Ebola – Next Wave, Incoming

We’ve had a pause in the Ebola infection rate, and everyone has breathed a sigh of relief and gone back to what they were doing.

It’s a nice feeling, right?

Of course, it’s too bad that feelings don’t matter, because pandemics come in waves, and each successive wave gets bigger and bigger – until it burns out.

However, burn-out only happens when enough people have died, so that there aren’t any more hosts for the pandemic to infect.

Do you want to wait around for ‘burn-out’ to happen?

Right. You aren’t insane.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world isn’t so lucky.


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Ebola – Next Wave, Incoming

I always start out my day with the Drudge Report. It’s my Internet browser’s homepage, and it should be yours, too.

So, after consulting with my most important information source (the Bible), I downed a cup of coffee, turned on my computer and connected myself to the worldwide web.

Here was the first thing that I saw:


NYC off of Drudge



Since I’m twelve hours ahead of most you, that headline will probably have changed to something far more dire, by the time you read this. But, that headline isn’t as important as this one:

Doctor: Health Authorities Covering Up Ebola-Like Cases in U.S.
Exclusive: Patients being “disappeared” to prevent panic

The link to that article was to the upper left of Drudge, and merely said:

CLAIM: Patients being 'disappeared'...

Well, it gets worse, because here is the video within that article:

MO. Dr.: Ebola Like Cases Being Covered Up Patients Bleeding From Every Orifice Being Disappeared

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/eOp2gF13-pA

As you can imagine, that video didn’t make me feel good. But, I’m afraid that my next information stop didn’t lighten the mood. And, number two on my list is always Steve Quayle’s website.

(You can find sources three-through-thirty,
on the blogroll to the right.

Of all the links on Steve’s site, this one was particularly important:

Dealing With The Pandemic Waves

Ray Gano made the point that Ebola will follow the same pattern that the Spanish Flu followed in 1918, when it killed millions around the world. If Ray is right, it will be the third and fourth wave of Ebola that will kill the most people. And, we haven’t even finished the first wave, yet.

And then, there was one more headline that Steve had captured, that connected with what I said on Wednesday, and Sheila Zilinsky’s article, yesterday:

15 ‘Signs of the Times’ Indicating Judgment

If there is one thing that has convinced me to treat Ebola seriously, it’s THAT. We deserve this pandemic, along with everything else that will follow it, because we have sinned against God.

Oh, Lord God… forgive us.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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17 thoughts on “Ebola – Next Wave, Incoming”

  1. First of all anyone showing up with any kind of flu like symptoms have Ebola like symptoms. How do you know? You have to wait and find out, meanwhile everyone and everything is being potentially contaminated.
    I have noticed a lot of peculiarities around the whole coverage by the MSM M(isinformation) S(treaming) M(esmerizers).
    Not hearing any follow up reports on those suspected of having it.
    (What is that big bump under the carpet?).
    I also saw that there is evidence that the shooting at Canadian Parliament was staged? (distraction?)
    I do believe that those who are working “inside” of the “beast system” have the ability to remain hidden and manipulate what we see and hear. There are a number of movies that have story lines that seem to have preceded real events and Outbreak is one of them.
    I am very suspicious as to why the relatives who were in close proximity with no knowledge or protection were “cleared” after a 21 day quarantine, and two health care workers with some amount of protection and understanding of what they were treating contracted it and actually traveled while having symptoms themselves? Seems ridiculously reckless to me. Every time I felt a little off I would have been thinking I might have been exposed.
    The blindness that is very present in the “church” is the thing that is most evident to me that we are in an advanced stage of the roll out of judgement. It seems that there are a lot of people that are impervious to the very real and stark reality.
    I get the deer in the headlights look a lot.
    I have confronted many who have blatted about their American constitutional rights about the Houston subpenas.
    If you read the IRS qualifications and conditions of being a 501(c)3, you do not have to be an attorney to see that you are placing yourself under their authority.
    It is my belief that this “epidemic” is staged.
    I do believe that the enemy has people working for him that NEVER realize until it is too late that they are being used.
    The medical industry has been used to develop the conditions we are seeing right now.
    I am still handing out the truth to those the Spirit opens the door to.
    Oh, that our faith would be increased to see as Elijah saw. While the enemy is great and powerful, the Lord of Hosts is greater still and is encamped about His people.
    Thank you John for your willingness to share the truth and not go along to get along.

  2. I’m on the same page,brother….waiting to see if NY rats become a
    vector,sigh. Truckers are already refusing loads to hotspots…and Feds have threatened to send armed ride-along ‘escorts’ to
    ‘ensure deliveries’.

  3. What really got me when I read through God’s Word was the following verse:
    “‘So you shall not pollute the land where you are; for blood defiles the land, and no atonement can be made for the land, for the blood that is shed on it, except by the blood of him who shed it.” Numbers 35:33
    How much of innocent blood has been shed on the USA? Aren’t we a nation under God?
    If the people in this nation that shed blood (remember the numbers of abortions alone???) do not repent, than their blood needs to be shed.
    A pandemic could be the atonement for this land.

    • I don’t blame God for being fed up with us. And to top it all off the God haters Mowed down the 10 Commandments stones last night. God has much more patience with the human race as a whole than I can ever contemplate. Everything going on lately brings a deep sense of sadness as there will be much greater tribulations yet to come. I try and take comfort in the Lord being one of forgiveness and that these things must come to pass. I just feel saddened for my children and unborn grandchild. I pray for everyone who is good at heart that God not lets our hearts and minds be troubled.

  4. Hey John – your concern is legitimate. It amazes me how so few people are taking anything seriously – collapsing economic & financial system per design; collapsing US dollar per design; weaponized & created mutating ebola patented by CDC being intentionally released in america per design, US army biological warfare unit, Bill Gates holding 8 different patents; no stoppage of incoming ebola stricken people from West African countries into US; no screening; southern border of US being knowingly infiltrated by thousands of vicious MS13 gang members as well as thousands of Hamas, Hezbella, & ISIS terrorists; US Christian churches more concerned about tax exempt status than warning & preaching the truth regarding the end of days per biblical prophecy playing out in real time; disappearance of “ebola” patients; countless cases of ebola not being reported – I have extensive contacts in the medical / hospital markets across the US – there are hundreds of cases not being reported; US govt & FDA & CDC targeting anyone attempting to inform the public about real viable alternatives to strengthening an individuals own immune system with nano-silver & proven natural anti-viral / anti-bacterial / anti-fungal / anti-parasitic herbs – organic fresh garlic / oregano / basil / diakon radish root / organic raw non-pastuerized honey / ginger root / raw organic non-pastuerized apple cider vinegar. People need to turn to Jesus Christ – His Word – and use their own God given intellect to seek God’s wisdom, protection, understanding & discernment. My people perish for lack of knowledge – God. Throw in apathy, ignorance, materialism, & complete lack of self responsibility to seek the truth & act to protect those they love. Jesus hit the nail on the head – people are like sheep & sheep are stupid. Like sheep to the slaughter house – just as foretold in the written Word called the bible so many dismiss as a fairy tale.

  5. I think this is a “trial run,” for the next “pandemic,” which will be real. I also think this is ANOTHER “cry of wolf,” so WHEN the real things start hitting, ALL the sheeple and MANY of the informed, will blow it of thinking it’s just another scare … then it’ll be too late. Our first clue is ALL the elite are out and about bopping around, unprotected, not isolated, etc.
    Furthermore, this could serve as a great distraction AND as you know it’s the Republicrats turn in office. ( 8 years dem, 8 years repub. ) THEY want everyone mad at the dem’s so the repub’s will be blamed for the REAL hell that’s coming from about fall 2015 to about 2017 and on …
    To control the sheeple during a false flag … THEY need their “goons.” And they need ALOT of goons. The last month and the next 3 to 6 or so are “goon training.”
    Focus on finding groups of friends that are stocking up and getting ready. WHEN it hits you’ll need COMMUNITY. Meanwhile we should all be passing out flyers etc., with sites like Omegashock to get as many informed as possible as fast as we can.
    Other good sites you don’t have listed are : Hagmannandhagmann, Vdare, Southernnationalistnetwork, and Trunews Rick Wiles, ( on Youtube. )

    • Hi Josey Wales,

      Your thoughts have occurred to me. This Ebola outbreak COULD be a trial run. It’s really hard to know.

      By the way, we actually DON’T know if the elites are in hiding. The ones that we see are just the minions. They aren’t the true elites. THOSE we never see. Of course, if the true elites go into hiding, you would expect their minions to do the same.

      We’ll see.

      And, great point about community. You can’t survive without it.

      I’ll check out the other links that you mention, although I DO have the Hagmanns linked.

      Thank you, JW!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. I agree with your opinion. I just think that the day Mr.Duncan died was a bad omen too for this country. He died on Oct 8th that was the day of the Bloodmoon. To me that is a sign of what’s to come. Maybe I am wrong but I don’t think so. Judgement is coming we’ve been warned by God and not many are listening. I do believe that God spares people. This past winter my grand-daughter became very sick with fever, coughing throwing up, her mother took her to the hospital and she tested positive for the swine flu and 2 days later a re-check showed bronchitis. I took care of her completely yet I never came down with it at all. God protected me. She missed 2 weeks of school. Either one Believes The Bible (Psalm 91) or one doesn’t. I Believe. Pray for the unbelievers.


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