here with the NWO before making their move ? What say you ?
    Also I notice you still don’t have on your blog roll. You watchmen need to build eachother up. You’re a TEAM.

  17. I expect Barry will show his true colors! We have an out of order over reaching S. court & don’t expect Barry will have impeachment proceedings! Not much change (we the people) for the better!
    Do expect God stepping in by airing all the laundry & some harsh Judgments of the ruling elite before Daniel’s week! Once that 70th week get started (7 yr agreement w/Israel) it will be ugly upon ugly for all! Mid point of Daniels week the (so called) elitist will see they’re god (devil) true colors also, he’ll demand all they’re wealth to build his military w/the young and dumber (lacking any wisdom, good or evil) high brass! No need for the Redshields, Sore-ass’s etc during Gilgamesh’s short reign!
    My family & friends will be Home w/our Savior Jesus Christ at that time, we’ll have a crown to lay at Jesus feet for the hope of this promise. It’s spelled out clearly throughout in both testaments and in no way do I want to rob a dear brother or sister of this particular diadem to lay at His feet!
    Fifty years ago, pastors preached (big time) of the blessed hope, now, when every sign is in place they’re preaching prosperity w/no mention of sin and how rotten man is (by nature) need of a Savior! Yeah, Satan’s alive and well while screwing with eschatology that’s been understood by the early church, so sad & pitiful ! Not to mention Wallis, his father was a 3rd door mason! Christians are so terrified of going through Daniel’s week that they’ve forgot what He Commissioned us to do, apathy of the selfie’s! Daniel’s week is all God’s wrath to an unbelieving world. It’s all about bringing the Semites back into His fold and gentile’s too will be Saved, they all are the tribulation saints, the Bride will be Home – heresy runs a mock, man will have to give an answer to this, either at the Beema Seat or White Throne! A lot of soul’s may be lost by having (many) the church petrified worrying about themselves than the fields that are white (ripe) for Harvesting. This is very serious stuff, especially for those who say the church will go thru Daniel’s week not wanting a friendly honest debate. Why is this? These debates have happened in the past & the post tribber’s had not a leg to stand on because the lack of Biblical understanding, Lord have mercy for those who profit on false doctrine! It was some Catholic’s & Hebrew’s who shown me the truth of the blessed hope and their are contemporary (let alone those that have gone Home) theologians that prove (in Scripture) that this blessed hope event was understood not long after the day of Pentecost! This whole debate (blessed) was born out of the same Scribes/ Pharisees (Den of Vipers) and the club of Rome, many catholic’s understand this, now look at the heresy coming out of Rome! As if Jesus didn’t finish His work at the Cross and the church has to be purged, hmm, sounds familiar, I rest the case, their won’t be a war of the body of Christ against each other like the Protestant/Catholic in Ireland or the civil war again, He’ll call His (true) Bride Home, His people aren’t appointed to His wrath, only man via Lucy are doing the persecuting of today and times past! No, I know this article won’t get posted, but I do know of over a 100 Biblical scholars who are willing to have a gentlemen’s debate. Hank H (Bible answer man) debated Mark Hitchcock, we all felt sorry for Hank, but, he still hangs on to some falsity’s, what a blasphemous shame! John Mcternan (Defend/Proclaim) has also proved the blessed hope by using both testament’s! Many Christian scholars have been duped by those vipers who also call Paul of Tarsus a anti Christ and gloat on how they convinced many preachers of the return of the European Empire that’ll rule the world. The bankers of London had a field day along w/the Redshields etc! Mnay will be deceived, if possible, even His very elect! Satan over eon’s of time has woven a euferious tapestry that’s sucked in many (so called) Christian’s! Most Christians (again) have not a clue of what Daniels week is really about, hint; it has nothing to do w/the Church!
    *I’ve suffered at least 2 heart attack’s and several life attempts of the devil and I do strongly believe my family, I & friends will be in that group who won’t experience physical death, either way I fully trust Him & His Anchor!
    Yes, at that Great wht Throne Judgment many will be saying Lord Lord…

    Good Day

    …Heb 13:6…


  18. I have always believed there is a right wing and left wing. However, they are both attached to the same bird. Both being evil. Having said this, God is and has always been our salvation.

    In the months and years to come we must keep our faith strong. I do believe there will be those of us killed for being a Christian. So, walk closely with God and pray to be washed in the blood of Jesus Christ.



    By Coach Dave Daubenmire
    November 6, 2014

    I am not asking this with my tongue in my cheek. I am as serious as a judge. As I sit here and write, I am listening to Mr. Obama’s press conference. Something is very wrong with this guy. He is either mentally ill or demon possessed. Either choice is a possibility. But something is definitely wrong with him. He seems somehow inhuman.


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