What’s Wrong with You?!

The disasters that we are going to experience over the coming days, weeks and months are the direct result of our having turned our back on God. We were grateful that He sent His only begotten Son to suffer for us, on the cross. But, requiring us to be obedient was just too much.

It’s as if God was just too demanding and unreasonable. So, we wrapped up God and put Him on our Sunday shelf, and lived for ourselves for the rest of the week. We quickly became indistinguishable from the rest of the world.

So, the Hand of God that protected us from Satan was taken out of the way.


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What’s Wrong with You?!

Of all the things that I said yesterday, on the Curtner and Kerr Radio Show, I believe that the most important was this:

If you don’t have every fiber of your being… struggling and straining towards serving the Lord to the best of your absolute ability…

What’s wrong with you?

There’s something wrong with you, if you don’t want to serve God with every part of your self.

You need to ask yourself about your goals for your life. You need to take a good hard look at what and who you really are. You need to hold a mirror up to your soul, to see whether it’s acceptable to God. You need to ask yourself:

What’s wrong with you?

Our cowardly pastors stand before us and quail at the thought of preaching the whole truth. If you are such a pastor…

What’s wrong with you?

Of course, when I stand in front of the mirror, I sometimes remember the young man who launched out into the world, wanting to grab hold of it with both hands and wring out as much benefit as he could. I had God in my pocket, and a career on my heart.

What was wrong with me?

I was a double-minded young man that had forgotten how important Jesus was, and why He should have been the commander of my life. I had Him in a corner, instead of at the controls.

Well, I may have forgotten the promises that I made to Him, but He hadn’t. So, He dragged me off to Asia. It was a bumpy ride, but I survived. And, I find myself where I should have been all along.

How about you?

If serving God isn’t THE consuming ambition for your life, then you need to ask yourself:

What’s wrong with you?

Jesus came, suffered an eternity of torment and then died – for you. His Father sent Him to do all that – for you. And, when Jesus ascended to heaven, God the Father sent the Holy Spirit – for you. And, when you die, there is a heaven that waits – for you.

Now, I see that you know all that, but when I look at your life, I see a problem. What you know and what you do aren’t connected to each other. You know God and believe in Him, but you don’t act like it. So…

What’s wrong with you?

Well, I can tell you what’s wrong, because I’ve suffered the same problem:

You’ve allowed yourself to be distracted by your own desire.

The world beckons with tantalizing glimpses of desires yet-to-be-fulfilled. And, you pursue those desires will all the strength and effort that our magnificent culture has bestowed upon us.

(We Americans are so very, very good at chasing desire.)

But, it’s so very, very empty.

And, it’s time to stop the chase.

You stand at a crossroads. The world teeters on the brink of apocalypse, and you have a choice to make. How you choose may be the difference between life and death.

Will you choose to serve God?


Will you choose to serve yourself?

If you are having difficulty with those choices, then I need to ask:

What’s wrong with you?!

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


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