The Story of God and Zvi

I have a story of a miracle – of a little boy that God brought through unimaginable trial and tribulation. It’s a story of a miracle that helped build the Body of Christ in Israel.


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The Story of God and Zvi

When you live in Israel, you tend to run into people who managed to escape Hitler’s grasp and plant the flag of the Jewish people in the Promised Land. There are fewer and fewer of them left alive these days, and as they die, so die the memories of what brought them through that awful time.

However, historians, writers and videographers have preserved much of their memory, and we can draw on them for inspiration, as we face yet another apocalyptic nightmare. My favorite example comes in the person of the father of my favorite pastor, Meno Kalisher.

Zvi Kalisher

Zvi was just ten years old, when he was forced to survive on his own. His story is one of staying just one step ahead of the Nazis, as he struggled to survive. But, God gave him a skill with languages, a determined spirit and the grace of God. Zvi wasn’t a follower of Christ, at that time, but God still had plans for him.

Eventually, he found himself in Haifa, Israel, on a divine appointment with an elderly Swiss woman, who gave him a New Testament. When he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, he finally felt himself complete – as he terms it, ‘a complete Jew’.

Then, God blessed him with a wife, and later – three sons and a daughter. All three of Zvi’s sons went into Christian ministry in Israel, and have truly blessed the Body of Christ in amazing ways.

The twinkle in Zvi’s eye has dimmed a bit, and his sense of humor isn’t as sharp as it once was. But, he still walks among us, and I hope that he will still be with us, when the Lord does the miracle that He promised in Ezekiel – when the hearts of the Jewish people will be opened, when they behold their Messiah who they had pierced almost two thousand years ago.

When that time comes, part of the story of Israel’s return to God, will have included the life of a little boy who ducked and dodged through the horrors of a Nazi Holocaust and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

The price was high. Zvi lost his three brothers, his sister and his parents in that Holocaust. But, in Israel, he gained a wife, three sons and a daughter – and best of all, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. What God did for little Zvi, God can do for you – if it is His will.

Without Zvi, there would have been no Meno Kalisher and no Jerusalem Assembly. Yes, God is sovereign, and would have provided another father for a different pastor – for a different church in Jerusalem. But, that’s not how God wanted it. God wanted Zvi. And, He wanted Meno. And He wanted Jerusalem Assembly.

And, He wants you.

The question is, do you want Him?

Get Faith

I was going to write about the preparations that I believe are necessary, for the terrible times that lie ahead. But, I think that I’ll leave that for another time. The most important question is about you and God.

Do you really believe that Jesus is what the Bible says that He is?

If so, then please take the little time that we have left, to make that belief real. God protected a little boy, alone in the midst of unimaginable horror, so that this little boy could serve the Lord for the rest of his life.

Do you think that you will be able to survive what is coming WITHOUT God’s direct intervention?

You don’t stand a chance, and I don’t either, without God making the way through all this.


  • REPENT of your sins, turn back to God and ask His forgiveness.
  • TURN off the television and stop participating in in the evils of this world.
  • STOP living for yourself.
  • START living for God and your fellow believers in Christ.
  • READ your Bible – all of it. Make it the most important part of your day. Get through it in a year. It’s not hard.
  • SHARE the good news of Jesus Christ with everyone that you can.
  • ASK God for direction. He knows who you are. It’s long past time to join the plans that God has – instead of the ones that you’ve made for yourself.

If it’s going to take a miracle to get through this, then I recommend that you go to the one place where true miracles come from. But, you can’t get there, without faith.

Faith is the one thing that you need, more than anything else. It won’t take up space in your bug-out bag. It isn’t heavy. It’s free – if you’re willing to pay the price. And…

…you won’t survive without it.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


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