Shelter In Place – When Evacuation isn’t an Option

In yesterday’s article, I gave two options for the threats that we face:



But, there are times when we must look at a third option, when running and fighting aren’t available alternatives. That option is:

Shelter In Place

I consider it to be the least preferable option, but sometimes you don’t have a choice. Ebola has come calling, and we are going to need to deal with what that means.

So, let’s talk a little bit about what this means, and some of the things that you should do. Unfortunately, I’m not an expert in this, so please do your own research.


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Shelter In Place – When Evacuation isn’t an Option

In terms of dealing with the threats that we face, mobility will almost always be the best option. Standing still gives the enemy the luxury of time to plan your demise. So, ceteris paribus (all things being equal), moving is better than sitting still. But, all things are rarely equal, and the ability to sit still IS a survival trait.

What is NOT a survival trait is panic and hysteria. Fear is not necessary when you face reality and prepare for it. And, for those of us with faith in Christ, we know that God is in control, and that we merely must do the best that we can and trust our Lord for the outcome.

So, what do you do, when sheltering-in-place is the only option?

Well, think about what you consume every day and multiply that by the time frame that you are preparing for. The obvious is food and water.


Food is easy. Calculate what your family eats each day and then multiply. If you don’t have all of that on hand, it’s time to go to the supermarket and start buying.

By the way, this will mean buying food that you WILL eat, but also has an extended shelf-life. It will also mean rotating these foods so that you will consume what is about to expire, first.

The alternative is purchasing the more expensive freeze-dried food from places like Mountain House. This is an excellent and portable option, and their food can last up to 25 years. However, don’t forget that free-dried food requires water. And THAT is a serious problem.


You cannot live for more than three days without water. There have been some situations where people did survive longer than that – but not many. So, water will be your biggest problem.

Do you have access to drinkable water when the municipality can no longer supply it?

My hope is that you won’t have to face that in a shelter-in-place scenario, but it is a distinct possibility, and you MUST prepare for it. This will mean having some water in long-term storage, and a means for getting more.

Long-term storage of water means far more than just filling up a bottle and putting it in the basement. I highly recommend that you pay attention to what JWR says on the issue:

And, do NOT forget the water filters:

More Than Food And Water

Food and water are the two most pressing concerns, but we have a host of issues that still must be dealt with.

What are your medical needs?

Do you have a plan for self-defense – in case of looting?

Do you have a proper defense against pandemic disease?

Can you trust your neighbors?

Your Neighbors

That last one is what normally concerns me most. If you can’t trust your neighbors, it’s time to get new ones. If your neighbors are of uncertain parentage, they will take what you have. You do NOT want to be in that position.

Please understand that your happy-go-lucky, joe-sixpack neighbor across the street will not be that way, after he missed three meals and ran out of beer.

You MUST evaluate how secure you are – where you are. You might be planning on bugging-out when things fall apart, but you might not be able to get out if your neighborhood us under quarantine.

You. Cannot. Do. This. Alone.

The other thing that you must do, is connect with a community of like-minded people. Long-term disaster is not survivable without a mutually supporting community. This, more than anything, may help you survive in an uncertain future. Even if you do not have the resources to prepare, connecting with others will give you an edge over the most prepared person who hasn’t bothered to reach out.

That’s why I ALWAYS point people to this page:

Finding Like-Minded People in Your Area

Make contact. And, if there’s no group in your area, start one. You cannot do this alone.

Please. Let me repeat that:

You. Cannot. Do. This. Alone.

Get that into your head, and you are at least halfway towards surviving what is coming.

Why This Came Up

Now, as is routinely the case, I sat down today to write something else, and God sent me in a different direction. One of the things that sent me in this direction was this:

Ebola – intentional infection of a population?

I was listening to the October 2nd show of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report last night (Taipei time), and Doug mentioned that he was going to put up a link to their August 25th show. I didn’t think much of it, other than to be interested. Then, I saw Steve Quayle link to that page.

I had a listen and immediately realized that this was an important show. I haven’t listened to the whole thing, and will do so when I come home later tonight. But, if the first few minutes of the show are an indication of the rest… well …it should be something that you need to hear.

You do not need to be afraid…

…but you do need to prepare.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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20 thoughts on “Shelter In Place – When Evacuation isn’t an Option”

  1. It’s virtually impossible to find like minded people. They all think you’re crazy when you talk about why you need to prep. Perhaps 3% of Americans are preppers and less than half have a year’s supply of food. So like it or not, you and your household are on your own. Even if your neighbor has food he will become your enemy when he runs out.

    The article didn’t talk about some important things: like having blackout blinds or plywood in front of your windows on the inside at night so no light escapes and gives you away. You also need hundreds or even thousands of candles. Battery operated lights are impractical. I don’t want to be the only person in my neighborhood with solar panels.

    You need a way to heat your house and cook your food. You need 5 gallon buckets to use as toilets. After the collapse you shouldn’t be going outside except to dump your poo and your garbage at 3 AM.

    • Hi Blue Dog,

      Since I am not an advocate of sheltering in place except under extreme conditions, my goal for the article was merely to lay out initial needs. But, your points are good ones, and definitely worth considering.

      However, I believe all of that, and more, is covered on:

      I highly recommend that everyone consult with that site on a regular basis.

      Thank you, BD. Great comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. Thanks for a solid article. Now can you be so prolific…are you retired and just one of those super busy types? Have you checked out Nemesis on Google Sky just left of Orion at 6-31-50 x 4-57-15?

    • Hi mike,

      Not retired. Once I realized the situation that we were all in, I hung up my career to devote myself full-time to this. Of course, your savings goes much further here in Taiwan, than in the US.

      Unfortunately, ‘Nemesis’ is out of my area of discussion, so I haven’t done any checking. I’m really not sure what to make of this whole ‘Nemesis’ thing.

      Thank you, Mike.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Most people will need others because they fall into the faithless majority of those called “christians.” Those are ones who have no compunction or conscience to kill over sharing bread and water, over mercy and compassion.

    I would rather be “by myself” or in the close circle I am in than be with anyone else that would act in contravention to love. I would rather be “by myself” with my Lord and my God than with someone who would pollute the ground I walk on with the selfish culture of this world. I would rather be “by myself” than be with some wolf in sheep’s clothing taunting me to leave my trust and confidence in a SOVEREIGN God.

    A man or woman in the hand of God cannot be killed unless the SOVEREIGN God, Yahweh Elohim, allows.

    But lacking that faith, you will then cast your lot with the rest and with them reap the recompense due them for their apostasy. Not my idea of a good alternative. But then the Lord did say many of you will die by the sword and be led into captivity. It’s your choice for rebellion instead of trust.

    I pray you can reconcile the difference and resolve to crucify your flesh NOW, before the Lord sends them, the captors and torturers, to do it for you.

    Please, get a clue to the saving of your souls. God bless you.

    • Hi stevesmitty79,

      Awfully harsh words from someone claiming to be a follower of Christ – especially when we are speaking about congregating with ‘like-minded’ people.

      Nor have I advocated anything like killing someone over bread and water.

      Your accusations ring false to my ears, Steve.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. John,

    Actually, sheltering in place isn’t really an option. At least not as a Christian. You may want to read Walter Wink’s – “The Powers That Be: Theology for a New Millennium”. Fight or flight isn’t the solution. Nor is sheltering in place. Thank God the early Christians didn’t “shelter in place”.


    Armed revolt
    Violent rebellion
    Direct retaliation

    Seize the moral initiative
    Find a creative alternative to violence
    Assert your own humanity and dignity as a person
    Meet force with ridicule or humor
    Break the cycle of humiliation
    Refuse to submit or to accept the inferior position
    Expose the injustice of the system
    Take control of the power dynamic
    Shame the oppressor into repentance
    Stand your ground
    Make the Powers make decisions for which they are not prepared
    Recognize your own power
    Be willing to suffer rather than retaliate
    Force the oppressor to see you in a new light
    Deprive the oppressor of a situation where a show of force is effective
    Be willing to undergo the penalty of breaking unjust laws
    Die to fear of the old order and its rules

    This is the path I have chosen. It’s far more difficult than ‘fight or flight’. But it is the one that Christians should take.


    • Hi David,

      But, Jesus DID call us to flee:

      But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another: for verily I say unto you, Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of man be come. – Matthew 10:23

      I’m not sure that your methods will be as effective, or as Biblical, as you think. Although, I consider such an approach to be quite principled.

      Since you’ve taken this approach, please make sure that you are in a safe location. Remember that we are called to be wise.

      Thank you, David.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Hi John,

        Well, I guess I’ll find out whether my methods will be effective since I’m going to Palestine in December. And I’ve applied for a full time position in northern Iraq. These aren’t particularly “safe locations”. For me, I simply believe that it’s cowardly to “shelter in place” or stand by passively and do nothing. I believe in active non violent resistance. The same thing practiced by Rachel Corrie and Tom Fox and countless others. Yes, you risk losing your life, however, this earthly life is merely a way point in a much longer journey. Many of my colleagues around the world are enduring much hardship, persecution and violence but in the process are affecting real change (google Tom Fox Christian Peacemaker Teams) and making a real difference in peoples lives. They truly reflect the life of Christ in their everyday walk.

        Read –


        • Hi David,

          I did not know that you were mixed up with this group. This is very unsettling news.

          Please understand that this group is being used by some very evil people to further the aims of death and destruction in the Middle East. If I had known that you were making connections with them, I would have warned you earlier.

          I was living in Israel when Rachel Corrie died, and do not know all the details of that death. But, I DO know that she was used as a tool by the Palestinians in their ongoing war with Israel.

          There’s a lot of kool-aid sloshing around in ISM and other organizations. Please do not drink it.

          Please, please reconsider your determination to work with these people. They are not as Christian as you believe.

          I’m sorry, David. I wish that I had a better message for you.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  5. Dear Brother in Christ Jesus.
    Your insights to your postings are truly inspired.
    There is one area that I think you must be aware of and I encounter it here and in my ministry.
    One area that is vital, one can have all the preparations in place but, if one member of the household (husband or wife) is not in agreement all is futile. I hear it. “I am not going or moving anywhere and stocking up, God will look after us” also, there are different areas of spirituality in households. It reminds me of Lots wife and I find women the most difficult to convince of the urgency. You perhaps could give some insights to this problem. It is a problem.

    • Hi Bishop Yaroslaw Serteda,

      Unfortunately, this is a thorny problem that I do not have a good answer to. The best that I’ve been able to come up with is to cast yourself upon the mercy of the Lord and pray earnestly, day and night, that the spouse would change his/her mind.

      By the way, I’m finding quite a few husbands who are the recalcitrant ones – although, I haven’t done a thorough study on this.

      Sorry that I couldn’t give a better answer.

      Thank you, BYS.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. The financial state of the west is dire. The USA Nazi globalists need the oil and gas war for Europe and to prop up the petro dollar. And—there must be a war to get the Dan.9:27 peace treaty/covenant. Perhaps Ps.83 or Isa.9:10-12 war.

    So–I still think the Ebola is a Beta test for martial law practice, and to deploy where they choose, when they choose, to kill whom they choose. But, if they need it now in the USA to cover the imminent financial implosion, and divert attention—BE PREPARED. If not now–next year, so be ready anyway. We’re at war with Satan’s NWO—and they want us DEAD. Our treasonous CDC has a patent on Ebola. So, is it a war crime every place it shows up?

    [UPDATE] Three hours later… I listened to Hawk’s 10/3 program. Ebola is spreading. Forget the beta test. I think the contagion and then system breakdown has likely started, and total chaos could be at the door!

  7. didn’t i hear or see that the gov is sending some american troops to the area where the ebola started? what insanity! the man in dallas with it is now in critical condition last account on aol news. it is here, time to at least make plans, as you mentioned, water can be the worst problem, back in the 50’s everyone in the rural areas had their own well, now this is difficult if not impossible. being in my 70’s and not covered up with $$$ not sure what to do. don’t think we are going to be raptured out of this. will begin to stock up on long lasting foods as is possible. thanks for putting information out for us to consider and begin to act.

  8. read about a vision someone got about seeing points of light among a US in chaos. These were Christians banding together for mutual support and defense while everywhere else was looting and murder. I joined a church in a rural western town. A prophetic word was given over this church and pastor it would become a point of light drawing people to it from all over. I feel God has me here to participate in that. I, like Jane, am too old and limited in means to relocate. But I try to be as productive and prepared as possible where I am, hoping for one last revival before the end.


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