Why World War III – The Fundamentals

Anyone with a background in finance and investment should have a solid understanding of expectations. No one invests the valuable proceeds of their labor into something that is going to lose value. And, no sane person will engage in a risky investment with no hope of profit. And, it is this psychology of ‘expectation’ that drives the economy and our financial system.

But, what happens when expectations die?

Lots of things die – hopes, dreams, power …and people.

Believe it or not, but this directly relates to The Most Terrifying Video in the World, that I told you about yesterday – because the collapse of financial expectations always leads to war.


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Why World War III – The Fundamentals

note – to clarify the connection between energy, economy and war, I have attempted to simplify the elements of the discussion to emphasize the connection – and the principle. I hope that I have succeeded. – JL

We live on expectations. We go to work, because we believe the promise that we’ll be paid for our work. We go to school, because we believe the promise that we’ll be better people (or, at least better paid) because we invested our time and effort into an education. We invest in stocks and bonds, because we believe the promise that they will bring us more money in the future.

Promises + Belief = Expectations

When we believe a promise, it creates an expectation. And, for the past 500 years, we have seen so many promises fulfilled that we have become eager to attach belief to any promise being handed to us by society and the media.

When America was discovered, the promise of an untapped future lit up everyone’s imagination, and the invention of the printing press certainly helped to promote that promise.

The future was bright.

Has anything really changed, since then?


The promises might have changed, but not our capacity to attach belief to new promises. Over the course of the last few centuries, the promise of gold to plunder was replaced by land to farm. Later, we replaced good farming with good jobs. And then, we replaced good jobs with… um …war.

Each of these promises that we believed in had something real that they were founded on. There was real gold in South America, so the Spanish and Portuguese conquered South America to get it. There was awesome farmland in North America, so the English invaded and took it. There were real industrial jobs paying real money, in the cities, so we left our farms and got jobs.

But, what were the jobs based on?

Making Stuff

Making stuff. And, for the purposes of our discussion, here is the recipe for making stuff:

Workers + Energy + Raw Materials = Stuff

Since I see that your eyes just glazed over, let me put it another way:

Workers use a source of energy – like oil – to turn a raw material – like copper – into stuff – like water pipes that people will want to put in their homes, to fill up their bathtubs. Reduce any one of those parts in that equation, and you will have less stuff (or at least, fewer water pipes).

The Evolution of Stuff

Until we discovered the use of coal and oil, all of our energy came from food, wind or water. It wasn’t much, but it worked. You could feed a horse or an ox, and it would use its energy to help you turn logs into building materials.

But, there was a limit to the amount of stuff that you could make, because there were a limited number of horses and oxen to produce the energy that you wanted.

When we discovered the use of coal for steam engines, that increased the amount of energy that we were able to use. That energy increase meant an increase in the amount of stuff that we could make. And, we started making LOTS of stuff.

When we discovered uses for oil, our stuff got even better, from farther away. And, we started to get more and better raw materials to make stuff with.

Once we realized how good oil was, we tried to get as much of it as we could – even if it meant killing people to get it.

Because, lots of oil means lots of stuff, and we like our stuff.


A funny thing happens, when your stuff keeps getting better and better. You start to think that it will ALWAYS keep getting better. It becomes almost like a law of life:

Stuff always gets better.

Unfortunately, great expectations for more and better stuff only work when you have more energy and more raw materials.

What happens when there is less energy?

Uh oh. Less stuff.

If you can make a hundred copper water pipes with two barrels of oil…

…how many pipes do you make, when you only have one barrel?

Right. Fifty.

What happens when there is less raw material?

The same thing. But, the bigger question is…

What happens to the ten workers that were making the hundred pipes?

Well, since only five workers are working, the other five stay home until you can get enough copper and/or oil.

What are the people without work going to do?

Well, they aren’t going to work, so they’ll sit at home. They won’t make stuff, and they won’t be able to buy stuff. If enough workers aren’t working and not buying, the economy will visibly go down.

Again, what was one of the reasons why there were fewer workers and less stuff being made?

Less oil. (i.e., energy)

Hopefully, my simplified description has shown you that there is a direct relationship between the availability of energy and the health of an economy. But, let’s not stop there, because I want to show the connection to war.

Less Stuff Means Less Wealth

Now, when we say the word economy, what we are really talking about is the wealth of a nation – or the combined wealth of each person who is in that nation.

Let’s take America. If we stop the growth in the amount of energy available to America, everywhere in America, all at once – which is what happened – the wealth of America stops growing.


Well, remember what we said about energy. If less energy means that we make less stuff. And, more energy means that we make MORE stuff. Then, no change in the amount of energy means that there is no change in the amount of stuff that we make.

To put it another way, if the amount of energy can’t grow, then we can’t increase the amount of stuff that we make.

And, broadly speaking, when it comes to calculating the growth of an economy…

Economy = Stuff

The economy does not grow… if there’s no growth in the production of stuff.

Dollars, Stocks and Bonds

But, wait. I know what you’re thinking. You have dollars in your pocket and your bank account.

That is wealth, too, right?

No, dollars just represent a promise of the ability to buy stuff. Dollars are just a system of promises created by the government to simplify the making, buying and selling of stuff.

What about stocks and bonds?

Good point. But, stocks and bonds are promises too. Companies tell you how wonderful they are and how much stuff that they are making – and how much MORE they are going to make in the future.

Essentially, a stock or bond is a promise to take your dollars, and use them to increase their ability to make more stuff. The implication is that they will be able to make even more dollars because they are making even more stuff.

But, they can only do that if they have more energy to do it with.

Remember that you cannot increase the amount of stuff that you make, if you don’t increase the amount of energy that you have. If the amount of energy doesn’t increase, the amount of stuff that you can make doesn’t increase, either.

This means that – without an increase in the availability of energy – the implied promise in the stock or bond that you hold is empty. It’s an empty promise.

Worse, if the amount of energy available to a company is declining – which it is starting to – the empty promise becomes a loss.

Are you going to give money to a company, if their future is less, and not more?

Right. You won’t.

Collapsed Expectations

You aren’t stupid, once you understand that your expectations are false, you will stop investing in those expectations. You will NOT give money to someone if you believe that he will give you less in the future.

What happens when enough people realize this?

Stock and bond markets crash.

People with power get really unhappy when this happens. And, since their power gives them easy access to better information, they have the ability to see what’s happening – certainly better than you and me.

And, what do they do with this somewhat superior ability to predict the future?

Lies Told By Lying Liars

They lie to you.

And, that’s what they did.

One way of ‘lying’ is through dollars. A dollar is just a promise to be able to buy stuff. But, if you already have enough dollars for your country, every additional dollar is just an empty promise. And, an empty promise is just another word for ‘lie’.

Print up enough lies, and people start to see a problem. So, the lying liars cover the problem with another lie – like the ‘hedonics lie’ which says that hamburger is just as good as steak.

When people start catching on to THAT lie, they take all the empty promises that they printed up and exchange them for stocks and bonds. (Which is what they are doing now.)

When THAT stops working, they’ll…

Well, eventually, the lies won’t be enough to keep people from seeing the truth, and that is never a good thing for lying liars.

So, what do elite lying liars do, when they run out of lies?


Well… hypothetically …they could encourage people to find new and better ways to build an economy that uses less energy and raw materials. They could encourage the growth of local communities with local farms, producing food for local consumption. They could even encourage new and better sources of energy.

They could.

But, they’re lying liars, so they won’t.


Because that would damage the wealth and power of the lying liars, and they don’t like that.

World War III

So, the only thing left to do is to convince you to go out and kill people – in a place that helps with the energy problem that they have. Wherever the energy is easiest to get, that is where they will send you to kill people.

Unfortunately, the lying liars of other countries will have the same idea. So, more people would need to be killed. And, when you kill enough people, they call it a war.

If the war is big enough, they call it a world war.

We will have one of those.

It will be our third.

Welcome to World War III.

Please, enjoy your stay.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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27 thoughts on “Why World War III – The Fundamentals”

  1. John,

    I read your posts with great interest and agree with 95%. However, I must take exception to your concept of “peak oil”. It doesn’t exist. There are more world wide and domestic reserves that have been identified and evaluated than ever.

    Throw out the concept of “fossil fuel”. Yes, petroleum is made of hydrocarbons but the hydrocarbons are primarily inorganic in nature; abiotic! Created in the Earth’s mantle under heat and pressure.

    The term peak oil exists because it provides support for the “petro” dollar. Once the imaginary bubble of peak oil dissipates, the value of the dollar will dissipate along with the faith and credit people in this country have in it.

    Take care,


    • Hi Jack,

      If what you say is correct, here is what you are missing:

      One – abiogenesis of oil – if true – is a slow process, and we have blasted through 5,000 years of abiogenic oil in a little over 100 years. Remember that Peak Oil doesn’t mean that we’ve used up all the oil. It just means that we’ve used up the cheapest half. The abiotic theory doesn’t change ‘Peak Oil’.

      Two – The conspiracy by the elites is so big and so strong, that we don’t have a chance to get at this extra oil that you refer to.

      So, whether oil is abiotic in origin, or not, doesn’t matter. We’re still going to fight and die in the Middle East, and then the world will turn and destroy America.

      Billions are going to die in the coming years, and you must be ready for that.

      Thank you, JRO.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Well said. The russians first came up with this hypothesis drilling wells that go a few miles deep into the earth. I doubt there would have been so many dinosaurs to make all the oil we have consumed in close to 150 years. Today the Russians are the world’s biggest oil producer.

      • Hi juanisaac,

        The abiotic theory does not mean peak oil doesn’t exist. This about math. Oil production is going down, whatever the source.

        Getting caught in a delusion will not help you. You must prepare, J.

        Yours in Christ,

        John Little

  2. Thank you very much. That was an easy to understand article for somebody who needs a little “break-down” for all the big bla, bla that is out there. You connected the dots in so many ways. Congratulations!

  3. There’s a lot of people out there that think the US has a lot of oil. “Just drill for it…..” they say. Or “Obama won’t let us drill for oil”. They are sadly mistaken. What most folks don’t understand is the concept of EROEI – Energy Returned On Energy Invested. Or net energy. Sure, there’s a lot of oil locked up in the Bakken or the tar sands up in Canada but the $64,000 question is this: how much energy does it take to get out of the ground and refined? Answer: a lot. And water too. The days of Jed Clampett going out and firing his musket and finding oil are long gone. It takes a considerable amount of energy and water to squeeze oil and gas out of rock formations deep underground and bring it to the surface, refine it and bring it to market. It doesn’t make much sense economically if it takes the equivalent of one barrel of oil to get one out of the ground does it? Not to mention tens or hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. People better start understanding that easy energy is an ever decreasing commodity.

    • Hey David,

      You got it. No more Beverly Hillbillies.

      I wouldn’t mind Peak Oil if it weren’t for the knowledge that we’re going to start killing each other for what’s left.

      Thank you, David. Awesome comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. Hi, John. Years ago (ah, I mean a little while ago), when the grandchildren were wee, they watched Veggie Tales Movies. I recall one that left an impression on me. It depicted a lovely female blueberry (remember, Veggie Tales – the characters were vegetables and fruit) who lived across from The Stuff Mart. Miss blueberry LOVED stuff, so she went across the street nearly every day to buy stuff. She bought and she bought, until her house was so full of “stuff”, that her house was in danger of collapsing! The lesson for the grandchildren was that of greed and lust, and how destructive it could be in life. Simple lesson, but well depicted.

    The drive to the next global conflagration is just that – isn’t it? The implied “promise” of war is that after the destruction, we will just build brand spanking NEW and “better” STUFF. War creates destruction. After hostilities have ceased (all orchestrated, of course), everyone is “friends”. The victors “help” the defeated to build more stuff, which the victors assure they have the lion’s share of doing. After all, the economy of the defeated is toast, right?

    Those who orchestrated the war are those who profit most: they have the factories and/or companies that build the munitions, planes, ships, tanks and the like.

    They own the construction companies.

    They finance the endeavors.

    Brilliant, really.

    And the not-rich common man is just fodder for their canons, whether they be soldiers, assembly line-men, or construction workers.

  5. YOU KNOW,some times ,you have a nation that becomes so demonic and depraved,AND BLOOD THRISTY,they get the attention of the FATHER HIMSELF,now once we read OUR BIBLE and realize america is one of the nations of history who has become EVIL,beyond imagination,and the people no longer care about mercy and love,only who the next victim might be,THAT CAN’T FIGHT BACK,cowards hate bravery,in america for instance,PUTS ALL THEIR ALPHA MALES IN PRISON,opening the door for invasion too I might add,THIS BRINGS THE FATHER IN TO DEAL WITH IT,and the BIBLE is quite clear how he handles EVIL nations,HE just wipes them off the map,and hands everything to someone else,LIKE CHRISTIAN RUSSIA for instance,america is finished,they’re just are to blind to see anymore,and NOW americas end is on the horizon,and only a few see it….sadly america WILL NOT care till its way to late……….

  6. HERES one all you unrepentant stiff necked americans might want to pay attention too,SATAN,just realized HELL wasn’t large enough to hold all the people who were going to be coming,…HE WENT TO THE FATHER and asked if he could be allowed to increase the size of hell,…….this should be scary as hell to every american because,SATAN WAS GRANTED PERMISSION TO INCREASE THE SIZE OF HELL,MAKING IT TWO TIMES LARGER THEN IT WAS,…this should make everyone get on their knees and beg the LORD to save them,OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN ain’t no one to be playing russian roulette with,if you guys think this will be a joke,YOU WOULD BE DEAD WRONG,……wakeup,your out of time,THE LORD IS RETURNING FOR HIS BRIDE and the rest of you WILL BE KILLED………..

    • Hi Arizona,

      That sounds a lot like this:

      Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their honourable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst. Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it. – Isaiah 5:13-14

      True words for what lies ahead.

      Thank you, Arizona!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. Hi John,

    I was watching Jonathan Cahn on Sid Roth’s monday show and he said something interesting. He said WW II started in 1938 on a Shemita year. I always thought that it started in 1939 with the invasion of Poland. When I did some research I found where Germany annexed Austria by force on Saturday, March 12, 1938 and immediately afterwards began the persecution of the Jews in Austria.


    I started thinking…Could WW II have been a “type” of the great tribulation?

    Rom 2:9 Tribulation and anguish, upon every soul of man that doeth evil, of the Jew FIRST (emphasis added), and also of the Gentile;

    Although the Nazi’s were rounding up Jews, Gypsies, Communists and other “undesirables” and putting them in concentration camps and working them to death, they did not start systematically exterminating Jews in gas chambers under the “final solution” until approximately 3 and 1/2 years later in the middle of September of 1941.

    Approximately 3 and 1/2 years later the last concentration camps were liberated in April of 1945 and the war in Europe was over on May 8, 1945.

    Just a thought.

    • Hi Michael Haller,

      That isn’t just a thought, but an excellent one.

      I personally believe that the next five-to-ten years of war and death will prepare the way for the coming of the Antichrist. He will start out small, but as he rises… well …I think that we’ll see him coming. And, he may follow the same pattern.

      Unfortunately, not many of us are going to be alive to watch for that antichrist. And, I hate the thought of that.

      I like winning, especially when Satan is the opponent. Every brother and sister, that we help keep alive to serve God, is a win – in my book.

      Thank you, Michael. Excellent thoughts.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. Brother John,
    Always good to read your messages.

    a bit off topic, But another great preacher I have come to respect and who I think you should look into is located on : http://www.thirdeaglemedia.com, he is also on youtube under Thirdeaglebooks

    Some great points he brings up is that

    Obama is the last king of the South
    Putin is the last king of the north

    and we know that the King of the north will defeat the King of the south.

    Babylon (USA) will burn in one hour . (nuclear strike )

    through the death and destruction of America the Antichrist will rise to bring order to the world! this false peace in which he forces all to take the mark of the beast in order to live in his satanic society.

    Keep up the great work

    Praising Jesus Day to day

    • Hi Shehab,

      Unraveling the ‘King of the North’ and the ‘King of the South’ is an interesting one. And, I haven’t really addressed it much because I’m focused on the more immediate dilemma of getting brothers and sisters in Christ out of harm’s way.

      The Third Eagle Media site looks interesting, just be careful to take what he says very carefully. He’s said some things that can’t fit with what the Bible says about the Last Days.

      Is the US the woman called Babylon of Revelation?

      Where her destruction comes in one hour?

      I call her ‘beast rider’, and it’s always possible that the US is the Beast Rider.

      If so, then it means that we must heed God’s call for us to leave the US. Here’s that call:

      And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.Revelation 18:4

      The mention of her burning in one hour is in verse 10.

      And, I’ve been telling everyone who will listen that they MUST leave the United States, if they wish to flee the wrath that is coming upon the US.

      Thank you for allowing me to make that point.

      God bless you, Shehab!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  9. If you’ve covered this already, I forgot where. What was the real reason for WWs 1 & 2? I’m aware that false flags were used to drag us into it, but why? Did it have anything to do with energy? If they really wanted to stop the Nazis, why did so many of the PTB collaborate with them and give them safe passage to places like Argentina? It sounds like the Nazis were such a bunch of irrational nut cases, I have trouble understanding how they could be useful to the PTB ….. except that they were good at manipulating the sheeple.

    • Hi DRG,

      I actually haven’t covered the topic much, except to say that World War 1 was essentially started by the power vacuum being created by a faltering Ottoman empire. The European powers saw fresh meat, and they weaponized at a furious rate to be the first in on the kill.

      That left too many bombs lying around when the assassination of the arch duke lit a match.

      World War II was essentially a ‘Part 2’ of the first one. But, it was a much more Satanic and Luciferian war. There is an awesome video series called the occult origins of the Third Reich, and that really points to why we had that war.

      It was Satan’s first attempt at an Antichrist.

      I’m papering over a lot of complex issues, and one of them is also oil – at least, for the British.

      Did they want to stop the Nazis?

      Actually no. How do you think that the CIA got started?

      The PTB LOVED Hitler! They were truly sorry to have to put him down.

      I hope that helps. Both of those wars are fascinating, and I would love to dive headfirst into analyzing them. But, our immediate future constrains me.

      Thank you, DRG. Excellent question.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  10. HI John,
    And to think that we have free energy in the form of hydrogen cells and electromagnetism that the government has been using to make flying saucers since the 70’s. You should read stan deyo and flying saucers. real interesting. But I wonder what kind of energy the good lord will use. One day we live forever!.

  11. This was good and simple. Its like “They Live” start pulling back the lies and it gets ugly. We see right through your lies you greedy mafias! send out your goons! I pray that their eyes are open and stop swearing allegiance to lies.


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