Dire Portents, Prophecies and Cycles

It can be REALLY hard to know who or what to believe. We can trust God, but we can’t always trust our ability to understand what He’s telling us. We can trust numbers, but not the reporter of those numbers. We might be able to trust a dream or vision – but not the interpretation.

Worse, we have lying liars who cloak themselves in righteous robes and tell us tall tales, so it’s hard to know WHAT to believe – and from whom to believe it. This age of lies and deception, has made it difficult to follow the Lord’s command in Luke 21:36, to watch.

Sometimes, the only thing that you can do is present the observation, indicate the uncertainty, and allow the hearer to be the judge.

So, that’s what I’ll do.


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Dire Portents, Prophecies and Cycles

I saw a couple things over the weekend that briefly threw me into a depression. And, I find that to be a curious thing, because you would think that I would be used to the idea that billions-with-a-b people will die, and the place of your birth will be wrecked. But, I’m not used to it, and I don’t think that I ever will be.

The fact that America deserves what’s coming makes no difference. I do not want America destroyed, and I do not want God’s justified judgment to fall upon the American church. But, God did not ask my opinion on this.

We have sinned against God, and it is only right that we suffer the consequences of that sin. And, part of the consequences of that sin, is an America that has been handed over to Satan to do with as he pleases.

If you want a Biblical basis for what I say, it’s here:

It is reported commonly that there is fornication among you, and such fornication as is not so much as named among the Gentiles, that one should have his father’s wife. And ye are puffed up, and have not rather mourned, that he that hath done this deed might be taken away from among you.


To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.1 Corinthians 5:1-2, 5

There is fornication among us, so God has handed us over for the destruction of the flesh. And, we have seen recent evidence that this has been happening.

Satan is on the rise in America, and you see the symbols of his growing hegemony, everywhere. Worse, his minions have penetrated our churches and spread the counterfeit gospel of a false peace on earth and a fake good will towards men.

2014 In The Georgia Guidestones

One potent symbol of Satan’s rise is this:

The Georgia Guidestones
The Georgia Guidestones (Wikipedia)

You’ve probably heard about the Georgia Guidestones, so I won’t waste your time in a lengthy explanation. For those of you who haven’t heard of this Satanic monument, you can go here:


It is truly a vile tribute the ideals of the Satanic elites – and right in the middle of the ‘Bible Belt’. The fact that this monument still stands… well …it tells us that we have fallen very far indeed.

Even more interesting, this monument had its 33rd birthday, last year – on March 22nd, 2013. Thirty three has always been a significant number to the Illuminati, so anything that happens in conjunction with this monument – in, around and after that time – would also be significant.

That’s why I consider THIS to be more than a little ominous:

2014 Block in Georgia Guidestones
2014 Block in Georgia Guidestones (source)

Between 2009 and September of this year, that notch where the 2014 block now sits, looked like this:

Notch in Georgia Guidestones - from 2009
2013 picture of notch in Georgia Guidestones – carved in 2009 (source)

And, it sits at the corner of this:

2009 picture of English Language face of Georgia Guidestones
2009 picture of English Language face of Georgia Guidestones (source)

You can see that they had just begun the process of carving that notch in the above stone, in 2009.

Why did they wait until now to fill that notch?

Could it be that they now know that their plans have finally been set in motion?

There is an intentionality to this that is profoundly disturbing.

We were alerted to this a few days ago by someone who goes by the name of KafkaWinstonWorld, on YouTube:


Jordan at rumormillnews.com, picked it up a day later, here:


Then, Susan Duclos – of allnewspipeline.com – posted an article about it. And, Liberty Balance added to the discussion:


And that’s where I picked it up.

When I did some digging, I ran into Kevin McMahon of peacegardensecrets.com, who did this video:

He also offers some interesting background, with this one:


Van Smith, of Van’s Hardware Journal offers up some background, as well:


Now, all of the occult mumbo-jumbo in the above links and videos is about as valid as… um …something that’s really not valid. And, I only throw it in there because it points to a course of action that they are embarked upon.

THAT is what bothers me.

It is just a little bit of confirmation that the Illuminati New World Order Elites are moving forward with their plans.

Terry Bennett’s Vision

And then, as I was chewing on this idea, I stumbled over an interview with Terry Bennett, by Rick Wiles of Trunews.com:


In the introduction to the interview, Rick discussed the collision of ominous cycles of war and unrest. Then Terry Bennett came on to talk about a series of dreams/visions that he had in 2001.

Terry claimed that it was the angel Gabriel who gave him an outline of events that would happen over the course of 21 years. From 2008 to 2014/2015, there would be economic sorrows. From 2015, there would be a time of governmental sorrows until 2021/2022. From 2021, there would be a time of religious shaking until 2028.

Rick joined in with his own account of the Holy Spirit telling him that we have one year left to prepare.

I have a serious disagreement with Rick over his position on Israel, but I do trust his honesty and integrity. If he says that he had a vision of such and so, then I’m prepared to accept that he did. It doesn’t mean that he interprets his dreams and visions properly, but I trust the fact that he’s being honest about it. But, he’s never claimed that the angel Gabriel came to him with a message.

So, when Terry Bennett claimed that it was the angel Gabriel who came to him… well …it set off alarm bells. I find it very, very hard to believe that Gabriel came to him personally with this.

Is it possible for Gabriel to come to this guy with a personal message?

Of course.

Gabriel is a real angel who spoke to Daniel, Zacharias (father of John the Baptist) and Mary (the mother of Jesus). And, his job is to deliver messages to God’s people. But, I also know that lying liars also make extravagant claims to capture the weak-minded.

Could it be that Terry is telling the truth, but misinterpreting parts of his dreams?

I don’t know.

He does give glory to God, and that means a lot. But, I still have a feeling that there is something wrong with this picture.

I’ve had prophetic dreams that were incredibly clear and came true, in every horrifying detail. So, I have no trouble believing that Terry Bennett could have had such a prophetic vision. I just can’t say for sure if he’s telling us the truth.

But, even so, I still feel the need to give you the opportunity to decide for yourself.

If you have any insight into Terry Bennett, or anyone/anything else, please share it with us in the comment section.

When we look back on 2014, I think that we’ll all agree that it will have been a pivotal year.

We’ll see.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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100 thoughts on “Dire Portents, Prophecies and Cycles”

  1. Jesus Christ and God the Father did not forget to tell us what was to come, had they, they would not be who we think they are.

    In these last days – Angels, the Mother Mary or whom ever is your religious icon to quote are not sent here by God to give messages – the Bible tells us all we “NEED” to know! Want to know more? Read your Bible and do so from a mindset in humility as only humility can clear your sight for discernment and understanding.

    Today we are being attack from evil people whether it is direct the likes of ISIS or less direct by the evil workings of geoengineering to a satanically manipulated virus like Ebola.

    Christians are first and foremost the targets and the rest of humanity follows – Satan would like nothing more then to be able to destroy all of mankind.

    A note about Christian’s being attacked – in this world many, as in the US proclaim to be Christians – but are not. Just because in some or many ways a person acts like a Christian doesn’t make them one and personally I believe if you don’t act like a Christian it really makes it hard to be one. My point is – this evil that attacks Christian’s attacks “all” those; authentic and otherwise.

    The Bible has told us plenty about these end times – specific visions of geographical areas outside the middle east – I do believe most all prophecy is ethnocentric – are the works of demonic influence. Paul said, he would come as a light and Satan has done just that with many.

    Today what follows here is most important – we can’t save the world from what has already been put into motion. We need to listen to what Paul has written to us through those in Thessalonica.

    For the past 2 millenniums the gospel message had to be one that was capable of making sense to any of the people around the world. Not all of us can be preachers, teachers or missionaries but we can all behave in a manner that glorifies God. In the days of Paul the Thessalonians were concerned about living out their life without having to suffer death from persecution. They had asked Paul if they are separated from the world, how should they be living?

    In I Thessalonians 4:11, 12; Paul tells them specifically how to live their lives where by their behavior is what ultimately glorifies God’s Will:

    “Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.” NIV

    Make it your ambition to:

    Lead a quiet life. (Be in daily self-denial; to be full of humility, selflessness and compassion.)
    Mind your own business. (Not participating in or seeking to change Satan’s world.)
    Win the respect of non-Christians. (Not conformed and, doing all with Godly behavior.)
    Be living your life independent of anybody. (No debts, government aid or the likes!)

    “… for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” I Thessalonians 5:18

    Believe and trust in the Lord but do so through your behavior in ways that glorify the Father and He can protect you from what lies ahead.

    • Hi Dave,

      Remember that John said this:

      Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.1 John 4:1

      So, God DOES send spirits (angels) to speak with us. However, so does Satan.

      Just because we are in Christ, doesn’t mean that we cannot be communicated with by Satan. Otherwise, John wouldn’t have said what he said in 1 John 4.

      It’s an interesting dilemma.

      The most important thing is to thoroughly commit ALL of the Bible to our lives. We must have knowledge if we are to have discernment.

      Thank you, Dave.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. I’m pretty wary of people making a big to-do about their dreams. Like you, I’m one to allow the hearer to be the judge because I think most dreams are entirely symbolic according to each person’s subconscious. What means one thing to one person, can mean something entirely different to another.
    Like you, I also don’t try to put God in a box. If God wants to use the angel Gabriel to speak a message to Joe the Plumber that could change history, He is entirely capable of doing so. However, we can’t be tossed to and fro like a wave in the wind based on other people’s testimony that the angel Gabriel appeared to them with a message for humanity. Even Satan is capable of appearing as an angel of light. Muhammad claimed the Koran was dictated to him by the angel Gabriel, and I don’t believe that for a New York second. Muhammad also gives glory to god, however I think his perception of God is a bit skewed, so we’re left wondering exactly which god.
    I’m not a prophet, I’m a pregnant housewife with 3 small children. I’ve got a laundry list of sins I’ve been forgiven for, I’m flawed and ignorant and I’m still a work in progress. My prayer is not for God to use me, but to simply make me usable. Two years ago I had a weird dream about the Giza plateau and the arrangement of the pyramids, how they mirror the Orion constellation. My understanding in the dream was that the arrangement was in honor of the false deity Orion, not the constellation. In my dream, it was revealed that the antichrist would have something to do with the Giza plateau, but exactly what, I didn’t know. Somehow part of how he would deceive mankind would be to be able to answer all the ancient mysteries of the world, and to also show how all the world’s religions were connected and have been since ancient history. I prayed for understanding of the dream because I had never had one like it in all my life. Then about a month ago, I read this book by Peter Goodgame called, “The Second Coming Of The Antichrist”. I recommend the book simply based on the historical research alone. It is extremely well-researched and if you are a history buff with a penchant for ancient civilization like me, then you will dig it big-time. The book seemed to confirm my dream, but even so, I still keep in mind that none of us know how all this is exactly going to play out and should keep from painting ourselves in a corner with rigid expectation.
    The book is available as a free PDF download for anyone interested.
    Having said all that, I personally doubt we have even 14 years left. I also don’t see there being 7 more years until religious “shaking”, as we are already in the midst of such shaking now. Just because people aren’t getting their heads chopped off in America (yet) doesn’t mean the rest of the world isn’t going through severe religious persecution. As believers in Christ, our hope is in Him. Everything else will happen according to God’s plan and God’s timeline. It is our job to watch and share the Gospel until we die, or are taken up into the air with Jesus. May our faith be increased and may the Light of Christ shine through us in this ever darkening world.

    • Hi K Cook,

      God bless you, sister. The challenge of motherhood in this time is huge. I pray that God will watch over you and lead you – and your family – through the mess that’s coming.

      Your vision is also interesting, and I will try to keep it in mind.

      And yes, I think that you have the right idea about all of this.

      Keep up the good work, KC. I hope that we all get through this with a clearer understanding of what the Lord wants us to do.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Hi John,
    One of the most important things I heard in the Wiles interview was the use of that word again: CONVERGENCE! As to experiences of Terry Bennett and the like, I file such things away in the ‘we shall see’ box. We already have the bible which gives us an outline of what is coming and in fact what we are likely in the midst of now. I can’t help but notice that quite a few analysts conclude similarly based on history and current events and they didn’t claim Gabriel told them.
    I listened to Dave Hodges last evening interview Debra Tavaress who recommended to download from her site http://www.stopthecrime.net a book by retired federal judge Dale, “The American Adventure. Secrets of America”. I will start reading it today. This may be a very important read as it shows that the constitution has been suspended since 1933 when the U.S. went bankrupt. The country has been owned by off shore royalty and banker industrialists since and run as a corporation. One of the operating manuals of the control freak illuminati appears to be the Bible. They must think that somehow they can win this war. Boy, are they ever deceived. We are being led right into this mess and I don’t believe there is any stopping it.

  4. Look out for this date 10/24/2014 could this be when the bubble Bursts ?
    keep some things in mind 2014 has been a pivotal year indeed and its when all the evil doers seem to be on the move getting their agenda in line.
    so now its important to remember the past :”
    Oct 24, 1929, the date of the New York Stock Exchange crash (“the beginning of the so-called ‘depression'”)
    In that year 1929 the first year of the American revolution, in February Trotsky leaves Russia; the crash takes place in October…the financing of Hitler is agreed in July 1929. You think that all this was by chance? The four years of the rule of Hoover was used for the preparation for the seizure of power in the United States and USSR.
    History repeats itself because the Masonic Jewish bankers use the same old bag of tricks. If this is an indication, we are in for tough economic times.

    Insider Denis Healey wrote: “World events do not occur by accident: They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings.”

    The goal is always the same: total control of wealth and the human race by the Satanist megalomaniacs and their minions who command our credit. Their vehicle is world government and their tool of the hour is Barack Obama.

  5. I have had dreams and revelation that points to 10/15/14 that has to do with a major bank in the U.S. If you are interested in the details please let me know. I have it typed up and spelled out in a short document but it is not under 300 words. Its very important! God will not be mocked and I in no way intend on doing so. I do know what the Lord Jesus as shown me, and I need to get this message out there.

  6. Interesting, John. I, too read and listened to every link you referenced above over the week-end. I found it all curious. In the age of Photoshop, it is really difficult to know what to believe when viewing photos.

    I’ve pondered the issue of angelic messengers from Yehovah. With the exceptions of Zechariah and Mary, most who received messages through angelic beings were utterly terrified and either collapsed or were rendered inert before them. Zechariah and Mary may have been similarly affected, but Scripture does not reflect this. Perhaps Mary, especially, as the one who was to bear the Messiah, may have been spared this heavenly terror, but this is only speculation on my part.

    When I consider any claimant to be in receipt of a message from an angelic being (especially the messenger of the LORD, Gabriel), I weigh that reported experience against that of others in the Word. I’m more inclined to consider favorably if the hearer was utterly overcome by the acquired majesty of the angelic messenger. If the hearer and the bearer became easily conversant with one another, well, a not so favorable inclination results.

    Just a thought.

  7. What you are seeing here is a mockery and a counterfeit of what the bible says about Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone. This is the appearance this year of the antichrist agents and their plan for the world before and after the pole shift of Isaiah 24 and Revelation 8:7 and so on.

    Jonathan Cahn of the Harbinger has just recently said that Judgment is now in the future of America as the 7th Harbinger has been completed. This Harbinger is the cutting down and destruction of the ground zero tree that died and was cast into the fire. This happened on the day of the first blood moon on April 15, 2014.

    Watch this video on Vimeo to understand why the tribulation must begin in September of 2015. We are a nation under judgement now.

    Repent and put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, time is running very short!

    • Hi Truth Seeker,

      Since I was unable to review the video that you mentioned, I had to edit the link out of your comment. Sorry.

      Further to your point… the Tribulation CANNOT begin in 2015.

      We have prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled, that MUST occur before the Tribulation begins.

      But, judgment upon America? And the American Church?

      I completely agree.

      Thank you, TS.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • what do you feel still needs to happen other than the arrival of the 4, the two witnesses and of course the bad guys?
        we are in trib. like it or not. i try to stay away from your site. the replys force me to reply. i hate wasting my time as most of my reply don’t make it. i understand i say way more than you can post or believe, but soon enough you will see it to all be true and yes there are many who come and claim great things and there will be two who are telling the whole truth and after the fact it wont matter. take a long pray on my name and see what GOD shows you. the time is so very short. remember the direction to my city. i wont be there but my sons will. see some of you real soon. GODSPEED…

      • Hi John,

        Here is the link to the video I tried to post yesterday from vimeo.com


        The Title of the video is ” Why the Tribulation must begin next year”. Lyn Leahz took this from an interview of Mark Biltz who wrote the Blood moons.

        I am not kidding, I really believe the Believers in Christ are going to go home on the Feast of Trumpets next year(September 13-15 two day event, 100th trumpet) ) if the Tribulation is going to start then.

        There is a pole shift and impending disaster coming for the USA which is detailed in Revelation 8:7 and Isaiah 24 and so on. The third of the world that is burned up has to be the Americas as overseas it is all about Israel and their Islamic neighbors.

        I know this sounds implausible but I encourage you to see the whole video on vimeo.com.

        I was just as skeptical as you are now before I saw this.

        Your Brother in Christ,


  8. It’s difficult for us to fathom, but even Satanist believe in Yahweh. So we have to be cognizant that although the God we worship is THE God, that doesn’t mean there isn’t power in the Occultic rituals, etc. In fact, we are told that is where our real battles lie….

    Ephesians 6:12
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    • Hi gibby62,

      Yes, there IS power in the occult. Otherwise, Satan wouldn’t waste his time telling his people to do what they are doing.

      Of course, that power is meaningless to us, and has no power over us – if we are walking with the Lord.

      Worse, there is a certain corruption that can take hold of us, if we look too closely into these things. That’s why I’m a little leery of giving too much space to descriptions of the occult.

      Great point, Gibby. It’s good to remember this.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  9. Dear John, I had the same “jump back” reaction to the report of Gabriel
    coming to this man. Perhaps…. Probably not. And Rick’s animosity toward Israel and all things Jewish has been subtle, but evident for a long, long time. Though I appreciate what Rick is trying to do, I am wondering
    often why he focuses on the current “leadership”. He does not go beyond to the real masters behind the
    chaos. Fear ? Or misdirecting on purpose ? Don’t know. Fear, I get. If misdirecting on purpose, that’s another issue.

    Thank you for what you are doing. May the Lord keep you under His


    • Hi Elizabeth,

      So you felt it too.

      I try to give Rick the benefit of the doubt. Some of his criticisms of churches who blindly revere Israel are accurate. We often forget that there are no ‘cousins-in-faith’. Yes the Jews follow part of the Bible that we read, but part isn’t enough.

      Without Jesus, you go to eternal punishment.

      I only pray that Rick wakes up before it’s too late. Because he doesn’t understand Israel, he doesn’t know what time it is.

      Thank you, Elizabeth. Excellent comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  10. Just the fact that Terry Bennet hobnobs around with Rick Joyner is enough to tell me its false prophesy! Rick Joyner is Knights of Malta /Dominionist NWO crap. I used to hang on every word of them until Lakeland fiasco. All my friends still follow that crowd and I got emails about what T.B. has said and I just trashed email. In it was also claims of someone talking with Moses !!?? Moses was giving them warnings My sister called me frantic at beginning of year claiming Terry prophesied that something catastrophic was coming in 4 mths……nothing did…….So tired of these wolves trying to be a big deal when they are really working for the enemy. My friends are still falling for it all.

    • Hi Karin Walton,

      Ouch. I’m so sorry.

      So, he’s given out false prophesies. Hmmmm… Not good.

      And, someone being talked to by Moses? Worse and worse. Not Biblical. Not good.

      I have heard other reliable brothers in Christ give warning about Rick Joyner, so I’m afraid that this is just more confirmation.

      Thank you, Karin, for that update. I appreciate that.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Hi John, First…It is so nice that you reply to everyone! I have never been in comment section before, how nice that you take the time to do that, thank you!! Yes, you can find many photos of Rick Joyner as well as retired Gen. Jerry Boykin getting pics taken in their robes and such.R. J. was forced to reply once he was ” exposed ” as to why he joined. very lame excuse….. They all run in the same crowd, Terry is one of newer additions. They are all Dominionists. I used to run to ALL the conferences they spoke at, bought the books, tapes, cds etc etc…..thank GOD Jesus pulled me out of that deception! Now just waiting for my loved ones to wake up :} Thanks for listening….God Bless!!!…..

        • Hi Karin Walton,

          I do my best. There will come a time when I can’t be so personal, but since my goal is to help as many survive what’s coming… as possible …well, it’s going to mean as much direct, personal contact as possible.

          And, it grieves me to see this ‘Knights of Malta’ thing. This is very, very bad.

          Thank you, Karin. Your comments are a valuable addition.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

        • Just met a new neighbor today who spoke at length on prophesies of Terry Bennett, a name unfamiliar to me. Her passion for his teachings and her own explanation / descriptions of dreams and “out-of-body’ experience has me both questioning and investigating. I’d like to understand more of where she’s coming from and what has influenced her thinking. Christian authors C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer and teachers R.C. Sproul, Ravi Zacharias, and Alistair Begg have been influential in my Christian walk. I’m seeking discernment in our relationship with our new neighbor.

  11. Bless you John!!
    Hallelujah, Jesus is coming and all these things must come to pass first!! Amen.
    Oh Brother, the devil is a liar, ALWAYS. He knows his time is short, he knows there are a few of us who can’t be shaken, but he’s still willing to try.
    My bible, the KJV clearly states:
    “Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.” Ps 37; Hmmm, mmm mmm good. ‘ For the evildoers shall be cut off’; ‘ The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth. The LORD shall laugh at him; for he (God) seeth that his (Satan’s) day coming. ‘
    My whole bible is filled with verses like these all over the place. We are children of the Almighty God, the apple of His eye, chosen before the foundation of the earth, will reign with Jesus Christ on high and on and on…
    The question isn’t what the evil one’s of the world imagine, and they do imagine, it’s what or who do we believe? I will believe the living Word of God, the Authorized Version of 1611 as TRUTH, every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God!
    The devil is a liar, everyday in everyway to everyone for everything ALWAYS. His favorite lure is fear of any variety. I chose to believe that I have power, love and sound mind.
    The Joy of the Lord is our strength Brother, so rejoice, The Kingdom of God is at hand.

  12. Hi John,

    2030? I hope and pray we do not have to wait that long. However, If most Bible Scholars are right and Jesus was crucified in 33 A.D., then 2033 would be 2000 years since he ascended into heaven.

    2Pe 3:8 But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

    I found this interesting verse in the Book of Exodus:

    Exo 19:11 And be ready against the third day: for the third day the LORD will come down in the sight of all the people upon mount Sinai.


    Exo 19:16 And it came to pass on the third day in the morning, that there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the trumpet exceeding loud; so that all the people that was in the camp trembled.


    Hos 6:2 After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight.

    The Lord will come down on the third day and also raise us up on the third day.

  13. the etched markings on the guide stones is evil and satanic, its about murder of all different races of people but the elite. the guide stones should be blown up or knocked down , its an evil compilation of elitist mentally unstable writings and they fit neatly into in satins realm.

  14. Dear John,

    I am responding to your questions about Terry Bennett. I do not know him personally, but have listened to many of his messages, and hold him in high regard. The Lord has been leading me for a few years to different prophets in search of the truth. There was a prophetic conference at the beginning of October 2014 at Shekinah Worship in Lancaster, CA. There was no set agenda for the conference. All three speakers have the same message from the Lord about America. You can find the sermons on youtube under Shekinah Worship TV. ALL worth watching. You may also be interested in Keith Davis and White Dove, you can watch all of his Voice of the Bride Webinars for free in the archives.

    In Him forever,

    Terri Borman

    • Hi Terri Borman,

      I truly hope that Terry Bennett is the real deal. However, there are some who have left comments indicating that there are problems with Terry. So, I don’t know what to say, except to be very careful.

      Our source of truth is the Bible, through the direction of the Holy Spirit. I believe that there are prophets and prophecies, but I also know of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      We must be diligent in immersing ourselves in the entirety of the Bible.

      Thank you, Terri.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  15. John,
    are you familiar with september2015.com? It has to do with Daniel’s timeline. With your post above about the Georgia guidestones and so many other things happening in the world, I think what this gentleman presents is worthy of discussion. I’d like to know what you think.
    Shalom brother,

    • Hi Barton,

      I doubt that September, 2015 will be the revealing of the Antichrist. There are too many prophecies that have not been fulfilled. And EVERY prophecy WILL be fulfilled before the Lord Returns. Only those prophecies that are specific to the Millennium and the New Earth will remain.

      Also, as someone who has lived in Israel for such a long time, it makes me uncomfortable to see people come so precariously close to the idolatry of Judaism. And yes, Judaism IS idolatry. And, we must be very careful to not be corrupted by it.

      Yet, God loves the Jews and will bring them back to Himself – soon.

      Thank you, Barton.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  16. John, Back in mid-Aug Terry Bennett, Neville Johnson and Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj were together at Shekinah Worship Center in Lancaster, CA. I was extremely impressed with Terry and Neville but had trouble with Sadhu’s accent so I didn’t listen to his portion. Neville was especially powerful and he also sees huge changes coming between the next blood moons at Feast of Tabernacles in 2014-2015. You can find the conference teachings on youtube….Just type in Neville Johnson or Terry Bennett. It was a 3 day conference so each man spoke several times. It was a lot to take in so I have started listening again. Neville is from Australia and his accent is hard to me too. Someone from the conference transcribed Neville’s first appearance. I have it on PDF and will be happy to send it to you. You don’t have to post this on your site, I just didn’t know how to contact you other than replying. Feel free to email me and I will attach the PDF. There is another website I really like, some really wonderful Bible studies (I was a back sliding Christian for many years and God brought me back to him with a Cancer diagnosis, it really woke me up) Like you, I discovered all the 9/11 mess, Pearl Harbor lies, Vietnam lies, CIA complicity with drug smuggling, arms smuggling, child trafficking. I have read Cathy O’Brien’s Tranceformation of America (heard you mention it during your interview last week) Anyway, the site is openscroll.com and openscroll.blogspot.com -authored by Bob Schlenker. The blog goes into a lot of the signs and symbols that are utilized by satanists etc…he has some really informative insight. I have a friend that doesn’t like the fact that he goes into all the signs etc, but he is being led by the Lord to inform of these things and I find them to be amazing. His bible studies are on the other site. I love Joseph and Benjamin and The feeding of the 5000. The church I attended at a girl and teen focused mainly on the New Testament so I am so glad my eyes have been opened to the prophecy available in the Old Testament. Have you read EW Bullinger??? You can read his Numbers in Scripture online. I dare an atheist to read this work and still remain an atheist.
    Sorry to ramble on. I have been really blessed to find the sites that I have found and I count yours among those. You really tell it like it is in an easy to understand format. I am so worried I will never be able to get through to my sister. She is a Christian, but lukewarm and doesn’t understand how I can believe what I believe about what is going to happen soon. Neville has a website with a lot of free audio from his teachings of the last 35 years.

    OK, hope you are able to understand my ramblings. Keep up your wonderful work. Oh, can’t forget Henry Gruver, he was interviewed recently with Steve Quayle on Hagmann and Hagmann (I believe) He has been translated numerous times and I believe he is the genuine article. He has spent his life working for God.
    Blessings to you,

    • Hi annspinwall4,

      That was a great comment, so I just had to put it up. You are very gracious Annette, and I love the spirit with which you write.

      I hope that you are right about Terry, Neville and Sadhu. There have been some prophecies that did not come true, and that worries me.

      I believe that I am on much firmer ground with Henry Gruver. I sense a spirit of humility and a sincere desire to serve the Lord.

      And, I truly pray that the Lord will show your sister what is coming before it is too late.

      God bless you, Annette. It is truly a blessing to have you as a reader.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  17. i have problems with his dates, from what i have been shown we are much closer to the end than 2028. i have sat and talked with many angels on a few different dates. i have talked with Jesus or i was talked at is a better way to put it. the angels have and do visit me daily. yes this is hard to believe, but true just the same. what we see at the end of this end and the beginning of the next will be changes we can’t change back. many will die and just as when it seem it can’t get no worse it will, then comes the end. a few will make the rapture. they will come from the small cities of light placed all over the world. those who fled from the mark of the beast and found protection with the angels here on earth. i wish i could say more but everyone will face different things depending on where they land on the map. i can tell you this, under no condition do you take the mark. take the death that will be offered to you. do not fear death, it will be fast and clean. do not go to the fema camps. the evil ones will play games with your suffering. you are not strong enough to endure it. flee at all cost. take time to look at death and learn not to fear it. talk with GOD on deep personal levels, take the wrong you have done opening to him, ask for his mercy and forgiveness, wait for your answer, it will come to those who trust and wait.
    i live in GA, those stones are pointed at us, the elect, remember we are the elect and act like it in the face of evil. fear not the evil but curse it as it should be. use the name of the greatest one to ever live, JESUS. his name alone is more powerful than the evil and they know it. once the evil is released on the earth it will not be able to touch us, the elect. they will jump from the unbelievers, one to another trying to scare you, be not afraid, use the name of our lord often and seek him in prayer, he is watching as always. trust him as you make your ways to the cities of light. my sons will have one in south GA. all believers are welcome there. at the corner of hwy 20, 7 miles south of sanders-vile. between the interstates 20 east and 16 south. there is a 15 foot iron cross. you are within walking distances from the cross. the angels will guild you once you get that for. best to you all and make the love of GOD stay with us all. don’t not change what is right and good just because everyone has gone crazy. it still matter what you do, remember that and all will go well with you and your love ones. I AM TRUST WORTHY. ASK GOD WHAT SHOULD YOUR NEXT MOVE SHOULD BE, TRUST HIM AND GO…

    • Hi Chip Griffin,

      I’m not sure what to say about your comment, except that the Bible is clear that most Christians will die at the hands of the Antichrist. So, I can only assume that invoking the name of Jesus will not be a protection from that – just as it has not been a protection for the past two thousand years.

      However, I do agree that He is our protection from the powers of Satan – if we walk with Christ. Those who invoke the name of our Lord and Savior will find no protection if they are not true children of God.

      Thank you, Chip.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • sorry the city will be on hwy 15 between interstates 20 east and 16 south coming from atlanta, my bad. yes most will be killed, but a few will make it and see the rapture. when the evil spirits are running to and fro causing all the mess, that is what i am referring too. soon enough you will understand…

  18. HUMMMMM…..
    I don’t know about this one John. I can not put my finger on it, but it appears Mr. Bennett is not telling us anything that can not be pulled off many web sites. Guess all those dates make me uneasy: like to many?
    We all know Our Country is in deep trouble. I just think: Pray Pray Pray.
    I also pray Yeshua gives me opportunity to help sound the alarm, not from my perspective but by HIS SPIRIT.
    I Thank you for all you put up on your site for us. I continue to pray for you and yours, our country, our leaders ( that one is kind’a hard sometimes).
    Thank you for the opportunity to have a place to express our views. I am deeply distressed in my spirit over the horror that many Christians are suffering!

  19. John,

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. In regards to the timing of all these things, how does Matt. 24: 14 fit into your thinking? I say this because it would seem that the fall of the U. S. would begin the domino pattern to usher in the Antichrist.

    • Hi miss lucy,

      Your question is about this verse:

      And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.Matt. 24:14

      I’m actually wondering if there is ANY people group that hasn’t been reached with the gospel, right now. Yes, I know that we don’t have Bibles translated into EVERY language. But, those tiny language groups that are left… well …they already speak and read in one of the major languages.

      I’m not saying that this verse has been fulfilled, in its entirety. But, I believe that we’re finding it harder and harder to find people who HAVEN’T heard about Jesus and the only way of salvation.

      We’ll see.

      And yes, I DO believe that the fall of the US will set the stage for the coming of the Antichrist. However, we have a few things that will happen between now and then – like Ezekiel’s Fire.

      Thank you, Lucy.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • John,

        Thank you for responding. I asked the question after hearing a presentation last weekend indicating a huge number of people groups had yet to be reached. I wish I remembered the exact number, but I want to say around 45 percent unreached. Since I believe major change will occur here within the next 15 months, the statistic didn’t fit. But as you indicated in your intro, it is difficult to believe anything when you discover you’ve been bombarded with lies.
        Thank you again for your search for truth and conviction to share it.

        • Hi miss lucy,

          Their definition of ‘unreached’ may be different than mine, so don’t judge them too harshly. What these people are doing is a very good thing.

          I believe that the point is whether every MAJOR people group has been reached. I think that has happened. But, there may be many minor groups that we still need to make sure about – most likely, Sub-Saharan Africa.

          The point is to keep up the work, until God tells us to stop.

          Thank you, Miss Lucy.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  20. Good Morning,

    Starting in the 2008, I started waking up to the darkness behind government and powers and church. It wrecked me. For several years, the darkness of the age, and the research of that darkness, consumed me and drew me in. Only my friendship with Jesus kept me from being sucked and completely consumed by the death and terror of it all. In 2009, I was introduced to the teachings of Terry Bennett. Certainly, his prophetic teachings are challenging at times. However, I have seldom heard any teacher, preacher, prophet, whomever, teach about intimacy with Christ, with life giving transformational power, as this man does. For me, that is the plumb line. Errors happen to us all, misconceptions and misinterpretations are rampant. I live in a prophetic community and have largely rejected much of what I am hearing because the focus is on self promotion. However if a person loves the Lord, and that love has the ability to uphold and cause another to hunger for more of Christ, to be transformed into the image of the Lamb, to take off this earthly bodysuit and put on the heavenly, then that person is bearing the right kind of fruit. Heavenly fruit. For me, Terry Bennett is that kind of a man. I do not know him personally, but his teachings have sustained me in a season of terrible darkness, speaking life into the scorched earth of my soul.

    I hope that this helps.

    May we all see Jesus and be transformed into His image.


    • Hi Elizabeth,

      That is quite an endorsement of Terry Bennett, and it’s good to hear. I don’t like to think that anyone would be a false prophet, so I hope that Terry is the real deal. Unfortunately, there are many out there who ARE truly false prophets, and that makes me wary.

      Always be careful of the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      Thank you, Elizabeth.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  21. P.S.
    Might I encourage you to review Henry Gruvers and A. A. Allens visions in light of the above linked article and the one linked the other day?!
    Along with your own thought’s (Articles) concerning “China’s Plans” – me thinks G-d had you on the right track at the out-set! Don’t be side-tracked by Conspiracy Theories!!!

    Isaiah 8:12-13
    “Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it. The Lord Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy, he is the one you are to fear, he is the one you are to dread.”

    Taken in context, it becomes clear that from earliest times, when a nation (In this case Israel) found itself under G-ds Judgement and about to be destroyed – Conspiracy Theories and infighting abound!
    Here Isaiah and others had been proclaiming G-ds coming Judgement (Which came by way of the Assyrians) – and, yet the people not listening and having no understanding were freaking out with “Illuminati” and “Gov’t” Conspiracy Theories!!!

  22. Cont’d
    Not saying that you were/have been getting caught up in the Conspiracy Theories. But you allude to the “Confusion” and of weeding out the TRUTH!!!
    Russian Airplanes flying Teens of monthly Sorties around U.S. Airspace is factual/truth! Henry Gruver saw this EXACT scenario in Visions 36 years ago. Since 9/11/2001 Jonathan Cahn has been speaking of America being under judgement and saying that she “Will Be Destroyed” if she does not heed and repent!
    Henry Gruver envisioned a coming War with China and Russia tha would be fought “Without G-d”!!! And that would, by implication – lose/be destroyed because of it!!! And her we are!!! It’s happening!!! Russia has declared the U.S./NATO Enemy # 1 and is flying sorties and testing missiles!!! And just as in Henery Gruvers Visions – as in the Prophecy’s about Babylon – she (America) doesn’t perceive the threat! And won’t! Til it’s to late!!!

    America is about to be BLOWN AWAY by Russia!!!
    Take my (And Henry Gruvers and Jonathan Cahn’s and A. A. Allens etc) word!!!

  23. John,
    I really appreciate your work. I appreciate that you are not afraid to call out what you know to be un-biblical but with such a spirit of humility. I too had some misgivings about Terry Bennett. It was not easy to say way, just a lack of humility and brokenness about what he was saying. All over scripture one of the most significant warnings about the last days is DECEPTION. It is so important to test the spirits, weigh everything against the Word and to ASK The Lord for wisdom and discernment. I’m deeply saddened by the state of the American Church. I am deeply saddened by the men and women in ministry today who refuse to speak the truth in love. I was raised in a legalistic church who taught, in essence, that Jesus is NOT the same today. We did not learn about the ministry of the Holy Spirit. There was little brokenness and a good deal of judgmental-ism. But then there is the foolishness of gatherings like the “Lakeland revival” – Oh my… I was staggered by the number of people who genuinely love Jesus but had no discernment that it was WAY OFF! I was even more disappointed with those who stood on that stage and puffed Todd Bently up with all of their bizarre man worship. They too will have to give account for the foolishness. I believe only Dutch Sheets apologized. Why? Why is discernment so lacking today? How can men and women of God think it is ok for ministers like Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, and MANY others to preach from God’s word but then live in abject love of money. How many scriptures … hundreds? point out how wrong that is? bla bla In any case, John. My heart smiles when i come across people of balance. I pray you stay radical for Jesus and His message to us in these last days. May your love and humility always continue in Him as you courageously present the truth.

    • Hi Rebecca,

      You do me much honor, and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. It does me good to read that.

      I can only say that I am no better and no smarter than anyone else, and that it has only been through the hand of God that brought me to this place in time where I could use the words that He has laid upon my heart.

      I too have looked on in horror at the likes of Benny Hinn as they have laid waste to the Body of Christ. If Terry Bennett is not one of those, then I hope that he will extricate himself from their midst.

      Thank you, Rebecca. I also came out of legalism, so I know whereof you speak.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  24. This is the first time I have ever encountered this site; found the link on Henry Makow, a good, good guy. [Yes, Rick Joyner is a Knight of Malta, occultist, Judaizer, etc. One of his top “lieutenants” for many years was a male witch.]

    Just want to say that I have heard many times in my spirit that it is the Lord’s plans that will be established, not satan’s. Also, Paul tells us that a TRUE JEW is anyone who believes on Christ and has the faith of Abraham; that if we are Christ’s, then are we Abraham’s seed. God’s true Israel is SPIRITUAL, not carnal; everyone who comes into His Kingdom must be SPIRITUALLY born-again for this reason. Our God regards no man after the flesh, and flesh and blood cannot inherit His Kingdom. His Kingdom continued on in the Church which is proved at 1 Peter 2:9-10. The Judaized gospel of Zionism would have us not see Matthew 21:43, either, that God took His Kingdom away from the Jews. These broken off branches who did not believe in Christ the Messiah formed the synagogue of satan. They hate Jesus Christ and say that He is boiling in a vat of hot semen in hell today, or excrement, depending on which rabbi is quoted. The Talmud is a very evil book, condoning homosexuality, pedophilia and bestiality. Why do you think we are flooded with this stuff out of Hollywood, a bastion of Talmudism? Check out what God calls earthly Jerusalem at Revelation 11:8–He calls it Sodom and Egypt. These are not accolades. They reflect the occult that Apostate Judaism fell into when they rejected the true Messiah. We cannot have the Father without the Son. When you reject the Son, you no longer have the Father, for they are one.

    The true elect, the true chosen, are the Christians, who were chosen from before the foundation of the earth. See Ephesians 1:4. Learn the types and shadows and the Pauline Gospel. Everything that was written in the Old Testament was just THE NATURAL TYPE of what came to pass in the NEW! Paul tells us that God’s pattern is first the natural, then the spiritual.

    • Hi Mary Lassiter,

      Glad to have you as a reader. Welcome!

      It is true that the Jews are not saved, and are caught in unbelief at this time. But, please remember that the prophecies given in the Old Testament still remain.

      No reasonable person who reads Ezekiel 36 and Ezekiel 37 can reasonably claim that this is speaking about gentile Christians. This is about the physical children of Jacob, now called Israel.

      Yes, they will know Christ, one day.

      What we must do is be careful to not resist what God is doing. Ezekiel 36 and 37 WILL be fulfilled over the coming years – as will Zechariah 12 and 13, and all the other passages that speak about this.

      Go here, for more on this:


      It is a dangerous, dangerous thing to resist the work of God.

      Thank you, Mary.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  25. Um, maybe not, about the Tribulation. Philip Mauro, the Anti-Scofield, said that the Great Tribulation was the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, when there was not one stone left upon another of Herod’s temple, and when the Jews who survived that horrific cataclysm were sold as slaves, just as Moses had warned, and just as Moses warned, no one would buy them, because the market for slaves was glutted at the time. This was the great tribulation. Jesus warned His followers that when they saw the abomination of desolation standing where it ought not, in the Temple, they should flee to the mountains. Those who remembered His Words did just that and were saved out of the maelstrom. The abomination of desolation was the symbol of the Roman eagle on the pennants of the Roman armines, a great idol to the jews.

    Jesus told us that HE WOULD COME AT A TIME WE THINK NOT! He said His coming would be like the days of Lot and Noah. Those were times of great violence on the earth, and sin. Also, those days seemed to take everyone but the elect of those days by surprise, for things were going on AS NORMAL with men buying and selling, and marrying and giving in marriage. Just like today.

    • Hi Mary Lassiter,

      I truly wish that 70 AD was the Tribulation. I really do, but that is NOT the case. There is no way that it is possible.

      Where was the Antichrist?

      Where were all the events described?

      None of that was there for 70 AD.

      The Great Tribulation is ahead of us, and we must prepare for it.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  26. Friends, this is a very interesting website! Glad to have found it. It’s a cut above most.

    Do you really think the antichrist is yet to come? There’s a series of antichrists who’ve sat in the Vatican and claimed to be God on earth, and to rule heaven, earth and hell, thus the triple crown the Pope wears. There is great evidence that this is the antichrist. He sits in the temple of God and claims that he IS God. Word is out that the Jesuits concocted the Judaized gospel of a coming antichrist in Israel to throw the saints off–to make them think he is a future being. The doctrines of the Catholic Church pretty much could be mistaken for satan’s, that’s for sure! They worship the Queen of Heaven, the same occult being that the Jews went awhoring after in the Book of Jeremiah, ad infinatum. Also, the Vatican owns the temple mount in earthly Jerusalem.

    Ed Hendrie is a practising lawyer and Christian researcher. He went to Notre Dame and a Jesuit law school and blows the beans on all of this in his terrific books.

    • Hi Mary Lassiter,

      Please understand that the Book of Revelation was written AFTER 70 AD. So, by that account, the time of the Antichrist is before us.

      Also, we have all the accounts in the Old Testament as well as what Jesus said.

      Again, we must not resist the work of God in Israel, and we must prepare for the coming of great tribulation.

      Thank you, Mary.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  27. In 2014 we sit exactly 2600 years from the fall of the first Temple (late date – 586 BC), the one Solomon built “For the Name of the Lord, the God of Israel” – 1 Kings 8:20(b). The number 26 is the gematria of God’s Name. Looking at the individual letters of His Holy Name in Hebrew you can get a meaning of “Behold the arm, behold the nail!” Many Messianic Jews and some others believe that Jesus will return for the removal of the Restrainer and the snatching of His true church at exactly the 6,000 year point from Creation. If Jesus comes in 2014 and it is 6,000 years from creation, then that would leave 3,400 years before the fall of the Temple. 34 is used Biblically only in the naming of a son. So God would be using the timing of the destruction of His Temple and His Own Name to point to His Son, not only with the design of the Temple, the priesthood and sacrificial system itself, but with the very timing of the destruction of Solomon’s Temple. He would also use the very length of the Age after it (2,600 years) that ends with the end of the church age to point to Jesus through His Holy Name based on His Temple.
    Some of this information is from David Flynn’s book, Temple at the Center of Time. He braved the flood of naysayers and guessed 2013 based on the early date for the Temple Fall of 587 BC. I believe the late date of 586 BC (a year later) and 2014 as well as the additional details regarding the numerical importance of the numbers 26 and 34 might be the critical answers. We will see what God wants to do.

    • Hi Janet,

      Please stay away from gematria. Whatever truth might be there is mixed with poison, and separating the two is beyond our abilities. We must stick with the Bible.

      Furthermore, there are many prophecies that must be fulfilled before Jesus will come, so it is not possible for Him to return in 2014. If I was date-setting, I would have to say that our Lord will not return before 2025. And THAT would require a MASSIVE escalation of events that I do NOT see.

      2030 would be a far more reasonable guess. But, only a guess.

      We’ll see.

      Thank you, Janet.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  28. Shalom John!

    Did I ever tell you about my visit by the Irish angel? Told me his name was Maroney, …. with a “y”. Didn’t want me to confuse him with the Italian angel Moroni that appeared to John Smith. And that the “i” at the end was a later addition. Anyway he told me I shouldn’t drink Guinness anymore, ….. or was it any more Guinness? *hic* 🙂

    I’m maybe just a little skeptical of the grandiose claims of many that purport to have “the truth.” They must make that claim to keep their “ministries” funded.
    The Scriptural allowance for prophetic failure is zero. The prophet that prophesies that which does not come to pass is a false prophet. Period! Deuteronomy 18:20-22. That includes all the date setters whose timeline has come and gone. Herbert W. Armstrong comes to mind as the pioneer of modern day false prophets.

    The prophet that prophesies that which does come to pass, but entices others to follow after foreign deities, or a different gospel, is also a false prophet. And in fact may be a test of faith from Yehovah. Deuteronomy 13:2.

    The best defense against the false prophets is a firm foundation in the Scriptures.


  29. on those guidestones, their “capped” with the heavy flat top slab, and the main theme is capped growth (and worse) of the population.
    Looking over at the last few UN meetings on climate change, their discussion went to capping/stopping the growth (economic/energy usage etc) of the developed or western nations.
    Back to the guidestones, now with a 2nd smaller cap stone set on top of the english language (western/developed as per the UN) stone…could be a capped economic growth as a start to far worse things coming later for all..
    Just thoughts, I don’t know.

    But the developed/westerns are all bankrupt, except perhaps germany but their heading into recession as they say, so can any expect any growth…?

    Also a general idea is that if the NWO is to have a successful rollout the playing field would have to be level, the richer nations to poorer and the poorer nations enriched, harder to make the poor rich, easier to make the rich nations poorer?
    (and the select/few make profits spanning the globe so none of this is to hard on them).

    Lot’s going on, another one-the end of QE next month most likely, so who will buy the US bonds/notes? If there were buyers they’d of never had to QE huh..
    However in times of large war many will run to the perceived safety of US bonds/notes, viola! buyers, and war is brewing.

    Glad we in Christ have His kingdom, not of these worlds kingdoms, not bankrupt nor shaking in some storm, we can rejoice even in the midst of the storms here.

  30. My Dear Brother John,
    Thank you for your insights on Israel. God is Holy and True and his words will come to pass and he will keep the covenant he made to Abraham.

    I have a deep love for the prophets that are on the earth in this last of the last days with the words of the Lord giving us instruction threw them on how we prepare ourselves to be the bride of Christ and for his coming. It is not just about storing beans and rice and hiding in some remote location, Yes, warnings have been given we must prepare, but lets not abandon God now to hide in safety, rather ask the Lord what he would have us do at such an important time as this. Hallelujah! what a good God we have! and my friend, Terry Bennett, Neville Johnson and Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj Are mighty Prophets of God with a messages from the Lord on what our role is now and what we MUST and MUST NOT DO. I implore you to prayerfully spend some time listening to there words and then judge if they have the words of the Lord in them. You can hear them at,

    shekinahworship.com or the Lancaster Prophetic Conference
    Unto the Lamb UTchannel
    Terry Bennett ministries

    Thank you for the time you spend pouring out your thoughts and sharing them with us.

    God Bless,

  31. Hi John.
    First,thanks for being so faith full in writing your column. I enjoy it immensely. I read all of everyday.
    The last column on ebola and what might happen in the USA. Does not the Cristian Community need leadership that will educate them on the situations going on around us? I think of the Israelites in Egypt and how Yahweh provided a leader to lead them out of that situation. We need to be aware that such a person was sent, and has gone to the Father to lay the plan for our deliverance, and at the same time He left us a “manual” to guide us in what we must do while we are waiting. People we need to repent and accept Yeshua as our Lord and Saviour. Now, before its too late.
    Keep writing and encouraging and giving us the information that we need.


  32. I just wanted to comment on someone’s previous comment about the scriptural tolerance for prophetic failure being zero. That may be the OT plumb line but the NT standard may be different. Note 1 Cor 14:29-33:
    “Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others weigh what is said. If a revelation is made to another sitting there, let the first be silent. For you can all prophesy one by one, so that all may learn and all be encouraged, and the spirits of prophets are subject to prophets. For God is not a God of confusion but of peace.”
    Whereas prophetic utterance in the OT is largely a “one-man” operation where God speaks to an individual who is the mouthpiece who then conveys God’s message to his people, prophecy in the NT appears to be more of a collaborative approach. The above passage calls for “two or three” prophets to speak and the others then weigh what is said. In these situations, conceivably, a prophet could deliver a message that was not deemed to be accurate upon evaluation by the other prophets. I believe that unity of the Spirit is maintained when the prophets are subject to one another – unlike today where we have “superstar” prophets in the church and people who hang on every word; sometimes without using discernment.

    • Hi stuart,

      I think that you’ve hit on a very valid point – with a scriptural basis for that point.

      To my understanding, humility is the key. When I hear someone being lifted up as a great prophet, alarm bells go off in my head. Pride and prophecy never go together. Never.

      Furthermore, I was raised an independent Baptist with a strong distrust of the charismatic movement. I’m still a very independent Baptist, but I’ve been blessed with visions that helped keep me out of deep, deep trouble. So, you could say that I learned first-hand that prophecy and prophets are still a part of how God works with His people.

      However, corrupt prophets… well …God will have a thing or two, to say to them about their corruption.

      Thank you, Stuart. Well said.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  33. I believe the Bible gives us all the info we need to determine the TIMING of end times events. Yes, no one knew the hour or the day yet (the original Greek verb is past tense) in Matthew 24:36, but Daniel was told to seal up details not forever, but until the time of the end, which we are in now. Astronomical software helps unseal clues describing the skies during end times events. We can, with computers, finish what Isaac Newton attempted centuries ago – to match the descriptions of the skies in the Bible to actual future skies when they will appear as described. There are many clues pointing to 6/6/16 for the Antichrist (See Antichrist 2016-2019) and to December 2019 as the end of the final seven years (See End Times and 2019.)

  34. Hey I don’t know if this information would still be helpful, but I am close friends with quite a few people who attend Terry Bennett’s church in Dickson, TN. I consider Terry a friend as well and have attended and ministered (music) with him at several conferences. I do not in any way consider myself an expert on the end times, nor can I relate any personal encounters with angels or prophetic dreams that would be helpful to everyone. Here’s what I can say: If we’re to know people by their fruit, I can say that my experience with Terry in conversations and listening to his messages has always resulted in a greater hunger to know Jesus. I do believe that some of the words he’s received are predictive in nature and worth praying about, but having known him for almost 10 years, I can say that the vast majority of what he teaches about is consecration to the Lord as opposed to any particular upcoming event. That’s not meant to discourage those who are wanting to discern the times, but I do think it’s worth noting that most of the time when you hear Terry preach, 10 minutes of it might be focused on what’s coming down the pipe, and 1 hour and 50 minutes are about the priesthood of all believers, or the bride, or intimacy with the Lord. Hope that’s helpful. God bless you.

  35. The timing is off by a few years, as far as when it will all happen- so don’t go nuts- not sure as far as the sequence of $$$, govt, then religion…but yes, we are confirmed that it was Gabriel. I was visited by the same angel. Gabriel has been making appearances in the last few years. Guess you missed him.

    2009 was the beginning of the first of the 3 (7) year periods on the Jewish New Year; 2016 (last year); this October 3 begins the second 7 year period; and on the Jewish new year 2024 will be the last of the series.


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