Escape the Asylum – Within America

Sorry that there was no Shock Letter, yesterday. I have learned that when the words don’t come, it’s time to be quiet. But today, I present yet two more voices to add to Monday’s excellent article by Alexandra.

Sarah and Gary have stepped forward with their stories of relocating within the US. Sarah and her husband moved to south Tennessee. And Gary and his wife relocated farther away from Atlanta, Georgia.

Sarah and Gary have two very different approaches, yet both are very, very relevant. And, both speak to the same kinds of challenges that you will face, as you seek the Lord for where and how you will prepare for the dark days ahead.


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Escape the Asylum – Within America

One thread that runs through all the stories that I know about relocation, is the struggle involved. None of the stories that I know – including my own – are ever free of struggle and challenge.

You WILL face challenges when you seek to follow the Lord. You WILL be opposed – but, not by God. Both Sarah and Gary were forced to wait patiently and humbly on the Lord, until God showed them where (and what) they should be.

note – Names have been changed either by myself, or the authors. These are dark days, and security is important. I will leave it to Alexandra, Sarah or Gary to reveal their true identity, should any of you find yourselves in direct communication with them. – JL

(But yes, John Little is my real name.)

Sarah – Our In-States Relocation


As inspired by Alexandra’s relocation story outside of the US and requested by OmegaShock for testimony of our in-State move, following is our story. My husband and I had been looking to leave FL for many years, or at least the HOA house we had in Central FL. We actually were prevented in buying an overpriced house prior to the 2008 economic fall that would have moved us closer to his Cape Canaveral job but would have devastated our finances. We kept searching in various places in the US to include physical searches in AL, IL and online searches in the SW and other States. A set of circumstances placed our focus in TN and the wheels were set in motion. The specific property was identified by the Lord Himself as it was the only one that met three criteria we had discussed in private: deer, turkey and water (ours had a wet-water pond not the preferred flowing stream).

Once our house sold and my husband resigned his position in FL, “all hell broke loose.” Rather than glory in the attack, just know it impacted body, soul and spirit as well as finances. We finally stopped listing all the things that kept going wrong and pressed in to complete the build and take possession of the land. We came against demonic resistance specifically on this property but also in the surrounding area. As my call is to work to cleanse the Bride, I waited patiently for one year prior to being invited to teach the women at our fellowship what the Lord had put on my heart to share with them. I allowed for the direction of the HS to use His vessel to select the topic, so I was delighted when she requested I teach on Deliverance. At the appointed intervals I was requested to teach and managed to deliver Prophetic Intercession and Prophetic Prayer Ministry (2012 & 2013). This was taught only to the women, as that was the audience I was given.

The following story was sent to my family and prayer partners who have watched this journey we have been on. We felt that there had been tremendous resistance to this move and our settling here, but we just could not understand why. I believe this is the reason we were sent here, and why the resistance was so hard.


Journey from September 25th 2010 through today, September 19th 2014 (almost 4 Gregorian years)

Many of you know the journey my husband and I have been on for the past 4 years. This week has been very revelatory. I have been home for two months now, resting and working part time, but not commuting into Huntsville. As a point of recollection, I wanted to briefly remind those who remember and tie what happened today to the vision and Word the Lord gave me November of 2010.

Driving to work on a Friday that month, I saw an old edifice like the tower of Babel. A vision is difficult to explain as you are fully present (driving) yet seeing a picture. I asked the Lord, “What is it?” I heard in my chest “the stronghold over the area.” “What is it LORD?” He said only two words: “seared consciences.” It was a very old stronghold as the mortar was black. The blocks were massive, wider than my arms spread. It was broken and decayed signifying many generations.

The next day we drove to Pulaski. On the way there the HS revealed God’s heart to me, and I started travailing in deep intercession. All I could feel was His heart/grief for His children. I cried out “My children, My children, I call to you and you will not listen. You will not return to Me. Your hearts are hard as stone.” I was undone. When we parked at our destination, I stayed in the truck. I had two cars attempt to park next to me but could not. I looked at the parking lot and saw a stone shaped in color and size of a human heart that was preventing cars from parking next to us. The underside was flat and as cars slowed the tires hit it just right as to stop them. No forward motion, “our hearts are hard as stone.” I picked up that stone and as directed by my husband placed it under the prayer bench at the high part of our property. Later my husband added a 16ft cross there as well. And there it all sat, mostly untouched UNTIL TODAY!

As I have incorporated walking this month as part of my recuperation, I was on property walking early this week and I felt the HS tug me to stop, so I did. I waited and then asked out loud, “Lord what do You have me to see?” I looked up and down the trail up to the trees and then down to the ground. On the ground I saw something that did not fit.   Exposed was about 3 inches of something that seemed foreign there. So I bent down and pulled it out of the dirt/mud. It was a hammer, with the down side very rusted and rough on the metal.   I thought this can’t be my husband’s, it seems too old, rusted for the past 3 years. We don’t know how it would have gotten there and covered up and uncovered slightly by the water washing over it. It was right in the downward spill path of where he put one of the underground drainage for the water coming off the gutters. So this area is about 50 yards away (where the pipes stop and it starts the downhill run in the woods) and was on the lower original path area prior to dumping onto a wet water pond that is about 30 yards away. So in essence, this path is about halfway between the house which is located in the middle of acreage and the main road which is past the wet-water pond. It must have been buried for quite some time as it has taken this many rains to wash away the dirt.   The path is an original path from when we bought the property. The hammer was placed on the back porch for two days.   It is now on our mantel as of Friday.

I believe the hammer represents breaking of strongholds. As I typed this sentence yesterday (I was writing this to someone), I was led to look up hammer references in the Bible. Here are two I like and that are relevant:

Jeremiah 51:20

“You are My war-club, My weapon of war; And with you I shatter nations, And with you I destroy kingdoms.

Jeremiah 23:29

“Is not My word like fire?” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer which shatters a rock?

(This story of the hammer was typed and sent to my prayer partner in FL yesterday. I knew more revelation was coming. She responded that her pastor has said revival is coming.)

On Thursday, yesterday, I walked the path again twice. The first time, I found 3 ripe persimmons at the same area where the hammer was found.   I ate them and continued on. At the second walk in the afternoon there were 3 more. I scooped those up and gave to my husband when I returned home. I don’t know what that means. The only connections I could find is that there was an old recipe using an extinct persimmon fruit to make the oil used to anoint the Kings in Israel.   I know that our prayers are a sweet fragrance to the Lord. Perhaps there is a connection there?

This morning (Friday), as instructed by my brother, I covered my head (I wore a cap) and began to prophesy over the property.   I generally pray as I walk, but I generally do not prophesy. I took the two verses above with me and the hammer (as instructed by the HS). Now things get more interesting!

As I came to the cross up where the stone heart is, I went to the cross and prayed. I knew something was supposed to happen there, but was not quite sure. So I started walking away and was about 10 yards away when Jeremiah 23:29 came to remembrance. Yes, I took that hammer and broke that heart stone as I prophesied the Scripture over it. The first third broke and then it broke in half again….so 3 pieces. I gathered the rocks and placed them back under the prayer bench. I continued my walk and prophesying. I stopped by to see if there were more persimmons, there were none. I continued on and back. This walk is 1 mile when complete. When I was back at the top cross where the broken heart stone is, then the torrent of words came. I began to prophesy to that broken heart. I wish I had taken my recorder. I believe that the Word, which is a consuming fire, has hammered, broken the hard hearts of this area and around the world. I agree with the FL Pastor, revival has indeed started.

I can say that when I was where the hammer was found on the lower part of the property, I was led to break witchcraft, darkness and evil in the area. When I was up at the high cross, I spoke to the heart that is now able to hear the Word.   I spoke to disease and sickness, brokenness and so many wonderful things as I prophesied as the Spirit led. Salvation is coming to so many whose hearts could not allow the Word to seep in!

I do not know the significance of THAT hammer.   I do know that those who knew us back then knew of the resistance from hell that we had the moment the house in FL sold and we moved here. The property is almost 18 acres; the property had to be cleared and the house had to be sitting in just the right place for the water drainage to wear down the soil where the hammer could be exposed. My finding and having the heart shaped stone ready for when the Lord would have me do something with it were all set in motion years ago. I am just a witness reporting that something happened this morning. Something that all hell resisted and that heaven ordained. May you be blessed by reading these words. Mission completed.


Our journey has been a difficult one. Even during the build I sensed that we were building this “for those who come after us.” I still don’t know if that means we will be leaving soon or if we will be a Goshen, a place of refuge, His hiding place for many others He sends here.

I have been in a place of prayer and fasting since this occurred. Some journeys are wonderful and smooth, while others are rocky and tough; but each one is chosen by the Father for His purpose. We would have preferred wonderful and smooth. Every day we are in training to seek His face, hear His voice, and follow His direction. I encourage those who question if you heard Him when the road goes into a free fall cliff.   Yes you heard Him, and even if you made a mistake He will catch you and deliver you to the Solid Rock and into that Strong Tower and you WILL be saved! Our journey continues as does yours….

Gary Brewer – Homestead Learning Curve

Gary wrote to me and said:

My own personal journey on this subject was captured in an interview with Mark from “Prepper Recon”. Certainly not as exciting and provocative as Alexandra’s, but this is where my wife and I felt led to go. Moving from the suburbs of Atlanta, GA to a rural area of the North GA mountains.

Having lived what many would call an ‘exciting life’, I can tell you that an exciting life is VASTLY overrated.

Seriously, folks, boring beats exciting, hands down!

Now, Gary was interviewed on Prepper Recon, and he sent me a link to his April 27th interview. Have a listen to what Gary said, here:

Homestead Learning Curve

YouTube shortlink:

As a footnote, Gary wrote:

I’ll add one thing. We found a fantastic church at our new location with a very spirit led congregation and an anointed pastor who recently taught a very powerful message on prophecy.

Four Different Voices On The Same Idea

Hopefully, you will notice that Alexandra, Gary, Sarah and myself have been led in completely different ways as we followed the Lord’s direction. God has a plan for each of us, which means that we will not wind up in the same place. We won’t follow the exact same path.

We’ll be directed in different ways with different words as we seek to serve the Lord. Some of us will be led into the heart of darkness, to the shine the light of truth. Some of us will act as a haven to those of us who can’t prepare. And, some of us are where we should be, right now.

Hopefully, none of us will forget that we do not need to do more than our best, because the outcome is in good hands.

Rest in the Lord and follow His direction. You cannot lose, if the Lord is your Guide. And, the corollary is…

Without God, there can be no hope.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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